Free Pepsi Stuff Codes

Pepsi Stuff
Pepsi is launching a new promotion, called Pepsi Stuff. This program doesn’t start until 2/1/08, but I’ve heard reports of people getting caps already. If you’d like to share your caps, are start collecting them, this is a great place to do it! This is also a great place to share news of any Pepsi Promo codes.

I only ask that you refrain from begging for Pepsi points in any way. If people have points to give, they generally will post them here, and not send them via email.

Also, be sure to check out the MyCokeRewards Area of this site if you have any Coke codes you’d like to donate or are looking to snag some free codes.

Be sure to check back often. Once this program gets going, generous people usually post new codes at least once a day!


  1. Hi pepsistuff people. I am basically a MCR person but will probably collect some Pepsi points also. As a matter of fact I already have 5 twelve pack two pointers. As a rule, when a program starts I am very generous about posting codes for giveaways. Check the site often as lots of people do the same. Do not forget to thank vvhitekid2 for the sites as he is the one to make it all possible. Here is a two point code.


    Have a good day.

  2. tried to find where you enter codes but couldn’t find.
    So here is my code

  3. The program doesn’t begin until February, people! You can’t enter the codes yet. I found a 4 point (24 pk) code last night, have not seen the caps yet, rules say it will be on 2 liters this time as well, and it extends to 11/15/08.

  4. don’t be fooled by the website, the picture shows yellow caps, but I just saw two two-liters today and they were pepsi stuff and they are ORANGE, just like the last ones. upstate NY

  5. assuming the caps are worth one point each, I now have over 50 pts saved up! and more every week are the new pepsi stuffz. I really hope this is a great program.

  6. I dont know anything about this,
    so I’ll just leave my code:
    I’ll check back later,when I have more codes.

  7. anybody got any word on what kind of “stuff” they are giving out?? If it’s just downloads you guys are gonna get a lot of my codes!! I want some of those cool “pepsi fashion” clothes they have on their site….

  8. The best thing that I have seen is that each bottle, in the 24 oz six packs, has a yellow cap. I have not seen a copy of the official rules yet. They must be waiting right up until Feb 1 to release it. Does anybody know if the orange and yellow caps represent different point values?

  9. Benito, more than likely the caps are going to be worth 1 point. The 12 pack codes are worth only 2 points so you can figure from there. I have not seen or noticed any case product to get a point value yet. Have a good day.

  10. maryland has yellow caps on the skinny 12 ounce bottles that come in the 6 packs from the grocery store. my family goes through those things so quick i already have close to 40. im thinking that the yellow caps are going to be worth more points because they come on the two liters and the orange caps come on the smaller bottles….. jest a guess though


  12. I have two orange caps. If I tell the codes… will I still be able to enter them too or will I give it away. It said I had to be 13 or older when I tried to register and then it won’t let u change or go back and type in a diff. B-day THAT SUCKS.. do I have 2 try again on a friends computer? thx for your input! and it starts in 2 days right? even if i like didn’t register completely with the B-day and email address can I type in codes.. that free music sounds awesome… itunes is a rip off ut I don’t really like using limewire! BYE EVERYONE whoever u R πŸ™‚

  13. Paula, if you enter your codes on this site they will be used by the first person that sees them. My advice since you entered a B-day that’s too young act as if you’re an older sister with a similar name. Or this is where parents can become helpful. It would probably be best to keep everything centered on your own computer at home due to emails, downloads, etc. Have a good one.

  14. I have well over 600 points already but thats because I have family that run a recycling center. I have even more coke points last time I checked it was over 6000. I have seen both yellow and orange caps. Upstate NY!!!

  15. As far as the orange caps are concerned they are most likely left over caps from the last promotion and the bottlers probably didn’t want to throw them out and buy all new ones until they ran out. My local store still has Wild Cherry Pepsi with transform your summer codes on them.

  16. This promotion is about to begin. As we enter our codes I want to wish good luck to everyone. In particular I want to thank vvhitekid2 for this site as well as the MCR site that allows everyone to post givaway codes, their thoughts, and alerting others to special events as they come along. No one knows yet just what to expect, so keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. Also, you never know when someone will donate a code so check this site often for the chance of picking one up. But please remember, when you use a code from here, PLEASE post that you used it so others don’t continue to try to enter the same code.
    You can save others a lot of trouble and time and that will go a long way towards more frequent donations by the generous. Have a good day.


    Four billion (with a b!) specially marked packages of Pepsi products will have collectible points on them that can be Ò€œbanked,Ò€ starting Feb. 1, on – and later redeemed for purchases at Amazon MP3.

    This was one of the clues, BTW, that led to the conclusion that Sony BMG was going to drop DRM – participation in this promotion – since Amazon MP3 only sells DRM-free MP3s. As we know, with Sony BMG agreeing to sales at Amazon MP3, all four major music labels now sell DRM-free content there – and itÒ€ℒs the only retailer that can make that claim.

    In addition to the redeemable points (5 points = 1 MP3), participants can also enter a daily sweepstakes for the chance to win trips to events like the Super Bowl, the MLB All-Star game and the Daytona 500, as well as for cash and other prizes.

  18. So I waste my time, stay up until midnight, to get the message ‘coming sonn!’? A countdown for that? the reaosn I’ll be a zombie tomorrow?

  19. hey I have mcr flaps to trade for some pepsi points what is the ratio on here to trade would it be 5 pepsi flaps at 2 pts each for 1 mcr 10 pt flap haven’t heard anyone say


  20. Hello everyone. Does anyone know if you have to pay postage and handling on items from pepsi stuff?

  21. I personally like the mycokerewards site better. The Pepsi site is confusing about whether you are in the Pepsi site or the amazon site.

  22. how could anyone use codes from this site or any source? Pepsi Stuff site still says coming soon! it can’t be regional, can it? The internet is international last time I checked.

  23. I’ve visited the website at midnight, 2am, 9am, and now 1:30pm, and it’s still coming soon. But clearly Chris1152 could get on. So are they doing a rolling entry worldwide and if so, what time does it begin?


  25. Try clearing the cache or cookies. On one of my PC it keep showing the same “coming Soon” screen but then I went to my second PC and it was up and running. Somebody sure used up the codes posted here really quick though. I think I was only 1 minute late and they were all gone.

  26. I was on the sight after before midnite and it was counting down then changed to coming soon. I tried refreshing and it didn’t work. When I got up in the morning, it was still stating coming soon. I closed down my browser window and when I opened it up again I could log in.

  27. I had the same problem. Waited till midnight just to see coming soon. This is what I think happened: If you went to before feb 1, you were redirected to the countdown page. So if you bookmarked it thats where you are going. Enter into your browser again and it should take you to the correct page. It worked for me.

  28. the site is active but for now you can only enter codes you have to wait until feb 4th to begin entering contests and redeeming points

  29. Pepsistuff is a lot better than MCR. I mean, come on, why would you buy 11 bottles of coke to get 33 points for a music download, when you could buy 5 bottles of pepsi and get a download. Coke has better offer better prices on their prizes if they want their product to fly offof the shelveslike Pepsi.

  30. The contest is active as of 12:00 midnight EST 2/4/08. I entered 1 point in all five prize categories to test my beginners luck!

  31. I am not much of a Pepsi drinker but even if the codes are worth 1-2 points the stuff available is more impressive than the MCR program. It seems to get good stuff at MCR you have to have thousands of points. At an average of 3 points per reward that’s a long shot.

    I don’t like not being able to find how many points caps are worth on the Pepsi Stuff site. I had to Google it and was referred here. I do hope that the codes will be on other Pepsi products(i.e. Sierra Mist) as well because regular Pepsi upsets my stomach

  32. Well if you are doing this for music downloads then ok maybe that makes more since not what I’m looking for( have a few LEGIT LEGAL sites that let me earn free downloads but I just signed up with pepsi stuff and it’s cool it’s partnered or whatever with Amazon I’m an Amazon junkie lol but I wish some more variety was offered like in electronics etc the dvd selection is decent a few I don’t have that I would love to own and it’s cool that even the TV DVD box sets they have aren’t anymore than a new release dvd but 90 points while like I said not a lot for the boxes BUT the 12-pack codes are 2 pts ummm 45 12-packs away from a dvd???? wow that’s a lot when you look at it that way I expected since the codes weren’t worth as many points as say MCR than maybe the “prices” would be significantly lower as well πŸ™

    good luck all

  33. has anyone gotten a code off of a fountain drink like they said were going to be available this time? WHere did you buy it and how is the code presented? just curious thanks

  34. I dont know. How are you supposed to get a code from a fountain drink? Maybe the owner of the store gives it to you? I have a gas station that sells fountain drinks, looks like I will stop by tomorrow to see.

  35. well, coke had a regal theaters promotion where they gave away 10 pointers fro Hairspray, they were on pink circular stickers on the bottom of the tub or cup, pepesi would probably do something similar, after all these soda companies like nothing better than to copy the successful starategies of the other, ahem lemon and lime diet. anyway, I don’t want to know how you THINK they MIGHT do it, I only want to hear from someone who actually GOT one already, and the details.

  36. If you’re going to use the codes someone puts up you might as well say you will.
    Heres another two

  37. Well, Sorry Nick. I was only giving my idea of what they might do. You dont have to get mad. I havent found out yet, so I’m not much of a help now either.

  38. Meme, do not apoligize to Nick. He is a punk, rude, jerk. There are very few who have not been insulted by his stupid mouth. As one sharer said, a selfish bastard. It would serve you best to ignore any of the comments this fool posts here, or on the MCR site as well. For the most part this site is a very helpful and pleasant experience for which we can thank vvhitekid2. As far as I have been able to determine Nick is the only idiot who trys to make it an unpleasant experience. Ignore him and frequent the site often and you will find it very benificial. Have a super day.

  39. …They do a peel off the cup situation…Like Mc’Donalds and Subway do with their games…But with MCR

  40. Thank You Darell for your kind words. They are much appreciated. It is people like you who make these sites much better because other people (Nick) have ruined it. I will ignore him. Thanks, Again, Meme

  41. Man you have to be quick around here to get a code πŸ˜‰ jk thanks again to everyone posting them!

  42. I am in competition for these codes myself, but I’m being charitable because codes from Diet Pepsi bottles on my college campus are plentiful – I find about ten or more discarded bottles in trashcans here every day! (People think I’m a little crazy for going through trashcans looking for PepsiCode bottles, but hey, they’re not the ones getting free stuff!)

    So here’s two free codes, respond if you use ’em:

    SF6OOSCOPI (those are O’s, not zeros, at least i think)

  43. Hello everyone. I was just wondering if you have to pay shipping band handling for pepsi stuff.

  44. I just received a couple DVD sets from Pepsi and they arrived quick. Also, there was no money involved (shipping, tax, etc.)

  45. Hey guys,

    Shipping charges apply for physical items according to the Pepsi stuff rules. Go to the Pepsi stuff website, then click “help”, then scroll down to the big blue words that read “Getting Stuff With Your Points”, then click the link under it that goes “Getting Physical Stuff with Pepsi Stuff Points”. Under it you’ll see a bit of text, and in the help part of that it states:

    “Standard Shipping charges apply to all Pepsi Stuff orders for physical items.”

    (or to make it go faster, just click ctrl+f and search the words “shipping charges”)

    So that makes me think that shipping charges do apply, yeah. But what bugs me, if they do, you have to go to and search the shipping estimates. Estimates?

    I’ve yet to purchase something with my points, and the shipping charges got me wondering. But when I get something, I’ll try to confirm this for you guys, if it’s not confirmed by the time I do.

    Also, here’s a single pointer for anyone who desires it (I had a good amount of them I got somewhere, so I’ll share)…


  46. Sorry, n, someone must’ve snatched it up already. Those codes go fast when they’re given out.

    I’m still not sure on the shipping thing. It doesn’t make sense why they’d say they were charging people but not charge people. I wanted to buy a CD; since I cannot download music (I don’t have proper internet), but I’m not sure which one to purchase. I don’t know. The selection of other stuff just isn’t very plentiful.

    But I gotta say, the DVDs and music is better than Coke right now. I could get a ton of soda from Coke right now, but I’m hoping they’ll come back out with some nice electronics.

  47. Yeah sorry n about my previous codes being taken, I wish whoever takes them would have the courtesy to at least post here about it!

    I will probably be redeeming my points for a CD in coming weeks, I will also report on whether shipping charges applied to my order.

    Here is another free code among several I got today. If you are the one who redeems it, PLEASE reply to this discussion so everyone else doesn’t have to waste their time trying an already used code:

  48. For anyone who has not checked lately, MCR has added a good many new prizes to chose from, such as camcorder, TV/DVD combo, TomTom GPS, XM Satallite XPSR with 3 months service. adidas gift cards in various denominations, the list in numerous. Just letting you know in case you haven’t checked. Have a good day.

  49. Heres some of my pepsi codes.OIFVHPYBNS LV9JV3BKPV W6V4N4APIL WRMAN2XONH ABJARBWXPOO10 GANK45VRJVV6 AAAOCOL3MN esbehptcf WGNN45hb2L ebvpbv3a40 xmaapstofh

  50. wait… so there is no money involved in the dvds right, beacause that is what i will more than likely be getting beacause i am more of a coke person and do not understand it at all. please post if you have redeemed on a dvd.

  51. That is correct…I redeemed for all four seasons of the Reba show and didn’t pay a dime for shipping or anything.

  52. okay i just was not sure 100% because i read your laast comment but on the sight it has prices and a whole bunch of stuff listed near it so THANKS.

  53. That is awesome that you got all 4 seasons of Reba! There are so many prizes on Pepsi Stuff that I want, that one would be cool!

  54. Hi. I am trying to register on the Pepsi Stuff website and it isn’t working. Has anyone else had problems? I went to the site and then entered my birthdate and that I am a US resident and then a page pops up that says “We’re Sorry. The web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.” Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Is this my computer or the website? It is very frustrating! If anyone could help, I would appreciate it! Thanks!!

  55. How is everyone getting points? I mean, if anything I’d like the Pepsi hoodie. If not, just mp3s or something similar. But I got 2 6 packs (12 points) for about $7. Good deal but it seems tedious to get so much Pepsi and hundreds of points. I wish I worked at a recycle center. At least for a day, lol.

  56. Can anyone tell me if the pepsi stuff caps are going to be on the mountain dew bottles this time. I am from a small town in Michigan and we are finally starting to get the yellow caps on the pepsi products in the stores now, but I have’nt seen any Mountain dew bottles with the caps yet. Any info would be appreciated. thanks

  57. Adam, I have a job in a store and we have a bottle return center. Heh, I see plenty a bottle each day I work. Sometimes I’ll get no caps, sometimes I can get 30+. Pepsi caps are much more scarce, I’ll say, though. Seeing as Coke is more popular than Pepsi here, and plus, Coke has it on all their products. I can see 100’s or more of Coke caps a day. Working at a recycle center may not leave you time enough to collect caps. And I’m not sure it’d even be worth it… lol.

    Jeff, it looks like it’s only Pepsi cola. I don’t know why they wouldn’t put it on all of their products but it looks like they’re keeping Pepsistuff exclusive to Pepsi cola bottles/boxes. I’ll let you know if I see them putting it on other products. Though, it looks highly doubtful that they will.

