Free MyCokeRewards Points

Here are some MyCokeRewards points up for grabs!

I drink a lot of Coke, but don’t use the mycokerewards points, so I am going to start posting them here!

I’ll start off with three:


Please post a comment if you use them. First come first serve. I will be updating this page (probably daily) with new codes, so keep checking back if you want more of these!

Also, I set up a new post to give away Mountain Dew “Free Ride” codes, and another for the Dr Pepper “Hunt for More” contest codes. Enjoy!

Good luck!

Thursday, May 11: 4TBW6 BP446 79H6W
Sunday, May 21: 7LGNH GYW4N T769H
Monday, May 22: 6NYJR V49NP XMH4L and 4VWKM J6RMT NPX7G

Tuesday, May 23: GZM46 4BXTH 76NL7
Wednesday, May 24: 9LPWT 7TNK4 KY6RJ

Monday, June 12: MWVXM M4WKJ NPGTK
Friday, June 16: 6B9Z6 XGYVP HYZN6
Monday, June 19: GGTX4 NJ7K6 6BWGH
Tuesday, June 20: JBHBB G4GL6 B4N9N
Thursday, June 22: JYGRR N6W6T 6RWJN
Sunday, June 25: BRYP4 VH9MZ YMNRT
Tuesday, June 27: JHGBG KKV44 NJNGB
Thursday, June 29: LYTGL JRPRM 9XNY4 and KZNXB VLPVK VWHW7
Friday, June 30: A 10 point code! KYHPW N4MV4 RNWGT

Back from vacation… here you go:
Thursday, July 6th: MN4WB NJKWR VVGT6
Friday, July 7th: KLRVX GTLLP MBXR6
Saturday, July 8th: 10 point code! 4GN4Y 6XVHL YLXR6
Wednesday, July 12th: 10 point code! 6VGNP X7X4Y HHJVL

Back again!
Saturday, July 22nd: 10 point code! 9LKHN NKJZR HTB9G
Friday, July 28th: H9KTM R6PR9 KNLBP
Saturday, July 29th: 10 point code! LNXL6 H9PTV PWHNZ
Tuesday, August 1st: KRH7X JLL4T 9NHJJ

Monday, August 7th: 7BXHX HGBMB 9YHYG

Sunday, August 20th: 66LMJ KLLR6 WTNVM

Sunday, Sept 3rd: GVBRN 47G47 GZWIB
Monday, Sept 4th: 10 point code! 6MT97 WM6X4 ZVNK9

Friday, Sept 15th: You guys are crazy. Here’s a 10 point code! 7J49J N4YPX Z4MJ6
Thursday, Sept 21th: kyxlp wxxrh 66wzr

Saturday, Sept 30th: Three for the weekend:

Wednesday, Oct 4th: 9GXJY MPTX9 YTKVN
Thursday, Oct 5th: Two for tonight: GNBY9 LXHJW H9P4M and J9JWV GG7LM HRGHJ
Tuesday, Oct 17th: 6VPT4 Y4YXB MYJPJ

Thursday, Nov 2: KKV96 4ZVBY 7ZJ9G
Tuesday, Nov 14: 77MNW JRGWX JMHZ6 and JT7ZP 9479N MM7R7

Sunday, Nov 19: G4X7W GNWJZ W9R4R

Friday, Dec 1: LZNKJ 9YPT9 XHMNJ – Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!

Wednesday, Dec 13: 7TMMT XTBH9 VLKJJ

Sunday, Jan 14: 10 pointer! Happy New Year! 9HX9P Z94LP B9H4B

Not enough points? Just buy some cool coke stuff from our Coke Store!

Thursday, Jan 25: I’ve hidden two 3-point codes and one 10-point code somewhere on this website. Click around to find them!

Monday, Feb 26: All of the hidden codes were found. Here’s another that I don’t feel like hiding: 496PP RBLW4 PTTWB
Tuesday, Feb 27: JMZYN ZGTZP 9HWPW

Tuesday, Mar 6: HN6ZX XT7JJ RJWTB
Wednesday, Mar 7: 6J44L RM7RW T7T9L and HZ7MJ VBVJY 6HRBZ AND finally, a 10 pointer! L6LPY BMW4B KKP1R
Tuesday, Mar 13: 44GR5 HYJZM JYRRX another 10 pointer!
Wednesday, Mar 14: 9P7BY 4GNTH KLZR4, 74YBN RW6VL LVXHL, H7PP9 6T4ZT XPGHR
Saturday, Mar 17: HX4TV ZG9JY GKYHZ and 6YBVB 94GRM PYGMW
Saturday, Mar 17 (another one):6MTRL Y76WY 9VBXV
Thursday, Mar 22: 7WHWH K4BYX YTJWW
Friday, Mar 23: 6GP6M ZGY9V RYB7P
Wednesday, Mar 28: KR7Z4 NJZXH 79MLW
Thursday, Mar 29: 4X7LG XRNXR WJKJZ

Tuesday, April 3: HKTXT TRK6H K7MM7
Wednesday, April 4: MK7LH LJTKT 49MJ7
Monday, April 9: KXWPV JXT9M XTVPR and 7W6BY W76TL BR7XN
Tuesday, April 10: L4KJV NHWLL KPTZG

UPDATE: For more discussion and more free points, please start using the new MyCokeRewards giveaway page. Think of it as part 2 of the 2 page series. Comments on this page are now closed.


  1. Thanks, I used the points for Thursday, June 8, 2006.

    This is a big help!

  2. Looking for USED Coke Codes for the mycokerewards promotion. Don’t care about the prizes just want to review the codes. Need to know as much information about what product the code came from. For example: 20 oz bottle, Coke Classic, the lot code information printed on the bottle (one or two lines printed on the bottle itself in black or white ink, looks like JUL3106SWA 11364CT872), and the state where you purchased the bottle.

  3. Hi, I used the ones at the very top.Hopefully noone used them.Thanks for your points!

  4. aww man , all the codes are taken , if you would can you e-mail some codes to me. and by the way i drink lots of coke too , but i barely get any points.(my e-mail adress is me unused codes , that would be so so cool)

  5. Hey me and my friend are working on it too. If you could help and send some codes we would be really appreciative… thanks

  6. These were already used, so I thought you may want to remove them from your site:
    Thursday, May 11, Sunday, May 21, Monday, May 22, Tues, May 23, Wed, May 24, and Monday, June 12.
    I appreciated the thought, though. Have a great day!

  7. Hey people, if you are going to use these free codes please give a comment that you have so others don’t have to go through the process of finding out that they have already been used. Thanks.

  8. Thank you so much i drink alot of cokes also but i use the points thanks for these to day sunday june 25,2006
    hope to repay some one day
    good luck to all 🙂

  9. If you have any codes you have not used please email me at My fiance and me are gettign married and we don’t have a lot of money and wanting to go on vacation by cokerewards points. If you can please help it would be great.

  10. Hello,
    My name is Nicole and i just started on mycokerewards and i want to get my cousin something really nice for his birthday. Plz its REALLY NOT 4 ME its 4 my cousin he is SICK and i want to get him something he’ll never forget. Please if you have any codes can you please send them to i would sooooooooooo appreciate it!!!
    Thank You So Much,

  11. Hello,
    My name is Nicole and i just started on mycokerewards and i want to get my cousin something really nice for his birthday. Plz its REALLY NOT 4 ME its 4 my cousin he is SICK..really Sick..:( and i want to get him something he’ll never forget. Please if you have any codes can you please send them to i would sooooooooooo appreciate it!!!
    Thank You So Much,

  12. hi, I am sean. I drink coke (like everybody else here) and i was wondering if you could send a few codes to:! I really want them, i am saving up points to buy a soccer fifa ball for my brother! Please give me as many as you can, in return, I will advertise your website, on mine:

  13. thanks for the ponits ,man!!! be kind and send me some codes,please!!! God bless all


  15. Thanks, I’m a NASCAR fan and would like to try to get some of the NASCAR stuff……

  16. My husband drinks a lot of diet cokes and we use the points – how do you know if you get them from your site?

  17. im gana try using some of these codes thingis as soon as the coke website thing works. but i just wanted to say your good people.

    and deam that big screen tv that is really cool is worth alot of points it sucks that i know its impossible for me to get it so im going for smaller prizes but i havent found wich ones i want yet. and for the record im really bored right now…

  18. Hi. If anyone has reward points they are not using, I sure would appreicate if you can send them to me. I am a few hundred points away from getting a prize i want to give as a birthday presant. Thank you. Have a great day and drink Coke !!!!!

  19. Hi,

    My name is carson i am trying to save up for the sony rewards cards. we have just found out that he will die soon and we need a digital camera so we can post his pictures on a website for the memories….. please we need coke rewards points for a special ed person’s memoeries to live on…

    For those who care,

  20. Hi,

    My name is Cinthia, and i am trying to save up enough points to get the 10$ sony style gift cards so i can pay for a camcorder to hopefully spark up a career as a cameraman for major films and so i was just saying that it might just spark up a career as a future cameraman and hopefully have a succesfull career so if you could please send me some points to thank you it will help so much!


  21. Hey, thanks for doing this for the people. im not asking for any codes. but, if you have any that you wont use, it would be nice for me to get one. thanks

  22. Thanks for the codes, they were already used, but I will try again. Thanks for sharing!

  23. man all of you guys are so desperate for codes. seriously why do you think he or she will give you codes via-email when he said he will just post them up on this page?
    and also those ppl who say ” oh im not getting these codes for me its for a friend and he is sick!” yeah right and im the pope trying to win a nascar helmet!

  24. I am really despertate to get as many codes as i can for mycokerewards because i have always wanted to see the movie pirates of the caribean but my parents cant afford to send me to the movies or get the game but every now and then they let us get a coke at the gas station and i have been saving up to rent the movie and i dont have that many codes at all. SO can you send them to my cousins acount which is he will then mail me the codes. Thanks

  25. i dont mean to sound jeloause but i have a son who is absused with kyle petty and if i could give him something of his car it would be great so if you could just send the points to my email that would be great its

  26. So, buy the thousands of 12 pks needed to win and let your child drink all of it, or you yourself drink all of it?

    DRINK, choose and live is the contest.

    AND, for anyone getting emailed points, hate to break it to you but the rules are very clear; you have to have the package it came in and the cap for proof to Coke up to 90 days AFTER redeeming points, so it isn’t doing you any good to ask for emailed codes.

    Let your sick child, your absused (?) child, yourself…DRINK the 100+ 12 ounce containers of Coke (or diet Coke) a day and enjoy the thrill of winning the right way.

  27. I don’t use my codes either…. Here are some from today

    KZZHW JLTHR 4GRPM (10 points!)


  28. i think a lot of you people NOT ALL are making up some sad stories if you really want points go to a bottle deposit site and you will fing loads of caps and 10 points pack that what i do and i am saving up for the 100 blockbuster card which is 800 points so far i got 265 points and counting…

  29. BTW im also a TOTAL COKE ADDICT!!! I ♥ Coke!!!….almost everything i own is coke….im wearing a coke shirt right now…:D


  31. “9. Enrollees must save the bottle cap, product packaging, and/or promotional item with official code for at least 90 days after the date Enrollee redeems an item online, as it may be necessary to submit it later for verification. Sponsor reserves the right to require proof, including, but not limited to, the cap or product packaging. Sponsor’s decisions regarding the awarding of points are final and binding. Validated codes that are subsequently determined to be invalid for any reason are subject to disqualification and the corresponding points will be removed from the Enrollee’s Account to which the invalid Validated points were credited.”

  32. I have this friend who is always goin out of his way to do things for me and i wanna get him something nice but im broke so can you please email some codes before anyone else i wpould appreciate it

  33. Hi,
    I just came across this website and I would love it if you would share with me some of these free points. I want to get the coke machine, but have less then 100 lol… Thanks so much.

  34. Waooo! Just found out by trying to log in to coke rewards. I drink nothing but diet coke. Other drinks are water and green tea (I am Japanese). If I get some point from my friends, this is wonderrrrrful. Please send me some points and I am so happy.
    Thanks, good friend.

  35. well i know alot of people are asking for codes well i was just wonderin if u could send a few to me if not thats cool but my mom is saving them up so if u could just email me a couple i would appreciate it thanx

  36. Hey, if you want to help us out send us the codes. We want to get something special for someone that may not be able to. Send me a code,

  37. just so y’all know, if you read the rules, you must have the caps for a certain amount of days after redeeming points. coke knows about stuff like this, and if you win, you can lose all of your points for not having some of the original caps. if it doesn’t bother you, that’s fine, but just a fair warning that my friend told me about.

  38. hey, i was just wodnerin if you could please give me 2 unused codes instead of posting them up here it seams that when ever i check your blog all of the codes have already been used. so can you please spare me 2 three pt. codes or 1 ten pt. code. if u will please send them to ill throw in a free gmail invite =]

  39. hi, just trying to get enough pts to take the two grandkids to six flags any help will be greeeeatly appreciated.

  40. I have small children and they like the gifts on the rewards. If there are any points to be given away would you please consider giving some to me.

  41. I have been collecting points for some time now. I have 1200. I have noticed that much of the good items have been taken off. I had the foosball table in my wishlist…gone, the sony cards….gone. It would appear more people have taken advantage of the program and coke has now reduced it to a ringtone, magazine subscription and expensive trips out west. I was really hoping to cash in on my efforts, however it looks like once again, the corp giant know how to run th program.

  42. hey my name is bruno i love coke since i was 4 i drink lots and lots of coke, im not trying to be rude but can you please send me some codes please i really need them. i’ll apreciate if you give me some codes if your not gona throw them away thank you very much bye

  43. Why are all these people bitchin about how bad they need codes. Keep checking the site regularly and you will will get some. It’s first come first serve. Set up an RSS feed if you need them so bad. It’s just free junk Coke is giving away anyways.

  44. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen these codes for sale or trade on some boards, i.e.
    maybe you could get someting in return for your generosity 🙂

  45. i despertly need points and codes for my sons birthday i want to get him the flat screen i still nedd atleast 1036 ponts so if u would be kind enought please send me codes

  46. It is so said that…all you losers r so darn desperate for freakin mycokerewards..that is pitiful..i mean seriously get a life

  47. What you’re doing on this website is great. I just started mcr a few weeks ago and since then almost every prize i’ve wanted to get has disappeared. I’m trying to collect some points quickly before the last thing I want goes, any points would be helpful, please e-mail me some codes to


  49. i am needin 400 more points saving for my daughter a playstation 2 can afford to buy her one. any points you can offer would be appreciated. thanks connie

  50. Hey Thanks that is really nice of you to offer your points to others.I will also be checking daily for more points…..Have a Good DAy

  51. Very generous of you! thanks
    I have bstarted collecting the points since I drink a lot of coke too. Maebe we should look into the possibility if we can donate them to a charity, Marie-Claire

    My 1st cousin has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we are trying to save up enough points to get her a really nice trip. We are shy by a few hundred points…Is there anyone that can help??
    Thank you all for your help and prayers.

