Free Mountain Dew Free Ride Codes

Mountain Dew
I have some free Mountain Dew “Free Ride” codes up for grabs. I drink a lot of Dew, but don’t really need the codes, so here you go! First come first serve! Post a message if you use them please. I’ll try to update at least once a day, so check back often!

Tuesday, Feb 27: PCTT3K9A4X
Wednesday, Feb 28: SNXJOELZCT
Thursday, March 1: FTBKJCSWBH
Tuesday, March 6: M630VTEO4J
Wednesday, March 7: VFJEAEIVBO
Monday, March 12: FRONR46SN9
Wednesday, March 14: PJ6VINH9FC
Saturday, March 17: SZLM7OV7ZV
Tuesday, March 20: KHPKH9FLH9
Wednesday, March 21: FWBBF34NWE
Thursday, March 22: R4ZREYV6SC

Monday, March 26: FLHEAJOXLP
Tuesday, March 27: F4ILVM7YVE

Tuesday, April 3: WEPNZT6BTZ and RKEEISJMWE
Wednesday, April 4: EM3SFSKV9S

Monday, April 9: AAKJEZ3XSM
Tuesday, April 10: OVLL3CWFNJ
Wednesday, April 11: WB737YJZJZ
Thursday, April 12: NSZBNJ4RNN
Friday, April 13: TTTWMJZSAI
Tuesday, April 18: RI3SHH4CPK

Tuesday, April 30: AIWM3NECZM

The idea of giving away these codes instead of using them myself was inspired mostly by the raging popularity of my Free MyCokeRewards Give-away. Check it out.

42 thoughts on “Free Mountain Dew Free Ride Codes”

  1. Hey there…thanks for the new free code site. I copied and pasted the code, but it said it wasn’t valid. I took out the space and nothing really happened when I hit enter. Is the space suppose to be in there?


  2. Does is say anything to let you know you are entered for the day? If I leave off the space it just looks like the screen refreshed.


  3. Thanks Mike for the code.
    Michael, I get a big message that states “THANK YOU..Your code has been entered into the Pepsi Free Ride Sweepstakes”. So, you should know if it went through okay.

  4. I can never get them fast enough Mike, but I do appreciate you posting them. One day…one day I will succeed. 🙂


  5. Thanks for the update Mark. I get the “Already Entered” message…thanks to you, so I will have to see what it says if I beat you to a code one time. 🙂


  6. WAIT I DONT GET THESE THINGS i think sprite has one too lol but im not sure if its a rewards thing or a winning thing

  7. This is definitely MD–


    I will post Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper codes found in scavenging for Coke codes.

  8. I have about 50 or more coke reward caps I would love to trade for free ride ones. My work only has a coke machine, so I get around 5 to 10 a day. Lemme know if your interested.

  9. I would like to take responder #9 up on his offer for the free coke reward points. I dont have alot of caps to trade but I can give what I have for now. Sometimes I need a coke rewards code so bad I check other peoples recycleables just to get a code. My daughter thinks I am stealing and I am telling her I’m not. They were throwing it out anyway. If you want to throw some coke codes my way, here are the Dew Free Rides I have four: VTHXJ BBE3J CTZ76 ZFJEB HEE76 PPH4E and last one ILYE7 SRL6Y Thank you for your time and for the freebies!

  10. when i tried to type in the codes it said tht the code had to have 15 and there were only 10 so r u leaving out letters / #’s

    just wondering

  11. While I am not using your codes, I will tell everyone that I only entered 3 codes so far and I already won a $20 check. They say you can win up to 5 of those checks so I would play these codes whenever I get them!

  12. here is a dew code: E46BZ

    if somebody could be so nice to email me a coke reward point in place of the pepsi/dew code that would be awesome.

    I get Pepsi/Dew codes every so often so we can swap codes. Pepsi/Dew for Coke codes.


    … PLEASE?


  14. how do I get my caps that I have and see what I won? Please let me know how to do this and I will try to put them in. Thank you very much if you can help me out on this.

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