Free McDonald’s Monopoly codes

I eat more McDonald’s than I probably should, but I don’t use these Monopoly codes. I plan on posting the codes here as I get them. I foresee this also turning into a discussion about the contest, the prizes, the odds of winning, and other methods of collecting the Monopoly codes.

And if this turns out anything like previous posts of similar nature, there will be plenty of generous folks to help in the sharing in no time! Off to Mickey D’s to get my first round of Monopoly codes! The game ends on 11/17/08, so you better get going too!

Since this question is asked so many times, I thought I’d put the answer right up top here:

The rare McDonald’s Monopoly 2008 pieces are as follows:

  1. Golden Avenue (#271)
  2. Water Works (#279)
  3. Mediterranean Avenue (#251)
  4. Vermont Avenue (#254)
  5. Virginia Avenue (#258)
  6. Tennessee Avenue (#260)
  7. Kentucky Avenue (#262)
  8. Ventor Avenue (#266)
  9. Pennsylvania Avenue (#270)
  10. Boardwalk (#274)
  11. Short Line (#278)

UPDATE: This is the page for last year’s game. If you’d like to get codes for or discuss this year’s game, see the 2009 McDonald’s Monopoly page. Thanks!

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  1. WN100KADAY
    This one got me Atlantic Avenue. The way the code reads, it looks like it might be a multiple user code. Someone please verify this. Also if this is a multiple user code and there are are any other multiple user codes floating around out there please post here and note that it is or might be.

  2. A bunch more freebies:

    52KG1QN2MW – Reading Railroad (#275)
    K0N70Q7693 – St. Charles Place (#256)
    D92VRGV0B9 – New York Avenue (#261)
    1M1HH68D11 – Indiana Avenue (#263)
    1NRQM6110B – Oriental Avenue (#253)


  3. Thanks vwhitekid! I got 25 free mycokereward points and a yellow property, boy, I was lucky to get 2 codes. They were gone FAST. First code RBM on this site! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  4. and some more:
    NGMMZH9HX7 – Arches Avenue (#272)
    BKR02TKTWV – Illinois Avenue (#264)
    P96DK2W6NG – Atlantic Avenue (#265)

    and this one is for 10% off Footlocker online:

  5. Since I have no use for footlocker, I will post the codes
    15% off 9prd62lwbx
    25% off 33pbp4b3g9wd

    Hope you like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 25% off purchase at Footlocker to use go to and enter 67B237G2CDCH at the checkout. Redeem by 12-31-08 (may not be combined with other offers)

  7. More free Monopoly codes:
    WJd4N5Z5LL – St. James Place (#259)
    7J05RGWGBD – North Carolina Avenue (#269)
    KN1KN68T8G – Connecticut Avenue (#255)

  8. vvhitekid2 codes RNBM. Just piddling around with Monopoly, it’s something to do. I don’t go there enough for it to really matter. Have fun and good luck.

  9. Free Codes from this morning Coffee Run
    B7TTLT4Q8N – Connecticut (#256)
    1X7PTN2RX7 – Pacific Ave (#268)
    8RQ9699XRL – Reading Rai (#275)
    ZPMM6M9K2W – Marvin Gard (#267)
    N90WQ46WJJ – Pennsylvani (#276)
    74326174KL – Marvin Gard (#267)
    QH6PXD9KKK – Park Place (#273)
    4VX7L4M1XP – Connecticut (#256)
    V0NM19B590 – Reading Rai (#275)
    T650W357T1 – North Carol (#269)
    R97183HDNX – Illinois Av (#264)
    P6HLPKZL4K – State Avenu (#257)
    LV1514WLPG – Instant Win
    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey Terry (& Brandy),

    Relax; 276 is the very common Pennsylvania RR, not Penn. Ave. (the rare piece for $50K). Sorry.

  11. mznewyork,

    Congratulations on winning $1000.

    I wish I could win money on here. My problem is I have only gotten to enter like 3 codes so far this entire game.