    My 1st cousin has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we are trying to save up enough points to get her a really nice trip. We are shy by a few hundred points…Is there anyone that can help??
    Thank you all for your help and prayers.


  55. been collecting the codes for about amonth or so and was wondering if anyone could send some unused codes (any amount, dosen’t matter) to my email.

  56. Okay, I’ll be honest…folund this site on accident and I’m greedy for something free! Sorry, no horrible event to beg for code #’s, but at least I’m honest!

  57. Hello, if you actually read this I am already blessed. God Bless You! I want you to send me the rest of your codes before the dozens of other people who have posted here. I pray I have received you before your body gives out from the amount of Coca Cola you would have to be drinking in order to fulfill these people who can’t afford to buy their own 12-pack or 20 ouncer. May Jesus bless your soul when your teeth rot and may the divine light shine upon you for your gracious deeds.

    Coke Addict

    BTW, you can contact me at:

  58. I sent a e-mail about not able to get the spa finders certificate. I’ve lost 114 points. I did recive the message that this is being investagated but it’s been a couple of weeks. Could I just get my 114 points back? I will just try for a diffrent reward even though I really wanted the Spa Finder reward.

  59. I am a 4 hurricane survivor Dennis, Katrina yes she hit us before new orleans, Rita and then the almighty Wilma that took it all, Ended up back in Texas with the flip flops on my feet, the clothes on my back. so I could use any coke rewards for just about anything. Black Betty (my honda accord) well lets say it took a hurricane like Wilma to kill a honda. please help i could use a laptop..

  60. I need codes in a bad way. Trying to get something for my son before his birthday! If anyone has any please send them to me!

  61. PLEEZ, i need your help. I just lost both arms and legs in a terrible bowling accident and I need the points for new limbs! i’m typing wit my tongue rhgit now. opps, now i ned a new keybord…poorman

  62. Hey, I can’t believe that no one would not want to get FREE merchandise, for something that you do all the time! I guess you could say that this is ” a random act of kindness”?

    Therefore, I would like to return the favor……If I use enough of your codes, I exchange the for some serious “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS” action! Smile….

  63. I tried the codes u posted but i didnt get any points if u could just sent me one code threw email that wold be nice but if u cant im ok with that too.

    Heres my E-mail adress

  64. I just today came acroos your site free coke rewards I ben a coke drinker for years. Would like to have codes.

  65. hey, i was hoping to get the psp and i had add it to my wishlist but all of a sudden it is gone.. that sucks now all they have is trips. buy two nights and get the third night free… bastards. i have 900 points and i want something good.. like the playstation for my son.. anyone know someone i can email about this..

  66. i would like some codes from anyone that doesnt want them ust email them to me thanks.

  67. I was hoping 2 get the psp too but they took it away (i won it in a contest 2 weeks ago) and i have 182 point that will get me nothing good i hope u put more points on b/c the ones i tyed were gone so keep drinkin coke. =) (P.S dude with 900 point that wanted the psp 4 his son so srry i feel so back 4 u i hope u find a way to get the psp.

  68. Hi, I’m not going to float your boat with a sob story about a made up person dying or anything, just so I can get points. I just wanted to compliment you on your website and say that if you have 1 code that you don’t want, of course I’ll take it, haha. Props on the site once again, how do I get one if you don’t mind my asking? Email anytime. Thanks for what you do.

    Proud Army Wife and soon to be Soldier,
    –Amanda Lewis

  69. Hi! I don’t need the points anymore! It’s a miracle! My arms and legs grew back and I learned how to spell! I don’t need to beg and lie anymore!

  70. Hey, I Just noticed yoru site and I think its good you doing this. Could you possible send me the codes by e-mail because I am rarely on my coke rewards.

    Also tell the poeople which kind of cokes they are, just a suggestion.

  71. I would love to get some codes. I’m trying to do the impossible and get enough points to get that TV they have on there (Still need 19,769). How often do you post the codes?

  72. Chris, I try to post codes every day, but I have been moving across the state during the last week or so. I will get back to posting daily here shortly.

    Also, good luck getting that TV, considering it is impossible to win now. Coke only allows 10 codes to be entered per day. Say you enter in ALL 10 point codes every day from now until the contest ends. You still won’t have enough points!

  73. Hi!!!! I just came across your site. If possible, could you please email me any codes you have that you are willing to give. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  74. Hey folks, we would love to have any unused codes, just got married and trying to win a vacation. Please indicate which coke product their from.

  75. First off I think this site is cool but the people are fucking pathetic.First off,people stop trying to sell your “tragic” story(“I’m a Katrina survivor”,”I need to get my son a psp”) because number one its probably bull shit and two no one gives a shit and if you get three mycokereward points guess what nothing is going to change.The guy who is giving the points away is being nice and in return you people are being complete douches.Instead of every comment being “Send me codes to my email address” it should be a simple “Thank You”.If you want the codes so bad you should wait until he posts them on the site or do the unthinkable and actually spend a dollar fifty of a bottle of coke.I collect the points but I don’t lie and tell a horrible story in order to get three lousy points.To those who lied and made up a story I truly hope that what you said happens to you and to those whose stories were real I’m sorry but like I said who gives a shit and don’t try to sell your story.This guy is being nice and people are trying to take advantage. This is a microcosm with our world today.

  76. could u help my family to go on a vacation of a life time my 2year old may only get to do this becues of coke please if you have any unused codes could we have them thanks The May family

  77. FREDFLOJO, Do you have 26000 points for a vacation? I lost my arms and legs in a bowling accident and no one will send me any! Thank God they grew back by rubbing aloe on the stumps! One of my legs grew back shorter than the other and my friends call me skippy. Best fishes, POORMAN

  78. Nicole get a job if you want a vacation so bad because your not gonna getting the vacation from mycokerewards because you are an idiot and adopted.

  79. dude you cant enter codes more than once if you can then how the hell do you enter them. im trying to get a 1950s coke machine and thats 18100 points. 🙁 i need points! PLZ HELP ME OUT!!

  80. Here’s a code for someone to use:


    Have fun! Don’t blow it on an upgrade to that stupid NBA computer game! 🙂

  81. Poor Hamsters! to baad know won kan spel un thugh enternit enymor..wher did u lusers goe two skool? Saseme stret?


  82. WoW, this is clearly the greatest disscusion forum of all time. If only ppl would L2 spell…Guys, seriously take the ones that r given to u and don’t ask… if ur that poor that u can’t afford to buy coke, u need to sort out ur life right away. REMEMBER, nobody will actually email u their codes if ur a dumbass. They will just post them here…fin.

  83. hey! man whoever you are im not just some guy tryin to get points cus i dont have any i already have 292 im tryin to get 800 so seriously if you get any codes you dont post could you please! send them to me i mean i drink alot of coke man butt i still need some extra points to get to my goal so my email is please respond or send some codes i needs the codes try to reply as soon as possible cause im not on alot

  84. HEY Coke Addict! You have alot of nerve telling us who will not send us any codes. For one who stays up half the nite, makes us wonder if its from drinking coke or maybe SOMETHING ELSE! Hope not, so why not make a liar out of all of us and give up some of your codes and stay true to your name.

  85. This is my first time at this site but I would appreciated any rewards that are availiable

  86. Are you guys all democrats looking for handouts? I agree with Coke Addict. What is wrong with everyone here? Go look through recycle bins or in the states that do have recycle outlets you can probably go to a grocery store and grab up thousands of bottle caps. Caps only give you 3 points at a time for a max of 30 points a day. Can anyone here (besides me) build up 18000-26000 points 30 points a day by the time the promotion ends on December 31? Do the math. I have over 8200 points right now by entering 12 pack codes daily. I know some of us here are doing this tongue-in-cheek but for the serious people….GET A LIFE!

  87. i don’t drink cokes or diet coke for that matter and i have over 1000 points. in just 3 months.. tell the bastards at coke to put back the playstation or the laptap. these two rewards was the main reason for to enter this contest.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I don’t drink coke or diet cokes for that matter. but i have over 1000 points. In just 3 months.. Can someone tell the coke people to put back the playstation and the laptop. These were the only two rewards i was interested in … If i could transfer my codes to someone i would.. Does anyone know how to transfer codes?

  89. I am just going to buy the damn playstation.. i have 1100 points does anyone how to transfer to another account.. if someone knows, the points are yours….. Anyone??????

  90. Any attempt to combine or transfer codes or points will result in disqualification from the Program and forfeiture of all points in any Enrollees Account.
    So that means a no lightning mcqueen.

  91. HELLO EVERYONE!!! Just wanted to post that if ANYONE has any codes available I would greatly appreciate a few if you have any to spare??? THANKS IN ADVANCE..
    email to:

  92. i don’t have any unused points they were all entered.
    ok so i won’t transfer the points.. Sorry guys..

  93. Hi,
    I would just like to thank you very much for what your doing. I’m saving up my points to by a vending machine. I f you could. Would you please email me unused points. My email address is Once again thank you very much.

    God bless you

  94. Hi I was just wonderin. If you have some unused caps can u just send me 1 10 point code? I am tryin to save up to get my sister an awesum gift she cant get in a store.She has a learning disability. My shool doesnt allow me to work so theres no way for me to get money. If I ever do get $ I want to use it to buy a wheel chair for my dad who lost half a leg in Viet Nam. Please just send me one code for the cause? I would really apreciate it.

  95. please if you think the story is a lie then go to and search the site for Cesar Jimenez. There will be a purple heart medal on the right side. If you dont know what a purple heart is, it is givin to people who got wounded in the war. If that ain’t proof then i don’t know what is.And as for my sis.She is two years delayed becuase she was born 2 months early. My e-mail is and even if you don’t send me one, I send you my deepest gratitude. If anyone else wants to help the cause they can send me codes too. please send me one code i only have 21 points cuz my family is a healthy family and we don’t eat much junk food. My family eats at fast food places maximum once a month. Please help if a part of you cares. Thank You and I appreciate what you are doing really dearly.

  96. HEY MAN,

  97. if your not going to use your reward points i would love to have any of them.
    Thank you so very much in advance.

  98. Hey FREDFLOJO, sry but I was on a little vacation =0. /yawn so ya I stay up late at night cause obviously I have to drink so much coke to win anything, I cant sleep. Ya, I use all my codes, but I’ll be sure to sign up for a lot of spam…lol. May the Lord Bless you, FREDFLOJO, with a little higher intelligence.

  99. hey i was woundering if u would plz give me some code to my email i will really appreciate it ty

  100. I thought I was the only one who went to recycle bins to get codes. Anyways I have a question, has anyone had any points doubled? I heard it could happen but it has not happened to me. Since it is almost impossibl to win the biggie prizes like the 20000 point tv I am going for the other cool stuff. Just got a 100 dollar gift card and looking for more stuff thats worhwhile.

    One more thing , I hope you all are saving the codes after you input them you have to have them read this from the rules

    Enrollees must save the bottle cap, product packaging, and/or promotional item with official code for at least 90 days after the date Enrollee redeems an item online, as it may be necessary to submit it later for verification. Sponsor reserves the right to require proof, including, but not limited to, the cap or product packaging. Sponsor’s decisions regarding the awarding of points are final and binding. Validated codes that are subsequently determined to be invalid for any reason are subject to disqualification and the corresponding points will be removed from the Enrollee’s Account to which the invalid Validated points were credited.

  101. I am trying to save up for the 60 Day Free GameTap item (171 Points). I currently only have 19 points, and I have been using MyCokeRewards for more than a month. I really want to get this item for my cousin’s 18th birthday because he is a real gamer but doesnt have that much money. My email is Thanks a lot!

  102. My Husbunds B-Day is next month and im only 500 points away from getting him the perfect gift.
    Please help me and thank you and sorryabout yestereday.

  103. I drink coke alot and I need some codes because Im trying to win this coke machince so I can take it to college, please send me some codes at or text them to me at 901-871-8478

  104. Here are some office coke rewards codes which I am not using.


    I sincerely hope someone can use them, and just let me know, if you need more.

    Best Wishes.


  105. i just found youre sight and i love it ecept im too late i am soo ganna chek you out everyday you are verry generuss thank you

    could you write me when you post them!!!

  106. I currently am saving points too, anyone with unused codes send them to me please and thanks

  107. How do i sign up for the MyCokeRewards contest? Your web page needs to be easier, like: to sign up click here.

  108. i need codes i was hoping to save my points for a new computer from sony can i please have some codes not alot just some atleast like 40-70 if you can i have 42 right now

  109. Hi! I’m a huge college football/pro football fan and would love to be able to attend a game this year….I haven’t been to one in years. If anyone has any to spare I would love them. It would truly be the best gift to win some tickets. Thank you and God Bless.

  110. Hunter, you couldn’t get enough points to get the computer before the promotion ended…sorry to burst your bubble…try for a t-shirt!

  111. Well, if you eneter in the contest everyday, you have a chance. I’ve had an entry in then 50,000 point contest everyday! But knowing my luck… 😛 .

  112. please send me codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. If you could send me codes or just tell me when you put them out that would be incredible…its really cool you do this thx!

  114. hello all,
    just wanted to inform everyone that you need the caps as proof as you turn in for prizes… it is written in the rules.

  115. Thank You for posting unused codes om the web for others to use. I apparently do not drink as much Diet Coke/Coke products as you and it is really neat you putting these here for others to use. I am using the ones I “found” here on 08/20/2006.

    Thank You…I will be checking back to see if there are more available.
    Rebecca Mason/
    8/20/06 3:22am EDT

  116. all these codes have been used i tried most of them and this is what coca cola says This code has already been redeemed on My Coke Rewards. Please try another or click here to check our FAQs where you can find answers to common problems

  117. hey can u send me some points because people already use them by the time i get here on this website and my parents wont let me drink coke


  119. Here is my story/request. I work for an agency that deals with people who are infected with HIV/AIDS. Long story short, I have someone who has AIDS who would like to go to baseball camp. My clients do not qualify for Make A Wish or any such program Most live on fixed incomes of about $850 a month. Anyhow I have been saving my rewards for him but at this rate it will be 2020 before I get enough, so I am asking for help. I will furnish proof of who I am, but because of federal laws I can not furnish prooof of who he is. You can tell me to bug off, and I will understand, or you can help. Let me know. Thanks


    THANKS A BUCH!!! 🙂

  121. If no one used them I’m going to. First time I saw your site…I’m sure some one pobably used them, thanks anyway though.



    H84DK EHDEY 95DJ3


    8031J J4NKE IEP31

    8E3OD ID4J4 I4J2D

  123. hey
    I am saving for a PSP!! I dont really have the money to afford it. I have 300 points (all of these were collected by my dad who works as an usher at a local farm baseball team) and i need 1000 more. So if ne one has any points please send them to me at Thank you and God Bless You ALL!!!


  124. I need points! Saving for my grandson and granddaughter to get things I can’t afford to give them. I would appreciate any points you can send me. Thanks.

