Free Mountain Dew Codes (Old school New School)

Free Old School New School codes! Come and get em!

There is a new Mountain Dew promotion underway, and this is a page for me (and others) to share or give away unused cap codes. We have already developed a great community of generous folks that give away MyCokeRewards Codes and Pepsi Stuff Codes, and I’m sure we’ll see a good turnout here as well.

The prize list looks impressive. X-BOX 360, HDTVs, a sweet looking Classic Arcade machine, and a few other good ones.

According to the rules, however, you only have until 8/11/08 to enter codes, so you better get started!

Here is the breakdown on what the codes are worth:

20oz – 1 play
1 Liter – 1 play
32oz Fountain cup – 1 play
44oz Fountain cup – 1 play
16oz Can – 2 plays
12 Pack – 2 plays
24 Pack – 3 plays

Some other interesting limits:

  • Max of 3 codes from 16oz cans can be entered each day.
  • Max of 500 Code entries per person or name/address/household throughout the life of the Promo, through the site and SMS texting combined.

And here is a freebie to get you started:
MR636 C74LP

Check back often! Many more freebies to come!


  1. Here is a list of codes I took from another forum. I am not sure which it was. I just copied it into a word document a while back. I believe these are codes from AMP cans and worth 2 point each, but like mentioned about you can only redeem 3 a day for a total of 6 free plays.

  2. Forgot to mention… watching the videos gets really old really fast. Here is a shortcut to seeing if you won.

    If the last part of the URL begins with “MC” (ex.:MCwyMDM) at the end it means you lose.

    If the last part of the URL begins with “MS” (ex.:MSwyMDM) at the end it means you win.

    I hate watching the videos and I never win.

  3. I got the last three codes


    Thanks! 🙂

  4. Moon13… Actually I believe you can use those same codes over and over again with the limit of 3 a day. So those codes you used today anyone can still use and you could use them tomorrow. I don’t know why they did it that way, but they are on the bottoms of the AMP cans and I guess that making them multiple user codes made it so that people wouldn’t just go in and write down the codes in the store and not purchase the product… oh well, that’s a plus for us seeing as how I do not drink AMP.

  5. Thanks for the heads up acein!

    🙂 This just makes me love Mt.Dew even more!

  6. thanks for the info. if anyone has caps i’m guessing you can enter each code once, from what the rules say, and it does not specify a limit on cap entries per day.

  7. Huh…The site wouldn’t let me enter the codes I entered in yesterday. It said I had already used the codes but it took 3 other codes from the list.

  8. Think about it, Mt. Dew is not going to give a prize multiple times for the same code. A person can enter those codes over and over but if it did not win the first time it is not going to win the second or third.
    I’m sure that if one of the codes is a winner it will go to the first one to enter it and that will be the only time that particular code can be used. I may be wrong, I have been before, but I don’t think so. It just kind of makes you look like you have been writing the codes from the bottom of cans in the store and I’m sure none of you would do that. Have a good one.

  9. Darrell, I am not sure about that. your idea can def be valid, but it is working off game plays. So u r not actually using the code to win a prize. u r using the code on the bottle/can to buy game plays. from there on its just random if u win.

  10. Now it’s telling me I cannot enter them as they have already been used. I got one to work again.

  11. Hey chris, did you get an email right away after you won them? I just won the reponses last night and I haven’t got anything yet…not even an email to say I won. I know you’re supposed to wait 2 days for them to verify, but I was just wondering…Have you gotten the actual certificate to buy the shoes yet?

  12. Kassie and Wall how many codes have you used before you
    won anything?? I have put in over 40 and still nothing.

  13. I just wan a pair of shoes 15 minutes ago, and like Kassie, I don’t have the email yet. She’s right, the official rules say an email will be sent immediately. Anyone know anything or have experience with this?

  14. I used 2 codes I got off of 2 24 packs which got me 6 plays…I won on my fourth try. Since then, I’ve probably tried 20 more times (mostly with the codes above) and nothing. As far as an email for getting my shoes, I haven’t gotten one yet. It’s been about 47 hours…I’ll post again if I get one.

  15. I won on about my 4th try. I recieved an email with a gift certificate about a week later.

  16. hey anybody who won…did it say anything thated stated you won something under account history cuz i no someone who won something and it didnt say anything under it

  17. hey to people that won something…i know someone that won something and there was nothing under the account history…does there have to be somethin under there for you to win!

    Thanks, Ur Man J ☺

  18. I went into a store and compared the codes on the Adrenaline Rush, and a lot were the same. I used these 2 but I was wondering if other people could.


