Free MyCokeRewards Codes (VI)

Welcome back to the MyCokeRewards Give-away page. This is a place for us to share, collect, or give away your MyCokeRewards points, or to talk about the MyCokeRewards promo codes or prizes. I try to post as many as I can for free, but as always, there are other generous people on this site that outshine me in sharing the “Red Gold”. Big thanks to all the generous contributors!

Due to the high volume of comments, this is the sixth page in the series. If you’d like to see the older MyCokeRewards pages, here they are:

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MyCokeRewards Post #2 (comments now closed)
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If you’d like to trade or sell codes, (Pepsi Stuff codes for Coke codes, for example), please use the code trading post. Or visit this page to beg for coke codes. To keep this page clean, I delete comments on this page that are about trading, selling or begging.

Some rules:
If you comment provides no value to the discussion of MyCokeRewards points, promotions, or prizes, it will be deleted.
Please reply if you use a code so that everyone else doesn’t try it.

Now lets get sharing! And here’s to hoping the program is extended beyond 2008!


  1. yes!! THE FIRST POST! Sweet! Im in good luck! Im on my way to go buy a lottery ticket! LMAO!!!

  2. Thanks vvhitekid2, I knew #VI was coming soon.


    Rock and Roll MCR people! Grab all the points you can, save as best you can, get what you’re going after. Good luck to all and have a great day.

  3. Darrell’s codes rbm! thanks!, all except the last one. I’m over the limit on redemptions today.

  4. Has anyone won a sweepstakes? How long till I get my prize? Where can I see the winners?

  5. Tommy B – check under limited time rewards. You can redeem 240 points for a coupon for a free 12 pack of any Coke product.

  6. Hi, I have a smeared code from a case of Diet Coke. I have tried to guess many different iterations and I can not get it.

    Does anyone have a mailing address or email address where I can contact someone? I have not been able to find one. Thanks.

  7. TomTom,

    Go to the Help link at the bottom of the MCR page, scroll down and click on “Talk to Us” and a window will pop up on the right to contact Coke. Enter your info along with:

    Name of the product
    Type of package (20 ounce bottle or 12 pack box)
    Purchase location (including city and state)
    The code as it appears to you

    Coke will then credit your account (after a few days) with the points.


  8. Hello…I asked this on last thread but wantde to repost noone seen it i dont think….I am new here…wondered about the sweepstakes…I know with the 6 flags ones and a few others you could enter for free by going to the rules page and clicking and it would give yuo free entries. The sweepstakes they have now, I do not see that (for like the xbox 360 one and the mcdonalds one etc) Any ideas why? Or am I doing it wrong? Thanks!

  9. Paula, MCR has eliminated the free entries with the exception of mailing individual postcards to them. One card gets you one free entry. It’s unfortunate, and keep your fingers crossed, mayhaps they will come out with free entries again. I think a good many of us had quite a few free entries stockpiled in our accounts and are still able to enter the maximum each day. Mine will be used up about the end of November. I believe MCR is at the wind down phase of the program. An extension would be great but I don’t think it will happen. But I have been wrong before, hopefully I am again. Have a good day. By the way, the new McDonald’s Monopoly game might be quite productive in generating Coke points. I entered five Monopoly codes and “won” 75 Coke points. Also, two hours of WiFi at Micky D’s, which I have no use for. But I think you get 25 points every time you pass go. I rolled doubles eight times in a row and circled the board several times. But I transgress. To the original question; no, you are not doing it wrong, free entries are not there.

  10. CokeCrazy, may I ask which sweepstakes you won? I won one of the $1000 Best Buy gift cards back in July and have yet to receive it. Contacting Coke about it just got me an 8-10 weeks after approval of my claim. Looks like they are going to receive another call shortly. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one waiting for your prize.

  11. Just a fyi on the sweepstakes, I won a wii a while back and it did take about 8-9 weeks for it to come in. Just be patient and it will arrive.

  12. Darrell….thanks for the info. yes, I have been playing the McD game too online and won 25 MCR points so far….however, I didnt get anything for passing go. I just got it for the chest one that I landed on once. I passed go several times, I have had a total of like 132 spaces so far…so definatly passed go. Well, thanks again for the info. Paula

  13. Paula, it was my mistake for not paying closer attention. The first time I played the Monopoly game I kept hitting doubles and happened to land on the community chest space three times. You are correct, that is how you get the MCR points. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Have a good one.

  14. Hello
    Maybe some one can answer this question I hope. I work at a middle school & every one gives me there tops. Well I got a top with a strange # letter set in it. It starts with a letter G & ends with a # 2. Letter G isn’t to strange but the # 2 is. I entered it & the responce was that the letter number combo. could not be used at this time try again another time. I do not what kind of drink it came from. Are they starting a new # letter combo. or what? Does any one got an idea?
    Dirty Foot

  15. Dirtyfoot
    If it is a powerade cap – some of them are from an older promotion that ended – and they just aren’t able to be used – I had sent in an inquiry to coke and that was their response …I had gotten 5 or 6
    I guess they had some old caps they stuck on newer bottles …
    and the coke site seems to be down … hope it comes back up B4 noon so I can get my codes in …

  16. Paula,

    “Free” entries are only available when there is an instant win game. They are not running any instant win promotions at this time and that is why you cannot get a free entry unless you send in the postcard.

    The postcard method will not work for instant win and that is why they do those contests different.

  17. hey vvhitekid, Since McDonalds Monopoly is so popular why don’t you put up a page for that. Also the mountain dew promothion ended in august. Thanks YOU ROCK

  18. 5MW7X6H5XJM4

  19. What the heck are all those pins actually for? tried them but no go with… anyone got any for that site?

  20. Chris is for the Canadian Coke Rewards Program the codes won’t work in the American program.

  21. My son just sent me this site on my email. My family knows I love my Coco-Cola. From what I’ve noticed so far this is an informative and fantastic site. I have to thank my son and thank you vvhitekid2 for thinking up something like this.Here is a 3ptr. 6LALPM NJXMHN

  22. Hey vvhitekid2, thanks for the personal note and you can rest assured it has been my pleasure. This site of yours has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of MCR addicts as well as PepsiStuff, Mt. Dew, Monopoly, etc. Keep maintaining, it’s awesome.


    Have a great day all and may you be rewarded.

  23. Hi There,

    I know that this has been brought up before…but thought it should be brought up again…Since Coke isn’t putting any new “high point” rewards up, don’t forget that if you get the $200 Nike gift card you can use it on the Nike site to get an Ipod Nano. I gave up on waiting for some good rewards and ended up getting a free Ipod with the card for my son. I know that it’s a lot of points, but it sure beats nothing!!

  24. I love this coke program, I do. I just get so frustrated with the point value they put on these prises. I know we all drink it, may as well get rewarded, but if you add it all up, dang it! But why am I still so addicted to getting points and getting prizes!? LOL I normally go for a movie ticket, the gold one, 530 points. So…IF I use all 12 packs, thats 10 points per pack…so 530 divided by 10 pnts is 53. So 53 12 packs is what it takes to get this ticket….at $4.50 a 12 pack…53×4.50 = $238.50. Holy crap that is ONE expensive movie ticket! I could get 24 movie tickets for that price. I just read Stephs post, the 200 nike card…so 8000 pnts divided by 10pnt 12 packs…is 800 12 packs of coke which at 4.50 a pack…$3600. Double holy crap! We could by 24 of those things for that price. So why do we still do it…i dunno, I am just as addicted to collecting points as the next guy! I do get alot of mine free from friends etc. But still, I just can’t stop myself for scrouging for them….I just wanted to point out how rediculous the pricing is if you break it down…I am sure we have all done that. gonna go have a coke now!

  25. Reply to JustMe

    I feel the same way. There’s just something about collecting points and get rewards that make it so appealing.

  26. Exercise caution JustMe, there are a couple of people on this site who will string you up by your thumbs for saying anything detrimental about MCR’s pricing. I personally agree with you. I felt it was high enough before they doubled the cost of everything. I had redeemed approximately 24,000 points before the price increase and was quite satisfied, even happy, about my redemptions. That amount of points at the time was worth about $1200.00. Then, after saving another 25,000 points, it’s worth only half that. No matter if the points are “free”, I felt and still feel cheated. And if a person considers the expense of Coke product purchases, the amount of fuel (at, God help us, such inflated prices) wear and tear on your car, and alienating several friends who get aggravated because your always bugging them about codes, you really can’t consider them “free”. And I’m just responding because I love this site and like to keep it going. It’s not quite 10:00 am but I believe I’ll have a coke myself. Have a great day everyone.

  27. JustMe, Not all all of are buying the actual product in order to get our codes. Personally I have only bought about 7 bottle of coke in the past year and just started saving points back in maybe May. I now have 2544 points. If I actually had to make the purchases, it would not be worth it to me and I would not participate. One hint… if you do not have a recycling program going at your work, head one up. It worked for me. I am getting a lot of coke and pepsi points out of it. I have entered 781 points into the Pepsistuff program. It also worked with the Mt. Dew program that was going on. Now I am collecting to get the hats.

  28. 5JNVFFNR4ANA, Robert’s code: used but not by me. Won’t people PLEASE post that they used the codes? It’s such a pain to log onto the site, input password, etc., input the code, and then find out it’s already been used. 🙁

  29. Hey there,

    I never said 8,000 points for a $200 Nike card was a GREAT deal….but it is something! 🙂

  30. Hey Again….no way was I bashing anyone or making fun of MCR please dont think that guys! I was just simply saying…it is totally rediculous but I still love doing it no matter how much money is wasted. It is just frustrating to save and sava and save…and then get what you want and look back and thing, damn, I could of BOUGHT three of what I just won in the money I wasted on Coke just to get it! LOL. I am just as adddicted as anyone, I scrounge in trash cans, beg my friends and even crawl all over the internet just looking for free codes. If I am driving down a freeway and see a coke bottle laying in the side, I will GO BACK for it just fot the measly three points lol. So please anyone dont think I was bashing by far…and definately not bashing Steph…I was just saying…damn that is crazy the points coke charges for their stuff, it is highway robbery! Have a great afternoon everyone.

    BTW, the monopoly code redeembed by me. =)

  31. Monopoly code PLSCOM3BAK RBM. Thanks kk! It’s a multi use code in case someone else wants to use it!

    20 point Coke code:


  32. Remember Justme that you are getting soda for that cost. if you were to buy the tickets, you wouldn’t have had ALL that soda. ahah

  33. sweepstakes is the answer! i was about to lose faith in MCR because of the rediculously low value of points, so i just entered a lot in sweepstakes. i ended up winning the Samsung P2 touch screen mp3 player with 390 entries (780 points).

  34. Congrats Evan! It’s always great to hear from someone who won something. But, for most of us a sweepstakes is not the answer. I have personally entered over 10,000 points on various sweepstakes. Probably half or maybe a few more than that were free entries and to date, I have won nothing by entering a sweeps. I did win eight tickets to Six Flags but that was an instant win game. Which did require free entries. But I guess that is the nature of the beast.
    Someone may win with only one entry while someone such as myself in not quite that lucky. But I still love it! I hate the way I love it! Have a great day!


  35. Herer are a couple of 25 pointers I won on monopoly from Mcdonalds…….


  36. Good-Morning
    Here I set with 12,253 points & nothing to spend it on! I have 3 or 4,000 more points in boxes. My question is are they going to put any big point prizes back up for grabs? Any one got an answer. I don’t want to spend them on sweeps.

    Here is a few for you all.


    dltvp4amh9tf I couldn’t get it to work its from there water & it is clearly printed.

    1. T4N5LRB49NLP
    2. NWBNWRAO6K97
    6. A4M4JB4B5WNW
    7. B56VHNNJK5PP
    8. OHX9AXXP965A
    10. AH4FJFPFR54A
    11. 7LF5KPF6NOL6
    12. 5W46TAPHAKON
    13. 7XL5PXHB4B75
    15. TAHOJ4TTA9KX
    16. FJNOMA6944TJ
    17. 4W5MWAHLFOWK
    18. 9PFX5MV7JVBF
    19. 7JWA69JBKN6B
    20. 5N9WW5T7HW9L
    21. 6R4XXJVK59B4 5 & 9 HARD TO READ
    22. 60K9JJMNMOM7
    24. OXJM9FNBXW7L
    25. 4TNXOJM674PV
    26. 4XFB7RFTWBTX
    27. FJM9P5FHR64W
    28. BKRK4VK9KBWT
    29. 4LJX97HP(OR F)5NH5
    30. P7OAJ9H6LNMN
    31. 6PNPJWRM7LA9
    32. 9NHXJH64MF7L
    33. 6RV4OT6FBXAM
    35. PVO6FL4LXTA9
    36. 9FK6P7BPLTML
    37. ALM7NK9HFXK9
    38. N6FXVWW4WWV6
    39. T75XJ5FX6XF9
    40. 4RFB5WVB657K
    41. RTP6H5P94NHH
    42. O46N945BJHXB
    43. 7FXMBVTFVK5N
    44. AHVMW95OBH6L
    45. 47OAAMWR7XLW
    46. P5FPNXB9W6VX
    47. 6KXXRPO6974L
    48. 4ORJLKOPA76F
    49. PWR7JXJXPR4M
    50. 9RWWPPXM6F4P
    51. AF4X5N94R9FB
    53. 7FLJ4KPHH4VV
    54. 55W7OKTAPOTL
    55. BX6KMR9V6A94
    59. 5K5OFM4BOBL5
    60. OFKBTNB4R6HF
    61. 05PX9VJA79BB
    62. OLKX5P(OR F)BBNR5J
    63. PRWNF9AWT54N
    64. 6V46OMHLMO4B
    66. R5N9A5FB9NWA
    67. 7RXXPFJKO9BF
    68. BXV99HVNXXOM
    69. B7NWMV7T9LAO
    70. 6RNBRJ4ALKHL
    71. 7VAMAXAOK4NF
    72. TOWL7JNNFA4P
    73. 5AMPW5XFH74J
    74. 7X45PNXVBVXP
    75. 4AATH6LV7LAA
    78. TRL9AJ4VOBTT
    79. P7TOXNL49TFO
    82. AB7JA44PX4BL
    83. AKRTRMA5H97K
    84. 76T6P44AN9KX
    85. R9RWNJBVP9FA
    86. FJBVJ7NPKKK4
    87. 9AOJHNONRAN7
    88. BBRJ55(OR 9) 5VBV7O
    89. A5A49BABK6BB
    90. 4VMHXO4KFVLM
    91. 9MFL65495RRP
    92. 9R677RBX6TKM
    93. T64BL7MXM5TV
    94. F7MKVTFF76KT
    95. OVAWXPWP67PH
    96. 7HWJRMLL96LM
    97. A5JX447HNFFK
    98. 76VWRWJV5W95
    100. 67V7PKNHVWX6



  37. hey…

    I, too, am a long-time MCR member and have benefited from the program. While I am grateful to Coke for this program, count me amoung the frustrated regarding the doubling of points per redemption.

    Not as dedicated as, say, Darrell, at least I’m at the $400 – $500 redemption mark.

    Most recently, I did buy a Nike $100 gift card, then sold it on eBay. In turn I took that money and purchased an 8gb Zune on eBay. THANK YOU MCR!!!! While the points/redemptions were better 2 years ago, I probably would have bought a Sony 1gb Bean, which was already obsolete at that time, let alone now, lol. Sooooo, I guess I’m glad I waited!

    Also, SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket Headphones were 970 points this summer. The day I went to purchase them, they “disappeared”. When they showed-up again, they were 1940 pts. Now, these sell for $79.99 at Circuit City and have been reduced recently at some of those “mall cd stores” to $29.99. They are supposedly SkullCandy’s best headphones, so even 1940 pts, they aren’t a completely terrible deal. I did end-up getting them ~ they arrived in 4 days and are pretty nice.

    Sooo, those of you whom are still looking to burn-up points before the end-of-year, you might consider the SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket earphones. I checked today and they are still available under ELECTRONICS for 1940 pts. They’d make a nice Xmas present for someone you like!


  38. Hey MCR Users!
    3 Point Coke Code:

    Enjoy & Good luck. 🙂
    Please post if used so that others won’t have to waste their time typing the code.

  39. Looks like all those codes were redeemed, not by me! I tried several at the beginning and end and middle and all said they were redeemed. =( Thanks anyways for posting them dirty foot.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

  40. does anyone know how long mcr usually takes to ship sweepstake prizes or just prizes in general? on my account it still says pending

  41. Sean;

    They are the Silver Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket headphones with the Silver chords/wires.


  42. evan;

    How long MCR takes to ship your item depends completely on whether they have your item at their warehouse. My item took 4 days, but others here have complained that it’s taken their items a really long time.

    If you are concerned, you can always call Coke in Atlanta. Since the number has been repeated here in a bit, it’s 1(800) GET COKE. It’s printed on 12 and 24 packs.

    Good luck.


  43. Eavn, it takes a long time for it to come in(at least for me) For a wii i won last spring it took maybe 2 months to come in.

  44. Sean, I ordered one back when they only costed 900-some points. The earbuds were silver that arrived. I ordered a second pair after they inflated the price and the pair that arrived were metallic red. So I suppose they vary in color, and it doesn’t appear that you have a choice in the matter.

    Evan, I guess it depends. The few things I’ve redeemed so far came relatively quickly. The coupons I ordered a year ago came in about a week, as did my earbuds. But it seems, through personal observation, as though they aren’t especially hasty with sweepstakes.

  45. I can answer that.

    I have seen things arrive in 3 days and other things take over 2 weeks.

    I think it is supply and demand as they might not have that in at the time but it shows up when you select it


  46. If your buying two liters and pouring out the cokes just to get the caps…..You might be a coke head.

    If your HomePage is …..You might be a coke head.

    If your co-workers hide there bottles of coke when you walk by…..You might be a coke head.

    If you stay up until 3:00 am on recyle nights just to try and find some codes….. You might be a coke head.

    If you consider vvhitekid to be one of your closest friends…..You might be a coke head.

    If you own an Authetic Coca-cola Racing team car jack….You might be a coke head.

    If you neighbors call you “That guy who goes through our trash”…..You might be a coke head.

    If Wal-Mart has you on video surveilance opening fridge packs your not buying…..You might be a coke head.

    And last but not least:

    If you spend twenty minutes writing “You might be a coke head” jokes….. then you guessed it…..You might be a coke head.

  47. 9TRW64B6F07K – 25 pointer!

    I have 3 more of these 25 point codes that I’m going to distribute tonight. So keep checking back! I’ll do one at a time so that maybe more people get a chance.

  48. To answer Marc’s question –


    Thank you for contacting We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding this issue.

    The official end of the program is 1/31/09 as posted in the rules. While it’s very likely that the program will be extended for another year, this decision is not yet final. We hope to make an announcement regarding the duration of the My Coke Rewards program within the next month.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again.

  49. i finally have enough points for the sling-backpack for 365 points… but it ran out of stock :(… anyone know if they restock the same items??

  50. 25 pt code from 1:14 am already redeemed – NBM
    Thanks for posting them + being SO Awesomely Generous !

  51. VAULT Double Points Day
    October 2008
    Here’s the deal:
    On Tuesday, November 11th, all VAULT fridgepacks will be eligible for Double Points in honor of Veteran’s Day and in conjunction with Honoring the Uniform: Calling for Support program. VAULT is calling on you to donate points to the USO and support the Troops abroad with a special Veteran’s Day double points promotion. We hope you decide to use your double points to help donate to the Troops.

  52. hey vvhitekid2 do you have a mycokerewards account

    also does anybody know any good prizes?


  53. The Weber BBQ Tool Set is very nice. I ordered 2 @ 8oo pts and 1 @ 1600 pts. Very well made.

  54. Did anyone get the GPX docking station or know the model number? I can’t tell anything from the picture.

    Also, last year Coke announced the extension of the program by the middle of October, so it doesn’t look good for another extension. Actually, I’m OK with it either way. I’ve been banned from my main source of caps/flaps – that college won’t be getting any more annual donations from us!

    Anyway, any info on the docking station would be appreciated.

  55. Karen,

    I got the GPX docking station back when it was a heck of a lot cheaper. I love it. It works really great. The only thing is, you have to remember to turn it off or it will drain the batteries. Also, when the batteries are running out of life, the sound quality is really not all that great. Other than that, it’s really nice. I like to use mine on my sewing table so I can listen to my iPod when I’m sewing. It will fit any type of iPod except for the iPod Shuffle. But like I said, I love it, and I think it’s really great.

  56. Dang! I signed into the coke website, tried to enter the code, got an error, retried and then the code was already redeemed by that time. If I hadn’t’ve had that error, I prolly would’ve gotten it.

  57. What did they do with the Southwest Gift cards on my coke rewards… i want to surprise my Girlfriend with a trip on V-day…

  58. Robert
    Sorry – They are Removed …Maybe they will come back – but when they do – They Go FAST ! Just keep checking.
    Good Luck ! Lucky Girlfriend !!! 😉

  59. my question was a while ago but thanks to everyone who responded. i might just call them because im already getting impatient, the samsung p2 looks so sweet, lol

  60. I WON!!!

    Back on 8/21/08 I won the $1000 Best Buy gift-card.
    As of today, it still shows as “processing” in my account pages.

