Free MyCokeRewards Codes (V)

This is a place us to share, collect, or give away your MyCokeRewards points or discuss the MyCokeRewards promo codes (which seem to be rare these days). I try to post as many as I can for free, but there have been some folks posting here that have really outperformed me in sharing the “Red Gold”. Big thanks to all the generous contributors!

Due to the high volume of comments, this is the fifth page in the series. If you’d like to see the older MyCokeRewards pages, here they are:

MyCokeRewards Post #1 (comments now closed)
MyCokeRewards Post #2 (comments now closed)
MyCokeRewards Post #3 (comments now closed)
MyCokeRewards Post #4 (comments now closed)

Also, if you’d like to trade or sell codes, (Pepsi Stuff codes for Coke codes, for example), please use the code trading post. Or visit this page to beg for coke codes. To keep this page clean, I delete comments on this page that are about trading, selling or begging.

Some rules:
If you comment provides no value to the discussion of MyCokeRewards points, promotions, or prizes, it will be deleted.
Please reply if you use a code so that everyone else doesn’t try it.

Here’s a 10 pointer to start: 6LNRPHRXVTBW USED

Active Promotion:
Order Domino’s, add Coke, get 5 free bonus points! From now until 6/1 (or while supplies last) if you order Domino’s online, and add a coke to the order, you get 5 free bonus points! They also say on their website that they will have “10 point days” where you get 10 bonus points. I’ll post here when I see those pop up.


  1. First comment for number 5. Unfortunately its to say that the 10 ptr is already used. Bummer 🙁

  2. so can “The YARD be downloaded on all phones by texting YARD to 59666 or do you have to have a certain provvider?

  3. i always post but someone always takes it down.

    Here is a code 6LNRPHRXVTBW

    your welcome

  4. 6LNRPHRXVTBW is already used nbm
    please! post when you use the code so poeple dont have to try it thank you

  5. The Yard is not available for phones on the Verizon Network. (I know because I tried).

  6. This is weird. I entered a code from a blue cap, which should have been either Sprite or Fanta. BUT, (cue Twilight Zone music here), up popped the Coke varieties to choose from. I choose “Unknown”, just to be safe. AND, it happened TWICE! Anyone else experience anything like that?

  7. hi everybody guess what i have won the cokereward sweepstake for platinum family tree maker and african america live 2 dvd set i am so happy i won. here are a few codes jn6klxgrzmjyj9k….am7aa9ahomjr….one more 0w0m67v7ta4m….i am so happy i won something. peace out my coke people

  8. Hey I just ordered the $75 Blockbuster cards, its a great value for the points. Is there a catch? I was hoping to use it for a Playstation game. It says $15 increments, one per customer. Does this mean I can only use one gift card at a time? Any first hand experience?

  9. NMAP559OVH9F…I tried, it and it was already redeemed. Thanks for posting it Robert.

  10. Did anyone catch any of the Domino’s Pizza certificates before they were gone??They were just on there this morning!!!!

  11. here’s some freebies





  12. New items have been added to coke also a delta trip has been added 6points for one entry

    Thanks for posting all the codes

  13. Just want to give a big thanks to vvhitekid2 for the site. Man, you are awesome. Also, if anyone deserves to win a sweepstakes, it is you Renee. Your posts on this site have always been supportive and helpful. Have a few freebees and a good day.


    More later.

  14. Anyone see the email from Domino’s pizza? You can get 5 bonus points when you add a coke to your order. I added it to the top post since everyone is always asking about any promos.

  15. To CokeCrazy…I ordered the Blockbuster cards last go-around, and they came as 5-$15 gift cards. So, no real difference from a $75 card, except you can use it as gifts for 5 different people!


  17. 10 25-pointers right here

    1. 66hhrp49xl5m
    2. oorpbnbhapax
    3. pkfbkaa9kfrj
    4. tbb4b6pfn7ho
    5. 4a67jfk7rrpw
    6. 49ta4b5a5pwb
    7. 9ovptprhavbf
    8. 9bnp5p4o9tkj
    9. 45fwjpjatkn9
    10. o49rbarlxbaf



  20. 10 more 25 pointers!

    1. f099xb94mlx5
    2. poornbbhxpaa
    3. 95pn9akajrfk
    4. raft54pafn7h
    5. 6464jfk7rrpw
    6. 49ta4b5a5pwb
    7. toottprhavbf
    8. 9bpn5p4o9tkj
    9. wwwrjpjatkn9
    10. o49rbarlxbaf

  21. codes from Wing –
    #6 – Already Reddemed – NBM
    The Rest Say Not Entered Correctly


  23. Here are a few 3 pointers. Not much in comparison to the generosity shown lately, but I’m sure they can be used.
    Have a great day.

  24. There are some 24 packs with NASCAR advertising. 50 years of NASCAR = 50 points for those packages
    where do you find these?

  25. Thanks for the codes Darrell!

    Bob – the Nascar packages are only in some stores in some cities. I saw them advertised in a Kroger ad a few weeks back, not sure if they still have them and it was the first I had seen them here.


  27. Is it me or not. Does it seem that the coke rewards are not as great as they used to be? The things I like or want I have to go into a drawing and I just might not win. I wish they could allow people to actually get the prizes by using their points instead of entering into a drawing. Also heres a free 3 pointer for listening. 7aw4756wx99j

  28. Hey everyone there is a way to get free entries to the 2 round trip airline tickets. The instant sweepstakes has a link for the offical rules. All you do is go to the offical rules and under 5b… alternate ways of entry you press the Click here button, you will then enter a code ( they provide the security code.) You can get up to 20 free entrys a day.

    Have fun

  29. No one has posted any for a few days so I’ll post a couple.


    That second code is from a sprite so it can be redeemed a second time at “the yard” or whatever that promotion is. Enjoy.

  30. hey peeps…

    just as an FYI, this week I got another 12 pack code where the print plate had slipped. Now, the print still looked pretty clear, but one of the letters looked like a “U” as in Umbrella.

    Coke doesn’t use “U”s in their codes, but you would swear to God it was a U. I tried and tried to enter the code but to no avail. Finally, I remembered that this has happpened a couple of times. It was an “H” but the plate slipped mid-print, obviously! I entered the “H” and the code was accepted.

    SOOOO… if you ever get a code where you swear the letter you see is a “U”, try the “H” instead.


  31. Has anyone here ever experience having purchased a Coke Zero twelve pack and attempting to enter the code to no avail, only to be told by the toll free agents that the code has been previously used, not by you, but by another totally unknown, unrelated person? Hmmmm….makes me wonder as to the validity of some code numbers

  32. Anyone redeem for the Audiovox portable DVD player? Mine arrived today – doesn’t work, just make clicking noises and then says “no disc”. I called Coke immediately and was referred to eprize. Their toll-free number tells you to e-mail them. So I did and now I get to wait 3 days for a response. This is the first time I redeemed for something with moving parts, so I guess I won’t do that again! If anyone has had any dealings with the eprize fulfillment people, I would be interested in hearing how it turned out.

  33. Karen, I don’t believe I’ve had to deal with eprize, but I redeemed for the Jensen 2 CD player, which has a lot of sensitive moving parts and it works great. it skips if you look at it funny, but i’m pretty sure that’s a design flaw, not from the shipping. point is, mistakes happen, unless eprize is the one bad apple in the bunch, coke is not out to ship faulty merchandise in their reward program, just think of the nasty PR nightmare that would be for them. sucks that it didn’t work, but haven’t you ever bought an electronic device from somewhere and it just didn’t work before? I know I have. it probably got knocked around in the delivery truck or something.

  34. Nick, I was just wondering what to expect: if they replace it or I’m just told to have it fixed under warranty. You bet I’ve bought many items that didn’t work when I got it home! That line about prizes with moving parts was just my sense of humor. At least I didn’t get it off the back of a truck – hey, just kidding!! Love the MCR program.

  35. yeah, that’s ok Karen, thanks for posting, I was definitely thinking about the dvd player at some point, it’s good to know if anyone else has had problems with it also. pepsi has the backing of amazon for their shipping, everything is topnotch there, coke seems to farm it out to who knows whom sometimes.

  36. To gina cummings: This method is not free because you still have to use 6 points to enter.

  37. Hi, Can someone please tell me if the 75.00 gift card from Blockbuster comes through the mail or is it a printable coupon??

    I want to get one but my printer is dead so I want to make sure they mail these out.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  38. ON the Blockbuster cards is there any catch like that they can only be used for rentals or anything like that? I want to get them but would plan on using them to buy a few blu-rays or dvds.

    Thanks for any info!

  39. hi sandy they mail out the blockbuster gift cards i receive mimes in december 3/75.00 card when they were 750 point now they are 300 more. enjoy them

  40. anyone redeem for the “19 inch samsung LCD tv” for 13250 points…It’s what I’m thinking of saving for.

    Is it really a 19″ (reason I as is b/c the MINIDV I wanted wound up being a MINIDVD that I didn’t want..well according to a re I spoke to).

    Is the TV the model with the built in ASTC digital turner (the one with 2 cable ports on the back…one marked AIR and another marked CABLE).

    What is the Model number of the LCD TV offered for 13250?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  41. Does anyone know if the coupon for the free 20oz coke come in the mail or do I have to print this?


  42. I don’t know about the 20oz Coke Coupon, but ordered a coupon for Powerade a while ago and it was mailed.

  43. Tim, if you go back to the archived page IV of this page, there is some info that someone put about the TV. I believe that they said they ended up getting a different one than what was described, but that it was actually a better TV…21″ instead of 19″ maybe?

  44. @Jeff, I don’t know when it will end, but I just received a message from MCR saying something like “thanks for your first year with us, blah, blah, we hope you stay with us for many more years”. To me that sounds like they’ll be around for a while.

  45. Bob,

    The 20oz coupon comes in the mail. It takes about 7-10 days to receive. You also are not limited to getting a Coke with it, you can get Diet coke, Sprite, Fanta, PibbaExtra etc. Its listed on the coupon. The max value is $1.35 give or take a penny. 🙂

  46. Thanks for the info on the blockbuster cards.
    here is another 3 pointer – 6XV7HA9FAM4T.

  47. NPP6H7FTLN5V

  48. nacieaw – thanks for the Info about the TV.

    Just curious so I can look up the TV’s info (I still need 2800 point to get it…if I wouldn’t have gotten the Digital Pic fram I would have it now)…

    If you wouldn’t mind, What is the model number of the TV?

  49. I got my LCD 23″ Samsung TV today! Yahoo! The Model # is LN-T2354H. It is white and it is worth every point! It has so many ports on it you can hook it up to a computer a camcorder whatever. It rocks. Also it took less than three days from the time I ordered for it to arrive. How awesome is that.

  50. Does anyone know if Coke charges shipping for the items they offer as rewards? Thanks so much. -Shell

  51. I dont use Mcoke rewards no more so I have a few 3 pointers here for anyone to use.

    I hope these help

    If anyone has a few pepsistuff codes they liked to pass along that would be cool if not no bigdeal just happy to help out.

  52. SHELLY..



  53. Has anyone else noticed that the codes on the new coke caps are not printed very well. When I pick up caps on the side walk or by the curb, more often than not they’re illegible. The old caps could get run over by a car and be cracked in half and I could still read the code. With the new ones, if someone stps on it the code gets messed up. I think this was done to reduce the number of found codes. I really shouldn’t complain since I’ve got so much stuff for free, but it is disapointing to pick up a cap and not be able to read the code.

  54. I have noticed with the new bottles that many of the caps have a removeable plastic “liner” and that the code is printed on the cap, itself. I remove the liner and these codes are far more readable for me than with the old caps.

  55. Paul – a few tricks to help yiou read codes. If the cap has a plastic insert, pop it out with a letter opener. Use a strong flashlight at an angle on the cap or shine it through the back (unless its a black Powerade or Minute Maid cap). Although I’ve never used one, a strong magnifying glass might help. Good luck!!

  56. OK I went ot the store and bought a 6pack plastic of diet coke in 16oz bottles I open the bottle to find no coke cap i thougt it was just an error by coke. So th next day open another no code. So I thought that these codes on the 6pack might not have any codes. But in the next week i went to another store bought same product and no codes why is this


  57. on the newest of cas theyre reallly nice. they have a clear easy to peal off plastic casing and when u remove that its easy to read, really nice

  58. Paul, I know what you mean. On the new caps if you take the liner out and not use the code immediatley you risk the chance of the ink smearing. This has happened to me several times. Its like washable ink. lol It wipes right off.

  59. Bob, The 16 oz 6 packs of Coke have never had codes. If a bottle has a white lid, no code. The 6 pack 24oz ones have codes, however, they don’t sell those in my area. I used to always buy the 6pack 16oz before I started MCR. Now I try to buy 12pack cans so I can get codes.

  60. Bob – The 6 pack bottles with the white caps do not have codes. Unless it says mycokerewards on the packaging or on the top of the cap, there will be no code on the inside.

    Thanks for the code Robert!

  61. thanks for the points. i have been doing coke points sents the start. it has been a real help for gifts. i am disabled and disability does not go far no matter how much you strich it. thanks again i will be looking for more i do not drink coke. so this is a big help. donna

  62. Hey here are some codes:
    07R04NKBNFNN – 3 Point Sprite
    9FBKM65WBJFR – 3 Point Powerade
    BLTWVWTHTH9J – 10 Point Sprite

    Tell me if I made a mistake in typing.

  63. Everytime I try to enter a code from a powerade cap, it says that it can’t take those type of codes now, I can enter a coke code right after and it takes it. What’s going on?

  64. Kroger has a deal going on until April 26 where you can purchase 10 Powerades and get a free 24 pack of Dasani.


  66. on MYCOKEREWARDS if you click on that Delta airlines picure and click on official rules, go down to 5 b and they will let you enter for free!!!! up to 20 times a day!!! instead of deducting 6 points from your account ebery time you enter, it is free. i dont know if this is a glitch in their system but im doing this every day.

  67. Thanks James… I did your delta trick worked great, but I tweaked it a bit, instead of hitting yes to enter the contest, you can hit NO and use those free enteries for the other 3 point contests. The upside to that is the Delta airlines is a 6 point entry, so if you fill out the form for the 20 times per day, you are actually gaining 40 entries per day for the 3point contests, I am stocking up the free entries, as you can only use 20 per day, but I am gaining 40 per day so I am stock piling the extra 20 per day…woohoo!

    Thanks again for the great tip!

  68. Here are some free codes:

    Please leave these for the more needy. If you have plenty, please share or at the least please don’t use these. If you need, have at it and you are welcome.

  69. Roberts code starts with a zero not the letter O. It has already been redeemed by someone, not myself.

  70. I do believe there is a desperate need for more codes.


    I apoligize to you Dan. I have donated hundreds of codes in the past and I think that is the first time I entered one incorrectly. But we all make mistakes. I have gone over 15,000 pts for the second time. Now is debate time; save or spend? I think now I’ll continue to save for awhile. Good luck to all and have a great one.