  19. Hey, if you guys just wanna watch the video for winners, see what its like, then copy and paste “MSwyMDM” after “playresults.php?m=” thats the XBox 360, and “MSwyMDE” is the car. Just paste it in for the first 7 letters after that url part i said. Its kinda cool to show people and stuff

  20. I just tried something and it worked:
    J-Son (same name haha) posted this code earlier:
    I replaced the 2nd five with a 3 (so I got 1225MV04038) and it worked. So replace that number with 1-9 and you should get correct codes (i’d try another combination, but im at my limit.)

  21. J-son,
    Both codes worked for me! Still have’nt won anything after 74 tries but I will keep trying.Thanks!
    Also thanks to acein for the 13 codes posted earlier!

  22. Good to known they work for other people, too! And in reply to Jason above, you can replace it with 0-9 and they all work, not just 1-9! But I haven’t won anything yet.

  23. I’ve been playing my own codes since I drink enough AMP on my own as it is. What are some of the prizes you guys are going for? I’ve been playing most of mine on the C6 Corvette.

  24. I have tried for the XBox & Samsung 40″ HDTV a total of 41 times and have not won. This is the only prize I am going for…can’t afford the insurance on the car 🙁

  25. i LOVE this promo! i have won both pairs of shoes from a code of my own and an amp code from this site! i have only played 4 times and have won twice! wow! i love this promo! 🙂

  26. just won the old school video system on monday. still waiting for email and verification notice.

  27. Whoops, sorry for the double post. Also, I just recently won the old school kicks! 🙂

  28. i’ve tried 90 times for a damn pair of the adidas responses and nothing 🙁 all i want is a pair of sneakers!

  29. yea funny thing is that the other day i signed up & use the code on the bottom of the amp can they display

  30. dang, i just had 2 cans of amp yesterday, but i threw them away, shuld have kept them 🙁

  31. 19 tries and nothing, and those free codes here worked! thanks. I just bought those exact old school adidas before this contest started

  32. got my verification form on friday for the old school game that i won on monday. just have to get it notarized and sent back. will update when it arrives.

  33. Can’t wait to recieve my xbox 360 and hdtv! Does anyone know what the model number is on that hdtv? That’s the one thing that’s missing on the detailed specification

  34. ok so just incase anyone(like me) is trying to copy and paste each code..i did it for u(the codes on this page)







  35. i tried 28 times and nothing i tried for the 360 and old school shoes and i will not give up till i win and new jersey is not winning wut is with that when dose this end

  36. Here are some more codes. I have not tried them all. I hate the 3 code per day limit. Let me know if they work for you guys. I am really interested in the 1101CO050582-1199CO050582 codes. They say that all the numbers between those work. If that’s the case it would be a lot of codes. Someone please post if it works
    1101CO050582-1199CO050582 (I have not verified that all these work)

  37. I have tried 237 times so far and haven’t won a thing. I’ve been entering randomly for the Xbox, car, shoes and arcade game system. I had around 50 caps saved by the time the contest started.

  38. I have about 25 plays so far, but still going for the car. Glad to see some people are winning the gaming systems. Anyone hear anything about wins for the cars?

  39. Well it doesent mean youll win

    I keep trying for the car but sadly its not going to happen!

  40. I just won the shoes too. 4th try. Isn’t it wierd that everybody is winnin the shoes on their fourth try? If anyone didn’t win on thier 4th try plz respond.



  42. thanks for all the codes, i triesd shoes 6 times , no luck


  43. JoshF — I have not won anything yet, having played almost 70 times. I have done the shoes six times in a row on many occasions (both types). I’ll keep trying.

  44. I won the Superstars on my very first entry. With a code from a Dew my boss bought me on my birthday, funny stuff. I received the verification email on the 3rd day after winning, and the next morning I ordered my Superstars from the adidas site. Within 5 days, they were delivered and on my feet. I’ve probably entered 50 codes since, and nothing.

    P.S. The Amp/Sobe codes are sequential. I’ve been ‘testing’ entering codes the past 3 days (under various accounts) and it’s worked every time. IE:

    1203PZ03038 – 1202PZ03038 – 1201PZ03038

    I discovered this by accident, noting that when I purchased 3 cans of Sobe Ad. Rush, each code was identical. Thus, I tried changing one digit, and it worked. Good luck all, this is a fun promo.

  45. i typed in my 2nd code and i won new school kicks. i gave them to my dad on fathers day. he was very happy!!