    I called Coke HQ today, and was told I should have received it by now. They are investigating and will contact me within 24 hours. (or so they say)

    Has anyone else won and RECEIVED the $1000 BBGC yet?

    Once I get it, I will be giving away some points here.

  61. 116 rdm, thx
    it asked for the brand of coke
    i chose the regular and got 3 pts, which i assume is the right choice

  62. RIPRAP,

    I won my $1000 best buy card on July 22 and haven’t received it either and have the same “Processing” message as you. I called Coke at the 1-800 number and all i was told was to call a different number which was an automated message saying to e-mail regarding the prize. I have e-mailed to the address and these are the responses I have received from them…

    *August 21*


    Congratulations on your recent win in the 2008 My Coke Rewards
    Sweepstakes! We have received your affidavit of eligibility and
    approved your win. You will receive your prize within 8-10 weeks after
    your approval notification. You were approved on July 27, 2008.


    My Coke Rewards Customer Service

    *August 27*


    Congratulations on your recent win in the 2008 My Coke Rewards
    Sweepstakes! We have received your affidavit of eligibility and
    approved your win. You will receive your prize within 8-10 weeks after
    your approval notification. You were approved on July 24, 2008.


    My Coke Rewards Customer Service

    *October 15*

    Hello ,

    Thank you for contacting us about the My Coke Rewards Loyalty Program.
    We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

    We apologize for the confusion. You were selected as a winner of a
    $1,000 Best Buy® Gift Card. You will receive your prize within 8-10
    weeks after the conclusion of the Instant Win Game, which was September
    9, 2008. Your prize will be shipped to the following address, unless
    you reply otherwise.

    E M
    681 Brandt Pike
    Huber Heights, OH 45424

    If you have any other questions about this program, please let us know.


    My Coke Rewards Customer Service

    *October 20*

    Dear Eric ,

    Thank you for contacting us about the My Coke Rewards Loyalty Program.
    We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

    You were the winner of one of our instant wins. These programs run
    longer and have multiple winners that are all fulfilled at the end once
    everyone is approved. You will be receiving your prize 8-10 weeks after
    the information is gathered from all winners which will hopefully be
    later this week.

    If you have any other questions about this program, please let us know.


    My Coke Rewards Customer Service

    As you can see, they don’t seem to be in any rush to fork over the prizes. I haven’t seen anyone else on here say that they have received their Best Buy card so you’re not the only one still waiting.

  63. Wow thanks for the news about the $1000 best buy gift card. I also won on 8/22 and was wondering why I haven’t received it yet. So it will arrive between Nov. 4 – 18
    just in time for the holiday sales!

  64. Zoetaa –

    Thanks so much for the info on the docking station. My son is thinking about getting that. I started an account for him in July, and he’s trying to decide what to do with the points. Other than movie tickets, which have trippled in points, there’s not much that appeals to him. We were looking at the bowling package, and then it was gone.

    Again, thanks for the info; it was very helpful.

  65. ROBERT
    SouthWest $250. GiftCards Are Back on the Coke Site !!!
    HURRY !!! 10,000 Pts to get it for your Valentines Trip
    for your Girlfriend ! Hope This Gets Posted in time – and they are still there when you Read this !
    Good Luck !!!

  66. Francine aren’t you sweet as pie i don’t have 10,000 points i am going to cry this sucks maybe they will have cheaper ones + ( thank you SOOOO much for thinking about me.

  67. I Am SO Sorry Robert 🙁
    The Southwest g.c. is out of stock . I was hoping you got yours .Thanks vvhitekid2 for posting it so quickly
    We Tried …

    And the full metal jacket Earbuds are out of stock also

  68. Guys, if your low in points, like me (404 pts) Go to your local convience store and look in the trash, or go to middle or high schools. Its amazing at how much soda high schoolers drink!
    Hope this helps,

  69. sadsam, re: the BestBuy card, 8-10 weeks from the end of last week puts the timing just before to just after Christmas (assuming all the information was gathered from winners… meaning it could be even later).

  70. Wow, I have 0 points. I trickled away about 3000 on sweepstakes over about 2 months. Hope I win something (even a McDonalds card would be nice).

  71. Has anyone noticed the Toys for Tots section on MCR? If you click on the LEARN MORE tab, it states that for every code entered through texts, one point will autmatically be donated FROM MYCOKEREWARDS. Also, if you are stuck with only a few points, please donate them to the toys for tots instead of putting them into sweepstakes. That way, you know that your points are helping others. May God bless you all in the upcoming holiday season.

  72. MCR had a promo last holiday season for Toys for Tots and wanted to raise 100,000 points donated to purchase toys. They wound up with several million points donated. It was an awesome event for charity and worked really well. It would be great if they would do it again.


    Have a great weekend!

  73. Darrell’s codes already redeemed – NBM
    Thanks for posting them !
    And yes the Toys For Tots is Back ! I plunked my first hundred down already ! Let the Fun Begin !!!
    Let us also not forget the USO fund for our Soldiers ! They aren’t mentioning them much anymore with the Election Looming in a couple of days …and the crazy economy problems / ups+downs on the market and the Big Bank Bailout Bill …Please Pray for Peace
    6n69fml4htaf And Don’t forget to Vote Tuesday !
    God Bless the USA !

  74. SWEEPS
    Good- Morning
    I have been entering some of my points into a sweeps for a telescope. Well when they updated the other day they took all my entres away & they it off the site like it never was there!! The sweep did not end till 12/31/08. I have tried to reach them with contact us but it will not send my question to them. Also tried tell them a good story same thing. I am a little upset about this! Has this happened to anyone else & if so have you been able to contact them & what was there answer?
    Dirty Foot

  75. Timothy Danaher’s codes Already RNBM Oh how I wish I got em 😉 Thanks for posting them !

    They did have an iPod on the Nike site B4 – Not sure if it is still in stock – but you can check

  76. I got a question..

    i bought some diet coke and they had pink caps on them. they had no codes on them though. is there supposed to be a place where they have the codes, or dont they do them? I saw on the side of the bottle that it said
    ” Donate your points of this purchase to Toys for Tots” Is there any codes on them?

  77. Kevin, if you like music, get the 200$ Nike gift card, because they have Ipod Nanos on there. And has anyone gotten the gift card? I am thinking about obtaining it, since I only have 595 points.

  78. DirtyFoot
    Does the contest entry show up in your points history ?
    If it does – tell them and then say you want the points credited because they cancelled the sweeps.
    And when you use the contact us method – there are certain things like $ + # symbols that are Blocked and make it so the message WON’T GO Through ! Try it with only words – no symbols. Or Call them if you can’t get that to work. Good Luck !

  79. Sabres, I have not seen any pink caps on any coke products yet. What size did you get? If you live in Georgia, you will find those pink caps before me. I live out west.

  80. Chaz- re: gift card. depends how much you like to eat out at nice places. has some really good sales sometimes… so during one good sale where they had $25 gift certicates for $3 I thought how can I not take advantage of that… so I went on and they do have a limited selection of resataurants, but I found one I wanted to try and bought 2 gift certificates… later noticed that the gift certificates have an expiration date and you cannot use more than one gift certificate per visit. I do not know how much of those restrictions were only because of the sale, or if they are normal for the website… but just some things for you to know. Hope that helps.

  81. HEADS UP !!!

    For Example

    19″ LCD SAMSUNG TV 24,900 PTS :0
    KitchenAid Mixer 15,650 pts
    Canon 8.0 pix Dig. Camera 13,000 pts
    Canon Photo Printer 10,800 pts
    Cobra Radar Det. 10,150 pts.

    And Other stuff WAY out of my Point Reach !!!
    This Bites

  82. There is new stuff in the 2,500 and up range the highest is 24,900 for a 19′ TV. Check it out before they sell out.

  83. Chaz, read the info on restaurants before you get the gc. Restaurants in your area may have restrictions on using the certificate (most in my area have a minimum for the number of people dining and/or amount you need to spend in order to use it).

  84. OK gang. I was looking at the Canon ditial camera, but I called Brainstorm Logistics (they’re the ones who actually mail the rewards) for the model number. It’s the A590 IS – which you can get for less than $130 at several online retailers. That’s a super waste of points. I suspect the other high point value items are similarly “over-priced”. Even though I have not paid for any Coke products for overe 2 years, I have spent considerable time and energy collecting points.
    Also, compare these items to the Ihome docking station from about 6 months ago. It was 2500 points, and worth about $90.

    CHAZ – I have been using certificates for about 2 years. We go to Las Vegas once a month, and there are about 200 restaurants in the area that participate. The certificates are good for 1 year after you purchase, you can only use one per month, you can only use one at a time, and all the terms and conditions are clearly stated on the website.
    The requirements (# of peole, minimum purchase, etc.) are shown for each restaurant. I like the site because it shows menus with prices, and maps. I suggest you check out the site thoroughly before you decide to spend your points. And I always call the restaurant before I go to see if they still accept the certificates, and also make sure they are still in business!!! If not, I email and they issue a credit. Overall a very good experience for me.

    Now, I still can’t find anything I want to spend my points on. That’s sad….

  85. Chaz,

    i live in Buffalo New York and the Diet coke caps are pink. the bottle has some sort of snowflake/winter theme on it. They are regular 2 liter bottles

  86. I think coke is paying someone to drive us away ..
    Job Description ….and duties …

    #1- make them waste all their points on sweeps entries – then they can’t “redeem” for actual rewards …
    #2 -make the “Rewards” – Unattainable by making the Points SO HIGH …NoOne Can Afford Them !
    #3 – Ask them what they Really Want by Polling them …let them drool …let them Think they May Actually Get some of the things they are asking for … then sit back and …laugh
    #4 – Add MORE FLASH to the Site – to SLOW It Down Even More and make it Crash more …then they Can’t get their Points in either …this will be an Extra Bonus that we can sit and think about How Frustrated they get …and Test the Limits of our faithful …loyal consumers …and See How Crazy we can Drive them …Bwa Ha Ha ….
    I seem to remember this movie … people said ” I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it AnyMore !!!” and all those people Threw their TV’s Out the Window …
    Well …We can do it to the cokerewards members , then they will Finally Freak out …Blow up in anger and Throw their Computers on the Ground and Smash them …and Stomp on them …( hee hee ha ha )
    Then They will have to Run to Best Buy and Buy a New One …More Expensive Too …
    Then We can tell Best Buy – WE Drove Up Their Sales !!!
    then Best Buy will give us a few more cards …and we can Quadruple the Point Value !!!
    This Will in Turn …Make People Buy MORE COKE …to get More Points …to Redeem for the Best Buy Giftcard they Need to get to Replace the Computer they Smashed because they were so mad at us …
    Oh this is so much Fun …And Such Great Laughs …PRICELESS … because they don’t Know We are Watching THEM on their Webcams …Look how they are yelling at their Computer …HA HA HA …TOO FUNNY !!!
    You Can’t Find a Comedy Show This Funny on TV !!!
    Bwa Ha Ha …Pure Marketing Genious …

  87. Francine, I absolutly love your description of what MCR has come to. And although intended for a laugh, it aptly describes what has come to be. I look at the prizes and can’t help but get irate. I could have gotten the same TV about six months ago for (I think) 13,500 points. Had I done so, it would have taken all of my points at the time, but I would have accumulated another 13,000 or so since then. If I got it now, it would clean out my account. There will be those who claim “Oh, it’s free anyway, so it doesn’t matter”. But I say it does matter. It pisses me off, but unless every single MCR addict (and I think Coke said 9 million were playing) were to complain, there is nothing that can be done about it. I guess I’m going to say screw it, get what I can and get the hell out. After I complain, of course. Thanks for the humor, and have a great day.

  88. And so I did it. I have a 6.1 Megapixel Kodak Digital camera that will show a speck of dust at 100 yds. I just traded 13,000 points for the Canon 8.0. I suppose it could be used for spy technology if one so chose. Now I have another 13,000 to dispose of. Damn all the increase of points for prize redemption. Have a good day everyone.

  89. but the camera @ 13,000 pts for $200. vs a Nike card for $200. @ 8000 points ??? WTF ????

  90. The 13,000 points I spent used to be worth $650.00. Now it is worth about $200.00. It is total crap, and the easiest way to get out of an obligation to consumers. Claim all kinds of higher price bullshit and adjust point requirements for prize attainment. But just see what kind of response you get from MCR when you voice your complaint. Just spent two years setting myself up to be screwed and not even kissed!

    More later, have a good one.

  91. All of Darell’s codes RNBM!!!!!
    Go vote! 😉
    Thanks Darrel for posting them anyways, and MCR is fooling us all. They bring back high point prizes with only 1,000 in stock and want to make you spend your points so fast that you say “oops”

  92. Yeah I know I am really pissed about that too. I also only needed 200 points to get em. Now I cant afford anything good and it seems like its not worth it to keep collecting. 🙁

  93. Im tired of coke jacking up the prices, the TV used to be 12,000, they essential increased the price 2x. This is just getting rediculous, I feel like I will never get to what Im saving for if they keep raising the prices more than I can gain. I WAS saving for an I-Home which WERE 2500. Well I goit 2500 and they were gone, so I waited and saved up to 4000 and guess what? As soon as they bring them back they are OVER 8000. Ugh!

  94. So the points are gone. Spent the last on one $200.00 Nike code and on one $100.00 Nike code. Still a crying shame to have had 26,000 that a few months ago would have been worth $1300.00 dollars redeemed for a measley $500.00. With the amount of people playing I should have seen the increase coming. And probably most did, just not to such an extreme. I will bitch no more, just enjoy what is.

    ALWMH74J59FO 4N5FM65W77JW

    Thanks again Francine for the humorous article. And as always, thanks vvhitekid2 for the site. And may all redemptions be, if not what you want, at least something you are satisfied with. Have a good day.

  95. Thanks, Darrell, for the codes. I redeemed 10 of them (all in the bottom half except the last one [was already redeemed] plus 97NJJPWK04TW).

  96. “n9xxmm” RNBM. The first one in the post above says it’s entered incorrectly, can you verify that one? Thanks! And please, keep em coming!

  97. Don’t ya’ll think if they were going to extend the program they would have already done so? I have almost 9000 points and there is really not anything worthwhile to get. I am not into sweepstakes, I worked too hard to get these codes. Where I live a 12 pack is $4.50 that is a lot of money. It is a good thing Coke is about all my husband likes to drink or I would not buy them. It used to be fun to collect points when there were actually good rewards and the prices were not sky high, but now I really don’t care if they do quit the program, they have about priced everything out of everyone’s reach any way. I am about ready to cash out and get out.

  98. I was holding out to see if coke was going to extend the rewards program, but they called my bluff. Anybody still holding out? I gave in, just redeemed a $25 nike gift card, because last night I saw they were out of stock and they had some today.Now I have to figure what to buy at the over priced store. I think last year they waited til mid Nov to extend the program. I guess from here on, I be entering into sweepstakes.

  99. Has anyone gotten the GPX docking system? If so, does it work alright? I’m sitting on about 2300 points and there’s nothing much worth getting from what I can see. I was saving for an iHome before they took them away but am obviously nowhere close to being able to get the one they just added (which is admittedly a superior model but if it’s out of reach, what’s the point?).
    If worse comes to worse, my mom is getting a new toaster oven for Christmas.

  100. Here’s a few more, but we must remember the charities.


    More later, I find myself dozing off and making mistakes. Have a good one.

  101. As promised.


    As I reflect on the past couple of years and some of the extremes I’ve gone to collecting codes it is somewhat amusing. I’ve dodged traffic, stopped patrons as they were leaving a store with 12 packs in their hands, checked the recycle trailers at landfills, and have every family member in six states mailing caps and labels to me. If the codes are area sensitive Coke must think I’m a thirsty truck driver. It’s been fun. I personally do not think an extension is coming, mainly due to the sweet taste of Coke products lately turning sour because of the ultra high cost of prize redemption. Basically everything has doubled, and I’m sure all the early MCR addicts will remember, this is on top of about a 25% increase before that. I am less and less interested in obtaining codes, and don’t put forth the effort to get them like I used to. As it winds down I want to express my sincere thanks to vvhitekid2 for the site. I mean really thank him. The dedication he put out in maintaining the site, checking all submissions for value, and using good judgement has been phenomenal to say the least. I’ve argued with some of you, and although obviously didn’t agree with those I did, I respect your opinion and your right to voice it. Thanks to all the donors. There have been some who really shared the points they had. For those of you saying shut up, give me more codes, OK.


    Thank you for your time, good luck to all. Have a great day.

  102. Has anyone ever redeemed for the Univeral Studio’s tickets? Any feedback would be nice.

  103. I was also wondering about the GPX docking station. Does it have a plug or batteries and what type of batteries does it use, are they rechargable. Is the sound quality good? Does it work with all ipods?

  104. Thanks Darrell… althought… I think I might get out as well. I never knew the days you speak of… I have only just recently went over 3,000. Not much to get out there. Anything that is decent I would have to save years for
    I redeemed 9 of the codes, Randomly…. it seemed like every other one I tried had already been redeemed. Looks like they are all gone now. Thanks a bunch!

  105. Josh,

    The GPX Docking station, uses I believe either 4 or 6 (I can’t remember which, and I have one) AA batteries. You could probably use rechargeable batteries. The one thing you need to remember is to switch it off when you’re done using it. If you don’t the batteries will drain quickly and when the batteries lose their power, the sound quality goes down the tubes.

    I hope this info helps.

  106. way to go darrell

    I Know i am quiting as well!!!

    This program was fun to do when i had points but know it is NOT!

    coke is cheep.(and if you say it was free)thats true but why should they go up on there prizes all at once?

    have a good day and there will be no more postngs by me,

  107. Well, im going to still hold out for a little while longer 🙂 I have been saving for EVER and would hate it if I didn’t get anything good, but as he said above, the fun truly came from obtaining the caps, hopefully the program will be extended, and all will be fine, as for codes, towrads the end if it is not extended I will share every unredeemed point i have left if nothing good comes up 🙂 Thanks to all the donors!

  108. For anyone who won one of the $1000 Best Buy cards, I FINALLY received mine today so maybe you will get yours soon if you haven’t already. It’s a blue card shaped like the Best Buy logo with silver print on it. It came by DHL and included a coupon for 50 cents off a 12 pack of Vault. It might also help to look in “My Account” and then “Rewards/Prizes Status” for your tracking number. Happy Spending!

  109. In response to the Universal Studio’s question, I redeemed a few of them the last time they were on the site. There was no limit the previous time, but now you are limited to 2 per account. However I did not use them, I sold them on ebay. You can get $230.00-$250.00 for a set of 4 there. 4000 points for $250.00 or 4000 points for $100.00 worth of nike cards. You decide. If you could still get an unlimited amount of passes, I would burn all my points on them.

  110. aaron, my family and i used the universal tickets this summer. all 5 of us went for free. Sweet.

  111. Here are some more codes. There are 25 of them. There
    will be 21 worth 3 points and 4 worth 10. Only thing is, I don’t say which is which.


    Seemed like a fair way to do it. Have a good day.

  112. thanks darrel but all your codes have been redeemed. can codes be redeemed more than once?

    i desperately need 144 more points to get what i want. i hope i get it before the contests ends!!

    heres a code:
    46JP0WPXA66W – 3 pts

  113. hitch

    Would you mind telling us if it is just for the one park or if is it is for both Universal Studios Orlando/Islands of Adventure Ticket.

    This is very helpful

    Also how did they get to your home?

    DHL or USPS


  114. After endless correspondance with customer service which pretty much is very similar to ENEMY’s communication (posted above) in regards to the $1000 Best Buy Gift Card Sweepstakes, I finally received my gift card and verified the balance. It came by DHL today after a failed delivery attempt on Friday. Now I guess I should expect a 1099-MISC in January for tax purposes. Time to shop.

  115. Bob, its one day/one park for either Univeral Studios Florida or Universal Islands of Adventure. It’s not a park hopper.

  116. Little Jerry Seinfeld’s codes RNBM Thanks anyway 🙂

    Okay …I think coke should have Doubled all Donations made today for the USO !!!

    I just put some more points into that and was a little Shocked to See there have only been 54,604 points Donated to the USO ….??? Whats up with that ???
    we have Donated Over a Million to Toys 4 Tots !!! In only a week …?!?!
    USO has been up there for a Month or more …

    What about Our Men and Women Sacrificing their LIVES ???
    Instead of Wasting Points on Contest Entries …MAKE IT COUNT !!!
    Can We DO IT ??? YES WE CAN !!! (Bob the Builder)

  117. Don’t Forget today is Double Points on Vault Flaps

    And Please Pray for our Men and Women Serving in the Armed Forces – and say Thanks to them when you see them – write a letter and say Thanks !
    Please Pray for Peace so they can come Home !
    GOD BLESS all our Veterans and THANK YOU !!!

  118. thanks for help hitch!!!

    i sent in a email to MCR and i get this emial in responce!