  58. Jeff, I was at the market today and checked the all the Mountain Dew’s and Mist and they didn’t have any points. It looks like its Pepsi flavored products only. Here’s what their web site lists.

    “Look for Codes inside specially-marked cartons of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, Pepsi One, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Lime, Diet Pepsi Vanilla, Jazz Black Cherry French Vanilla, Jazz Caramel Cream, Jazz Strawberries and Cream”

    Kind of stinks since I really like Mountain Dew and Mist, oh well.

    Adam, My local market has 6-packs of 24oz bottles on sale for $3 each this week. I picked up four for $12 bucks = 24 points. this seems like the best way to get the most points. The same amount in cans would only give you 8 points…

  59. The dvd’s are awsome, but i want those 8 mile range walki talki’s. iv got 67 points but im determined to drink as much pepsi as i can to achieve my goal.

  60. Darnell, it would be less costly to just go out and buy the Walki’s just from the store… silly.

  61. Well, if you’re already a large Pepsi drinker, getting the rewards is an added bonus, and not actually a waste of money if you genuinely like drinking Pepsi in the first place. πŸ™‚

  62. i just dont understand that dvds are 90 points and at a point a cap you have to drink well over $100 dollars in soda to get a dvd at $1.25 a bottle

  63. I have ordered 6 DVD’s, 4 of them delivered very quickly so far for not a penny in shipping. The first came in a regular amazon flat brown cardboard package, the rest in padded yellow enevlopes (Futurama, Dances with Wolves, Monsters Inc and Superbad) (Tsotsi is the 5th) The 6th one I got yesterday it is a set of Bob the Builder for my Nephew, list used best price on Amazon of 20.99. I had it sent right to his house. says will be delivered Fri. I also ordered a CD, (the bends) I assume it will be the same, should get it this week for free as well no doubt. also downloaded 2 songs, want to wait until i get my free Mp3 player from coke (1341 pts) (tomorrow hopefully) to test if they work on it. I want to get all four seasons of Reba also, hope they are still there by the time I get around to it. they also have first four of NYPD Blue! At this rate, I will have reached 3,000 in April or maybe even March. and I do not work in a recycling center. or anywhere with easy access to free caps of any kind. there are ways, young jedi. whether the effort is worth it is of course debatable.

  64. judy – turning $100 into a $15 or so (for DVD) reward is very good – that’s a 15% return. My credit card gives me 1% return on purchases. You don’t have to drink extra to get the points, just drink what you normally drink and save the caps.

    cody – its one 10-digit code, 5 characters on each line. Type it in as one code, ex: 5GDB35J212 (not a real code).

  65. oh yea that code you said it didnt work and is just an example worked!! thanx!! it was a big pointer!

  66. Anyone willing to trade pepsi codes for coke codes? I only need 12 ponts worth of pepsi codes for a download. Thanks

  67. Yeah, I suppose one dvd for 100$ worth of pepsi product is a good investment, relatively speaking, but try 6 dvds, one cd and now 4 or 5 song downloads and counting for not one single ounce of pepsi bought. now that’s a return on investment, and I’m just getting started. wait until spring! FYI, KFC has pepsi stuff stickers on their fountain drinks, since noone could seem to answer my question.


  69. code numbersTLKMR-S49HJ—H7FMP-OAAJN–FXT64–RXSHT–KR93W-MFJM M—- Thank you thgis is fun love my PEPSI Goldie Si8lva

  70. jessica, that can’t be a coke code- it has 16 characters. coke have 12 or 15 only – it’s probably a dr pepper.

  71. I now have 91 points and i dont know what i want. my stomach burns from all the pepsi consumption, but sadly, im drinking a 2 liter wild cherry as i type this. PEPSI RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. ex7chn4ijh
    There you go. that is 12 points. so it is someones luckey day. to get something free!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. The MP3s and albums are great, but Pepsi really needs to up the ante on the other categories, especially Electronics (lame).

  74. What do I do with illegible codes? I have a flap on which I can’t read the code.

  75. I got one of the t-shirts (L 1971 vintage pepsi logo) and it’s not that great. A little thin on the material, and not vintage seeming at all, the logo is just printed on normally, not sewn on. shirt is not distressed in any way. ok for 60 pts, but I hear all the clothes are disappointing for the most part. just read the reviews on amazon.

  76. just go there website and get the number to call them and they will walk you thourgh the steps to get a new code

  77. This is the third bottle I’ve tried the code every which way I can (i.e. 0 for o, y for v, uppercase and lowercase,etc) and they still say bad code. I give up. we don’t drink enough pepsi and the stuff is too expensive per bottle anyway (pointswize). I like amazon and their mp3 service so I wish them luck there but this isn’t gonna win them any friends.

  78. I like the fact you can enter as many pepsi points as you can get. Coke only allows 10 per day.

  79. I know man 10 codes per day is just plain stupid.. And another thing I hate MCR is they took all the points that i earned away for inactivity was is also stupid , I log on every couple of days and they lost my business for codes and stuff so screw them… Instead I have Pepsi Stuff, no code enter limits, Im building my points up, so far it took my five days to get 34 points and I need 75 points and im getting that 2gb flash drive..

  80. Some Orange caps are old ‘Call You Play’ caps, the codes look the same but they don’t work, make sure it says ‘PepsiStuff’ on the cap. Just glancing at it its hard to tell.

    Also some Yellows are ‘Transform Your Summer’ caps from a promo they had last summer.

  81. Hi, not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but it’s a good way to get some points…The grocery stores in my area have recycling containters by the bottle return machines for you to throw your cardboard and plastic bags after you have returned your bottles. I found 10 points from Pepsi fridge packs in with the recycling today and I try to remember to check everytime I go to the store.

  82. I have been fighting with Amazon and Pepsi to redeem my Pepsi Stuff points and it’s a joke. I saved upto 60 points which is enough to get a CD or 12 MP3 Downloads. Neither works. I’ve been searching online and it sounds like a lot of people are having problems “redeeming” these points. Good luck if you plan on trying to “redeem” yours. The only thing you get is a ton of SPAM from Amazon for your efforts. Don’t waste your time with Pepsi Crap.

  83. I couldn’t disagree more. As someone who has so far collected over 160 points, I’ve had no complaints with this promotion. Here’s why:
    1) The point codes are everywhere. 24 packs, 12 packs, 20ozs, 6-packs of 24ozs, loose cups, emailed to me free from pepsi, available for free (along with written rules) via snail mail, and more.
    2) I’ve had good luck reading all the codes properly. For example, a 0 can be entered as a Zero or as an “o”.
    3) There is no limit to how many codes you can enter in a day, which is a huge bonus for some people.
    4) Last night I tried to redeem some points. I decided on a DVD, clicked “pay with points”, confirmed my mailing address, and was done. They even sent me an email confirmation with a tracking number so I can watch my order step by step.

    Honestly, I have to say… I’m really impressed by this promotion.

  84. I don’t know why you are having such trouble Adam. I have redeemed points for several mp3s without a problem. Nor do I receive SPAM from Amazon. I think the promotion is great!

  85. look guys, “Adam” is probably just trying to discourage people who happen on here casually that the promo is not worth it, more for him I guess. like attrition. I have redeemed for 7 Dvd or dvd sets, one CD, one t shirt and over 60 or 70 song downloads (plus a very few sweepstakes entries) with only a minor download problem that amazon help fixed quickly, once. no spam whatsoever. if he is for real, he doesn’t deserve to get any prizes with that attitude, so he won’t get them. i’m inclined to believe that is not a genuine post, though.

  86. where do you get over 1000 pepsi codes? how is that humanly possible? i just want to know where you are getting them, from your self, other people, where?

  87. I agree this is a great promotion! It is so much fun!
    TabsForLife – I completely agree – it is really nice that you can track your order!

  88. has anyone noticed that items disappear and reappear under electronics? I wanted the walkie talkie set but it didn’t appear under electronics. Luckily it was under my recently viewed items and I was able to order it. However it has been a week and I still haven’t got it. I ordered the flash drive on monday and got it 2 days later!
    I have over 400 points and that’s because I pass 5 supermarkets on my way to work. In New York, we have recycling centers and there are always caps lying around.

  89. well sarah, all i can say is you just have to want to get as many as possible and you will find ways. they have all been discussed here before. if available where you live, YRMV of course. and I’m up to 1102 redeemed as of today. I just did the math on buying 1102 sodas @ the conservative price of 1.25 ea and it’s $1377.50. ha! (plus i would have died of a massive sugar rush)

    I’ve given myself the month of march for music downloads, then I will go back to dvd’s. it will be hard to save up to 90, when ive had the instant gratification of only 5 pts for a while now. btw, playing my pepsistuff songs on MP3 player I got from coke rewards, sweet. wish dr pepper didn’t suck so much, ive only won 4 free sodas, not even a t shirt this time. also i hate that one of the dvd’s i redeemed for was bender’s big score and they are going to be airing it on tv next week, and it’s not that great, as big a futurama fan as I am, it still mostly sucked.

  90. Hi,
    Here is a Coke Rewards code from a 12 pack, not sure how many points it’s worth. RN7AX47ATMRT If whoever gets to use it has some Pepsi points they’d like to send me in return that would be awesome. If not, enjoy anyway.

  91. Peter Lim, If you could send me the hyperlink for those walkie talkies on amazon cause I was looking at those too but now there gone.

  92. 43737 HM4CV


    Please post that you’ve redeemed them to save others from wasting their time trying to type the same codes in. Good luck

  93. thanks L for the message about letting everyone know when they use them. I thought i hit the jackpot a few days ago and then realized after punching in alot of the codes that they were gone already… I know i’m not the smartest cupcake in the group… but i hope everyone will follow yours idea and Shari’s kindness to respond. Cherri

  94. When I enter these it says that they already have been used so I cant enter them! Does it ever work?
    Some codes are- sa3opaeyle and jznrh7shhp

  95. PLEASE post that you have redeemed a code! It’s so annoying to try a code that who-knows-how-many-people have already tried to enter because the person who redeemed didn’t post. PLEASE! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  96. Hey Guys
    i got a code from a 48 Pack for you guys
    I already got enough codes so i thought i would give back


  97. Just another idea on how to get points, I’m not sure htat it’s been mentioned yet. I was at a recycling center in our local grocery store and saw a guy who was returning Pepsi bottles and some of them had caps on them. I asked if he saved the Pepsi points and when he said no, I asked if he minded if I took his caps in exchange for helping him return the bottles….OK, so maybe I’m shameless, but it got me 12 more points!

  98. thanks for the recycling center tip. does anyone one else have any tips on where to look for more codes, I don’t drink much pepsi or coke myself and what little i do drink would only score me about 10 points a year. I saw items on and i have become obsessed with trying to win some of the sweeps. if anyone has any good tips on commonly overlooked places to get points I would surely be grateful.

  99. No clue on the 48 pack. I’ve never heard of one and it’s not listed in the “rules” section of the PepsiStuff website as having any points attached to it.

  100. Does anyone know how quick Amazon is about getting out of stock items back into stock? I finally have enough points for the pajamas and after reading the reviews that they run really small I don’t want to take a chance on the smaller sizes…they are now out of the 2XL. I don’t want to wait too long thinking that they’ll get them in just to find out that once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  101. The 36 packs of pepsi don’t have codes on them, I’ve seen about 7 or 8 unfortunately, so if there were such a thing as a 48 pack, which I doubt, it would likely not have a code on it.

  102. there is such a thing as a 48 pack, they are sold at Sams Club and Costco stores. I don’t know about codes in them though

  103. I would suggest not using your points on sweeps, chances of winning are pretty slim. Get an MP3 or something.

  104. Is that all they have in Electronics is those 6 items, or can you click to see more?

  105. I’m 38 and there’s lots of stuff I want….so if you don’t want your points, feel free to post them here for the rest of us!


  106. I have entered over 300 sweepsstakes and haven’t won anything. Does anyone actually win these things?

  107. People over thirty don’t
    … wear clothes?
    … use towels?
    … listen to music?
    … watch movies?

    Not to mention how you could use sweepstakes entries to try to win trips for you a loved one or family.

  108. 2. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: For four (4) free Codes (as defined below)/and a copy of the full Official Rules send your name and complete address postmarked by 10/22/08 to: Pepsi Stuff Code, P.O. Box 3418, Young America, MN 55558-3418. No self-addressed, stamped envelope (Ò€œSASEÒ€) is required. Limit one (1) free request per hand-addressed postmarked outer envelope. No photocopies or mechanically reproduced requests will be accepted. Pepsi Promotions, Inc. assumes no liability for lost, late, stolen, illegible, incomplete, misdirected, mutilated or postage-due mail or requests.

  109. The entire new (relesed Apr 1) R.E.M. album – “Accelerate” is available for Pepsi Points (plus bonus tracks) I’m not over 30 myself, but a lot of their fans are. I have the entire thing already which is pretty sweet for free. Counting Crows new double album not available for pepsi points, unfortunately.

    Also- 2 Pepsi promos ago- transform your summer- I won 2 25$ contests and a hoodie- and they arrived AFTER promotion was over, I was never notified until they showed up in the mail. so potentially you might have to wait until January next year to receive prizes if you won. keeps people entering points in the dark.

  110. i looked every were trying to find were to enter my code, and no luck, so heres my code TSJ6MEMA7J

  111. I redeemed 50 points for the Pepsi-Cola 1950’s Yellow Vintage Beach Towel. This was for my daughter. I received it within a week. I am saving the rest of my points for DVD’s.

  112. My local Bi-Lo always has the 6- 24 oz’s 4 for $11. With a code on each bottle I have been getting points fast. I do not buy the 12 pack cans anymore since this promotion came out.

  113. Are some codes already pre-destined to win if entered? Or do all codes have a equal chance? Or is this a Pepsi secret so they do not have to award all prizes?

  114. No, Steve, I’m pretty sure they select a winner from among the codes entered that day. Pepsi is too big and public to get away with cheating, they probably have a team of lawyers just for pepsi stuff. check the rules for odds of winning any particular prize, i’m sure they give out whatever prizes they say, but if there is one winner a day, you might have thousands or tens of thousands of competitors. better to save up for the rewards before they are gone. bet theyll start dissapearing in August or so if not sooner.

  115. I mostly use MyCokeRewards, so here’s my code (from a diet pepsi 2-liter)


  116. I have entered over 400 codes and haven’t won a damn thing. Pepsi stinks, I am going to mycokerewards.

  117. didn’t know where to leave my pepsi codes, so here they are………..OTKAOJ4NNH TBCNPCDR4E 4BXLEKS4IR PSLFNPO4AM

  118. Yeah, MCR is a lot better, but if you want anything good you gotta drink a lot of coke.. or buy them on ebay…

  119. I believe there a couple of new DVD’s since the starting. Pirates of the Carribean 3 for instance. And yes, entering contests on PS is pretty pointless, but not saving for prizes. I have collected nearly 1600 pts by now. Contests on coke are no better I wasted nearly 1,000 pts on the recent Wii contest and looks like I didn’t win a thing. no more of that for me. If you want a mostly useless promo, try Dr Pepper.

  120. I was wondering if there is more eletronics then what they show. I can’t seem to find the full list unless that is the full list. Thanks.