  71. I used Robert’s last 2 codes, thanks Robert!
    Marcus’s code said already redeemed.

  72. Has anyone ever won using the free 20 instant win entries for the delta airline tickets? I don’t think it’s a glitch that they give you free tries, but I wonder if you can ever win with those free tries??

  73. Oh, and by the way, on wikipedia it says that mycokerewards was supposed to end on december 31st 2007, but the program was extended until january 31st 2009. Does anyone know if this is true or not??

  74. i have never won on them. i thi k i might be getting suckered. when you enter in the security code select no thanks and you can enter for other contests instead.

  75. FJVR54RR94NK

  76. I still have not received my electronic sudoku, I redeem in February. They said they shipped it,but I would like to know what has happen to it.

  77. Duh, I’m always too late for codes. I’ve been checking the page, and as soon as I stop looking, there’s another update. ah!

  78. hi everybody its been a long time. well i enter into another contest it is over today i put in 160 entries thats over 500 pts. i hope i win. here are some codes for you all ftn597xf4vbv……..thk4kft7jvxa…..7w6lb476khro…..4tlk9t5xftv6……i now have on one account 17200pt and the other 5600pt i would of have 7000pt but with the contest and i bought the earplug headphone for 731pt i think ok here are some more codes 9tan99at7xkw…..95to5olbotjr……64fb9phxt475…..peace out my coke people until next time

  79. Mary Jo Polus- I redeemed for the Sudoku the first week it was available, it hsowed up in usual time, 2 weeks or so. there is definitely a problem with your order. I would call

    Dave- mycokerewards started in 2006, not sure what month, was indeed supposed to end @ the end of 2007, and we were all greatly relieved it was extended to Jan 09, keep your fingers crossed they do it again when the time comes this year. I bet they will, it is very popular, but still it’s got to be a hassle for them.

  80. Got an email today saying I had won a Wii in the sweepstakes they ran in March. I only entered 240 points. Best thing since simon cards went off the site. I had my account up to 18000 points but redeemed for the Tissot watch. Nice watch, but I prefer a stainless so I sold it on ebay for $300.00. Now my account is back to 13000+ points, but I don’t see anything I want to burn points on. I liked the Tom Tom but I know how to get everywhere I go. Please give us some more simon accounts or best buy gift cards.

  81. my son told me today he bought 2 2 litter cokes and they had yellow capes with no codes has anyone else got any

  82. Update on the portable DVD player that arrived broken. For the record, after wasting a week calling Coke and the number they referred me to, I was referred to the 800 number that was on the shipping label. I was sent a return shipping label and dropped it off at a DHL drop box. New player arrived 2 weeks later, but here’s the kicker: they sent an upgraded model. It has an extra screen and a bigger battery pack. It sells for $160 and I am psyched!!
    Congrats to Hitch on winning a Wii.
    And yeah, wish there were some good gift cards.

    Here’s a 3-pointer (some kind of Coke) bx0jfxfbtt0v

  83. I just received the Samsonite Trunk Organizer..Very Nice. Shipment was very fast.

  84. Thanks for the info Aaron. I just received my waffle iron today and I was wondering what I should try to save up for next. It will take me a while to get that many points, hopefully they’ll still have the the trunk organizer when I do get that many points.

  85. hey all, never posted on the forums here but I just won a contest(Wii) and was curious how long it takes for this stuff to really arrive. An email I got from them says 8-10 weeks. I’m not sure how realistic this is and I am curious if anyone else has won anything and how long it took to arrive. Just as a thank you in advance here are a few codes I got lying around:

  86. Aaron, Good for you! I was looking at the organizer today. But still have a loooooooong way to get it. Only at 200 points.

  87. I received my Olympus digital camera within 4 weeks of having ordered it…..pleased with camera–not bad for approx 3000 pts……..

  88. I ordered the waffle iron on April 30 and received it today. Not sure how fast they ship the prizes.

    BTW, it looks like the codes posted by Jimmy have already been redeemed.

  89. hi everybody i am so happy that the people who post at this site have won at the sweepstakes congra to you all for hanging there. i also have just receive my earpugs and coke chair and the barq 5pc set nice. mycokerewards have really paid off. here are a few codes fjvvboamka6r……rnp59r0x4xox…..on the pepsistuff i have won 10 free downloads and 12 free cds nice. also if any one wants dr pepper codes i have 23 caps i am not going to play that game the caps are yellow like pepsistuff so that why i have them. peace out my coke people

  90. hi i just started this whole my thing is it worth saving those points for the prizes.Do you have to pay any money to get your rewards.Besides the cokes you buy? Do you have to pay for shipping and handling fees?

  91. Shirley, you do not have to pay any shipping and handling or anything on the items you order from MyCokeRewards. They are totally free. Is it worth saving? That would be up to you!

  92. In response to Shirley’s question, the answer is absolutely yes if you have access to plenty of codes and the time to do it. I’ve been doing it for almost a year and I added up $3300.00 worth of stuff I’ve gotten since last June—simon accounts, best buy cards, magazine subscriptions, 2 Wiis(one for 6250 points last year and one in latest sweepstakes), a Canon mini dv camcorder(my favorite item), the Tissot watch(sold on ebay for $300.00), tickets to see the Titans and Chargers in Nashville last year on the 7th row, and 8 Universal Studios passes that sold on ebay for $450.00. I still have 13,500 points on one account and 4500 points on another. So far no shipping either. The selection of prizes is not as good now to me, but they still offer some nice items. Especially since they are FREE. So save your points and get something nice. Thank you MCR.

  93. Shirley
    There is more than one way to get codes … You can also pick up free codes from the redemption center or recycling center on the bottes and boxes , I also go to local pizza shops and get free caps from the empties. Good Luck !!! 🙂

  94. Earline – the yellow caps on Coke are for kosher, i.e. no corn syrup. They have sugar and are different labels & caps. No MCR points so if you want the points, you’ll have to find some with the red caps. Hope this helps. Andrew

  95. so cool, i was worried that no one wins the sweepstakes. i glad it’s not true. guys, keep posting cool news like the delta free entries! it’s well appreciated!

  96. Congratulations to everyone that won in the WII sweeps. I entered the max pts possible but came up empty. That is the luck of the draw. This MCR program is still the best thing going. Good luck to all on sweeps and on saving codes. Here are a few to help you.


    Once again, best of luck to all and have a great day.

  97. Can someone give me some info on the Samsung DVD/VHS COMBO HDMITM UPCONVERSION? I’m getting a plasma tv and wanted to know how this works. And for a really dumb question, will it take up one of the HDMI outputs on the tv?

  98. Shirley,

    Yes, it is worth it. So far, I’ve gotten a Nintendo DS (when they were available), 2 $50 Best Buy cards, a $75 Blockbuster card (when they were less points) a $25 Simon card and 2 magazine subsciptions. Yeah! Although, I wish I would’ve won a Wii! Congrats Hitch!

  99. hi was wandering if gifts are sent by mail or UPS because I have a and MCR say you cannot use them to receive rewards and im affraid I wont beable to receive any prizes when I get enough points.

  100. nadine go in on your account and change your pobox for your home address because the gifts come dhl to your door

  101. Nadine,
    I think it depends on what you order. I have gotten the coupons “free 20 oz. bottle, etc.” and they come USPS. I also got the waffle iron, and it came DHL. Hope that helps.

  102. Paul, I explained in Comments 4 (now closed) where anyone can get codes rather easily. I go to several of the conveinence stores locally and ask that they save them for me when they stock. At some I actually stock Coke product to get the rewards. Also at several of the local businesses that own their Coke machine I ask that they save them for me. I glance at the top of trash containers, quite often there will be several at the top, these are easy to retrieve, gloves recommended. I also will pick up litter on the side of the road. This method is good three ways; you get the codes from the cap or carton, the plastic gets recycled, and you help beautify nature. If you have any lakes nearby go to the dumpsters at the docks and boat ramps, usually plenty. My Mom evey sends them to me from another state. The list goes on and on. Bottom line, if you want them, they are there. Here are a few more.


    Have a great day everyone.

  103. Thanks Darrell for the May 14 codes. I too look for red gold in the trash, but I also now buy them directly from the recyclers at 2.5 cents per cap. Do you think I am not offering them enough? The recyclers are the mobs of people who redeem 2 or more gargage bags of bottles.

  104. It’s a shame the Delta competition is over. Hopefully all of the time I spent getting entries for the Disney Broadway contest will pay off.

  105. Is anyone else having a problem putting in codes? I just put seven codes in correctly. On code number eight, I put it in wrong and got the message code entered wrong. I tried again with the right code and now it says to many invalid code entries. This was my first one today.

  106. Jamie, it takes 1250 points to equal $50.00. You are getting 1250 points for $31.42 at the rate you quoted.
    If you are going to buy them, that’s probably not too bad of a deal. I would not go any higher or you are just trading even money. But, do you not think buying caps takes some of the fun out of it? But to each their own and best of luck with it. Here are a few free ones.


    Have a great day.

  107. what does the GPX docking station do and what is it compatible with? Just wonder if anyone who already has one could tell me

  108. Darrell,

    You must have misunderstood, I am getting .025 cents per cap, not per code. So the value of 1250 points/$50 giftcard is $10.43. I am just feeling guilty that I am not offering these recyclers more. As for the fun factor, I still am a street cap collector, but the novelty is getting tired when the addiction makes me take home crush bottles where pliers are needed to extract said cap.

  109. Here are some coke points 4 u collectors – enjoy!

  110. The codes from the last couple days from KimH, Robert, and i need points are all either redeemed (not by me) or invalid. Thanks for posting them though!

  111. Jamie, no need to feel guilty about your price. It’s capitalism; if someone is willing to accept your price, then it’s fair… plain and simple! 🙂

  112. Here are some more points for all u coke lovers – enjoy!


  113. Hey Coke lovers! Here are a few points for you – enjoy!


  114. I used code 6KBANKWATR7H from Kim. Thanks Kim. All others had already been used.

  115. Jamie, that is an awesome price and I would happily pay that myself. As for feeling guilty, I don’t see why you should. You are increasing the money earned by the recyclers by a fair amount, especially when you consider what they would usually get. It’s actually kind of you to share the wealth. And you are right, sometimes it gets a bit tiresome collecting the points by the usual means that have been mentioned. All the same, have a great one.

  116. Jamie I think you are paying a great price for the caps. Remember you can only enter 10 codes a day so I am sure they do not mind. Also I might want to buy some of those codes if you do not mind.

  117. Hey Coke lovers. Here are some points I came across so enjoy




  118. Thakns KimH! This is the first time I’ve actually been able to score some free coke points! 🙂 I managed to snag the middle section…



    Note: One was already used before I got to it and 05PVP9745T95 was incorrect according to coke.

  119. Here are some more free points for all you Coke lovers – good luck!



  120. A few more goodies


  121. are you people serious about willing paying for codes. i have some many caps that I can’t get to because I have to catch up on my 25 pt wraps, 20 pt double flaps, and 10 pt flats. Those much get a premium considering the 10 code limit.

  122. Where do you get the 25 pt wraps and the 20 pt double flaps. I have never seen these. I just found this thread when searching for different ways to get points. I am really new at this so any suggestions would help. Thanks.

  123. I don’t pay for caps personally. to each their own i guess, but if you just ask people they will give them to you for nothing, I have never once been turned down, though I always ask if they are keeping them for themselves first. not one person has ever said yes and I’m talking 30,40, maybe 50 people returning bottles. pepsi and coke. if they ask what i want them for, i tell them, they usually don’t care too much, though I may be giving them the softsell since I don’t want the competition especially not if I am going to be the one to jumpstart it. so go ahead and pay for what you could have for free if you like, ymmv.

  124. 5NK4ORO4LXFO, Roberts code has also been used
    … not by me… But thanks anyway Robert

  125. Just spoke with a MCR rep on the phone and was told that the 13250 point TV is INDEED a 19″ BLACK LCD TV.

    How then were some of the people who redeemed for it getting a WHITE 23″ LCD TV????

    Anyone with info on this, please let me know what they think could be going on. Thanks

  126. There have been some reward changes/additions as of May 21. The Dominos pizza night dropped from 333 points to 250 points, which is a double zap for me. I redeemed for it last week, and my family told me never to order from Dominos again. Also, after pulling the Blockbuster night reward for one day, they put it back up at 200 points (was 140) and a limit of 10 redemptions per account.

    3 point code 6WBF7L5PPKP7

  127. to acein: the 25 pointers come on the bulk ones wrapped in plastic. i am not sure where to get them… cosstco, sams club or something. i get them from my school store, when they buy new ones, they give the wrappers to me. i can ask them where they buy them. i think the 20 points come in the 32 (i think 32…) boxes. you can buy those at any supermarket i think. but also at sams club or costco, i know i have seen them there.

    hope that helps!

  128. Does anyone know when there will be a double point day, and if so how do you know?

  129. “RTMNPHV64JX6” has been redeemed.
    I finally got to redeem one.
    Thanks Robert!

  130. RTMNPHV64JX6 redeemed my me.
    That’s the first one I have ever redeemed.
    Thanks Robert!

  131. that’s funny… It took the code for me and gave me the points. Usually it will say that the code has already been redeemed.

  132. Earlier info posted is sligtly amiss. You get 20 points for the case (or 24 packs) and 25 for the 32 packs. The 32 packs are wrapped in plastic and the code is on the bottom of the plastic. It is true that these are usually found at Sam’s, Costco, etc. Just trying to help. Here is one 10 pt. and two 3 pt codes.
    Have a great day.

  133. Oops, I forgot to offer the usual thanks to vvhitekid2 for this site, and the new one just opened for Mt. Dew.
    It’s awesome of you to open and maintain these sites for nothing more than the occasional thanks from someone. So for everyone who uses these sites to post codes, get codes, trade information, or just to vent, THANKS AGAIN!!!

  134. Ok I see a good prize out there but it will only be there for 48 days it is the restaurants $25 dollar gift certificate. It is only 250 points. You can use this at over 8000 restaurants. I cannot find the blockbuster gift card will someone tell me where it is or if it is not going to be an item anymore.

  135. Before you redeem for the card go to their site and make sure there are participating restaurants in your area. There are none where I live.



  137. The restaurant gift cert. is a good deal considering it’s only 250 points, but if you are thinking of getting it, check out the website first so you know what you are getting…

    Most of the restaurants (at least in my area) have limitations on them, for example, $25 off $50 or more with a minimum of 2 entrees. Or $10 off $20 or $30 with the same 2 entree minimum.

    Still a good deal, but not a straight forward $25 gift certificate.