    Thank you for contacting us about the My Coke Rewards Loyalty Program.
    We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

    We understand that it can be frustrating when a reward for which you
    have been saving is assigned a higher point value. This is not a change
    we make lightly and we wouldn’t do it if it weren’t absolutely
    necessary. The relationships and agreements we have with our My Coke
    Rewards partners can change over time, and this often affects the point
    value we must assign to various reward items. We need to make these
    adjustments to sustain My Coke Rewards for the long-haul. In recent
    weeks we’ve had several of our reward items go down in point value, so
    the changes are not always bad ones. Your loyalty is very important to
    us and we appreciate the feedback you have offered us. We hope that you
    will continue to participate in My Coke Rewards and enjoy our products.

    Di dyou see the part were they said it went down!! does ANYBODY see where they have gone down???


  119. Here’s more.

    2. 7XHW6K4MOJTO
    3. 5BONA7HTMH4J
    4. 5MWLL79WVHF4
    5. 6XXF7FA9VNFP
    6. R577L7LRPTKM
    9. 04RBOWT4NAJB
    10. 7V4J7XLW6KVX
    11. RJXM6NXXRR50
    12. 9J7F4PFHLWLT
    13. FK9LLTR7N6X5
    14. 9RNXAX50659W
    15. T7NFM976RNFO
    16. 9PH9NBBFXL57
    17. 5NKJL6BBXRW5
    18. 9X6WPP6XX7R7
    19. F69LVB7KJJJL
    20. T5A9AA5FB4BA
    21. AV66JLWROPVP
    22. 5T6KNWWVVBJ6
    23. 4X4LM9AXJXHM
    24. B9RPWTV49XTK
    25. PRJTN90W4XB9

    Enjoy and have a good one.

  120. My cell has been linked to my MCR account for over 2 1/2 years, then yesterday when I texted a code it told me I had 3 days to link my mobile # to my account to recieve points. When I logged on today it didn’t have my moble info anymore. This happen to anyone else?

  121. Darrell’s codes Already RNBM Thanks for your Generosity As Always !!! {{{HUG}}}

    THANK YOU BOB for Your Donation to the USO !!!{{{HUG}}} Hope Others Did The Same – even if everyone donated only $1.00 ! If you haven’t yet …Please take a minute and donate points for $1 , or $5. or $20.
    The USO sends them Phonecards and alot of “Little” things We All Take for Granted …Everyday ! Please Remember our Soldiers Today – This Veterans Day !
    THANKS and GOD BLESS !!! 0bf597wmjx9a Pray 4 Peace

  122. Rebecca: I had that happen to me last week. It was very peculiar…but as soon as I re-registered my cell phone, everything was fine and the points showed up in my balance within an hour or two.

  123. Many thanks to all who wished Veterans a good day. I am fortunate enough to be one and received a free car wash and had a dinner offer from Golden Corral (which I regrettably declined due to previous obligations). My flag had faded colors and had a couple of small tears due to high winds and I went to get a replacement. Have any of you ever tried to find a flag other than during the 4th of July? I asked a couple of stores if people were only patriotic one day a year. I finally found one, oddly enough at a roadside produce stand. Not of the quality I want but will do until I can find another. But can you believe it was made in Korea? What the hell is going on? I will post some codes later. Have a good day.

  124. Well – coke has been hinting on the boards about a “New Partner” and it seems they have some new things showing up on the rewards site…they have something new – from showing up …
    under travel – you can click the preview button and see you can get $75. off your purchase of Luggage from $229. – $695. !?!?!?!!! WTF ?!?!?!!!
    they also have a $25. BOGO on DVDs and a $50. Hotel discount … Well this doesn’t help me much …I am in the “Joe the Plumber” category …NOT the “World Traveler” category …Oh well …Just a Heads up …
    Good Luck …Sigh …

  125. Rebecca and Jeff, that happened to me too. I contacted them and they said that they upgraded something or something so everyone had to relink their phones.

  126. Thanks for the hug Francine. It’s always good to get one. Here are a few codes. Not many, I’m beat.

    1. T5T54RMA5XMO
    2. 5BW7V570WON7
    6. 07T6FLVAWT97
    8. BPN6VOXH74HB
    10. RNOXT9F6N6B7

    Catch ya later. Have a good day.

  127. Can anyone tell me what the date was last year when they announced they had extended the program for 08? I was wondering if there was any hope of an extension or if that ship had already sailed. I am hoping against hope for some new prizes that I can actually use AND afford the point cost. As for the $50 hotel card, I am not too impressed, you have to have 2 nights minimum and you can’t even find out the actual hotels w/o registering. Sounds too complicated to me.

  128. i got a samsung tv (black) when it was 13,250 points but i got a white tv has this happened to anybody??

  129. kygirl – I checked the posts from last year, and the program extension was posted here around October 18. So I’m thinking that ship has sailed. BUT, I think for the first extension (06 to 07) it was much later. So I guess it could still happen.

    Personally, I’m ready to give up this obsession and move on. I have lots of points, and there is nothing worthwhile. Can’t complain too much, as I have redeemed in the passt for some good items.
    Here’s a couple codes


    Please post when redeemed.

    Even though I have been banned (and threatened with arrest) from the college recyling center where I used to go twice a day, I have a former co-worker checking there for me. I wish I could repay him, but he doesn’t drink soda! So if you have someone like that in your life, just pay it forward, as they say.

    Thanks to all who donate to the USO. They have been on my charities list for years, and this year they will get what I used to donate to “that college”.

  130. USO is up to $57,508 it was $54,604 on Veteran’s day
    that isn’t much progress…so I just donated some more Hope some others will Too like Karen did …
    Thanks Karen 4 donating 🙂
    I can Always find a Flag @ Walmart …in Different sizes too …3×5 , 4×6 and the hanging from a pole on the house sets too.
    not sure where they’re made though …Thanks for your service to our Country ! another {{{HUG}}} 🙂

    Also – Stouffers is taking Nov. to help feed the Hungry and for signing up – you can get 100 Bonus points and Donate them ! For 20 points (which is 1 code inside a stouffers entree box) they will donate a meal …and you get a Reusable Tote bag for shopping !
    Hope this is OK vvhitekid2 – if not …sorry 😉

  131. Hey Darrell:

    If you are still looking for a flag, you might want to try eBay. Odds are you can get a nice vintage flag for a good price. Should flags be one of eBay’s many questionable “banned” items (who knows why), try a Google search. I think that there are a couple of American companies that specifically are produced in the U.S. They cost a little more, but the quality is much higher.


  132. here are some codesthat i can NOT figure out what they say!

    so good luck



    Post if you use them and what the correct code was!


  133. If you haven’t tried it yet, a good way to use your mcr account for some extra money is to redeem for the Universal Studios passes and sell them on ebay. A good many people are selling them for $40.00-$60.00 apiece, 1000 points=$50.00 on average, 2000=$100.00, and so on. I’ve gotten $184.00 for 4000 points. Just a heads up on how to get something for your hard earned point collecting. Turn the cash into something you really want. Instead of spending 13000 points on a digital camera, redeem 5000 points on these passes, sell them and buy the same camera.

  134. Ok, well, I’m STILL behind on a few comment replies …

    >Comment #8 by Paula — October 8, 2008 @ 3:15 am
    >I know with the 6 flags ones and a few others
    >you could enter for free by going to the rules page
    >and clicking and it would give yuo free entries. The
    >sweepstakes they have now, I do not see that

    >Comment #9 by Darrell — October 8, 2008 @ 8:14 am
    >Paula, MCR has eliminated the free entries with the
    >had quite a few free entries stockpiled

    Yep, no more “free” sweepstakes entries …

    I’ve used up all my “stockpile” a few weeks ago, since I didn’t realize that you COULD stockpile until later, so I didn’t have that many; just took me a while to use them up as I’m out of the habit of going to MCR every single day!

    Paula, there is ONE sweepstakes that I know of, at the moment, which you can enter for FREE!

    The “Best Buy: Score the Ultimate Game Package” sweepstakes may be entered ONCE per day for FREE!

    Here’s the link, in case it doesn’t work above:

    According to the “Rules” (available OFF-Flash ?!), you have to go to a high-school football game to get a special “code” from a “Coke Zero representative”, in order to enter.

    However, I never did that; at some point in the past, this sweepstakes showed up in the usual list, with “zero” points required, so I tried it. Although the link(s) above continue to work for ME, I can no longer find this sweepstakes ANY where on the MCR site, even via “Search”.

    OTOH, after entering (by the above means) for TODAY just now, I notice that there are NO such entries in “MyAccount” under “Sweepstakes History” ?!

    Oh well … Somebody else give that link a try, and see if it works for YOU. Note that if you’re NOT logged into MCR when you click that link, it will show you an error (“We’re sorry, but the state you entered is not one of the eligible states for this sweepstakes.”). Log in and try it again.

  135. Hi everyone. Many thanks for all the info of finding a quality flag made in the U.S. And I no longer have the burning desire to enter codes every single day. I will enter some occasionally, but only every four or five days. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Or like I’ve broken a really bad habit. MCR has been fun, it has been profitable, but it has also been almost controlling in my daily scheduling. I’ve related to many people on this site. I’ve always appreciated the help given and I’ve given a good amount here and to the MCR charities. If, by some chance MCR ran for another year, I still don’t think I would let it consume me as it has in the past. Ha, ha, I make it sound like some terrible disease. I just find myself fading from it, and I’m not disappointed with that. I will still continue donations to help as many as I can reach their goals, and I’ll visit this site as long as it’s here. Many, many, thanks to vvhitekid2 for all of his efforts.

    JJ4GBG9XR4GLXR6 how about that one!

    Have a great day!

  136. Just got my 16 GB Ipod touch from the Nike store about 2 weeks ago, I love it, really cool little gadget! They had these at the Nike store website for a while, but removed them the day after I redeemed my points for the gift card. I was very disappointed, but I still managed to get the Ipod touch from the Niketown store, ordering it via phone. I did have to pay shipping though. I had to call several of the Niketown
    stores to place my order. The NY store would not let me order it by phone. The Chicago Niketown Store said they did not carry them even though Nike customer service dept. said they did and that they had 5 in stock at that store. I finally hit pay dirt at the Beverly Hills CA Niketown store…Just goes to show theirs more than one way to skin a cat, its just hard to make the cat like it!

  137. Hey if anyone knows could they help me get this straight?

    The Best Buy 62 $1000 gift cards in 62 days

    Is there a winner each day from 10/31- 12/31 ?

  138. HEADS UP !!!
    SUBWAY Giftcards are Back !
    $10. for 280 Pts. Limit 1 per Acct.
    $25. for 720 Pts. Limit 2 per acct.
    And of course a Sweeps for 40 $50 Subway cards every 10 days … I wasn’t crazy about Subway’s card “Merge” Policy…but I guess with the “Limit per Acct” it won’t be Too Much of an Issue…

    Don’t forget – Today is the Last day to Redeem Any McDonalds Food Prizes and to Play any Online Game Pieces .Going to get my Breakfast Sandwiches ! TTYL

  139. I have two reward code for iCoke from Canada. If anyone is apart of that program here you go:



  140. So I called Coke this morning because I had a couple of flaps I could not read and while I had them on the line I asked if they were going to continue the program. She said it is hard to imagine that it won’t be continued because it is so popular, however we have not received any information on an extension at this time. So go figure.

  141. @ Andrew
    I believe they choose at the end of the 62 days. At least that is how I perceive and heard it.

    Also, the Skull Candys are back! Good thing I didn’t use my points.

  142. Just donated $25 to USO with my cokerewards, all the points used were from me begging my friend to collect all the remaining boxes sold at their restraunts codes lol.

  143. OMG YSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! they brought back the skullcandy earbuds. I am so glad I didnt spend my points. I only neee 77 more 🙂

  144. Thank You Peter for Your Generous Donation to the USO !
    I hope others will follow your example ! $59,402 so far

    Toys 4 Tots has gotten 2,291,611 pts ! Wow ! Over 2 Million in around 2 wks ! I am Still surprised the USO hasn’t gotten up to $100,000 …Time to get our soldiers something too…Thanks and God Bless All who have served are now serving ! I pray for Peace so that they may Come Home !!!

  145. Francine, the world needs more people like you and vvhitekid2. You both do more than your share of sharing and caring. And while not everyone voices it, I’m sure that all think it. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


    And a great day to all!

  146. NEWSFLASH !

    We have some exciting news to share. You can now enter codes for points from your favorite Coca-Cola beverages for another year. My Coke Rewards® has been extended until 12/31/2009. This means that you can continue to redeem codes until 11/30/2009 and spend your points through the end of the year. The points you have already saved up will carry over into the New Year as well. And because you are part of the My Coke Rewards Community, you’re one of the first to know.

    But that’s not all – because you’ve been such a loyal Coca-Cola drinker and My Coke Rewards member, we want to get your input as we evolve the program into the New Year.

    Login to the My Coke Rewards Community today to share your feedback on what My Coke Rewards means to you, and what you value most about the program:

    POLLS: Favorite features of the My Coke Rewards program

    ACTIVITY: What does My Coke Rewards mean to you?

    DISCUSSION: Share your thoughts on some of your other favorite loyalty programs, including My Coke Rewards

    ALSO: Diet Coke and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve want to hear your New Year’s resolution. Submit your resolutions for 2009 in the Activity section for a chance to have it broadcast on the Diet Coke website.

    Thanks for being a part of the My Coke Rewards Community.

  147. Did you notice the subtle difference in this years note from past years? The last few years you have been able to redeem codes until the end of the year, and then have ’til the end of January to spend them. This time we have until the end of the year to spend the points. It looks to me like this may be the last time the program is extended.

  148. I will let them know that my favorite feature of the coke program is that as soon as you get enough points to get the item you want, it is:
    A) No longer available
    B) Twice the points it previously was listed at
    C) Replaced by the hundreds of new and fantastic sweepstakes (10 entry max a day)
    D) All of the above

    I am not sure if I am happy the program is extended. I feel like I have spent too much time saving points for next to nothing in rewards. I will probably be enslaved to coke for next year.

  149. Well, im glad its extended, but I wonder what the point value for prizes will be. Like is it gonna be 16,000 for a keyboard? The keyboard on there right now is 8,000 something, but who would want that? I mean its cool that its gonna be over next year, but I dont know if I should still dumpster dive.
    Ok taking francine’s poll:
    Favorite Features of Mycokerewards:
    Entering codes 😀
    Saving up points
    Choosing which prize you want (kind of hard)
    It means to dumpster dive for free stuff.
    Pepsi stuff, Myockerewards, and mcdonalds Monopoly.
    (The Drpepper one is a scam because I won a free ringtone and I typed in the code to get it and when I clicked “Redeem now” It said “Your session has expired”
    I didn’t stay idle for 30 minutes, only 1 SECOND!)
    Well, I will enjoy next year 😀

  150. And I just yesterday gave up on getting the ipod dock thing I wanted which is now over 9000 points, up from 2500 for the previous model that they had. I spent half my points on lesser prizes. Even if I can accumulate 9000 points in the next year, by the time I get there the prize will be either gone or cost more.

  151. Well I finally did it, got 1940 points and redeemed them for the skullcandy fmj earbuds. I’ll start sharing codes with you guys now, and happy collecting

  152. ok i went on the coke site and a dont see where the program has been extended. I asked hank and looked at the rules, and it still says it ends in january 2009 not december 2009. So can someone please tell me for sure if the program has been extended. Thanks!

  153. It’s been extended? Arg.

    I was hoping on selling my account on eBay for some profit! 😀

  154. This is a Link to the MCR Community Forum …
    BUT Please Don’t Go All Ballistic Bitching !!!
    Remember —They CAN END the MCR Program ANYTIME !!!
    They Can decide to Spend their Advertising Dollars in Billboards or TV Commercials or Magazine Ads !!!
    BUT they have decided to keep the MCR Program Going !
    So Chill and try to keep it Positive and if you want to Critisize …make it Constructive Critisism !!!
    Like instead of Bitching …say something nice and make a suggestion of what you think may make it better … like ..
    if we could enter 20 codes per day – we could enter more points in the Sweeps …(but you just don’t have to enter the sweeps if they did …)
    Or it would be Great if there were more double points days Since the Points necessary to redeem for any prizes have increased so Drastically …
    That having been said …here is the link
    there is an application questionnaire …not everyone is accepted …they need a certain amount from each demographic …age group, income, education etc…to get a well balanced discussion forum. Good Luck and

  155. I’m just wondering if any one of you have received an e-mail like this…

    Dear Eric,

    As a member of the My Coke Rewards program, we would like you to participate in
    a survey to get your feedback on the program to help improve it in the future.
    Your opinion can have an impact on the My Coke Rewards program.

    Your opinion is very important to us. We want you to know that we are looking
    for honest opinions only, and we are not trying to sell you anything. Your
    information will be compiled with others who respond, and it will only be used
    this one time to help us improve the My Coke Rewards program. The information
    that you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

    To participate, simply double click on the link below. If your email does not
    support hotlinks, copy and paste the link into your browser.

    Thank you in advance for participating in our survey and providing your


    Nadine Barton, Public Reach Inc.

    Privacy Information:
    Public Reach does not send unsolicited email messages and we are a marketing
    research company that is conducting this study on behalf of Coca-Cola. You have
    received this message because either you or someone else using this email
    address have registered with My Coke Rewards and agreed to be re-contacted.

    If you encounter any problems or want to you have name removed from any future
    mailings, please contact me at, and put REMOVE in
    the subject line.

    We want to assure you that the information you provide is for marketing research
    purposes only, and it will be kept strictly confidential. I can assure you that
    we are NOT trying to sell you anything, and your contact info is removed from
    our list after you complete this survey.

    I haven’t responded to it and haven’t seen anybody on here mention anything like this.

  156. Steve and everyone else…
    in my opinion…
    They will probably Update and change the details at some point . They usually do . Maybe they figure with more complaining than positive feedback …it isn’t worth the time or effort anymore …???
    And I Imagine they Will Post it on the Site Very Soon …and More than Likely Send Emails to everyone…so just Know there is No Rush to use up your points right Now …you Can keep saving and wait to see if something you want shows up in the future –
    OR… If you are REALLY THAT FED UP …You can just use up what you have and STOP !
    OR You COULD Donate your Points to the USO or Toys For Tots !
    But we all have to have Something to Bitch about …LOL
    Thanks vvhitekid2 for putting up with our B.S. 😉
    Imagine …he has to Read All the Pissing and Moaning and then weed through it all and decide what to post …SO …Give Him something back …click on those banner ads when you sign in from time to time …
    then he may get a little something back in return for his time and trouble ! Because just like Coke …vvhitekid2 doesn’t HAVE TO maintain this Site For All of Us Either !!! Thanks SO MUCH vvhitekid2 !!!

    They do NOT Allow selling of Coke points or accts on ebay Anymore .

    not “My” poll …LOL – it is on the MCR Community site
    and Shhhh…Don’t Let Them Know that Dumpster Diving is the part you enjoy most …you don’t want everyone to catch on …LMAO

    I know the changes have been Very Frustrating for Us All – BUT …It is Always YOUR CHOICE ! You Don’t Have to Participate …And They Do get Some Good things (sometimes) And If you Drink The Coke Products …it is simply a Bonus for you …Icing on the Cake So to Speak … and those who don’t drink coke products and just gather the codes and enter them …it is all GRRAAAAVYYY !!! But at the end of the day …Most Rewards you “Choose” to redeem for are either “Free” or a big discount …But it IS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE !!!

  157. It is a definite yes, the MCR program has been extended
    through 09. To verify for yourselves, go to the MCR site, click on help, then click on 2009 My Coke Rewards extension. It will explain it to each and every person.


    Have a good day, and a good upcoming year for those of you still yearning for codes.

  158. subway gift cards are a waste with those restaurant gift cards for the same amount, but way fewer points!

    I hope blockbuster coupons come back.. not the buy one get one free.

  159. I just got the Skullcandy earbuds, and I don’t see any markings to tell left from right. Anyone else get them? They fit fine either way, but I don’t want to listem to music backwards!
    Thanks to all who post.

  160. Karen
    I think if you put them on backwards – and you stand on your head – you will hear the music correctly …
    I just hope your not dyslexic …that could be a problem … 😉

    Thanks for the backup confirmation – and your codes already RNBM – Thanks as always 🙂
    too bad too… I am codeless again …Too Cold to go cap collecting here ! 24 degrees and Windy – staying home by the woodstove … I expected to get blasted for what I wrote ..

  161. To anyone who has gotten the skullcandy earbuds : are they always the chrome colored ones? I was kind of wanting a different color but since they were pretty much free I’ll take what I get. Thanks

  162. $25. Subway G.C. was Back in Stock – Now Out of Stock

    NOTE : I tried to redeem for this on both my husband ‘s and my acct. and it deducts the points – then credits it back saying
    ” Point Credit for Failed Transaction ”

    Gimme a Break !
    So for All who tried to redeem for this – check your points History …
    It may be they decided to backpeddle on this and say only 2 per acct …TOTAL !!!
    Because we had gotten them the last time they were released …That is the only explanation I can think of …
    Just like they did on the Sprite $25. G.C. ‘s ….the first time you could get a bunch – next time said you received max allowed …
    So maybe that is whats up …

  163. Francine,

    I tried to redeem for a $10 Subway card in my dad’s acct today and had the same problem. The 280 points they credit back are also added to the total points entered. I had tried 17 times back in December to redeem for the Simon card and it did the same thing. So my total points entered is off by 42500 points on my acct. I think it is showing over 100,000 total points entered!

