Over the Hedge Online Game Answers

I’ve been playing the online game for the upcoming movie “Over the Hedge” over at Hedge Games. Although this looks like a kids movie, the game is pretty tricky.

I will post the answers here, as I complete them. Hope this helps someone win a laptop!

006 – Difficulty: Medium
RJ’s Advanced Code

Can you crack RJ’s secret code and figure out the message?

Nghx ng bv ujh iggkj

Answer: No, I can’t

027 – Difficulty: Medium
Location, Location – Outwit the Trap #3

must get this control box fixed – the numbers keep showing up in the wrong positions! Plus, it always allows four tries instead of just one!

Obviously, we just need to reposition the numbers. The numbers I had were: 6362. Assuming none of the numbers can be in their old positions, I am going to try 3626 and 2636. Well, neither worked.
Answer: none yet

040 – Difficulty: Easy
Porcupine Trivia #1

Lou and Penny are usually referred to as porcupines. Did you know that porcupines are sometimes known by another name, one that points out their main feature? What is it?

Answer: quill pig

053 – Difficulty: Easy
Skunk Trivia #2: Which U.S. city or town has a name derived from a Native American phrase that means “place of the skunk”?
Answer: Chicago

058 – Difficulty: Easy

Let’s figure out just how bear-aware you really are. Big bad Vincent the Bear is all man. Do you know what male bears are commonly called (not that we’re saying Vincent is common). Is it:
* a stallion
* a ram
* a bull
* a boar

Answer: boar

078 – Difficulty hard / very hard
Letter Jumble – Outwit the Trap #10
We are given the letters: DEEFFINORRSST and the following lines:
– a series of wins while racing _ _ _ _ _ _
– and not either (follows neither) _ _ _
_ _ _ _
Answer: none yet

093 – Difficulty: Easy
Rules and Regulations – Over the Hedge Trivia #3

Gladys and the Homeowner’s Association of El Rancho Camelot Estates have established strict rules for the homeowners living there.
Do you know how high the grass in the lawns is allowed to be?

Answer: 2 inches

095 – Difficulty hard / very hard
Misteakes Add Up
“Too many typos. Your mistakes all add up.”
We are shown this note:

Glapys, who is clcarly upset cy thehe jevdlopmhnts, says ghat cf sofetaing is not jone iimediatelb, it aould medn tve end of huburbbn peale anb trenqjilitf ano our bcautilul way af life.

Answer: none yet. The letters that should replace the mistakes are: pecsdeetimhdmywahsacdaufdefo

099 – difficulty: hard
Zeros and Ones – Outwit the Trap #12
The following binary code is displayed:


Answer: not sure yet. It looks like binary (base 2).

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