  121. Coke’s prizes are way better. Contests are good on both, but of course not if you don’t win. When Pepsi had the transform your summer promotion last year it was great, they showed the number of entries for the day, so at least you could have some idea. I enetered about 500 codes and all I won was a fridge, but entering felt more worthwhile having some idea of chances. I like the zune but should I blow my 50 points on it if there’s 10 million other entries? I’m gonna hang on to my points for now, but the prizes are very lean, other than a handful of good songs.

  122. Hi. I just wanted to let everyone know that it is possible to win the contests. I entered to win the Zune MP3 player the first day I could and did win. I didn’t receive an email or anything it just showed up today in the mail. So good luck to all that entered.

  123. hello, I do mcr also, and i think both the programs are great. I have managed to get 2 mp3 players and 1 cd player from pepsi, and they have a ton of movies, including a 3 pack thomas the train cd for those of you with kids, you just have to look thru everything. good luck to everyone.

  124. Yes We do win, I received a check in the mail today for $500.00, I have only submitted 32 codes, I did not receive any email, Just this wonderful Surprise in the form of a check. I will keep playing until it ends.

  125. hi all. I was fortunate to win the flip camcorder on the daily sweeps. I’m fortunate to live in a state where there are recycling centers (new york) My coworker lives in New Jersey and has to drink all his. We both started in Feb, and he has 125, I have over 600
    Anyway, my strategy from day 1 of the promotion was to enter 1 entry each day for the flip camera. Since I can find enough a week, I can afford to do that. Now, according to the rules, it can take 8 to 12 weeks to get a prize. I don’t know WHEN I won this camera. NO email or letter or nothing. So I may have won in February, but just got it now. Remember, they award 50 zunes a day and 40 cameras…so try 1 cap each day for that…good luck!

  126. Congrats to those of you who’ve won! It’s nice to know some of the winners, even if just through this board.

  127. Renee, that’s fantastic that you won, just be careful not to enter your codes for the 500$ anymore, they have a 1 winner per household rule on all prizes. you can enter all the other ones as many times as you want (until you win thoseas well of course) I forgot they give away 50 and 40 of the phones and cameras, maybe the odds aren’t so bad for those after all. I have 1693 total redemptions as of today.

  128. Hmm, I’m kind of tempted to enter the contest, but my chances would be real slim. I am a Coca Cola drinker and started collecting their points. Today, I noticed a Pepsi bottle in the trash and sure enough it still had the lid. Since I don’t drink Pepsi, and will probably not get enough to sell I’m thinking I should enter a contest, but I’m thinking to myself “what a waste!” This is why I never enter the lottery haha!

  129. The flip camera is pretty nice. Holds 2gb so, 1 hour worth of video. Easy to use and has an input to TV so you can watch it right away.

    Is it a coincidence or the people who won stuff have been just in the last few days? I think it does take pepsi 8-10 weeks to send the prize, so the lesson may be keep your patience!

    Also, with the warmer weather coming, I’d suggest hitting the parks or outdoor athletic events where they sell pepsi and look for caps.

  130. BAF6HAF3FK






    There thats 6 codes! better get ’em before someone else does!




    There thats 3 codes! better get ’em before someone else does!

  132. That’s kinda screwy that they don’t tell you you’ve won – AND you can only win ONCE! You could be entering codes for weeks in contests you’re not elegible to win if you’ve won earlier. Is that right?

  133. I just called the (800) 462-9900 (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST) number and the rep told me that they either ship you the prize or send an affadavit (for the trips or home theater). No email or letter…She thinks it takes 2 weeks from the time you win til you get the prize..

    Sneaky…I wouldn’t put A LOT of points into a sweeps. That could be better used towards a download or DVD!

  134. yeah, MAYBE they don’t let you enter if you’ve already won, but I doubt it, it’s too big for that. If you’ve already won 500$ or a mountain bike or a video camera or a 8G MP3 player, I mean you can’t complain too loudly, you know? against my better judgement I looks like I will be entering a few more codes into sweepstakes. there is TOO MUCH good stuff to get for FREE, ’tis a shame. I am going to go through actual physical withdrawal pains when this promo ends. and not from drinking too much soda.

  135. Bob’s Code was for Dr. Pepper 1 in 6 wins promotion. RBM it was not a winner. Thx anyway Bob$

  136. i think sweepstakes are definatly worth your points. i’ve won so much because of them!

  137. Pepsi have been taken out of all the best food places. I really wish you all would bring it back to some…I love a fountain Pepsi…

  138. re: Renee

    I know what you mean. I don’t eat at Taco Bell, but I’ll hit the drive-thru just for a large Pepsi any day.

  139. Did anyone get the Flip Camera? Is it worth it? Is the video any good, and how does it compare to what a regular digital camera can already do?

  140. Hi All,
    I just received a letter from Pepsi the other day telling me I am a potential winner for the Home Entertainment System. I did all required steps for the affidavit and release forms, getting it noterized,etc.. and talked to a woman from Young America MN (Sweepstakes place) and confirmed it is for real! I sent back the affidavit and now I wait 6-8 weeks for my Home Theatre. Anyone else win this? Have you received it yet? Just wondering what if any accessories come with, like cables, etc.. I can’t wait til it comes.

  141. I asked this question before but I never got a response back. Where can I find the full list of Electronics and Apparel and More items? I can only find top pepsi stuff and featured stuff. Thanks.

  142. I think what you see is it Brady. This contest is mostly about getting people into Amazon’s MP3s, to compete with the other more popular music services.

  143. Cokecrazy there are lots of things you can get with the Pepsistuff points you just have to browse each category. I have gotten 2 complete seasons of REBA on dvd and there are lots of cds and other things.

  144. I only had 150 pepsi points and I didn’t put them all in the home entertainment system, I spread them out. I was surprised to get this letter. Has anyone won this? I am curious what models are the items.

  145. Glorias codes have been used NBM

    for the free 5 points try these codes….


    One is from the website and the other I got in a promotional email from pepsi so Im not sure either will work but I hope they for you all.

  146. I’ve had goog luck getting codes at my local minor league ball park getting codes. I had box seats and was the last one to leave and I got 10 caps in one swoop.

  147. z3lvt66ifr & 39ytsl4j4c were used before I could get to them. Just to let everyone know. Thanks Gloria; and thanks to doc for posting for us.

  148. Just a word to you all, if you’re only interested in music, unless the CD you want happens to be in the list for 60 points, SAVE ALL YOUR CODES FOR MP3 DOWNLOADING. This has been taking me forever to do. Thankfully the contest is good till december. Also, for some odd reason the Alternative CDs won’t display on the Pepsi Stuff page. Any ideas why?

  149. 5 free points until 6/1/08. Log into your pepsi stuff account, red bubble at top. You will have to sacrifice an email address.

  150. There is another free 5 points on a link at At the top of the page it says click here for a free MP3 download.

  151. about the 5 free point/MP3 thing. I just wound up getting 680 free points on the site.

    It’s easy to do. Open up you Internet Browser go to and log in.

    Click on the link for the free 5points/mp3 and enter your e-mail address and their security code for the 5 free points. Wirte or copy the code they give you and put it in your code space for 5 free point.

    Then (stay logged on to, don’t log out), exit Internet Browser and then reopen you Internet Browser again and go back to the website and click on the link for the 5 free point/mp3 again.

    Enter another e-mail address and their security code for another 5 free points.

    As of now you can keep doing this as long as you want to.

    Best of all any e-mail string works since they give you the code on the site and it’s not e-mailed to you.

    That means that would also be considered a working e-mail adress to, though you can only enter each e-mail address only 1 time each (so you can easily make up tons of others that WILL work and get you the free 5 points).

    Hopefully this glitch will continues for a few more days or even the duration of the promotion.

    I’ve alrady enter in 300+ points into 1 of the sweepstakes (hopefully, I can win this time) and STILL HAVE ENOUGH for 5 DVDs.

    I hope this glitch will help everyone out like it has for me.

  152. To CM,
    I think the 5 free points at pepsi racing is over, because I went to show someone and couldn’t find it. and it was on the main page when I got my 5 points

  153. Oh its in the free Download link….It doesn’t work anymore. It is only letting me do it one.

  154. If you completely close out your browser, and open it again, it will let you enter a new e-mail address. : )

  155. For some reason the Submit button for entering the sweepstakes won’t work for me. Has this happened to anyone else?

  156. I redeemed 90 points for a DVD on April 19th and received it on the 24th!!!! I am very close to redeeming for another DVD. I Love this promotion!

  157. it loks like the pepsi glitch might be fixed. I just tried it again, and it wo’t let me click on the enter buttn to get a code on the mp3/5 point offer.

    I don’t know if it’s just nt working now, but I have to click twice to have it register and it sasI have to enter all fields in corectly.

    Also, I can only back out of that page, no other links are working.

    Is anyone else having trouble with that glitch as of now? Could it be finally fixed, if so at least I got enough for 300+ sweepstakes and get 6 extra DVDs (I got 3 other DVDs before the glitch)

  158. the 5 free points thing isn’t working right I think its either bogged down or they are trying to fix it, either way if you have firefox just clear your private data and check cookies and cache, then you can do it again, if it works….

  159. In reference to Tim’s message: If you use Firefox you can just clear your private data including the cookies instead of exiting the browser. You don’t have to be signed in either. I’ve gotten over 2,000 points so far.

  160. ok so i want to use my points to buy somethng from amazon that will need to be shipped. Do i have to pay shipping fees? or do the points pay for that too?

  161. Thanks, Tim!

    I got about 1500 points before they managed to patch it.

    I even have 750 left. πŸ™‚

  162. hey,
    i was using the free 5 point thing for awhile, but it stopped working on Firefox. I always clear my private data (cache, cookies, etc.). Is it working for anyone else? Also, Jill, shipping is free.

  163. I was able to take advantage of the glitch also on Thursday and Friaday. Was able to get enough points for 2 DVDs. Also I sent for the free points from pepsi that you find in the official rules. Took about 10 days to get them. I got 8 free points and am sending out tomorrow for 12 more.

  164. They patched it? Dang it. All I’m getting our error messages saying “We’re experiencing technical difficulties”, and now the verification codes aren’t even showing up. =P

    But I got a lot of points, thanks Tim. ^_^

  165. Jill~~You do not have to pay the shipping and handling when you use your points to get something from Amazon. It is completely free!

  166. Hello all! I just tried that free mp3 button that you all are talking about, and it doesnt seem to be working anymore. The string of characters that you are supposed to “copy” in the box, is not there. I think they may have fixed that glitch, but arent finished updating their website?? that is just my guess- Bummer. At least I was able to get a few extra points, I have almost enough to get all the goodies that I want, just a couple of t-shirts and the cooler thing. I only need about 100 more points. I have my friends and parents to thank, they help drink the pepsi, and give me their points! Well-thanks again to the one who originally told us about the glitch before they fixed it!!

  167. I got 4 dvds and about 120 sweepstakes entries through the glitch yesterday; I have a 152 more points from it today but like the rest of you I can no longer see the verification codes and can’t even enter any sweepstakes. Thanks for the tip Tim, it was great while it lasted.

  168. For all of you that got the extra points…I hope for your sake that Pepsi is not as strict as Coke. I know that with Coke, they have taken away points that were gotten “incorrectly” such as by exploiting the refer a friend program and frozen people’s account including all of the legitimate points in it.

    I’m not sure what they would do if you have already ordered stuff…maybe request payment?

    Before you jump all over me for this post, remember…you were the one who was being dishonest and basically stealing points. This jeopardizes the future of the program for the rest of us. Why can’t people just be happy to be getting something for nothing honestly?

  169. yeah, I just tried the glitched mp3 link but it still seems to be down, no code showing up to enter. Meh, just wanted some points for Dr. Steel mp3s. Thanks anyways!

  170. Tt works again ive gotten over a 1000 points total so far. Of course ive cashed most of them in. Question is the dvd’s and stuff marked ? Can you return it to a store for credit so you get something you really want.

  171. yeah i guess they are fixing the glitch…
    i was lucky to get 2500 points…
    it was nice while it lasted…
    THE DVDS,CDS,ELECTRONICS are kinda Limited which sucks…
    But im waiting to see if my ITEMS are going to come in the mail…
    I guess only a few people DID THE GLITCH?

  172. in referral to the question about how the dvds are marked
    yes, u can take them back to a store for store credit, they have the tag on top and everything

  173. the glitch is still workin 4 me!!!!! i got ovr 500 pts da other day and have gotten over 100in the past 10! yay!

  174. Is the 5 free points working at all, becuase I haven’t been on the site the last 5 days and I still haven’t even gotten the 5 free points for the song.

    it doesn’t give me a code

  175. the code seems to work on and off during the day so i would get them all while u can

  176. yeah, this still works, but only with Opera browser. I’ve gotten about 600 points in the past 2 hours.

  177. is there any way that we could get caught and have to pay for the stuff we got with our illgotten points? i dont really wanta end up paying for stuff if it will come back and bite me in the butt.

  178. I agree with Hanta above, I don’t wanna pay for all the stuff that I have already ordered through the “5 points” program. However, I think there is a lot of people are doing it. I have been reading all over the rules of pepsistuff, and there is nowhere it says that you can only obtain the code for 1 email address only. The verification responsibility falls into Pepsi. Besides, most of the stuff from their website is crap anyway, except for some decent DVDs. Lol, I wonder how many people acctually ordered Pepsi’s clothings.

  179. I was getting the 5 free points but now it say it will be e-mailed to you.

  180. They have stopped it. It is now saying your pepsi code is one its way. I think they are e-mailing them to you now. That sucks. It was fun while it lasted.

  181. hey guys that glitch was pretty cool while it lasted.
    i figured it out on my own and redeemed 1105 points, its to bad that they fixed it i wanted to get at least another 500. πŸ™
    but o well, i hope my stuff comes in the mail!

    btw Pepsi probably saw this thread and was like “hey” then they fixed it lol
    thanks guys!

  182. I’m just making up fake emails now. I haven’t received any codes yet. Has anyone else tried this yet and received codes?

  183. Technically they didnt fix it, there is still ways of getting codes. They just made it what they think is harder.
    1.) Make a account (least 2 or more words)
    2.) Lets say you make
    3.) that in itself is 1 email
    4.) now using that email add a . after the F(ree)
    that just became a new email that pepsi will accept. But is actually the same email as without the DOT

    EXAMPLE: is the same email as but pepsi thinks
    its diffrent!

    Each time move the DOT down a letter….(f.ree Then then fre.e ETC)

    ALSO is the same as! so then do it all over again moving the DOT each letter at a time but use

    Example: freepepsistuff@GOOGLEMAIL.COM

    Hope thats not tooooo confusing!

  184. Has anyone recieved their physical prizes yet? I ordered some headphones on Saturday but haven’t got any email or anything. I hope i get my free headphones!

  185. LOL

    I TOTALLY BROKE IT. I’m the one responsible for breaking the entire promotions LOL.

    I was doing it, then I made a macro so I could rapidly get codes like a crazy mo-fo. All I had to do was the captcha image then everything else was done for me.

    Then, I noticed that it started telling me that they were emailed to me. So, I created a macro and had it automatically grab the code from my unlimited supply of emails due to owning a domain, so again all I had to do was enter the captcha image.