  164. Francine
    Gee, thanks. Not sure if I’m dyslexic, but I am left-handed. Does that count?
    I tried out the earbuds with my Samsung MP3 player from MCR. They are defective; any movement of the cable results in static. Pretty sure that’s wrong…
    Now I have to call Brainstorm and send them back.

    Sean – the ones I got were chrome.

    Subway card shows in stock, but “no inventory” available when I try to redeem. Well, I wasn’t too set on that anyway, but it still sucks.

  165. Karen
    Sorry – I was Just Joking Around – couldn’t help myself …No hurt feelings intended 😉 {{{HUG}}}
    just trying to lighten things up … my husband threw in the dyslexic comment …if you were dyslexic – you’d know it …you would have problems reading – things would appear out of order. I Don’t take learning disabilities lightly either – My son has Autism and my daughter has ADHD with Oppositional Defiance Behavior Disorder … Sometimes I have to laugh about things – so I don’t Cry … 🙂

    Unfortunately – I posted a comment about those earbuds a while back- I got them and HATED them ! But I think it was on the last page – you would have to read back to find the comment…Sorry you got them – but some people have liked them …
    I would call MCR and Tell Them they are Defective and Ask for the Points Back ! 1-866-776-6610 That way you don’t end up having to get another one … mine the volume was not very loud , they fell out Constantly … what good is That ??? I told my 9 yr old daughter she could have them …

    and the Subway cards are in and out of stock – I think they’re trying to fix the problem …driving us crazy and trying to get us to enter the Sweeps 🙁
    Good Luck All ! I am sorry – I don’t have Any free caps to post during my last several rantings …
    I will post a few when I get some – I have Zero to enter myself right now …LOL

  166. I’m curious if anyone has redeemed for the 2200 point Hamilton Beach Toaster Over with 2 Slice Toaster on top.

    MCR show a red one, but when I call up brainstormlogistics or look on their site, there is no red one available. The ones available are full stainless steel or black and stainless steel.

    So what I’m wondering is, what is the quality of the Toaster Oven and what color did you receive it in.

  167. Francine – I thought it was a very clever post. Sorry I didn’t remember your post about the earbuds; actually I don’t know why I got them. Anyway, I called Brainstorm Logistics and they are sending instructions for returning them.

    I know what you mean about laughing about things so you don’t cry, espcially where your kids are concerned. {{{HUG}}} back at ya’.
    So I’ll post some codes on your behalf.


    Peace out. And post when redeemed.

  168. Hey everyone, just wondering how long it takes to get the coupon for the 20 oz coke. I just redeemed it today, and it says it will take 2-4 weeks. I have heard people on other websites getting them 3 days after their purchase. Just wondering how long it takes usually.


  169. ok i just received an email stating that the rewards program will be extended until December of 2009 .. yeah!!! after i redemmed for subway cards …there isnt any good prizes anymore i wonder if it will be just sweeps from now on?

  170. Tim, I redeemed points for the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven. We did receive a red one. Although, I would’ve rather received a black one since all of our kitchen appliances are black.

    As far as the quality of the Toaster Oven, I don’t really think it’s the best toaster oven in the world. I read a lot of reviews on Amazon about it ( it gets too hot and it shoots the toast out, but I haven’t had those problems.

  171. hi everybody it been a long time since i post here i still collecting point i have one account 23260 and the other 9700 i am not buying nothing only visa gift card if they ever come back and tim i did get the HB oven it is worth it it come in the color red it works real good i look at it everday here are a few codes ffxhk4mwoktj…….olfw6ravaokf…..peace out my coke peole

  172. “I keep trying to get out and they keep pulling me back in”

    swag to date: Nintendo WII, Nintendo DS, three (3) $100 blockbuster cards, two (2) 16 GB I-pod Touch, digital picture fram, 1 19″ flat screen tv, a lot of numerous coke stuff. My name is Steve and I am a My Coke Rewards Junkie.

  173. I have decided to take the remainder of the year off and forget about MCR for that length of time. All I am going to do is enter a few codes for the charities on the MCR site and post some here for others. Maybe the new year will bring back some of excitement I first felt when this program started.


    Continued good fortune to everyone and may you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  174. Checked all those codes, Darrell, and all have been redeemed.
    Thanks for the hard work, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy New Year


    You don’t see many 15 digit codes anymore. It’s as old as I feel. Have a good one.

  176. Just a quick tip for anyone looking for some easy and CHEAP/FREE Christmas gifts- last year I sent over 7 of my teenage daughter’s friends a subscription to CosmoGirl for Christmas through Coke points. All you have to do is redeem a magazine prize of your choice and put in the address of the person you wish it to go to. I made some Christmas cards with pics of the magazines they would be getting. The girls really loved the presents and it was a gift they received several times this year!

  177. I bought a Coke 12-pack, specially marked with the Coke Rewards symbol, a couple days ago. No code was printed inside the box. Has this ever happened to any of you? Would customer service be likely to award me 10 points if I contacted them about this?…Most of my points are collected from thrown-away containers at my workplace, but when I actually BUY coke products, I want my points. Knawmean?

  178. number 320 RNBM.

    number 321, you should certainly contact them and I’m sure they would give you the points. They might ask for a barcode or something from the package so it would be good if you still had the whole package

  179. SoulDawg4UGA – I’ve had at least 3 blanks. Call Coke at 866-776-6610 and tell them you got a blank. They will credit your account. They used to ask what you bought and where, but lately they just take my word for it! I’ve got a couple of flaps I cannot decipher, so I’ll be calling them next week too. Personally, I think Coke outsourced their customer service, and that’s when they stopped asking for info.
    Good luck.

  180. Welcome back renee! I feel so bad for you, having so many points and nothing to spend it on 🙁 Maybe coke will come back with them, but i serverly doubt it. Maybe you could get that overpriced tv.

  181. I entered ten codes yesterday but for whatever reason they did not post. And since I threw them in with a trashcan full of other used ones I cannot retrieve them. I’ll try some more.


    Have a good day.

  182. alright heres a 12 pack code that I can not get for the life of me. 757TX6LP9T0P every time I try to enter it,MCR says its wrong. The first 7 looks a little messed up but other that they are clear. Hope someone can get it.

  183. Packerfan – if the item was shipped from Brainstorm Logistics, call their toll-free number and tell them. They will send you a prepaid label, and instructions to send it back. The numberr is on the box you received your item in, but if you threw it out, call


    However, I hope you still have the box, because you will need the waybill number, which is printed at the bottom of the label.

    I’m sending back my Skullcandy earbuds today. Hope the next one works!

  184. Christmas. It comes sooner every year. Here are a few codes in the spirit of brotherhood.

    57X7W7TWB5R7 = 3
    5RBNMRXHL4L7 = 3
    NKT5LFLRFTV6 = 3
    7VNNW004PXKH = 10
    OPWRNJR9F7KK = 3
    64W5RTT6MOAW = 3
    455W4P9JK55M = 3
    AWW5VN994MBH = 10
    T94P055VMJRX = 3
    FTJ5XXTNL5HP = 3
    4VPOFRVP66B7 = 3
    RLRNLT7FJ4TH = 10
    BHX9LPMRBN7K = 3
    57A5A9NL07HN = 3
    BY9YB4X7R7YLTLW = 3
    N04JOT9VJJNH = 10

    You never know what’s around the next curve or corner.
    So God bless all and please be safe. It may be a bit soon, but Merry Christmas.

  185. Sean try holding the cap up to a lightbulb or shine a flashlight on the back of the cap and it should show up clearly.

  186. Darrell, Thanks you for the codes. Also, Thank you whitekid for posting codes before noon eastern time, so I could enter more codes today. happy holidays

  187. #341. RNBM 🙁

    #340 the first code RNBM :(. But the last two are invalid… any guess what they could be guys?


  188. Here’ a code. Its already redeemed MCR, but I think it can still be redeemed using “the yard”.

  189. Sadly, I too am a MCR junkie.

    BUT I have just discovered this site that can fuel my addiction. I know (knew) nothing about 100 point codes and 50 point codes. I’m a newbie so be patient with my questions :0

  190. A day of remembrance for all the military personnel and their families who suffered the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Which led to the participation of the U.S. in a horrible war.


    And two of the codes entered are for 10 points each, so the answer is no to Edward, all of the ten points codes do not end in the letter “H”.
    And thank you to the millions of people who did their part in WWII. And to everyone, have a great day.

  191. Here Here Darrell !
    I donated some more to the USO in honor of
    All who have served ~ are serving ~will serve
    It is only up to $70,871
    Come on guys …donate 100 pts (or more 🙂 ) to our troops ! let them get a phone card to call home for the holidays !!! Or some other little thing we take for granted everyday that they can’t get …
    God Bless Our Troops !!!
    Pray for Peace and Bring them Home !!!

  192. Has anyone gotten the gamefly offer,I am curios how it works and if you liked it? It might just be better to use the blockbuster rent one game, get one free coupon but I’m not sure. Let me know if you have thoughts please.

  193. HEADS UP !!!!!!

    We wanted to personally thank you for your dedicated participation over the past year in the My Coke Rewards Community. Today the Community turns one year old and we’re honoring our original members with a special Anniversary Album we’ve created to showcase members that have been with us since the very beginning.

    And, as valued members of the My Coke Rewards Community, we wanted to let you know the news before anyone else – Double Points is coming. Wednesday, December 17th is Double Points day on all Coca-Cola Classic, Cherry, Vanilla and Caffeine Free Coke 12 packs. So stock up and get ready to earn double rewards, just in time for the holidays!

    As you mark your calendars for the Double Points day, don’t forget to also note our first-ever Q&A Session is also Wednesday, December 17th at 11am PT/2pm ET with Dave from our interactive team. Log in to read more about this special opportunity to chat directly with Dave.

    Thanks again for your ongoing dedication to the My Coke Rewards Community. I’d love to hear your thoughts about your experience so far, so feel free to email me, or head to the Activity section to submit your thoughts in the My Coke Rewards Community Experience Activity.

  194. WARNING: SPAM Spoofing Contains VIRUS Attachment!

    Just wanted to warn y’all, just in case …

    Dear Coca-Cola:

    Please understand that I am in no way implying that you are actually involved in SPAM, but I thought you should know, just in case no one else has mentioned so far …

    I recently received a SPAM email, containing an apparent virus attachment. This SPAM was spoofing (reply-to) the Coca-Cola company.

    Subject: Coca Cola is proud to announce our new Christmas Promotion

    The attachment (promotion.exe, zipped) scanned POSITIVE via. AVGFree as “Win32/Cyrptor”. I have NO idea what it actually does, or attempts to do, but I’d advise against running it.

    Actually, I found the SAME attachment in several emails over the past few days, “from” Coca-Cola, Hallmark, and McDonalds. Other similarities between them included IP-addresses specified in the detail email headers:,,,,, … Note that some of these are “private” network addresses ().

    I’m posting this here only because one of these emails spoofed, and arrived at my email address which I use for MCR. I have NO REASON to believe that any MCR records have been hacked, since the SAME attachment was found on different email SPAM.

    I’m posting “just in case”, so maybe no one will fall for a “new Christmas Promotion” …

  195. I don’t know but is it me or is cokes sweepstakes a bunch of crap? ive won several of pepsi’s sweepstakes. I enter a ton of points in the cokes sweepstakes and have yet to win crap, i see here not much of anyone else mentioning they won other than 1 bestbuy gift card. Starting to smell like hogwash bs sweepstakes to me. Them 50.00 cards there giving away is pretty much abundant and should be fairly easy wins should you enter alot and ive entered a crap load of points into them 50.00 card sweeps and won jackOcrap. No one here has mentioned of winning any either so i guess should be ware of them bs sweeps. Can’t win the bs sweeps they have, can’t redeem points for items becoz they jack up the points by the time your near ready to get it so it sounds like a no win situation, wuts the use!

  196. unluckydog , just fyi i entered in a couple of contesnts and so far I’ve won both a wii and a 4pack of sixflaggs tickets.

  197. so the last double points day some people got 400 points. So how do i do that this time? at what time cna i enter the first 10, and when can i enter the second 10? also i live in oregon, so i am off three hours i think. Thanks and i LOVE MY COKE REWRADS, AND DOUBLE POINTS DAY!

  198. I just wanted to say I joined this site a couple days ago. My husband and I have been playing this game since the very beginning, he worked along the highways and would bring points home all the time. We have gotten several things, a DVD/VCR player, several gift cards, magazines, Tickets to a college football game, and tickets to six flags, was fun to find a group of people who are enjoying this thing as much as my family is!

  199. Been reading this site awhile; thanks for the post on the DOUBLE POINTS day and the SPAM. Have been collecting and redeeming points about a year and a half. Really scored with the Delta Sky Miles, the waffle iron, Coke stuff, and several jump drives. I wanted the digital frame but just saw it it gone! Thanks for a cool site! CarolJean

  200. When i the wii, i was just putting one entry in every day that i entered 10 codes. Through the duration of the contest i spent 24 entries. As for the six flags contest i used the 5b entry method and won at some random time when i was up late one night. I probably used about 20 free entries on that one.

    Overall I’ve been pretty happy with the program except now that Ive got a good amount of points, there is nothing worthwhile to spend them on. I got upwards of 9500 points but i don’t find the amount of time I spent to save them up(2.5 years) worth only some keyboard. I remember when i first started the program there was some nice backpacking gears(a $200 tend and some $80 sleeping bags) for 2500 and 1500 points respectively. Kinda disappointing overall on that end, but i cant complain on teh stuff that I won.

  201. just a little note to let everyone know that the software coupons are not worth it.i just paid less for mcafee on amazon and it was a three user one and no shipping cost.also a year ago bestbuy was selling it at times from $10-$20.happy holidays

  202. * Double points for Coca-Cola Classic®, Vanilla Coke®, Cherry Coke® and Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Classic® 12-packs will be active on Wednesday, December 17 from 12:01 am ET to 11:59 pm ET.

    In other words …DO NOT enter any codes from Tuesday after 12 Noon (Eastern Time) until Midnight Wednesday !
    Then you have from midnight Wednesday …until 12 Noon to enter the codes for that day…
    THEN After Noon on wednesday until Midnight …you can enter the next 10 codes …So it is like you split the day in half to Double your double points !!!
    It is enough to make you dizzy …LOL
    Sorry best I can explain it …
    Then it is Just on the 12 pack Coke listed above doesn’t look like it includes Diet Coke …And enter as soon as able after stated times because the MCR Site Gets Bogged Down and then you can’t get your codes in …I know better and it Still happened to me !
    Good Luck Everyone !

  203. If anyone wants to enter sweepstakes, there are some somewhat hidden sweepstakes under the New Year’s Eve tab.

  204. Dang I have 2 diet coke flaps that won’t be doubled on wednesday dang. I can’t find a lot of codes here cause of a big snowstorm. Usually I find a lot of caps at the ice-skating rink dumpster, but could only find 6. Can’t wait till spring lol.


    Remember DON’T Enter your codes until after MIDNIGHT TONIGHT But Before Noon !!! to get the Coke Flaps to Double !!! Good Luck All !

  206. Here are a few more codes in the spirit of Christmas.


    These should provide a little enjoyment. I have listed 5 ten point codes throughout the list. Good luck in getting them. Have a great day.

  207. So is double points only for the 10 pointers? If so that’s a shame I have a 35 pointer and would love to get that doubled.

  208. Only the fridge packs of these varieties will double today, Dec. 17 (per the Web site): coke classic, caffeine-free coke, vanilla coke, and cherry coke. Hope that clears up any confusion. (nothing else doubles)

  209. I tried to enter some of Darrels codes last night nd got a message that says too many invalid code attempts.

    the same message is there this morning.

    What do I have to do to clear this up?

  210. I had said I was not going to enter any codes on MCR until the New Year. I guess I lied because I could not pass up 400 points in a 24 hr. period. But now that is done, and I can go back to my sabbatical. On the last bunch of code entries I posted here, I forgot to mention that the 10 point codes I donated were worth double points. But I guess they couldn’t be saved until today. There will be more codes before long. Merry Christmas everyone!

  211. Got my 400 points in today. I needed them since I have spent about 20,000 points on Universal Studios passes. I have turned those 20,000 points into $1300.00 for the Christmas season by selling them on ebay so they are as good as any gift card I ever got on MCR. Happy holidays all you cokeheads.

  212. >Comment #383 by hitch — December 17, 2008 @ 7:24 pm
    >Got my 400 points in today. …
    > … turned those 20,000 points into $1300.00 …
    > by selling them on ebay … as good as any gift card

    Wow! You’re right! That’s 6.5¢/point!

    Even back in the “heyday” of “near-cash” GC’s, you only got about 5¢/point!

    I didn’t get to take much advantage of the double-points day, since I only drink diet (and mostly caffeine-free at that); only had two Classic flaps (from my sister) to double.

    Maybe they’re selling more “diet” stuff, and tried to boost sales for the “regular” drinks! 🙂

  213. 4N6XMPNMLOX5

    Whatever religion you practice, or even if you don’t,
    have a very Merry Christmas. Be safe, and help others if you can. Pray for our soldiers, and for those who struggle to survive.

  214. To the guy earlier who asked about

    Don’t do it. I got the free month and had a family member give me a giftcard for another free month and in the last two months I have been signed up there ,
    they never have any games available to rent I put like 50 games in my que from xbox360,Ps2,Ps3,Xbox,Gamecube and they said like 8 of the 50 are availble for rent.
    Its a waste of time.They tell you that new games aren’t availbe like Fable 2 and then they tell you old games aren’t also.

  215. Edward, the twelve pack containers have a code printed on the flap provided for opening. The are worth 10 points. I have been doing MCR for two years and have not come across anything worth 12 points. What is it on?

  216. Apparently, nothing is worth 12 points. I always thought that the 12 packs were worth 12. Maybe they changed it.

  217. Shawn, I sold them for $130.00 a pair. I sold most of the Hollywood tix for $95.00 a pair. Easy money to buy want you want instead of waiting on something. Like I said earlier, you could have spent 5000 points on these universal studios tickets and had enough money to buy the digital camera they had on coke rewards for 13000 points.

  218. Hitch – which sold better, Hollywood or Orlando? I was looking at the Ipod docking station, but its only worth about $35.00. So your method of maximizing point value makes alot of sense. Thanks!

  219. Hi all, new to the site but not to MCR. Have gotten numerous cheeper things to begin with, mostly Coke-related products, I can’t go without my Coke 🙂 Gotten flip-flops (maybe bit to large), a red and a black backpack/bag (I use them a lot hauling stuff to autograph signings (my hobby/biz), some cheap wind-up cord Coke headphones (not so great), Idol cap, and whatnot. Just redeemed for Coke chair that will get lots of use.

    Anyway, knew nothing about Skull Candy products til I saw some earbuds on here, had choice of color but limited in what was avail, got the grey, think they were worth around 25-30 at the time, couple years back. They’re nice, little volume control on the wires. Then later saw the Skull Candy Full Metal Jacket ones when they were like 940 pts, got them soon and they’re awesome, didn’t know the pkg came with so much more, 4 sets of buds I think, and an extention cord. I think they went up in pts since maybe not valued correctly or such, maybe.

    To answer a few questions I saw, they are silver (metal jacket), and if you look close enough, the L and R indications on each is right next to the foam pad before the larger round portion same size as foam pad. I’m always looing for it so I have them in right (or left!) These come with little soft black logo bag with drawstring, can put my ipod in it too. Also depending how you store them, the cord kind of takes shape as kept but not too big a deal.

  220. Welcome to the site Todd. You can thank vvhitekid2 for it, and it’s pretty awesome. Hope you return.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I will post some codes later for your viewing pleasure. Have a safe and fun holiday.

  221. Orlando tickets sell for more. You are limited to 2 per account, but so far the Hollywood passes are unlimited.

  222. Has anyone purchased the new GPX docking station on coke rewards? I wanted to make sure it was good quality and was compatible with my new ipod classic, before I wasted that many points. Thanks.

  223. Hitch – thanx for the info.

    lizzi – I don’t think either docking station is worth the points. The newly listed one can be purchased for $35. For the fewer points you can get 2 Universal Studios passes and sell them on Ebay for almost 3 times that amount. Which is what I am going to do!

    Todd – Welcome, and thanx for the help with the L/R on the earbuds. As soon as my replacement item arrives I’ll check it out.

  224. Still no one mentioning about winning any sweep stakes, people are sure to post what ever they redeem there points for and im sure that they would be the first to post a sweepstakes winning. Im not saying the whole sweepstakes is a crock but i bet that there not giving out a quarter of what they say is being offered. I requested a winners list for the subway 50.00 cards winners list for the month of sept. here is what i got, so how can that be if the winners were picked on the date it mentions about 2 weeks later?. read on,

    Thank you for your email. We will respond to your request 8-10 weeks after the conclusion of the promotion. A copy of the Win List will be sent to the email address that this request was sent from. We will only respond to requests received within 3 months after the conclusion of the promotion.