  46. I won the kicks on tues night, still haven’t recieved a e-mail. How long does it usually take?

    JoshF it took 23 trys for me to win.

  47. I won the Old School Adidas on around my 30th try using codes listed above. I’m going to try for the tv and 360 now, even though i already have a flat screen and a 360. I guess two wont hurt.

  48. I haven’t won anything (including shoes). I’ve played more than 30 times already. 🙁

  49. i replaced the C with an S and it said i won. can anyone tell me if that really counts?

  50. I have 50-60 tries no wins yet, check out the map of the winners and where they are located by state on the site, the entire midwest almost to the west coast is hardly playing looks like, my state new york is not one of the ones with the most winners those were Illinois or Indiana, WIsconsin and Michigan i think. 3,500+ winners or so so far they said as of 6/20

  51. Does anyone have any confirmation on the amp codes it appears you can ever them once a day but if they were a “loosing” code then can you still win off it?

    So confused ive played 35 times what a fun game
    I’ll let you know when i win the corvette rofl

  52. hey taco, i won that system 2 weeks ago. paperwork is in and now just waiting for a response. let us know know when you get it. i’ll update when i get mine.

    BTW, here’s a few codes….

  53. I’ve played over 60 times and haven’t won anything. I live in Oregon though where there is 0-49 winners. I don’t know if people don’t play of if it’s just weird out here. It’s fishy that all the midwest states have 200+ winners and the west coast hardly has any. Anyone have an idea of why this is?

  54. I think michigan is one of the biggest recycling states in the country hence cap codes from all the workers. but i could be wrong. I am 0 for 190 tries.

  55. This sukz i save like for 46 points then use them all on the 360 and tv and still didnt win. Any hints for a better chance of winning cause i am tire of losing.

  56. I am 1 for 69 and have 13 more plays just added. I won the old school addidas shoes. Those off you going 0 for 100+, that hurts….

  57. We (Oregon) are a recycling state too. Still fishy that the midwest has so many winners and other recycling states have nothing 🙁

  58. 0 for 97. I keep trying for the shoes (either style) because I actually need a new pair. Maybe tonight when I can enter some more.

  59. Awesome to see some of you guys winning the big stuff. I keep trying a handful of codes a day. At this point I think it would be awesome to win either the old school or new school prizes. I alternate between the cars and the gaming. I read someone won a Vette on another forum, but haven’t heard of any other car wins as of yet.

  60. what are the odds of winning the super star 2 shoes and can someone put some more codes up plz

    thanks for the other ones :]

  61. I won a pair of old school kicks with one of the codes on this site
    …. thanks…..

  62. 1200pz03038 thru 1217pz03038 work. Hav’nt tried 1218 and up yet. At 3 per day it will take a while.

  63. what time of day are yall winning?? please put the time!! thanks and make it the same zone, like i dunno. EST please

  64. I am 2 for 121. I won the old school adidas and now thee old school Waltrip racing package. I like 3 of the 4 things- WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH A RACING HOOD? The car my kid can play with, the fridge is mine and the cap fine (work cap), but the hood? Who’s idea at Pepsi was that? Can you say EBAY????

  65. hey taco. it took 1 week to get the forms. i won on a monday and got them the following friday. sent them back and according to the affidavit, it will take about 8-10 weeks for delivery. 🙁 i can’t wait anymore!!!

  66. man…..i soooo want the HDTV and X-box 360
    how many times can u win the same item?

  67. Question for GENO or anyone else who has won the shoes: Is there a time of day you seem to be winning? Do you put all your plays on the same item or spread them around? Do you win on AMP codes or Mt. Dew codes? Any other advice? I really need to win one of those pairs of shoes. I’m ZERO for over 130 right now. But I’m remaining positive and will keep trying.

  68. i won the new kicks on the 24 and not recieve a email since i won and its been 5 days. any one else had the same problem?

  69. I won the xbox 360 and tv!!!! Instead of showing the guys playing halo 3 it shows them playing a football vid game and when he scored it said I won!!!!!! I only used 8 amp plays from this site using comment 112 and replacing the #0-17 first it said acres denied then I changed the URL from MC to Ms ( forgot to capilize) like people say above and it didn’t show anything then I put MS (capital this time) and it showed winning screen!!!!! I hope it really worked!!! I really wanna have our familys old 1994 Sony 30 somtin inch fat old chipped glass screen super bulky eye straining tv THATS THE MAIN TV Of OUR HOUSE replaced!!! And me and brother and sister have wii so well have another great console!!!! Sorry I was writing this on
    my computer and I copyed the winning URL into this comment originally and it was taking a while to load the comment and then my dad told me to go sleep, so I had to write on my itouch instead and couldn’t get URL anymore but hope that my plan will work and for all of u guys too!!!!