    Shortly after, however.. They banned me from
    Within a few minutes after banning me, the page now reads, “This Pepsi promotion is over. Please visit for more cool stuff.”

    haha, that was awesome. Over 2500 points spent and I discovered pepsistuff this same day. I /am/ 10 points away from getting that one last DVD I wanted though. =(

  186. did anyone do the promo last year? i waited until the last day to enter my 70 codes and won the $20 sweeps three times.

  187. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case they didn’t know this. On the official rules of the pepsi stuff giveaway, the maximum amount of points you can enter in your account to buy stuff or enter the sweepstakes is 3,000. They say this is the most you can acquire legally and without fraud. If you go over 3,000, they will have an antifraud team check into it. So for those who got all the free 5 point codes, be careful and check your pepsi account!!!

  188. the link is off the pepsistuff page so I assume they caught on and took down the link. Im sure they will not let that ever happen again.

  189. Yea I tryed to get on it and it said Ò€œThis Pepsi promotion is over. Please visit for more cool stuff.Ò€ so i guess that’s that

  190. @ Steel Froggy, I’m pretttty sure you’re not the one who broke it. If you search other forums you would see that some people cracked the ‘Captcha’ and also owned their own domain, and their scripts were making accounts as quick as they filled up to the 3000 max.

    I’m gonna go with that being the reason they shut it down.

  191. You go to jail for up to 15 year for fraud and that a $250,000 fine. I wish the best for you all that crash the system. Hope you all don’t get in trouble. The best way to get the points is at a ball field and a soccer field. I ask people if. I can have their points for my children. The usually give them to me. Because a drunk drive alway kill their dad and he disable now and I work in a factory for 7.00 hour.If you ask you shall recieve. Good Luck to all you people. Have a wonderful day. If you have any extra points that you don’t want you can send them to my 10 and 13 year old. so they can down load their music

  192. To Lil Hacka: I have not received the physical prizes yet, but i got a whole bunch of emails from Amazon saying that they have been shipped, with the usps tracking # and all. So I think they’re coming, just need some times. I started ordering last weekend, too.

    To Steel Froggy: what are you doing that for? Now its all gone. Lol, but it was fun while it lasted. I still have a few points, guess i’ll order them all.

    To Tim: Thanks, man. That was one of the greatest discovery this year.

    To all: People, fun is over, I guess we need to start drinking pepsi now, llol

  193. Probably best not to do anything sneaky or exploit and flaws in the system to get extra codes – I’m sure there’s a caveat in the Terms and Conditions that they can cancel your account at any time.

    Just do like I do, crawl around maggot infested dumpsters picking up caps. Be a MAN.

  194. the link is gone and even if you go to your history and click on it it says this pepsi stuff promotion is no longer in service or something! its so sad πŸ™

  195. hey ordered the mighty ducks box set and they set me two of them 6 dvd’s in total insted of the 3 has this happend to anyone elese because they only deducted the points for one

  196. I have received 10 of the 17 dvds I ordered. Plus the duffel bag. I’m still waiting on a pair of headphones and 2 of the coolers. I work in a factory as well I have my co-workers give me their points. We also have a recycling program so I get them off the bottles there too.

  197. I’ve received 5 of the 8 CDs that I’ve ordered, plus a shirt. Now all I need are the other 3 CDs and those headphones…

  198. Has anyone won the Zune or Camcorder? How long does it take to arrive? Also is it UPS, DHL, or Postal Service?

    I entered 20 in each about a week ago, I want to know when I should enter more (when I can be certain I didn’t win…)

  199. some1 on another website got about 400 packages with pictures. He used something to bypass captchas, how do you do that?

    I got 10 packages shipped

  200. CokeCrazy, you’re not going to win either of those, I can tell you that right now. I put 500 points in the Zune sweepstakes and I never won anything.

  201. Here are some MCR codes I hope someone can use: 4wjp5ljpfv4p, fbrta7nbkt7k, nt6a4btnn94a, 9ak9xa7f6pop

  202. Here are Some Serious Codes i Have and if your family has a recycling biz that is totaly cheating and it takes more from others who want to have a chances to win too. i had accidently messed up my code system i had going and i don’t know what was or wasn’t entered and these codes can be entered only once.


    You can also enter you codes they are each worth 1-4 Points.


  203. i won the flip camera, i entered for it the first couple of weeks of the contest, and i was never informed that i won it until it arrived in the mail around april 19. it is awesome.

  204. I’ve gotten most all of the DVD’s that I ordered from the glitched pepsi stuff giveaway. more showed up today.

  205. I ordered a pepsi cooler about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t came. does anyone no if it usually takes this long. When I ordered a shirt with my pepsi points it came in about 5 days.

  206. I just redeemed for another DVD!!! My others came about 6 days after I ordered! Hope this one comes just as fast. My local grocery stores (Bi-Lo and Food Lion) always have the 6 pk-24 oz bottles 4 for $11. With 1 point on each bottle that is a fast 24 points. I drink lots of Diet Pepsi anyway so it isn’t costing any extra than I already purchase. Great incentive for drinking their product!!!! Plus my Mom, Mother & Brother-in-law buy them also so they save their caps for me πŸ™‚

  207. Has anyone gotten any Pepsi codes from fountain drinks? If so where did you get you fountain drinks?

  208. I entered about 6 points into the flip camera and about a month later got it in the mail. I’m currently saving up to see if I can win the home theater system although the chances of winning is pretty low probably like 1/100000000.

  209. all the codes from michael been used,to shaggy i odered a tote bag & shrit got the shirt in 5 days but no tote bag so i called amazon they told me the bag wouldnt be sent tell july,18 & that they hadnt even gottan them from pepsi yet so maybe thats whats up with your cooler,now has anyone found any promo codes anything like that i havent cept the great 5 music point thing that was nice i got about 200 before i got tired of doing it

  210. Let me say that again…

    KFC’s large fountain drinks have the peel off codes on them.

  211. all these codes are invalid. Pepsi says that the code has already been entered and that you can only enter it in once.

  212. Has anyone seen the new caps on the Mountain dew bottles. They are supposed to be having their own promotion starting next week I think. I haven’t seen them yet

  213. I have never had a problem with anything I have ordered, they always show up within a week. Amazon is in charge of the physical shipping and they don’t fool around. You can NOT enter callyourplay codes. I know because I have accidentally had them mixed in and entered them and they invariably say invalid, then I check and sure enough it was a call your play. I wish they were valid or I could go back in time. remember some people on here are spreading misinformation for amusement or sabotage purposes sometimes. take everything with a grain of salt.

    The noise reduction earphones did die on me (left ear died) from pepsi 50 pts, which incidentally resulted in me losing my whole MP3 player ,since I wasn’t listening to it, couldn’t stand half a head of music. not too bad since I got the player from coke for points. too bad MP3 player on pepsi is gone at least for now. just entering sweepstakes (primarily for zune, naturally) now as many codes as I can get in a day. who cares if you already won it and enter a few codes that are losers in the meantime? you still won.

  214. the dew caps are light green starts may 19th only allowed to enter up to 500 caps per household only on till august

  215. I used the free 5 point thing and ordered the v-moda headphones for like 150 points. They just came and are AMAZING! If you have the patience, get them. It took like three weeks for them to come, so I thought they weren’t coming, but the did.

  216. I do MCR, and my family keeps giving me Pepsi Stuff codes. (they get them confused) and so here they are. Have fun!:




  217. where do you put the nbm and where does it go and do you have to delete letter at the beginning or the end .is that how i get free points

    thank you

  218. Thank you mike for the information. I didn’t know that are any of these pepsi valid or does people just put them on there to get their kick know they have alright enter them

  219. Does the Pepsi Stuff website even work? We sign in ok and get the page where you enter codes but when we click on the different prize links, nothing happens?

  220. when you choose dvds are those the only ones you can get now because they dont have the list and the ones they used to have i looked up and dont have the pepsi promotion thing to click on

  221. We can thank the ones who manipulated the system for taking away pretty much all DVD selections. I am sure Pepsi/Amazon had a certain amount they were willing to give out, but when people cheat and horde, that’s what happens

  222. I was wondering the same thing. They used to have over 100 to chose from and now there’s only 25. I was waiting to get enough to get She-Ra Season 2 which runs 34 bucks and now it’s off the list. I guess I should have gotten it instead of the V-MODA Earbuds

  223. Do you have to enter all the codes at one time or can you enter them one at a time?

  224. There is no way Pepsi is going to appear cheap and not restock some sort of DVD selection in the next 6 months of the promotion. I’m sure they ran out earlier than they expected, but they had to know how fast they would go. If not, they still have to restock to save face. I just hope they are new and different DVD’s, not that I got all the one I wanted from the first set, but I got enough. Perhaps they will get some great replacements in there.

  225. On another site, someone said that they contacted Pepsi and were told that they would be restocking the DVD’s no word on how long that will take. I guess we just need to show some patience.

  226. They are going to restock DVD section and the electronic section. They did run out quicker then they thought. When they had the free 5 point codes there was a glitch and people stockpiled points. Some people I know had 3 and 4 accounts with the max of 3,000 points. Yhen there were people who were generating a million codes and sellingthem on e-bay. Because of the glitch things went quicker then they should. Iwould hate to be the one thta made the glitch

  227. Restock? i checked on a about 10 dvd’s that were originally listed and that are now gone from the pepsi list and amazon had at least 50 or more in stock on all of them. I guess pepsi should have thought through the whole free 5 points gimmick and made it harder to obtain multiple free points. And actually i had read in another forum that people were doing the free 5 point scam when it was being offered on all through the month of april. Face it the dvd’s you see is all you are going get.

  228. Restocking? Just take a look at a few of the dvd’s that used to be offered from pepsi and that have recently been removed you will see that all of them are very much in stock 50’s or better that i saw. Face it what dvd’s you see is all you are going to be able to get.

  229. They are not restocking. I contacted them and this is what they said:

    A Message from Consumer Relations 011613552A

    Dear Heather,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at the Pepsi-Cola Company regarding our Ò€œPepsi StuffÒ€ promotion.

    The DVD selection has changed and I’m sorry you didn’t find one to your liking. At this time there are no plans to change the selection, however I will pass your request onto the Marketing team.

    So basically whats left is all they are gonna have from now on.

  230. The COBY Mp3/CD Player has been added to electronics again. Sennheiser HD201 Headphones have also been added.

  231. I want to get the Jeff Gordon shirt, but I don’t want to give up the points so I can wait 2 – 5 months to get it. I’ve always wanted them to add the Pepsi racing stuff, and I got excited when I first saw it, but waiting 2 – 5 months is such a drag. I’ll hang on to the points and wait.

  232. I emailed Pepsi about the DVD selection and this is what I received back. Anyone know why they would want to personally speak to me?

    [[Dear Rick,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola.

    We’d like to gather some additional information regarding your recent email. At your convenience, please call our Consumer Relations Office, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time at (1)800-433-2652. When you speak with a representative, please use the reference number below, which will help in expediting your call.

    Thanks again for contacting us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Terri Maini
    Consumer Relations

  233. Boy this is great I saved all my points for old shows on dvd for my mothers birthday and now I just went on to cash in for her birthday and there dvd section went from hundreds to like 20 titles.
    So I guess all the honest people who actually buy pepsi get screwed and the people who CHEATED got all the great items.

    on dvd

  234. I got the Coby mp3 player a few months ago, it’s actually pretty cool. I have an iPod Nano and Video, but this is cool because it’s really small and easy to use. I feel a lot more comfortable just carrying this one around everywhere without worrrying about losing it or dropping it or something. I find the headphones to be uncomfortable, but I find all ear buds of that style to be very uncomfortable.

    So anyway, I would reccomend it if anyone is thinking of getting it.

  235. Stop crying Andy . . No one cheated . . As the saying goes “Finders keepers,losers weepers”

  236. Apparently john doe you were one of the ones who stole the items with fraudlent points, leaving all the people who do the things honestly without any items. It will all get worked, and maybe they won’t have all the items back on the site. But remember things are shipped to your home and I believe what you did was illegal–so it all good! Everyone should get what they deserve!

  237. I agree with John Doe, regardless of the “cheating”, there was no guarantee that everything offered would be around forever. Just because certain opportunists might have sped up the selling out of many items, doesn’t mean you couldn’t have gotten them earlier if you were indeed saving up all those points. Especially since all items ship separately.

  238. Come on, Andy. Don’t tell me your mom isn’t a fan of Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen.

  239. Mr Dave Smith, shut up. I was one of the ‘cheaters’ and I would do it again. If Pepsi didn’t want that to be done, they would’ve put at least the slightest hint of effort into controlling to whom the points went. As far as it being illegal goes, get a life. What’s going to happen, is Andy going to call the Pepsi Points Police on us? What kind of time does point stealing come with? I’m sure they’ll throw the book at us, but it would be futile. We’d just keep the books and add it to the Pepsi collection being the criminals we are.

  240. thats not the point now we realize how many dishonest people we have in this world. its actually pretty sad.that you cant earn your own points but you have to cheat the system and have everyone else suffering for your dishonesty.

  241. I’ve gotten some great MP3s from pepsistuff, but I don’t see much else good. How about a Flip camera or Zune you can spend points on to get it? I wouldn’t mind working up to 1000 points, but entering 30 at a time here and there into the sweepstakes and never hearing from them again seems futile.

    I know this is free and all but the prizes really need to be amped up. Right now Coke Rewards is 100 times better.

    How about an amazon gift certificate?

  242. I am a dedicated PEPSI drinker. I logged in for the free pepsis’ and was answering survys for over an hour,answering the same questions over and over. The program was very miss leading. They want you to buy things and then you have to pre-qualify. I thank you should make the condition clear in the beginning.

