Free MyCokeRewards Codes (IV)

This is a place for me (and you) to share, collect, or give away your MyCokeRewards points or discuss the current MyCokeRewards promo codes.
This is the 4th page I’ve had to make because of so many posts! Keep it up! A big thank you to everyone who posts a code that they do not use!

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  1. I’ve been doing coke rewards since July 17 and i finally reached 500 points. if anyone can tell me how to get more that would be great.

  2. bjtjflvmab56 not sure if it has already been entered yet… found it in my basement… does anyone know of any new promotional codes???

  3. I have a few questions – a lot of the good prizes are gone! How often do they add new ones? Also, any double point promos?

  4. All 3pts mcr.

    1) AJTK NBL6 OO5K
    2) TH56 HVPF PONK
    3) RPX5 XXVH 54N4
    6) 94TK TFTT JF5T
    7) FABB V6OW 6N76
    8) 97FT X546 B69T
    10) FKO5 9HXF 4FPB
    11) F5BX J9LO PWVJ
    12) AP6X 7TLB XA5V
    13) BB6M 4OFW LAHP
    14) 6WPV BNXV WKKX
    15) 94FB VMRF JFNK
    16) 44NL XVO4 4MRW
    17) 9WJH B7LH 94NB
    18) FWBR RMJV 9PKB
    19) 9HLB 646B RFFW
    20) 646X NL7P H9BA
    21) AO74 VFFF HVLM
    22) N7KO X69P XX5B
    23) TFT5 OLPA 6L7H
    24) T4F9 N4HO 49KM
    25) TT56 7HNN FVAT
    27) ONFM PPJ7 P5JF
    28) 4FOH AAJM WONA
    29) TAOL OR77 ATOH
    30) 5HT7 6A6F FPX4
    31) 4J5O TM4W MV95
    32) TTKA 75XV 5N5V
    33) OFKV VNXH NJ6J
    34) 7L9N 5BBR 6AXP
    35) 75FB NJAK VOK5
    36) 6BJP AWT4 9PAJ
    37) FTJV 55TO KWLR
    38) 9TKH NNTF FAPB
    39) 9NJK MMTO 7AOX
    40) 966X 9NNT RR6N
    41) AOHX KFTT 4T46
    42) N4PM RTBP KKL7
    43) PJFJ H5AR NVH4
    44) P5KP 65VF AFVR
    45) NW5N 4JNF RPAF
    46) R756 FPLN 6R6A
    47) 6VVX 7MPH TBVH
    48) FTMH 5FT9 75WB
    49) 6XX6 WNKW 44PM
    50) AAW7 W4NB 9M5T
    51) 044W MK5T 5A6A
    52) 5F64 ARTA HKVX
    53) TKTP O4JP 4W4W
    54) 6NA9 XL9W 4OWW
    55) 7L6X H7W5 L75L
    56) BFHV 4MTM WVN9
    57) OJT5 NKAX LWFR
    59) AJPA ONLP BPT9
    60) NRLX A4B9 RKRT
    61) AJVP 9FJP 9MN9
    62) BNHN X49M PWM9
    63) OPRK JJ94 HNK6
    64) A5MN MNF6 BF6M
    65) 4NAT JPWA KPVW
    66) 47XK MTV7 XMXN
    67) 7VT5 MFJ7 WLKN
    68) TTM9 NLRL OJLP
    69) B4BM 9HRR XTAM
    70) 5WBR XX4W 5POL
    71) 7JA6 TKVN H556
    72) T4VM MPO7 MFKO
    73) 5T9O TFA4 MWPR
    74) O4BL NV7M WBP9
    75) PJ74 4MRF N4BV
    76) BKWO NKT5 4OAL
    77) NO6X JJKH THW6
    78) 5N5J KR6T HLWP
    79) 7LH4 B4JO RVLT
    81) 7HWH 6HXP N7L4
    82) B75M PWBX LR6A
    83) 7NRH OFR7 PTWL
    84) PO7N 9PBR RVAP
    85) 5T7P 4XJ9 WXFV
    86) PFW9 M95L TP7A
    87) 9T56 KN6L 5HBJ
    88) 9FA5 APW6 9OV9
    89) FOVH VBN6 NW69
    90) 465V 7HWB 9LNH
    91) AWWO BW4O F7JA
    92) AP64 RJX9 MXL5
    93) PBVF A4H6 HA6J
    94) 55KA VOAM 7AVK
    95) 4PAA 6R6M FK64
    96) AFB4 P9MK 7AB6
    97) 94TA 47J4 TNTK
    98) 76FF HL47 FH9V
    99) 764L XPBB 79XN
    100)BWR4 W6X6 X7O7