  125. WOW,This is really cool of you,I have been drinking coke for years! I have been collecting them,by drinking coke and recycling to get enough points to get my nephews a playstation! Thanks for the help! Sara

  126. I would like more codes. I don’t always get a chance to get the ones posted because I can’t always get to the library. I would appericate it if someone could send me some codes that there not using and send them to my e-mail address. I need lots of codes

  127. hi i was wondering if theres any way u can send some of ur codes to my email because everytime i come they are all taken.

  128. i could use some rewards points i would like to get my son tickets to a football game. he really like fla but i am handicapped and the money is really tight thanks a million anyone


  130. Dear Anthony,

    I’ve never used your codes, but just had to say, this is very kind of you. I don’t know why your doing this, I just wanted to compliment you on your generiosity. Have a Great Day Anthony!

    Sincerely, Judy

  131. have any of you redeemed for actual, physical items? i have yet to receive sony gift cards 2 months after redeeming, no magazine yet, and delta pts not actually posted to my ff acct. good luck.

  132. please email me points. My uncle always dreamed of owning a bitchin’ pair of addidas shoes. He died last week. I only need 1330 points to get the shoes and 4000 for enough Delta miles to get to the funeral. It would be great to bury him in the shoes. I know it would mean so much to him and the 12 orphans he cared for. I almost have enought points (I have 33) and with your help I can get there. Oh, did I mention I’m blind and only have one leg. Anyway, please help.

  133. Too bad all the codes posted by Anthony are fakes. He may have seemed generous, but he was only yanking your chain. That along with all the sad sad stories.

    Reality: 125 days left, 10 codes max per day, if they are all 10 pointers then 100 points/day = 12,500 points by the time the contest ends. if they are 3 pointers, then 30 points/day = 3,750 points by the time the contest ends.

    There is a contest on the coke web-site that you can enter every day with only one cap code (or mail one entry to coke every day, don’t even have to buy coke.) And you might win 50,000 points.

    So there is enough time, if you drink enough coke to get the few remaining decent rewards. Start drinking and stop looking for a hand out. Hell, just go to a local pizza shop that sells coke and ask if you can dive in the recycle bin for an art project. Your chances of getting what you want will increase substantially.

    (BTW, liked your story Lucky, 1330 points in a couple of days, they’ll need to postpone the funeral unless they freeze your uncle till you get the shoes!))

  134. OK, I just made a Yahoo group for exchanging these codes and others, Let me know what you think.. I add any codes daily…I just added the coke code as a starter…we will include other programs shortly..

  135. Hi, I’m saving for the Sony VAIO laptop. So far I have 75 points (I would have 100 or so but it only lets me type in 10 per day, so I have some to type in still), but I think I’m doing pretty good because I just started. I really want to get it before it disappears. If you have codes you can give me send them to, it would be a huge help. Thanks.

  136. Need points for Mentally disable men, that are very
    low funded. Any assist you could give us would mean
    the world to them.

  137. Just thought I’d dump some unused codes on your site – hope you don’t mind:

    Next year the jug is ours

  138. Hey,

    I really, really need codes, NOT used! I’m saving up for my Grandpa’s birthday. He’s 80 years old. I’m saving up for a ********. I’m really close. i just need 100 more. I have been saving for 5 months. i don’t even like coke but everytime i go into the store i buy a bottle. I have even ask my whole family for codes. So if anyone has any…PLEASE E-mail ME THEM

    Don’t post it on this site…When you e-mail me…Put in the messge box…CODES


  139. For some reason, what i’m getting for my grandpa is star out…That’s WIERD!!! it’s Like *****. i’m getting him a reclining chair..BYE

  140. I have been an avid coke drinker, since before they changed it to “classic”! I see all these sob stories, BS! I just say what I mean and mean what I say – I want to accumulate as many as possible – coz’ I want the old dispenser – did you see how much it is? I am a collector of Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Camel! Give me a “HOLLER” Thanks, for being you and being so generous! If anything in common, email anytime! THANKS!


  141. plese send me some codes and i while give you lots of money from me and maybe if you send me lots of codes you will get lots of money

  142. where do you live beek are you a kid are adult and somtime would you want to chat and be my friend yoyr friend mike

  143. Hello,
    This is Miss Beasley, your high school English teacher. Your spelling sucks all!

    Miss Beasley

  144. Thank you for being so generous!!! My son and I would put any and all coke points to very good use!!
    Thank You Again
    Wendy & Alex

  145. Are all you people 12 years old? GIMMIEGIMMIEGIMMIE…will 3 coke points get you a 20000 point TV? I hope most of you here are just kidding, or I’ll be the one to press the button and end all life on the planet except Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches as seen on Fear Factor…

  146. Hey,

    I’m saving up for a t.v for my dad for his B-Day. No lie. I need codes, can u please e-mail me them.


  147. Please help my friend below.


    I am Ackbahr. I never have coka cola. Ackbahr’s country just got coke machine, but no money…so my american frend Bob tell me ask for coke codes on internet…please be good send me code of coke. want to taste this thing coke.

  148. please i need to get my dad something really good for his birthday. He just lost his job and is very depressed. Can you please help him out?

  149. Hi,
    I would love to use some of your codes! It is awesome for you to do this! Thanks! I just hope I am able to get to use some.

  150. just reading some of these comments … i’m entering codes, too, but geeeeeeez lol some people just have no shame. I don’t think we can actually classify your giving up your coke rewards codes as ‘selfless’ … but you have prompted some people to do some fairly lame groveling. well done, man

  151. My son was born without a head. We are trying to get enough points to buy a big screen tv due to the fact that doctors have told us our only hope for Young Dano is that a big screen HD tv would pull all the atoms and molecules together to form Young Dano a new head. Please send me as many codes as possible at . If You don’t do this out of the kindness of your heart, a pack of mad goats will hunt You down, impale You and disembowel You, the whole time going bleahhhhh hehe, bleahhhhh hehe… Oh, and the magic genie will put the curse of seven camel hairs on the tip of Your nose.

  152. I love coke but my family does nothave enogh money for it i beg for coke rewards. god bless u all and please help me

  153. Hi again..It’s Pam again..I must apologize for all the mistakes in my email..I tried to stop it…but it was too late…Anyway..thanks for all you can or will do…with..thanks again for being a great person.

  154. Hi its me again i would really enjoy some codes. You haven’t responded to my recent comments.

  155. Dan…Your son’s deformity is weird, you see, for my son was born without a body. He was born a head. Just a big fat ugly head. It’s not really that bad though…I just have to keep him in a basket and we can use him as an extra ball at pickup basketball games. So what I need from all of you nice people is all of the points you can send because coke just put up on the website a new Black and Decker DNA Body Regrowth Machine (cordless). It’s only 48 million points and I have 23 points right now so please help! Thanks for all of you morons, I mean saints for helping!

  156. Nevermind all…My son, The Head, had an unfortunate accident. You see, yesterday when we were playing watere polo with him he starting singing “Burning down the House” and a dingo owned by David Byrne came over and snatched him from the pool and fed him to his young pups. I miss him so much (and the extra SSI checks that came along taking care of a boy who is a head) but I could really still use the points. Now Coke put up the Ronco Steve Austin Do-It-Yourself Bionic Leg Replacement Fun Kit. For only 512,750,000 points I can get Bionic legs and win the Tour De France in 22 minutes! I’m up to 26 points because I took a coke bottle cap from some old lady at the hospital during her colostomy should have seen her run after me! What a visual! Anyway, thanks again to all of you greedy bastar..I mean, great humanitarians for all of your help! Love,

  157. if anyone has any codes out their i need them. i am a current high school student inwhich i cannot write. and i need a laptop to finish my education. so please email me any codes any one has.
    thank you and God bless you.

  158. To All:

    I am a points junkie, so I swill share with you some good places to find a fix/”Chase the Red Dragon”:

    1) Work–if you work for a large company, check all the regrigerators in the building . It never fails that someone left a half emptied 20oz in there over three weeks ago. It also depends on your etiquette–sometimes people put twelve packs in a refrigerator saying “so and so’s; do not take!”. More than likely they aren’t referring to the 1o spot though. I found around 25 points cleaning out the refrigerators a few weeks ago, and made note of another 15 or so that hadn’t been opened yet.

    2) The sky is the limit, if you are willing to do do this. TRUST ME!!!-Back in my younger days I found enough Marlboro Miles and Mountain Dew points to get some of the higher end rewards. At any rate, find several construction sites–a large neighborhood or office complex under development. You will find more caps than you can enter between now and whenever the end of this contest/promotion is.

    3) Just let people know you are an addict for “Red Gold,” as I call it. Believe me the more people that know, the more likely you are to stumble across people
    who themselves, a spouse, or a friend drinks about 5 20 ouncers and 8 cans a day.

    Through these various ways, I have earned about 18000 Delta Skymiles or 2900 points. i could have doubled this had I focused on suggestion number 2 more.

    PS “Poorman” if you really want points, send me your email–creativity such as that, trully deserves a few 10 pointers.

  159. Hey Josh,
    If you’re in high school do the world a favor and learn how to read, write, spell, and use proper caps in your letters. You probably don’t use turn signals while driving because You’re too busy IM’ing people…


  160. 007 agrees with you. I’ve registered our complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. This thing is such a scam!

  161. if anyone has any codes out their i need them. i am a current high school student inwhich i cannot write. and i need a laptop to finish my education. so please email me any codes any one has.
    thank you and God bless you. my email address is

    Comment by JOSH — September

  162. I agree with Chris. Poorman has posted some pretty creative pleas for the “Red Gold.” I was especially sorry to hear about the fate of the head. Anyways to add to Chris’s comments.

    I have been very successful going to my local pizza shops and taking the caps off the bottles in the recyle bin. I enter 10 codes a day (30 pts) with this method. And because Coke specifically states in the rules that you are required to KEEP the caps for 90 days after claiming your reward (as they may want you to prove you have earned the points) I don’t use codes that are just posted. I have to have the physical cap in my hand.

  163. Chris, I appreciate the point offer, but in reality I have almost 13000 points in my account. Not being hypocritical, I wouldn’t ask for points anyway unless I really needed them, unlike about 99.99% of the posters here! But thanks again! Roger Moore, what in hell are you talking about? What complaints? That people are too lazy to find points? Read Chris’ post. Josh, you are still a stupid dork! By the way, I do need points. I have an uncle that has wooden legs and real feet!



  164. My children and I are missionaries in Panama – Central America. I am trying to find out how to get coke rewards codes for flier miles or any points or codes that can be used for flier miles. We are currently trying to raise our money for our next trip in December. The “Free” miles would be a blessing for us. If anyone can help with this, thanks so much and God Bless. I do not know anything about it, but I just now stumbled across someone selling Coke Reward miles on eBay and that got my interest.
    Hope someone can give me some advice.

  165. Patricia,

    Sorry, all of the air miles have flown away some time ago….go to http://WWW.MYCOKEREWARDS.COM and take a look at the remaining prizes. At this stage or the promotion it would be nearly impossible to get anything worthwhile without a sizable investment of time and/or money…and Reality Strikes, on behalf of my myself, my uncle, and the deceased head, we thank you! (BTW, when he was in the pool we called him BOB) 🙁

  166. Patricia,
    Update…there are Delta points left but it would take 8000 points which would take a minimum of 80 days to get by entering 10 12-pack codes a day. With only a little over 100 days left, this would be quite a task!

  167. Unfortunately, I now find myself on this site begging for points, just as everyone else seems to be. I hope you can sympathyze with my affliction, I have tried to practice self-control, but “the voices” have told me to find more points, in accordance with the Prophecies. Furthermore, I have been told by the “Reptilians” and “Greys,” that future abductions will cease if I can provide them with enough points. Yes, I am essentially being held for an intergalactic ransom of 10,000 points. Finally, as you all know, even the Yetti of the Northwest have been spotted going through human refuse and robbing hikers of any Coke points they may have. They are supposedly migrating at great speeds, and are to reach large Midwestern cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, and Minneapolis in the near future. On a brighter personal note, in light of all these strange phenomena, I was recently contacted by Leonard Nimoy to possibly consult on a new show “In Search of Coke Points.” Will keep you posted.

  168. Is it just me or have you noticed that only a few people actually seem to read the posts here.

    Poorman, and when you leave him on the door step you call him “Matt?”, Hang him on the wall and he’s called “Art?”

  169. How true Chris and Reality Strikes! Most of the posters here probably can’t read! I think the next Coke promotion will be a special Bottle Cap DEAL OR NO DEAL, in which 40 suitcases are filled with various amounts of bottle caps and go spilling out on to the floor during the show. Followed by Bottle Cap Fear Factor in which contestants have to drink the contents of the bottles I’ve pulled bottle caps off of from the ground then eat the bottle cap after they entered the code. Oh and Chris, my sister is a Yeti.

  170. Man, I’ve been saving up for my laptop for a long time and all I got is a crudy 100 points….and I kinda need like 11, please poset some more soon so I can get them! 😀

  171. John is not just an idiot, he’s an idiot’s idiot! Eric, I’ve found more caps on the ground in one day than you have total you loser! How about getting a job, stop smoking and drinking and actually buy one for a few hundred bucks!
    Love as always,

  172. Hey Chris and Poorman, any chance you’d be interested in providing your USED cap codes to the “Codebreaker” project. A couple of Computer Science guys that want to analyze the cap codes for the patterns they may have.

    I’d love to see a “Red Gold” Fear Factor. Is it a Deal or No Deal?

  173. I used GTVG7 97V9Y Y6PRN. ETC.
    thanks I just started; I drink at least 16 can cokes a day. Coke is all I drink, but my husband steals the codes…..

  174. Hey Chris, here’s your top. Thanks for the quarter. Let’s see how skilled you are.


  175. Sure, I might even eat John and Eric’s brains, since there wouldn’t be enough there to make one gag. My Coke Rewards must be Beezlebub, however, if it is leading me to thoughts of cannibalism!

  176. Not sure when on the 5000 miles, the 25000 miles for 4000 points is still up there though, not too bad for a free round trip I guess. Carmen, welcome to the gnarliest Mycokerewards bashing website on the internet! Myself, Chris, and Reality Strikes are todays halfway house counselors, trying to rid stupid people from begging for points. (faaaaaaa is a guest counselor at times). While I’m sure Coke will thank you for drinking 16 cans a day, what is that doing to your stomach? Coke pretty much ate through a steak on Mythbusters. Might I recommend a nice, stain removing toothpaste…CrestPro should do the trick! Anyway Carmen, good luck on your point quest,

  177. Not to mention the amount of sugar in 16 cans, @ roughly 40 grams per can, that’s 640 grams of sugar a day from Coke alone. That will mess with your insulin levels and cause diabetes.

  178. Although to be frank, I drink 14 cans of Diet Coke a day–so caffeine, potassium, and embalming fluid (aspartame), are slowly killing me.