  243. To Mike:

    Actually using fradulant emails to obtain points for merchandise is a form of scamming/fraud and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. πŸ˜‰

  244. here are some pepsi points aOONT93LXF
    KSOWNY3EYR 5/11/2008
    3B7EXNXR4T 5/11/2008
    FWY4ROXBCM 5/11/2008
    NL6BRTPSHS 5/11/2008
    ZXPHOHHCPC 5/11/2008
    74TJMHRETT 5/11/2008
    WMXMN3SWWM 5/11/2008
    AHRS9ISHHC 5/11/2008
    NJXWS4T7FP 5/11/2008
    IR6WWEIEMN 5/11/2008
    SHBHFVNAKB 5/11/2008
    P9WY4T3BPJ 5/11/2008
    KYLZC67BTJ 4/6/2008
    LJ3JNEOB7M 4/6/2008
    7Y6KYBMILC 4/6/2008
    SK9ECRXEEW 4/6/2008
    HBKCVPRTRN 4/6/2008
    JTJ9JKRRXE 4/6/2008
    IZBSYHVITR 4/6/2008
    IP9RT49XZS 4/6/2008
    63AOZP4RKA 4/6/2008
    NONSAST4MA 4/6/2008
    6FISEM4TII 4/6/2008
    L6E4H6JYTS 4/6/2008
    9KFP9ATI9T 4/6/2008
    PTXMJ9ARCF 4/6/2008
    9F3LNX43VM 4/6/2008
    CCO3XKY9NS 4/6/2008
    RAWBAPV7PF 3/7/2008
    ATAXLOPW6R 3/7/2008
    6PXWZL4IWI 3/7/2008
    CT9499L67K 3/7/2008
    S4OXKZCSZM 3/7/2008
    CSFXBXX9PL 2/22/2008
    VXEBPWXNYT 2/22/2008
    7JT4NTYXLL 2/22/2008
    JNRWYTB7FP 2/22/2008
    APZE7AYOIL 2/22/2008
    IRFAPYSFMS 2/22/2008
    PCRJSVRITP 2/22/2008
    TBAZKPJLJJ 2/22/2008
    MHZEE3WWHW 2/22/2008
    EKA7JETABA 2/22/2008
    S4MHJFCMFL 2/22/2008
    V7WI6YBVYH 2/22/2008
    9TIOZWP44P 2/22/2008
    YN4YLYNO9S 2/22/2008
    A4IALLHMKJ 2/22/2008
    EEVT47OIWK 2/22/2008
    LLV3TZXB3J 2/22/2008
    NREOPYFJJW 2/22/2008
    EZWPXMZY3F 2/22/2008
    EH7KAJIEPH 2/22/2008
    PMBOH43NCI 2/22/2008
    4PHFKOHCYJ 2/22/2008
    PCNLICPYBT 2/22/2008
    644N6BRYFN 2/14/2008
    ZL773IKSOI 2/14/2008
    3YWSPTX6HN 2/14/2008
    AE3ANW6JJL 2/14/2008
    ZWS3CBRKCC 2/14/2008
    EC9XF3O7KM 2/14/2008
    7KKC3WX94O 2/14/2008
    TZ3MJW7ASV 2/14/2008
    JIO9HL7H4J 2/14/2008
    3PLSVR6R7C 2/10/2008
    OZOJMLJBKO 2/10/2008
    TZZAP7ONXB 2/10/2008
    KRCEKSIMVA 2/10/2008
    EVSH6JXIKE L4AZ9JWVYR 2/10/2008
    963KWWS6LP 2/10/2008
    TZ9KBF6VMO 2/10/2008
    OASVTOSPSK 2/9/2008
    SPBCAKLYAT 2/8/2008
    I6AHWRL4ZV 2/6/2008
    MZZSKTNRPI 2/6/2008
    4ECZYSLOBH 2/6/2008
    3ARPZY7SHT 2/6/2008
    HSCR9Z6SWE 2/6/2008
    FH7B967CVN 2/6/2008
    OWV4E4396L 2/5/2008
    ZWHASV7BRB 2/3/2008
    IJX6X96X7M 2/3/2008
    9L4CJWXRNA 2/3/2008
    KR9F99F6CE 2/3/2008
    F73IOXNJMS 2/3/2008
    YFIS7CB4FP 2/3/2008
    WMM49BMMMP 2/3/2008
    CPXMTWKLHB 2/3/2008
    TPOHM6WX4E 2/3/2008
    LJ9NVPA4FN 2/3/2008
    TXSYX3FSXI 2/3/2008
    don’t pay attention to the dates

  245. It would appear someone has already redeemed all of the codes. Thanks anyways Derek!

  246. if you read the fine print approx. 4 billion codes were in print like on bottle caps and cases and cups at the times the official rules were put out. Sounds like plenty for all. That doesn’t even sound like it includes computer generated ones. There are also ways to win 50,000 points the rules say too. You can also mail in for 4 free codes and you can send in as many times as you want. Quit wining.

  247. does any one know if pepsi is going to get anymore DVD’s or electronics before the sweep is over? because their selection really sucks right now. πŸ™

  248. just thought I’d let everyone know I came home today to find a medium sized box from Amazon on my porch. I hadn’t ordered anything that size recently, so I thought I might know what it could be, and sure enough inside was a brand new 60 min (not 30) Flip Video Camera! Thanks to whomever was talking a few weeks ago about the pros as opposed to my cons as far as entering sweepstakes, b/c I listened and entered probably 8 a day for a week straight in both the Flip and the zune. I still have lost my MP3 player and haven’t replaced it, but my brother’s birthday is June 17th, so this will make a fantastic present seeing as he has an 18 month old to record for hours of enjoyment. Will be entering twice as many in the zune now (not to mention the home theater and the cash!) . It is possible, though, they don’t even tell you what day you won it on, fyi, so I have no more info than anyone else as far as your chances, just enter. you really have nothing to lose if you enter one a day. entered 2 in the flip yesterday, wish I could have those back. don’t forget once you win, all codes entered into that sweepstakes will be wasted. Yahoo!

  249. I have 38 points so far!
    my goal is 60 so i can get the vintage pepsi shirt =)
    where does it say that you can mail in something to get 4 points?

  250. I hate having to wait 2 to 5 months for my apparel! This sucks! I am waiting on 3 tote bags, a lunchbox, and a Jeff Gordon shirt. They’ve been ordered for a month now.

  251. jk, it tells you the place to mail for 4 free codes under the rules no purchase nessercery section

  252. JK, the shirts are awesome. I ordered every shirt for myself, and every female shirt for my wife. They are great, even the white one that has bad reviews. You can’t go wrong with the shirts.

  253. I can’t get to all the points that I had in the past to use them on the rewards. the aren’t evevn in the system and there is no way to access them; here is the steps that we took to access them if we could try to access them.
    1: goto
    2: goto “my pepsi account”
    3: logged in
    4: click on the “codes entered” under points and codes
    5: show all codes.

    when we got to step #5 there was no access (not highlighted as one of the menu options).

    so what do we do?

  254. Just in case you did not know Pepsi will give you 6 points for taking the recycling challenge. Go to answer all 5 questions correctly to win 4 points. Answer the next two for an additional 2 points. The questions are easy and all you have to do to get them correct is to think big numbers and many ways bottles can be recycled and you should answer correctly no problem. Enjoy

  255. what a rip off i took the recycling challenge and didn’t get the points, whats going on with that?

  256. i took it also and when i was done. a pop up came up and said that due to demand they are out of codes =(

  257. [IMG][/IMG]


  258. I did the pepsi recycling thing… it said “Your code has been emailed to you.” That was this morning. I still haven’t received anything. >_>

  259. I could not fine the place for the code so I am writting it here WSLXENBKTH pLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT I WON? THANK YOU

  260. I have 1k pts… from the PepsiFantasyRacing Promo that happened like a week back


  261. before their was a cheat that it said on the top of the webpage “free mp3 download” and every time you pressed it (create fake e-mail)it dident send the code to your e-mail,but it showed up on the page.

    (i got headphones for free because of it lol)

  262. I think Pepsi really wants us to get mp3s more than anything else. They’ve recently removed several items from the apparel section, and took away DVDs before that. I just don’t see an mp3 as being worth 5 points, though I have redeemed for a few mp3s.

  263. just a comment about up where derek posted all his codes. if you go to “my pesi stuff acoount” it says entered codes and it shows dates. he obviously put the ones he already entered

  264. The mp3s are a great deal.

    Mp3’s are 99 cents. A 20 liter bottle around here is $1.39, so 5 points will cost you about $7.00, to get you a 99 cent return or 1/7 = 14% return. That’s better than most rewards programs out there.

  265. Does anyone know what the orange lid with a star on the inside means? After you remove it the code is underneath. I have gotten 2 of these. Are thye special or something?

  266. If you want fast FREE pepsi codes, go to and sign up for the virtual hills, you start with 1000$. Now head over to a pepsi machine and purchase all your moneys worth (they are $5 a bottle) now you get a cap, and a bottle, read the cap and press redeem…. there you have it.. 200 free pepsi codes πŸ™‚


    A small number of people are using multile avatars to “game the system” We will relaunch the program with some additional safeguards as soon as possible”

    Fine with me, I couldn’t get the vurtual hills to download anyway, but then I saw this message. don’t waste your time for now people. Thanks though, DH
    200 free points would be SWEET right now.

  268. From MTV Virtual World:

    “We have temporarily stopped giving Pepsi codes for the purchase of a Pepsi, to ensure the system is fair for the most members. We hope to have the program up running again soon and will let you know when we do.”

  269. With so many people cheating I’m definately not entering the sweepstakes now. Can I just buy a Flip for 1000 points? Not there yet but I’m willing to save. If they don’t want to offer decent electronics prizes and if they wanted to push the Amazon Mp3’s they really should have just made those the prizes exclusively, if I pop my 200 in the sweepstakes and get nothing its going to leave a bad taste in my mouth about pepsi.

    (Unlike the soda itself which is delicious .. but so is Coke and the prizes are better.)

  270. to carolyn, I’m guessing that the stars are there to keep people from tipping the bottles to see the codes and then writing them down.

  271. I was going to try to trade this code for a coke one, but what’s the point its just one code, so here you guys go……..44sfbppppf

  272. y39hkknnbk Redeemed NBM (Thank you for posting it)

    HEY! Whoever USES the CODES…. Take the time to let people know instead of being a selfish jerk!

  273. ALSO:
    44sfbppppf Redeemed NBM (Thank you for posting it)

    HEY! Whoever USES the CODES…. Take the time to let people know instead of being a selfish jerk! If you don’t, don’t complain when karma bites you back…

  274. I love that there is not a limit to codes to enter in a day (at least I have not seen one). I have entered on average about 40-50 codes per day and have already redeemed for some of the electronics prizes. I don’t really care for the music or DVDs. Right now my 6 year old daughter is reading off the codes to me and I told her she could use the rest of any of the codes we get for birthday presents from her and her brother. She is so excited.

  275. Hello Crystal,
    On behalf of all of us who check and peruse this website, we appreciate you taking the time to indicate that you entered the code. This helps all of us save time.

    Let’s all try to follow Crystal’s model behavior and help each other πŸ™‚ Hope you’re all getting good prizes!

  276. Just recieved the FLIP camera from the sweeps I entered in May. No e-mail message just an Amazon package showed up with the camera in it.

  277. me to jdog, it just showed up last week I was happy get it thow retured it curcit city got a 150 dollar gift

  278. Just received the flip camera today in the mail…I really like it and advise eveyone to enter the sweepstakes because you just never know.

  279. Carol…stop telling everyone about how great it is. I’m still trying to win it and I don’t need the competition!


  280. has anyone won the zune mp3player? i won the flip, and so have alot of other people, but they are giving away more mp3’s than camera’s so i was just wondering if anyone has won one?

  281. yes, becca, I have won the zune and the flip, not in that order. apparently i won the zune on one single entry i made on the 19th of june, it showed up on the 25th. i only know because that was the ONLY entry i made in a 2-3 week span in that acct. meanwhile in the other i was entering 8-12 a day when i had already won aand didn’t know it. (1 win per ADDRESS, rules say) I am now trying to win the home theater and 500$ every day, and giving codes to friends and family to try and win them zunes. it is awesome, holds video, pictures, and music 8 G is about all i really need, though at the rate I am acquiring music now I could fill a 60 G by the end of the year. i just think more people are winning the flip because less entries total go to the flip, so the odds are better, i would guess.

  282. i won a zune mp3 from pepsi ups just knocked on my door one day and said here ya go i didnt even know i had won. so dont look for any email or anythig cuz they dont tell ya they just send it to you

  283. So wonder if they will ever restock their dvds. There was a set I wanted to get and waited to long and now it is gone along with 90% of the others. Glad to hear people are winning in the sweeps.

  284. To those who have won, how long does it take to get notified if you win the daily sweepstakes?

  285. Hi all ~ ok here is my experience as of thus far. I have been able to get enough points to get a t-shirt & a digital photo keychain. My hubby ended up with the t-shirt as it was to big for me….as for the keychain, well it was great at first, until after having it on my key ring for a few weeks, I found that it was not durable enough to withstand the everyday use of keys. So now I have been saving my points to get a pepsi duffle bag, which it seems that as of now, they no longer are offering. So here I am with my 150 points to use and not sure what to use them on. OH WELL. Guess I will just hang out, keep collecting points and wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.

  286. thanks nick, i will keep trying for the zune, it looks pretty awesome, and i really really want one. i love my flip though, i have 3 kids and it really came in handy for t-ball seasone this year.

  287. i think if you win one of the bigger prizes- home theater, trip smart car- you get contacted right away because they need you to sign stuff, but everything else including the 500$ check just shows up in the mail with not even a notification in the package of when you won or with what code. not that I really need to know. I know mine b/c of the circumstance. I entered only once on the 19th and received zune on 25th, and there is a weekend in there, so that gives you something of an idea. i don’t think its two weeks turn around time for the zune and flip. i don’t even mind the 40 or so entries i made in my other acct in the meantime that were wasted b/c if in total i paid 41 pts for a $150 zune, sign me up for more of that! have high hops for pulling down a $500 check before the end. I enter home theater and cash once a day, minimum.

  288. I was wondering if anyone had won a bicycle yet? And if you have what do you think of it?

  289. Julie…

    not sure what t-shirt you ordered, but the ladies t-shirts are junior sizes and are a tapered cut so I’m sure one of them would fit you well. I have gotten them all and they are all pretty nice. The beaded one for 75 points is especially cool. The pajamas (75 points) are also really nice although like the ladies shirts they are junior sizes so make sure you don’t end up with something too small…they appear to be out of stock now, but keep popping back up every now and then with differenst sizes available. If it ever shows up again, the tote bag (50 points, I think) was pretty nice too.

  290. Shari, you can search for the tote bag and find it. My wife did that last week and ordered another tote bag along with another cooler. Just search for the specific product if it does not show up on their page.

  291. Thanks for the info Mike…

    I already have the tote bag, but I did just order the cooler, it will be nice to keep in the car.

  292. The cooler is great, Shari; we have 2. That and the tote bag are probably the best things you can get with your points. It only takes 50 and you will use them time and time again. We use one of our totes as a diaper bag. I really like the shirts, too. We have every shirt they have on there, both men and women, and love them to death.

  293. Mike. . .. .
    i have one of the tote bags and love it to death and need a new one, i tried serching Pepsi-cola tote bag on amazon but nothing showed up. how did you’r wife find it? i would really like to get another so if you could help me that would be great!!

  294. I really wanted the Zune and I received it in the mail a few days ago……..unbelievable….this is the best Pepsi promotion ever……

  295. So can you tell me how you know you won? Do they send a message or an e-mail? How man entries and how often did it take for the Zune?

  296. the tote bag is unavailable! πŸ™ it says they dont know when it will be back in stock.

  297. How many Zunes are Pepsi giving away each day during this month? I know for a while they were giving away 50.

    Have any of you won a Zune? About how many points did you enter beofre you won it?

  298. I just received the Zune in the mail, I put in 5 entries for it and won….They do not let you know you have won, they just send the item in the mail…..

  299. what if you win money or a trip or the tv system, they have to let you know. When did you enter and how long later did they mail it?


  301. Thanks for the heads up on the cooler, Mike. I got it yesterday and it is really nice. I like that it has the extra compartment on top so you can put a sandwich or fruit in and it won’t get smashed by the icepacks or cans.

  302. I won a zune in March. I’m not sure how many at the time i used but I think I was one of the first to recieve one.

    Does anyone here collect Paw Points from fresh step cat litter?

  303. Carol, how long ago did you enter the sweepstakes for the zune? did it take a long time to receive it?


    Never saw where anyone had an answer for that the whole thread.

