And 7 years later…

I know its been a minute, but just wanted to say hi to my code peeps (if anyone still watches this). Hope life has treated you well since my last post. Boy, 7 years sure went fast. Think about how normal the world seemed back then. A site like this wouldn’t have worked in today’s… Continue reading And 7 years later…

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McDonald’s Monopoly 2012 – Free Codes!

McDonald’s Monopoly season is upon us once again! And like we’ve done in many years past, we are giving away free McDonald’s Monopoly codes for 2012! Join us in the comments below as we share codes, discuss prizes, strategies, and other Monopoly news! I will be donating every piece on this page on a first-come,… Continue reading McDonald’s Monopoly 2012 – Free Codes!

Free MyCokeRewards Codes (XII)

 Wow! It’s already 2012, and we’re back with another year of MyCokeRewards, and another year of sharing Coke codes with the nice little community we’ve built here! It has been six years since we first started sharing MyCokeRewards codes, and what I find amazing is that some of the people that were doing this six… Continue reading Free MyCokeRewards Codes (XII)

McDonald’s Monopoly 2011 – Free Codes!

McDonald’s Monopoly is back for 2011, and you know what that means around here… more free codes for everyone! I will be donating any and all unused Monopoly codes here on this page.  And as we’ve seen in the past, quite a few other folks usually join in the fun along with me.  So check… Continue reading McDonald’s Monopoly 2011 – Free Codes!

Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards – Free codes!

Lean Cuisine seems to have joined the trend of code-based customer loyalty programs with their “Delicious Rewards” program! Lucky for us – now we can get healthier while we earn and share codes. In an effort to reduce how much take-out I order here in Seattle, I’ll be buying quite a few of these –… Continue reading Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards – Free codes!

Free Pepsi “Refresh Your World” Codes

We’re a little to the game on this one. When I first heard of the “Refresh your World” (Refresh Everything) program, I thought “no way people are going to be into this” – but I was wrong.  I can tell from the amount of comments on our Facebook Code Giveaway Fan Page that people actually… Continue reading Free Pepsi “Refresh Your World” Codes

Free Dr Pepper “Every Bottle Wins” codes

This year, Dr Pepper has a new game on codes and cups: Every Bottle Wins – where you can redeem your codes for various items, including EA games downloadable content.  Pretty cool stuff. I drink plenty of Dr Pepper, and don’t really have a use for the EA games stuff, so I’m going to start… Continue reading Free Dr Pepper “Every Bottle Wins” codes