  179. Well Chris, at least you won’t die fat! 14 cans? Wow! I stopped drinking pop about 16 years ago. I just sell it to unsuspecting victims, I mean customers now. You think Coke should put warning labels on pop cans? “Warning drinking this product won’t get you laid, but you will die Pre-embalmed”. Welcome Marino, I’ll send you 200000 points, just be looking at your email 24/7…you blinked, sorry…

  180. Martin:

    I have more codes than I know what to do with. I work for a chain of convenience store and have taken all the caps from several thousand bottles. I have a friend who is a machinist and he has successfully created mock red caps to use as replacements. It is unbelievable how authentic they look!! It took him a while to get the threading down on the fake caps, but now that the process is perfected, the sky is the limit. At any rate, I will have to do a massive bulk posting, so as to be fair to everyone else on the site. Keep an eye out, they should be posted some time today, or by the end of the weekend, at the latest.

  181. Yeah Poorman, I’ve got it pretty bad. Just the site of a silver bullet (can), or the sound of the top pooping, triggers the need to drink one. I definitely think I would be a good candidate for the reality show “Intervention” on A&E. Heck, maybe the cameo in a tv series or movie is the prize I should be aiming for–I can play a junkie called “Red.”

  182. This site has some hilarious responses/fake (I hope) pleas for codes. I loved Dan’s Sept. 7 posting. At least the original offer got some creatives juices flowing.

  183. Chris, I thought I was the only one that worked for a chain of convenience stores, had a friend make 1000’s of fake bottle caps, then replaced all of the caps…you too, eh? I can’t wait to see “Red”, sponsored by Pepsi-Cola with Courtney Love as spokesthing. Shane, I feel obligated to tell you to look at my post from July 20. Poorman was alive and kicking waaayyyy back when. Who gave Noah the 3 points? He seems mighty happy for 3 points. It’s just like winning the Powerball! But instead of buying a mansion, Ferrari, a gaggle of hot women, hot tub in the closet, 60″ wide screen in your Hummer Limo, you get a virtual piece of furniture or a cool keychain. Pretty close! As always, I am…

  184. Poorman, I have to offer my condolances on Your head err son passing. Alas, no one emailed me codes so my poor boy’s body just evaporated. May a pack of wild goats bugger all ye cold hearted code hoarders. Sheesh, do You really need a big screen HD TV? My boy did..but if You would like to contribute to a memorial in honor of him, just email me your codes and I will personally etch Your name on a HD big screen TV that will stand as a memorial to him. Chris, Reality Strikes, Poorman, I will be starting a cult soon and I will cultivate some suckers, I mean, believers from what I have seen so far. IF You all would like to be Lt’s in this new scam, I mean, religion, just let me know. If You have low self esteem, need to feel that You belong to something worthwhile (like making me rich while You live dedicated, strict lives like I dictate), and can easily be led to believe something just by being told to believe that way, send me an email at and I will send You spiritual guidance. Make sure You include 10 codes, preferably for 10 pts each (This will earn You front row in heaven). Thanks!

  185. Hi. I have been trying to use the codes as well, but they are always gone. lol. I guess I need to be a bit quicker. Well, I am not trying to save up to get a tv or anything like that. I just use the codes so I can get furni on I know, corny. But I figure that if I am going to go out and thousands of dollars just to get a labtop or something, then I mide as well go out and buy the damn thing itself. So, thank you for putting the codes out, although I have not used any yet lol. But if I ever get the chance, thanks.

  186. Thank you I would like to used all the codes My son wants a laptop and I don’t drink a lot of coke thank you again


  188. First, I would like to say that it’s really nice to have such kind and generous people. My situation is that we are saving coke rewards to take my son on a vacation. He has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair. He is 15 going on 16 really soon. He always wanted to go traveling in a motorhome. I think this would be a very exciting experience for him. We love him soooo much and we try hard to make his shortened life joyful…..Thanks you guys
    Please feel free to email me codes or any questions….

  189. Hello,

    I don’t know what these codes do or what they are, but please can you send me a couple please if its not too much hassle.


  190. Double sigh… I agree Poorman.

    My calculations may be off, but
    33 good (now used) 3 pt codes posted here = 99 pts
    8 good (now used) 10 pt codes posted here = 80 pts
    for a Grand Total of 179 pts.

    5 fake 3 pt codes and 3 fake 10 pt codes (thanks Anthony)

    there might be a few others possible good (now used) codes that I missed, but didn’t reread all 340 comments to figure it out.
    1 probably good 3 pt code, but you have to figure out Mark’s substutions.

    Out of 340 Comments, roughly 175 beggers who are too lazy to come back and look to see if a new code has been posted, or too lazy to read the posts and realize they are being made fun of.

  191. For clarification I am not the “chris” who posted on 9/18, and is guilty of e-panhandling for Coke points.


  192. Reality Strikes, great analysis! So who wins the My Coke Rewards “Hasty Pudding” award? Also known as the “Coke Zero (or “Less Than Zero”) award, for being the most pathetic beggar, or creator of the worst sob story?

  193. hey i may be a begger but i come back and check for codes so if you post some i will come and get them

  194. Hey Chris, It’s clear from the posting who is who. I think from the postings there are only a few who actuallyread (can read?) the postings. I guess we coul dre-read the postings and start ranking them (rank on them) for a variety of dubious awards. There certainly are a few good ones.

  195. Hey Reality Strikes,
    Take it easy on John Langenbach. He might be a stupid, non-educated, handout-sucking, handicapped, small-genitaled, 2-brain-celled friggin’ idiot, but, nevermind, that’s all.

  196. Hey everyone, No need to get nasty. See what the “Red Gold” is doing to all of us. We’ve stopped being civil.

    Now my only complaint is that instead of taking the constructive comments posted here to feed your fix for the “Red Gold” that people resort to begging and making up stories (I grant a few may actually be true, but they are hidden in the noise.)

    Reality is your not going to get enough points hanging out here for the few and far between posted codes to get anything other than maybe an unlock code or two for the lame NBA game.

    Instead take your life into your own hands and start dumpster diving, take a trip to local pizza shop, volunteer at an event that serves coke, or visit your local recycle bin. As has been pointed out numerous times you can fill your “Red Gold” quota very easily.

    I do want to clarify I wasn’t specifically picking on John. In general, John has been pretty straight forward about his desire for the “Red Gold.” To quote John “gimme points.” Nothing more straight forward than that. Not even a polite request, just a demand.

  197. John,
    You are one little, angry young man. Where are your parents? They need to give you some therapy for anger management and teach you responsibility. It’s scary that the kids or today are tomorrow’s street people, uh, I mean leaders. GROW UP PUNK!
    With Love,

  198. John:

    Unfortuntately, you are not old enough to participate in this Coke promotion. I do think Sunny Delite and Gerber’s have some contests that you are eligible for. Sorry you want be able to get the Alfozo Ribeiro Breakdancing Kit or Coke’s Back to School Trapper Keeper.

  199. and you say i’m the one who needs to grow up. now give me some codes damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. dude just cause you have issues doesnt mean you should accuse others so fuck off you mother fucking homosexual

  201. Poorman:

    John will be lucky to stay surfaced on the streets, I foresee see a future gutter dweller myself. Poor little John–never scores in sports, nor with the girls, and certainly is clueless on how to score Coke points.

  202. John, are your parents in jail or are you in a foster home? Hey, your school bus is blowing the horn.


  204. Please take your codes off the internet. You are only ruining it for those of us who work hard to save our codes. The rules state you must have the actually cap, or code that is printed on the end of twelve packs….so those of you that are using these codes are really only wasting your time. With codes posted here, whats going to happen is coke is going to cancel the program. They will notice that everyone has the same codes. I have over 1800 points and have never had the same code….so each code is different. If more than one person has the same code they are going to catch on to what everyone is doing… really only ruins it for those of us that are working hard to earn something here. If you don’t use your codes….just find a friend or co worker that does and give them to that person. I realize that your trying to do a nice thing, but it really does only hurt those of us that are really collecting them and following the rules of the contest.

  205. Missy,

    Save your rant. You missing some important details.

    1) The codes can NOT be used more than once. Once a code is entered, another person can’t enter it. Well, they can, but coke tells them that it is a bad code. Amazing, eh?

    2) Yes, as so many people on this page have let me know, Coke DOES state in the rules that you need the actual cap. How many people here have received a reward? How many people have been ASKED for those? I have had 2 dvd players shipped to my house and you know what I didn’t have to do? SEND THE CODES!

    Hope this clears up some stuff. I enjoy reading this posts, as some are quite entertaining. Keep em coming!

    vvhitekid (site owner)

    PS heres a code you guys: 7KRZJ 6XNV4 R6WN4

  206. Hey,
    John got a code! Now he can buy a bus ticket to see his parents in the jail kitchen they work for! Maybe he’ll show the code to all of his friend. He might get some new wheels for his skateboard or a tatoo of an anchor on his girly arm…Missy, I’ve been collecting points for years with different promotions and they all say to save the points, but I’ve never been asked for them either. But at my point level (13600), I’ve been saving most codes just in case. I still don’t know what kind of losers go begging on the internet to fight for 3 points, oh, I know, JOHN!

  207. 2 in a row wow. And just cause i want some codes doesnt mean i am desperate it just means that i have nothing better to do.

  208. John;

    Hope you get the Ron Popeil Coke Rotisserie for your parents, so they can “set and forget it.” So I googled you, and saw in your blog that your parents work for Subway. Will you please ask them when they are going to make PB&J subs?

  209. Chris,
    When you googled John’s parents did you find out what orphanage they got John from? I can’t believe there are parents out there that would raise a monkey boy like him. Maybe they got foster parents stipend money so they could buy their crack and crystal meth. Nice fake code there John…oh great…we have 2 stupid Johns now. Only the “Smith” one can only cut and paste the same live everytime. We have more Johns here now than a crack whore….


  211. Yes! thank you. i just got the two codes “above this comment”. “Kiss my wang you emo Bitches!!!” lol

  212. why dont you pussys that keep asking for people to send them to you email accounts just take some time everyday and check to see if the damn codes are here. god i hate the damn beggers. so stop begging and fucking shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “kiss my wang you emo bitches!!!”

  213. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    the code did not work did it!
    that was because it is a code from the top of the page!!!

    “kiss my wang you emo bitches!!!”

  214. People need to be nice. The codes are first come first serve. There is no need to curse people on here. 🙂

  215. I thought Howard Stern had the only stuttering John? John Smith seems to stutter and reiterate the same sentence over and over, however, about “emo” something. Maybe we should all chip in and get him the Coke TASEKS machine. It hurts a little more than LASICs, but cost considerably less, and maybe will knock some sense into this poor little boy. If nothing else, it will at least allow him to visually see his tendency to repeat himself.

    I think we might have some crack and
    Crystal Meth(odist) in here. The beggars probably scratch their arms all day, just waiting for a code.


  216. My God. What has happened to this world. John Smith clean up your act. It’s offensive and uncalled for. John L. congrats on getting a few points. Your well on your way to the big screen TV.

  217. I think John is some definately genetic anamoly; I am not sure what his parent are though. As Ligers (the offspring of a male Lion and female Tiger), Tigons (a male tiger and female Lion), as well as Zorses (male Zebra and Female horse), Zonkeys (you can figure it out by now), and Zebras exist, who knows what John’s parents are.
    FYI all these animals exist, and are the result of experiments by Coke. You can get your own live Sniraffe (Snake and Giraffe) for 50,000 points.
    For those of you who are scratching your head, Google these creatures.

  218. Yeah, I can’t figure out if John S. is a dumbass or a smartass…I do think that John L. and John S. were siamese triplets joined at the brain, one triplet died and the two Johns ate him. Then some sympathetic Jamaican vetanerian took a mallet and started whacking away at the co-joined misshappen head until they were separated. Then he took a mixture of Pine-sol, Pepto-Bismol and Jaimacian Rum and poured it over the newly separated creatures to stop the bleeding, but that didn’t work so he threw it in the ocean. After drifting on the back of a sea turtle for a few weeks, a passing Russian freighter picked them up while hunting for flounder and threw them in a pot of boiling water to cook them. Unknownst to the Russians, the creatures climbed out of the pot, jumped overboard and were eaten by a great white shark which was caught and killed by Floridian fisherman and while slicing open the shark, the twins crawled out and took the 42 bus back home to the projects where they still reside to this day, only to annoy us on the internet while begging for coke points….

  219. I just recently started to collect the points as well,
    And would LOVE to score some points!please email me w/ some, that would be wonderful, thank you,
    Kayte K.

  220. heheh give me your points! NOW! Look into my eyes. Watch them swirl around. You are under my control now. I will force You to join my cult. There You don’t have to worry about hurricanes, trailer twisters, babies born without heads or bodies, etc. In my cult, You will give me 90% of your paychecks. You will give all Yo womens to me. You will raise a pack of wild goats that are trained to hunt down and rape anyone that doesn’t obey. Aye….All is good…All is blessed…send me my points and my cash suc..errr my children!

  221. Poorman, I wonder what Kayte would do for a bottlecap or two? Heheh…ummm serious voice now…

    Kayte, hey baby, how ya doing? ..wanna go on a magic carpet ride? I got tons of coke points and time on my hands. ummm how old are You? I don’t want no kiddies! Got to be above the magic age of 20! Big Daddy runs a tight ship and harlem!

  222. HHmmmm, looks like the the new batch of coke addicts here still can’t spell and have room temperature IQ’s. I can’t until this promotion is over and a new Mt. Dew one starts!

  223. Damn, my IQ is dropping through the process of osmosis….”I can’t wait until…” Calgon, whisk me away from these morons!

  224. HEY, I could really use some codes. My bum of an ex lost his job and stopped paying child support. I have 3 kids and I’m trying to get sony cards to get a PSP for Christmas!The worst part is they raised the point values for the gift cards to over double. Thanks

  225. Hi,
    My name is John And I just bought a house and would like to recive a new tv, but the best way for me to do this are the contest that people put togather. Well any how I just wanted to say thanks for giving your points up and if you have any to spare after you give them out plz let me know. My wifey and I would thank you.

    John W.

  226. I also drink alot of Coke, if your not using the the coke rewards send them to me. I’m saving for my kids. Thank you

  227. Lynne,
    I just redeemed 13600 last Friday for a 32″ LCD can get points if you actually look for them and not be a beggar on this begging website! John, You don’t have enough days left in the promotion to get a tv, but a cool, snappy t-shirt could be in your sites!

  228. Poorman:

    Congrats! Still am clueless how you obtained that many points, but quite a feat rewgardless of how. Make sure it says SONY instead of something like SOMY when it arrives. My sister once sold the whole neighborhood PTA goods only to get a “S-h-r-a-p” calculator. Hope you still visit occassionally.

  229. Hi. Thanks for the free points. It’s OCT. 4, and I’ll try to use them. Thanks. I sure need them..–Maile–

  230. hi everyone that on this web site about the mycokerewards program i have been playing this game for 6 months and i have only 8000 ponts i very much wanted that 32’tv i have a question for every one are you you playing the live your fantasty sweepstakes where you use your points to play. reply back peace out.