    Hb Steve

  5. Anyone redeem for the Canon camcorder for 12187 points? I redeemed for it Friday and when I put the redemption code in, it showed a totally different camera. The one advertised on mcr site has a lot more features than the one you actually redeem for. Instead of a 1000x digital zoom, you get a 440x digital zoom. I know it s free but I wish they would send what they advertise. On the other hand, The Titans-Chargers tix came in and they are in the section closest to the field on the 20 yard line. Pretty sweet for free tickets.

  6. Thanks for the new page vvhitekid 2 !
    And for all the newcomers – if you read the past posts – you can find Alot of Answers to your Questions there. Including the Tel # to Call Coke . It works cause they just credited me some points for some codes that didn’t work .

    Let me Start this New page off Right !
    Have a Vault code ! 9XWJL HGTBX Z7W4R
    And We Ask for those Who USE the Codes we Share – PLEASE Post when Redeemed So Others Do Not Use and Waste their code entry attempts .
    Thank You For Being Considerate !
    Thanks vvhitekid 2 !!!

  7. Codes 54-58 above from Hb Steve were used by me. Many others have already been used, but not by me. Thanks!

  8. I tried 89-100 and they were redeemed, not by me. I also tried several from the middle (50, 63) and they were redeemed too, not by me. Thanks for being so generous!

  9. Is coke dropping the my coke rewards from the cartons? I was in Kroger and Meijers in the Detroit area yesterday and Some of the 24 cases of Sprint/Vault did not have them also, some 12 packs of regular coke didn’t have the MCR codes on them.

  10. Darn it. I missed all of those? I show up at the wrong time all the time. I am so ready for Coke to add some new and much better prizes. They are quickly running out of everything except for the magazines and all of the sweepstakes. I had planned to get a Home Depot gift card but as soon as I had enough points they were gone. I have such bad luck! 🙁

  11. I think those packs are for sale as “value packs”…I saw some at Wal-Mart like that and that’s what they were labeled. I have no idea why though.

  12. I always think the same thing: I’m here at the wrong time – never get any codes. Also the posts are slow to hit the server. I was here last evening several times and none of the posts with codes had shown yet. C’est la vie…

    As far as new rewards go, Coke seems to unleash new ones in small batches every couple of months. There haven’t been any new great ones since June. Who knows when they’ll release new ones. Coke is so slap-happy about locking people’s accounts that sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter…

  13. Oh yeah, while I’m thinking about it…

    For all of you who have had your accounts lccked unjustly and found that Coke’s Customer Care won’t help, you can file a complaint with the BBB – Better Business Bureau. They have an online site (just google for URL)that will walk you through filing a complaint. It takes about 10 minutes. Your complaint is then filed with the BBB in Atlanta. Coke is obligated address these BBB complaints.

    These MCR problems MUST be an issue, because the BBB already has a seperate listing for MCR from the regular Coke listings. I figure that the more of us that do file complaints, the better.

  14. Here is a powerade code


    Here is the catch it can’t be used for mycokerewards, but the package said mycokerewards if anyone wants to spend the time.

  15. more of the 100 that were redeemed :23,24,25,26
    51,52,53, 64,65 & 88 RNBM …Wow what a wave of Generosity from everyone ! Awesome !

    Also A BIG WARNING to Everyone – DO NOT Trade with Josh/Ray /David …or whoever he is posing as at that moment – this email @ hotmail also
    aquastarboy @ hotmail same person he offers trades – TAKES codes -gives NOTHING Back ! Also Posting on the Beggars Page Pleading for coke codes as a Hurricane Katrina Victim ! He should be ashamed of himself ! How Low is That ? What Goes around – comes around ! You just Blew it here …Someday it will smack you back in the Face ! Did U Ever hear of the little boy who cried Wolf ? You will get what is coming to you !!!
    I Do Not understand Why anyone would have to Scam others – when the codes are given away here – Freely and with Good intentions …

  16. Looks like I’ve used my allotted attempts on already used codes from the 100 above. They appear to all be used. I tried #s 28, 80-85, 72-74, and all were used. Thanks to whomever used the codes and didn’t post that they were used. Just remember that, when you screw someone, someone else will screw you. Just remember that.