  138. I never thought I would cringe at another cap, but entering (keying in on the website or emailing it to someone) a code for 3 pt seems rather pointless and a waste of time. I’m on track to enter over 3500 pts in May and then I am done with this program. Here’s 1 of the many caps I have left: 6 H 4 V H R 9 9 W P H 4

  139. I have 3 kids, so my wife, kids and I went on a rewards recon Sunday and Monday. We went to about 6 parks, after the baseball games. I’m guessing we got 500+ caps. It was kind of fun.

  140. Braketester would you mind telling me how you got this many caps at the parks. I go to baseball parks all the time but i end up with about only 10 a visit would you mind telling me how you get so many. Also how long did it take all together.


  141. Awesome Braketester…it’s great to see someone who’s actually going out and doing something to get caps instead of just complaining that they don’t have any outlet to get them and/or begging!


  142. a great way to find loads of caps is to go to a hopping place in you city: mall, square, town center etc. and look through recycling cans or just ask people. keep your eyes peeled they are all over the ground.

  143. I do the Park thing as well. You can try to watch when there’s an event, but for the most part its been hit or miss. My best day I racked up 70, but there’s been other days I got only 2 or 3. You have to be persistent.

    As for time to value ratio, of course it would not be worth it if that were the only motivation – I’ve gotten about $700 or so in prizes for probably hundreds of hours of effort. But I was walking for excersize anyway, sometimes 2 hour walks listening to podcasts. Why not pick up caps along the way? Plus its been somewhat fun, I’ve gotten friends and family involved and even gotten prizes for other people. .

    If its not fun, if its only about the prizes, probably best not to bother, you’ll get a better time/value ratio working for minimum wage in fast food or something.

  144. Nestea is no longer participating in MCR but the site will still allow their codes to be redeemed until all used up.

  145. when you log into the cokereward’s website, in the red bar area it says “enter your first code today and get 5 bonus points” I click on it but it opens up your messages folder.. of course i have no messages and there is no where to go. “the enter your first code thing comes up randomly. i only seen it one other time. anyone else seen this?

  146. Well, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a picker upper thingy 😉 got a box of latex gloves, and well to be honest, do a little dumpster diving… I use the tongs and gloves so I don’t have to get nasty on myself or anything. One of the big tricks as well is to know what your looking for. I clean up at the little leage games on the “Poweraid” bottels. Now folks my wife and I make well over 100K a year so I don’t have to do it but it’s kind of fun when you get into it. Hey I’m staying at the Holiday Inn Express for free using my points. Have fun and good luck…

  147. Good for you Braketester, no shame in getting some free points. I do the same sorta with the Pepsi points. I go to the grocery store with bottle return machines and look for caps or 12 packs thrown out in the trash. My wife gets embarressed but people have no idea what IM doing and they dont know me or what I do for a living.


  148. I redeemed Robert’s and Timothy’s codes. Whoa…9points!!! Thanks a billion guys!!!

  149. When I enter a code from a cap, it asks which drink it came from. If I enter the wrong drink, do my points not count, or what?

  150. Tried Joe’s code from #9 above, says it’s not entered correctly. Thanks for posting it though!

  151. Just found the weirdest cap. It’s got the same code printed on it twice. Once under the little plastic insert inside the cap, once on top of it.

    Obviously the code printing process is before that little piece is laid inside the cap, so i’m dumbfounded how the cap went back through the code-stamp again.

    Gone through hundreds of caps and that’s the first time i’ve seen that. Just found it weird and though i’d share.

  152. Anyone have any info on the Samsung dvd/vhs player on cokerewards? Maybe a model number?

  153. I looked into this a couple months ago and I believe the DVD/VHS combo player is model #V9700.

  154. i have enough for the 19″ TV, but wish it was still the 23″. Found out that the 19″ came back in stck so they are giving those again and not the 23″ anymore

  155. I ordered the dvd/vhs player with hdmi so when it gets here I will let everyone know the quality of the item!!

  156. I want to find out exactly which samsung home theater system their giving out because the one pictured is 2.1,
    but the details says that it’s 5.1.

  157. after i attend a baseball game i go around collecting all the coke caps left by the people who bought coke at the game…i can average around 120-130 caps a game
    depending on how fast they chase me out

  158. question: if i have 400 points can i just use them all to get a bunch of free 20 oz cokes? or is there a limit?

    also does anyone actually win the sweepstakes? is it worth dumping points in them?

  159. any reports of coke locking accounts again?

    i tried logon today and got the account locked message. now before anybody gets all accusatory and stuff, all i do is enter my codes and redeem my rewards ~ no referrals and no multipe accounts.

    hmm… any ideas, folks?? well, i didn’t think i’d be calling Coke today…

  160. comment #0…..there is no limit to the 20 oz cokes. I always get 5 or 6 coupons at once and i always get them. they usually ship all at once in different evolopes.

  161. govt mule – you get more bang (Coke) for your points redeeming for 12-packs:
    100 points = 144 ounces vs 96 points = 80 ounces.
    Just a thought.
    Also, my local Vons (same as Safeway) frequently runs promotions involving Coke 12-packs. For Memorial Day, it was buy 2, get 2 free plus a 24 pack of Desani. I used 2 Coke 12-pack coupons and got all that for free.

  162. I ordered and received the folding chair with attached side table(650 points) and am very pleased with the quality.
    Also, free 12 pack coupon for 100 points seems to be a nice deal. I ordered 27 of them and they each came in seperate envelopes.

  163. How do I enter more than one codes ?
    I registered my phone with mycokerwards. But I don’t know how to enter ten codes on my phone…

  164. I puurchased a 24 pack of coca cola with the olympics ads on it and there are no rewards points inside the box. I took the whole box apart and no code. Any ideas??

  165. Mark, I saw the Olympics cans in the store too and they don’t say anything about MCR on them. Looks like the special-themed packages don’t have codes.

    By the way, Robert’s code from #4 above already redeemed, NBM.

  166. I’ve purchased 20 oz bottles with the Olympic label. The caps still has the codes on them.

  167. hi everybody here some codes for you all awxjrnnomvr9….nr60xewepro7……40l5mk974xnw….06xakmmwtv6f…..i have enter into another sweepstakes this makes 5 sweepstakes within 3 months time. I did back in april win the family tree maker software with the dna kit they also paid for the lab work to, prize value at $835.00. The sweepstake i am in now is the $1500 home card the game is over june 16 here are a few more codes 6knv5pv6fpom…ojpbmm40vfmf…6frmpx9a977k….peace out my coke people.

  168. Tim,

    Can you ask them to send the 23″ TV anyway? I’m almost there – I have 13194.

  169. I asked them that and they said the19″ is the one they have in stock and hat’s the one they are going to send. Stinks I know. I am at a little over 14000 points andwnat a TV so in the “suggest a prize” I keep asking for a 32″ LCD HDTV to be put up as a prize.

    They sad they’d put up the 23″ again once they run out of the 19″ and if demand was high.

    The e-mail addresses for 2 of the top the companies that deal with the higher pointed items (they deal with the TVs) are:


    the rymaxinc e-mail gets faster results. Maybe you can e-mail them and find out some information. I’m e-mailing the every few weeks to see what’s going on as I don’t thik the 19″ (worth $349) is worth the point value, the 23″ (worth around $629) isn’t either in m, but is worth more. I can then return it to a crcuit city/best buy/walmart and pay the small difference for a bigger unit (I want around a 27″ to be honest …would be cheaper for me if I started with a 23″ versus a 19″).

  170. I won a nintendo Wii on May 20th. It has not come in yet. Is this normal to take this long?
    Anyone else win one of these and get it yet? I’m just curious because it seems to be taking a real long time here. Thanks in advance.

  171. Hey jimmy, yes it is totaly normal. It takes a couple weeks for processing if you read its page it will say “shipping 3 to 8 weeks.” Dont worry it will get there.

  172. i have a couple of flaps that i ca not read and the site says are wrong. does anyone know how i can contact Coke? (i remember i saw something on this page about sending them to Coke but i cant find it) thank you

  173. Heads up! There are new prizes, most notably a Delta Airlines ticket for 12,000 points.

  174. Was just putting in coke points and the coke rewards wouldn’t take any codes. They just put a 12,000 point delta domestic flight ticket up and usually if something comes up, as in prize, they will put more.This is something I’ve been waiting for.

  175. Today is the start of the promotion. I think it is a great way for the company to get more business.

    Anyone know of a school around them that signed up?

  176. hey earlier i ordered a set of ear buds on the hip hop part. then it sent me to this other site for a code confirmation and there it told about the ear buds but had a picture of the taylormade golf bag…….i just figured it was mixed up and i will still get the ear buds.

  177. hi you guys are amazing you guys are really generouse with one another i am lucky i found this site.

  178. here are some codes for mycokereward and they are:
    (sorry i dont have many but ill post more when i get more)

  179. Hey i found some codes… idk if they r good er not but here,

    if u used them or not, plz say if used.


  180. I wanmt the TV too, but I think the 19″ being priced at 13250 poinrs is a bit high since the last they had it it was set for only 11250 points.

    They rose up the TV 2000 points and now give you a black 19″ TV versus a WHITE 19″ TV that they used to have.

    I’m hoping for a bigger TV to show up (like a 32″’s what I keep suggesting as a prize) but who knows if it’ll happen.

  181. I’m aiming for the Skullcandy earbuds. If I ever find my Zen V Plus, they’ll be perfect. 684 points to go :]

    I haven’t gotten any from this site yet, but I hope that it will help.

  182. WOW
    haha 10,000??? JESUS MAN nicee
    i had around 900 but i bought a shirt so now i have 610, my nephew chewed up my headphones and now i want those full metal jacket ones! haha it says limited supply so i need codes FAST

  183. hey tiffany which ones are you trying to get? im trying to get the full metal jacket ones, the ones they just put up. they cost 985 and i have around 630. i had just bought a stupid shirt!! hahah im so pissed i didnt wait a few days

  184. NEW PROMOTION FOUND!!!!!!!!!

    You can get a bonus 20 points by loading three three point codes on same day. =-) have fun!!

  185. I have a Dasani water bottle, but it does not seem to have any MyCokeRewards codes anywhere on it. Has anyone else noticed this?

  186. I just passed the 18,000 point mark. Gave some serious
    thought to the Delta ticket, but decided to wait another five or six months and take my chances on what is available then. I should have around 28,000 points by then, so I’ll hope for the best. Good luck to all, I sincerely hope everyone gets what they want. Here’s a few codes to assist you.


    No thanks are necessary, but please post if used to prevent codes being entered repeatedly. Have a great day.

  187. Is there anything special you have to do to get the 20 point bonus promotion from entering three 3-point codes?

  188. Stoney229 no Dasani water bottle have codes on them except the flavored ones. you find the code for non flavored ones on the plastic rap. lokk on the bottem of the case and there you could should be.


  189. i dont see the code anywhere for the flavored dasani water…i’ve looked everywhere! also it says onthe website that the diet coke with the white caps are supposed to have codes on them but they dont!

  190. Just an FYI
    To those who are thinking about the smokin ear buds –
    I Got them and Didn’t like them At All…
    they don’t get that loud – probably to protect your ears – and they Fall Out Constantly ! I gave them to my 8 yr old . I posted about this B4.
    This is Just my opinion …

    Also a request for an opinion …how many pepsi caps would be a fair trade for a Stouffers Dinner club code ? I have 50+ pepsi caps and need Stouffers codes …any help appreciated …Thanks 🙂

  191. can anyone post the artists that are on the Digital compilation CD from My for 75 points? 60 days left it says. I would greatly appreciate knowing beforehand what I might be getting for my 75 pts. Thanks (ia) also, what about the unlimited 60 day download from MyTracks? can anyone tell me if that is worth 200 pts or not?

  192. colin, what with the 20 point bonus, with the three caps worth three points. I entered more than three three point caps today and there was no bonus!

  193. hey francine
    are you talking about the new ones that they just put or the 700 pnt ones? i want the 985 ones but is those the ones youre talking about?

  194. Is it Possible that Colin was Playing a Practical Joke about the 20 pt. bonus – hence the ” have fun =-) ”

    It was the 731 pt ones , not the New Heavy Metal ones .

  195. Francine, while I don’t have any stouffer’s diner club codes at the moment, (maybe in the freezer, have to check) I have traded in the past for those and I would love to trade for pepsi points. If you go back through the other pages’old posts, you would se no one has ever had a trading issue with me. Having said that I would be quite biased as to what would constitute a fair trade number, so we could discuss it. don’t want to post my email at the moment either, to omany potentially unfriendly people on here (not you of course) It is different now than the one I have posted before. let me know what you want to do


  196. I’m proud to say that I’m a member of the My Coke Rewards Community….and I got an email from them today saying that June 25th is a DOUBLE POINTS DAY. They said that this time around, DOUBLE POINTS will be granted for Fridge Pack codes only. Ejoy!

  197. I’m proud to say that I’m a member of the My Coke Rewards Community….and I got an email from them today saying that June 25th is a DOUBLE POINTS DAY. They said that this time around, DOUBLE POINTS will be granted for Fridge Pack codes only. Enjoy!

  198. In case you haven’t heard the next Double Points Day is said to be June 25th. It will be for Fridge Pack 10 point flaps only. Many people have already received an email about it.

  199. iight thanks francine. i was getting worried
    haha i went to disney today, and i hunted for coke caps, i got a few =)

  200. Anybody hear anything about a Double Points Day for Fridge Packs only? Gonna be June 25th (I heard).

  201. “haha i went to disney today, and i hunted for coke caps” (Oscar)
    That’s funny, most people go to Disney to ride the rides.

  202. Every 1 the codes must be entered correctly in a row for the twenty points, and i found out that it can be any codes bottle,case,ect. To confirm check your e-mail of on the website go to “my account” then click “more” on codes, then if it worked one will say “MCR (Lapsed Bonus Points for Entering 3 Pins.” under points it will say 20.

  203. btw, the promo is no joke if i could i would show you a screenshot, but there is nowhere to put one and it wont let me post it as a comment.

  204. Colin, I sent you an email… if you reply back with the screenshot, I can post it here for you. I’m sure lots of people are curious to see it work-

  205. Colin: bs, not true..i’ve wasted 3 of my daily limit on 3 measely points when i have tons of 10,20,25 pointers to enter

  206. Hey whitekid, I sent you the screen shot hope it will show people that it is true, ps for those who call it a joke, dont use it, i dont care,it is u who will not get to use it.

  207. Just an observation, the domestic Delta ticket is 12000 points. Roughly a year and a half to two years ago, I got the equivalent needed in skymiles for such a ticket, using only 5000 MCR points. Furthermore, the 5000 was subsequent to two MCR point increases for Skymiles.

