Free Mountain Dew Free Ride Codes

Mountain Dew
I have some free Mountain Dew “Free Ride” codes up for grabs. I drink a lot of Dew, but don’t really need the codes, so here you go! First come first serve! Post a message if you use them please. I’ll try to update at least once a day, so check back often!

Tuesday, Feb 27: PCTT3K9A4X
Wednesday, Feb 28: SNXJOELZCT
Thursday, March 1: FTBKJCSWBH
Tuesday, March 6: M630VTEO4J
Wednesday, March 7: VFJEAEIVBO
Monday, March 12: FRONR46SN9
Wednesday, March 14: PJ6VINH9FC
Saturday, March 17: SZLM7OV7ZV
Tuesday, March 20: KHPKH9FLH9
Wednesday, March 21: FWBBF34NWE
Thursday, March 22: R4ZREYV6SC

Monday, March 26: FLHEAJOXLP
Tuesday, March 27: F4ILVM7YVE

Tuesday, April 3: WEPNZT6BTZ and RKEEISJMWE
Wednesday, April 4: EM3SFSKV9S

Monday, April 9: AAKJEZ3XSM
Tuesday, April 10: OVLL3CWFNJ
Wednesday, April 11: WB737YJZJZ
Thursday, April 12: NSZBNJ4RNN
Friday, April 13: TTTWMJZSAI
Tuesday, April 18: RI3SHH4CPK

Tuesday, April 30: AIWM3NECZM

The idea of giving away these codes instead of using them myself was inspired mostly by the raging popularity of my Free MyCokeRewards Give-away. Check it out.


  1. Hey there…thanks for the new free code site. I copied and pasted the code, but it said it wasn’t valid. I took out the space and nothing really happened when I hit enter. Is the space suppose to be in there?


  2. Michael, not sure about the space. On the cap, the code is on two lines. That space represents where the line shift is. I just posted another. Enjoy!

  3. Does is say anything to let you know you are entered for the day? If I leave off the space it just looks like the screen refreshed.


  4. Thanks Mike for the code.
    Michael, I get a big message that states “THANK YOU..Your code has been entered into the Pepsi Free Ride Sweepstakes”. So, you should know if it went through okay.

  5. I can never get them fast enough Mike, but I do appreciate you posting them. One day…one day I will succeed. 🙂


  6. Thanks for the update Mark. I get the “Already Entered” message…thanks to you, so I will have to see what it says if I beat you to a code one time. 🙂


  7. WAIT I DONT GET THESE THINGS i think sprite has one too lol but im not sure if its a rewards thing or a winning thing

  8. This is definitely MD–


    I will post Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper codes found in scavenging for Coke codes.

  9. I have about 50 or more coke reward caps I would love to trade for free ride ones. My work only has a coke machine, so I get around 5 to 10 a day. Lemme know if your interested.

  10. Hey Mike,

    I Can get Quite a few Free rides give me an e-mail. we,ll work something out

  11. I would like to take responder #9 up on his offer for the free coke reward points. I dont have alot of caps to trade but I can give what I have for now. Sometimes I need a coke rewards code so bad I check other peoples recycleables just to get a code. My daughter thinks I am stealing and I am telling her I’m not. They were throwing it out anyway. If you want to throw some coke codes my way, here are the Dew Free Rides I have four: VTHXJ BBE3J CTZ76 ZFJEB HEE76 PPH4E and last one ILYE7 SRL6Y Thank you for your time and for the freebies!

  12. when i tried to type in the codes it said tht the code had to have 15 and there were only 10 so r u leaving out letters / #’s

    just wondering

  13. While I am not using your codes, I will tell everyone that I only entered 3 codes so far and I already won a $20 check. They say you can win up to 5 of those checks so I would play these codes whenever I get them!

  14. here is a dew code: E46BZ

    if somebody could be so nice to email me a coke reward point in place of the pepsi/dew code that would be awesome.

    I get Pepsi/Dew codes every so often so we can swap codes. Pepsi/Dew for Coke codes.


    … PLEASE?


  16. how do I get my caps that I have and see what I won? Please let me know how to do this and I will try to put them in. Thank you very much if you can help me out on this.

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