  17. Has anyone else not been able to send an email to MCR using their contact us link? I always get an error message.

  18. Coke has deducted 90 points from my account. It says RAF Duplication error….What is this? I sent them an e-mail but have not heard back. I am leary of putting mor points in for fear they will be taken away- has anyone gotten this mesg. before and what do i do? Thanks.

  19. They deducted 20 points from mine ….says -20 on the account history page…not sure what is going on…I have all of my flaps and everything and have never cashed any in and have been saving since mar of 2006.

  20. Yeah I got the RAF Credit Duplication Error too and got 190 points deducted from my account. I called Coke and they said they had a technical error and I was wrongly credited for the Refer a Friend (RAF) points. Not sure what happened as I don’t recall getting ‘bonus’ points for RAFs. They gave me the traditional 7 – 10 days to look into the problem and gave me a confirmation number. I asked the lady on the phone to give me some Customer Care points as I am very close to redeeming for an item. Of course she said no. Honestly I don’t think I will see those points credited back to my account.


    Yesterday, I cashed in all of my points except 1. Now there is 0 points in there and it says RAF Duplication error – 1 point. HA HA . I think I’ll start a new account instead of using that one.

  22. yeah, they deducted 40 points from my account, too. funny part is it says they did it two days ago, but i think i would have noticed a deficit then, was there even a “debits” column before? i seem to remember a couple “extra” 10 points, but not 4 , whatever c’est la vie, points are free. we should all write a positive letter or make a positive call praising the program, because if all we do is complain, there’s no way they are going to extend the program another year. what a hassle all you folks sound like to me, and i don’t have to field your asshole calls. and all for a REWARDS program. whiners. all except the real francine of course. you go girl

  23. 3 of my points were deducted last August for some football sweepstakes. I’ve been going back and forth with Coke about this because it was only recently that I noticed the codes were gone. I had no idea what sweepstakes the points were redeemed for. They just emailed me a few days ago and told me what it was. I am a woman and do not even care for football. Sorry all you football fans out there! But I NEVER redeemed those points nor have I redeemed any of them. Besides, if I HAD redeemed some I wouldn’t have used them on that or any of the sweepstakes because I know my chances of winning is zero. I tried telling Coke that I am NOT trying to scam them and if I were I certainly would not be asking for 3 points back. I’d be asking for a lot more but I am not like that. I know you all are probably thinking, “oh wow, 3 points, so what?” I know it’s not much but I never used those points and who’s to say that more points won’t be deducted, points that I didn’t even cash in? Coke has no intention of giving the points back. So, my case is closed. The least they could do is add some prizes that are actually worth a darn. The magazines and sweepstakes are a waste of points in my opinion. The prizes that I wanted were the Home Depot or Best Buy gift card or the KitchenAid cookware. My daughter wanted an autographed Fall Out Boy band poster. All of which are gone. I started collecting my points a few months after the program started and I have been amazed at all the better prizes I’ve heard that Coke started off giving away. What happened? They got cheap, right?

  24. yes, i got an e-mail from coke finally and the said it was and RAF credit duplication…I have referred several friends so i am not sure why they are doing this now…i don’t think i will see my points again either. One more way you get ahead and they take it back, “if it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t..

  25. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    coca-cola UNLOCKED my account!!!!!!!!!!!

    they had locked it from “friend referrals” that credited my account ten points, EVEN THOUGH thats THEIR fault their system credits points, and so I kept calling them a few times and emailing saying why should I be punished for something my friends did?

    so after about 3 months i finally got my account back!!!!!!!!!!!!! with all my points!!! im not sure if they discredited the referral points, but I DONT CARE! lol.

    so people that got your account locked because of that, just keep calling them and complaining!! (that is if you actually had a lot of points in your account!)