    No one I know goes to McDonalds all that often.

    Oh, well. Maybe I’ll be able to get more codes.

    Congratulations again.

  12. Congrats mznewyork!!

    I have a stupid question….What items do you get codes on, or do you get a code with any purchase? A code for each item?

    Like Zcetaa, I don’t usually eat at McDonald’s but if you can get codes for purchasing drinks or ice cream or something, then I can go there instead of somewhere else just to get the codes and have a chance to win something.

  13. Wow, I wish I would of found out about this site sooner! You people are really nice for giving up all these codes like that.

  14. RNBM is short for “redeemed, not by me”

    The codes can only be used once, so its first come first serve. So keep checking throughout the day!

    Here are two more:
    XH2N4Q1279 – Oriental Avenue (#253)
    Z1ZND3KV7B – Illinois Avenue (#264)

  15. Shari, you get codes on Medium and Large Sodas, as well as, the premium chicken sandwiches,
    Medium and Large Premium Roast Coffee
    (excludes Iced coffee and Specialty coffee)
    McSkilletยฎ Burrito
    Southern Style Chicken Sandwich
    Big Macยฎ
    Large French Fries

  16. Shari below are the products you can purchase to recieve game peices:

    โ€ข NEW! Medium and Large
    Premium Roast Coffee
    (excludes Iced coffee and Specialty coffee)
    โ€ข NEW! McSkilletยฎ Burrito
    โ€ข NEW! Southern Style Chicken Sandwich
    โ€ข Big Macยฎ
    โ€ข Premium Chicken Sandwiches
    โ€ข Large French Fries
    โ€ข Medium & Large Fountain Drinks
    โ€ข Hash Browns

  17. Thanks Kurbee…I guess it’s fountain drinks and large fries for me, and I can treat Mom to a coffee as long as she gives me her code!!

  18. The rare ones are
    Waterworks, Mediterraninien, Short Line RR, Vermont, Virginia, Tennesse, Kentucky, Ventor, Pennsylvania Ave, Golden Ave.

  19. The footlocker codes are just for a redemeption with purchase from footlocker. The codes do not work in the online game.

  20. Those last codes are RNBM. Anyone else got any to share? I keep trying but can’t seem to be first! Thanks to everyone, we all really appreciate it!

  21. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but this page seems to have a very big delay for me. For example, I’ve been refreshing this page all day and I just got the posts from 12:48pm and it is now 4:26pm. I never get to get dibs on the codes because I always see the posts hours after the time they were posted, even if I have been on this page all day refreshing it every five minutes.

    If someone could explain to me why this is, or how I can fix it, that would be most appreciated.


  22. Zcetaa, I moderate all posts before they show up on the site. I get LOTS of useless comments from folks begging for codes, or trying to run scams. Sorry for the delay, but rest assured that you’re only going to see quality and on-topic posts here. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

  23. Are you able to use the codes on the pieces and use the pieces on the game board too-to maybe try and win one of two ways?

  24. I think there are a lot of people vying for the codes here who just don’t get them; it’s the luck of the draw. Congrats to all those who do get them and win, though!

    Latoya, that’s the intent – you can use the codes online but also use the physical game pieces on the paper board you can get at McDonalds to try and win prizes.

    Good luck!

  25. i entered in some mcdonald codes and won the 25 points for my coke rewards… i got the first one i hit community chest 3 days ago… they added it instantly.

    now yesterday and today, i hit them again. they never added the points. anyone know how i can contact someone to find out whats up?

  26. I just tried to go to the Monopoly site to enter in some codes and it said my Email and Password don’t match that I’m locked out for 2 hrs. I waited 2 hrs and went back and it still says I’m locked out. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to get around it? Thanks.

  27. Here are some Footlocker codes that I will NOT be using.
    25% QQBBGXJW17RQ
    25% XBOOG832ZOWN
    15% B3OZGX96QR9Z
    10% N77HLTZXNR2P

  28. Please keep posting more codes! I have only gotten a few because other people get there first. ๐Ÿ™ But i have to say thank you because im lucky to get any! Thank you to everyone giving codes! You guys rockk!