  305. From the PepsiStuff website, “Rules” section…

    “The Sweepstakes portion of the Promotion begins February 4, 2008 at 12:00:01 a.m. ET and ends November 15, 2008 at 11:59:59: p.m. ET (the Ò€œSweepstakes Entry PeriodÒ€)”

  306. Cherri…I do not use Fresh Step cat litter…my furbabies prefer Tidy Cat, but my friend who saves Coke and Pepsi points for me does.
    Are you looking to give or get Fresh Step points? If you have some to share, I’d be happy to send you some Pepsi Points in exchange and I’d pass them along to my friend.

    And here’s a cap up for grabs for everyone…


  307. Yes Thank-You DH, i just read on the rules info:

    Sweepstakes entries end Nov 15, 08.
    Point collection to trade for stuff end Dec 31, 08.

    Just ordered the 2gig flash drive and the Olympus Microcassette Recorder.


  308. Hey there,

    Does anyone have any opinions on the digital keychain? Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated….. πŸ™‚

  309. Well this was strange. I got home and my wife saw on the stairs leading to our apartment door a UPS InfoNotice slip. It looks like is either says ( name or Tom…but don’t think we have any other Tim or Tom’s (don’t think any Tom’s at all) that live in any of the 12 apartments on my side (3 floor with 4 apartments each).

    The Info Notice slip from UPS that says that a package was sent from If it’s really for me, I know this is from the website since I only do amazon shipments via that service.

    I know a while back I was e-mailed about a back orderd DVD copy of the Barbie Movie Collection but received that DVD already (and I received the DVD collection before I got the e-mail about it being backordered).

    I also entered the sweepstakes for a Zune on 5/1/2008 (over 300 entries) and on 6/21/2008 (50 entries). On February 1st, I entered in all of the available sweepstakes.

    The shipping weight is marked as 1 pound.

    Anyone know what the shipping weight for the Zunes, Flip Cameras, or 4 Pack DVD Collection are?

    Also, I don’t know if this will help or not, but the package is marked as originating from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Any help would be greatful.

  310. just got an email frm pepsi and VMTVit reads: VMTV is looking for our biggest Pepsi fans. All you have to do is continue being a Pepsi fan and getting your Pepsi goods! The more you do, the more MTV will notice you! You’ll never know how you get points or how many you have.
    PEPSI CODES ARE BACK! has released a new Pepsi Stuff code distribution method to enhance the experience for our true Pepsi fans.

    Pepsi bottle caps and codes will now be attached to random virtual Pepsi and Diet Pepsi bottles. Continue to buy, sip and recycle your Pepsi and Diet Pepsi bottles as usual; however, not every Pepsi bottle purchase will be rewarded with a Pepsi bottle cap and code. When you have purchased a Pepsi bottle with a code, you will get an alert message to check your inventory to see if your bottle cap has a code!!! Redeem at to get awesome real life Pepsi goodies!

    NOw, as i said above, u used to be able to get 200 pepsi points. Now, there is no guarantee on howw many points you will get, but you still hgave a chance. all you have to do is go to and sign up for the virtual hills, you start with 1000$. Now head over to a pepsi machine and purchase all your moneys worth they are $5 a bottle. you may or may not get a code, but you still have a chance. Let me know how this goes!

  311. Regarding the vMTV and Pepsi Stuff points, I’ve been trying this for a month, and have become a “Pepsi Ambassador” in this avatar interaction/game. I want to let you know that it appears that when you spend the $5 vMTV bucks on a Pepsi, you have about a 40% (maybe 50%) chance of getting a code.

    BUT…each code is only worth ONE POINT. I’ve spent several hundred vMTV bucks on Pepsi, and I’ve found that WHEN you do get a code, it has ALWAYS been worth ONLY ONE POINT.

    Just warning if you’re searching for a lot of points…this isn’t the way.

    I do hope you are all winning good prizes!!! I’ve only received points the legal way, and have accumulated less than 400 points total since it has started. And I actually drink 12-15 cans a day….my Diet Pepsi budget is expensive.

    Thanks to those whomare putting up points for grabs online. I haven’t been able to use a code yet, but your points may have helped someone win a cool prize!

    FWIW, Avery

  312. Well I just received my prize and behold without confirmation e-mail, I WON…

    an 8gb Zune from the sweepstakes. Looks like the 50 points I enter on 6/21. Could have also been the near 400 I enter back in April.

    Funny thing is that on the site, I played for 2 months and got enough points for 2 30GB Gen 1 zunes (for my wife and I), I’ve received 1 so far and am awaiting the 2nd 30GB Zune to arrive.

    Once I get that one (I know it’s older, but it has more space), I’m transfering all my data off of my won 8gb Zune to the 30gb one and giving the 8gb to a family member or friend who may want it for free (since I didn’t pay for it technically)

    Now to see if I can win a FLip Video Camera.

  313. I figure out where to get the mother load of reward codes…the redemption center. I volunteer their twice a week to get codes. I have made hundreds of dollars selling stuff on ebay from the points. Hey, anyone want mountain dew or sunkist codes…I have not bothered collecting them but if anyone wants them I can start doing that and posting them here.

  314. I did the vMTV and did worse than 40%. I bought 195or 196 pepsis and got 26 points. These are still free points so it did help.

  315. No response the first time around, so I’ll try again….does anyone have any thoughts/comments on the digital photo keychain? Thanks!

  316. I feel very lucky I won the trip for two to california. My husband and I are so excited. However I will believe it is real when we are on the plane.

  317. Anyone know if pepsi will have more coolers? I got one but my kids put our pet rat in it and the rat started to chew it. I hope pepsi gets more I used the cooler for the beach and my lunch bag.

  318. ***my code is ykpmvfryej***
    ***guess what i found a code on an email i am pretty sure u can uuse it to MPYNNTXXYE***

    Both RNBM.

    ***Micheal you got 26? IÒ€ℒm halfway through the $300 and IÒ€ℒve only got 2!***

    My success rate was 20%. So about 12 points for the $300 ($300 = 60 bottles/caps, 1 out every 5 caps has a code). I got anywhere from 8 to 18 caps, but never close to 26.

    I downloaded VMTV again today and wasn’t able to get any caps. Don’t know if they blocked me from overusing it.

    ***Regarding VMTV – where do you go once in the site?***

    Go to Melia San Lucas (SP?). There is a Pepsi Machine located there nearby.

  319. I got most of the codes in the first $500 dollars. I only got like 4-6 codes in the last $500. I did this the day after they brought the codes back aftter they took them away. I guess with more people doing it they are giving away less codes. I know you get the codes from the pepsi machine which I think is at the virtual hills nightclub which you go to under places. It is not letting me get to the site so I am not sure on this.

  320. I entered my codes all on 7/11/2008 when I did the pepsi game. If you did it after that then it may be more difficult if they only had a certain number of codes they give out.

  321. Regarding the vMTV codes, you will get a better chance of success if you keep going to DIFFERENT machines. Try not to use the same soda machine each time, but try for example, the Budda Lounge machine, then the one around the corner, then the one on the beach, etc. Or get 2 sodas from one machine, then jump to the next machine. I found that this way you’ll have better luck. Also, you can search for “Pepsi” in the vMTV search engine to find out where many of the machines are, but not all are listed. You can even find and get to the Pepsi palace way up in the sky….you have to teleport there! It’s pretty cool, and then when you FALL back to earth, it’s a neat trip.


  322. I went to the virtual MTV site before they reworked it, found the Pepsi machine and used about $300 and got a code for every Pepsi I bought. That was about 60 codes. I went back last week after they made the changes and used my remaining $700 and only got around 23 codes total.

  323. I got a question, I bought a Pepsi Max Bottle but it only lets me take sips, no where does it show redeem code or show a bottle cap. How do you get to that?

  324. Actually now I’m not getting any caps from the machine at all. All I get is the drink.

  325. It appears that us pepsi stuff fanatics have managed to exploit every marketing scheme available to the point where they end up removing and “free” codes within days. Haha…I guess they underestimated us.

  326. just to share.. I spent $300 vMTV on pepsis on one machine in a row (i am not about to go hopping about looking for more machines, i didn’t want to be in the virtual hills in the first place) and got 9 (nine) codes total for my 300$- not exactly a waste of time, I was happy with it. YMMV

  327. I noticed a few questions about the notification process for winners of sweepstakes prizes. I entered the Sea World trip to San Diego on May 20. After not hearing anything one week, then two weeks later, I figured I didn’t win. Easy come, easy go, I thought. Without any forewarning, I received a FedEx July 1 with the letter of congratulations, paperwork, release forms, return FedEx overnight envelope, etc. The paperwork had to be signed in the presence of and verified by a notary, and returned by July 7. On July 18 I received a call from a gal from Pepsi and she asked me to give her dates of travel, closest airport, etc. At any rate, my experience may not be the same as any other sweepstakes winners, but it was a six-week period from date of entry to notification.

  328. Congrats Jef!

    I’m still anxiously awaiting the box with my flip camera to arrive without notice! I throw in a few points everyday…I think that is a better chance than to put like 25 in once a week? Anyone have any opinions on that?

    Here’s one to share…

    eyedoubleuzeronineseven ayethreeenkaybeeeeee

  329. Well searching thru the web i came across this site and read some very interesting posts. I get an average of about 150 points a day between coke and pepsi from bottles that ppl throw away at my work, lucky me. I just wish that pepsi would have a better selection of things, seems like the only stuff they have is mostly stuff that practically outdated and is of very little use or no use at all. Coke has a very nice selection of this but this limit of 10 caps per day really sucks. To get a tv out of them would take about a year and a half wich is ridiculous. Ive recently been getting alot of sprite caps and after entering the sprite codes coke is giving a bonus round and no charge of points deducted, ive gotten very irritated latley with ther website as i have lost about 50-60 chances at there bonus sprite sweepstakes because of the site not operating right and it only allows you to play it right there instantly, if you click refresh you loose all your chances. Well i guess low and behold it kinda paid off for my loses of the 50 entries, yesterday morning i click on the sweepstakes entry and it told me i was a winner, didn’t get excited because i thought maybe won a 5.00 item or something like that. What i did win was a 100.00 virtual visa card, couldn’t have come at a better time. I will keep on trying for more and see if i can win more 100.00 cards… yippie! I am now trying for a 8 gb zune, hope i win!! by the way.. here i thought i’d share a pepsi point since i won a 100 bucks, wish i had more codes but i had entered them all the nite before and found this one cap laying around. KM3WMLV9NB

  330. LOL, I’m in a similiar situation now that Tim was…we recently moved and when I went to the old address to show the place, I had a UPS notification on the door for a package from Amazon! Since I don’t have any outstanding orders, and I changed my address with them a few weeks ago, I’m hoping that this could be my much awaited flip camera?? It was too late to go pick up the package today, so I’ll have to wait until morning……until then the curiosity is really killing me! My shipping origin was Lexington KY….different than Tim’s Zune so I’m hoping that it’s the camera! I’ll let you know when I find out…

    In the mean time….a coded code


  331. Yippeeee! It’s the Flip camera!

    I know that some people are curious about this so I went back and checked to see just how many times I enterred but there is no way of knowing (that I know of) to know when I actually won since there was nothing along with the camera, not even a shipping slip.

    I figure it has to be from at least a month ago, probably longer since I’ve moved and changed my address (not sure when) and it was sent to the old address.

    I put 6 entries in on May 19 and those are the first ones I ever did and the only ones for May. Throughout June I enterred on 17 different days, putting 3 entries in on one day, 2 entries on 7 days and one entry on 9 days. For a grand total of 32 entries.


    and here’s a code…..


  332. these codes have already been used. Thanks anyway
    here are TWO more codes
    vyj3czm3ka, & a6nt4wpbzc

  333. Joe’s codes RNBM.

    I have a question about vMTV..
    Once you buy the pepsi what do you do to get the code from it if it has one?

  334. Once you buy the pepsi bottle, click my mtv at the bottom of the screen, roll your mouse over my stuff, and then click reveal code. I think you can only get five bottles now and so five pepsi points because people used different avatars to get more points.

  335. i have 100 pepsi stuff points should i put all my code at once in for $500 or i should spilt them up. plz tell me all the people who have won befor. should i gofor it or not. thanks

  336. ram,

    I have not won before, but let me offer a suggestion. First of all, all other things being equal, your chances are slightly better if you play all 100 on one day, than if you, say, played 2 per day for 50 days. But the difference in odds is slight. If you choose to play 100 in one day, do some research on which days of the week tend to have the fewest entries. I believe there are other Pepsistuff forums where you can get some more information. I would think that Mondays and Tuesdays would be the days when there are the fewest entries, but don’t hold me to that…I’m playing for the Zune myself. I am going to wait until late August, after school has started for most K-12 and college students, before I start dumping a lot of points on entries. Especially during the first week of school, students, who I think make up a good % of Pepsistuff code collectors, have less time to be focusing on this promotion.

  337. Correct…they do not notify you when you win and when the prize does arrive (via UPS, not USPS) there is nothing to indicate what date you won on. At least this was the case with the Flip camera.

    From gathering info on the experiences of everyone on here who has won, it seems that there is about a 4-6 week lag from the time you win, to the time your prize arrives.

  338. Here’s some codes I haven’t used yet.




    That’s it.

  339. Nobo’s codes RNBM
    Thanks for the post Nobo (nobody?)
    The person who redeemed it might win something!
    Good luck, all!

  340. becca, mine came via UPS. Not sure if it depends on where it’s shipping or where from or what? Who knows.

    I kind of like the idea of it coming UPS (and it required a signature) since they don’t tell you that it’s coming. If you have no idea that you are expecting something it would be very easy for it to get lost/stolen and you would never have any way of knowing.

  341. Why are you guys drinking soo much pepsi!!! you guys are all gonna get kidney stones!!! Soda is bad.. they use coool little promos and contests to get you to drink that crap!!! i cant be that mad cuz i drink it too. πŸ™

  342. so far i have got the digital keychain, the 150 pt headphones and the 2 gig flash drive. I have about 87 more points. The most awesome part about it is that I have not spent any money. I don’t drink Pepsi. I just keep getting caps

  343. LOL! I know what you mean, though! I drink SO MUCH MORE Diet Pepsi now because of this promo. Either I want some more points because I really did find a DVD I liked, or I want to enter a contest, etc. I even spent hours on that MTV points process just for points WITHOUT having to drink more Pepsi. But, overall, I say they got a lot more money out of me during this process. I hope my intestines don’t rot!

  344. I personally know that my mother received a $500 check via USPS. But yeah, no prior notification.

    Good luck all!!

  345. how do i no if i won and how long does it take for the camera to get to your house?

  346. acein,

    Did you get the V-Moda headphones with the 150 points? I did. Those are nice headphones!…I don’t spend money to get caps either. I work in an office at a distribution center. I dig caps out of trash cans between workers’ breaks. With the number of employees here, I rack up!

  347. that’s a good theory souldawg, about finding out which days get less entries, but seeing as we all have absolutely no access to that information, good luck with that. I would suggest entering more like 20 a day for 5 days instead of all or nothing. I won the zune on only one entry and who knows how many (but never more than 8 – 12 a day, every day for a while) for the Flip. been trying a few in other people’s accts (friends) no luck yet, will start inundating in sept- oct if no luck by then. still hoping for the $500- but i only enter that once a day, max- same for the home theater. too busy collecting mp3s by the caseload. there has never been a better promtion than this, though coke’s is/was fantastic in its own different way.