  70. what time of day is everyone winning i won free old school kicks around 8:00 eastern and was wondering if there was any pattern in winnings and time of day.

  71. oh and as for the url change (marc is one i see) when you change the url you can see the winning screen but you dont actually win. i tried it a few times and it let me see the screen and then i actually won the addidas old schools and it showed up on my account history whereas every other time it didnt show up.

  72. uh, MArc? I think all you did was show yourself a winning screen, I don’t think you won anything. There’s no way all you have to do to win a TV and XBOX 360 is change 2 letters in the URL, but let us know if it actually shows up, I guess. besides, if you did “win” it, you cheated twice to get it.

  73. Used Mt Dew Amp and this site for codes and I am 0 for 87. I want the old school kicks

  74. could someone please post a winning url for the old school kicks thanks i am 0 for 210 thanks

  75. There isn’t a “winning url” persay, but it’s basically understood that they can trigger what time a prize will hit. It is still completely random, so every code has an equal chance at winning. I’m doing my 6 a day…

  76. Those of you using these codes might have to try something else. If you are retyping amp codes, you might want to change them. I doubt that Pepsi will let you win with the same code twice.

  77. Might as well go out and buy them, the AMPS taste good as it is. Elevate’s my choice. Never hurt to win along the way too 😛

  78. M7KFIKKFZ4

    5 codes. have fun i don’t want to sign upfor all that stuff

  79. So how many people played for the xbox/tv today and saw the football field goal and thought they won and then the kicked missed LOL. 0 for 386.

  80. i live in colorado, right now i am about 0 for 85. this bites, i love mountain dew, i live on the stuff, but it sure doesn’t pay back like the pepsi promo.

  81. yea i won on the 29th and today is day 5 so i guess i wont get one either. im gunna call if i dont get it soon.

  82. the comments from above said that the winning screen for the t.v is a field goal. well i have play that game at lease 100 times and it has always been the gunmen screen until just now and it did the football twice on me and each time he missed the field goal and said i lost.

    has this happen to anybody else?

  83. ya it showed the field goal but missed…i was getting so excited but it said u lose haha

  84. I’m from Michigan and I’ve played only 24 times so far and nothing im goin for the Xbox 306 and TV.

    That URL about the winning screen does not work.It just shows black in the middle

    I’m in the highest winning state and nothing :/ shows how much luck i have lol.

  85. response to comment 142. yeah it happened to me too, but there are 4 screens the gunmen ones can say access denied or xbox 360 access granted and the 2 football screens with the made or missed field goal.

  86. 0 for 410 as of today. I was excited when I saw the football screen over the weekend – played almost 89 times but no win.

  87. I’m 1 for 50. I won, or so I’m told, the XBOX360 and 40″ HDTV. My winning play was on 27-Jun-2008, and still no e-mail or letter. A girl I work with won a pair of the old school sneakers, and it took her a week and a half to receive any notice. Hopefully I’ll get something by the end of the week. It’d be nice if they’d at least issue out an e-mail upon receipt of the winning play, so at least you know they received it. It still shows in my account.

  88. i have 2 accounts. used about 75 on one used them on all the days i entered the codes. then i have another that i save up and try to win an xbox and the tv. that had about 90 on there. i used them all today….didnt win.

  89. Using more than one account is cheating and if they catch you, they’ll DQ you and you won’t get any prizes at all. You’re allowed 6 entries a day and that’s it. Also, you’re just allowed one win in each category (cars, shoes, video games, racing stuff). Read the rules… it would suck to win a great prize and have it taken away for cheating.

  90. I won the Adidas Response 16 Sneakers after about 50 tries using a code from this site!! Thanks! Now I am determined to win the HD TV and X Box 360.

  91. man it seems hard to win from this game. I have entered over 200 codes and nothing. Just want to win a pair of shoes or the xbox and tv ..well maybe ill win i guess i ll just keep trying

  92. It may take a while to get your response email but you’ll get one if you’ve won

  93. I am 0 for 161 here are some codes that worked for me maybe someone else can win with them. These are all amp 2 point codes.


  94. I put 500 hundred codes and won one pair of crappy shoes that I have still not gotten a email for, hang in there guys

  95. Hang in there, the emails will come through. Still a $65 value if you look at it that way!

  96. I called 1800# today and was told e-mails would go out week of 7/14 they are really backed up. I won kicks on 6/27 and hadn’t heard anything, so i called.