  29. Thanks to everyone..I’m new to this site and was able to use 3 codes you all shared to play the online game and I really appreciate everyone sharing! Havent been quick enough to use any codes that have’nt been already RBNM..but that’s okay…I will soon!

    thanks again to everyone!!

  30. Please keep posting more codes! I have only gotten a few because other people get there first. But i have to say thank you because im lucky to get any! Thank you to everyone giving codes! You guys rockk!

  31. More freebies:
    0K9Z8BMH70 – Instant win
    11M74T0987 – States Avenue (#257)
    0KWVK037WX – St James Place (#259)
    20PNPG15NT – Pacific Avenue (#268)
    WW0QDJ2RJH – St Charles Place (#256)

  32. How did the all-use code plsc0m3bak come to exist? I read on another board it was from Coke Rewards. If we could all work on getting some all-use codes and sharing them here, we could all have lots of codes to work with… Let me know if you know how to get the all-use codes… Thanks to everyone sharing the codes. I haven’t been able to use any but the all-use one yet, but I GREATLY appreciate the generosity.

  33. Thanks, Olivia, for mentioning that code is a code that can be used by more than one person. I didn’t realize that! And thanks, Megan, for posting it in the first place!It didn’t do me any good, but it’s still so much fun to play!!! GOod luck to everyone!

  34. cic,
    Probably because your comment did not contribute anything. Were you begging for codes? Were you asking for someone to email you codes? Were you asking a question that has been previously asked or answered? These are the most common reasons I delete comments.

    Now, for the lucky person who is still reading:
    Penn. Railroad: 9W1LVNOPLN
    St. James Place: JH17W4OJZQ

  35. Olivia,
    “How did the all-use code plsc0m3bak come to exist?”
    I was emailed this code from McDonalds. I think this is because I set up an account, entered one code when the program started, and haven’t accessed the site since then. That would explain the “plsc0m3bak: Please come back” code.

  36. yes i actually was asking for codes and how to get the game board but someone showed me where to go to get the game board so i can play online and on the board. Thanks anyway.

  37. A few more free McDonald’s Monopoly stamps:
    0ZLQND6L6L – Atlantic Avenue (#265)
    JH0LJWKMMT – Electric Company (#280)
    X8D77RQHJR – States Avenue (#257)

    Good luck, and stay tuned… I have some more to post today.

  38. Happy Friday – here are four more unused entries:
    1. 060HW1L7BZ
    2. DXWK17RNLW
    3. GPZQ8J80N5
    4. L3R433B12N

    Found a lot at the office today… lots more to come

  39. All codes(post 97) RNBM. Wow that was fast I tried 3 minutes after you posted them and all were used. Thx for posting them anyhow

  40. rn5kzwmk7L

  41. 7X5VP61M23 – PARK PLACE

  42. Anyone having problems logging in? I keep getting the error that I’m not 13 or over,….and yes,..I am putting an ‘x’ in the box. Ideas? – thanks

  43. one free hour wi-fi code for the taking
    You MUST redeem your one (1) hour of FREE Wi-Fi at McDonald’s by 1/17/2009

  44. I won a free hour of Wi-Fi at a participating McDonalds – if anyone wants to use it, the code is WPED-7LTV-EV

  45. “7X5VP61M23 – PARK PLACE

    These have already been redeemed by someone…




    As I understand it the 10% codes can be combined with the 15% codes for a total of 25% off maximum. The 25% codes cannot be combined. They can be used at Enjoy them since I won’t be using them. I just wish I could get some normal play codes. I check often but they’re always already used. Irregardless I think this sharing is a great idea.

  47. So I just stumbled along this page and was wondering what you guys are reffering to when you say “Post 104. 115, etc”? Thanks!