    Prize Fulfillment Services

    what 8-10 weeks in the year 2010? wtf, why dont they provide a winners list at the end of that specific sweepstakes ending? seems like something to hide to me.

  225. My wife won the Football Viewing Room sweepstakes
    ending Oct. 2007 in a form a Best Buy $5000 gift card.
    Eprize didn’t inform her until the second week of January 2008 via email. We printed out the Affidavit of Eligibility form, filled it out, and sent it back certified mail within five days. Approximately 1 and half week past before she was notified and confirmed a winner. Now the gift card didn’t arrive at our house until the first week of April via DHL delivery. If you win, have patiences and be prepared to wait over 10 weeks.

  226. Congrats Paul, I was just wondering how many entries did you have in that sweepstakes. Happy Holidays Everyone!

  227. This should make some people glad! Out of these I hid 4 ( 25 pointers ). I enjoy helping people out, I dont need these anyways! Have a Merry Christmas!!!


  228. Jake,
    All codes come up as not entered correctly. Is this some sort of puzzle? There are no 8’s, c’s, i’s etc. in MCR.

  229. I just got an e-mail telling me to use my points by Jan 06 2009 or I will lose them???? anyone else got this? I have about 10000 points and don’t want to lose them I even put in several codes today what is going on??

  230. Has anyone checked the My Coke Rewards page today. They took the popcorn maker and the TV off. What’s the deal? There aren’t any good prizes anymore….

  231. Disregard, I just checked the site and the prizes are back on. They must have been doing some maintenance on their site.

  232. I am going to try to enter these codes one more time. This will be the third attempt and if my effort fails I believe I will admit defeat and hang it up.


    There they are, signed, sealed, and delivered. I certainly hope these go through. I still don’t understand why they have not posted before now. I do not want to consider the obvious reason. Everyone have a great day, a safe and happy New Year’s eve, and a prosperous New Year.

  233. Does anyone know how the hotel gift cards work. How can you find out which hotels it covers & can you use more than 1 at a time.

  234. I used 3 of darrell’s codes & tried about 8 more that were already used. thanks darrell this was 1st time ever gotten codes off this page.

  235. Hi, I am new to this but have hit a desperate point! About 18 months ago when Coke first had the Universal Studio tickets I began collecting, well they went away but I continued to collect and recently came back. I had enough to redeem 4 tickets however was sad when I went to redeem the 3rd one to find out that they only allow 2 per account. I had my cousin order me another ticket and have given her my info to use 1000 points out of my account. I am trying to get 1 more ticket before I leave for FL on 2/5. Anyone have any ideas or would be willing to trade out for 1 ticket??? Let me know if anyone has any ideas!!!

  236. Does anyone know if they removed the AMC passes???? I have gotten nothing but those since it all started, enter FINALLY enough codes to get another and they are gone!???!! Does anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?? I hope temp. Paula

  237. Got my Coke chair today, nice little cooler bag on the left armrest, handy when not carrying a little cooler around.

  238. Boy …the last thing we want is more sweeps …
    and what did they do ???
    They Upped the sweeps entries allowed per day
    from 20 to FIFTY !!! :\
    but you can still only enter 10 codes per day ?
    Do ya think they are trying to give us a hint ???

    ” Yeah – those MCR people are complaining about not having anything to spend All their points on …
    Let’s give them a way to get rid of their points !!! ”
    Bwa Haa Haa Haa ( rubs hand together )
    50 pts a day …they’ll empty their accounts in No Time …snicker …chuckle …evil laugh…

  239. What if on “suggest rewards” we all put “less sweepstakes more prizes”. Think it would help?

  240. This looks like MCR will be more of a sweepstakes site and I agree with Francine. It made me laugh but I realized its true. Maybe next year coke will have a better promo.

  241. Sorry a correction to my last comment …Not 50 pts/day

    50 contest entries per day x 3 points ea. 150 pts a day …they’ll empty their accounts in no time …
    snicker …chuckle …evil laugh …

  242. kygirl
    Good Idea
    I started entering ” WHY BOTHER !!! ”
    because they Never give us what we “suggest”
    But still I have to laugh because it is free stuff and eventually they will have something we want … for an hour b4 they go OOS…lol

    But on a Serious note …
    I ask prayer for John Travolta’s Family – they have just suffered a Devastating Loss of their 16 yr old Son Jett !
    My son is 15 and I cannot Imagine !!! I am So Sorry for them and ask for Prayers for their Family and for God to send His Angels to help comfort and support them and all others going through something like this, in this their time of need ,and for Peace knowing that their son is with God – and Not Suffering …Always remember this can happen to Anyone – anytime – Don’t take life and your loved ones for granted …they
    (or you) may not be there when you turn around …
    New years Eve/day was the 10th anniversary of my sisters death . she was just 4 yrs older than me.
    40 yrs old at the time. She had a Fentynyl patch on for pain and went to sleep and her heart and breathing stopped. I heard the ambulance call on the scanner and was there in 5 min. It was too late.So if you know anyone using those – Stress Caution and monitoring !!!
    But I found out a week later I was going to have a baby …so good is there also even in the face of tragedy …God’s Grace gets us through. And I Felt the Support of peoples Prayers holding us up and getting us through that – so every Prayer Makes a Difference – Trust me – I could Feel the Support and it helped get us through – that and my Mom passing from Cancer a couple yrs later.Sorry to be preaching but I had a heart problem a yr ago and life changes in the blink of an eye …So God Bless All and your Loved ones in the New Year and Beyond …
    I pray for Peace~Health~Joy~Love~Happiness~Prosperity for All! Thanks vvhitekid 2 even if you don’t post this …I DO get Caried away and talk too much …lol

  243. Uh, we could always redeem for hundreds of 20 ounce bottles. Which is my back-up plan if they don’t put up some useful prizes. In the meantime I put up a pair of Universal Studios tix on Ebay. So I can buy myself a “reward”.

  244. Sure there putting more sweepstakes and upping the anti bcoz there suckering people to enter a sweepstakes for prized there have no intentions of giving out, such BS. I have spent tons of points and ain’t won crap, not even a 50.00 card for any of the stores. Yeah a few people here have said they won a sweepstakes, they gotta make it look good and atleast hand out a few so they can spread the word. How many xbox 360’s were offered? NOT ONE DAMN PERSON have i heard winning one. HOW MANY 50.00 cards have they offered? NOT ONE PERSON have i seen gossiping they won. Folks… keep your points, even if its something crappy that you can get them to mail ya its well worth it than going for a scam. UHUH you aint getten me no more, over 100 xbox 360’s NOT ONE PERSON HAPPY ENOUGH TO BRAG OF WINNING ONE? A 50.00 MEASLEY GIFT TYPE CARD, NOT ONE PERSON BRAGGING? i see everyone bragging about wut they purchased with there points. COMMON COKE, WAKE UP.. PEOPLE ARE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THINK.

  245. PS:I ain’t sore about it but when ive entered 20 times more the amount of points with coke than i did with pepsi and aint won nothing, something is wrong. I won a zune and a camcorder with pepsi’s sweepstakes and there were more people hitting those sweepstakes than with cokes. For me pepsi sure didnt offer much with there items u can purchase with your points, they sure were honest with there sweepstakes and thats wut counts. Wonder wut else coke is dishonest about.

  246. Francine, if you remember, some of the sweeps were six points per entry. No need to tell you how much that would eat up an account. But I think I have broken the habit. I don’t feel the need to hunt everywhere for codes. I am able to bypass them on the roadside. Praise Jesus, I’m healed!!! Have some codes, my brethren.


    There are a few 10 pointers in the group, but mostly 3 point codes. Altogether 148 pts. There will be more later. Have a great day.

  247. Thanks Darrell… I got 9 of them 2 of them happened to be 10pters the nine I got were 9 up from the last code.

  248. Thanks Darrell! I was able to get one of your codes. This is my first code ever recieved online, so it was exciting! Can’t wait for your next batch!

  249. Hey guys, new to the site. Anybody have some sort of key for deciphering the difference between D’s, O’s and zeroes? I got stuck on two codes and got the “Too Many Invalid Redemption Attempts” which I hope is a 24 hour restriction but if otherwise please tell me.

  250. LMAO Darrell
    Yup – I missed several days of entering too …whatever …alot of people are saying the same thing …why bother …

    and this is why …

    Ooooh Aaaaah
    New Rewards …..
    excercise stuff …under sports

    1650 Pts . SPRI Pumping Rubber Workout kit
    1750 Pts. SPRI Professional Plus Xercise Kit

    How do they do it ??? How did they know this was the answer to all our longings ???
    THIS Is what we have been Waiting For !!!! Woo Hoo !!!
    I hope they didn’t limit these ! I may want 20 !!!
    Make Way !!! Coming Through !!! Gotta Get Mine !!!

  251. I think all Darrell’s codes must have been redeemed, none of them worked for me. Thank you for posting them, though!

  252. We are in amidst of an economic recession and heading towards a depression. Companies are tightening their budgets and Coca Cola is no different.
    They have that right to be frugal for survival of their
    business. As the situation perpetually gets worse, companies will only get more frugal.

  253. Thehatch
    0 and O are interchangeable …works the Same
    You are only Allowed 20 Incorrect Entry Attempts per day and the clock Resets @ 12 Noon Eastern Time – then you are able to enter codes again .

    Chill – I am just joking around …lol
    I have been one to comment Many times …Coke Could Stop the Program at Anytime …I Know That …
    And I have Also said …No One is Forcing Us To Enter codes and Participate … 64fb60r76fm6
    I have Also Commented Many Times on all the Great Things I have gotten from the Program !
    And I Hope they Continue for a long time and I Also think they Will get some Good Rewards on for us to get – Eventually. They have B4 and I will continue to Wait And Hope ! And Make Jokes 😉
    It is just that they keep asking us to
    “Suggest Rewards” and then give us things that are shall we say …at the bottom of the list of choices …or not even in the Ball park ? lol
    And there is also the factor that most of these companies the “Rewards” come from are all getting deals from the Advertising standpoint . Coke has an Advertising Budget – and they are using it This way – instead of paying High Priced Advertising Agencies and trying to “convert” new cokeaholics – and all that entails … High cost Commercials Etc…
    They are spending the money Wisely – by Targeting their Own Loyal Customers … like me …Getting us to ” Buy More ” in order to get rewards or take advantage of ” Double Points Day ” I know I bought more than a dozen 12 packs in the days leading up to that …lol
    Which I would have bought eventually – anyway .But they got their Co. Sales numbers up for the End of the Year Stats by doing it Dec. 17th ! Looks Good on the Sales/Stock prospectus I would think …while everyone elses is Tanking …theirs Spiked ! Brilliant !
    And Don’t Forget the Increase in Cost Lately ! I haven’t seen Any 4/$10. lately on the 12 paks …Nope it is 3/$12. The avg. price not on sale is Now $4.99 !
    I Only Drink Coke – Hubby – Caff.Free Diet Coke my son Sprite…and When Nestea WAS Participating …I Used to Buy More of that . but since it is Not participating anymore …well I haven’t bought any .I had also switched from GatorAde to Powerade – So they are seeing an increase in sales by …preaching to the choir so to speak …instead of trying to “Convert” New Non Cokeaholics . And I am Sure that when they approach a potential “Rewards” Partner …they Probably bring Sales Stats to the Bargaining Table …saying See How Sales Increase for Us at Coca~Cola as Well as All these Rewards Partners on our MCR Site …Best Buy , Home Depot, Nike , Blockbuster etc. Generally if you go to a website to redeem a small gift cert. like Omaha Steaks …You WILL Spend More And Go Back again …Hence – Sales Increase AND Potentially a Returning Repeat Customer …
    So …Long Comment But … Look at the Facts …from their angle …They are Going to spend a crapload of money on Advertising Anyway …But they are Sharing the Cost With All the Rewards Partners – and Probably getting a Heck of a Deal in the Process. Don’t you think Your Sales would Increase if you hooked up your product in an Ad with Coke ? Hell Yes !!!
    But …That is Just my opinion …as a Cokeaholic

  254. Well put girl, rock on! I think you, like I, have been there from the start. Back when 25,000 points got you a week’s rental on a motor home along with $1000 spending money. Consequently, what is offered now for that amount of points takes an adjustment on the senses. But it is what it is.


    When a buck was still silver, it was back when the country was strong. Are the good times really over for good? Francine, I really enjoy your narratives.
    Please keep them coming. And all others, you know the routine. If you use a code, please let others know. It prevents multiple entries of the same code. Have a great day.

  255. Longsuffering MCR Friends :

    Can someone please tell me if the “ask hank” feature is still working? I have been getting a “unable to use contact us” message, for the past week.


  256. Thanks Darrell. I was finally able to get points from your posts. the first 10 codes RBM!!!


  257. Thank you for the codes Darrell, I finally got 5 of them. I took the middle ones, someone else got the bottom ten and of course Francine got the top 10. Just in time for me, I was out of codes! I got a 10 pointer too!

  258. >Comment #460 by Chris — January 8, 2009 @ 1:28 pm
    >Can someone please tell me if the “ask hank” feature
    >is still working? I have been getting a “unable to
    >use contact us” message, for the past week.

    Hi, Chris!

    I guess Francine isn’t online at the moment! She usually answers this one! 🙂

    >Comment #786 by Francine — August 6, 2008 @ 6:02 pm
    >And as to your problem about not being able to
    >submit the “Contact Us ” message … I Ran Into the
    >Same Problem … Very Frustrating ! SOLUTION : Leave
    >Out the $$$ + ### Symbols – and use Words .The Dollar
    >and Number Symbols Glitch Out the Message !

    >Comment #157 by Francine — November 2, 2008 @ 11:25 pm
    >And when you use the contact us method – there
    >are certain things like $ + # symbols that are
    >Blocked and make it so the message WON’T GO Through ! >Try it with only words – no symbols

    Also, you’ve noticed that the error message is VERY “generic”, doesn’t help you AT ALL.

    Others (including myself) have complained about this
    on before (do a “browser” search on
    each result page).

    Personally, I think that there might be a “length”
    limit as well (not that I can VALIDATE that
    anywhere); if your message is too long, you’ll get
    the SAME useless “generic” error!

    PS: I *was* able to send via “Contact Us” form,
    the following query (just a few minutes ago):

    Are there SPECIFIC reasons for an error in
    sending a “Contact Us” form?

    (DOCUMENTED somewhere?)

    Such as 1) invalid characters? or
    2) Maximum length?

    Note: (approx) 151 characters (including 3 CR/LF),
    only “symbols” are parentheses and double-quotes.
    I’ll post back if I get a useful reply.

  259. i was wondering how much was the Wii and the DS on the coke site when they had them??? does anyone know when SubWay gift cards are back in stock??

  260. ok so i entered my codes yesterday,and a thing came up saying 15 digit codes will no longer work on 2/16 or a date close to that. What products hace 15 digit codes?

  261. Jill
    I have not gotten that message yet – But I have heard a couple of other people mention it .
    I have gotten a few older coke caps on occasion that had 15 digits – and also the older powerade caps had them . So If anyone has a Huge amount of caps – I suggest you sort through them and use those First …
    If you don’t use ’em …you’ll lose ’em .

    Minstrel Mike
    Thanks for covering for me 😉 LOL
    THAT gives a Whole New Meaning to …
    Anything You Say …Can and Will Be Used Against You !
    LMAO 😉

    I am having a little problem with my heart again it seems…hopefully won’t end up in the hospital again .
    I don’t want to ever go through that ablation procedure again 🙁
    …but then again…the alternative could be permanant

    Also just an FYI
    For anyone who still has those MCR visas – and if you haven’t used them yet – they start incurring service fee deductions – like $3. off total – So Again …
    If you don’t Use ’em …you Lose ’em

    We may not see the subway cards come back …but you never know with this program…
    I Think the Wii was 6250 ? and the DS maybe 2750 ? and 1250 for a Wii game so the value was .04 cents a point.
    But from the looks of things – I would say they won’t be back – they changed from the Wii to the XBox on the Games Category Pic.
    I was never able to get one …didn’t have enough points …
    and I was Saving for the Home Depot Cards ! I got a couple of those on ea. of our families accts.
    Which Paid for the Shingles for our Roof !
    Thank God ! It was flying off at every gust of wind !
    So I Am VERY Grateful to Coke for this Program !
    But I can still make not so nice comments from time to time out of frustration…But I Will Continue to enter codes -I just will not be so concerned over missing a few days of code entering …which will hopefully Not come back to bite me in the butt …lol

    What can I Say ???
    You are Awesome in your Generosity !!! Thank You for posting so many codes !!! I unfortunately am hitting a dry spell and don’t have any to enter or share – and even when I do it is only one or two here and there …So Thank You for Sharing SO MANY !!! {{{HUG}}}
    And Unfortunataly …the USO Program was Removed from the MCR site …I am sorry to say it didn’t quite make the high goal of $100,000. 🙁 but it Did get up to $87,650 the last time I checked when entering some points to it. The Next day it was Gone …Not Bad …
    and Toys for Tots got like 11 Million !!! Awesome !!!
    So Give yourselves a big Hoorah for All the Great Giving Generous Spirits !!! Way to Go MCR Family !!!
    That’s The Spirit !!!

  262. Jill, when the MCR program first began, all codes were 15 digits. That was way back when. On the ones I’m about to enter I’ll start out with one of them.


    Lately I’ve mixed 3 and 10 point codes, allowing for the luck of the pick to determine which a person gets.
    So good luck and have a great day.

  263. Just my two cents. I pop in now and again with a question or comment. I am highly dissapointed they took the AMC movie tickets off. I see now they put the AMC popcorn back on there, so I am crossing my fingers that they put the AMC gold and silver tickets back up as well. Anyone know about this, if they will or not? I have only gotten movie tickets from them since late 2007. At first I thought it wasnt worth it and then started doing it around July 2007 and have become addicted to collecting points and getting free movie tickets. I went back and looked and from July 2007 until December 2008 I have gotten a total of 43 Gold AMC movie tickets, 2 silver AMC movie tickets and 15 free large drinks at AMC. For a total of 13,775 points, Woot! i wished they had always been 220 points, but they went up to 530, bummer. Thats well over 500 worth of stuff from either drinkin it or begging for points. Anyways, just wanted to tell everyone what I have gotten so far..and hope and pray they put up more AMC passes. Peace out. Paula

  264. vvwhitekid2’s RNBM. Please post when you redeem the cards, and thanks to those of you who offer the codes!

  265. the DS was 3250 pts, I got one in ’07, aiming at the wii (why I started MCR in the first place in fact) which was 6250, when they went out of stock (turned out only for a few months but I didn’t know that at the time) anyway, I have the wii and the DS now which I wouldn’t if I had done it the other way around. by far the most expensive item I ever redeemed for. If they brought them back now I woul dimagine they would be 12,000 pts or something. both wii and DS are awesome systems. I got the Pirates of the Carribean game for Ds for 750 pts once, and New Super MArio Bros which is a very good game for 1000 I believe. wish I had gotten Wario Smooth Moves when available, that game is supposedly one of the best, and the lowest price on amazon hovers arund 30- 40$. oh well. let’s just all hope they don’t dilute the points yet again this year, and Pepsi comes through with something good.

  266. Just a Heads Up …
    Got an Alert that the Universal Orlando Tix are Going OOS – So If you are thinking about it – you better get them …B4 they’re gone…

  267. The coke site is messing up when entering codes…
    I enter the code – it shows where the bottles Should Be …so I click on where I think it is …then click the x to close the box and it asks do you want to close the window – I click Continue …then it adds the points …then I do it again – I entered all my codes and got credit for them . Just a little strange.
    They must be making some changes and it threw things off …maybe they are locking the 15 digit codes out?

  268. I have been trying to submit my points for sweepstakes but the website has been freezing up when I click the “view sweeps & awards” button. Also, I have error messages some days and others are fine, when logging in. My final question is, how long after the drawings of sweeps does it take for the winners to be notified?

  269. Anyone else notice that Diet Coke bottles now have silver caps? And Vault bottle caps are red now.
    I also saw a huge display of 24 packs without any MyCokeRewards printing anywhere on the package at one grocery store. This is in the Los Angeles area. Maybe the local bottler has jumped the gun.

  270. Blast It ! I missed it again !!!
    Glad you got it benny . Coke site glitched and people got to enter codes WAY past 10 per day limit …Grrrr …It has been fixed now

  271. Hey Benny…..I entered over 200 points yesterday with both caps and flaps….same here, i was able to enter WAY more than 10 caps. Hmmmm intersting. Now just if they would give out free points! haha.

  272. When entering Powerade codes you don’t have to select what flavor it came from any more. I always choose the “I don’t know” button which takes a long time. I can now enter codes in half the time.

    10 pointer:

  273. Been running into problems with mycokerewards site. Once logged in, try to enter any rewards page or enter codes, I get booted with a “session expired, please log in again” box. Quite frusterating. Anyone else running into this fluke?

  274. Sybil, yes this has happened to me and my wife’s account. There seems to be a glitch where you can only be on so long before being booted off.

  275. Wow, third time this has happen for me on seperate days, looks like coke has come up with ways for you not to enter any points for that day. Last time i entred any caps was yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon, i tried to go and enter caps today and it tells me you have reached your 10 cap limit. wut BS! The measley 10 caps per days is hardly enough let alone not to be able to enter any… way to go MCR!