  97. As of today, im 0 of 164. I hardly ever win internet prizes, but I’ll keep trying !!! =[ THANKS FOR THE CODES*

  98. “”I put 500 hundred codes and won one pair of crappy shoes that I have still not gotten a email for, hang in there guys

    Comment by bob — July 9, 2008 @ 11:18 am””

    hey bob if you don’t want those i am more than glad to have them!!!

  99. actually, you have a better chance of winning if you are in one of the many states where there are few winners, probably means there is less competition, not that it matters which state youre in ultimately i suppose to start with. if they were are pinkish purple, we’d all have a better chance tomorrow.

  100. i got my email today. i have been waiting since the 24th. everything is all good. i had to pay 2 dollars and some change for the shoe.

  101. Dudes I’m 0 for 117 and still trying to win the xbox.I was wondering if there is any way to tell when all the xbox 360’s have been won?

  102. i won the Earnhardt Racing Package with entering 89 codes. i am up to 185 and nothing else yet

  103. Got my email today with the ocde to claim my old school kicks!!!

    I am soo excited!
    Good Luck everyone I play 112 times b/f I won

  104. As of today, I am 0 for 213. Still trying. A relative is also going to begin playing and will give me the shoes if they win, so here’s hoping.

  105. 1510GC03288-1575GC03288

    I am 0 for 187. These codes have worked for me they are amp 2 point codes. This is 66 codes instead of 2. I just did not want to write out all 66 codes. I think this may work until 1599GC03288 but I am not sure.

  106. 0 for 95 still trying for a pair of shoes. Either style will do. I am gonna hang in there.

  107. I’m on my sixty fifth code, nothing yet, than again the vett, is the only thing I’m after.

  108. Awesome! I won a pair of the old school kicks on my 37th try! I submitted my play at exactly 3:30 AM Eastern time on Monday, July 14th. It was after I entered an AMP code, but I doubt that made a difference. Most of my codes were Mountain Dew bottle codes obtained through trash diving at work. I work in an office that is adjacent to a warehouse, and I collect tops between the workers’ breaks. My company’s web server is in Minnesota even though I live in North Carolina; so I’m not sure which state will be reflected on the winners map…Good luck to the rest of you!

  109. So I just bought two AMP sugar free cans and both had the same code… Luckily, I figured out I can just go up in order. (seeing how I have bought like 6 from one store and got xxx4, xxx4, xxxx5, 6, 7, 8)

  110. Wait a minute…..if you win something, don’t you have to have proof of the code?

  111. 0 for 263…. 🙁
    I’m usually good at gettin stuff…Total includes a ps2, dvd’s, calling card, few 100’s check
    I want that 360 and HDTV tho

  112. Those of you playing for the XBox,

    How often do you get the screen that shows you kicking the field goal? 25% of the time? Half the time? etc.?

  113. I’m glad to see some of you at least have received e-mails. I still haven’t received anything from my winning play on June 27th.

  114. I’m 0 for 450 on trying to get the X-Box and HDTV. Still trying. I get the football screen about 25% of the time.

  115. Got my shoes today! Only took four days I think. Maybe three. May try to get other game system instead. Can you only get shoes once?

  116. Yeah ET, you can only get shoes once, according to the official rules. So, if you won the old school shoes, you cannot get the new school Adidas Response because they are in the same category. But you can play for other prizes. Whether or not there is a check in the system for multiple shoe winners, or whether additional wins will be voided, I don’t know.

  117. I wanted to watch the winners video for the new Corvette C6 but when I change the url nothing happens

  118. If you haven’t recieved a confirmation e-mail yet and its been awhile, try your yahoo account. Thats where mine was, even though I gave them my primary address. Just got my Superstar 2’s in the mail yesterday, took all of 4 days. 1 for 125, good luck to all!!

  119. This sucks I have 14 email accounts with random names and 90 overall tries but i cant keep losing 90 times a day on 14 diffrent accounts

    (Or can I) Any 1 else have multiple accounts please respond if u nhave luck or not

  120. so i have won the old school adidas shoes and it was been about 6 days and still no email. i dont have to do anything do i? arent they just suppose to email me automaticly?

  121. ET, The prizes seem to be evenly distributed across the promotion period. I computed the total number of prizes and the number of days in the promotion period. On July 17th, for example, 70% of the prizes had been awarded, while 70% of the period had passed.

  122. Ben, your only allowed one account if you do win and they see how many accounts you have they can disqualify you and take your prize away.