  48. I also have 1 hour of WI-FI that I will not use… here it is… hope this helps someone!


  49. 1 hour of Wi-Fi: WPJ3-R35N-RZ
    In order to use the Wi-Fi codes you have to connect while in McDonalds via “Wayport_Access” and click “connect,” then “use coupon.”

  50. Ok folks, I have 6 McDonald’s codes to give out tonight. I’m going to spread them out throughout the night to “spread the wealth”. No, I’m not a socialist.

    Here’s the first:

  51. Come on white kid be a socialist. I want at least one code off this site. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks & haven’t gotten a single one. I posted about 15 footlocker codes but haven’t been lucky to get any codes yet.

  52. Well, I just can’t seem to beat you guys, I’ll see a code but its already been redeemed.

    Also, has anyone noticed that posts sometimes don’t appear until hours later? I’ve logged on at like 3:00, and there won’t be a post, but then sure enough, at 12:00 in the morning a post will appear that was made 8 hours earlier…

  53. The posts here are moderated (because of all the spam and crap). When posts don’t show up for hours at a time, it is simply because I haven’t moderated the group of comments in the queue.

  54. Fell asleep before posting the last one for the night. Sorry! Here it is:


    Stay tuned today too… I Have another handful of codes to give away.


    1. Go to a participating Wi-Fi enable McDonald’s Restaurant.
    2. Power on your wireless enabled laptop device.
    3. Using your wireless device, find and connect to the wireless network named
    4. Open a browser such as Internet Explorer and attempt to go to a public webpage such as You should be directed to a web page with the McDonald’s(r) logo in the
    5. Click on the “connect” button beneath the logo, then click “Use a Coupon” on the next
    6. Enter your 10-digit Wi-Fi code (listed above) and click “I agree” to accept the terms and
    conditions. When your hour runs out, you will be prompted to enter another code or enter
    your credit card information. For technical support call 1-877-MCD-WIFI.

    You MUST redeem your one (1) hour of FREE Wi-Fi at McDonald’s by 1/17/2009.

  56. thanks every one for the codes even though i havent gotten one yet…just like probably all of you i have all the propertys online and on game stamps EXCEPT the rare ones….which is so annoyinggg…still i am so addictted

  57. I included my link for my eBay store, if anyone is interested in Scrapbooking supplies, I have just about everything, so email me!

    Anyways, here are a bunch of codes I got from McDonalds, I never play but I get tons of the game pieces from picking up coffee every morning for everyone at work. I hope someone can put them to good use so they don’t get wasted!

    Here they are:
    ND5JJ523JX St James
    WZPNM6NHW9 Pacific Ave
    RW9TVO7MKL Boardwalk
    OB66XNXRKR B&O Railroad
    VVXJ7KLHH1 States Ave
    RB8WGOL21Z Oriental Ave
    HWB98TV1KJ Marvin Garden
    1WLK6PL5WN Atlanic
    7XZ548V7VK Pennsylvania Railroad
    L78TB68LV4 Pacific Ave
    BTX2TXJWKW Illinois Ave
    P86PKV7V10 St. Charles Place
    Q6B887M99P North Carolina Ave
    W3JJZ5238P Illinois Ave
    3P7DXK4RQM Baltic
    5MR4W2P98G Reading Railroad

  58. Rachel
    If you Really have Boardwalk ,It is #273 + #274 For the Million $ Prize It says there is a Tel.# to call – I would bring it in to a Manager and Ask !
    The Park Place shouldn’t be hard to come up with
    DON’T Throw it Away until You Find Out !

  59. Here’s another Wi-Fi code for somebody.
    Also some more Foot Locker discounts.
    25% T44B1OLTCGHQ
    25% D7VJWQNB8X8X

  60. Here is some codes, found them on my lawn this morning, hmmm weird.
    Anyways heres 2 codes
    ln475mnzlm Park Place
    1tmjk41rhl Indiana Avenue
    Please post when used!!!!!!!!

