MyCokeRewards limits code entries even further

Much to the dismay of many MyCokeRewards point collectors, Coke has now implemented a new limit on point entries per week, thinly veiled as an “improvement”. Before this change, collectors of the Coke codes were able to enter up to 10 codes a day. This means that 700 points per week could have been entered.

Not any more. With these changes in the program, only 120 points per week are accepted. My heart goes out to those folks that have been stock piling 10-point codes. Here is a copy of the email I just received from Coke:

No more Daily Code Limits!

Starting on February 16th, there’s something refreshingly new at My Coke Rewards. The 10 code entries-per-day limit is gone. Now you can enter your codes when you want — up to 120 points per week.*

And with the new Weekly Points Tracking Tool it’s easy to see how many points you’ve already entered and how many more points you can still earn for the week.
*Bonus Point offers are not included in the 120 point weekly limit.

If you are one of the unlucky ones with more points than you can now possibly ever enter, consider sharing them on the current MyCokeRewards Giveaway Page. We have a great community of folks that love sharing, collecting and trading Coke codes.


  1. Wow, Coke has no respect for its customers – a huge restriction on the program, and they think we won’t notice? I guess they think we’re all just too stupid to realize.

  2. My coke rewards site is down at march 1, 2:10 am some kind of problem it just kicked me off,yes i think its a rip to be able to only enter 120 pts a week,I have a family ,plus neighborhood kids and we go thru some coke in a week,And if i dont become a slave to the my coke rewards site by entering codes everyday you have to give them away,I think they want to limit how many codes you can get so they do not have to give away so many high dollar prizes,obviously the coca cola bean counters have been working overtime on how to limit people from getting the highest point prizes,480 points a month x 12 is the max you can get in a year vs 2,800 a month we used to get at 10-10 point 12 packs a dayfor a month or with the caps it would be 740 a month if you entered 10-3 point caps a day,limiting your points is there game on this change so you can no longer obtain the bigger prizes they show on there site,they just want you to have key chains ,and if your lucky a hat now and then,Everyone needs to complain as this is joke telling us there going to improve the program by taking away our ability to gain points or we can just suck it up bend over and let them put it to us,a big company working it customers over is all it is.telling them how good its going to be while jerking the carpet out from under them thinking there not smart enough to do some simple math.

  3. I spoke with a Coke rep, and was told that the change would benifit those who could only log on once a week. They were also lowering the points needed to redeem for items, but it is still going to take you just as long with the weekly point restriction. Coke is trying to kill their program.

  4. I guess I am one of the ones that have stocked piled those points. It sucks that you can only use 120 per week.I was enjoying those things that I was buying with all my points. Here are a few points for someone to enjoy: 50AABT RTNR5V, TPVLXJ W759N4, OXJAOB WK46PV

  5. The point restriction is rediculous. Coke first started raising the points on their rewards so that it was impossible to ever have enough, example TV, was 16,000. I had 9,000 when they raised it to 24,000, then they eliminated it.
    Then they put the 10 codes a week limit on their customers.
    And now this, 120 points, really sucks.
    I’ll give them to someone before I just trash them.

  6. Ed, if you are serious about trashing those codes, please keep me in mind. I’m collecting them for our Preschool Special Education Program. Vvhitekid2 who runs this site has my permission to give you my email address if you are serious. Thanks.

  7. Hello my roommate and I drink alot of coca cola, I’m a coke collector and my coke rewards matter I should and other people should beable to enter as many as we have there should’nt be a limit, if it does’nt change I’ll stop drinking coke and go to pepsi.Thank you Katey.P.S I really enjoy drinking coke cola.

  8. I have been a slave to coke rewards as well. I have not been able to log on for a month now. All I can say is Pepsi is loooking really good right now.

  9. I can’t believe that I went away for a couple of months and Coke took all my points. What a crock. I have been a Diet Coke fan for years, but I can drink Diet Pepsi and be just fine.
    Bye Bye Coke.

  10. What a rip off! I’ve been such a good customer!!! i’M A SO TIICKED OFF CUSTOMER! bE TRUE TO US!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. once upon a time I saved koolaid points, went to redeem them after a few months of saving and found in order to get something I needed hundreds of points. So I saved and saved for years. Went to see what neat items I could now afford and there was only items for 50 points or less all plastic cups or pitchers or other silly kool aid items, no more skateboards, toys,etc . had to throw out allll those koolaid piles of points. Now is doing the same thing. Allowing only 120 points a week is outrageous.

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