  123. no luck ben i have 2 accounts and over 750 points on both combined and have only won one pair of shoes thats it

  124. This is not the most win friendly promotion I have lots of friends playing from all over the country and O wins. I counted all our entries togther 5411 entries and zero wins. We are all doing pepsi points and won 17 prizes between us.

  125. i have some codes



    good luck

  126. People like Ben could be the reason those of us playing legitimately are having so much trouble. I hope, for everyone else’s sake, that if you do win anything it’s taken away.

    As for me, I won back on June 27th (on a SINGLE account), and still no e-mail.

  127. Ya, I saw yday.. the vintage car is gone now.. 🙁
    i had 30 tries so far & no win…
    btw, mountain dew cap codes can’t be reused… AMP codes work fine though..

  128. I just won the old school sneaks..anyone know if they’ll notice i cheated on some of the codes??? When did u guys get your emails?

  129. I can get hundreds of codes from the redemption center I volunteer at twice a week…I have not been collecting them but will if anyone wants me too post them here.

  130. Anyone look at the map of winners? The Midwest states are HOT… I live in MN and you can’t buy a Dew anywhere that doesn’t have a code cap on it. Hearing from some others on forums that not all states had these in stores right away and some have since run out and are onto the next style plain cap.

    Anyway, i don’t know what someone has to do to win, but i have spent the last couple hours entering a hoard of caps i have been saving during the last couple weeks, from home, from work, off bottles sitting in the trash, recycle bins, you name it. A full pail of caps.

    I played half of them for the Xbox and tv, nada.. I played the other half on the Corvette, the classic one is now done, nada..

    I give up.

  131. I have tried 100 times for new vette and xbox/tv. NO LUCK. Who won the old school vettes? Any way to find out yet?

  132. What would happen if I won in the past, but just clicked play now before finding out outcome because it took TOO long?? I did that many times, then noticed codes had been used.

  133. played old school video game 120 times, stiill no winning. Played Transformyoursummer last year had about 60 caps in on the Flat screen/video game combo, never won.

  134. I looked at the map of winnings, that doesn’t change much. do people drink Mt dew all over the USA? I know I was on a trip to CA a while a go and asked for a Mt dew And they asked if I was from the other side of the Rockies. We drink Dew in MN… who likes Soda vs Pop?

  135. got my classic arcade system on Wed and it’s all setup.
    i even added a ton of other games that didn’t come with it that should have been included. this thing is so sweet.

  136. 130 tries and still nothing, have been exclusively trying the new school gaming bundle. Been using the 1101co05058 – 1199co05058 doing three a day for a while so hopefully I will get a winner soon. Thanks a bunch for the posting!!

  137. I am at 160 plays now and still no win..what time of the day do people usally win? I’ve played at different times of the day do you think that screws up my chances?

  138. It has been 20 days since I won and have not received a winner’s email. I checked both my Yahoo email and my primary email, buthave received nothing from DEW. Are they still behind in winner confirmation emails?

  139. I would like to know where the winners of the cars are from…At least they are posting when the final prize has been won, otherwise a class-action suit would be filed. Several states have been sued for continuing to sell lottery tickets etc after the grand prize was won and failed to notify the public.

  140. Carrie you tried 452 times and have not won? What are you going for? Is there no hope? I am at 180 now, and no winnings… if what you say is true, makes me want to quit now. This Mt Dew game has become like having another job but no pay…really becoming upset. If I had the time and knew where they recycled pop bottles I would sort MT Dew bottles until I had 500 chances. oh well. any tips anyone?

  141. rich

    That is 500 code entries per acct. The Amp codes give you 2 game plays & the 24 pack codes give you 3 game plays. So I have entered around 350 codes and have gotten about 550 game plays so far.

  142. 145 tries and 0 wins. I feel like the Washington Generals and Mt. Dew is Globetrotters!!

  143. AMP Code:


    I have entered 391 codes and used up 557 game plays. Still have’nt won anything!

  144. this just isn’t cool anymore..200 tries no wins, all I have now is a drinking problem w/ Mt Dew. Think I need another fix now! RRrrrr!

  145. I’ve been attempting to FORCE the site to forward me to the “winner” video. I have been using Tamper Data (firefox addon). Looking closely at each to try and figure out how to force me to the winner video. The link contains a text file with all the ‘generated’ links that will all forward you to the losing video sequence for the New Corvette. Don’t load the link while you are logged in and have points left. Pretty sure the link will remove points for a complete waste since you know these all are losers. Didn’t know if anyone else out their is using Tamper Data and attempting the same thing.