    This contest was great in 2006, but has sucked since. There are plenty of you out there who got flat screens three times the size of the current offerings. Or how about when (correct me if I am wrong) Playstation II’s were 600 to 800 points, right after PS3 came out.

  208. i just got the ihome for 2500 points. so now i have 522 points. how do you guys get the codes to have 18,000 points? and the double day thing june 25, does that mean a 10 point flap is worth 20 points or what?

  209. BOB USA
    haha i did get on the rides, but as we were hopping between disney land and californa adventures, i was on the look out, i only got like 5 or 6

  210. i just put 3 red ones one after the other, picked coke classic on all of them, no 20 points

  211. when are the time limits for double points redemption? are they still different that the daily reset time of 12pm ET so you can actually time it to enter 20 codes.

  212. For the 25, it says fridge packs only does it also mean double flaps, i keep them in my fridge???lol

  213. stephen i know what you mean, i dont understand how people get up to 18,000 points! i’m trying so hard to get up to 2500 to get the ihome which i want so bad!!!

    how do you like it by the way?

  214. quick question. it says u can enter sprite codes more than once, however when i try to enter the code a second time it says the code has already been redeemed. can someone please explain this to me?

  215. hey guys
    i have a 20 point dasani flap, will that be double points too? or just the coke flaps??i also have 3 exactly same powerade caps, which im about to enter w/o getting them wrong. so ill see if i get the 20 pnts or not. i already did it with 3 red caps and it didnt work

  216. Hey Chris, a year and a half ago, or when this program started gas wasn’t 4$ a gallon either (which includes higher fuel prices for airlines, obv) The economy is much worse, we are lucky they are still offering anything at all. Doesn’t bode well for 2009 extension, but fingers crossed. and as for Colin’s claim I enter 10 3 pointers all the time, so if it is true, I suppose I will get them, if not oh well. If you have 20 and 25 pointers to enter instead of 3 ptrs, you would actually be losing points to get the (potentially imaginary) bonus, so in this case youre a dumba** to do so in the first place. Do the math- 29 pts for 3 3’s + 20 bonus vs 3 10 ptrs even = 30 you’ve already lost 1. might as well go back to collecting license plates from the coke trucks. 🙂

    and yes “double” means x2 (really? you had to ask?)

  217. If they want to put a Playstation 2 back up for 4000 or a Wii for 8000 points I’d go ahead and buy it. I got a lot of points, I’d like to get something good.

  218. i dunt see why my comment got taken down but anyways
    do the 20 point dasani flaps count towards the double point day?

  219. I hope I am not reposting something, but on a different site I saw a way around the 10 cap limit for the double points day:
    “They always have a 10 code limit, but the “day” resets at noon eastern, not midnight, so if you don’t enter any codes after noon the day before you can enter 20 codes on double points day, 10 before noon and 10 after.
    At least thats how it worked on the last double points day.”
    I have not tried it. I have never even been able to hit the limit of 10 in a day. It just seems that a lot of you have more codes than you can use… good for you and I hope this helps.

  220. the 20 point dasani is a wrap not a flap. but the 10 pt dasani that comes the small case of little bottles is a flap

  221. If I download the Yahoo mycokerewards widget, can I enter MORE than the 10 codes per day?

  222. nicole i havent got the ihome yet it is still in the mail but my friend has it and he says its pretty nice

  223. Help! I put in (10) 3 pointers, then went to my account, clicked more, and it just showed me what i redeemed last. What am I doing wrong to get the extra 20 points?

  224. StickItToTheMan,
    Your code was in entered correctly. Can you check please? Thanks!

  225. Claire
    StickitToTheMan’s code was a Dr.Pepper code – coke doesn’t have Es or Qs or 3s and it is already redeemed not by me.

    Don’t Believe everything you read …
    But I will Spread some Good News You Can Believe …
    IF you enter 5 Vault cap codes Before 6/30 – you will get a special offer popup from Coke – Which you Must Do right then Or You Lose it.
    I got a coupon for $2.50 Off a 12 Pak of Vault – It gives you a coupon you need to Print out. You need to Accept the Offer , click Yes , then it gives you a Link to Print the Coupon. And Coke Sends you an email with the link also.

    NO – No Matter what you have read – even with a phone or widget -you are only allowed TEN Per Day !
    The Coke Clock/Day Starts at 12:00 PM – NOON Eastern Time and Ends 11:59 AM Eastern next day.
    So IF You enter your codes B4 Noon Time – then you can enter 10 More AFTER Noon Time – It APPEARS you are entering 20 codes in 1 day – It is Just the Way Coke has Set Up their 24 Hour Clock …Not From 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

  226. ahh sucks the 20 point doesnt count, i heard it does.
    so let me get this staright, if i put 10 codes before 12 pm (noon) i can put 10 more after noon?? is this correct??

  227. Thanks Francine for the Vault promo info. I have been putting aside the Vault caps so I was prepared!
    As to the “enter 3 caps, get 20 bonus points”, I think if you have not entered any codes for awhile, you will get the extra points. Colin writes it was a “lapsed bonus”.
    Now, since some of us have not received the e-mail about the double points day, would some kind soul please cut and paste and post the e-mail? Thanks!
    And here’s a code to go:

  228. Nicole, Stephen,
    I got the Ihome for my mom and she loves it. Everytime I talk to her she thanks me again and tells me how great it is. Not only does it charge her Ipod, it has a nice large digital clock, and the speakers sound really good for their size. The remote is easy to use too, and the clock comes already set – just pick your time zone.
    By the way, my mom is 90, and her Ipod is filled with opera!
    Oh, and I redeemd for it on a Wednesday, and it arrived the following Tuesday.
    You won’t be disappointed, its well worth the points.

  229. heres an email i found online karen:

    Hi Kris,

    This week it’s all about you.

    You asked for more notice, and we listened. We’re letting you know before anyone else in the program. This time around, Double Points will be granted for Fridge Pack codes only. So get ready, you have a week to prepare.

    Plus, make sure to login to the Community for the latest updates on how your participation in the My Coke Rewards Community has helped:

    We’ve redesigned the Newsletter using your feedback
    Visit the news section for an exclusive look at the new and improved My Coke Rewards Newsletter, redesigned using your input.

    Plus, My Coke Rewards for Schools has officially launched
    My Coke Rewards for Schools is another example of a program that your feedback helped shape. Visit the News section for more details on how the program works, then join us in the My Coke Rewards for Schools Discussion to let us know what you think.

    We hope you’re as excited as we are.

    Thanks for drinking.

    My Coke Rewards Community

    also i used your code karen thanks VERY MUCH! =]]

  230. for people who want to see the thing about double point flaps go to the my coke rewards website and to the rightbelow suggest rewards you will see the thing about double day points.


  231. I have the iHome, although I didn’t get it from MCR. I do love it. It’s great for charging the iPod and the sound is great.

    The only advice I would give is to keep an eye on the plug. It has a large adapter plug and it gets quite hot. I would just watch it and make sure nothing is nearby that might cause a hazzard.

  232. Karen,

    I did not get an email either. I just downloaded the yahoo mycokerewards widget and when I loaded it, I immediately got notification of the double points day as well as the vault promo. It seems to be pretty handy except that it will not hide of my desktop like my dashboard widgets do. Here is the URL at the bottom is the info you are looking for:

  233. Dear oscar, yes if you put in 10 codes before noon, you can put in 10 more codes after noon because the coke clock goes from noon to 11:59pm, then starts back up at midnight and runs till noon. btw, your welcome

  234. I know a few people on here have won some of the sweepstakes before and I was wondering how the tax stuff works? I just won the ‘Experience Disney on Broadway’ but my mom is a little bit worried about how much in taxes I’d end up having to pay, and if it would affect my financial aid (since I start college in the fall).

  235. Karen’s code rnbm.
    TGhe double points is for 12 packs only.It s on the coke home page.

  236. Just noticed it says 6 days left on the free 12 packs! Everyone better stock up now!

  237. If you enter 3 and ONLY 3 cap codes to get a 20 point bonus, (that seems to be what I’m hearing) you get 29 points, if you entered the other 7 cap codes, you’d end up with 30. if bonus does exist it is only for people who have almost no codes to enter, which is not the majorty of us on here, i don’t think. but more power to you if you only have 3 cap codes to enter in a day. for example, I have entered at least 30 points a day in to my main account for pretty much over a year now, every day, with very few exceptions. my goal is to enter 100 pts a day, very rarely achieve that, occasionally I will get over 100 in one day, two 25 or a bunch of Dasanis plus some extra flaps. seems like my pts aren’t adding up super fast, tho I have 2400 as of today. I do like to spend those points when they have good things, me,. blockbuster cards definitely, and it’s always somebody’s birthday.

  238. Is it my imagination or is Coke adding some prizes to try to get some of the heavy hitters to bite on them? It seems that offering a bunch of balls for 25,000 pts. doesn’t make a very good deal. If memory serves me correctly, you used to get the use of a motorhome for a week, $200.00 for gas, and $1,000 spending money. But on the other hand, the Delta flight for 12,000 is actually a great deal. I have 18,000, am able to add an average of 70 pts. a day, so I am going to keep on adding and hope they come up with a spectacular prize I can afford. May all of you get what you want, and remember, all we have in this is a little effort. Thanks again to vvhitekid2 for the site, it’s been a pleasure which I’ll miss when this is all over.

  239. is there a limit to how many codes you can enter on the special double points day? i’ve looked on the site and it doesnt say anywhere if theres still a limit of 10…it just says “start stocking up today”…..

  240. MB7

    This 10 pointer is missing the 1st letter. Maybe someone can figure it out. Good luck!

  241. haha i tried
    q-p in qwerty
    and a-l in qwerty
    then i couldnt attempt anymore, it said too many invalid

  242. I redeemed 1027 points 0ver 8 weeks ago for a $75.00 BLOCKBUSTER card. Have not recieved it. I ahve e-mailed MCR at several addresses, i have tried the “contact us” on the help site–which only stated ERROR. How do I contact them? How can I foinf out what happened to my card? Thanks for any info….

  243. ahh omg!! i was trying to get the code robert put
    and i guess i tried too many times so it says too many invalid tries (or something like taht)
    but that was like around 10 pm yesterday (its not 3:12 am, pst) and i enterd a reg. code (correct) and it still says that??!!! will it like lock my acc forever?? AHHHHHHHHHH i got 819 pnts!!
    someone help?

  244. Pamela, the blockbuster card is not one card it is 5
    15$ cards that all come in one small manila padded envelope. I would call them, the number was posted on here many many times, maybe check back on the other pages for it, or someone will post it here again. personally it will be a cold day in hell before I bother myself with MCR enough to talk to a customer service rep of any kind voluntarily. but for 75$ blockbuster, I would have to suck it up, I got The Mist, No Country for Old Men and Alvin and the Chipmunks and Sunshine and There Will BE Blood, Into the WIld Juno, I am Legend and possibly other great movies with mine last time. good stuff. 2 for $20
    where I live, maybe the same for you.

    and Oscar calm down, first of all, we all know there is a 20 wrong code limit per EACH DAY of code entry. you went and screwed that up, but at noon today, you will be given another opportunity to screw up entirely. I wouldn’t recommend hitting 20 invalid at all, but certanly not for any days in a row, they might flag your account for a closer look, and none of us wants that, right?

  245. Pamela;

    The Coca-Cola Toll Free number is 1(800)GET-COKE. As Nick indicated in his post, contacting a CSR at the toll free often is not a very pleasant experience (the CSRs can be quite acusatory in their tone and often aren’t very helpful), but if you gotta, you gotta. is the email contact point. The CSRs at this email address are pretty good about responding to your questions within 24 hours. Usually, they are quite polite and have more answers for you.

    The caveat I offer you is to include as much pertinent data as you can, or you’ll be several days in emailing info back and forth. Be sure to include your email address, full name, the prize you are awaiting and the date you redeemed…

  246. Oscar ~~ Coke’s clock from day to day runs from noon till noon, so afternoon, you’ll be fine. As Nick said, I wouldn’t make a habit of invalid-ing out, but no harm done…

    As far as the DOUBLE POINTS DAY goes… how it has worked in the past is this: Coke’s daily code limit clock runs noon to noon, but Coke’s double points day clock runs midnight to midnight. So, on the 25th, you can enter up to 10 fridge pack codes BEFORE noon for double points (as long as you didn’t enter any codes after noon on the 24th ) AND you can enter up to 10 fridge pack codes AFTER noon for double points. If you have your cell linked and enough fridge pack codes to take advantage (yikes!), then double that…

    Hope this clears some of the mystery…

  247. Almost everythime that Coke had a double point day they stated that it was for certain items. For example, one Chirstmas Coke had a double point day for just the holiday printed items, and yet all codes entered that day were doubled. I am not too certain it’s just 12 packs, but you never know.

  248. To anyone interested, you can win Coke stuff without any points. I just won four Six Flags tickets using free entries, and it did not take very long. Just click on Six Flags, then click on Instant Win Rules, then go to 5.b and click on (click here). You will be directed to enter a security code which gives you one free entry. What have you got to lose?

    Oscar, if you want to feel better follow these instructions; 1.Get large fire extingusher; 2.Stick up Nick’s ass. 3.Pull trigger. Guaranteed to make you feel better. Good luck to everyone who tries for the Six Flags tickets.

  249. R.I.P. GEORGE CARLIN 🙁 Thanks for all the Laughs !

    Well This is the 2nd time in the last few days I went to enter my 1st Code and it said
    ” Too Many Invalid Redemption Attempts ” ! ???

  250. is there a limit to how many codes you can enter on the special double points day? i’ve looked on the site and it doesnt say anywhere if theres still a limit of 10…it just says “start stocking up today”…..

  251. Francine,
    I’ve had that happen to me twice also, but not two days in a row. Everything would be ok the next day.

  252. Guys i dont understand does the double points day mean that the fridge packs are worth twice as many points? This is so confusing lol! I mean they need to be more descriptive also how much is a 12 pack code i have been doing my coke rewards for almost a year and never knew that 12 packs had codes.

  253. mrmoore21
    Thanks – it was a couple days apart … I called them and they fixed it and I gave the Nice Guy 10 codes and he credited my acct. so I didn’t Loose a day of Code entering . The other day the person said tell them on the Contact Us form and type in the codes … I Tried and it wouldn’t let me – it said session timed out …
    The Site Always Goes Freaky When they get ready for A Big Day – Like DPD !!! Or when they are putting up New Rewards ! Here’s to Hoping for $100. Home Depot, Simon Best Buy Or Maybe Walmart ?!?
    I am Looking to Trade 3 MCR caps for Ea. unused Stouffer’s Dinner Club Code
    Just Be Aware : The Site WILL BE Slow on DPD – and have Problems …Don’t Freak Out…keep trying …
    And Don’t Forget to Split the day to Reap the Benefit of 2 halves of the day doubling 10 codes ea. half !
    And DON’T Wait Til the Last Minute !!!