  276. Coke does not make 50 or 100 point codes. The only way you can get those are through their promotions.

  277. i have gotten like 10 desani bottles of water and not 1 had a code, did desani stop proticipating in the mycokerewards program or something?

  278. billy,
    you look under the desani packeging, then cut out the black square of the bottm of the packaging… the code should be on the black square

  279. Billy, the only codes on Dasani are on their flavored waters or on the plastic wrapping on the 24 packs and cardboard 12 packs of plain water. If there are others I’m not familar with them. But the ones I mentioned still have them.


    There are six worth 10, and twenty-four worth 3. Enjoy, and have a good day.

  280. luckydog i’m in cst and can only put 10 codes in starting at 11:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. the next day no matter what time during that period i enter them..just a thought..

  281. THANK YOU Darrell !!!
    I Actually Got 4 – 3ptrs and 1 – 10 Ptr !!! Awesome !

  282. Just an FYI about some who entered TOO Many Codes the day the Coke Site messed up and didn’t stop you at 10 codes entered that day …

    From MCR Bill about the programming Bug over at the Community Boards

    “I feel compelled to add to this post to clarify my comments about the code entry bug last week. This temporary absence of our on-site rules enforcement was not intentional. This is a very complex system with lots of pieces, and sometimes one of those pieces doesn’t do what it should do. My statement above suggesting we “just call this a surprise for our members” was merely a tongue-in-cheek way to say this was accidental and does not preclude us from taking action in some extreme cases where members clearly and intentionally exploited the bug on our site. It was not until the following day that we were able to gather sufficient data to understand the impact of this issue and to review what any individual members may have done. In a very few cases (about 2 dozen so far) the exploitation of this bug was so extreme that we made the decision to lock accounts. Discussion on internet boards made it clear that some members were intentionally working to cash in and cash out on this bug before it was fixed, even factoring the risk of having their accounts locked. This behavior violates the Rules of our promotion, but more importantly, it increases our costs and takes rewards away from members who are participating in compliance with those rules. Those members who legitimately secure codes from the products they purchase for their family cannot hope to compete with someone who manages to gather hundreds of codes a week through other means. We know that some of the members we locked are passionate about this promotion and are also loyal Coke drinkers. We do not take lightly the decision to discontinue a member’s participation and only do so in cases where the violation of our Rules is so extreme and deliberate that it threatens to harm our promotion and impact the majority of our members. The few locks we did make were at a household level, but we are reviewing those related accounts and may unlock a few if we do not find any violations of the rules.
    These are always hard decisions to make, and the small number of accounts locked shows how seriously we take it. Our first priority is to our consumers and it is to protect their investment in our program that we must enforce the Rules.”

  283. They have Added a New Catagory / Tab / Button

    Celebrate Black History Month

    and one thing that shows up – is a ….drumroll … Guessed it !!! New Sweeps %*#&@

    It is a Prize Package of 3 lim.ed. art pieces ,
    t-shirts ,-Unisex jewelry,- a backpack
    And a $250. Best Buy Gift Card

    ARV $4000. …..???

  284. Thanks, Francine for that email from someone who actually works for coke. So good to hear actual information as opposed to conjecture and crap slinging. (ie dasani CASES still have 20 point codes on them, the individual bottles do not and never did have codes on them) I have to assume one of the “internet boards” he mentioned is this one, what do you think? Thank God I don’t use hundreds of codes a week, just 70! LOL Just like everyone (except for 2 dozen who are now locked out) else. just depends if I can get those 70 to be more than 3 pters.

  285. All 20 oz Dasani bottle types EXCEPT the regular Dasani (with Dark Blue caps) HAVE MCR codes (the Dasani Flavored water bottles has Turquoise Blue caps)

  286. To quote from the e-mail I just got from MCR: “News for you —
    Starting Feb. 17, there will be 6 great ways to use your points.”
    No further details … Anyone know what this actually means?
    Thanks in advance!

  287. I received a notification that I won one of the sweepstakes. Do I have to pay the shipping costs?

  288. i went on MCR to enter my codes the other day and wanted to redeem enough points for 12 32 oz powerdes, but, i went to redeem my points and they changed the 32 oz powerade to 32oz powerade zero. does anyone know if they will ever change it back to normal powerade?????


    p.s. cods go so fast that i still not have been able to get a code for 3 months ow well thanks for giving codes anyway!

  289. Hi everyone. Here’s a little help.


    Continued good luck to all. We do have 10 more months of collecting, hopefully there will be an abundance of codes available for us to enter. Have a good day.

  290. Thanks Darrell for the codes. I think all have been redeemed by now. Couple codes were entered wrong for anybody good at figuring that stuff out.
    One of them being 94TWPHNRLBOT

  291. What gets me about the tickets, Biggy, is that they’re in the “Family” section of the rewards; yet they only allow you to redeem your points for two per member. I mean, come on, what kind of family is going to be two members large? Silly Coke… and just when I was thinking I would finally be able to convert all of those points I’ve accumulated into some money.

    But I bring a handfull of codes with me. Enjoy.


    All three pointers.

  292. For anyone who has ever gotten teh universal tickets… Does anyone know what the blackout dates are?

  293. I have a question for you guys, on MCR webpage it says enter 8 cap codes and get a free 20oz bottle coupon free. can anyone click that? does anyone know when that ends? how can you redeem that?

  294. Aj , thanks for the headsup on the code of Darrell’s not working. I tryed a couple of different and on the 4th try it gave me the 3 points. The HN in the middle were switched around.Thanks for the 3 printer Darrell, this is the first code I’ve gotten off this free my coke code sight.

  295. >Comment #464 by Minstrel Mike — January 9, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

    Got a response from my SUCCESSFUL Contact Us Form …

    Posted the last email below …

    Note: As of my latest test (Tues 2008/01/27 ~8PM CST), they had NOT fixed this …

    Anybody ELSE holding their breath?

    I was actually hoping that they’d just TELL me what the limits where ?! (but I suppose, technically, I did not actually ASK what the limits were, I just asked IF they existed)

    … email from MCR Support follows …

    From: “MyCoke Rewards General”
    To: mike****************
    Subject: RE: My Coke Rewards General Assistance
    Date: 22 Jan 2009 10:04:00 -0500


    Thank you for contacting We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding this issue.

    There is a character limit for the “Contact Us” form. We will fix the error you receive to inform members of the possible triggers for the error and instructing them to close the error box and edit the message. Thank you for your participation.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again.



    [deleted advertisement trailer]

    [THREAD ID:*-******]

    —–Original Message—–

    From: mike**************
    Sent: 1/9/2009 01:29:53 PM
    Subject: My Coke Rewards General Assistance

    Are there SPECIFIC reasons for an error in sending a “Contact Us” form? (DOCUMENTED somewhere?)

    Such as 1) invalid characters? or 2) Maximum length?

  296. Jessica, that’s simply redeeming 24 points for a coupon for a free 24 oz bottle of soda. The coupon isn’t technically free, per se, since you have to use your points for it; but that’s what it means.

  297. #518 jessica,

    what they mean by “enter 8 codes and get a free 20 oz.” is when you enter 8 codes you can purchase a free 20 oz. coke product with those points.

  298. This is new info from Coke:
    My Coke Rewards in 2009
    January 28, 2009 06:25 PM CST

    ReplyAdd to My Contacts
    As many of you know, how you earn and spend points were two of the topics we discussed a lot over the past year.

    2009 is bringing some new changes to both these areas, with your feedback playing a role. You can find more detail in the News section but here’s a quick re-cap:

    HOW YOU SPEND POINTS: We’ve added to the program so you will have lots of choices on how you spend your points
    – Rewards
    – Sweepstakes
    – Instant Win
    – Support A Good Cause
    – My Coke Rewards for Schools
    – MCRPointsPlus (ALL NEW)

    MCRPointsPlus is a new way to spend your points so you can reduce the cost of purchasing items including travel, shopping and more by redeeming your points and then paying the balance.

    Plus, we want to make sure you get rewarded easily and more often so all of our rewards will now be under 2000 points so you don’t have to wait months or even years to spend your points on something you want.

    POINT EARNING: Several of you shared that you usually save up the codes you’ve earned from purchasing or drinking throughout the week, and come in on one or two days to enter them. And, that’s why you find the 10 code limit per day frustrating. We’ve decided to change to a weekly code limit of 120 points per week so you can enter the codes when you want, all week long. The best part is that any Bonus Points you might earn like, double points days, refer-a-friend bonuses and others won’t count towards this limit.

    Thanks for drinking,

    They are going to have rewards for over 2000 points from 2/10 to 2/16 for electronics and appliances and then no more rewards over 2000 points. The program is changing radically.

  299. HI1 I’m new to this so I thought I would say hi! I have been redeeming these points for magazines! It has been fun!

  300. I hope they meant 120 CODES per week and not 120 POINTS per week! At that pace it would take 2 weeks to enter enough points to get a free 12 pack (if they even offer free 12 packs again)

    I have also redeemed for a lot of magazines. At 5 to 24 dollars per year the savings really add up.


  301. Wow if they really are going to change it that drastically they may as well just quit the program. The DON’T enjoy having to give out BIG items. PLEASE people like me who have about 10000 don’t mind at all saving on to them until we have enough for what we want. What a bunch of junk. And by only allowing us to enter 120 points a WEEK are you kidding me that means only 6 24 packs a week. whereas before if you had all 24 packs and could enter 10 codes a day you could enter a max of 1400 points a week (I’ve never had a week like that but it would be cool) so we are supposed to be THRILLED will the changes. Is there anywhere we can go to complain. I know I know “free” stuff but what a bunch of junk

  302. First, please allow me to apoligise for incorrectly entering some of the codes I’ve donated. Being diabetic, my vision sometimes is a bit fuzzy. It seems that MCR is going through some drastic changes. I do not look forward to them, as I’m sure it will only benefit the head of the table, that being Coke, and will not help any of us. But in the same voice, it is still free, yes? So, here is some free help.


    I have been very careful in entering these. In this batch of codes there are; 25 codes worth 3, 5 codes worth 10, and 2 codes worth 20. Good luck and have a great day.

  303. It is NOT a misprint I assure you. If you wanted to complain you would have to get in line. The majority of people don’t like it. Coke says people are abusing the program and keeping “legitimate” Coke drinkers from getting rewards; this is their solution. I am only the messenger and not a happy one. The high end rewards are 2/10 to 2/16 and on 2/17/09 practically everything we know about MCR will change. You have to admit it was good while it lasted.

  304. As someone who doesn’t get many points, I like the new changes. It is a rare week when I have 120 points to enter. So for me, I am thinking it will be a good thing…but I’ll wait to see just what kind of prizes they have offered for less than 2000 points. I am hoping that by decreasing the amount of points that can be enterred, that they will offer some nicer prizes than are currently offered in that point range, but you never do know.

    That having been said, if I were someone who has been saving up and was sitting on 10,000 points right now, I’d be so mad it wouldn’t be funny. All of the work to try to get up enough points to get the TV or whatever that they have been raising the price of, and now they’re going to take it all away.

    I think this is a good move on Coke’s part to get back to what the MCR program was intended to do, to reward Coke drinkers and purchasers. I don’t think I’m going to far out on a limb to say that the people who are able to get loads of points are not doing it by the “rules” that MCR has established. If I am correct, the official rules state that you are able to enter points for Coke products that you have purchased. I’m not saying that people with high totals don’t work hard to get their points, only that it was never intended that you be able to use found and traded codes or even gifted ones.

  305. my question is why does coke really care how people get the points, they have been printed for people to use and if somebody chooses NOT to use them and I happen to find them and use them what does it really matter. Aren’t they to be used because someone bought it it’s not like it’s just free coke or anything. I know it’s free but it’s just highly disapointing.

  306. This is sooo depressing!! I have 10,000 points!! Where do these letters from Coke come from? Are they posted on the MCR site or are they to you personally, Anonymous? I can’t find anything about it. Caps are caps, ANYONE can buy them in as big a quantity as they want. It still takes forever to save up a lot of points because of MCR’s daily limitations. Oh well! Has anyone had any issues getting or using the Nike giftcards?? Thanks.

  307. TNT, I have used the Nike gift cards, they were a breeze, no problem at all. Better spend your points while you can. I had saved for a long while, that’s when MCR doubled the point value on everything. I had over 25,000 points at the time. That amount used to be worth $1200.00, after the point change it was worth $500.00. I was pissed, but as I’ve said before, it is what it is, and no amount of bitching, crying, or complaining can change it. Now, it doesn’t matter to me if I enter points everyday or not. I will continue to donate codes on this site to help whoever I can and add a few to my total every now and then, just waiting to see what Coke does next. I do believe the MCR program grew beyond their wildest dreams, and the prize expenditures, even though mostly obtained by promotional means, just got to be too much for them. Have a good day all.

  308. Hi
    I went to the coke site. If you go to the bottom of the page you will find in Red letters the word NEW. If you click on it you can reed what Anonymous is writing about.I read it twice & still don’t get it. Guess I am a little slow. It also said something about you will need to hold on to your caps for 90 days so you can’t throgh them away. Maybe someone can read it & get a saddle on it. It bucked me off. Too much mumbo jumbo.

    Here are some 3 pointers:

    Dirty Foot

  309. This is a copy of the email from the MCR Community with info about changes

    As an exclusive member of the My Coke Rewards Community we want to make sure you’re the first to know what’s coming to the My Coke Rewards program and how we use your input to make decisions.

    To check out the coming changes to the program, log in and visit My Coke Rewards 2009: You’re the First to Know in the News section for full details.

    Points Earning and Code Entry
    We’ve heard what you’ve said about the daily code limit and that you want more flexibility, so we’re going to have a new weekly limit on points earning so you can enter your codes whenever you want, all week long.

    More Ways to Spend Your Points
    You said you want to have more ways to spend your points so we’re introducing two new categories so you can get rewarded quickly and easily.

    Talk to the Team
    You’ve been asking to talk to the key decision-makers at
    My Coke Rewards so we’re bringing them to you. Chat live with Marti and Priti from the MCR team about all the changes coming in 2009, including how you spend your points. Join us Tuesday, February 10th at 12pm ET or Thursday, February 12th at 8pm ET. They’ll be discussing the changes in 2009 and how their teams have been using your feedback to make the program even better.

    Log in and visit the News section to get all the details and be sure to tell us what you think about them in the My Coke Rewards 2009 discussion.

    PLUS: Stay tuned – we’re giving you the exclusive chance to see two new Coca-Cola® ads before they premier during the Big Game on Sunday. Look for an email from us this Saturday, January 31st, with more details.

    My Coke Rewards Community

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  310. Shari
    are you a spy ? noone doing the MCR wants a limit of a stinkin 120 pts a week !!! I Personally drink coke 24/7
    and DO Appreciate the program …but “that being said”
    I also see the MCR Community site is Snooping and eavesdropping !
    case in point I was greeted with THIS on the MCR Community website !!!

    We know there are lots of other sites out there where you can chat about the My Coke Rewards program.

    Tell us, do you post comments or messages about MCR on other sites or message boards? If yes, tell us which ones in the comments box below.

    Yes, I do visit and post on other sites or message boards
    No, I don’t post on other sites

  311. >Comment #517 by Darrell — January 30, 2009 @“>4:59 pm
    >Being diabetic, my vision sometimes is a bit fuzzy

    Better watch that hyperglycemia, Darrel! After 25+ years of type 1 diabetes, it still surprises me how quickly my vision changes with my BG.

    >Comment #536 by Dirty Foot — January 31, 2009 @ 1:39 pm
    >Guess I am a little slow.

    Not unless you’re actually a lawyer (which you’d have to be in order to “get” this sort of “legalese” on the first read!).

    >also said … hold on to your caps for 90 days

    I think that’s ALWAYS been in the rules, so “technically”, getting codes in ANY manner without having the “physical” code is probably “against the rules” …

    BTW, I tried some of the “donated” codes above (every 2nd, from 1st on Darrell’s #527 and every 3rd from last for Dirty Foot’s #536), and every one I tried was already RNBM.

    I figured, just maybe there might be some left, since there were subsequent posts, but no acknowledgment; should have known better; is it REALLY that much trouble to post a reply when you get a free code ?!

    Come on, lurkers! You don’t even have to REGISTER to reply!

    Unfortunately, I mis-counted, and got 20 bad tries! First time I’ve ever done that with the Widget, and it just says “Unknown Error. Try again later”. I actually had 10 “physical” codes of my own for today (my sis saved ’em for me, but I actually have a few of my own, still on the cartons).

    Still pondering whether to burn my 10K+ points on Nike GC’s in order to work towards a Touch.

  312. TNT—-

    The Nike cards are easy to use. By the way, there is an Ipod Nano on the Nike site (or at least there was)….that’s what I used my points for. Just an idea!

  313. It appears that none on the codes I posted on Friday were used. And there was even several 10’s and two 20″s in with them. I believe at that rate there is no need to post more. So everyone, enjoy the Superbowl.
    And have a good day.

  314. That link doesn’t work for me.

    I did “ask hank” and I asked “How many codes can I enter per day?” and this is what I got:

    You can enter ten codes per day. (12:00 p.m. ET through 11:59 a.m. ET)

    Beginning February 16, a new code entry limit will be put into place. Instead of only allowing you to enter 10 codes in a single day, we will be giving you the flexibility to enter your codes when you want – up to a weekly limit of 120 points. This means you can enter any combination of codes to reach that limit. Best of all, you can enter them all in one day if that works best for you!

    The week will begin at 12:00 AM EST each Monday and will run through 11:59 PM EST Sunday. For those of you that canâ??t get to the site every day, this should help you get those saved codes entered. We know this is a big change, but we truly believe this will make the program more rewarding for our most loyal consumers.

    Additionally, only codes found on packaging are counted towards the 120-points per week limit. Bonus Points such as double points credits, refer-a-friend points, or system credits are not counted towards this limit.

    This should clear up some questions. I will be getting all my 10 pointers in, that I was saving for a double day, ASAP before the change takes place.

  315. Great, the limit of 10 caps per day just even got worse. 120 points per week will take years to even acumilate to anything that you may wanna redeem worth wild. Coke is just making it all the worth less to obtain anything at all but sweepstakes, i see that they raise that from 20 to 50, sure enter all your points on sweeps that they dont give out anyways but limit your entrys so you wont be able to get any prizes at all. Nice work!! now were only allowed 40 caps per week versus the 70 caps. Why dont they put a limit on the 10,20 pointers.. those are the ones that acumilate the points the fastest, why hurt us little guys with the 3 pointers.. just doesnt make any sense at all. All the more things like this that you do makes me wanna switch to another brand.. screw the mcr. We drink alot of pop in our family, dr pepper is soon to come out with a points and prize system.. maybe that will be the wise choice to go with.

  316. Luckydog, if you go by the wording of the 120 points per week, it doesn’t matter if you use 40 three point codes or 6 twenty point codes, once you enter 120 points, it’s over for the week. Zip. No more entries for the rest of the week. A grand total of 6240 points for the year. But since codes can’t be entered
    the month of December, you can deduct approx. 500 of those, so it’s about 5740 points for the year. At that measley amount, MCR could continue this program for years. Decades. Centuries. All eternity. But I find I am liking Coke products less and less. But is it Coke’s fault? Not really. There has probably been quite a few people who have redeemed thousands and thousands of codes that were obtained by means other than those stipulated by Coke. I myself have been guilty of this. I have stocked sodas at stores just to get the codes. I have several family members that mail them to me. I have picked up Coke litter on the roadside. I even ask patrons leaving stores for the codes off of their Coke purchases. I have accumulated
    about 50,000 points since I began collecting codes. I have redeemed for $675.00 in Visa and Home Depot cards.
    $300.00 for Nike apparel. A Canon digital camera. And quite a few other items with a combined value of about $600.00. All totaled, almost $2000.00 worth of merchandise. And I’m sure that pales in comparison to some of the amounts others have collected. So I guess that if a person thinks about it, where else can you get that much for nothing? For some reason, I no longer have the drive or urge to enter codes on the Coke site. But I do give quite a lot on this site, and I thank vvhitekid2 for the ability to do that. And I have been giving codes for a long while, but at times I will stop due to people using them and not posting that they do, thus causing codes to be entered
    repeatedly. It only takes a few seconds to post the use of a code, and it’s a fair enough thing to do, especially since a person could get as many as 100 points from one of my postings, not to mention the gifts of contributors such as dirtyfoot, Francine, and others. Whatever does happen from these latest restrictions, I guess we’ll find a way to deal with it, as usual. Once again, it’s always a pleasure to post something here, and to read what others have. Have a good day.`


  318. darrell, several times i’ve posted that your codes have been used, but it doenst show up or if it does its several hours later. which is super annoying.

    nontheless, i really appreciate you posting codes, myself i’ve only gotten 30 pts off of your posts, b/c by the time i get to see your posts most of the codes are taken.

  319. NVPNN6B66J6T

    All of these are three point only. But they may still help some. Have a good one.