  26. update: after seeing the RAF post, they did deduct 180 pts. but who cares, i would rather have my couple thousand back! :]

  27. Back in the double points days for Nestea, Minute Maid products, I entered a Minute Maid code and didn’t get the 10 extra bonus points….I emailed Cus.Serv. and they said 8-10 blah blah…I got an email back asking for the code I entered, which I threw away. I emailed em back saying

    Thanks for the awesome promotion and to not even worry about the 10 points…they’re only simple, easy to get by scrounging, points. They were happy to hear that.

  28. Well I’m happy to hear James got his account unlocked, it gives me hope. I had referred some of my friends and in the comment area I give them some promo codes for 98 pts. Most of my friends started an account and entered the promo codes then after seeing the lack of prizes and some simple math (850 delta miles 112 caps @ 1.50 each = $168) decided not to continue with the program. My account is still locked after 3 months. I thought when I got the email deducting my RAF’s I’d have my account back, but NO!!! The funny thing is I sent them an email saying that I wouldn’t ever purchase a Coke product again, so they’re losing a 26 year old customer for life, all to avoid giving me some coke sandals and a t-shirt. Who is the business wiz behind that decision??? Now I just find codes and get t-shirts that I give to homeless people. That’s got to be great branding 🙂

  29. Yes I got that email today too .And they took 40 pts from me too on 9/4 for dates back on 7/22 & 7/23 guess it was something to do with the Double pts entry from the nestea /powerade/minute maid…Boy I can’t believe they are going back over every acct. from July – now ! They Must have Just hired an Ex/IRS Auditor !!! 😉

  30. I just got the e-mail saying that they had deducted points for the RAF program, only problem is I earned those back in October, not in June when everyone was using the bonus points to get them. I have them working on it now.

  31. Did any one else win a prize from Papa Johns at the end of the contest. I recieved the following email the day after the promotion ended. I won 200 pts prior to this also.

    Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize by registering in the Papa John’s Summer07 Promotion, administered by ePrize. You have won a Ten Thousand (10,000) My Coke Rewards points to be redeemed at Please see the Official Rules for further prize details and eligibility requirements. Your win has been recorded and is subject to verification. Once we have verified your eligibility, you will receive your prize 8-10 weeks after the conclusion of the Promotion. It will be sent as a gift code to the email address you provided on the registration form. The promotion ends on August 26, 2007.

  32. Roberts code redeemed -Not by me

    Was there even a 10,000 pt prize ??? Not Sure ….
    That sounds like the same email I got when I was entering …I only got 33 pts – What did it say at the bottom ?

  33. BT
    Just checked the official rules on papajohns – 10,000 MCR pts is listed as 2nd prize …Hope it’s for real …

  34. hey eric,

    i would suggest calling them.

    I emailed a few times and they gave me a case number or whatever. So then I called them about it and I told them that number so they knew what I was talking about.

    They said that they couldn’t do anything over the phone. I think I called two or three times. I talked with someone over there and explained how unfair and stupid locking peoples accounts and asked them to give a number or something of someone else I could call and talk to. They said they would send me request to someone or something.

    I didn’t think anything would happen but I got an email yesterday saying they were sorry blah blah and that they had unlocked my account.

  35. hi everybody i still dont have 28000 yet but almost there. and to bt congratulations on your 10,000pt for papa johns i also won 250pt only and receive the same email from them i printed it out. i now have 27900pt and on my other account 2910pt i have 600 entries in the nascar sweepstakes it just ended 8 days ago. ok codes now bhjj4n49p4lt…mxjyv7k96wvhlym…9vjkk6n55wbj….onkftfpbwnhh….blnljm595p4x……r56f94bkxo94….9hb5t6ln9fwj…..nkkhm6rbbrl9….m4prhhj4yykyyxl….mjvppx9yrj9g7jp….well that 10 when i get 28000pt i will give you all 28 codes as like before. peace out my coke people

  36. BT-

    I won 2oo points from Papa John’s, I’m expecting them 10 weeks after the ending date of Aug. 26. I am pretty pesstered off that they take so long to ship out a simple code.

    I’m most pesstered because Twilight Princess is out of stock and that’s the most exciting prize offered, for me personally. I only needed those 2oo points I supposedly won from Poopoo John’s and that game would’ve been a done deal.