  61. Hello Everyone,
    I have had many messages regaurding the Monopoly pieces I posted last night. I have never played the monopoly game, and I had no idea that Boardwalk is a rare piece!! I listed the pieces last night, and right away I had someone email me and said they would pick the game piecess up right away. They live in New Jersey and said they were Monopoly fanatics, and they have traveled all over the place collecting the pieces from people. I thought it was odd someone would drie 2 hours in the middle of the night to pick up McDonalds game pieces, but I just thought they are really into the game and needed the pieces. So, I put them on my front porch before I went to bed, and then when I woke up I checked my email and got all these emails about how I have the winning piece, so I ran outside and sure enought the people drove here last night and picked the pieces up. I have tried to email the person back many times, to see if I could have the pieces back or if they would consider splitting the money with me, but I haven’t gotten any response yet. So, right now I’m kicking myself in the butt, and I can’t believe I didnt put two and two together and check the pieces before they picked them up. I don’t know if there is a way I can contact McDonalds, or what I should do! I have all the emails between the person and I, and I am really pissed. I can’t believe this happened, and now I’m trying to listen to the news and look on the internet about the 1 million dollar winner in New Jersey. If that person is reading this please, please contact me! I gave you the wining piece out of the kindness of my heart, and the least you could do if split the money with me.

    And for everyone else, thank you for the emails notifying me that Boardwalk is a winning piece, and please don’t email me anymore, because I DO NOT have the piece in my possesion any more. This makes me so mad!! But, what can I do?

  62. There are only 3 Boardwalks given throughout the US during the whole game. That was worth 1 million dollars.

  63. 184 RNBM!! lol.

    And racheal if your not BSin then that really sucks… but there not giving it back.. i can tell you that.

    But in the official monopoly MacDonalds rules transferring game pieces is NOT allowed. So what you could do is tell McDonalds of this if your story is true.

    Thus disqualifying both of you.. or you can let them keep it, them getting the 1 mil, and not you.

    ..if your story is true.

    (The likely hood of someone giving away a 1 million doller prize (while not knowing its worth), while this prize is one in a million chance of winning, and giving there address to strangers.. priceless and unlikely.)


  65. Park Place (Stamp #273) & Boardwalk (Stamp #274). One (1) prize is available. The winner will receive a one million dollar ($1,000,000) annuity payable as $50,000 per year over 20 years with no interest. Odds of winning are approximately 1 in 591,287,650. (ARV: $1,000,000 at maturity)

  66. Then it doesn’t make sense. If there is only 3 boarwalk pieces, then the ratio is 1:3, thats if three sets of Boardwalk and Park Place is turned in. So three individuals have a good chance of winning $1,000,000. If boardwalk is rare piece then why would you entered into a drawing for a chance to win $1,000,000 when there is only 3 boardwalk pieces to begin with. Read below the following rule that explains the collect and win prize.

    (ii) Collect & Win. If the Game Stamp reveals a MONOPOLY property (each, a “Collect & Win Game Stamp”), participant can combine the Collect & Win Game Stamp with other Collect & Win Game Stamp(s) they collect to potentially form a Winning Combination. The property name and stamp number of the Collect & Win Game Stamps that must be collected in order to form a Winning Combination (each, a “Winning Combination”) can be found on the Game Board, on individual Collect & Win Game Stamps, and in Rule 5B. If a participant collects a Winning Combination, such participant is the potential winner of the corresponding prize identified in these Official Rules, subject to verification of the Collect & Win Game Stamps and the participant’s compliance with these Official Rules. To win a Collect & Win prize, a participant must have ALL of the original Game Stamps that make up the Winning Combination. Sponsor will not honor and is not responsible for Game Stamp combinations that are incomplete. See Rule 9 “HOW TO REDEEM/DEADLINES”.

  67. I’m sorry rachel but someone is about to be a million dollars richer but if you contact the 1-800 number and let them know it will disqualify the game piece because in the rules it states that you cannot trade pieces. Read the rules hun….

  68. Just so you know, dont enter your codes if youve hit 10, i used 10 of mine, then tried a couple more for it to say only 10 per day, the next day i tried to type the last 2 in and it said they have been redeemed….