  231. to poorman congrat on your 32 tv i really wanted that tv i was almost there but maybe they might add some more before the game is up in december. if so i will have it to on my wall in my bedroom

  232. i too thought i had plenty of time to save my points then i realized they only had a certain amout of items and when they are all gone you wont have anything to use your points on . i wanted to save for a sony viao and ended up using the points i had on game coins because all the nice things were going going almost gone
    good luck my fellow coke drinkers!
    p.s. anyone else miss the vanilla coke as much as i do ??????? protest! lol

  233. Hey Ya’ll I don’t have a headless child, I’m not saving for my 80 year old Grandfather, he’s been dead longer than I’ve been around. All my children have
    all thier parts and are normal. Iv’e ordered a couple of things from the coke rewards, but their is one more thing I want and I will get it before it ends because my son and daugther drinks coke. No they are not in high school needing something. If you all could send me a few points and I could get what I want than I could post mind here for all the healess high school people with 80 year old grandfathers. THAnks

  234. Hi!Just stoped in my friend told me about the site.It would be nice if I could ask for some codes.Well I really would aperciate this.

  235. WOW! I just got the vintage coke machine for 1,150,000 points. I got ALL the points from this website! Thanks to everyone! Hey, just because a code has been on the board a while, they still work! Just keep trying, it may take putting it in ten times, but it works by the 11th time! I swear!

  236. Some things never change on this website, begging, pleading, grasping for points! By the way, my TV looks great in the bedroom Renee! They actually give you a choice of TV’s so I got the Sony (not Somy Chris) 46″ Grand Wega for free, yeah, I’m bragging…as always,


  237. Hi, I just had to wipe out my harddrive and restall the recovery disks. I was just trying to think of all the sites on had on my computer, lost all, i was searching for mycokerewards to put in my favoites and came to your site,. WOW I work at a school and check the garage everyday for the lids. I thought i was doing good with 1,200 pts. i guess not, well if you still have more top. I would love to get more codes. thanks i am off to get my other programs to install thanks

  238. Hi,

    I tried to enter the codes you have posted but it comes back that they have already been used. Could you tell me whay I am doing wrong ??


  239. I have 2000 unused coke caps i will sell to the first taker for 100 bux shipped to lower us..PLEASE emailm me..And the guy who said he just got the coke machine from codes on this site YEAH right!!! Stay off the pipe buddy!!

  240. Hello Katie, your not doing anything wrong, someone beat you to the code and entered it before you.

    Hello Jerry, it was an obvious joke.

    As of today only 84 days left to enter codes. At 10 codes/day maximum you only have enough time left to enter 840 codes, at 3 points each that’s 2,520 points till the end of the contest. Your chances are better if they are 10 pointer’s, then you have a chance to accumlate 8,400 points.

  241. That’s crazy Jerry,
    Put those things on Ebay. Considering there are only about 80 more days to enter codes one person couldn’t put in 2000 codes on one account. I guess three people could split them though….

  242. can you email me some free codes so i can get my dad stuff to do because he is in the hossptal.

  243. wow ur really popular listen im broke and cant afford many reward not trying to sound sad but i need all the help i can get man if you can or if u even read your comments please help me out. ps i think what ur doin kicks ass

  244. I started saving points for a friend who is computer illiterate. I saved them in my e-mail. Now he’s learning computers and has own e-mail account. Does anyone know how I can transfer my points into his account? If you could answer me at I would appreciate it very much!


  245. Jason, how can anyone read your comments when you are barely writing in English…you know, English? The language you’re butchering? I don’t think the Burger King menus are printed that way…you know, the place you’ll be working at for the next 30 years! Good luck! Make sure the fries are HOT!!!

  246. Where did you guys see that the coke rewards expire? I just started saving them & knew this would happen, lol. I tried to see if they were going to expire soon.

  247. Stay off the pipe? Here is a guy trying to sell bottle caps on a site full of beggers and whiners…talk about needing to stay off the pipe! By the way, I just got an ice cold dr pepper from my new Coke machine, provided free of charge for all the codes I entered. Shame my headless son died before I could get him his big screen tv…

  248. I get them for my mom she loves coke her hole house is in coca-cola so I get them when I can for her

  249. Dan,
    Your headless son would have trouble drinking a coke also…unless you poured it down his food pipe. Do you charge yourself to get a pop out of your machine?

  250. hi i am back it took me 10 days to get 1000 point and now i have 9000 point i am hoping that cokereward will put some good gift for xmas any way i have a bags of caps and i will enter some codes every day see i only what the 10 point code so here they are kg6z7-y7pml-bxxtz…….b7ybh-6jbk7-t9xhb……gmmnp-yypgy-xx6pg one more for today bb4lr-nxypg-n4l7b….hi poorman did your tv comes with a wall bracket. i going to get that tv even if i have to buy it i also is play the live your fantasy sweepstake by coke still trying to win the tv peace out.

  251. Renee,
    When the 32″ LCD was up, you got of choice of 6 different Sony TVs, from a 26″ LCD to a 46″ Grand Wega rear projection for free. I could have bought a 32″ XBR LCD or a 55″ Grand Wega for an extra $300, but I ended up getting the 46″ Grand Wega and since I have a 65″ TV in the family room, the 46″ is in the bedroom. I hardly leave the bedroom now! I have about 650 points again but I’m not actively going all out for points. Where are you getting your 10 pointers?

  252. Renee,
    The wall bracket costs about $70 at Best Buy, the the Sony bracket on their website was $349….madness!

  253. hi every body here are some code ljt9h-bxmlt-lxvjz…..n699t-hlmxg-747ph…….94bp4-vwgbx-pkk9r….ggjwh-ykzyl-nxvrt. that it for the day and poorman you have a lots of big tv i just got one in the family room and that only a 42′ i am happy that you have a choice of tv too. peace out people,

  254. Dear REALITY STRIKES thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

    Anyway, just wondering now that I have been surfing all over for these points and have seen them “FOR SALE” on ebay … has anybody figured out the generating program for the codes or the device and printing implement that prints the codes in the box?

    Thought maybe someone ay Caltech or MIT had ‘cracked ‘ the code generator. Just curious .. how they can only be used once and because they are so hard to read and sometimes are barely legible how this whole thing works.

    Got a late start on this promotion and don’t have any headless children, animals or even any kind of sob story to truthfully extole. So if anybody has some hints (other than dumpster diving) or extra codes (am up to a whopping 50 points) would greatly appreciate any ideas and codes. Thanks.

  255. Hello Katie, There are some hints in the other posts on this site. I’ll repeat some here.

    Some people have had a lot of luck attending football games. They pick up the codes at the end of the game, in excess of 100 caps/game. Of course they have to be events where Coke products are sold in the 20 oz bottles. I’m thinking High School or College football games. In the case they are selling cans then you want to scope out the trash near the vendor table. There you might find the elusive 10 pointers.

    Others have found that just telling co-workers and friends will result in a pile of the “red gold.”

    I personally go to my local pizza place and rummage through the recycle bin. I can usually get 10 to 20 caps that way. Gives me somethig to do while I wait for my order.

    Others have had luck at a local redemption center.

    NASCAR events are Coke sponsored, so there are usually a lot of vendors selling Coke products. Another chance to find lots and lots of caps.

    Hope this helps. You’ll accumlate a lot of codes faster this way (although renee is being very generous, go renee!)

  256. thank you for the comment reality strikes and hi everybody here are some codes for today 49hkj-j9pxw-lznty…….mwjp7-tbvw4-4kwzz……hhnln-67pp4-rxhx4….lkjb6-lxrr7-glztj that it for the day check back tomorrow have fun with it. peace out

  257. TY Again for such a prompt reply REALITY STRIKES ! Thanks for the hints. I have a friend in Missouri who works at a grocery store so I clued her on to this promotion. However, she needs the codes herself, so can’t get any to share. But …. if she gets more than the 10 you can enter per day will post extras. Thanks Again … and happy hunting !

  258. Do you think that it is worth it to rummage through garbage cans to find coke caps for cheeap prizes and discounts rather that working or USING YOUR BRAIN to earn the money to buy things that you want even though I do not know who you are I am dissapointed in the intelligence of some of the people on this site.

  259. Ozone, what’s your problem! How people choose to spend their own time is really up to them. One of the benifits of living in a free society. Actually you’re even allowed to make comments like yours. So why are you even reading the posts on this site. It must really be below you to be here.

    For those of you chasing the “red gold” there are 77 days left and this table shows your minimum and maximum number of points you can accumlate between now and the contest end with 1 to 10 codes of 3 point or 10 point value.

    per day 3 MCR 10 MCR
    1 228 760
    2 456 1520
    3 684 2280
    4 912 3040
    5 1140 3800
    6 1368 4560
    7 1596 5320
    8 1824 6080
    9 2052 6840
    10 2280 7600

  260. Oh Renee, the third code “hhnln-67pp4-rxhx4” came up as invalid. My guess is there is a small typo. Could you check that and repost for the “consumers.” Your a saint.

  261. Being serious, my wife and I have 200 points, would love to have some more points. Please send a few if you can. thanks Jerry from NC

  262. hi reality strikes yes the code is wrong the right one is hhnln67ppm not 4 rxhx4 will be posting codes tonight see ya


  264. hi everybody got some codes for you tonight i hope these codes are helping you out i just want the 10 points codes here we go hxw7j-jt4vh-vjj97…..bvp4j-pw97l-w96gn……l9bpk-t4gp9-j9npk ok last one for the night 4tbxx-vxn7v-l76b4….have fun with these speak to you all tomorrow afternoon ok. peace out and you very much thankful.

  265. Renee your an angel. What you’re doing is a Random Act of Red Goldism. Thanks, if nobody has said it before (not that I need to benifit from your generosity. But even the ones that have benfitifed from it (not that they would idenitify themselves here.) I do want to apologize for those that don’t thank you. So I’ll do it.

    Katie, I hope your search for the codes goes well. Have you had any luck from your friend.

    Dan an Poorman, I’m looking for another sob story. I had to change my pants the last time!

    See ya.

  266. Okay, my 12 yr old just showed this to me. Apparently he is wanting some Coke codes? LOL Anyway; if you have any to spare you can send them our way. LOL Thank you!

  267. hi everyone here are some more code and again thanks you reality strikes for your thank you here they are m7pkt-znnhb-gwkhy……b9yng-46my4-yl69x….hr4lh-4jrm6-kvrmt…by the way is any one out there playing the cokereward live your fantasy sweepstake game please let me know ok

  268. Already used. Thanks though. I think what your doing is great and more people should be thanking you.

    Thanks Again

  269. Poorman,
    I got one of those dummy heads for him, hooked up one of those ultra cool head units that has two cup holders (one on each side of the head) with two tubes to suck out the liquid gold and I run it down to his neck. Shame that he evaporated and went to the other side. (Cough Cough) Shame that I have an incurable disease, extremelazyitis, and that I need at least 7,600 points, so start sending me them people or a pack of wild goats will do weird and sick things to You and your slippers that you left under the bed. As for my coke machine, I have it set where it dispenses the stuff free of charge. Reality Strikes, I have had to change my pants every day for the last 31 years (the diaper years where hell) and one thing I learned is, if your drunk and you know it, clap your hands, leave the pants at home and You won’t sole them. You will make soo many new friends that it is scary! Works everytime!

  270. Hi i used some of your codes but they are already used if you can be so kind and send me some codes please,and by the way i love to drink alot of coke.

  271. I just love how all these idiots think that everyone else is just lining up to email them points. The nice guy who runs this site is kind enough to post his codes why the hell should he be bothered to single any of you out to send you them instead.
    Get a life.

  272. hello my fourteen year son is collecting points to get himself a psp so if anyone have some points to make my son happy please feel free to email to me thanks in advance god bless

  273. Bad news Steve and Vanessa, if You just set up an account, You are SOL cause the program is ending soon and there is no way You can get enough codes to matter. Maybe You could earn a snot rag with a coke emblem, but that is about it. There are thousands of beggers in line in front of You, so don’t expect people to email You with codes, but do expect spammers to get Your email address here and send You offers to enlarge something other than Your brain.

  274. Hi, I dont want your points but I would like to say that I think it’s great that you would give something it seems alot of people want for FREE to first come first serve, and still not buckle under some of the sob stories it seems alot of people are willing to give. Thank You For Being Fair.
    Feel free to e-mail me personally I would like to get to know you better. Laura

  275. Hey if it is really true that their are 77 days left then lets suck them dry. And at the mean time please send me some codes I don’t know how I will convince you to send codes to my account. But if you are throwing the caps aways. Please out of the generosity and your time please send it to me. Also if anyone that don’t want their coke account please send me any email and we can further discuss this.

    Here is the rules i got from coke

    “C. Duration of Program

    1. The Program begins at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) on February 27, 2006 and is scheduled to end at 12:00 p.m. ET on January 15, 2007 (the “Redemption Period”), but sponsor reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify, or cancel the Program, at its discretion, at any time. Individuals can collect points by purchasing products or otherwise, and entering codes from specially marked products/promotional materials. Codes may be entered beginning 12:00 p.m. ET on February 27, 2006 until 12:00 p.m. ET on December 31, 2006 (the “Collection Period”), and individuals will be able to redeem points at any time during the Redemption Period. Individuals can collect points by the methods set forth in Section E below and will be able to redeem points as set forth in Section F below.”

  276. how come every time i give you all free point nobody ever answer my question this is the last time i giving out free points if nobody answer me the question is, is any one playing the live your fantasy sweepstakes perfect football viewing room please respone ok here are your codes once again remember answer my question or it will stop free points from me 4hxkg-tktxn-vgvzt…..lvpy9-4hz7r-lmh97……krtpk-7t7mr-rpg7v…and here is the last one gmb9g-ggnz4-yt6k6…please take note i have a bag full of caps i only want the codes on the 12pk soda only which is 10 points so i dont care about the 3 point cap i give them to you all. take care answer my question peace out.

  277. AAAAhhhhh, sounds like a lovefest is abrewin’ here! I didn’t know the mere thought of giving a few bottle cap points away was such a chick magnet. With the 14000+ points I had, I could have gotten laid every night! Wow! I’ll stop buying flowers and dinners for women, instead I’ll bring a bag of bottle caps.

  278. Thanks renee,

    I have tryied the game once, but I never continues I am not sure why.

    thanks again..

  279. Hi Renee,

    Don’t stop the free for all! It’s been a lot of fun to watch.

    I’ll answer your question. No, I’m not doing the “Live your Fantasy…” sweepstakes. To maximize your chances you MUST use the maximum number of points, and I think that’s 60 points per day (20 entries, 3 points each entry.) So if your only using cap codes (3 pointers), you’ll eventually run out of caps before the contest ends (maximum 30 points entered per day.) This may work if your able to enter 100 points a day (10, 10 pointers) but I can’t drink that much coke in a day and I don’t have access to 12 pack codes without buying them.

