SSH from a Motorola Q

I wanted the ability to log in to my remote servers via SSH on my Motorola Q. I couldn’t get zaTelnet working on my Motorola Q, so I installed the IMB JVM on my Q, and then tried MidPSSH. Make sure you download the version for Windows Mobile 5 from or you can point… Continue reading SSH from a Motorola Q

Java on a Motorola Q

Want to start downloading those cool Java games you see all over the internet and use them on your Motorola Q? Follow these steps: IBM’s JVM for the SmartPhone is still in “evaluation” but it seems very stable. If you don’t feel like digging through IBM’s site, you can get them from here, packaged as… Continue reading Java on a Motorola Q

Free subscription to New York Times Select

With a valid .edu email address, you can sign up for New York Time’s Select service. This service costs 49.95 per year without this link. Probably the coolest thing about having Times Select is having access to archives. You can get up to 100 articles a month dating back to 1851.

Craigslist scams

Scam Alert! I was browsing craigslist the other day looking for a used car. There was a post that seemed too good to be true for a 2001 BMW for 4000 bucks. I emailed the address listed in the post,, requesting the mileage. I got this response: Hello, I appreciate your fast response to… Continue reading Craigslist scams