  69. Anybody else think this game is rigged? I only have about half the properties but since then I’ve been around the board three times now and haven’t hit anything new.

  70. Sure, there may be 3 Boardwalks but there is possibility that people like Rachel who don’t play the game may throw out those other Boardwalks as well. Especially if its someone who orders coffee on their way to work in a busy morning. Perfect place to put a game winning stamp.

    To nullify the new recipient(s) of Boardwalk, reporting the online Boardwalk code to McD basically proves that it was in your possession. They may counter that you saw the stamp code and copied it but whatever.

  71. David, I completely agree with you. My last three moves have been on properties that I already have landed on previously? Coincidence, I think not…

  72. have this piece that has the golden arches on top and says Arches Avenue. Why is this game piece different…what does it mean? Is it a rare piece? The number is #272 and says I need #271, #272 to win $100K. Thanks For your input!

  73. Of course the game is rigged. They have to control the number of prizes they give away. It’s not the code that matters but when you play it…

    6. ONLINE GAME PRIZES / ODDS / DETAILS. The time of successful Code submission will determine whether a participant is a potential winner in the Online Game of a prize. The first person to execute a successful Code submission that is received and recorded by the Promotion computer on or after a randomly designated potential winning time (each a “Winning Time”) may see their game token automatically move to a potential winning space on the virtual MONOPOLY Game Board. Prizes in the Online Game are randomly seeded to be available to be won at designated Winning Times throughout each Day during the Online Game Play Period based on projected traffic patterns.

  74. Got some codes to give away today. I’ll break them up a little, rather than putting them all in one post. Here’s one to get started:
    L2ZV7M1DOK – Pacific Avenue (#268)

  75. sorry to hear your story Rachel if it is in fact true…
    I haven’t gotten a chance to pick up a code either. ๐Ÿ™
    you guys are to quick with your fingers!

  76. Lou, In order to keep this page relevant and easy to read and share points on, I am pretty strict about what gets posted.

    I only “approve” less than 10% of the comments that come in. The most common reasons your comments may be getting deleted:

    1) You’re begging for codes, or asking people to trade codes with you.
    2) Your comment does not offer anything of value to the conversation.
    3) Your comment or question was previously addressed on this page.
    4) You’re posting Footlocker codes (thanks, but we all have plenty of these. Don’t need to clutter up this page with em anymore)

    My system works, but isn’t perfect. I may accidentally delete something that you feel is value and hasn’t been talked about yet. If you feel this is the case, then just submit a comment again. Please don’t be offended. Nobody’s perfect, especially me!

  77. Here is a free wi-fi code, please post once you take it so others will know, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. well then I feel welcomed! I am not perfect either ๐Ÿ™‚
    my comment didn’t pertain to any of the line items listed..I guess I am following the rules

  79. i just went to mcdonalds



  80. Hi all,
    Can any one tell me what set does Luxury Tax belong to in he online game? I got a piece of that and couldn’t find anything relevant to it on the site.

  81. Response to 201. That happened to me where I re-entered a code after 10 tries and it said my code was already redeemed and I know it hasn’t because I just got it. Try again another time and it’ll accept the code.

  82. Another two:
    0N77HPZQGK – Marvin Gardens (#267)
    8QG2PBJM6R – Reading Railroad (did you know Reading is pronounced ‘redding’? I had no idea until today.

  83. i wonder how many games pieces get thrown in the garvage can at mcdonalds and also just thrown away without being entered. what a waste. i am goign dumpster diving. Good luck

  84. Ok folks, I have a LOT of codes to give out today. I was just handed a stack of them from some co-workers.

    Let’s get started:
    RDG2R04KLB – Park Place (#273)
    9QXZNWQVRN – Park Place (#273)

  85. Reading is a city in Pennsylvania, about halfway in between Harrisburg and Philly and it is the the Reading referred to by “Reading Railroad.”