    So I just save my points for the sure thing. Guess I don’t take many chances.

  280. Hello Phil, As of today 10/26 there are 54 days left to the coke rewards program. So maximum number of points that can be accumlated between now and then is 5400 points (still able to get some fair items.) That amoutn drops by 100 points per day until the program ends.

  281. Ok Here goes a (fake) sob story…….

    PLEEZE send me some cap codes. I am saving them for my sick mother who’s dying from a rare disease she got from drinking water in New Orleans after the hurricane Rita. If that wasnt bad enough, she is an immigrant who made it here on a boat from a small island in Malaysia. She was the only one who survived the shark attack……. Except for my youngest brother, who had his legs bit off. If we get enough points, she will be taking my brother to disney world. SO, you see, it isn’t even to benefit my mother (bless her soul) She just wants to know her youngest was happy at least once before she dies. He really hasn’t smiled since his favorite pet dog, Fluffy, got run over in last year’s Mardi Gras parades. Imagine the poor sight…. him sitting there deperately wanting beads, or at least for some drunken college girl to flash him… when Fluffy dashes madly towards a grotesque figure of Triton, god of the sea… presumably to protect my brother from losing his arms, too….. It wasn’t the float that got him, though. It was a rogue hot dog vendor too drunk to steer. My brother can’t even LOOK at a hotdog without crying. Pretty sad for a 42 year old man…. But I digress… Please send unused coke codes to my email. It’s the only way my dyin mom and brother will get to Disney World…. Afterall, I’m too darn CHEAP to spring for the trickets myself……

    Kindest Regards,


  282. hi it is me and hi phil today i will give you all 6 codes ok here there are 99xyn-wklbj-xbt9x…..mylz6-6gnlg-y7bmw……4py4v-ygmjz-pgxlw……mrpl9-jm7bz-xglnj……64rx7-9vbxg-wj4r6….here is the last one for the night i hope this help somebody and thank you for answer my question i am playing the live your fantasy sweepstake but by mail entry maybe 10 a day and sometime 1 code a day ok here we go 6jk7g-py7xg-9tkp7 speak to you are tomorrow with more codes peace out

  283. Hey Renne I got to this site to late to get the codes. I would send you a free jumba juice card if you send the codes to my account Instead of posting it here. Please, I am not a begger, I am here to ask politely.

  284. Hey Renee I am sorry but I don’t play the Fantasy game. And dear Reality Strikes please let me have some of the codes. thank You

  285. hi everybody got some more code for you and thank you everybody for your responsing to my question i really want to win the football viewing room i have been playing since september i have mail in over 500 entries so i better will ok here we go 4m47k-xpbrr-gxlw6…….kxmpg-6hywx-6xgpk……..ml4nr-rp7y6-94xvb…….7kyn4-lhtwx-9vtw7……jkvmv-xbtx6-vxvrv…ok here go the last one for the night this will be 6 code for tonight and tomorrow i give you all 7 codes ok lets go ljwpp-p79m6-6yxz9 and as of today i have 9709 point i need 1600 for the trip to sandresort hope i make it before this game is over i been playing this game every night for 7 months i got to get something out of this deal you see reality strikes got a great tv ok peace out until tomorrow for your 7 codes

  286. Hi Renee, I think its really gr8 of you to share your codes with peeps. Please spread the love. 🙂 I would be forever gr8ful if you could send me some. I am 250 points away from my goal. Please and Thank you Very Much. My email is TYVM 🙂

  287. Renee, keep posting the codes for the free-for-all. It’s the fairest way to disperse the codes. I would even suggest you posting them at odd times (when you can.) And just to let you all know the only thing I’ve “won” on the mycokerewards site thus far is the “Sling Backpack” (265 pts?) and the “Digital Jumprope” (180 pts.) I wasn’t even close to enough points for the TV. I guess my coke habit is more casual then some.

    Virgina, if you want to buy codes look on ebay. You can get the 10 pointers there and you’ll get to your goal faster.

    To all, I made a mistake in one of my other posting’s there are actually 64 days left to the promotion. That means you can accumulate up to 6400 pts using ten 10 pointers/day or 1920 using ten 3 pointers/day.

  288. Would love free coke reward codes. I just started collecting so I’m way behind..time ticking

  289. hi everybody sorry about yesterday with give out the 7 code but here there are today 6z4zr-g6bt9-kr9yl…..j7pkh-6ppht-ygtjp……jhrjl-jpnyt-lphh6…..bnlhz-t9zh6-pmvjg…..well i have now in point 9907 tomorrow is should be at 10000 and then 600 more point at 10 points a code if possbile i have 1600 for my trip if it still there here the rest of your free code 4x6gr-wjjly-pznv9…..bzkkj-4mbtk-zl7bp… also i can not email people with codes everbody should have a chance. we all want a nice prize at the end. peace out until next time

  290. oh here is the 7 code i forgot k94t4-4bv96-xj7br sorry about that peace out for sure this time

  291. Hey there. My family tells me I need to invest in Diet Coke. I drink very little water and the only other beverage is Diet Coke. I am a Diet Cokealcoholic and have been drinking Diet Coke even before I can remember. I am thanking you in advance, for the points if you decide to give me.

  292. Dear Renee,
    I just wanted to take a moment and answer Your question. I am not playing the live Your fantasy contest because they don’t have the option where You can paint yourself blue and white and run naked across the football field during the Superbowl, where my dear Cowboys will be playing. When they do that, Then I will put forth the effort. On a side note, for a thousand points I will run naked through someone’s house, painted blue and white with nothing on but a smile…

  293. How long does a post to appear on this stupid website. I came here every hour and I keep seeing old crap. Then sudenly when I don’t view this page codes appear.The next day. I need 26 more points

    So I am posting this at 12:56PM. So

  294. The owner of this site should update to wordpress 2.05. God dammit. Upgrade why are you still running on

  295. I COMPLETELY agree with Phil. I check when ever I have the computer near me and for the past 36 hours it was all the same. Then a few hours ago everything popped up including the 7 codes from Renee. (I appriacaite all the codes that you are giving us but I can not enter them because of the slow update.) If the owner of the site could update it that would be greatly appriciated.
    Thank You

  296. Please email me some codes. I just want to have enough to buy my son-in-law a shirt! thanks and take care!

  297. Phil is one unhappy begger..If You need 26 points, go buy three 12 packs. For christ sake, quit whining about someone needing to upgrade. Good God..

  298. Thinking a bit too much, if I post this as 3:14PM than the time stamp for this post will be 6:14PM WTF!!

  299. I have 200pts. 20 do go.

    To Dan:

    The whole point of the coke rewards program is to get you into drinking the coke itself. As many people are getting diabetes, the coke itself have aprox 29grams of sugar per bottle and if you were to drink 1000 of them to collect the caps than good luck survivng diabtes stage no solution. I am here to get prizes from the caps not to get diabetes. And especially all the other brands they own.

  300. hi everbody today i am very tried so i can only give you 4 codes today if i could i would give you 100 a day but that a lots of work i still have a big big bag of codes so i do what i can because you know me i want the 10 point mainly. but a couple of red caps help me now and then when i dont feel like going to the store to get codes sometime i buy it if it on sale 1.99 or if you buy 4 pk for 10.00 you get a case of water free or when people return bottle they always just give me cap but must have the 10 point ok here we go 9hkp6-rwtp7-gymzw…..4wlxx-vtg6x-47tt9…..b4hj7-xym6j-jtl4j….until tomorrow here is you last code for the night 97n7x-hwl7m-rwhnn……..peace out

  301. hi again before sleep i live in ct. so it very dark here at 6 this site is very slow because i just see your remark 1hr after i have already posted the new code for today i was just checking to see and comment after me so peace out until tomorrow for your code

  302. Has anyone had any luck redeeming these codes? Every time I try, I get a message that they have already been submitted. thanks

  303. Sounds like Phil is setting a trap for Renee! I wouldn’t fall for it if I were you. Phil aka ubrgeek01 has been asking for codes on other sites as well. He just wants your email so he can bypass the fun.

    Guess I’m a bit of a skeptic.

  304. Hello Coben, Codes are one time use only. Once they have been entered on the Coke site they can no longer be used (the site tells you it has already been entered.)

  305. Hi my name is alessa!
    I drink alot of coke’ but I do not get many codes,
    could you please send me some! Thank you.

  306. Hey every one. if you could e-mail me any codes that would be sweet. I am in school when they get posted so i never have a chance to use the posted ones 🙁
    Thanks all

  307. what up people it been a few day since i last sent you some codes. well today is a ok day to give you all 8 codes and as for those comments above first i will not marry i am to young for that and second Realiy Strike thank for the infor on phil no bad feeling phil ok let get with the codes jzl47-4zbrb-4rtrj….9byvl-4l676-mtnxw….kv7v7-yjl9w-prtvx…. hvnw7-wtkkt-n7tk7… nkbmz-xmtgl-nkmrl…. before i give you the other three i am up to 10131 in points i dont think i going to get the trip so i might go for nascar scanner for 12000 that if it still there i know for sure i will have that by end of nov ok here we go 9n4bm-4kv6t-mx6bk…..gh4bz-7g6mh-wy97y….also i still playing the live my fantasy sweepstakes it is costing me a lots of points that would of at less 200 points more but i might will and you know i let you all know how it go. ok your 8 code is hznpk-njm9j-y7wpr…. i hope tomorrow i can give you all 10 codes we will see peace out.

  308. sorry about the two codes that wrong here are the right one mkbmz-xmtgl-nkmrl….and the other is 9n4bm-4kv6t-nx6bk my mistake is the m are n ok for now.

  309. can you someone please email me coke codes they aren’t using.everytime i check they are always taken.i think it would be fair too split the codes per request

  310. Hello All, Here’s a new way to gather Coke Points. If you live in a community with recycling you drive/walk around before the pick-up and look for Coke 12 pack flaps, or Coke bottle caps. I’ve seen claims of being able to gather 20 to 60 flaps in a week. That’s 200 to 600 points for a little bit of effort. You’ll get your points faster than waiting for a few good souls (like Renee and vvhitekid2 (site owner)) to post. Every person here who has been begging for the points can achive their goal with a little bit of effort. Give it a try.

  311. Hi everyone. I am new to this and I want to surprise my girlfriend with something special from mycokerewards. If any of you aren’t going to use your coke points do you think you can send me some by email? Thanks! -Ian

  312. I need those my codes for myself and my family. we arent that rich as them. i have register months ago and still have around 107 points. Please help us. THANKS

  313. Can some 1 please send me some b/c every time i check they are posted and used. school sucks b/c they are posted when im in school. thanks Justin

  314. I would love to get in on getting free points,in order to get points to get items and giving to the needy at christmas time,I love to help thee kids at christmas and i would rather give than receive and put a smile on a little one are older person face that doesn’t have anyone aat this time off i do what i can

  315. What has happened since I got my 32″ LCD and stopped posting here? I see the spelling is worse than ever,the begging has increased tenfold, and people have gotten lazier than ever…”Oh please I need codes and I won’t get off my lardass butt to look for them so send them to me.” AAARRRGGHHH!!!! The excuses have gotten worse and childish. Let’s see some really good ones here!


  317. Ian wrote:
    “Hi everyone. I am new to this and I want to surprise my girlfriend with something special from mycokerewards.”

    Your poor girlsfriend.

  318. you can access asdfhj fro school u know. P.S. does any one know how to get past school blocked websites if u do can u post how to. thanks

  319. hi are you all happy about the new rule for the cokereward game that we have another year to get points good. this way i can give out points but not that many. so until tomorrow peace out people

  320. Yea Renee! Better to let the code out slowly (and save some for yourself.) The good news is that Coke is going to extend the program another year. The offical rule change is supposed to be Novermber 15th.

    Now all you beggers have time to actually work for your points! Reda the past posts for ways to accumlate points (and have a laugh or two at yourselves.)

    Poorman, glad you back to make fun and have fun. Has anbody heard from Dan?

  321. Hi – So when does the coke rewards program end now ?? And all our points will carry over ?? We don’t have to cash in By December 31st, 2006?? Thanks.

  322. Hi i need about 100 points and so if someone can please help me to win a $25.00 sony gift card.I need it bad.My E-Mail is or you can give me reward codes her.I thank you alot if you do so.

  323. Hi I really really want coke reward codes because my family doesnt buy or drink soda (except certain eccassions) so i cant put up points and i really want to get something

  324. Copy of email from My Coke Rewards:

    “Great news! The My Coke Rewards points expiration date has been extended. When you joined My Coke Rewards, you may have read in the rules that your points would expire on January 15, 2007. Due to its overwhelming popularity, the program has been extended. To reward your continued participation, all valid points earned during 2006 will carry over into 2007. Please remember, however, that in accordance with our current Terms & Conditions, points may also expire after 90 days of inactivity. So, log on, enter codes, earn points and get great rewards!

    Please follow the link below to view the existing rules. The revised rules with points extension will become effective on November 15, 2006 and will be posted to the site on that day.

    My Coke Rewards Rules

    Remember: Visit to keep up with these exciting new developments – more announcements coming soon!”

  325. “My Coke Rewards will be extending through 1/15/08, and your points will be good
    until this date. We will be revising our rules to reflect this program extension

  326. i going to give out two ok 6nrm7-p4lvw-zm9zn that one by the way i have now 10620 points so just maybe they will but the big tv back for grabs or laptop or the six flags trip for 4 round trip for only 1300 point i will make it ok other code jx7kx-pr4rn-gbtlm….the live your fantasy sweepstakes end next week that a big tv system set to hopefully i win.

  327. Thanks, There isn’t anything I’d rather put in my mouth. I love Coke! Thanks for the point. Sometimes the cartons go so fast I miss the codes.

  328. Hey Ian, I am going to steal Your girlfriend. I figure I can just by buying her something from McDonalds that isn’t a dollar deal. Talk about cheap…sheesh…. All my girlfriends get bling bling. Heck, I give their girlfriends bling bling too, that is how I roll. Dude, seriously, work on getting her something other than crappy coke promotional products (after all, this stuff is a tax write off for them, so they are losing nothing). If You want, I could send You a copy of my award winning, number one on the local cattle feedstore reading club poll, pimp guide. Whether Your trying to impress a lady, a guy, a goat, or a bovine, I have You covered. Just let me know, oh, I keep it hush hush too, nobody will know Your business..that is just how I roll…

  329. All the ladies begging for codes, I have a special program for You. Just let me know (wink wink) cause we can work out a deal….

  330. Hi there Reality Strikes, Just been busy here lately.. Got a new Yak, a new baby goat (no, it doesn’t call me Daaaaaadddyyyyy), and too many freaking kittens. I am willing to trade codes for cats, just let me know people! Plus our jail is overflowing with satisfied customers everyday. Things stay hot and hopping here!