  37. I got deducted 20 points also for the RAF program (refer a friend) thing but none of the people I referred signed up and they never gave me points for refering anyone……weird

  38. did anyone redeem for lebron james autographed comic book or powerade bottle? if so have you received yours? i got one of each and just keeps saying processing . also what is the coke phone number people talk about i looked around in posts and didnt see it.
    thanks alot!!! i will give whoever first tells me the phone number 5 10 point codes (50 points).

  39. Adam, coke’s toll free number is 1-800-438-2653.

    Call and tell them you are calling for mycokerewards. Then shortly you’ll get a representative from that department to help you out.

    My email is

    Hope you will send the codes.

  40. I’ve read most all the posts on this site and I am glad to hear I’m not the only one that “Coca-Cola” has robbed points from. I had 42 lousy points deducted for a sweepstakes entry but it was never recorded/applied to my “Sweepstakes History” and when I contact them I was told that according to their records my account was correct but that response took 7 emails to them before I just gave up. I wonder if anyone from this promotion at Coca-Cola is aware of these forums that discuss our disappointments with Coca-Cola’s lack of appreciation from it’s consumers?

  41. Hey everyone, heres a new promo code that I got from a cup from a movie at Regal Cinemas, its not for any points (ugh) but it’s to listen preview the new Rascal Flatts album and watch a video or something. So I’m posting it just in case anyone is interested:


  42. Thanks for Coke number, called in and got credit for the hard ones i could not figure out. Also they gave me credit for those 33 points PLUS I entered 10 codes today.

  43. well the way i see it is with all the complaints these days i bet coke wont run this program any more after this phase is done. ar5tplkmrpp5 here is the last cap i will give out on this site.for now on im just selling all my codes on eBay.

  44. The coke site must be down right now 3:30pm pacific time
    I can’t logon is it down in the east coast too?

  45. i’m an employee of coca-cole and i have seen no 12 or 24-packs that didn’t have the codes on them yet…in my region at least (midwest)…will update if i see anything like that…

  46. Has anyone redeemed a Best Buy gift card? Do you get the actual card mailed to you or get a code to use online? I want to use it in the local store if possible.

  47. I have two Universal Orlando passes if anyone is interested in a trade. They arrived after I left for Florida. The other five I received and we used – they worked fine – no questions asked.

  48. aka AllenK, sorry I just couldn’t resist …
    Good mood tonight, 110 point day! Listening to my free headphones!

    No posts today? that’s odd. You must all be busy collecting new prizes! I see Best Buy $50 cards are back! And the Samsung MP3 player, (not to mention the 11,000 pt Viewsonic 19″ LCD monitor) .. are both gone. Who has 11,000 pts !?!?!

    re: Hockeytown98’s comment, we’ve all been trying to predict if this game will last past this year…

    What is your demographic? I’m in Phx, AZ area and I’m just now seeing points on Desani products. Even case 20 ptrs have been touch and go as they roll around their old stock. I’ve only seen 2 of the newly styled red caps that are much thinner and easier to read. As for 25 point shink wraps of 32 packs, the Classic cases have the points, but not yet the Diet or Sprite?

    I only learned of this (obsesive) game this April when I slowly started collecting my first points. It was only reading this post that I learned it actually began back in 2006. It must have started with a target market so again I ask, “what is your demographic?”.

    Can anyone imagine the amount of money they (Coke) must have invested in web servers and programming, and even more so ever printing facility that produces their packaging. I notice many differences in font and typestyle and see them practicing to see which typestyle is most effective. Truely many are next to imposible to read with any amount of ease.

    The web site is just ridiculous. I have Cox ‘high speed’, and am using a moderate 600MHz laptop, yet this huge bulky Flash or whateveritis web site programming locks up on this computer at least once a week.

    Yet, I’m excited. Today was a nice 110 pt day, yesterday was 185! Woo Hoo! I’ve had one perfect 250 pt day!, and my daily average this month is about 40/day! Let’s play collect easy to find points and get free stuff for it !!