  86. Re: 9W7R9T17ZX – Illinois Ave
    ZZ4PTGPW3G – Atlantic Ave

    Both have been used. Thank you anyway whitekid2! Keep em coming!

  87. glad to see this site…although i’m too late to get codes. guess i’ll go ahead and visit mcdonalds ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. is there anything you can do if you go to a mcd’s and buy something that is supposed to come with game pieces but doesn’t?

  89. There is nothing you can do about getting no game pieces because it does state while supplies last! So unless you can actually prove to the Mcdonalds that you got a non game piece container and they still have them in store, sorry but no luck!

  90. Yes go back in and let them know that the purchase you receive was suppose to come with the game pieces but didn’t. trust me it happened to me so i went in and retrieved a large drink cup with the pieces on it.

  91. mcd’s can run out of pieces on certain packaging, however it happened to me and they tld me it’s only while supplies last. I argued that they should have advertised the fact that they were out of that particular supply of packaging, because people are buying certain products to play the game. They gave me the hashbrown packaging to replace the missing codes. You can try that….

  92. VG1QX725WWE5 Is a code I just Got it is not redeemed. Good Luck, First Come, First Serve…

  93. Guys, if you look in the dumpster at 5 in themorning, I dont think your going to have much luck. Reason why at 5 am 1: That is Mcdonalds trash from the late hours. ( Look around dinnertime, but be careful, whenever they empty out the trash, an employee might see you.) 2: People use them! Also, I think you have more of a chance getting a rare piece than getting a monopoly in the online game. Whew! That was tough. I am writing on my PSP, no easy task. P.S Got school today and up at 1:13 am ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun


  95. Rachel if your story is true, keep the evidence of e-mails to prove your case to mcdonalds and also if this person is very smart he would asked Mcdonalds Headquarters to keep his/her name anonymous/not to be out to the public because of various reasons. Reason he/she could not want you or anyone knows where he/she stays or their name and go about their daily life with $1,000,000. Sorry.

  96. I JUST GOT PARK PLACE AND BOARDWALK AND THOUGHT I WON 100,000!!! but no………. it gave me one free hour of wifi… WTF?!?!?!?!?!

  97. Ok folks, since we’re nearing the end of the game, I’m going to start dumping all these extra codes I have around. Let’s get started today:


  98. Happy Halloween people! As a reminder that the McDonalds program is going to end in 3 days. Have a happy halloween!

    Heres a code I found in the dumpster: gdtr375zsd

    Please post when redeemed. Thanks vvhitekid

  99. Yeah the online game is pretty bogus. I rolled a 6 on Community Chest & SHOULD have landed on boardwalk, but it landed a space before. IT IS TOTAL DRAW! THEN, to make matters worse, I was on Meditteranean and rolled a 5 and it would have given me the VERMONT space, the only left of that color that I needed, and it stopped only 5 spaces ahead. Pretty messed up huh. Thats what I get for actually watching the board while the dice get rolled today.

  100. Mark u are absolutely right. I got so excited the other day when I rolled cause I should have won cash but it stopped too early. What a scam!

  101. I also have had several rolls not land on the correct number rolled. Does anyone know of anyone who has won anything on the online game besides coke points and wifi time at McDs? Are the 4 million winners simply coke points and wifi time?

  102. I know of someone who got a $50 gas card and
    Emily aka heart2unbreak who used to spend alot of time on here awhile back… won the $100. Footlocker G.C. !!! WTG Emily !!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person !!! Please Pray for her – she has to have knee surgery very soon ! {{{HUG}}} Healing Prayers for her !
    So far I have gotten a few of the 25 pt. MCR wins which I am Happy to Have ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck All !!!