  254. Its not that confusing! yes instead of 10 points there 20, no that hard!

    this is not me!!! haha this is another Nicole haha

  255. Nicole, the 12 pack fridge packs have them. They are worth 10 points. So on the double point day you can get up to 200 points in one day if you have ten of the codes of the fridge packs.

  256. Francine ~~ Same here… today I got the “too many invalid redemption attempts,” even though I hadn’t entered any. This happens to me once in a while, and boy, it’s annoying. Hopefully, it won’t happen on the 25th.

    Nicole ~~ Fridge packs are worth 10 points normally, twice that on the 25th. Don’t know what area you are in, but the packs should be clearly marked with the MCR logo…

  257. you guys, tell me if this is what you guys are going to do in double points day

    before 12 pm. (in the afternoon, June 25th) you guys are going to put in 10 flaps right. then right after 12 pm you guys are going to put in 10 more?
    is that how it works? if it doesnt what should i do? my zone is Pacific (PST)

  258. darrel, what six flags tickets are you talking about? where can i find the offer/contest?

  259. Hey everyone, you should all be careful on double points day. Coke may not double them before Noon, because that’s when the site “reloads”, so save your 10 until after Noon
    just in case (unless you have more then 10).


  261. Oscar, Coke is on Eastern Time, so for us out here in the West, the “Coke Day” changes at 9 am. Also, the double points promo would be in effect here after 9 pm TONIGHT.
    The Six Flags promo is just to the right of the picture of the Coke bottle when the Coke Rewards page loads. Its just about in the center of the page. Click on it and follow Darrell’s instructions. Pain in the a** to enter the security codes, but worth it.

  262. HEADS UP !!!
    Don’t Enter Any Codes Today until MIDNIGHT Tonight !
    Then they Should Double …
    Then Enter the Next 10 After NOON ET Wed.
    They Also Should Double !
    Double your Double Points Day !!!
    Have Fun !

  263. francine how do you know that it will double after midnight tonight, and then we will also be able to enter 10 more codes after noon on the 25th and that they will also do you know that?

  264. yo guys
    here are a few codes that i cannot seem to get right
    i got them from a few friends and wrote them down (it was over xbox live so they might have given it to me right)


  265. why does everyone talk like they assume everyone lives in the Eastern Time Zone. Remember everyone all time is based on EDT, not EST

  266. Okay it is after midnight and so far – just the 10 pt. codes are doubling …
    So I am now offering to trade a 10 pt code a.k.a a “flap” for the best offer in Stouffers dinner club codes …inside specially marked boxes of Stouffers Entrees/dinners ! My email is just a few posts back in my previous offer …
    Sorry to post here but where’s the Trade page ?

  267. I just put in 2 codes as a test. 25er didn’t double. Also had a 24 pack fridge pack which is 20 pts and didn’t double either. Oh well. I hope they don’t change the criteria after 12pm like they did last time. 🙁

  268. …and so it has begun. just after midnight, june 25th… I entered my fridge pack codes and got double (200) points. After Noon, I’ll repeat.

    Enjoy, everyone!

  269. Double points on 12 packs ARE indeed in effect as of 4 am EST on the 25th- just finshed entering my daily limit for Tuesday, 24th @ 20 points each, can’t wait until 12:01 so I can do it again. I’ve been saving them up since the heads up on here abouta week ago, so thanks to those unselfish posters with little or no ego (that means not you, Darrell) and to Francine- thanks in general for being so nice all the time, I hope you didn’t get the too many incorrect message today, did you? hope that’s cleared up for double points day, may they run twice a month.

  270. I know this is just supposed to be for fridge packs, but has anyone tried the codes from 24-pack flats of dasani or coke to see if they double, too?

  271. holy cow, the website has been moving slow today, it took me about 45 minutes to enter all my doubled codes

  272. Never have I seen the MCR site run so slowly. I wonder how many more people are saving points now than was happening one year ago. This has to be costing Coke a fortune. Thanks again vvhietkid2 for the site, and good luck to everyone in getting the 400 pts. available today, that’s about a $16.00 gift from Coke.
    Have a great day!

  273. i know the site is going REALLY slow today. I thought it was just my computer, but i guess not. Maybe it’s because it has to double the points or something and that makes it take longer to load. . . but i don’t know. I’m just happy that i got 200 points today instead of 100!!! yahoo 🙂

  274. Well – I can’t get my codes in …been trying for awhile …service not avail. message …Long night ahead …Sigh

  275. 9:56 PM on double points day, and the site is down. I guess I won’t be getting 20 points apiece for the 6 flaps that I found today. Good thing I entered the codes from the 6 flaps that I had this morning.

  276. My Coke Rewards is undergoing scheduled maintenance at this time? oh :-(, i havent entered my codes for double points!!!!

  277. The site has been down for scheduled maintanence for the last two hours. I can’t believe they would do that on a double point day…any body else get the shut down screen….

  278. I finally got the site to load but then when I enter codes it gives me a message that says the service is not available at this time..try again later…

  279. site came back up but would not let me enter codes…said service was not available at this time, try again later…

  280. I got to the 400 points but not with having to use the text messaging system as an alternative. The coke site kept locking up. So I would reccommend signing up for the cell phone text messaging system as backup

  281. dang you guys got a lot of points!!! i only got around 100! haha i would have gotten 160 but i didnt know the other 3 (the ones i put up here) and i didnt want to guess too much so i wouldnt get the too many invalid error message again! haha well i got what i wanted, the 985 point headphones

  282. I was able to get on the site, but I could not enter any codes “to many redemption attemps” kept comming up everytime I would try. Has anyone else had this problem today? I did get my double points in yesterday before the site went down. Any feed back would be helpful. I would like to put in my 200 pts for today.

  283. I am thinking about getting the 19″ Samsung. Can anyone that has gotten it yet tell me about the quality and if it is worth THAT many points? Thanks

  284. Yeah, I also had 10 codes to enter on Double Points day, and got the same website maintenance error!! I was pretty upset with their inability to keep their website up and running. I agree that the rewards aren’t really great this time either.

  285. jill- 400 pts = 2 x 10 10 ptrs BEFORE noon on the 25th (Tueday’s ten codes ) + 2 x 10 10 ptrs AFTER noon on the 25th (Wednesday’s ten codes) double points days go from midnight to midnight not noon to noon like regular coke days. or in this particular case noon to 10 pm or so apparently, and all the hours were difficult to make entries during. I ended up getting only 360, blocked me off of 2 ultimately and I had to fight for 3 of them. still not bad at all. Miraculously the site worked like magic after dbl points day was over, who would’ve seen THAT coming? 🙂
    scheduling maintenance on the end of double points day (if they’re not just covering their butts) is the epitome of uncool, but I couldn’t enter my codes from 5 p.m. on basically. of course they don’t have to give us double points days at all, so thank you coke for the day, just don’t jerk us around like that. I have 3202 now, had about 2400 on tuesday so I’m happy. FYI portable DVD player is GONE completely for now at least. you notice they don’t have ANY expensive items listed in the voting under “suggest a reward”, right? Coke has to deal with this economy as well, folks.

  286. Robert’s code taken, but not by me. I had a question about the bonus points you recieve when you enter the three point codes, I entered only three and have yet to see the bonus, was that a one day only, or what. And does anyone know when the next double point day will be?

  287. well i dont have that tv but i know about tvs. the specs on it are low, its contrast ratio is 800:1. the higher the better, it would give you an average picture. itll be good for a little kid’s room or a kitchen tv. a monitor too

  288. Is anyone else starting to get tired of the hassle of rounding up codes? I’ve redeemed 21,000 pts in the past and currently have 19,700. I am thinking about redeeming them for whatever and stopping. Or maybe just enter whatever few might come along and wait till near the end of the year to see what else MCR might post as prizes. Considering the cost of fuel and all the starting and stopping to get pts. at the places I do, it’s got to be affecting my mileage, so I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Here are a few codes for your reading enjoyment.


    Continued good luck to all and have a great day.

  289. hi everybody i was not going to post anything tonight, but after reading some of your post i must, darrell i been playing this game for 2 years now my history account earn 43030pt spent 25200 now 18300 i will play this game until it is over for life i have received over $5,000 in rewards sweepstakes and contest. i won sweepstake for $835 back in april and just two days ago i won 4 sixflags ticket and i did not get to enter all my codes that double day i call them and told them the next day and they credit my account for 200pt so both of my accounts got 400pt and the reps said that as of march they have 9 millions people playing this game as you know monday you can get gift cards for $25.00 do not know how many points are needed but i think 625pt i also have received $400 in home depot cards and when they have those visa card $375.oo and last year i spent 2800pt for 8 sixflags ticket i have two account one is mimes the other is my boyfriend and as of now between both accounts we have 27,000pt I save my points for money,trips my boyfriend account is for sweepstakes and other prizes. i have lots of codes i will give out 10 because you all are my cokepeople let go a4ak59f7b54b…ot9wh9btp7vm….oa5xk97boj9r,,,,47m77oota5mh….oa4ma574xp4n…..awxjrnnomvr9…..oamkntk5rm7l….i live in ct tomorrow i am driving up to new hampshire to the nascar speedway track i hope tony stewart win he won the nationwide race today he took out kurt bush good. now more codes t5jb5ak5rjnl….nxjnbh5f5ak6…..66kp7lbkob9n….peace out

  290. Did anyone else win a Wii in the sweepstakes in March? I got an email from mcr on May 5th saying I had won a Wii, but I still haven’t received it. Talked to someone a mcr, but they gave me a # for eprize. Nothing but automation there, leave a message or email, but of course no one responds to either. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know who else to call? I’m with Darrell. Coke needs to freshen up the the prizes. I’m getting tired of collecting codes with not much in return. Last summer was great, this one is a bummer. I’ve got 20,000+ points ready to be redeemed.

  291. Darrell, my numbers are somewhat less impressive (7000/3000) but I’m feeling the same way, the good prizes don’t seem to be coming back. Some of the good ones that are gone why don’t they just bring them back at higher point values if they’re so popular? The Nintendo DS was 3250, but I’d save up and pay 4500 points for it no problem. The Wii was 6250, but I’d pay 8000.

    One thing I definately don’t want to do is play the sweepstakes. I’d grab the 19″ TV if I were you (if I had the points I’d do it myself), can always use an extra TV, though honestly its point/cost ratio is not very good, but hey its free.

    I kinda like the dartboard honestly but dont really have anywhere to put it.

  292. and someone took all of renees codes too…..geez people try to share…..all of the above codes redeemed..not be me!!

    dont delete this whhitekidd

  293. Nick,

    Gas prices should have nothing to do with the amount of miles awarded; especially since delta is now charging an additional $25 on a domestic ticket points redemption and $50 for an international one. This is in addition to the $50 and $100 fees they already charged for these respective classes of tickets.

    PS Warning to all thinking about getting a airline miles credit card–don’t, as almost every program is a waste of time.

  294. Gee, nice of Coke to offer me a special bonus of a Visa card for more points than were in that account. Bummer.

  295. Well i did it i saved up 1700 points and got the 2 tickets to the allstate 400 @the brickyard yay

  296. well it looks like all the prizes on MCR have “Time Left” stamps on them.

    Looks like (at least in my opinion) that it may actually end at the end of this year… 8(

    Now what to do with my 14,846 poins (at end of july I should be over 15,000 points hopefully near 16,000).

    I’ve already gotten…Nintendo DS, 2 DS games (Mario, Wario), 1 Wii game (Zelda), a $25 online gift card (mysimon), and a digital picture frame (not counting all the stuff for 0 points I redemed for).

    At the en of July I’m going to be moving to my very first home and out of my current apartment.

    Now should I (since it will end I think by end of year) get the 19″ TV for 13250 (used to be 11250) and then uss the other near 1750 for something else.


    Get the Samsung Home Theatre system for 11250 (title says it’s a 2.1 but description says 5.1) and use the near 3750 points for something else like the dart board, MP3 player (saving for a Zune on another site), and/or basketball game (or 2 if I can save enough again before it ends)???

    Would the TV or HT/Dart Board/BasketBall (if I get 3000 more points by rewards end) combonation be better for a new house and/or family get togethers? What would you do?

    Also what are the model number for both the TV and Home theatre system awarded? Also how is the quality of both?

  297. Has anyone redeemed the Garmin forerunner 101 @3704 points?
    Is it worth it? what does it have?
    Thank You.

  298. Different regions must be offered a different assortment of prizes to chose from. On this site I have noticed claims of prizes not available to this region. I wonder what the geographic boundries are?
    I have been trying to find out about the $25.00 gift card to be offered by clicking on the Olympic part of the site but the timer keeps resetting to 9 minutes and 24 seconds every time I come back to it. Strange! Also the new posting of different days left for prize availability is weird. Renee, I have followed your postings for quite a while and you have always been awesome. You might quite possibly lead in redemptions and points collected out of the supposed nine million participants in the MCR program.
    in the MCR program. Once again whitekid2, thanks for the site, a lot of people have been alerted to things they might not have otherwise have known. A good day to all.

  299. This is Crazy !
    When you enter a sprite code – you get a bonus offer for a virtual visa card for 500 pts – I got 10 offers !
    But It tells you if you close the window without accepting the offer – you Lose It ! BUT it Says
    ” The Status for this Gift doesn’t Appear as Offered ”
    !?!?!? And the phones don’t open til 9 AM

  300. isnt the sprite promo supposed to get going today? and if so is anyone going to get the 25 dollar card?

  301. Chris, I’m saying that as a company that uses trucks to ship their merchandise, Coke as a whole is going to be affected by the high fuel costs, which would affect their bottom line, hence being less generous in their rewards program. Plus their ingredients ship to them by truck, so have probably gone up in price, and people are probably buying less brand name soda because they’re also feeling the pinch of the high gas prices. It’s all connected, whether you want to see it or not. Explains why the program was so much better this time last year, and even better the year before.

    There is no new 25$ gift card on the site as of 11:20 a.m. , but there is a return of the mexican national soccer team category with 3 whole rewards in it. a hat , a reversible backpack and a contest i think. coke has finally listened to all of our deepest needs and desires (sarcasm, for the intellectually impaired among us, i.e. Darrell)

  302. Hey Cameron,
    Those tickets to the NASCAR race at the brickyard must have been a regional type deal. Never seen those offered in Georgia (USA) I would have loved to have gotten a couple of those deals for 3400 pts. Has anybody else been getting the “Bonus offers” when you enter the sprite caps or box codes?? (Started today 6/30/08) Has shown up twice on my account and my wife’s account that there was a bonus offer and the offer was a $25 virtual VISA card for 500 pts. I click “get It” and it asked if I wanted to get the card for 500 pts and I said yes, then it says.. “We’re sorry in bold red letters, then “The status for this gift doesn’t appear as Offered” just wondering what the deal is on these offers.

