Craigslist scams

Scam Alert! I was browsing craigslist the other day looking for a used car. There was a post that seemed too good to be true for a 2001 BMW for 4000 bucks. I emailed the address listed in the post,, requesting the mileage. I got this response: Hello, I appreciate your fast response to… Continue reading Craigslist scams

Scam Alert: 727-471-1418

Got a call from 727-471-1418 today on my unlisted VOIP number. They ask for banking account information. I start questioning them and they hang up. Seems like a massive scam. More numbers they use and some other victim reports can be found here: Live calls from: 727-471-1400, 727-471-1401, 727-471-1402, 727-471-1403, 727-471-1404, 727-471-1405, 727-471-1406, 727-471-1407,… Continue reading Scam Alert: 727-471-1418