  146. For any of you who may be worried that all prizes have been exhausted, don’t despair. As of the end of August 3rd, 7486 of 8271 prizes have been awarded, while 77 of the 85 days in the promotion period have passed. So, 90.5% of prizes have been awarded through 90.5% of the promotion period. There has been an even distribution of the prizes over time. Keep trying, and good luck to all of you!

  147. i am 0-430 this really bites, i’d stop drinking mountain dew if i wasn’t addicted to it. lol

  148. What is the e-mail address that sends the winner confirmations? I don’t want to have it wind up in the spam folder and get deleted.

  149. 452 game plays and not one friggin win. I swear this thing is rigged somehow. How is it some are winning stuff with only a couple hundred entries or less and i’m over four hundred with nothing?? I put about 50 trys on each of the shoes, figured a lower end prize like that won’t have as much playing for it, nope. Put another 50 on the old school gaming system, nope, another 50 on the new school gaming system, nope. I put the remaining 252 game plays on the new school corvette, didn’t figure i had a chance in heck winning that but why not. Nope.. So much for the weeks of scrounging Dew caps. Next time they run a promotion like this they can kiss my butt, cause i’m going to put all the caps i find through the wood chipper.

  150. Joe, Why do you switch around what you try for? Maybe it’ll work. I put all my eggs in one basket on this deal. Stay in one place and hope to get found. MT Dew caps in my area are just about all gone. Had to switch to drinking Code Red there is still some caps available, must not be as popular.

  151. Just saw on eBay some asshat is selling the old school gaming system he won and just got. Asking over $2k buy it now price. Seems to me that the ones winning are doing something to get an unfair advantage just so they can make money! There is also a couple xbox mountain dew editions on eBay, they also claim to have been won in this promotion.

    Oh, and look on ebay motors, there is a guy taking bids on his yet to be delivered old school corvette that he won.. Just sad, the ones that are winning would rather have the cash anyway!

  152. Rich,

    I was moving around on the plays hoping that i could get one of the items that are less popular, thinking that might help with the odds.

    I was telling my friend the other day about not winning anything, man that was like opening a can of worms i didnt want to look into. Turns out he collected Amp and Dew codes from work on his breaks for like three weeks, 530 plays later and he didn’t win a darn thing. He was playing for the Xbox and TV. He played something like 30-40 a night until he was out of plays. He didn’t know about the MC/MS thing on the URL, so he got tired of watching the videos and wouldn’t play much longer than that every day.

    If a guy can’t win with 530 plays i don’t think its totally random like they claim.

  153. The guy that won the old corvette is getting a CHECK for $75,000…so he is stupid listing a car on e bay when he is getting CASH not a car. But I went to my local stores and they have cans on shelves and I copied codes off the bottom of the cans. Here are some.
    and so on

  154. 6 days left, hope of winning is fading like the supply of Mt Dew w/ oldschoolornew caps. Who’s going to win? Joe, Dave, Robert, Ray are all disappointed as am I. What do you do but Wallow through another swallow of MT Dew.

  155. IF it was random, as they say, there would be an equal number in each state, and not tons in michigan and hardly any in missouri, for example.

  156. Derek,

    The high number of winning entries in Michigan has to do with it being a bottle deposit/recyling state. That somehow contributes to more people in that state paying attention to bottle tops, thereby creating more entries, and more winners. Neighboring states will also have a lot of winners, as I’m sure residents from Wisconsin & Ohio cross the border to collect deposits…It also wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Mountain Dew bottles bearing the codes were made available to the Midwest states first, enabling a higher pre-promotion collection rate.

  157. I just got conformation for my win on august 1. But im happy and working on getting that x-box and tv!!!!! and i’am in st.paul minnesota

  158. I managed to find a Mountain Dew cap with this promotion on it, but as I’m not 18 I’m sure I wouldn’t pass the verification even if I did win something.

    20 oz.

  159. Haven’t won a thing since the end of June. I am 2 for 425 as of today. I won the old school kikcks and the Waltrip package whick I was just playing at random with. I’ve been trying to win either the Xbox or arcade package. After reading that people have gone 0 for 300 or more, I don’t feel so bad now. That sucks if you haven’t won a thing with that many attempts….

  160. I forgot to mention I’m in Michigan and one of the rare dual winners. They are showing mercy on us for the awful economy by having so many winners…. just a guess 🙂

  161. 233 tries now…I think its hopeless now My resources are almost completely depleted. I rarely find game pieces in any stores now. Think it’s time to give am and call this game a lose. This is the 2nd promo I have ever played and I don’t think I’ll ever waste my time on winning things. Too much for nothing. Mello Yello is sounding pretty good right now. At least I can get something for Coke rewards.