  320. This is rediculous, I have been entering 100 points a DAY for a long time now, and wanting to keep saving up, and now I can only enter 120 points per WEEK? I am getting frustrated by the lack of adding new reward prizes for points on there, and now they do this…

    The only thing we can do is to call and complain and maybe someone will get the message out there that we are getting frustrated about this and maybe they will change it or leave it the way it is.

  321. I too won the instant win game… on my first try. I wonder if you can win it more than once? Is it always just a $20 card or are there other prizes?

  322. Good-Morning
    I have been collecting I guess 3 years. My first prize was the HDTV 23″. It took 1 year & 4 mo. to to get the points to get it. I have also got the crockpot and telesope that’s it. Now I set with 11,850 points. It has taken over a year to get this many points again. I guess what coke is telling me that our time is worth nothing. No matter how we got the codes someone payed coke. THEY MADE MONEY! On there 3rd Quarter report for 2008 net revenue growth up 9%. Worldwide case volume up 5% in the 3rd quarter led by 7% growth international. Taken from there wed site So what money this little program is costing them has been payed for several times over. THEY ARE MAKING BIG MONEY! What my question is should I cash out befor the rules change?
    Dirty Foot
    3 pointers
    omlavw??77V? 10 pointer
    6bbwfwa?lbob a mighit be an h

  323. Thanks Dirty Foot for the codes. I redeemed 9 of the codes, the ones with question marks might still be available. Thank you

  324. A NEW REWARD !!!

    A Black + Decker 12V Cordless Drill w/20 pc. accessory set for 3625 pts
    Ltd. Time 13 Days

    Well it was up for a few minutes – then they took it down …Prepping for the 2/10 – 2/16 points blowout B4 the Change of 2000 pt Rewards Limit maybe ???

    Just a word of Caution …
    Be CAREFUL If you Call and Complain about the Changes .
    Understand they can change the rules or Cancel this program at Any Time …They are changing the points entering to what they feel would be a “reasonable” amount that a “Consumer” COULD CONSUME …therefore points they could Enter in a Weeks Time .
    They ARE within their Rights to do This…I am NOT Happy About it Either 🙁 But … Alot of People have Been Very Forthright about Redeeming points then Selling their stuff to make up for there not being anything good they wanted on the site…coke has people watching the chat boards …like this one and SD
    and MCR Bill has made comments about this there.
    So they feel this program has turned into a “for profit” program for a few . Although they posted Rewards for points like 24000 for the 19″ TV
    HOW did they Think Anyone could “Realistically Consume ” Enough coke to Redeem for that ???
    So They Set The Stage …we are only the players…
    When I Called yesterday …I Simply told them I was Not Happy about the 120 pt. a week Limit and that I would Prefer they Left the 10 codes a day limit in place Rather than so severely Restrict our point entry limit. I told them their assumption that we could accumulate points “quicker” for rewards did not add up @ 120 pts a week …to get 2000 pts it would take 17 WEEKS !!! And I told them I would also prefer they kept having higher point rewards to Save For Over 2000 pts. AND I Told them How Much I Have Appreciated the Program . And Hope they Will Continue it . I told them how much I Appreciated Getting the Home Depot Gift Cards Which I Used to buy Shingles to Replace Our Roof
    and I had gotten 2 of the $100. Sprite Visas on the IWG last summer during the Sprite/Olympics Program . I used those at Auto Zone to Buy Parts to repair my Husbands Truck So he Could Go to Work ! I told them this Program has Helped Our Family and asked them to Not change it that way. So Just Choose your INPUT CAREFULLY PLEASE !

  325. Dirty, the codes which there was no questions on have been redeemed by someone else. I’m also in the same boat as you. I have 5,000 points and do not know if I should cash out now or wait and see what prizes will be added next week.

  326. The new system doesn’t “reward” 20 or 25 pters, you can only enter 120 pts a week regardless of what you enter. In other words you can enter 40 caps a week or 6 20 pters, for example, that’s it. any combination also. but only 120. I wonder what happens if you have 117 entered already and you attempt to enter a 25 pter? At least they are doing something to actually limit the cheaters, but this seems a little harsh. and not only because I have been a huge cheater myself. We need to ask them en masse to lower the values again, in relation to the new limits because now the good prizes are simply impossible to achieve- 24,000 pts (tv, currently) = 200 weeks @ 120 a week, or roughly 4 years. I assume they raised the values because too many people had too many points. What a backhanded slap in the face to receive an email touting only that daily limits have been removed. talk about gold plated crap. glad I’ve been getting the free 20 oz sodas, those are still a great value if you get the caps for free, and at 120 a week you can get exactly 5 of those so it’s very nice and neat.

  327. Well, i can see my posts are being monitored and what they dont like being said is not being posted. WUTEVER!
    Thanks darrel for your last post of codes, i used up the last 9 of the 10. this code isnt working 5FRP7N67PKWT

  328. Karen the instant win game is actually on not although there is a link to it from the mycokerewards site. Good luck

  329. I plan to hang on to my points to see what there is to get 2/10-2/16, there is nothing there now anyway.

  330. Good thing I got extra Orlando Universal Studios passes. They had taken the 2 limit off them. They must have been just clearing the stock for the new role out of prizes. I hear they might even rival some of the prizes at Chuck E. Cheese. I got dibs on the first pencil topper!

  331. Francine…a spy? Surely you are kidding?

    I don’t care how addicted to Coke someone is, there is no way that a person actually purchases and drinks 11-12 packs of coke per week, which is what the new limit allows. If you have a big family, then you can have up to 5 accounts per family and in fact MCR rules basically say that you can’t pool points into one account.

    Yes, many people get points by other means, myself included…I have been known to stop at the local grocery store and go through the boxes by the return bins, but according to the MCR that is against the rules.

    All I was saying, was that for someone who does only have the points from what they purchase, or someone like me who doesn’t drink a lot of coke and occasionally finds some codes or is able to get them from a site like this or another one which I frequent, the changes may be helpful. (I currently have less than 300 points in my account and I haven’t redeemed for anything since sometime in December, so my points add up rather slowly) Of course, in order for this to really work, they do need to offer better prizes at the less than 2000 point level. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, for now, that they will.

    As involved as some of us get, we need to remember that it is a free program and I doubt that few people are buying Coke or more Coke just because of the MCR program. I am of the be thakful for what they are GIVING us school of thought.

    Personally, I prefer to drink Pepsi and preferred the Pepsi rewards program, although that is now over.

  332. I guess I need to start entering codes again. I have 35 20 point codes and about 1000 10 point codes that I haven’t entered. I really haven’t entered codes in about 2 months, but I am really disappointed in the 120 code per week limit. I guess most of us “cheaters” are. I think this is going to make more people start multiple accounts. I am not going to let all my 10 point codes I get go to waste. Everybody I work with might start doing mcr. It has been a good program and they could stop it at anytime. In my opinion there hasn’t been any better loyalty program, and I’m not saying that just because I have racked up over the last couple of years. Getting something for nothing is better than nothing at all.

  333. Dr pepper has started there program, the bottles are out and got some codes.. gonna check it out. Hope pepsi comes back with there rewards program so i can kiss coke goodbye!

  334. F4AP7770979R

    Hopefully all of these codes are entered correctly. At times the numbers seem to run together after a fair amount of entries. Compounded with failing vision I sometimes make a few mistakes. My apoligies if that has happened. Have a good day.

  335. Good-Morning
    Darrell,Francine,Anonymous,Anyone answer me this. Between 2/10-2/16 is this the time frame that coke will let the ones with a lot of points cash out? Or do we loose our points if we do not cash befor 2/10? That is the question. Me myself & I have enjoyed the program & thank you Coke & whatever the rules are I will still play. You are like a credit card the public has no say in what you do to the rules. All we can do is complain!
    Dirty Foot
    3 Pointers

  336. I just won another $20 card. Sweet. Back to back days. This was on my 2nd entry of the day and only the forth entry in the contest ever. Chances are good I will not win again, but it only takes a minute so I guess it is worth a shot.

  337. Thanks a bunch, Darrell! I redeemed a few of your codes! OWN9XKPB7W6M and ARN7BFXAL47H came up invalid.

  338. I got about 4 codes from Darrells batch. All the rest of the codes in Darrels and Dirty foots posts are used up. I guess the codes go a heck of a lot faster now that people can put in a bunch all at once. If one person got most of the codes then they are a pretty happy camper right now.

  339. I think this new rule is great. It definitely levels the playing field for everyone. It seems to me this new point limit only affects a few people. the majority will in the end be benefited by this rule

  340. lmao 6100 for a dart board set, hmm anyone just starting out.. give it up! your never gonna get it under the new program.

  341. yeah Li it is a sweepstakes at you can text your code on your cap or enter the alternate entry method through the web site. I think all the details and links are a little further up on this page if you need them. I never win anything and for me to have won twice in two days it must be a miracle.

  342. has anyone won anything on the instant win game by playing on the internet? because i have tried my 2 codes today and didnt win. and i was wondering if its easier to win by texting. thanks!

    p.s. does anyone know if mycokerewards is going to change the 24 point 32. oz powerade zeros back to normal powerades thanks!

  343. To those who think the new rules help everyone, I drink quite a bit of soda, close to a 2 liter bottle per meal (lunch & dinner) with almost another throughout the rest of the day. I switched over to cans to get the points, eventhough overall cost was higher. I have saved quite a few point using only my purchases, so I am not a happy camper with these new changes. Rather than getting something smaller, I was saving to get a larger item. But it seemed that every time I got close to the points needed for something it was no longer available – then it returned at a higher point value. Now even with all the soda I drink, I won’t be able to save enough to get anything worth while. Of course the rewards that are now left (except for those for the 1 week in February) are not that good anyway. I know Pepsi has some type of points program. Does anyone know anything about that and if their reward items are better?

  344. Scott,

    Did you not read the New Rules ?

    Starting the 10th to the 16th Coke will have a catalog of prizes (Up to 25000 points) for those who have saved over 2000 points already.

    It is the last chance to get something “Big” if you have the points already..

  345. The Coke company has a right to run their promotion any way they see fit. I’ve got no beef with that. But what burns me up was the condescending email Coke sent out, trying to make it look like they’re now giving us such a bonus!

  346. Scott, Pepsi’s most recent rewards program is over, it ended December 31st. Their program was actually very worthwhile, and I ended up downloading probably close to 200 free songs. I was able to download music for some friends and family, it was really nice.

    Mainly it was just a downloads program; unlike the Coke program, which gears itself towards tangible items.

  347. Scott, pepsi had but that promotion is all over with, coke is the only pop (soda) company with a rewards program right now.

    here are the equivalents of points per week before this new rule change….

    10- 20 point codes per day = 1,400 points per week
    10- 10 point codes per day = 700 points per week
    10- 3 point codes per day = 210 points per week

    This is ridiculous. I save points for bigger prizes, now with all prizes under 2,000 points I won’t have big prizes. And the fact i can only enter 120 per WEEK is out of hand. this does not help anyone at all. should be a limit of 700 per week and 20 point codes don’t count toward your limit or something like that, so at least us people with lots of 10 and 20 point codes won’t be so limited to entering them, and it keeps the cap people happy with being able to enter all their codes in one day most likely unless they have a stockpile of caps lol.

  348. How are people winning 20 dollars? Can you txt caps that were not on those new bottles to win?

  349. If you text your code to try for the instant win, do you still get the points in your Coke Rewards account?

  350. As in other Coke instant win contests, you can enter for the $20 cash card via alternate entry method…you can enter online without enterring any cap codes.

    To do this, go to

    Sign in (using your MCR info)

    go to the txt contest

    click on official rules

    go down to rule 5b and click where it says to enter
    you will have to enter a security code and then will be given a free entry.

    You can enter up to 2 times/day.

    Good Luck.

  351. i collect at least 10 caps a day everyday.
    this new rule is killing me.
    i guess i’ll have to reactivate my old account and start using two accounts.

  352. I left MCR for a bit when I didn’t know they’d get expired..and all my points are expired now :(((

    Right now…I have 76 !! I need em 🙁

    Anyhow, I tried my luck on but NO LUCK!!

  353. I’m entering in all my saved codes over the next couple of weeks so I can get everything entered in before the new rule is implemented, that way if they’re lowering the point values that I can get some decent rewards (if they even add any decent rewards to begin with) without having to save up for weeks and weeks.

  354. In response to KILLER: you can try contacting coke to reactivate your code. Some people have had success and have gotten their points reactivated. also you should have received an email saying that your points were about to expire.

  355. KILLER,

    your points get expired 90 days after the last time you entered a code or redeemed an item. Logging in does NOT count. Try to enter at least one code a week or two.

  356. I have gotten so mad over MCR taking all the “good” prizes, away. Now all i will end up getting is like 4 1gb flash drives 🙁

  357. I welcome the new rules…Coke ran the program very badly. They should have put a limit on how many prizes you could earn from a sopecific catagory. This would allow everyone to save and get something without one group of people getting 80% of the large ticket items. At least it is over now… I can accumulate 2000 points and sit on them and wait for a small item of interest .. Maybe even enter contests (doubt it) Actually It will allow me to throw caps away now.. I should be thanking them fo ending this torture over the past few years…

  358. Are you saying that CURRENTLY you are no longer limited to 10 entries/day but are now limited to 120 points/week?

    I am still limited to 10 entries/day.

  359. Scott, that is like telling a librarian you about to burn your books. If you have caps that you won’t be using and can find the time to enter them into this site, I am sure there will be a lot of people who would really appreciate it. But I would understand if you don’t have time. I hardly have time anymore to even look for caps let alone enter them.

  360. yea i know that ‘now’…but the points can’t come back..i already contacted coke but no help..

    Now i make sure that i enter one code at least a month..

    but still..i have 76 🙁 i had a lot of points 🙁

  361. For everyone who is concerned about losing your points if you don’t spend them during the next week, you won’t. The Coke community website said you can keep your points however many you have, of course all the rewards will be for 2000 or less after the the 16th. Again let me stress 15 DIGIT CODES WILL NOT WORK AFTER THE 16th, IF YOU HAVE THEM ENTER THEM FIRST OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM.

  362. Has anyone had issues with texting Coke codes to win the gift card? I keep getting message back saying not a Coke code but 3 points added to your account. It’s a red Coke cap from a 20oz Coke .

  363. It said I won on the my coke instant win game and to check my email. When I checked my email I had not recieved one from the site with my code for the $20 card. What should I do?

  364. I wish I knew what they were going to be offering with the new rewards. That way I could decide if I want to redeem now or redeem later.


  366. Can I use the same code at AND

    or is a code only good for one site?

  367. I just won a 20 dollar mastercard as well, this is my 3rd or 4th day of trying just using the alternative method. pretty cool, can you win more than one does anyone know?

  368. Ed, from the My Coke Rewards website the $100 Nike Gift Card will not be available after Feb. 16. There is no cut off date on the $25.00 or $50.00 Nike Gift Cards.

  369. Good-morning
    Leaf Hog: LH4500 12 AMP 2 speed electric blower/vac./mucher 240MPH 385CFM 15.4 pounds $69.99
    Samsung HDTV LN19A650 $316.99 Amazon .com
    Black & Decker CDC120ASB 12V Cordless Drill $52.88
    Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver LI3000 3.6V $43.47
    Tanita Large Dial Scale HA503 CAN NOT FIND ANY IN U.S.A. Amazon UK there price 52.37 Around $35.00 USD
    iHome Desk Lamp with i Pod Dock & Speakers Model iHL20 $81.84
    KitcnenAid Mixer $297.64 5Qt. Modle KSM150PSER
    3 pointers
    Dirty Foot

  370. ED, I think what will happen is that these “BIG” recycled prizes when not redeemed for after next week will be in sweepstakes. I can’t see coke giving out $100-$200 Nike cards for 2000 points. Having over 31000 points, I am in the same boat many of us here are in. What to do with all of these points?

  371. HEADS UP !!!
    A Bunch of New And Old Stuff !!!
    They Put Up the Canon 8 MP Camera for 13000 pts
    the 19″ HD TV for 24,900 Pts and the KitchenAid Mixer for 15,650 Pts . These Were All Up In The Past So IF You were Saving to Get them …This IS YOUR LAST CHANCE … Before they Castrate the Prize Max to 2000 Pts . GO CHECK IT OUT !!!
    CHECK EVERYTHING OUT FIRST !!! No Going Back Once You Hit Submit !!! Choose Wisely !!!
    Good Luck Everyone !!!

    Congrats ! But right Alt key ???
    I Meant Alternative Entry method …meaning you don’t Text the code – it is 2 free entries per day Without having to Fork out for Texting Charges …

    Congrats Brent and Rick P. and All Other winners!!!
    I have seen some people win 2 or 3 X So far …
    They MAY Put a Limit Any Minute …LOL

    AFTER 2/16 they will NO LONGER Have ANY Prizes OVER 2000 Pts. Meaning They Will Be Gone NOT Reduced . Probably Turned into More Sweeps is my guess …
    to use up your points without them giving out Too Much …Like they INCREASED Contest Entries to 50 Per Day —BUT CUT the Points Entry to 120 PER WEEK After 2/17 …SO ENTER ALL YOUR HIGH POINT CODES NOW !!!

    go to mycoke sign up
    then go to to sign In
    then where it says twist txt get – move your mouse over the bottom and a ribbon pops up that says you could win – click on that …a new screen pops up click on where it says Official Rules a box pops up that says get refreshed get rewarded with the Rules …Scroll down to Rule 5b Alternate Method of Entry in red it says click here …
    THAT gives you the chance to enter for free – only 2x a day and if you Win – It says Congratulations and then you follow the instructions – they send an email and you get a code to enter on the site where it says Redeem Code LOG IN HERE

    Adam sign in at the site just above and your code should be there …it’s there until You Redeem it –
    THAT IS WHERE You Redeem the Codes they give you
    and all the Non-winning codes allow you to Shop at the sites from the site listed above as well.And I Imagine Coke Gets a % cut for each visit/Sale accessed from their site …That is probably how they are funding the $20. Cash cards …they call them “Bonus Offers”
    you get a discount and if you redeem your code it says Be Prepared to Shop Now …to get the discount …

    the 15 digit codes were on the older powerade and coke caps .I Haven’t Seen Any In Awhile Now …

  372. You can win more than once. I know someone who won, entered the winning code, and by the time they did that, they won again, 10 minutes later.

  373. I had 11,000 + points, but did not find anything to my liking. I opted for the $200 Nike card, seemed to be the best shot for the points. Ya’ll have fun spending your points.

  374. I didn’t like any of the “new” prizes that they put out. I ended up going with the $100 Nike Gift Card. Can you use more than one Gift Card when shopping on the Nike website?

  375. Got myself a popcorn maker .. 2 points to spare…At least they didn’t make me pay shipping…

  376. yay i have been entering my 2 codes on every day for 6 days and i finally won!!!!!!!! it says my order will be in 6-8 weeks is that right or is it less then that????


  377. I got the first code from post 638 and left the other for someone else to redeem. Thanks whitekid2.

  378. Entered below you will find 25 3pt codes, 9 10pt codes, and 1 15 pt code. Good luck to all in obtaining them.

    4L4WH964A4N6 LAST # POSS 5

    Hope all are entered correctly. Have a great day.

  379. Dan, you can use more than one gift card on your orders on Nike, a lot of people are getting multiple gift cards and getting the ipod touch or ipod nano’s they have on their site as well. awesome deal!

  380. I can’t sign in to no matter what I try. Haven’t been able to since I found out about the instant win game. Anyone else having the same trouble?

  381. OOS Update !!!

    $200 Nike G.C.
    B+D Rotary Tool
    B+D Cordless Drill
    Canon Camera
    Canon Printer
    KitchenAid Mixer
    19″ TV

  382. Hi Nick, I had the same trouble with the mycoke site (it simply would not let me log in). I went to and started from there again (and bookmarked it) and haven’t had any trouble since. (But I have yet to win in the contest.)

  383. Li, if does not let you log in, switch to a different web browser. IInternet explorer wouldn’t let me log it, so I switched to firefox and it worked.

  384. Is it just me or does anyone else see the not so hidden phallic reference on the site when you go to click on the rules. I would have never noticed it not been for all those bottle caps. Who knows maybe I am just not right.

  385. Okay – Almost Everything is BACK IN STOCK …
    EXCEPT the $200. Nike G.C. and the Telescope …
    2ND Chance Everyone …

  386. Thanks Li, it worked 🙂 and thanks francine for letting us all know about the instant win, though you could have kept it to yourself, and had better chances. off to check if I won first time. When does the instant win end?

  387. Just cashed in on the printer, and got multiple nike gift cards to buy me and my girlfriend 2 ipod touch’s. starting from scratch now!

    good luck everyone and hope you get what you want before they cut the rewards to under 2,000 points

  388. I cashed in 4,800 points for the Samsung MP3 Player back on 12/12. Today I got an email saying that since it will take too long to get the model I redeemed for, they are going to send me a better model. It’s an 8 GB Video MP3 Player. The other one was only 2 GB and didn’t play video. I guess the long wait was worth it.

    I don’t know if anyone here enters codes from Stouffer’s Frozen Meals, but I have won a $25.00 Amazon Gift Code and a $1.00 MP3 download.