  348. i just email pepsi stuff constumer care and they said:



  349. 1 Zune, 1 Flip so far, no 500$ or home theater, no smart car or mountain bikes, canvas bag or trips ( i don’t enter for the trips, really) the zune and flip were won within o month of each other about a month ago, to me they seemed really easy to win, but my firends haven’t won one as easily, so perhaps more people are entering or I just haven’t been as lucky. I did enter fewer times, since it seemed like overkill to enter 8 or 18 every day whatever i had. but i guess until you win it, nothing is overkill. it’s at least 40 or 50 times harder to win the 500$ or the home theater becsue there is only one winner a day, so technically i should be entering 40- 50 times more to try and win, but that’s 8 or 10 songs, nearly a whole album, or a whole album with a band such as coldplay with 10 song albums. and there are a lot of great albums available for pepsi pts, let me tell you. I have gotten at least 300 songs so far, possibly 500.

  350. kyle, how did you email them, or did they email youto let you know because i have been entering between 5 and 10 points each day in the zune, and i have no clue if i won or not. it sure would be nice to know.

  351. the email adress is :

    they might tell you we cant tell you that info

    my email said “all winners are notified by mail” and we made a one-time exception and can advise you, you won the MP3 player

    which is not true everyone that i know has won didnt recieve anything

  352. Kyle….What they must mean by “all winners are notified by mail” is that you will be notified that you are a winner when the prize shows up at your door!

  353. they just emailed me back and they said i won the zune on 6/7/08

    i think i should have recieved it by now

    does anyone know what the average amount of time it takes to receive it

    it says on the site 8-10 weeks but most people got it within a month i am stated to get worried

  354. Just got my zune by ups today

    i didnt have to sign they just left it on the door step, someone could have easily stole it, thanks god no-one did

  355. I got a nice surprise left on my doorstep by UPS today…a SECOND flip camera. The rules do say one per household. I moved about 6 weeks ago and changed my address on my account. I got one flip at the old address about 3 weeks ago and now got one at the new address. Again, for those of you trying to win, I did enter everyday, but usually only 1 sometimes 2 entries.

    Goodluck to everyone and here’s a lucky code…


  356. I found some Lemon Pepsi bottles at Wal-Mart today that have blue Pepsistuff caps. Each cap is worth two points. Anyone else find these yet?

  357. I don’t drink enough pepsi to try and collect codes but i did manage to get ahold of one code:


    Hope this helps

  358. Hey, have any of you tried the new, LIMITED EDITION DIET PEPSI / PEPSI NFL KICKOFF ‘with a kick of LEMON’ flavor? I drink the Diet, and am absolutely in love with the flavor. I’m a die-hard Diet Pepsi fan…but now, this new one ROCKS. It tastes similar to Pepsi NEX, the zero calorie drink in Japan.

    When you get a chance, try this NFL Kickoff flavor. I sure the heck hope that it becomes a standard drink. What do you think?

  359. I received a flip camera today in the mail. I am so glad. I entered about 10 codes per day for the first two weeks in July and then stopped. The shipping receipt said it was for my entry on Aug 11 but I didn’t enter any on that date. I will take it anyway.

  360. Don’t ever give up at least I am glad I didn’t. My new Zune arrived yesterday it’s my first ever sweepstakes win. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  361. 6 Free Pepsi Stuff Points is giving away 2 codes worth 6 points for 1 music download and 1 sweepstake entry.

  362. thanks for the tip on the thing. I am seriously trying to win the zune, and i can only afford to drink so much pepsi per day so the extra 6 points really helps! awesome tip!!

  363. The registration for that website says it’s unavailable, which it has been for two days. How did anyone get through.

  364. q – Make sure you are running IE because it didn’t work for me under Firefox. It then displayed a pop-up that was the registration box.

  365. do they send u an email to ur email address? or credit it to the pepsi stuff acount for

  366. Joseph: It takes a few hours for them to email the points. (3 hours for me)

    and Luz’s code RNBM

  367. For the site, enter the username and email and password correctly and then confirm the website in another tab or window, then all you have to do is go back to the page where you entered your information and click continue. After that the site will want to confirm that you are a person by entering the two words. Make sure you type the words correctly, as if you don’t then the “opps” message will always show up. If you can’t see the words clearly then just click the small refresh button on the right side of the two words to get a new set. After you type in then it should say that the two codes will be sent in a couple of hours (2 hours for me). Also make sure to clear your cookies before registering as it might interfere with getting the codes. Hope that helps.

    “We’re sorry. Our registration system is unavailable at this time. Please try back later.”

    The Error probably shows up due to small amount of codes remaining and they have to make sure they have enough codes. Keep checking back every hour to register as the codes will probably be gone by the end of the month.

  368. i jus registered in and it said it sned me the points already but i never recieved it ….been waiting for 6 hrs already for the 6 points

  369. where are the codes on the 12 and 24 paks? (cans)
    I tried to enter codes I found but, they do not work.
    (found on carton end, there’s 10 tat start with “F” and followed by five numbers).
    Thanks, any help appreciated.

  370. lana, it should be printed pretty noticeably inside the box. make sure the boxes are marked for the promotion.

  371. anyone know if they offer the same albums or do they update with new albums that are released in the time period before the promotion ends? i’m referring to actual cds and not mp3 downloads.


  373. is there a way i can email amazon? i jus ordered the v moda headphones and it says estimated delivery 10/08/08
    OCTOBER 8! they said the shipment would come in 2 weeks on the website any help appreciated

  374. can we suggest prizes just like MCR……i really want the fresh prince of bel air seasons and i have alot of pepsi points

  375. ricki,

    The V-Moda headphones seem to be a popular item. Maybe Amazon ran out of stock and had to backorder. I think 10/08 is a conservative estimate though. You’ll probably get yours way before then.

    About two months ago I ordered the headphones too. They had a lot in stock then and I received mine in about 4 days. They are indeed very nice headphones. I’ve owned at least a dozen set of ear buds, and the V-Modas are the best yet.

  376. Hey SoulDawg,

    I am not a fan of Bass Thumping. Do those V-Moda’s sound good with Rock/Metal. Because I don’t trust Coby Brand, and Pink is not my color! So, I want to make sure it’s worth 150 pts.

  377. forgt to post about this. on the 4th of july, i went in a famil trip to frisc andyosemite. on the way there, we stopped fr some fountain drinks at a gas station. on it was a pepsi code wrth 1 point. to get the code, u had to unwrap the rim of the cup. pretty ingenious. Also, i have gotten codes on KFC cups

  378. Hey I have the V-Moda Vibes and they work very well for me. I listen to metal with them and think that it sounds good. They are great for blocking out background noise and I would recommend them to anyone.

  379. Patrick,

    Honestly, the V-Moda’s do seem to be heavy on the bass, which is what I like. I’ve never listened to rock/metal with them on, so I’m not sure, but if your device has an equalizer I would think you should be able to adjsut the sound to your liking…I’m not at all crazy about Coby’s.

  380. Does anyone else think that basically most of these prizes are really lame? Didn’t something happen a while back where many people basically ran Pepsi’s DVD selection dry? I have a little over 200 points but nothing worth buying. Either they update their prizes before November or else I’ll just give them in the sweepstakes.

  381. I just get MP3’s they are better than MCR’s MP3’s because it takes only 5 bottles instead of 11, but Coke lets you get codes from more products.

  382. i just put in for my tote bag and im getting the towel next and then i think im done after this i dont think im getting anything else with pepsi

  383. Hey gang,

    I almost forgot to enter my codes for today, Thursday, September 4. They are giving one of the Smart Cars away today, not to forget that the organization “Keep America Beautiful” will get 10 cents for every entry into this “Eco Sweeps.”

    Someone might say, “Why tell people about the Smart Car, because it’ll reduce your own chances of winning.” Yes, true, but someone’s gotta win, and I feel that in the grand scheme of life, it all works out the way it should…that the winner deserves it karmically or otherwise. I think it’s ok to want to win yourself, but it’s good spiritualy to help others be informed and even win too.

    That said, I hope I got this message out in time for you to read it for today!

    P.S. Has anyone else tried the new Pepsi/Diet Pepsi NFL Kickoff Limited Edition Flavor? It ROCKS!!!

    Good Luck EVERYONE!

  384. WB9MNV9PML 9/5/2008
    TEOSNV9XTH 9/5/2008
    EZ7AHKPSKW 9/5/2008
    I9MZAEZ7BT 9/5/2008
    HYCHNJKNCL 9/5/2008
    K7R7ICTZ3I 9/5/2008
    CA3EZIX33J 9/5/2008
    AP3WYBTZSP 9/5/2008
    W37YLSKOAJ 9/3/2008
    ZS4W9MLTXF 9/3/2008
    VLMHYS6AVN 9/3/2008
    JLCNW6E6AJ 9/3/2008
    JLPXZ64WEV 9/2/2008
    HYXBNCY9RH 9/2/2008
    ZSJAENCN3R 9/2/2008
    O4THS333MF 9/2/2008
    6MR7SOP3ZA 9/1/2008
    NSJ9ZJR7TA 9/1/2008
    XO9BPXAP9O 9/1/2008
    436C6Z6ZRJ 9/1/2008

    OLC7K96TER 9/1/2008
    KM34SYYJTL 8/31/2008
    HTB9LATOXV 8/31/2008
    CYPKBAC4EI 8/31/2008
    JMILMJLCXA 8/31/2008
    WY34JWXZXP 8/30/2008
    6XKYJO93KP 8/30/2008
    AEIVBRECWI 8/29/2008
    AZOCFTKP6O 8/26/2008
    7MYMOCSC3N 8/26/2008
    63JVRPAOAV 8/26/2008
    WJ4IKLOI9O 8/26/2008
    RY6LTAX3KC 8/24/2008
    ZRFPTKMLHB 8/24/2008
    ELZLS633LI 8/24/2008
    HLIBC4LZXO 8/24/2008
    779A9WVF9L 8/23/2008
    A9NXOVFELT 8/23/2008
    LBPA4LC37H 8/23/2008
    EYZOOB3XOC 8/23/2008

    NPB7ZBO9KI 8/22/2008
    MCEBWXIA7I 8/22/2008
    967OAOXI3J 8/22/2008
    B7VJ4ZZ9LT 8/19/2008
    HKOVEPLYJI 8/19/2008
    E433SB43ZO 8/19/2008
    MHCIJLZR6F 8/19/2008
    TM4RLBREJI 8/19/2008
    YKVEI67SAL 7/29/2008
    SRPSYNVHWV 7/29/2008
    94IZ636NAM 7/29/2008
    SATTKK44XS 7/29/2008
    AJSIKXIJWE 7/29/2008
    3WH44CRR9L 7/26/2008
    ZJMJC4KTWB 6/8/2008
    TEIEBN6ZMA 6/5/2008
    ZZB7MYTFKO 6/3/2008
    JW9OBHHNAR 6/3/2008
    7IR9466SIF 6/3/2008
    47OCEJ4KEH 6/3/2008

    HZHHZTTWHS 5/24/2008
    93PJIIBBYH 5/24/2008
    PP6KXONY4F 5/24/2008
    P7ZYMF977T 5/15/2008
    WB76KYBIIT 5/15/2008
    4LKEFEE4LP 5/15/2008
    MOXPYJNYBV 5/15/2008
    KNXIYRAZPL 5/15/2008
    HYYRXNRWYK 5/8/2008
    SITZ79T9EP 5/6/2008
    4X6XF7Y9EK 5/6/2008
    3I6KXP73ZV 5/4/2008
    SMTNW3HMZV 5/4/2008
    JCZKJLXNWB 4/15/2008
    CPNSSMSFER 4/13/2008
    FKK7ELRKYC 4/13/2008
    SOTYTFAWPH 4/13/2008
    4EJ4KHRKPP 4/10/2008
    E74J6K9N7H 4/3/2008
    X3AS9RFCBE 3/12/2008

    73LJLWW7TI 2/9/2008
    PIYFMHKKJM 2/7/2008
    BWPV7ZCOTT 2/6/2008
    R4TWJYCTIN 2/6/2008

  385. I also entered a bunch into the SmartCar Drawing. They got a donation of $22.60 from me in that drawing. It took me 3 hours, but I think 226 codes gives me a fair shot at it.

  386. the sweepstakes are down! so whoever entered earlier before have a better chance of winning now…its been down for 3 hrs already

  387. hey…i mailed a letter to the pepsi company for the winner’s list…..i mailed it like last week….it still hasnt arrive….how long does it take?

  388. This is my first year doing the Pepsi stuff points. Do they ever restock? Or is this it for the promotion?

  389. Steph, they have restocked on some items….mostly in the Apparel & More category sometimes in Electronics. The DVD’s haven’t changed in a couple of months.

  390. Every code above me has been used.

    just letting people know, so they don’t waste time typing in all the codes.

    πŸ™‚ I finally made my 800th point today.

  391. I made over a dozen accounts and accumlated many points but now it’s saying OOPS! You’ve receieved your codes usually. So i was wondering if anyone signed up in the first few days of the promo, were you able to create a limitless amount of accounts or did it say “We’re sorry. Registration is closed, etc” eventually? Because now you can make many accounts either since restocked on codes or you can just register as many times as you want but never get codes.

  392. yea i have gotten over 1,200 pointd on its down now…it says they send it but they didnt….happened like a week ago….they still dont give out codes

  393. I tried the thing and it has worked for me. I only needed a few more points and I created 4 accounts and got all my points with 3 hours of submitting for them.

  394. Hopefully got fed up with people taking advantage of their generosity by creating numerous accounts in order to cheat them out of points.

  395. Anyone know if they are going to continue the promotion after the end of November? I have points but there is really not much worth getting. If they continue it I hope they will restock some of the items. Of course it could go the way of MCR and basically make everything available thru a sweepstake.

  396. Thanks for trying, Jim, but that code is not valid. I even tried changing a couple letters (like U to V), but no go.
    I, too, opened one account yesterday. Didn’t get Pepsi points, as it said I “already got them”, so I wrote them a nice e-mail saying I’d really like the Pepsi Points. We’ll see what happens.

  397. The Pepsi tote bag is available again for 50 points. The last time it was only available for a short time, so if you’re interested, get in on it now.

    I already have one of these and it’s really nice. Has a side pocket for a beverage bottle, cell phone, glasses.

  398. I was just looking at the Terms of Service on the pepsistuff page and it said the promotion ends in December. :/

  399. I had two caps that would not give me credit I contacted Pepsi they had me mail the caps in to get credit at their expense. Not sure if the did or not I forgot to track the ppont count. But it is a option If you get a bad code and have the caps.

  400. ok everybody i started the thing with
    and is working fine but maybe u guys need to know a lil about what i have found out about the website takes your ip address only allowing you to only register two accounds from the same computer(connection,proxy,whatever) but the good news is that after you recieve your codes(or several minutes later) your ip address is deleted from their database so you can do it again, that is way many of you might be getting the oops while trying this
    Tips-i use firefox’s temporary inbox addon a bar that create a random temporal email that you don’t need to create (email is deleted within 6 hours but enough time you the codes)
    Also an ip changer (hard to find for wifi-conn) to change your ip address every two accounds you make

    if anyone has a easier way to do it please tell me coz i just started today.