  162. Won the Vette.. AWESOME…

    No thats a lie… 0-189 and I have equally distributed between Vette-TV-Shoes..

    What garbage…

  163. 250 tries no wins. Know what I found wierd today..I bought a 1 liter mountain dew the 20 oz was same price. Which one do you think I bought… All the Vettes’ are gone. somebodies happy.

  164. I’m 0-125 so far on the pair of old skoo kicks!!. This stinks cuz im also 0-75 of the adidas respose shoes. All of you winners should feel very priveledged!!!! Oh well this promotion will be over tomorow and im kinda glad.

  165. All corvettes are now deceased from winning. Ow. 23 tries that bites with nothing won I was goin for 360

  166. 0-418, I am glad this promotion is almost over I spent probably 80% on the Response shoes. I hate that video.

  167. The official rules state the total number of prizes in each category. If you add it up, it comes to 8,271 prizes. Well, guess what? As of 11:00 p.m. EST Sunday night, with 25 hours left in the promotion, all 8,271 prizes have been awarded according to the winner’s map. It looks like playing for prizes on the last day may be a lost cause. That really sucks because I had 44 plays left. I will still keep playing just in case prizes are placed back into the pool due to ineligibility. If no more prizes are to be awarded, I really wish they would just post that all prizes have indeed been exhausted.

  168. I played out all 500 entries with no wins. Most were for the Xbox 360 and LCD tv. Can’t wait for the next promotion. I’m able to get lots of these caps.

  169. I agree dh. Even though I was 2-467, it took a lot of time and effort. I was ripping codes of 12 packs, collecting caps from people’s bottles, etc… and I was one of the lucky ones. The shoes were $65, and the racing package was worth 600 or so, it seems to have been worth it, but it wasn’t worth the time, money and effort.

  170. I ended up 0-231and i say about 0 for 60 on my wife,mother and sons account oh well whats the got for us next?? did anybody win in montana

  171. Glad somebody won. I was pretty sure the whole thing was a scam. I had 300 entries in and didn’t win a thing. That was a lot of wasted effort. Maybe I’ll get one of those hats in the random drawing. Maybe it says “I played Mt Dews oldschoolornew and all I got was this hat”.

  172. For those who won – did you win at a certain time of day. I’d love to know when the winners were picked. I’m trying to figure out how they have their servers programmed.

  173. i won arcade game system..didnt get email but ups delivered the form to accept to me..i didnt go through with it because forms stated that i would have 2 pay taxes and file it on my taxes

  174. Pam, if your story about not accepting the delivery of the arcade system because you would have to pay taxes on it is true…. then you are an idiot.

    Even if you did pay taxes on it, you could have sold it on ebay and made a big profit. I usually don’t debate the comments posted here, but I had to chime in on this one.

  175. I agree whitekid, these anti-tax fools pop up everywhere and are very short-sighted. I also find out that many of them aren’t very good at math either. The arcade costs 3,000 of which you would owe the government a whopping 700-800 dollars in taxes- TOPS. If you sold it on ebay, you could’ve made 2-2,500 and owed the government another 500 or so. So YOU STILL WOULD BE UP ABOUT 1,200 not withstanding what the government would owe you (unless you are in the upper brackets of society which would still be stupid). Like I said, not thinking and the dreaded TAX word….. ughhhh

  176. i’d pay the taxes onit and keep it, i have 3 kids and a husband that loves video games. it would have made a really cool machine to add to my living room. plus it says in the rules about having to pay taxes so why play for the item to begin with because then it left those of us who are 0/430 completely prizeless!!!

  177. hey, Pam send me the arcade game I was tring for that all a long I’ll find a way to pay the taxes. I love those classic games. I seen some the games they have listed. I have not played those in years.

  178. 0-300 tried for new vette and xbox. Old vette’s went early on. I wanna see the winners. I think this is BS, entire game is fraud!!

  179. Steph,

    I live in Charlotte, prime NASCAR country. I would have been able to get a good bit for it just by listing on eBay as a pickup only item…Even if you don’t live in what is considered NASCAR territory, I still say sell it on eBay – PICKUP ONLY. I’m sure shipping would be a bear…There are plenty of Dale, Jr. fans wherever you are. Trust me.

  180. I have 2 caps but I don’t know where I can check them.

    HT4BKEX49H and BYI73Z3WTX Are the codes . can someone help me find ot if I wom anything?

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