  103. I had the same thing happen to me SEVERAL times. I looked at the board, saw the ones I wanted to get when I was within range, it would roll the number I needed, I’d count the spots it would move, and it would either go one too far or one too short. Then the dice would have the new number one it!!!!
    I felt cheated and cried myself to sleep. hehe

  104. da winner
    tried your code – it said invalid – can you dblchk it and see if any letters or # are different ? if you didn’t toss it out yet . lol Thanks anyway

  105. Ok people, since today is the last day for this contest, I’m unloading my stockpile of codes. I have probably about 60 unused codes. Here’s the first batch:
    32w2mgg9j7, hppmtq89q7, wq5xkd2trj, ldkgkwp5bd, okgrbg28w5, 2dm4h9ltxh, h2wd4j51wz

  106. the online game doesn’t end today, it ends Nov 17. the in store board game is the one that ends today. check the rules for your self.

  107. hey then how can we get the codes? i sent a SASE but that came back to me!!!! and the restaurant says no more stamps???/

  108. anonymous, the game is while supplies last. if you live in a big city i would think the pieces would be gone fast(or carry very pieces if it’s a small town). Last time i went to mcdonalds they seem to have plenty, over the weekend.

  109. What does McD do with all the unpurchased cups/boxes? Do you think they send everything back to corporate or just throw out the unused pieces? Boy I wish I knew an employee right about now…There must be thousands of codes being thrown away! Whitekid, thanks for giving away all these free codes! Its really generous of you! Just wish I could get to one or two first…lol.

  110. Ok lots more today:

    more to come…

  111. Ok here are some more:

    more to come

  112. Here are 2 free wifi codes…


    Please post when redeemed. I want to delete these from my inbox.

  113. Oh I know what you mean, I definitely rolled a 10 to land me on boardwalk (and I already had park place) and it moved me 12! What a scam! Not only did I miss my chance for the 100,000$ but I also didn’t get the Go money either. Doesn’t make me happy.

  114. How does it work? The pieces say what estate you got but when you enter the code online, you roll the dice to move your piece. Does it go off of where you land on the online board or what pieces you actually have? Thanks!

  115. the online game, and the stamps game is totally different. this apparently gives you a better chance to win have a physical monopoly board, and a virtual monopoly board, the codes on the stamps just give you rolls on the virtual board.

  116. Thanks Les, but that is a free code. And you can still play on the game board, but you cannot find game pieces anymore unless it is weeks old trash.

  117. I got 167 pieces by eating at mcdonalds 5 times a week and all I won was a free wi fi,150 coke points and a free small soda, and 3 free med. fries.

    You would think with that many pieces I could atleat get an instant win prize or a $50 prize.

  118. Ouch Andrew, thats a lot of money down the drain! And I have wifi at my mcdonalds, thanks for all the codes!

  119. Andrew, did you not see the movie Supersize Me? Well I didn’t either, but that is not only expensive, it is very unhealthy.

  120. You guys are in luck. I have a bunch of leftover codes:

    more to come…

  121. vvhitekid2’s codes All Redeemed – NBM But Thanks !

    Footlocker Codes – can be combined to 25% total
    8DD9MV9LTWZ2 10%
    NRN9HVX8ZQ39 15%
    Please post if/when used

  122. I hope your not sick Andrew, I mean I like Mcd’s, but only went there 5 times during the promo. And I won 150 coke points and some free breakfast. But the thought of going to Mcd’s 5 times a week, is scary.

  123. I know its not healthy to eat to much Mcdonalds but the funny part is that I only eat Mcdonalds the one month a year they have the monopoly contest and then the whole rest the year I never eat there. So I only pig out that one months.LOL

  124. Congrats J-son !!! wanna trade it for my $50 GAP card ?
    Well – this years Monopoly game has ended …But the Footlocker discount codes are Still good until 12/31/08
    There is someone on ebay trying to sell game pieces saying they are good till then …??? Buy them a Clue !

  125. Will someone please share with me a footlocker code? I believe the footlocker coupons expire on 12/31 so quickly please!!

  126. I might be missing something here but…all of he codes above that I’ve been entering are NOT 11 digits/letters long…???

  127. I have been inputting all the codes posted…..I need 11-digit codes and all here are 10-digit. Does it vary by state or region?

    I have a few codes…hope they work.


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