  401. Is it just me or are the blue double point caps from Lemon Pepsi especially hard to see???

  402. The codes on the blue caps are hard to read, but if you shine a flashlight on the opposite side of the cap it becomes very clear……

  403. I don’t think they are going to extend pespistuff, I hopefully will get a CD cause I have 48 points.

  404. Went to enter a Pepsi code the other day and the website rejected it. I turn the cap over and it says and the promotion ends 08/06/2006. Can’t remember exactly where I got it but I know I didn’t drink it. Wonder what the shelf life is?

  405. I was at a local convenience store today and saw a sticker promoting NFL and Madden 09 stuff through pepsistuff? Anybody else seen this or have any idea when or if there adding stuff? The stuff now is TERRIBLE, I wish I had cashed in when they had all those DVD’s 6 months ago. I like the promotion (who can argue with free stuff?) but wish pepsi did more to maintain and refresh the site.

  406. you can use the dot trick for you put dots anywhere in between your gmail e-mail address and you can register multiple times for the same address. not sure if it works with any other mail website besides gmail. that’s all i know.

  407. This is free to whoever can figure it out. I have tried every correction I can think of, and I still get an invalid entry message.


    Just please post what the right code was after you use it. The mystery is bothering me!

  408. I think it would be courteous for people to let others know they used the free codes. Also, not to take them all for oneself.

  409. That thing does NOT work for pepsi points. They only send some free picture deal.

  410. That thing does NOT work for pepsi points. They only send some free picture deal.

    It does work.
    1. You must registar
    2. They send you a registration confirmation email, you must click the link to go back to
    3. A pop-up will confirm your account
    4. You must click the “Give a free song to your Grandchild” link located on the right.
    5. Enter the CAPTCHA, codes should arrive in a few hours.
    6. Repeat

  411. I registered multiple times for and each time did the link for a free song. Nine times in a row it told me my codes were on the way but I havent recieved anything. It is already a day later and nothing. I also did the recycling survey, got every question right and got nothing for it. Im wasting so much time and havent recieved a single free code yet. This is very aggravating.

  412. lol @ Gibbet Jones…
    You’re abusing a promotion and attempting to rip off a company and complaining that you’re wasting time and it’s aggravating. Step back a moment and take a look at how ridiculous that sounds.

  413. I knew someone was gonna bust my balls for that. Yeah I shouldn’t be complaining if it doesnt work but it just seems like two points for a freaking twelve pack is a rip off. Its kinda aggravating that some people can work it and get tons of free points and its all right but im trying everything and nothing works. Oh well whatever.

  414. I was signing up for accounts for well over a week. My home IP was blocked at some point, but it was working at work. Now, I am able to register and fill out the CAPTCHA, but never receive my points. It’s been well over 24 hours for me as well. I’m sure they are on to all of us scammers.

  415. First, to aa2007: I use a magnifying glass to read the codes on the caps. It is surprising how much it really helps. Try that!

    The good guy finishes last, is all I have to say about the situation.

    Yeah, 2 points does seem to be rip-off. I just got one of their towels today. It’s pretty nice! We are heavy Pepsi drinkers.

  416. April — Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cap. My ex-wife gave me some codes over the phone because she doesn’t collect the points. She’d rather have them go to good use. She already threw away the cap, so it’s down to pure guessing. All the others she gave me (another 4 codes) worked fine. She’s really been a great help. She and the kids also collect Coke caps for me, but I decided to accumulate those on an account for my teenage son. I was able to have something like $35 in Subway cards sent to them to use for food. Pretty good deal.

    The 2-point package is definitely low points for what you buy. Those 12-packs are between $4.00 and $5.50 in the Midwest. So, I buy the six-pack of 24 oz. bottles of Diet Pepsi. That gets me 6 points for only $3.68 at Wal-Mart (sometimes on sale for $2.98). And the ounces of liquid are the same as the 12-pack of 12-ounce cans.

  417. Thanks for the tip, aa2007. A few days ago I did notice that the six pack has six points, but assumed that the 12-pack would be cheaper. Simple calculation – the six pack is cheaper, you get more points and I prefer to have the bottles. What more could I ask for?

  418. I used 1 point for each sweepstake on a daily basis. I’m so psyched about the car. After I have the affidavit notarized and sent back it says it may take up to 6 months for delivery. Can u say “anticipation”
    BTW they don’t notify you via phone or email that you’ve won. They Fed-ex and include a self address fed-ex envelope to return the signed affidavits.

  419. I had the Home Theater sitting around in boxes for almost a month before my teenage son finally got tired of waiting for me to get a console big enough to put the TV on. LOL

  420. Hi I have a green cap it’s NOT from pepsi but it could be coke or a mt. dew product. I do sometime by fanta. here’s the code if anyone wants it or knows where it goes.
    Good Luck

  421. Cherri, your code doesn’t seem to be a Pepsi code. If it was green it probably was a mountain dew.

  422. It sure would be nice if they would send an email if you won because you’ll just keep playing for the same item until it arrives at your door….lol I’ve been entering sweepstakes for so long, i forgot what it feels like to win. =[


  424. Seems like no one is even winning or receiving Zunes. Maybe they are out of stock and getting more. Luckily there is nothing really worth getting so I don’t care if I’m wasting points on the Zune if I already won it.

  425. “It sure would be nice if they would send an email if you won because youÒ€ℒll just keep playing for the same item until it arrives at your doorÒ€¦.lol IÒ€ℒve been entering sweepstakes for so long, i forgot what it feels like to win. =[ ”

    I know, I entered over 400 points for a sweepstakes, and it would be very nice to know I won so I dont have to keep entering more to try to win it, if I already have won it. I guess its a good move on their part to try to get you to waste your points…

  426. Is it possible to win the Zune or Camera more than once? It says in the rules only one per household but how do they know. I have a bunch of points and there is really nothing worth getting except trying to get another MP3 if possible

  427. I had 2 12 packs of pepsi cans wich said codes inside. Ifound 12 numbers, thought I was good to go until I tried to enter the numbers and they were invalid. Both cartons I see now have the identical same numbers which are not like the codes in botle caps

  428. I had 2 12 packs of pepsi cans wich said codes inside. Ifound 12 numbers, thought I was good to go until I tried to enter the numbers and they were invalid. Both cartons I see now have the identical same numbers which are not like the codes in botle caps

  429. Could someone clear this up for me?
    I had been buying the pepsi 6 pack bottles with yellow caps from Feb-June.I stopped in June now this week I pick up a pepsi 6 pack with blue caps and when I opened one there were was no code under the cap.

    I had noticed that all my local stores had the blue caps since like July or so. Do the blue caps have no codes or is something wrong with what I bought?

  430. The code from vvhitekid2 in 3.) has already been used, but not by me. Someone should say thank you.

    All of my posts don’t show up here. I wonder why? Does someone look them over and decide whether they should be posted or not first?

    REGARDING BAD CODES: If you have a code that you think is “bad” (such as the one given by someone above over the telephone from his sister), I’d like to mention that I came across some codes I thought were bad, but when looking on the top of the cap, noticed they were for a different Pepsi Promotion called “Transform your Summer” which ended 8/05/07. The codes are the same length and can easily be mistaken.

  431. April: Yes, I moderate all comments before they show up on the site. This site would be a mess of spam posts and begging posts if I were not to regulate what hits the site. I try to be pretty quick about it, though, and it really helps keep the site clean and to-the-point.

  432. Oh, kewl vvhitekid2! I am happy about that! Nice and clean! Just to show my appreciation for this site, I am going to donate a couple free pepsi codes. Whoever takes them, please say so, so that others aren’t wasting their time inputting the codes!

    634ex jnkhj and mltkj ci3jm Enjoy!

  433. April…your codes have already been used, but thanks for posting them.

    TJ…I was able to win 2 cameras, but I believe it was a glitch since I moved and won one at the old address and one at the new address, even though I did not register for a new account but changed my info on my existing account. I have not heard of anyone else winning more than one of the Zune or Camera.

  434. 71fs9we33h 93nf32bfew pftwyvaakt 9t3al70eye 96m7lr9vjp awpkyehzct bi4rnsorvt 6z973ai7vh 9mob9lnv4s zz7bbihjos poxzyc9hzl as3jfzss4t kwl7apycxt v3tent7hts cobhrsxizl 4zfybsenac

  435. Thanks Joyce. I redeemed about 8 of the codes, some of them did not work or had already been redeemed. Thanks again!

  436. Jbuds are a waste. To be objective as I can, the sound is honestly crap. My $10 sony ones were better. It’s low quality, totally not worth it…cheap sounding. I was convinced by all the good reviews they would be fine, but I guess those all of those people lack awareness. Don’t get them.

  437. do you guys recommend waitin til you have a bunch of points before entering it in sometime, or should i just enter the point into a sweepstake right when i get it?

  438. The Coby Digital photo frame keychain is a waste of points as well. Haven’t got it working yet.

  439. Shari, anonymous used the codes I posted, and thanked me, two responses before yours.

    I tried to figure out the codes that wouldn’t work from Joyce. I changed a letter on one of them and got the message that it was used. I changed a letter on another one and got a point! I couldn’t figure out the remaining non-valid ones which are: 96m7lr9vjp, bi4rnsorvt, 6z973ai7vh. Maybe someone else can! πŸ™‚
    Oh, and thanks Joyce! πŸ™‚

  440. Thank you both Joyce and April. I was able to figure out the last three from Joyce’s codes that said invalid. The “V” is actually a “Y.” I used them.

  441. Was anyone able to figure out the code I posted back on Oct. 9th? I’ve kept trying and still get an invalid. I don’t think it could be from the other Pepsi contest from long ago because the source where she buys her Pepsi is always refreshing it. Here’s the code again. I’d just like to know what was wrong with it for my own knowledge of how to figure out other codes I may get that are invalid.


  442. Someone mentioned earlier that the stores in their area had blue caps on the six packs, with no Pepsi points. I just went to Wal-Mart today in the midwest, and almost all their Pepsi six-pack 24-ounce products have the blue no-point caps. Must be phase out time! That also suggests to me that it will not be extended.

  443. April…I see now that Annonymous had posted that they used your codes a few posts before me, but at the time that I was answering TJ’s question, that post was not yet up and I figured I’d add the info that your codes were used (and thank you) for everyone’s information.

    You have to keep in mind that vvhitekid2 does monitor all posts, in order to keep them relevant for us, so there is usually a lag from when someone actually makes a post to when it shows up here.

  444. the granparents website took out their pepsi promotion
    awww i got so much codes from that website πŸ™

  445. Hi

    Are they going to extend this game?
    There seams to be nothing left too.

    Are the going to re-up on items?


  446. Yeah I got over 600 codes from, and only about 6 points from actual pepsi products.

  447. Yeah!

    What are the people at pepsi doing?

    I waited for a while and there is nothing left

    Are they extending this or what

  448. has anyone won a zune recently? before it seemed like every one was talking about winning them

  449. Dom,
    If you win one of the smaller prizes, from what others have said, it just arrives in the mail. Till that time, you hear nothing. As for the larger prizes, I’m not sure. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be notified.

  450. anybody else having problems getting the prize links to work? the only link i get to work is for the sweepstakes that and im not finding any cds for ponts just downloads

  451. Elina codes redeemed, not by me.

    I’ve also can’t get the prize links, besides sweepstakes to work. I thought it was my computer, but it must be something wrong with Pepsi Stuff.

  452. Are you guys having problems accessing all the prizes? As in all it says in the window is “undefined”?

  453. Good-Morning
    Go to help. Find the list of prizes: cd,dvd,sweeps etc. then click on the one you want.

  454. I just got a Flip Camcorder in the mail today!

    I can’t believe it. I never win things; especially sweepstakes. I entered over 100 codes one day in early summer and I thought I had just wasted them because I never win things and I hadn’t gotten anything. But then, this morning, the UPS delivery truck dropped the box off and when I saw it was from Pepsi, I thought to myself, “I don’t remember redeeming anything from Pepsi lately…” then when I opened it, I literally screamed when I saw the Flip Camcorder. It came about maybe a half an hour ago, maybe 45 mins ago, and I’m still in shock, lol. I’m just so happy!

  455. i couldnt read this one right
    see if you can figure it out.. πŸ™‚

    two points

    it’s written like W, maybe.. but smeared so i cant really tell..

  456. I received a Zune via UPS on Tuesday and I only entered a total of 6 points this month (3 different days). So yes they are still giving these away and this is the first Pepsi sweeps I have won. What an excited unexpected surprise. Good luck to others who enter.

  457. The packing list that came with it said I won it on October 13 so a little over a week. Since they do not tell you that you have won until you receive the Zune it can be hard to tell. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  458. been buying/drinking so many of these. probably could have had much “STUFF”. too lazy to bother. never knew of this site. couldve given MUCH. So keep checking. guaranteed points!


  459. I saw the hoodies came back in around Sept. 20 and sold out as of today. I had already used most of my points thinking they would not get any more apparel. I wonder what the chance is that the hoodies will be stocked again.

  460. getting closer to time for the pepsistuff to go away. people a cashing in codes very quickly.

  461. Hey guys,

    Did you know that although the sweepstakes ends on the 15th (Nov), the PepsiStuff merchandise and points DOES NOT END UNTIL DEC 31, 2008! Pepsi changed this quite some time ago, so we can redeem our points for merchandise until the end of the year. COOOOOOOOL! Check out the ‘Rules’ if you want to verify. πŸ™‚

  462. HEKYBB9O4P (0 OR O ?)






  463. good for you! I guess I might see my Flip camera tomorrow, IF I won and IF it takes 5 days to get here πŸ™‚ How many times did you enter that day (*gets hopeful*)?

  464. To the Zune winners, how many points did you put in for it, and how long until you got it?

  465. well to answer the questions, I entered in 95 entries last sunday. So I dont’t know if they put the wrong date on there, but I definantly entered all 95 codes on the 2nd of Nov. not the 30 of Oct.

  466. Woot!! last week i recieved the camcorder and wooot, UPS just dropped of a zune, my luckiest wins ever back to back!!! The zune is nice, just like watching a little tv when watching dvd movies coverted to mp4. I entered total during the promotion about 200 caps each.

  467. Pepsi 8 packs are crap! I can’t find the 12 packs anywhere anymore. I tried to complain to Pepsi, but couldn’t find a way to contact them on their site.

  468. oh CRAP, I’ve only entered 9 ponits on the Flip in the last month! That means, to have the same odds as you, I need to add 20 times more codes by the 15th. Oh, well.

  469. I’ve won 2 Flip cameras and 1 zune, and not once did they have the date won on there. That’s the date it was shipped, not the same thing. Maybe they get it out the next day, maybe not. It’s probably close to the date you entered though, I would guess, since it is Amazon. still trying to win more zunes (friend’s accounts)

  470. Wow. They have blue 8gb zunes. Not from pepsistuff, but Microsoft. I’m not sure if I’d rather have a blue if I won one..but that’s my favorite color. Not like you can choose.

  471. he I have a cap anyone can have number because it let me enter my info in its to last in the game….idk
    7MFME9H67K Have fun.