  303. first come first serve, I guess I’ll camp out here and wait for free codes…

  304. can u only enter one of the sprite codes a day or only one i’m confused somebody please help

  305. Okay Finally Got One for 500 Pts !!!
    I just let my session get timed out and closed the browser then went back on and finally after 2PM It Worked It looks like 1 $25. Virtual Visa Per Acct. and the other Offers were for a chance at the
    Bring Home The Green sweepstakes … keep getting not a winner – So If Anyone Wins …We Wanna Hear About It ! 5abthpbth6xh Go for it !

  306. Has anyone tried talking to their local vending machine company for their codes? I work at retail store that has a coke machine and the vendor who fills it gives me the codes that he accumulates over the week. I bribed him with some cookies. Try it!

  307. I usually use ‘Browse by Points’ to check out all the prizes, but once in a while (not often) a prize will not show up there that will show up when I search by ‘Category’.

  308. Disregard the one per acct –
    If You Only enter 1 Sprite code – ea time you log on – you get the Offer to redeem for 500 pts for a $25. Virtual Visa Gift Card !
    but you have to log off after claiming the Bonus offer .Then Log back on
    But DO NOT close the window until you CLAIM IT and say YES and Get your Code !!!
    Then Log off . Then Log on with 1 more Sprite Code , then you get Another Bonus Offer ! I am on 3rd so far !

    Also Promo Code 100086649666462 gives you 1 free contest entry – But Does Not Let you Get the $25. G.C.

    Have Fun ! Don’t Forget – Tomorrow is the First – I am Afraid to Wipe out my acct. With my fear of them putting up the $100. Home Depot Cards If I Did ! :~{

  309. Ok, looks like you can get the $25 card more than once but having trouble getting the second card to show on the same account.

  310. I redeemed for the $25 VISA today. The site you redeem on ( is not compatible with my Safari browser. Went to my sister’s house and used her Internet Explorer and it worked fine. The site would not even load correctly with my AOL browser.

    Thanks for the tips and the promo code! I will be getting as many gift cards as I can. Just redeemed for 60 12 packs, and one last $100 Sephora card. Used up 8500 points. Still have 8100 left.

    Here is a Sprite cap:

  311. redeemed for 500 pt sprite virtual visa card in second acct, just happened to enter 3 sprite codes today and clicked on offer as soon as I saw it, thanks for the heads up renee, on the 25 gc’s being offered on monday, so I for one was looking out for it. that’s a 25$ visa card you can use anywhere online (or turn into a physical card for a 3.95 fee) for 20$ worth of points which (I don’t know about you) I never paid any money for. awesome. I’m going to leave my main acct alonew @ 3350+ let it grow, hope for the wii eventually or something cooler tomorrow maybe, the 1st like Francine mentioned.

  312. hey guys if you go to the beijing olympic awards page, on tha rewards section theres a black shirt that says beijing in red letters. will that ever be available?

  313. I learned a little bit today about the $25 Visa having ran into a couple of problems myself.

    1. The error, “The status for this gift doesn’t appear as Offered”, was caused by the site publishing the bonus before 12noon. The gift cards weren’t available before 12 noon but the bonus was posted before that time. I talked to mycokerewards staff today concerning the problem. They open a “trouble ticket” for which I should hear back in 7 to 10 days… Ha!!Ha!! The easy thing is that you just need to logout and log back into the system, redeem another sprite code, and automagically you will recieve the bonus offer.

    2. You can receive multiple bonus offers. You just need to logout of your mycokerewards account, login, and redeem another Sprite code to get another $25 bonus offer. You will also receive another $1000 sweepstakes entry at the same time.

    3. Each $25 Visa card code can be redeemed at the myecount site. The problem is that you have to create a new profile for each redemption code. This means you will recieve a different Visa virtual credit card number for each redemption code. Don’t worry about calling as I already waited on the phone this evening for 10 minutes to discuss the problem. It seems that the Coca-Cola company contract with requires that each redemption has a separate account. This was a contractual requirement as I was told by the support staff. I have three Visa virtual credit cards worth $25 a piece at this time. I hope this helps!!!


  314. how do you enter more than one 25 dollar card per account i’ve already tried the thing on have a reward code on the side of the page thanks and today is the first

  315. can anyone tell me if the samsung mp3 player is worth the points. Never had one before.Thanks

  316. So I’ve redeemed 1500 points for $75 in GC. I’ve still got just over 1000 points left, and I’m so tempted to grab some more GC. It’s just so hard to empty an account I’ve worked so long building up, but I feel like this might be one of the last chances to get something decent out of this. Thoughts anyone?

  317. How are you redeeming the for the rewards cards? I have “lost” 3 so far, I keep getting the following message “An input parameter is invalid” Called Coke they said they’d get back to me. Everytime I log out I lose the redemption but when I log back in I get a new chance for my sprite code but am right back to same message anyone else having this problem?

  318. Just got the bonus offer displayed to me, but could not claim it. Got “invalid” something. Any ideas?

  319. Tried to redeem another $25 VISA today and it said “An Input Parimeter Is Invalid”
    Also tried to redeem for the $1 off a 12 pack (35 points) and it said “FIC Grant Awards Failure”
    Anyone else able to redeem for prizes today?

  320. I’ve been trying to get more of the Sprite Gift Cards today but keep getting An input parameter is invalid. I called Coke, seems like a known issue that they are working on. Anyone else getting this?

  321. Woohoo, I just won a $100 gift card from the Sprite promotion! Just my 2nd day trying to win and got the green already.

  322. on the sprite thing if u look close theres a code it is 36usc220506 and it doesnt work any help?

  323. >Comment #568 by Enemy — July 1, 2008 @ 4:46 pm
    >Woohoo, I just won a $100 gift card from the Sprite promotion!

    I don’t believe it yet, but I just won also!

    First time I’ve EVER won ANY thing!

    However … Anybody know how/when the “Win Subject to Verification” occurs?

    Also … I’ve wasted several Sprite codes, but when I get the “Bonus”, it only shows the “Instant Win” contest, but NOT the cards. And I’ve tried Signing Out and back In, as well as clearing cookies, etc.

    Anybody else getting more than one or two, today?

    Again … Woohoo!

  324. Just found out that the model number for the 11250 point SAMSUNG HOME THEATER SYSTEM is:


    I looked at the manual and it is not what I am looking for and here is why…

    It only have outputs in the system and NO INPUTS.

    What this means is that anything played in the system (ie. CD, DVD, IPOD (comes with an IPOD dock), USB device (has USB port)) will play throughout all speakers.

    The manual states that you can hook up your game systems and TV to it and hear the sounds from them throughout the system, but I don’t see how that is possible as there is NO INPUTS in the system.

    Nothing to hook up audio from your TV or an HDMI INPUT. and no Component nor composite AV inputs.

    This means that hooking up the gaming systems (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) and hearing the sounds via the theater system is not going to happen. It’s impossible to what I see (prove me wrong if you can and I’ll be greatly happy).

    Also with no plain audio input, you can not go from Audio out on your TV to audio in on the HT system meaning you won’t be able to hear your TVs sound from the system.

    I really wanted this item at first, but after hearing and reading about it’s features, I’m a little let down with it and don’t think that I’ll be getting it

  325. 36usc220506 has to do with the Olympics. You will see it associated with every company that is a sponsor of the games.
    Unfortunately, it looks like the Visa cards are no longer available.

  326. Just an FYI
    the promo code I posted earlier was from the bubble pop game and can only be redeemed once per account.

  327. Tim, according to samsung’s website the HT-Z510T has:
    Component video out: 1
    Composite video out: 1
    HDMI-CEC out: 1
    Audio in: aux1/aux2
    Optical (digital in): 1

    So it looks like there are three audio inputs (one optical)

  328. Did anyone else get the email that said Mycokerewards was sorry?

    Maybe they will offer better rewards soon now.

  329. ^^^ Yeah, I got that same email. I was thinking, “Huh?”. I already got all my double points that day. Then I realized that not everyone did. :/

    But yeah, I hope they do another promotion like this. I just hope it won’t be like a contest or whatever because the chances are slim to none of winning.

  330. recently won the six flags tickets sad to learn the closest park is more than 5 hours away looks like i’ll try to sell them has anyone redemmed the code for their tickets are they transferable to another party is my name printed on the ticket?

  331. hi everybody i got email from cokereward that said they were sorry about the double points day and that they will make it right. i am upset about those visa cards. i been trying to get some for more then two days now. well here are some sprite codes to play the win the money cards. 5b6jan6fxmkh….rla55xkmfn6t….70tj99th5fkm….90lapt6l9kom…..i am calling coke tomorrow i want those visa cards. more codes 5a5lmlkavxbt…..f95am9volmvp…..i have on one account 18000 and the other 8000 so i can get $1200 in visa cards and go on a trip and do some shoping and paid some bills. peace out my coke people.

  332. We’re so sorry if you experienced any issues with Double Points Day on June 25th. To make it up to you, we are planning additional great offers in the weeks and months to come. Keep enjoying your favorite participating My Coke Rewards brands so you can get more rewards and prizes.

    Our sincerest apologies,
    My Coke Rewards Team

  333. HEADS UP !!!
    Go to Rewards by points – Under 25 points …
    Scroll down about 4 rows and there is a
    Coke Zero for 0 Points ! Click on it and redeem …
    You can get more than one – BUT DON’T ABUSE IT !!!
    Let Others get Some !!!

    And they did it to me AGAIN ! 3RD Time in 1 Week !!!
    Too MAny Invalid Redemption Attempts !!!
    On my 2nd Code entry !!! I did the Contact us to tell them – but I am NOT Getting my Sprite caps in thanks to that …So I am not happy 🙁 oh well … maybe I will win something Good when I am Able to enter 😉
    Positive Thinking !!! Attract GOOD Things 🙂 !!!
    Free Coke Zero is Good !

    I Guess they Ran Out of Free Coke Zero Coupons Already

  335. Free Coke Zero reward has now been removed from the site! I missed out, congrats to those who got one in time.
    Francine – did you know you can play for free without entering a Sprite cap? On the Sprite Olympics page Click on “official rules” on the top right side and scroll down until you see “Alternate Method of Entry” click on the link there to play up to 10 times a day.

  336. I Don’t Believe it ! Again … On First Code I Entered
    It Said TOO MANY UNVALID ENTRY ATTEMPTS !!! DAYS of Not Getting To Enter Codes …and Holiday tomorrow so It probably won’t get fixed – this is like 5 Days of Lost code entry …well at least they credited my acct with 100 pts for one of them – 65LTV066KFT9
    Maybe someone else can enter it 😉

  337. hey thanks Francine for posting. I just checked and it’s no longer there. thanks again though!

  338. Uhm, under my Rewards/Prizes status, it says that a $25 Visa Virtual Card was “offered” for 500 points, awarded July 1. I don’t remember redeeming this or being “offered” it, does anybody else have it? None of my points have been reducted either.

  339. Coke is a world wide, multi-trillion dollar company. the website they have is just cheap. my girlfriend tried to redeem her points for the $25 dollar sprite gift cards… To no avail they didnt have any. Is anybody else having any problems with this? If they have it listed on the website then they should have them, it just gives you the shot at winning the $100 gift card. any help would be great.

  340. Nick:

    You seem to buy into ther fact that rising gas prices have really hurt companies, and that as a result, they automatically and naturally should pass this along to the consumer. Have you ever considered that people aren’t travelling as much, and as such are at home buying more consumer products, especially persishables? The biggest name brand in the world certainly hasn’t been hurting, of late. Coke reported net income of $1.11 billion in the first quarter of 2006, $1.26 billion in 2007, and $1.5 billion in Q1 of this year. A company that is showing a 20% rise in profits (compared with the prioryear) is certainly able to absorb rising fuel prices, and shouldn’t be spoiling a promotion that is probably the crux of this recent windfall.

    Peacefully Playing Devil’s Advocate,

  341. got an emil from coke saying this on the side

    Limited time only
    Watch the NASCAR Coke Zero 400* on July 5th and find out how to get a free 20 oz. Coke Zeroâ„¢.

    If you watch nascar plese tell the others on the site the info to get the free coke zero


  342. The Free Coke Zero is back up and corrected – 1 per Acct. limit Go get One !

  343. Is anyone else not being allowed to redeem even their first Coke Zero? It says “customer is not allowed to get another of this item” or something like that, but I haven’t gotten one yet.

  344. So I go onto the site today and what do I see? I see an alert! That alert said it was my one year anniversary of being a member of the mycokerewards promotion. Wow!

  345. Do people realize that the free Coke Zero is the promotion for the NASCAR race? Thats what you were supposed to watch the race and get, a free Coke Zero.

  346. hi everybody have any one since yesterday which is 7-4-08 brought any gift cards if so please lets us know because now it 5 days i cant get none i have enter 10 sprite codes a day and get getting only to play for the instant win game for $100 and dont win so i will like to buy my cards. ok here are some code some coke some sprite axkatlo5k4nf….pnftwvn6abrv….np4j9599jkaw…….obprrwvvtb4p…..axomxvv7r4jv…..that the coke now the sprite by the way hello poorman it been a long time. nhbxlwkrwrxx….59nxxtwjpatr…….7pf4jow4a6jx……f9wjknlnb4pl……7vbfthv79abo…..last one please let me know about the $25 gift card ok ffbmkx6arvpk that 11 peace out my coke people

  347. when im on my account and i click on the reward that i want to search it just shows that its loading but it never gets to the rewards. it started about three days ago. everything else downloads good except that. has it been happening to anybody and can anybody help me in any way.Whitekidd… anybody…somedy…help.


    The link for the freebie is not up at the website yet (as of 11:57pm on July 5) but it should be up soon as the race is over.

    A Coke Family Driver did not win the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, but they announced that they will be giving away the Coke Zero anyway.

  349. 04PA6RHJW0LM

  350. I Redeemed Roberts Sprite Code ! THANK YOU Robert !
    And Renee’s Codes Already RNBM – Thanks for Posting them !

    The $25. Visa cards were limited supply – Started on 6/30 after Noon time and they ran out on 7/1 – Sorry

  351. every time i try to to sign in the website signs off and i have to sign back on email me and tell me how to enter

  352. hey guys, just reading the official rules for the sprite giveaways and there is a limit of 2 $100 cards you can win per account. FYI. It doesn’t say but i am pretty sure the sprite contest “day” goes from midnight to midnight like double pts day, not noon to noon like regular- you know for your 10 tries per day. also, program extends to Aug 22 @ 11:52 pm, so plenty of time to win your $200.

