Java on a Motorola Q

Want to start downloading those cool Java games you see all over the internet and use them on your Motorola Q? Follow these steps:

IBM’s JVM for the SmartPhone is still in “evaluation” but it seems very stable.

If you don’t feel like digging through IBM’s site, you can get them from here, packaged as cabs:

install.pdf – from IBM – how to install (not needed), how to use.

J9_full – full installation packed as CAB – Java Virtual Machine, Midlet manager, Midlet runner, libraries. Size after install – 3.4Mb

J9_tiny – simplified installation. Without Java Virtual Machine (probably you don’t need), without debugging support, without eastern languages support. Only Midlet manager, Midlet runner, libraries. Installs automatically into main storage. Size after install – 2.3Mb

Just point your browser to these packages, or download and copy the cabs onto your Q.
Browse to it using your file Manager if you copied it manually. Run it.

All set! The midlet manager will show up as “J9” in your programs folder.


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! Thanks Man! Ive been trying to get this on for the Q and its been a hassle until now. I installed it and installed Java apps and games and it works great! Thanks!

  2. hi people,

    Ive installed the IBM files and the other and all. I did the example golf score thing and it works fine. But I dont know java. How do I get the .jad midlets or whatever they are called to play now? What command or whatever do i use so the program will find the files and run them? When I use the same format as the example I get an error message that says….”This application contains an invalid jar location.” I would appreciate any help you can give me. Id like to get my Q runnin with java games. I feel it must be something simple that I am overlooking. Thanks.

  3. So I downloaded your little pack here, but when I go to the game, it asks me to install it. I say yes, then it ask for a URL to get the MIDIet from…what do I put?
    Where do I go from here?

  4. .CAB installation went on smoothly but i was wondering if anyone knows where to find a freeware app that filters incoming calls? Will really appreciate the help

  5. Nothing works for me, it wont install ever time i try running it, it says i need a program to run those files. The install file just shows xml language. None of the files will run on it. please help., oi really like this phone and would love games


  6. Hi, i´ve installed the software, its working fine, i´ve connected with the server, but the back key doesnt erase wrong entries, and i cannot login, i just can see the login screen, i own a moto q with windows mobile 5.0, im tring to login into a as400 i520, the login screen show fine but i cannot login, and also if a make a mistake i cannot correct because i cannnot erase


  8. I got the .cab installed but the program ask for a URL for the MIDlet to install… I dont get what to do?

  9. I installed my java download into my moto Q and some java games from my PC that even work on my SLVR L7. Now how do I get my games to install into my moto Q? I keep getting this MIDlet window that says to Now what do I do???????????????

  10. ken I got giberish to. keep returning to this site and then going back to the giberish again and again .it will eventually probably have a moto q 9m

  11. Hola a todos’ Quiero instalar Java en mi moto Q.., pero no se como… alguien me ayudaria? intente instalar los programas q estan aqui.. pero no me funciono’

  12. Hey men quiero que me lo explices paso a paso por que no logro instalarlo si espero que me respondas pronto si nos vems y gracias de antemano

  13. Just a whole lot of jibberish…
    is there something i need to download so that my moto Q can view the page correctly?

    some sord of reader or somethng?

    plz help

  14. Hi

    i have followed the steps mentioned above and i am still having a problem, once i have copied the files to the Q through active sync, i go into the file manager,then what, no matter which one i click on the screen displays (there is no application assoviated with “and the filename” run the application first nad then open file inside the application) how do i get to the application, i have a rpoduct that contains all JAD and JAR files, and i am not sure how to get the program installed on my Moto Q9c, all the files in zip are driving me crazy, when i copy the files through active sync, is there a specific place i should be placing them, i just copy them to mobile device,

    appreciate the help

  15. Sorry, I can’t Run it. when I try to Install any game the mobile ask me for an URL where “I want ton instal the game”… I d’ont konw what to write. Why does it ask me an URL? Anyone could help me? pleasee!

  16. hey people i just got the motorola q from sprint but im not sure which one is it..i tried downloadin the cab but its all his jibberish i tried over and over again like it said in the comments buts still nothing does anyone know why? ……thanks

  17. you just put the jar files on your pda, then you open them through file manager after you’ve installed java… it will add them to the list. you then hit actions and launch. badabing

  18. So on my Q9 how do I make J9 the default java program and/or how do I get rid of Java Manager (that came preinstalled)?

  19. me baje el programa para mi moto Q smarphone 5 venezuela pero me pide la direccion de url las anoto y me dice error y no consigue ninguna aplicacion que puedo hacer si necesito el programa java para poder descargar archivos que contengan java estoy enloquesiendo gracias

  20. My backspace does not work within the emulator. works fine otherwise but this is an issue when I need to change preset text.

  21. I instaled it onto my moyo q but when I go to and click to play it says I need to instal java what do I do?

  22. hey I have installed and it works on the motorola q only problem are functions when using mini opera when u click menu on the left side bottom screen it just flickers on the screen any ideas how to proceed

  23. I got the .cab installed but the program ask for a URL for the MIDlet to install… I dont get what to do?

  24. Instructions:
    Take one of the cab files listed above
    Downloaded and connect your data cable to your pc and do edit copy (so it can go to your paste it to your phone)
    if you Active sync — browse the files — and paste it to your phone.
    Then using file manager (if you have a smartphone) find it and run then- J9 will install… once installed, this is a new application in your phone – -probably named J9…

    -Then, copy a some of the games (jar files ) to your phone’s SC card (storage card) or direct to phone memory – using active sync /browser — again
    – Once in your phone — locate it using your file manager and click on the jar file — it will automatically locate the Java 9 application — and will add th game to Java 9… note: do not press install –
    – click on Actions — and the Launch option to run game….

  25. Thanks very much ! Ive been trying to get this on for the Q and its been a hassle until now. I installed it and installed Java apps and games and it works great! Thanks! bro…

  26. i have two smartphone games which i downloaded to my motorola q but it does not play each time i try to rather it shows me the file viewer of these games what do i do please

  27. hi i have tried several times to download a snaptu application for my moto q.each time i try it tells me that there is no application associated with this i should first run the application then open the file in the run application.i do not know how to run application on ma moto q can you help please.

  28. hey! so i install the package but it asked me to ‘enter the URL of the MIDlet that you would like to install’ i’m confused i don’t know what to do again, help me out.

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