  389. Is anyone else having issues logging into the My Coke site due to e-mail name issues? I’m getting:

    Screen Name must be at least one character and not longer than 14 characters. It may contain letters or numbers, but no spaces or hyphens and it cannot finish with “_”.

    My e-mail address is longer that 14 characters but it’s the same one I use on the Coke Rewards site?

  390. Just come across this site last night ,love it.Look forward to coming back to share codes and information about MCW with everyone.Went back and found a lot of useful information about the new changes that has been going on at MCW. A big THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.

  391. wonder if the prizes that are over 2000 but not marked as LIMITED are going to be under 2000 when the enew limit comes or if they are going to get rid of them for good

  392. I have started to see Mello Yellow with coke rewards caps. They are black caps. Just wanting to know if anyone else is tarting to find these?

  393. ALERT!! Remember all those posts about the blue caps from Powerade Option with the LeBron James promo that, when you tried to enter their codes, came back with an error that said something like, “code not valid at this time”? I had a couple, and, knowing the 15-digit codes are soon to expire, tried to enter them just one more time before tossing them. THEY WORK NOW! So if you still have blue powerade caps stashed away somewhere, dig ’em out NOW! Use ’em or lose ’em.

  394. Anyone know when the instant win is over? I’ve won twice already!!! WOO HOO!!! Thanks to all for keeping us updated.

  395. Today is Friday the 13th, but it is good luck I have today. I just won another $20 cards. this is the 2nd one

  396. Just a FYI
    The $100. Nike G.C. is OOS BUT it was showing in Stock – and giving an error message …typical MCR Glitch to mess with yo’ head 😉

  397. For the people cashing for nike gc, here is a promo code that should give free shipping (i think or a discount) for February…TRYAGAIN9

    I complain to nike about my order last week and the CS Rep. was nice to give me this promo code on my next purchase. I won’t be making a next purchase so here is a freebie. Please, don’t hate me if he code is one time use, expired, or doesn’t work. GOOD LUCK

  398. If coke was smart, with how vastly popular this site is. They would embrace it and communicate here. They DO KNOW of its exitance and have mentioned it before. embracing their customer base would be much better, than ignoring it (mostly)

  399. I have found a couple of black caps with codes recently, was wondering where they came from. Mello yello you say?, weird, might as well be Squirt. I liked that soda.

  400. Hi All,

    I have been saving for along time…a very long time.
    Have over 68K points now. I was hoping that they would put another large tv up or a digital slr….but no luck…

    I did not enter any points the month of December just took a long break. I have been watching and looking for something to order…finally today I ordered one of the mixers. I have cashed in for some hotel points and airline miles when it was Delta…

    The camera is only $129 on the Canon site…yet they want 13000 points for it…same with printer it shows $179 on Canon site and the ink carts are high…

    I guess I have a dilemma of sorts…Cash or hold and hope some of the new prizes for 2000 will be worth while.

  401. hi everybody and i must said hi to poorman with 31000pt. 95bj79m6mxp9……tjn6lwwl7r9n……It been 4 months s i last post here. I did haved 38000 points this morning between both of my accounts but today i spend 8900 on kardon soundsticks 11 and 3250pt on black & decker screwdriver and 3625pt on black & decker cordless drill and 5750pt on the black & decker leafhog. so now i only have 12,000 between both of my accounts. more coded 4wlvjlol4fxt……prwh9bvlttxr……poorman i never got that nascar trip. I am also in 4 sweepstakes one is the american airline 6 point to enter have 120 entries. the other is washer and dryer 3 points to enter have 110 entries and blueray player 2 point to enter i have 200 entries and the last one is the barq set 2 points to enter 230 entries. ok last few codes you will get more now. because we can only enter 50 caps a week when before 70 caps a week. 005kt5fkxjv9…..9j44vntrhnk9……or4tbjtmx6xo…peace out my coke people.

  402. Does anyone know if we can still enter the 15 digit codes tomorrow 2/16? cause i have a lot of them and if the new 120 point per week goes into effect tomorrow i could enter all of them…

  403. i want to thank everyone who posted what they redeemed for. It helped me use my point wisely. Since this was our normal weekend to go to Las Vegas, I have spent time the last 3 days in the Summerlin Public Library, using their wi-fi to enter codes on my laptop. Summerlin is the Beeverly Hills of Las Vegas, where the poker stars live. So today I could not get the code enter screen to load using IE, but my husband uses Firefox on his laptop, and that was working fine. He is just fiishing entering the codes into all the family members’ account. He’s a real keeper!!!
    The new rules take the pressure off to find those higher point codes.

    Peace out to all, here’s a few codes for those in need.


    Please post when used.

  404. Michael
    They – Coke- Rule the Roost so to speak … they Do Have the MCR Community Forum … And If you get in as a member …meaning they have a criteria from each demographic quota they like to fill…
    So many of an age group , income group , ethnic group, etc. So they can supposedly get a Varied Opinion…you get rejected if they already have enough of your “criteria group”
    Anyway …as long as you say things that are positive and reflect well on them …you can stay a member. BUT IF you stray from their Rosy Picture …You Get The Boot ! I have seen 2 people get kicked Out of the “Community” for saying negative things …
    We Know They ARE Watching and reading what we say and what we say we Do ! Some make comments about redeeming points and getting stuff to sell on ebay to get something they Really Want…They-coke- have said that there is 3% of people entering Huge Points and Redeeming for the Bigger Point Rewards. So To correct that – they are making these changes. Punishing 97% for the 3% they have forked out for… in other words.BECAUSE they Have Read The Comments People Have Said Here and Other Forums! And I feel THEY Set it Up That Way …They Figured Nobody would Actually GET 24,900 points to get a 19″ TV !!! But People being People …did what was needed to Get the Points and Redeem Even For the High Point Rewards !!! I Don’t Get Huge Point Totals – And Don’t Get the Big Stuff That Often – Unless I Saved for 2 Years and Waited For it and Didn’t Spend My Points on Smaller Stuff. And I Don’t BeGrudge People that Did Get Alot of Bigger Stuff by Collecting Points for it ! They WERE Points From Purchased AND Consumed Coke Products ! I Don’t Feel It Affected Me and I Didn’t Usually Get Huge Points to Enter …BUT I STILL ENJOYED my 10 CODES PER DAY !!! So I Could Accumulate Faster At Times WHEN Something WorthWhile DID Come Up For Me to Get !!!
    And I feel that they get plenty back in their advertising – by us from word of mouth etc. and their “Sponsors” Partners linked to their MCR site . For Example …I went to ebates B4 redeeming my MCR Nike Giftcard Reward to get my itouch …I Got $17.94 cash back Just because I Went TO the Nike Site Through Them !!! If I REFER someone And They Buy Something Through them …I Get a $5. Referral Bonus ! So If you are gonna do what I did …email me your info so I can get the Referral bonus ! LoL
    So …How Much Does Coke Get Outta All This ??? $$$$$$$
    They Ain’t Doin it Just Cuz They Like Us !!! LMAO
    They have said they Watch us on the MCR Community and on SD (slick and MCR_Bill has made comments there. We Really Don’t Want Them Taking Over vvhitekid2’s Forum !!!!! We Love it Just the Way It Is !!! THANKS VVHITEKID2 {{{HUG}}}
    If they want to say anything to us …They Have Done That By Castrating Our Points Entry to 120 Pts a week and Reward Max Value of 2000 pts from now on !!! They run Their Show …and if you don’t play by Their Rules …and You Don’t Like it …Too Bad !
    As my Mom used to Say … ” If you Don’t Like it …you can lump it …take it down the Street and Dump it ” In other words …Tough Sh*t !
    That is my Rambling for the day …LOL…Sorry
    So Don’t Forget …Tonight after Midnight —The New Changes Take Place – So Get your Higher Point Codes In B4 Midnight – and Redeem For Any Higher Point Rewards !
    They Will Be Gone – 2000 Pt Reward MAX. From After Midnight tonight …the 17th On …

  405. Karen’s Codes RNBM and Renee’s Codes Are All Redeemed
    I Got the last 3 ! Thanks to you Both For Sharing !
    And I Will Pray For you to Win Renee !!! You are Very Generous and You Deserve It !!!
    I Hope U WIN !!! GOOD LUCK !!!

    Sorry For My GOOF UP !!! I Messed up With the date saying today/tonight – Sorry – The 17th so midnight the 16th …Long Day …Long Week … LOL

  406. Post 681 code Redeemed. Thank you Robert. My first code from somewhere other than my own consumption.

  407. Just won a $20 gift card on the alternate entry method. Finally I’ve won something! First thing I’ve gotten from Coke in all the sweeps I’ve entered.

  408. ANYONE know whats goin on?? It is the 16th, it is past noon, and they are still not letting me enter more than 10 codes “per day” ????
    I thought the new 120 points thing went into effect today? Ive got a bunch of 15-digit codes i need to enter!!!
    —anyone know whats going on?

  409. I was able to enter 10 codes before noon and another 10 codes after noon. Both times, the MCR website would not let me enter more than 10 codes. Each code was 3 points each. So, the system let me enter more than 10 codes in a 24 hour period, but not 150 points.

  410. Hello all, it is 5:30 pm where I am now (missouri) and I just tired to enter more than 10 and they would not let me AND all the big prizes are still up there. So I dont know what is up either. I was hoping when they changed prizes and the point things, they would bring back the AMC movie passes. Oh well. Not sure why only 10 pts per day is still here.

  411. I haven’t donated any codes since February 10th. That’s almost a whole week. I have certainly enjoyed all of the comments posting here. Especially yours Francine, you do know how to get your point across! Here are a few codes for your reading enjoyment.


    As usual there are a few 10 point codes mixed among the 3 point codes. Enjoy, and have a great day.

  412. Thank you so much Darrell! Wow! I got a few 3 pointers and some 10 pointers! Much appreciated! 🙂

  413. hmmm, new mcr… nothing new and exciting there, guess all the hype about new rewards ect was all a bunch of bs. Guess there only objective and mission to accomplish was to limit the points entered per week. Mission accomplished and nothing new or exciting over at mcr. bahh humbug!

  414. Well this sucks, I was waiting to near the end of the final “good” days with MCR and what happens I get SICK.

    I wanted to redeem for the dartboard, shaver, excercise kit, and and possibly the leafhog.

    I was sick so bad that I didn’t want to get on the computer or do anything since last Friday.

    I forgot about the days ending soon. So I’m thinking after realizing what’s up that the prizes may still be there until 11:00am CST (which is when the new days on MCR starts for me according to their site) and what do I see, all the prizes that I wanted are all ready gone.

    I wish I wasn’t SICK, I so wante to redeem for those, now I don’t know what to get, lol…any ideas on good prizes…anything in your opinion still worth it?

  415. The coke website is just showing the bottom half of the page this morning. Can’t get to the login. Anyone else having this problem? I checked it on Safari and AOL browsers.

  416. Wow, I knew things would be different, but now that it is here I can’t believe it. Really for me the only thing that will make continuing to participate worthwhile are the rewards. What I mean to say is that I still am not using them on sweeps and MCR Plus. I guess it is time to lower my standards, maybe if I am patient some of the less desirable rewards will be replaced by better ones. sigh…….

  417. vvhitekid2
    LOL …Yup …I DO have a way of Stating what is on my mind …I Use Capital letters in the first letter of the words I want to Emphasize for one …then This …
    as my pause in a statement 😉 then my ALL CAPS …and my triple exclamations !!!
    I KNOW It is NOT Proper Grammar and Punctuation …BUT It is the Best Way I can Think of TO Get My Point Across …;)
    And I say what I am thinking/feeling ! For Sure ! LOL

    And I VERY MUCH Appreciate Your Patience in trudging through All My Rambling Posts ! LOL ! {{{HUG}}}

    As Ralph Cramden Would Say …

    I Got my First iTouch Today !!! WOW !!! FAST !!!
    But the New MCR Site Is PATHETIC !!! 🙁 Sad !!!
    How they think What they did is an Improvement ???
    shakes head …

    And Got 3 iTouch’s !!! and the Toaster @ 11:59 PM and then 2 seconds later …Blink …All Gone… :0
    I Will Continue to Hope They See the Error of Their Ways in Doing What They Did …
    ~ BPAN 5JHW 5L5H ~ 🙂

  418. MCR working fine on Safari now. I guess they were still working on the site this morning. The only thing I am getting now is buy 1 get 1 free 12 pack coupons.


  419. I was going to post about not bothering to check the list of prizes for the instant win game if you wanted to stay interested, but then I noticed there are 100 xboxes + basketball games in there. THEN I won twice, both relatively crappy prizes, but still. I won the “fan mayhem” package, which amongst the crapola contains a 25$ Papa John’s gift card, a store of which they just happened to put back in my area recently, so yippee for me. I really like PJ’s pizza, haven’t had it in a while. the other is a music download, of which there are 75,000, hope it’s not rhapsody b/c that program is a piece of crap, but it almost has to be, given mcr’s history. the other fan mayhem prizes are face paint (srsly?) a basketball shaped remote holder (my wildest dreams have come true!) and coke zero temp tattoos (rapture!) i’m not actually a basketball fan, (prolly cuz i always sucked) but i suppose the ncaa tourney tickets are a good prize. instant win goes until 4/15. other prizes incl 1500 t shirts “in a bottle” whatever that means 1,000 speakers , 200 (!) each 25$ gift cards, electronics and sporting goods, no stores specified that I could see. not terrible at all for a free thing i can play once a day. good luck to all, especially rabid hoops fans.

  420. I must say that these rewards are far superior to the previous one’s offered. There are so many great options that I am having a hard time deciding. I guess I will just sit on my points for now. I am seriously considering just moving to sweepstakes and focusing on sweepstakes and instant wins on other sites. So far the four in my household have won a combined $100 on the instant win that recently started. We had two wins within 10 minutes at on the same day. Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many cards you can win from that promotion? I read the rules and I didn’t notice anything, but I could have easily missed it. Let me know. Thanks.

  421. acein
    Congrats on the wins ! So far I have heard of people
    winning 4 X ! I have only won once on the 2nd day .
    Just keep trying everyone ! Good Luck !

  422. I have to say that MCR has managed to suck most of the fun out of it. I can only enter 10 more points this week. It is hard to get out of the thought process of saving for something big because there isn’t anything big anymore. I got the Heart Healthy Magazine and I was considereing the Faberware skillets, but I saw them at Wal-Mart and they are only $23-24 and they cost 1750 points, there is something wrong with that. 175 twelve packs at $4.00 each at least is $700 worth of Coke all for a $23 return, not good math, sounds like the stock market these days. Oh well I think Coke will see the traffic on their website drop way down now; if you can enter all your points in one day for the whole week why come back time after time…unless you think they might change their rewards…..Nah!

  423. 7:22 pm

    Boy, do I wish I HAD! …

    But I6 didn’t have enough for even a sHingle Touch yet, and I figured i9f all else fails, I can eventualNly stack enough $50 Nike cardTs for 2K apiece …

    But NO! NOLW, even as the >$50 GC is gone, Aas expected, the OTHER Nike GC’sA now have a “three per ACCOUNT” Mlimit, as opposed to the “three4 per account per WEEK” (right?) tRhat they had before …

    Oh welKl …

    Free magazines anyone ?

  424. how are people winning in the instant win game, am i doing something wrong?

    i text in my 2 max codes daily, i’ve submitted over 30 codes now. not a single win! any help would be appreciated

  425. jessica, you don’t need to use any codes to win, you just need to create an account at, then go to official rules and click on the “click here” underneath alt. entry method (about 1/4 way down). that way, you can get free entries. also, try entering it late at night or early in the morning because no one will be on at that time

  426. Hi Jessica (and others who still haven’t won the $20 GC). I doubt you’re doing anything wrong. I haven’t won yet either and have been trying regularly. I guess we’re just unlucky!

  427. Robet’s code RNBM. Thanks anyway. Oh, and won my $20 card the first week. No wins since. Got a Rhapsody download win from MCR yesterday, my first try at it. Thanks all for the links and updates.

  428. Jessica, if you learn how to win please let me know. I have been trying ever since they started and can’t bring home the bacon. Oh well, as long as other good MCR folk are winning, I guess all is well. Continued good luck and have a good day.

  429. Jessica… there is no set way of winning. It is all up to chance. You get two tries a day and if you win it will tell you. If you look further up on this page you will see a way to do the alternate entry through the web site if you would rather try a different approach. Good luck. I hope I win again today!

  430. Nick – The Official Rules of the Fan Mayhem instant win game say one instant win prize per person. Hopefully you didn’t disqualify yourself from getting either prize by winning twice.
    I was a little disappointed to win a music download on my first try. Now I can’t win a good prize.
    But I did win a $20 card through the other instant win game! There doesn’t seem to be a limit on that one.

  431. I just logged into my email and noticed an eprize email. It said something like I had used multiple accounts to obtain more plays??? Is there a limit to how many people in a household can play? I did not see that. Everyone in my house signed up and we all get together and go through the ropes of getting our entries in. Be careful because it looks like they are taking my win away. I will check with my brother who lives with us and my wife later today to see if their’s were taken as well. I will have to go back and review the rules carefully. There must be a limit to one entry per household/address or something like that.

  432. I just won my first $20 cash card. I’ve been playing since it started, so has my Mom and this is our first win. I guess it’s just random luck. I think it was around 9am EST when I won, so not really an “off” time.

    Congrats to those who have won multiples, I hope I can join your fraternity.

    Good luck to those who have yet to win.

  433. Wow, another subtle way this new limit screws us – I entered a 25 pter today, which along with all caps otherwise gave me 118 pts. they will not allow me to enter anything over 2 pts, which as we all know, is everything. but at least if I get a bonus code I can still enter that 😛

    I have not won the mycoke instant win in many tries, but I am happy I can at least enter. I have not entered very late or early, so probably should go back to that. mycoke plus or whatever is gilded crap, a slap in the face on top of the new limit and no new fantastic prizes. but the instant win is a good thing, at least. not great, but good.

  434. Just won a “fan mayhem package” on my first try with a free entry!!!! First thing I have won!!!! $25 Papa Johns GC!!!! Which will come in handy since I was just laid off work, like so many others.

  435. Robert’s code RBM, thanks

    this should have went in yesterday, I guess it didn’t post for some reason

  436. h438dlk34, li and darrell,

    i’ve been using the free entry method but it doesnt work. and i usually try about 8 am est, i guess ill try later on in the evening.

    i got the free raphsody dl too. guess theyre giving it out to almost everyone.

  437. just another tip for the people that can’t win, don’t pay attention to a clock, if you lose on your first try, enter it again roughly 3-7 minutes later

  438. I won and when I redeemed my code it said I would recieve one 20 edo cash card from edo international, what happened to the mastercards? And whats a edo card?

  439. Thanks guys for the alternate entry info for the Coke Zero game. I won a music download on the first try. Now if I could only get some codes off this page!

  440. I finally won a $20 gift card. Woo hoo! Like some of you I have had problems logging in to that site, but I think I have it figured out now. Does it work like the $100 did? It comes in the mail? Good luck to everyone who hasn’t won. It is just luck nothing else to it. Just be diligent.

  441. To all who may be considering redeeming for certificates, the website’s having an 80% off sale. Use promo code DINE. That makes the $25 certificates $2, and the $10 certificates 60 cents. Again, read the restrictions for each certificate carefully before purchase. I use about 3 or 4 of these every month in Las Vegas (helps to keep us away from the buffets!).
    On a totally different subject, does anyone think there will EVER be any new (good) prizes? So disappointing to see the same old crap every day.

    For those in need


    Please post when redeemed.

  442. Toni, no worries, I have access to 3 accounts (technically I “manage” two accts one for my sister and brother who have no interest in doing this much work for free stuff, unlike me, who can’t get enough) I’m even collecting Newport upc’s for their redemption program, which is WAY worse than coke’s, and their product will definitely kill you. I don’t smoke, but everyone apparently who does smoke newports throws the packs away on the ground, so it’s not hard when i’m already looking for caps anyway

    didn’t mean to sound ungrateful for the 25$ Papa John’s it will definitely be great to have free tasty dinner, maybe even two. says you have to wait 6-8 weeks AFTER the end of the program – 4/15 so I’m just trying to forget about it until it shows up. and seriously face paint and tattoos are lame nonprizes any way you slice it, unless you are 10, in which case you don’t have a MCR acct.

    I won another music download today,(no idea which acct) so I hope that’s not correct about one anything win per acct, it would mean I am done. not that I really believed too much in my chances for getting an xbox. I’m really glad I redeemed for the DS in ’07, no way they are going to have really great prizes for 2000 pts like that. and I got Mario Kart for the wii used for $37 today, so that’s cool. I was just playing with people in England and Germany and Switzerland, getting my ass handed to me b/c I just got it, w/out the wheel, and I don’t know the tracks. but it’s a cool game, hope they get some wii games back on MCR, or DS, those could be less than 2000.
    wish I had gotten Wario Smooth Moves for wii back when they used to have it, it’s supposed to be a really good collection of minigames, of course I didn’t have a wii back then, so it would have been hard to justify spending the points.

  443. >Comment #712 by Minstrel Mike — February 18, 2009 @ 6:48 pm

    I wonder if anyone spotted the free MCR cap code in the comment above? If so, no one acknowledged it … As far as I know, still available!