  353. You can get 10 free entries for the Sprite game each day by clicking on the “Bring home the green” on the right hand side of the screen. Once you get to the “Bring Home the Green” screen, click on the official rules icon in the upper right hand corner. scroll down to number 5.a.2 – alternate method of entry, and click on “click here”.
    If someone has a better way of explaining this, please do!!
    Haven’t won anything yet, but forever hopeful!

  354. Whatever happened to the 45 pt. free Blockbuster movie?
    Are they gone for good?

  355. 95RJTF6ORAW9

  356. BP5V4V4F5NPM

  357. I can’t beleive it I won a $100 gift card with one of my free entries in the Sprite promotion. That means I have one more to get yet until Aug. 22nd right Nick?

    Good explanation Karen! Best of luck to you all!

  358. O4LAW7JXW99T

  359. yes, dee, you can still win another one, and if you enter the olympics sweepstakes after trying for the cards, you wil be entered to win 1 of 30 potential $1000 cards. the us has to win (gold i think) that event, you have to have entered at least once into that event, and be selected randomly to win also. I have access to a 2nd acct, so I can win 3 more times personally, good luck to all, there are 9,500+ 100$ cards to win total until the 22nd. what time did you enter?

  360. I won one too with my free entry. I was curious if they would really let you win with the free entries. I guess that answers that question.

    Good luck to everyone else….still trying for one more for me and hoping to win one (or 2) for my Mom!


  362. 9KMPH6XA74AX

  363. Thanks Karen and Dee for the info on the Sprite promotion. I figured I had nothing to lose and entered for free. On my 7th attempt I got a code that redeemed for a $100 Visa e-count!

  364. What time should I do the Instant win BRING HOME THE GREEN game? It says every 8 minutes someone can win a $100 cash card.

  365. I am going to try to explain this as best I can for anyone not knowing this. After you win (as I did) the Six Flags tickets, you still need to enter the security
    code all twenty times each day to collect the bonus entries. Although each participant is only allowed a four pack of tickets, what’s received from continuous entering will accumulate towards sweepstakes entries in the Vault Country sweeps. Note that each time you enter the security code and are asked if you want to see if you won, you do not do this, instead you click on the line just below that says no thanks, not now. By doing so the entry points accumulate for the Vault Country sweeps. I do not totally understand this, but it works. I have received 520 entries towards the 2008
    awards in Nashville and still have over two hundred yet to enter and still get more everyday. If you are interested in this, hopefully you won’t have any problems. If you do, just post here and I will see it and try to explain it better. Also, each time you enter the instant game in an effort to win the $100, if you will note you have an option to click on more sweeps and bonus offers. If you do this after each instant win attempt, you are given a free entry into the drawing for $1000. Continued good luck to all and have a good day.

  366. Following used by me:
    Thanks, Robert!

  367. Ok im not sure how the sprite thing is working. Can u do the the bubble thing for a free code more than once???

  368. TRKHH40R6KJB
    thanks robert

  369. Following codes from Robert (THANKS!) RNBM …

    And THANKS to Gorgo (#645) and aznwy (#647) for claiming the others!

    I only got to try the first 20 of the un-claimed (I cut/pasted the list and sorted them, to better sift out the ones already claimed).

    I thought that the “20 invalid redemption attempts” was consecutive, such that you could enter 20 “bad/RNBM” codes, THEN enter ONE “good” code, and the “bad” counter was reset. Apparently, that’s not so; I’m guessing it’s 20 “bad” codes per day … Oh well …

    Come on folks, lets not start this again; Please claim the donated codes when you redeem them!

    I also have to say, always, thanks to vvhitkid2 for the forum; I know some of the RNBM code claims may be missed in the mix, since all comments are moderated, and vvhitekid2 may not have gotten around to all of them so far. Thanks for all of your hard work helping to keep us all informed, educated, and amused!

    Some 20 of Robert’s codes below RNBM …


    Some 20 of Robert’s codes above RNBM …

    PS: I wish this blog engine had a “preview” for comments!

  370. RBM…thanks Robert!!


  371. Ben, the answer is no, only the first time will give a code. After that it’s for entertainment only. But, as posted earlier, you can have ten free entries per day by going to the Sprite experience, click on official rules, scroll down to 5.a.2, click on “click here” and then follow directions. After trying for the instant win you will be offered two choices, one is to play for sweepstakes and bonus offers, the other is to return to the Sprite experience. Do the sweeps and bonus offers. After entering that you will be returned to the Sprite experience and can repeat this ten times. Good luck.

  372. has anyone figured out what the code is from ryan howard down at the bottom right hand corner of

  373. hey did anyone order the full metal jacket ear buds?
    i ordered them on the 11th last month and i just got an email from this guy saying they sent my ear buds out but it will be 5-7 more days……how are they if you have them

  374. The Ryan Howard thing ended a few weeks ago. I tried and it said the promotion had expired. Not sure why Coke still has the link on their page.

  375. I posted earlier, but now that is gone? Anyways, new to this site, but been on MCR for awhile. Don’t have too many points, redeemed for the frying pans. I saw a game for Sprite where you pop bubbles, but now I cannot find it again. Was there a prize with it?

  376. is there any special way to do the instant win game so that i can win? should i use all 10 trys in a row or should i spread them out throughout the day?

  377. congrats francine, but how do you know that you when you win and how do you claim the prize

  378. jiggy
    It says “Thank You , You’ve Won ”
    and it gives you a code to redeem and a link to claim it – and you get an email . You can win 2 $100. Visa per acct. I used mine to pay my Dish Network Bill !

    Yes the $25. virtual Visas were limited – and they were available on 6/30 after 12 noon and they ran out on 7/1 in the AM .They are GONE .

    We Keep answering the same Questions over and Over …
    Scroll Back on this page to 6/30 and READ it by scrolling …

    There is an explanation on 7/13 by Darrell how to enter 10 x a day for FREE – Read It ! There is another post from Nick and Karen on 7/9 regarding details – READ THESE ! Good Explanations ! READ THEM !!!

  379. Megan
    the Bubble pop game gives you a promo code which I posted on 6/30 . It is 100086649666462
    It is good ONCE PER ACCT for 1 Free entry to the instant win game.

    So everyone can understand – the chance to win is Once every Eight Minutes …and which minute wins is Random
    So basically – ANY MINUTE Could Be the Right One !!!

    Get to the point is says Submit then As the Clock on your Computer clicks to the Next Minute –
    Click Submit !
    The First one on the chosen/Random Minute Wins !
    GOOD LUCK ! Post When you Win ! HOO RAH !!!

  380. @ Francine- where do you get your information regarding the Bring Home the Green sweepstakes winner selection details?

  381. The 6TP one has been used that Francine posted. Just so others dont waste time trying to enter it like I did . One of these days I may get to use 1 off of here,lol. it hasnt happened yet but Im hopeful. Thanks to all who continue to share.

  382. Thank You Lord !
    We just won on my Husbands Acct ! @ 5:29 AM – Just B4 he left for work !!! What an Awesome Way to Start the Day !!! B5KAPLMTAXHN May God make it a Winner for Whoever Uses It !

  383. Just got my Farberware pans that I redeemed 995 pts for today! They are pretty nice.

  384. i played the game and got a code that had already been used! i looked at the digits and saw that it was exactly the same as francine’s!!! any1 else have this happen? what did u do?

  385. DH
    The 100086649666462 code is a Promo code – Gotten on the Bubble Pop game – That Code is a Code that can be used ONE TIME PER ACCT.
    So If it said already redeemed – it means you already used it Once !
    You Do Not get Points for it – But IF You Haven’t Used it B4 – You will get One Free Bring Home the Green Instant Win Play – Which you can play for Free 10 times a day Anyway – From 12 Midnight Eastern Time to Midnight the next night …this was All Explained in the Earlier Posts I Mentioned If you take a few Minutes to read Back …

    I Don’t understand your ? info on winner details …?
    It says 1 winner every 8 Minutes … It can be any random minute within the 8 …people are winning at Various times – not just on the minutes in multiples of 8s …. But I am not the timekeeper LOL…Sorry
    And Good Luck to All !
    You can Also Play the Best Buy $1000. Game free 20x a day …look at the rules – then 5b Alternate Entry …

  386. i just won the sprite game twice in a row. i litteraly won it, registered at and then played again and won again! but it would not let me put in my second code at ecount so i created a new account at myecount and it worked. so DH try making a new account at and it should work.

  387. DH – I think it’s a one time use code per person. As in everyone who plays is going to get the same code but that code can only be used once per person.

  388. As the old saying goes, if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all – except for that 1 time in Vegas! If Coke ends the promotion as scheduled, and does not extend it a third time, I think I have enough codes to make it to the end. So I think its time to share a few. Besides, now I have a couple homeless guys collecting for me in exchange for bottles and cans.


    Plesse post as soon as you use them.

    Thanks to all for the info posted here.

  389. @Francine- I tried your method and did it as soon as the computer clock clicked to the next minute, for 8 minutes and yet still did not win……

  390. Hey I won on e of the $100.00 Bring home the green Visa’s… Went to and bought my wife’s bday gift for next week…

  391. Where can you use those coupons for free bottles and free cases of soda? Since prizes are so lean I’m thinking of getting a bunch of those.

    Any personal experience of places that accept them? Any places that refused them?

  392. ryan
    WTG !!! CONGRATS !!!
    Yes For Every Virtual Visa You Get – you HAVE TO Make a NEW Acct Username – but you can use the same password
    …Just like with the $25. virtuals from 6/30 (which are Long Gone)

    did I say there was a Guarantee ??? LOL…
    people may or may not win — there is NO Guarantee – I was just passing along what I did and won twice doing…trying to help … You have to understand – you are playing 10x out of …how many minutes in a day ? You may have played when a person had just Won in the Minute B4 you – then someone could have won the minute After you finished … Sorry but this is a game of Chance – do you Realize How Many People are Playing ??? You may win the next time you play – or not at all …But you can’t Win IF you Don’t TRY ! 😉
    So —Just Keep Trying –
    and Don’t Complain every time you try and Don’t Win — I played every day since it started – and then just got there at the Exact Right Second ! Think Positive ! Good Luck to all 🙂 And Be Grateful you are able to play for Free – Not ONLY if you enter a Sprite Code !

    Thanks for sharing the codes ! Generousity is A Very Good Thing ! Don’t Say you have Bad Luck – Look at Everything you DO Have – and Be Grateful !!! You could be the homeless person collecting cans …to SURVIVE !
    But instead – You are the One Helping them !!! No Act of Generosity is Unseen by God ! He will give you your Reward – In His Way – In His Time – And then you will understand …Give Thanks for what you HAVE ! And If more of Us help the Homeless – Like Karen – Wow !
    Awesome Thought !!!

  393. dh here.i know my code was a promo code! i played the bubble game and thats what i got.

  394. somebody give francine a free code for her virtuous and divine speech. She is a gift to this site. (not sarcastic,…truly sincere)

  395. I have used several of the free bottles of soda coupons and free cases of soda coupons, and the money off coupons. I do most of my shopping at walmart, so I know that they accept them, I have also used a few of them at Kroger, and Publix. But those are the only three that I have used them at, hope this helps.

    Ad thanks again to all that submit the codes 🙂

  396. Francine -.

    I should have put an LOL after my bad luck statement. I am so aware of my blessings everyday. My quest for Coke codes has brought me into contact with many people I never would have spoken to previously. And I have redeemed points for quite a few items – the movie tickets make great gifts.
    So I’d like to share a few more codes.


    Again, thanks to all who post here.


  398. What a weekend. I won the 6 Flag tickets on Friday and then yesterday I won the $1000 Best Buy Gift card. This is with maximizing entries everyday. Good luck everyone now that I can’t win anymore: TTPAT9XX76ll

  399. hey i just found this site and wanted to say hello i love mcr and coke and i have the same name as Ben

  400. Do the coke truck liscence plates still work? I live right down the street from a Coke bottling plant, and could easily rack up 800 points per day using those }:) Also, I’m gaining about 50 caps per day due to the sheer number of coke products drank in a day by folks where I live. I’m thinking of waiting till I hit 1000 caps and then trading for flaps with a good exchange rate.

    Anyway… Awesome site! Let’s hope they keep this thing going for a long while!

  401. i heard a rumor about the truck license, i know it doesnt work in the state in live

  402. hey everyone…i just started saving codes after the great advice from a friend and i am too excited about it…it is just starting out really slow for me…but i love this site with all the great tips that everyone shares…so a HUGE thanks to you all!

  403. I won the $1000 Best Buy gift card for Tuesday at 9:20 PM. It’s strange how it posts your address information before you get the main “You’ve won” message.

  404. Cola Gnostic, if you wait too long I’m afraid the MCR program will be over and instead of having a lot of points to trade for prizes, you will only have a bunch of caps that you can not enter. There are only five months left in the current program and I really don’t see them extending it again, although that would be awesome. Good luck either way.

  405. Darrell it ends the end of the year but you can still enter all of the codes you have.

  406. I played the Best Buy game, but did not count how many times, so it comes up that I have tried 21 times and won’t let me play any more, no problem. So I go to enter my codes and no dice. It says I have too many invalid attempts. I have not made any invalid attempts. I have not made any attempts at all. So I clear my history and my temp internet files, still too many invalid attempts. I call Coke and all she says is that they will research it and it could take 7-10 days! I bet it is because I played that crummy game that I did not even win. She said that did not have anything to do with it, but I don’t believe it. Put in your codes BEFORE you play the best buy instant win game, because if you accidentally try that 21st time you are out of luck at least for that day. If it doesn’t work tomorrow I will really be upset. Anybody else had this experience? I asked the Coke rep if she could enter my codes for me and she said no. How is that different from giving me credit for illegible codes?????GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  407. Dr. Pepper Code:


    Dad work’s at Wawa… And I get tons of Caps/Flaps a day.

  408. Bob, you can only enter ten codes per day, from 12:00 noon starts the 24 hour cycle, enter ten throughout that 24 hours, then you must wait until the next cycle to enter ten more. So, unfortunatly, if you have more than that saved at the end of the year they will be wasted. When it gets close enough for me to determine that I have enough to finish out the year I plan to list any and all that are extra on this site, if vvhitekid2 is good enough to keep it going until the end, for which I say thanks again. Good luck to all.

  409. Has anyone redeemed for the Samsung 19″ HD TV recently? I see that people around Apr08 received a larger Samsung but is that still going on? Also, does anyone know the model number?

  410. Today I can enter codes again. I feel very sure it was all due to the Best Buy game. I won’t be playing that any more.

  411. Does anyone know how the free plays accumulate? I know you have to enter a security code to redeem a free entry, but I’m not sure how the rest works. I enter ten free for the instant $100 game every day, I enter 20 free for the Best Buy, and 20 for the Six Flags. I also am entering 20 per day towards the Vault sponsored Sweeps and have 580 entries. But I have 480 entries available there, 390 available for the Six Flags, and 260 available for the Best Buy. I do not understand how so many free entries show up. This is nothing pressing, I’m just curious. Have a good day.