  331. what up everybody. how are you doing out there. are you get the points you needed. well good new i will be giving out free points three day next week a total of 12 3 points each this will be it until after thanksgiving now if i win the live your football fantasy i will give you all, all my code in the big bag i have i will have time to give you the code instend of enter them on my account until dec.1 ok people see you next week look for your free point from renee peace out.

  332. We drink alot of cokes, but it takes alot of numbers to get anything. So if you have any extra I’ll take a few if not thats ok to. Its just fun to play. Happy Holidays everyone.


  333. hi my name is nick and i am collecting the coke rewards for my two children for the disney points for them to play games on line. if you could help us out with some codes that would be great! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you could email me at the address i gave you..

  334. i have good news again a friend that work at a pizzas place gave me today a biger bag of red cap you know that lots of point for you all so today i will give out code here we go m7twl-kbwg6-6kj77…….hvbw9-wgpgm-tvmnt…lghnz-htbwj-pp67y….ok one more for the night brtmb-ktk94-hx6yb ok that it for the night talk to you all later peace out.

  335. listen, i just started mycokerewards today, like many others. but i was wondering if you could erase the codes that dont work, and another thing, how do you hack into the main memory logs of to find out the patern of the codes in seperate states.
    just post your answers on this site please

  336. I will love you’ll to send me your coke code’s because I’m trying to give my family the best Christmas every and it has been a bad one for a few years because we had a very sick family member Die on us and we need all the help we can get this year.
    thank u
    merry christmas to you’ll

  337. Hello All,
    1. Just in case you missed the announcement above Coke is extending the program for another year.

    2. Coke is planning a big announcement on 11/19 regarding codes being available at various location on the internet, printed in circulars, and viral emails.

    3. Here is a Coke sponsored site where you can get a free 3 point code.

    Have fun. Another year of picking through the trash.

  338. hi, i just recently created an account on so far, i have only 31 points, and my goal is to reach 112 points, in order to get a blockbuster coupon for 2 movies, a tub of popcorn, and 2 coca cola. can you please send some codes as soon as possible to

    if you can, thank you,
    if you can’t still thank you for considering.
    well…have a nice day, and bye.

  339. Hey John, Why would you pay .25 cents a code. You can get them on ebay for about .05 cents. Sound pretty silly to me.

  340. To all the beggars:

    I have a good idea. I will send you points, if you link to my site from your website or blog (and keep it up for a while). I want to see how crazy this page can get.

    Link to this page:
    using this text:
    My Coke Rewards
    or this text:

    so the links end up looking like this: My Coke Rewards or this: MyCokeRewards.

    First come, first serve. Post a reply once you have the link in place.
    Dave (site owner)

  341. so your saying we just have tohyper link your site to our website and we get free codes emailed to us?

  342. Hey I linked it up to my blog, it is on the right hand corner under bloggers. the email and website is given to you. when i typed my email and website when I commented

  343. hi miss me or do you miss the free code well here they are mkhvv-zw9rw-64rmx…..9yjty-rpnzx-g6t4h…..gggzb-yprjn-4j6xn….ok i have now 10740 point which i quess ok but not good enoght for me and tomorrow is the last day for the live your football fantasy i have mail over 500 entries at 10 to 20 a day plus use 3 to 5 codes a day to score the drawing is nov 28 so i should have a good chance of winning at lease i tryed. ok here so more codes 4jzmw-pg7zb-bkhlp….6htbn-bnhvh-xyt9k that it for the night would of giving you more but i am going to bed. peace out people until

  344. Great. Another year of begging….another year of sad but false stories….another year ob abysmal spelling….don’t make me start collecting points again!

  345. Hello Renee, of course I miss you. Your one of the few genuine people on this site. Not just because you have choosen to share your codes, but you have a bug heart.

    Hello Poorman, you’re right. Yur splng hs gn to hll. Glad to see your back.

    Hello Dave (site owner) Thanks for keeping us all in line. Love your site.

    Hello All, kevin has posted this site address on another site so expect a lot more begging.

  346. Hey thx for all the codes but I never seem to get to them fast enough so if n e 1 can e-mail them 2 me that would be cool! 😉 thx!

  347. Hey all. please send codes to me via e-mail because im in school when they are posted and i can get a fair shot at entering them if i can not access a computer. also i am at my moms house every other week and she does not have internet access because of all the divorce bills. thanks Justin

  348. wow people really love u!! hehehe this is really funny how bad people want codes..i mean seriously COME ON PEOPLEEE!!

  349. Thanks Renee and R.S.! I guess I’ll start collecting points again, but I need to first get rid of the 570 12-packs in my garage…what ever happened to John L., our favorite begging, uneducated punk?

  350. hi everybody it is very late. here are you codes 7rw7t-xbwkg-vv4lb……n4gx9-wxttz-767xk…..4khtj-yvrym-4n6pt did anyone notice that the prize are now on the sweepstakes to use your codes i have already use my code for the live your football fantasy sweepstake i need my points for sure things but hey i try. any way here some more codes have fun with them 6zlvh-ykzkt-4pbjg…….klwkh-pgr9k-th4k7….ok here is the last one which will be 6 codes hmblz-6k7xg-jn4l6 peace out

  351. Justin, too many divorce bills, good one! Can’t afford the $9 a month for Netzero? Tell her to get rid of the beer, cigarettes, cable, and cellphone and you can afford it! Or eat in more instead of going to Burger King and you can save a few bucks a week.

  352. i keep trying to submit and it says error i think this is a great idea how cool. im a psychology student and this is a good way to meet now people and have friendly competition at the same time.i would like some codes emailed to me if anyone is so inclined so i can start my empire. the coke queen that doesnt sound good im not a drug czar just a little joke thanks anyone that emails me

  353. A very ingeneous way to get points to people that can use them. It was kind of like a Christmas Present. We are not going to have much for Christmas this year and I was trying to get several little things by using my reward points. All the numbers that you have listed have been used but I hope to get in on some of them. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgivng and Happy Holiday.

  354. Hey poorman first off she dosnt smoke at all, she never ever drinks, she has the 3 basic FREE channels. she dosnt have a cell phone and she refuses to spend money on fast food.So if you dont know all the facts just keep your fat airegent mouth shut. If you cant do that then go to a different site because badmouthing is not part of this site its for sharing codes.

  355. So Justin (, like you say the site is for sharing, not hoarding and not begging. There are a few nice people who willing share the codes and at a variety of times of day.

    In 643 comments there are 105 unique email addresses I was able to farm. All begging for codes. In the rest of the begging messages there are either a number of duplicates or those people asking to have codes emailed to them weren’t smart enough to post their email address. Its really unfair of these people to think that something should just be sent to them for no effort on their part.

    There are about 6 or 10 helpful posters. These people have suggested ways for the beggers to get the points they needed with a little bit of effort on their parts.

    Even Dave (site owner) has suggested a way (see his post 612) for you to get free codes with a little effort on the beggers part. So get up and do something.

    Enough ranting for now.

    Thanks go out to wonderful Dave, Renee, Richie, and other code contributors (I haven’t generated a list of all the past contributors.) Keep up the good work.

    So a person has

  356. Thanks to everyone here, even though all the codes seem to be used up. If there are people with codes still wanting to give them away, email me at

    Anyways, you guys are awesome, I’ll be back later…

  357. R.S. I agree totally. Renee is a total gem here! I will always bust the chops of the beggars! They deserve it. I hate people that always want something for nothing. So Justin, if you don’t like it, get a job and help your mom out you lazy bum! Learn some responsibility and find ways to get codes other than begging (along with other areas of life). All of us here at sometime or another have had money woes, so we find another job, cut back where we can, and as a last resort ask for help from relatives, not total strangers! Take that, POW POW!~

  358. hi i think there are a lots of people upset out there justin is upset with poorman and candy thank for the happy thanksgiving and mike i sorry about one of the code wrong here is the right one n4gx9-wxzzt-767xk… ok is everybody looking to have a good thankgiving i hope so you know i will be giving manny point for hoilday and way here are some more that should be right lets go hmjyk-hxxgt-7wbvp….bxg6n-gnbll-x4why….ok one more and lets be nice and have fun about cokereward game and friendly things like how to get rich. mwhh6-h4jjm-wv9vn ok peace out.

  359. I work with teacher that are sport fans so i am trying to get enough point to get footballs for them if anyone can help please do.
    Thank you,

  360. I am trying to earn enough to earn free nights at the Hilton for my honeymoon next year otherwise we can’t afford to take one. Any points people have that they aren”t using would be most appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

  361. hi everybody whats up happy thankgiving because i have now 11020 point i will give you all 11 codes today as a gift lets get started 74w97-tg46l-g4gty….lnzrm-vyhkr-ynwhr…..6kj6m-znklk-rl44j…….hvkyk-gjll6-4lblb…..thank you mark for the pilgrim hall info i printed it out. ok 7 more 9rt6p-bwvxh-x7yy6…..nbrbh-vr4px-lz97n…..hi poorman and realiy strike how things been good i hope ok 5 more h9rjj-b4gyl-7g9mg…..g6w4t-6l6wm-jhhz4 i am making a 15 pound turkey this year i know that not that big but alest i be done faster ok 3 more codesl4m6k-mmvzb-4j96p….9yl6t-9mtlx-n9zgv…these code should hold you for a few days last one lmtpt-9j6xl-6l99w…as always peace out

  362. OMG u tards r so dum why dont u tards just get them out of the trash like the morans that u r fucking faggets

  363. i would like to know if renee would be interesting in trade 12 pack codes that i have for bottle cap codes that she has..i thought i saw a long time ago she was only interested in 12 pack codes..does a one 12 pack code traded for five bottle cap codes sound reasonable?

  364. Hello All,

    Here is a multiuse Coke Promotion Code worth 10 pts.

    10008 03925 14475

    Looks a lot different then the regular codes, but can be also entered as an 11th code of the day.

  365. I love to read all the FAKE ASS sob stories!!!! You all are too much!!! Here is a promo code for 10 points everyone can use!! 10008 03925 14475 Please keep your sob stories comming!! I love to read them…

  366. Where Can we find the free Bonus points? Websites, print advertising, viral e-mails, Coca-Cola holiday e-cards and inserts in Blockbuster DVD rentals. I am sure you can use the bonus codes for more than one account so please post them!

  367. Here’s the info on special promotional codes. The number after the date is the maximum number of redemptions to be allowed. When you see these, please post for everyone to share. I don’t get any of these publications.

    Rolling Stone Magazine
    30-Nov-06 200,000
    14-Dec-06 200,000
    28-Dec-06 200,000

    People Magazine
    11-Dec-06 300,000
    18-Dec-06 300,000

    ESPN Magazine
    14-Nov-06 150,000

    Internet banner ads
    19-Nov-06 300,000

    holiday email campaign (1st mailing)
    8-Dec-06 400,000

    holiday email campaign (2nd mailing)
    8-Dec-06 300,000

  368. thank you very very much realiy strike for the free 10pt code and a new sweepstake for me to play i would have not known if you have not told me on this site thank you and as for badboy i can not do that my codes are for everyone it fun this way. ok now your codes for the day gyhxw-hgrbp-4hm4r…..mtlt4-bgb9h-4nm6t…last one kbjjz-44mbr-yvr9x…and big thanks to realiy strike peace out.

  369. Hello All (and Poorman, Dan, Renee,and other voices of reason),

    Here is the code from Rolling Stone Magazine 11/30 issue. 10008 02866 28280 It’s another 10 pointer good for a few hundred thousand users.

  370. I hope everyone is having a good week! I got bad news about the upcoming contests. Those that are drinking ten cokes a day to max out points will probably die before it ends, so as a public service, give me all Your points and I will donate it to save-a-goat foundation. If You want to see the goat You are adopting, email me @ … remember, there are starving kids in China so give me all Your points or You will feel really really bad about yourself next time Your at a diner and they serve up some fresh chicken (but it isn’t really chicken, is it? It’s a nutria) and You order a coke with a smile then it hits You, there are goats and kids in China that are not smiling…they are crying…

  371. i was jerked today.i read a scheme to double the points in the account and i gave my e mail address and password and they jerked me ahahaahah i was just kicking myself and they took my account renee get some pity on me and mail me some points on my account ahahaahahaah my 3000 pts ahahahaha

  372. i found this website online..i dont know if someone has already posted it or not:
    if you play the chugging game on there at the end of the contest it will give you a free 3 point code..i am of the belief every little bit helps right?..enjoy

  373. I can’t seem to collect enough points for the things i want… if you can email me some codes that would be great.. thanx

  374. I don’t really have much to contribute… I’ll try to keep an eye out for the freebie codes and post if I get them from magazines, etc, especially the mysterious ESPN Code.

    If anyone is able to email me some unused codes, it’d be a great help… I’ll even take the 3 point codes… seems liek a lot of people are only looking for 10’s… I’m happy with 3’s. :O)

  375. Can you tell I am a newbie? I figured my email address would show up when I entered it in the posting form.

    Anyway, here it is if anyone can help me out:

    Thanks again.

  376. Does somebody has the newest code promotion, i already enter the 2 code promotion that it above, but there its one more out there, if somebody has it..please posted thanks…much love for all of you out there…
    and if there is any new codes..please email me at
    thank you everybody…this website its awsome….

  377. hey this one kid posted this website on his web page and said you would give points of he posted it, but he said you didnt give him points. You probably won’t be able to get on it because it is a school site so trust me on this one. his email is

  378. Hey everyone!
    Thanks for the codes, they actually help greatly.

    Haha, MyCokeRewards are my christmas shopping practically.
    That’d be a good use for them…

    *If you have any extra codes, PLEASE, PLEASE, email me!*
    Thank you so much!

  379. Hello All,

    Please do NOT fall for the plot above. NEVER, EVER give your coke id and password to some clown who says he’ll give you points. It’s a scam. There are a few of these jerks running around. They post fake testimonials saying how the got all tehse points and actually they are trying to trick you. obviously freepnts, aka helper, aka ran, aka david above is another of these jerks. Also beware of the guy with the web-site that says he’ll boost your account balance. Well that’s exactly what he’ll do he’ll boost it away from you.

    The mysterious ESPN 11/14 code has yet to be found.

  380. i need points desperately dude im getting my little little sister a bear for 1600 points. i want it in time for the holiday season dude but quantities are limited help help me out

  381. Sure, just give out our ID and Passwords eh, Helper? Funny how the writing of the two people you “helped” looks just like yours! Hey everybody, if you email the name of your banks and SS# I’ll make sure you all get thousands of dollars!

  382. please send me codes if you can i could not find 612 to give info but if you could just read the email that would work

  383. who is this helper if you are a helper put out 100 codes that will help at lest three people any day of the week

  384. Can You Send Me Some codes because i just started and i dont have any codes because i dont have any coke. So can you please send me some codes at the email address?