  412. the free entries are based on the points it requires to enter the sweepstakes normally. you bank the free points for sweepstakes and then can cash them in for actual entries. if you enter the Burger King card sweepsakes at 1 pt, you will see you have over 2000 entries available.

  413. Do you think they are going to be adding any new rewards soon? I read where Coke lost all kinds of money and is raising prices. Was just wondering if anyone had any insight. By the way the Weber BBQ Set is very Nice.

  414. FYI to KYgirl, some others on this post (myself included) got the “too many invalid” error code without having entered any invalid codes (way before the Sprite or Best Buy games). I think it’s a glitch in their system unrelated to the new contests since it’s happened before.

  415. about the TV…last time I wrote the company sending it out, I was told it was still the 19″

  416. Has anyone whose won the $1000 Best Buy gift card received it yet? I’d also like to know if ePrize has actually e-mailed or called anyone to say their verification to receive the gift card is complete. The rules make it sound like you have to jump thru hoops to receive it and I don’t know whether to wait by the phone for a call or not.

  417. Coke isn’t losing money… it’s that last year their profits were down from prior years. my opinion is that there was far more price fixing on their part, and they were offering far fewer sales on 12-pack cans. They seemed to have alleviated that this year ~ the Coke 12-packs are back on sale a good percentage of the time.

    Regardless, Coca-Cola isn’t losing money, they are doing fine. The MCR program seems to be good pubicity for them. It certainly inspires me to buy more Coke, most certainly if they continue to keep the price down on the 12 packs.

    I, like many others, am grateful for the MCR program. After years of being a loyal Coke customer, it’s nice to have rewards. …and thank God for baseball fields and Powerade codes!


  418. Hello everyone! I have been checking out this site for a while now, but this is my first post. I love this site. I was wondering if anybody knows if coke plans to offer anymore Best Buy or Home Depot GC’s, I have 7000 points, and I would like to redeem them for something nice. Does anyone know any info on the samsung MP3 player, is it a nice one? Anyone know the model number? Maybe someone could recommend sone of the better prizes. I just don’t want to wait too long and have to get 200 plastic coke glasses or something lame like that. Well, good luck to all, and thanks for this site!

  419. yo guys! has anyone bought the skinit thing for 411 points? i can buy it and i wanted to get a skin, i went to the website and made my skin, i loved it BUT do you have to pay for S&H and can i buy a custom skin, and not a premade skin? because i think the custom skins are like 19 bucks and the pre made are like 15 bucks

    help please, thanks!

  420. Yes, SUBWAY cards! I was able to use 720 points and 280 points (a total of 1,000) that I’d been working up to for quite some time waiting for something really worthwhile. That gets my kids $25 and $10 of food!!!

  421. Thanks, Francine, for the heads-up on the Subway cards. After crunching the numbers, the $2 card for 55 points is the best deal. Of course, you would have to use several of them in one visit to Subway.

    Heather – search by points.
    $2 card is 55 points
    $10 card is 280
    $25 card is 720

    Darrell – the MP3 player is Samsung model U3. I was interested in the 3 months of Rhapsody-to-go that comes with it. I have not really used it yet as I did not want to start my 3 months yet. The player itself is about the size of a bic lighter; really tiny. Also comes with ear buds. Hope that helps. Also, if you have an Ipod, the Ihome docking station is a good deal at 2500 points, and a very nice item. Movie tickets are good if you have AMC theaters near you. Just some thoughts…

  422. KAREN— wow karen u must really get points i have thethre near me good idea now i can actually take a freind out or something those thoughts of yours really work well for me thay did thank u thank u thank u thanku

  423. I dont know what this means, but i went to Ask Hank and asked…
    When does My coke rewards end?

    and his reply was…
    My Coke Rewards has been extended through January 31, 2009, and your points will be good through this date. **We will be revising our rules to reflect this program extension soon.**

    just an FYI that it might continue into 2009 and we can only hope for that! dont believe me ask Hank yourself.

  424. No George, due to people’s greed and bending of the rules they ran out. Scroll up and read some of the posts from June 30-July 1st and you’ll see this.

  425. Eric, that is not an extension. It is the same expiration date it has been for the last year or so. At present, you can enter your ten codes a day until the end of December. You will then have one month to choose whatever prizes are available. If MCR was to change the wording and extend the program again that would be awesome, but I don’t see it happening. But I did not think they would extend it after last year so hopefully I’m wrong. I have been before. Have a good one.

  426. I’ve been trying to enter the Nascar Atlanta Speedway sweeps for a couple of days and keep getting “Sorry! Application Error” message. Anyone else having this problem?

  427. Heads UP !!! New Rewards Added !!!

    Hamilton Beach 4Qt. Slow Cooker 1180 pts
    Proctor Silex 10 C.Rice Cooker 1300 Pts.
    Hamilton Beach Toastation Toaster & Oven 2200 Pts.
    Limeted Edition WE8 Aluminum Bottle Set 2000 Pts.
    CTA 7″ Clear Digital Picture Frame 5220 Pts.

  428. Hey Karen, thanks for the info on the MP3 player, an on the suggestions on other prizes. I may look ioto the movie cards. Thanks!

  429. There are too many Darrell’s on this site. I have counted three over time. If any of the posts are out of line, please remember this and know of the three, at least one has his wits about him. Have a great day and good luck!

  430. Darts, basketball game, MP3 player, golf bag, gaming chair, pedometer, trunk organizer went either in to or up in the 2501 and up section.

    1GB jump drive, 3 piece grill set, 5x mirror, yoga mat went into or up in the 1001-2500 section

    AMC Gold ticket + Drink went up and into the 501-1000 section

    AMC Silver ticket + Drink, Skin-it, Rhapsody album went up in 251-500 section

    A 512 MB flashdrive was added to the 501-1000 section.

    Makes we wonder if anything else will rise (TV? RR Cookware set??).

    Dartboard was 3750 it’s now 6100 (2350 point increase)

    Basketball game went from 3000 to 4920. (1920 point increase)

    Those are the two I remember the exact prices on from what there were before to now…a big jump to me.

    I wonder why they did that. Make me wonder if I should cash out for the TV (I have 15,262 points before it rises in price (well if it does and I hope it doesn’t)

  431. Hello,and thanks Darrell for the compliment ao me having my witts about me! Seems the best way to raise the point value or get coke to cancel a prize all completelly is for me to start thiking about getting it. works every time!

  432. hey they wont let me on my coke rewards or sighn in does anyone know the problem it is exactly august 1 10:26 pm wats going on

  433. how are you all getting all of the 100 dollar cards? i have tried every day and still nothing any tips would be greatly appreciated already got up at 4 o clock every morning and still nothing

  434. Just a heads up so everyone doesn’t Freak Out …
    The Coke site was down all night – first said :
    ” Error occured during invocation of business service”
    then ” do not recognise username or password”

    So Just be patient – They are Preparing for the Big KickOff For the Olympics …

    and those gaming chairs are Finally Out of Stock – I guess the point values have gone through deflation – since it is taking Alot More to Get Anything – YIKES !
    Those are Some Expensive FREE Cokes they added to those AMC Movie Tix !!! I could get 2 tickets for what they are asking Now !!! Guess they Figured Hiking the Prices Worked for the Oil/Gas Co.

  435. I would think the best way to win the $100 is to just try every day 10 times in a row. They give out one card every 8 minutes, but you have no way of knowing if the card has been won at any given time (someone could post here but there’s a delay), so might as well just click 10 in a row and be done with it.

    Unless you’re sitting right next to someone who just won, then wait 8 minutes and continue.

  436. someone, it just seems to be a combination of good luck and timing. I won my 2nd $100 Sprite card on Frday morning at 5:32 am. The rules state that the gift cards are given away every 8 minutes, maybe this means that they are given away on even minutes, even though my computer clock said 5:33 am when I entered my winning entry. I always used the free entries so you can win with them. Still waiting on the $1000 Besy Buy card that I won, haven’t been contacted by ePrize about it.

  437. Seems like Coke has raised the point redemption for just about everything. The golf bag I was went from 3250 to 4420. Luckliy I got my gold shoe bag for 1000. Now its 1450.

  438. Yes they are giving away one gift card every 8 minutes, but that is not a literal description of what is happening (if you read the rules). They are basically giving out a gift card on an average of every 8 minutes. The times that they are giving them away have been pre-chosen at random….so basically, someone could win at 6:00 and zero seconds, the next person could win at 6:00 and 10 seconds and then the next person not win until 6:45….or whatever times the computer has pre-chosen.

    Yes, it seems logical that if you enter in the middle of the night (when fewer people are enterring) that you might have a better chance, but the timing of it (as far as trying to time every 8 minutes or something like that) is irrelevant.

    So if you havne’t won yet, just keep trying, your chance is as good as anyone else’s. And GOOD LUCK.

  439. I just got off the phone with coke customer service trying to get a working code for the bring home the green $100 card, (no help at all btw!!) and the rep. added that coke program was extended till end of 09′!

  440. If you win the sprite comp does it show up in your account history? I think I saw a different screen than the normal ‘thank you for playing’ but the window closed! I’m tempted to call in the morning but I know they won’t be any help

  441. that’s INflation, Francine, not DEflation, unlike my spirits after they raised prices, COL

  442. JenJen
    Yes – IF you win It WILL show up in your Rewards/Prize Status History . You Will Also Get an Email from MyCokeRewardse@prizefulfillment.
    Hope You Won ! 🙂

    vvhitekid2 + conor ‘s Codes Alr. Redeemed – NBM
    Thanks anyway !

    You need to Call 1-800-522-7458 for the eCount help.
    And When You Get the $100 Sprite card you have to call the # on the Card to Register it – 1-800-225-1115 to select a pin # HTH 🙂

  443. JenJen, if you win the Sprite card they send a confirmation e-mail to the address associated with your account.

  444. If you win the Sprite $100 visa card, you should get an e-mail with a code, it also does show up in your account history under Rewards/Prize status.

  445. actually, Francine, that ecount number is only helpfulif you have lost/stolen card, or already have an account #. cs rep. gave me another coke prize #, but said the email for it she gave me would be faster, which has to be true since the toll free # was to a full answering machine!!! I hope they give me another working code, they wont let me enter contest again, it says Ive already won twice!! so I lose days of trying to win again!!

  446. Ah well guess I didn’t actually win then–oh well, at least I know it wasn’t my computer’s fault that I lost the opportunity.
    Thanks for the help, and I’ll keep trying 🙂

  447. Is it stupid that I’m trying to win that $1,000 best buy gift card? Haha, I just feel like I might actually win, becuase I’ve never won any other sweepstakes.

    And is there any wya of telling whether someone has already won or not that day? Becuase if not, that is incredibly skeet.

  448. In the past I have sent several “contact us” messages to MCR thanking them for one thing or another related to the MCR program. But when I try to send a message to bitch about the point total requirements first going up about 25% and then requiring almost double the original point total for a prize I get an “unable to send contact us” message. Thank God for optional baldness so I don’t have to pull my hair out. But being totally honest, it’s not right for them to raise the point totals as much as they have. They added a more than modest increase just a couple months ago. Just airing out a gripe, it is still the best thing going among all the soft drink programs. Have a good day.

  449. hey i ordered a 10$ subway gift card about a week ago does anyone know how long it takes to get them. Also it said i would receive an email but i never did.

  450. If anyone redeems for the $1 off a 12 pack here’s a tip:
    They give you a link to print the coupon but it limits you to 2 prints. So if you want more than 2 you will be wasting points after the 2nd redemption. Save your points: redeem once for 35 points and print both coupons off the same link. It will not let you print more than 2 even if you redeem for 10 coupons!


  451. Roberts Code RNBM – Thanks 4 Your Ongoing Generosity !

    I Totally Agree ! And as to your problem about not being able to submit the “Contact Us ” message …
    I Ran Into the Same Problem … Very Frustrating !
    SOLUTION : Leave Out the $$$ + ### Symbols – and use Words .
    The Dollar and Number Symbols Glitch Out the Message !
    Try Again and LMK ! Good Luck ! 😉

  452. anrew it takes like five weeks and you get the email the same exact day your card comes in

  453. Anrew,

    I ordered 2 $25 Subway cards last Monday. I got 1 yesterday and am still waiting on the second one. They did’nt send an email or tracking #.(So it took 8 days for the 1st one) I ordered 2 more on 8-1-08 & they are now saying 10-14 business days. They must be overwhelmed with orders.

  454. when i ordere my pepsi it took like five weeks at least ur came in the first week is there a limit on the subway cards

  455. for those of you do not know if you want to make a second acount it is better if you click the tell a friend button on the coke homepage and refer yourself because if you do you will get 10 pts. on your first account for every 50 pts. you enter on your second account

  456. In response to amanda’s question no the cans don’t have codes. The box does. If you open the box where it says to open it, a flap will come off. The code is on the inside of that flap and it’s worth 10 points.

  457. You can enter coded until 12/31/08. then:

    My Coke Rewards has been extended through January 31, 2009, and your points will be good through this date. We will be revising our rules to reflect this program extension soon.

  458. Hey Afreind,
    your code doesnt work it says “Code was not entered correctly” and I just coppied it from this page.

  459. Has anyone redeemed for the ABS red dress by Allen Schwartz? Is this dress very fitted? How did you choose the correct size.

    Thanks any information will be appreciated.

  460. I ordered a $10 Subway card and received it quickly. However, when I redeemed it, only $2 was on the card. Everyone beware if they have made this redemption. I am trying to contact Subway and Coke to figure out the problem. Anyone else have this problem?

  461. Hello everyone. I just found this site and read through some of the postings. Am I correct in assuming that the codes that people are listing have an unlimited usuage? Or is it that whoever sees the code and enters it first, get the points?

  462. Jeez I want that dress, Linda. I wish I had enough points for it. I was disappointed when it went out of stock for a while. They reduced the price of it though. It used to be like, 5600 points I think. I hope you enjoy it if you end up getting that. You have my envy.

  463. Doug, the codes posted on here are first come first serve. They are not unlimited. I haven’t posted here for a while but read all of your comments almost everday. I think the MCR program is a good thing, but if they extend it another year I hope they do better than they have this year. I think that everyone who has done this program for the last couple of years will agree with me in saying this years rewards have been a little lacking compared to previous years. The rewards used to be great. That being said, what they offer is still FREE. I guess they don’t have to reward us at all. Maybe they will go out with a bang this year. Grab some codes if you need them:


    One of the codes is a Sprite code, so “Bring Home the Green”. I’ve been lucky enough to bring home $200.00 in Green.