  385. Just to let everyone know that I do not think that the ESPN magazine even exist for that date. No one has at and it is a bi weekly magazine… So I dont think that the ESPN magazine for that date even exists…if anyone disagrees let me know by emailing me at…thanks kevin

  386. im also trying to get my mom a gift i want to get her the coca cola bear but i dont have any points so someone please send me some codes and i might email some people codes if they send me codes

  387. If your giving them away I will take a few. I know first come first serve but they are used befor I can get them. Anyway thanks.

  388. Can you post 3 more promotional codes excluding these: 10008 03925 14475

    10008 02866 28280? Thanks!

  389. i m not saying give ur password and id its simple go on ur account sign in click on enter codes then mail me ur account by copying the url in address and pasting

  390. BOYOBOY, where are these mutants coming from? Was there a major toxic spill somewhere? Did a nuclear reactor leak? They can’t spell, they can’t write, they can’t lie well, but they beg like a hungry monkey at the zoo….Please Coke, end the promotion NOW!

  391. Hello ranish, Will helper help you? The simple answer is NO! Anybody that wants your Coke ID and Password and offers to increase your points is a scammer. What will happen right away is they will change the Account information and Password. Then you will no longer have a My Coke Rewards account and your points will be gone.

    Hello Poorman, have you seen the scammer? This scammer has a web site that asks for your Coke ID and Password and promises to increase your point total beyond the daily limit in 2 days or less. Probaly takes that long to change the suckers account information.

    Hello renee, I agree. If helper wanted to help then posting all the magic codes here would do just that.

    Regards All

  392. hi please can u email some codes direct to me because i cant afford to buy my kids presents this year for christmas, so this is the only way they will still have a happy christmas.

    Thank-you x

  393. Hi,
    Don’t send any rewards, just wanted to say thanks for being a nice person and posting them for others. It’s odd, this coke thing has gotten so out of hand. They don’t have too much that’s really out of this world for people to choose from, yet there are those who are selling the points on ebay! And you know people are bidding on them!
    Anyhow, hope you remain a nice person through all of your days, the world needs a lot more!

  394. Can you e-mail me some codes. Can’t drink Coke anymore, so I have to count on the kindness of strangers.

  395. Dear posters, I need all of your points you have or may ever have, you see, my son, the head, has come back to life thanks to a Ronco Bring Your Son The Head Back To Life Device. So I’d like to get the points to get him a new Coke hat. I kind of like it because it is lond enough to cover his bloody stump. (acutally, if I get enough points I can get two of them and totally cover him up so he doesn’t leak!) I think I saw a nice red Coke wicker basket online so I’d like to get that and be able to carry him around in style! Also, if you sent me all of your points, for 25,654,891,345 points I can get on the website (just went up) the K-Tel Attach Your Son The Head To The Body Of A Headless Chicken Tool, which includes the free Ginsu Knife to help carve off the extra flesh which could be overlapping. Or I might just get the Harrier Jet. Anyway, if you can’t read this I will translate this for most of the audience….PLZ GIVE ME PTS i NED SUM 4 MY GRANDMA B4 SHE DIES THX

  396. hi everybody i have your code tonight for you. you will get 3 codes let go 4nhbm-k9bkj-rzvpj……6rlh6-jwwlz-j6hy7…..mthmh-zbzwx-x6jtk….peace out would of gave you 11 but i am tried.

  397. Hehe here is a free code, the first that I have ever shared (and who said people can’t get into the holiday spirit?)…


    Why am I in such a good and giving mood? My wife just gave me a 32 inch HDTV for Christmas! Now I can watch videos of my new baby goat as if I was there filming it again! By the way, he is a billy, so it will be snip snip time soon!

  398. Plese help, I could use some more codes. I need 1500 more points so I can get my son a nice tv for christmas. If you can help e-mail me codes at Thanks and hopes every one has a great holiday season. Bruce

  399. Hi, I just found you and didn’t know you were giving out coke pionts, if you have any lying around it would be really cool to get some if you are going to use them. Everyone in my family gets something coke a cola from me every year, it gets real expensive though. Especially with the little ones, they want everthing, but they’re so cute! I love them, but rewards has definatly been helping a little. If you could spare the points that would be awesome.

  400. Hello,
    Would like to thank you for your site, i think it’s cool. I have been drinking Coca-Cola for a long time too. Sometimes it’s hard to be able to afford name brand soda so I don’t always have the points. Your site says to look @ update 612 but, unfortuneately I can’t find it. Could you enlighten me on how to find it? I would appriciate it as this would be great for me to get some stuff as I am a serious Coca-Cola collector. Thanx

  401. I ws just going through the program rules, and noticed that there are times of “double rewards” where all codes entered get double the point value.

    I’ve only been at this a few weeks… can anyone tell me if they have done this yet, and if so, how often does it occur, and how long does it last? (usually)


  402. some free coke promotions points….10 pts each…..

    Taken from rolling stone magazine

    Holiday Points
    10008 03925 14475

  403. no my friend kevin dont do that its a fake scheme i gave my id and password and on the other day i treied to log in in my account it said invalid id or pass word they took away my all points so dont do that mistake other wise urs condtion will be just like me

  404. hi everybody here are 8 codes from last night let go kwjmy-j7l6z-lkht7…..967wv-9nhl7-pm4mj…i am glad mark you were able to use those code and kevin i have been playing this game 8 months and i have not seen the double points codes still looking for it ok 6 codes left 94jkb-xyg7v-9gw9w……n6w7h-n67hy-x6b6v…i now have 11520 points i still want the tv that they have hopefuly they will bring it back ok 4 left hnnvk-byhkx-xt999…..l6bgl-ygznj-brhw6….ok i still dont know if i won the live my football fantasy sweepstakes but i will write to find out who did win and last two code hyrx7-tz4k9-6nr4g….hw9x6-jzm9w-lk6pn…have fun with these codes until next time and poorman good one. peace out

  405. I was hoping you would be able to e-mail me some point codes. I only need 57 for the coca cola semi truck, and that is all I really really want. Can you please help me out?


  406. I just wanted to thank you Renee… I was able to redeem one of the codes you listed. It was actually my first “freebie” code so far.

    I only redeemed one code… didn’t want to be a “code pig”. :O)

  407. Hello Renee, Dan, Poorman, Dave (site owner), Hope you had a nice Holiday. As always Thanks to renee for all she’s doing to keep the points flowing.

    Everybody listen to victim’s story! Do not fall for any scheme that asks for you Coke ID and Password OR the URL (link) to your account after you login. This allows the scammer to access your account and change the password and account information. After you logout you won’t be able to get back in! Notice how helper asked for the URL after you login in. Another way to directly access your account.

    To make this site truly useful you should read the previous posts. You’re not helping anybody if you keep posting the same old stuff (like the promo codes) over and over again.



  408. Hi. Thanks for posting these. I was trying to get a good present for my mother, but the quantaties are limited on the present. It will be a few days before dad will buy anymore coke and everyone used all of these cokes. Could someone please email me some? I REALLY want to get this for my mom. Help a 12 year old in need.

  409. Oh and Bruce, if you find the mysterious ESPN magazine that would be great. It appears that it doesn’t exist. I’ve found the 11/6, 11/20, and 12/4 issues and since it’s a bi-weekly magazine then 11/14 doesn’t make sense.

    Watch for an email from Coke on 12/8 with 1 of 2 new promo codes!

  410. Helper – can you please help me with some points? If you send me your name, address, phone number and ss number I will send you my account info…

  411. Hi! I’m looking for some promotional codes to use to buy my brother the perfect gift. He is the biggest fan of the Miami U. I want to get him the replica football for Christmas, it would be the best Christmas for him. Please help me i’m only 40 points away! This would make him so happy!

  412. Hello! I’m in desperate need of points. I was collecting a lot and then the Stop and Shop around me went bankrupt and closed down. I live in Texas and there isnt much around. I really need some points to get my father a free night at Yosemite. Please help i’m only 17 points away. Thanks for your support!

  413. hi reality strikes it me renee could you please let me have the 12/4 code from the magazine thank you i did get 11/6 and 11/20 thank you.

  414. Hello Eneas, To locate Dave (site owner’s) Comment 612, do the following in your browser.

    1. Type Ctrl-Home to make sure your at the top of the page.
    2. Left Mouse click in the blog white space to select the blog frame.
    3. Type Ctrl-F to bring up the find dialog box.
    4. Type “Link to this page” in the “Find What” text box.
    5. Press the “Find Next” button.

  415. Hi Renee, Don’t have the code from ESPN magazine. Sent an email to Coke to find out what happened. I’ll let you all know when I know.

  416. hey I was wondering if you guys could send me some unused codes I only need 16 more to get my prize
    it will be deeply apreciated

  417. Howdy y’all,

    New to this blogging thing & was doing some digging round on search engines for help finding promo codes, have found 3, THANKS!!! 2 all who posted those. I hate 2 admit I’ve bn lurking, but would like 2 change my lurker status 2 1 of the guyz. I, 2, have a Coke Rewards obsession-LOL!!! But some of the stuff I’ve read & seen is taking this whole thing 2 extreme!!! I feel terribly sorry 4 ppl like”Victim”. That’s horribly unfair!!!

    B4 I log off 4 the nite, I’m curious if there were otr promo codes I may’ve missed? I saw a blog by Renee that sed somethin like…

    “hi reality strikes it me renee could you please let me have the 12/4 code from the magazine thank you i did get 11/6 and 11/20 thank you.

    Comment by renee — November 29, 2006 @ 10:26 pm

    Can U guyz post the 11/6, 11/20, & 12/4 codes so I can try & C if these’ll go thru 2 my acct’???-Thanx N advance 🙂

    As 4 promo codes, this is what I got so far:
    100080286628280-Rolling Stones 11/30?
    100080392514475-Coke Holiday points
    100080081405592-People Mag 12/11

    Victim, if ur listening, there’s 30pts 2 ya there, man!!!

    Good luck 2 allya “cokers” out there-

  418. Hello All, People Magazine 12/11 is out and here is the
    promo code: 10008 00814 05592.

  419. Would love to get some points if someone isn’t using theirs. Brand new to this but i’ve lots of fun since starting. Hope everyone has a good holiday

  420. thank you reality strike for that code that means it only three left im in it to win it thank again. peace out,

  421. hey all if you could send me any points that would be sweet. im trying to get that 30″ or 36″ coke bare for my girlfriend. she thinks they are so “cute” so i wanted to supprise her with a huge one. thanks all

  422. Gone—Darn it!!! Hey, what was up with the 11/6, 11/20, & 12/4 promo codes Renee posted in a blog earlier??? I did manage 2 find some promo codes, but only 3 so far…

  423. I would love some coke rewards points, I could really put them to some good use possibly for x-mas gifts for my kids as I cant really afford to do much for the. , Thanks, Linnea

  424. Hey

    People with really bad grammar and their stupid stories. Get off this site!!!! I have a trick to get 100 pts a day but I am not going to tell you. HAHAHAH!!!

    Dear Site owner, if you would, please clean out the comments so I don’t have to scroll all the way down. It is time to do some cleaning on your site, You can keep the important ones.

    Comment 766, YOU CAN’T EVEN SPELL BARE (Bear)

  425. Van transmission blew used xmas money to get it fix need point to get a gift card. Any one have some codes I could have?

  426. Hey all if you could send me any points that would be sweet. im trying to get that 30″ or 36″ coke bare for my girlfriend. she thinks they are so “cute” so I wanted to supprise her with a huge one. thanks all

  427. Hi Sarah, Only 3 Promo Codes have been found. All three have been posted here. Thus, you have all three. The next Promo Codes will be in a Holiday emails from Coke.


  429. hi everybody happy hoildays are you ready for your codes to come soon. good because within two days i will have 1200 pt so i will give you all 12pt x 3 = 36 so be ready and poorman i quess i did not win the tv but went to bestbuy and bought a 42′ plasma real nice will have deliver and set up with 1 1/2 week. peace out

  430. Someone said you could get 10 points free by playing the game on the coke page. What game? I can’t find a game to play. Anyone else know?

  431. Thanx Reality Strikes 4 ur reply!!! @ least some1 acknowledged my existence ;)!!! Thanx 4 the tip on the holiday e-mails, I’ll B watching my inbox 4 those, since I am signed up 2 receive e-mails from MCR, SO THANX & have a great nite! :)zzzzzzLater-yawn-allya sweet cokers out there!!!

  432. Hello All, The Rolling Stone 12/14 code is out and it’s the same as the Rolling Stone 11/30 code. 10008 02866 28280

    Hello Renee, If your going to give out so many codes in celebration I suggest yuou do it in several postings. That will spread the wealth out amoung a bunch of people. Also, I like how you bury the codes in your posting. That means others might have a chance to grab codes as they sort them out of your posting. Good idea!

  433. Renee, it looks like Coke won’t put up any new big prizes but congrats on the Plasma..if you’re ever in Cincinnati come on over and you can watch my Coke Sony!!

  434. Hey all I am new here looking for a few codes like getting things for my kids and maybe even something for me. I am a Diet Cherry Coke girl myself. Email me anytime to say hey.


  435. hey phil, if you realy know how 2 get 100 points a day, and arnt blowin cum out ur ass, stop bein a fuckin prick and share the trick,…..

    i could care less about the points, it just pisses me off how much of a dick head ur being on the hollidays, so eather lighten up, and stop try to rub shit in peaples faces. or stay the fuck off this site you asshole!!!!!

  436. The Holiday Email Promo Codes are out. Here they are:
    10008 05371 65770 Holiday Email 12/7
    10008 05684 42981 Holiday Email 12/7

    10008 00814 05592 People Magazine 12/11
    10008 02866 28280 Rolling Stones 11/30, 12/14
    10008 03925 14475 Internet Banner Ads

    Best of Luck All

  437. Hmmm… Apparently the message board doesn’t take breaks for paragraghs?? heheh. Anyway, the above post was announcing the 12/8 emailing PROMOTION CODE for 10 free points (I oddly got mine 12/7)… enter code: 10008 05684 42981 to get 10 FREE COKE POINTS! Merry Christmas!

  438. All of the Holiday Email Promo Codes are maxed out, just for all of those who are going to try to enter them onto the account. I just tried all of them and got nothing for them. Thanks for trying to help all of us out though with posting them.

  439. Here ia a promotional code for my coke rewards. I’m not sure how many times you can use it..

    10008 05684 42981

  440. WOW!! THANKS REALITY STRIKES!! I started with only 20 points and now I got 30 more! JUST WOW!! YOU ALL ROCK!! And thanks and thanks and lots of thanks and for people who are just begging for points Go buy a coke! my coke rewards is rewards for you to drink coke!!


    People Magazine 12/11 is out and here is the
    promo code: 10008 00814 05592.

  442. I am just getting started here, I could use all the help I can get on the codes. I am on a budget, and don’t buy a whole lot of coke either. If you have codes your not using, I would be glad to accept them. Thanks for your time.

  443. hi everybody it time now for your codes that mean you get 12 because as of today i have 12010 pt. so happy holidays and merry xmas here we go 9ljjv-9pw4j-prmv7&#