  49. Did anyone notice the restocked in the bestbuy gift cards and it didnt last an hour? bummer i really wanted one ..this sucks

  50. That promo code for a free 20 oz. bottle of coke is only good Once Per ACCT .

    Out of stock– Wario Ware Smooth Moves for the Wii and Diddy Kong Racing for the DS
    Not much left …

  51. 250 pts is not perfect anymore, 50 pointers exist in certain markets 500 would be perfect. i seriously strenuously doubt you will be seeing anymore wiis. everyone and their sister’s cousin got those (sometimes 3 at once 😛 ) the bad sign is that they are 100% gone from the site now, not even a picture to remind you what you missed. i like “not the francine” as a post name i had a 130 point day in my one account, 85 or so in the other so i guess it was a 235 day. and whoever was saying it is easy to find cheap points on ebay should check out the auctions for the 50 point codes! the first one i saw went 500 pts for about 45$, which is 7 cts a point for the math impaired out there. they are worth 4 cents on the site. i can tell you taylor made gc’s are a code for online redemption at very inflated prices, don’t know about best buy, but they are gone anyway.

    not cool, even if true about 9/11- “sandy” should be ashamed either way.

  52. Can anyone tell me if the Best Buy gift cards are sent to your house or do you get a code you have to redeem online? (I know – they’re gone for now, but hopefully they’ll be back).

  53. I have entered 500 points once and 400 points once, but for the last month I have been entering 200 points minimum per day. I hope they add some good stuff in about a month. I have redeemed for the canon camcorder, Titans-Chargers tickets, a Wii, a year of Sports Illustrated, and a stuffed bear. It will take me about a month to build back up to 10,000 points.

  54. columbiche,

    This is going back a week and a half – I was at that Brazlian street fair (yes, now you know I’m from NYC) and I got 8 25ers and around 10 caps – several vendors had 2-3 unopened 32 packs but I didn’t think to ask them if I could cut the codes from those boxes. Anyway, so I got 230 pts – don’t know how you got 4000 pts – you know that’s 160 25ers or 400 flaps. I think maybe you added a 0 to 400 by mistake.

  55. MCR locked my accounts with a lot of points in them, I don’t even care about the lost points I just want to know if I will still get the prizes for the points that I redeemed prior to the account being locked (football tickets) any one know the answer?

  56. Well that totally sucks….. NOW Coke only lets a person get 1 coupon or item person.

    I was using my points to get 20oz & 12 packs & now I am told I cant because I already got my limit—- limit of 1.

    So now what do I do with the points I have in my account that I cant find anything I want with?

  57. HOLLY,

  58. if you call the customer service # they will unlock it for you peyton, i did 2 days ago and no problems since

  59. Peyton,

    I’ve been on hold now for over an hour – I think I will be able to speak french and spanish by the time they finally answer…anyway, if I find anything out I will post it here. We had numerous sets of tickets ordered on numerous accounts (my acct, my husbands, my mom, my dad, my son…) I think they locked us because we had so many accounts but I don’t think it violated the terms & conditions and I intend on fighting it if I can. If they say that we can no longer participate then I will have plenty of free codes for everyone – ranging from 3 points to 50 points…

  60. I was thinking that if Coke is locking out accounts for breaking the rules, and deducting refer-a-friend points that were given out by mistake, and limiting prizes to one per person, then maybe they are planning on adding new prizes and extending the program. That would be a good thing.
    Maybe they want to give everyone a chance to get prizes.

  61. Here is my good faith free code for (I think) 25 points..anyone with info on locked accounts and whether I will still get my football tickets that were redeemed before the account was locked since I can’t get Coke to answer and I’ve booked a flight to Miami to see the game. I would appreciate your input and if it helps I will give you a 50 point code. The good faith code is below, you know it is first come first serve so if you use it and it works please let all know so that they know I will honor my 50 point promise to anyone with verifiable info!!!


  62. Here’s a few 10 pointers – just sharing the love:
    Have a great night!

  63. Here is a code for anyone that can figure it out. 5575knp6knpl The first two fives are hard to read on the cap. I have tried 5’s s’s 6’s & 8’s but can not get it to work. If you figure it out let us know. Good luck.

  64. I had over 6000 point and coke locked me out. Was hoping they would get the nintendo Wii back in. Now what do I do?

  65. Having trouble with this one…long time fan of the site…just never lucky enough to grab a code.
    This comes from a yellow cap. I’m sure of the top line and the bottom line. Middle line, middle 2 chars are iffy. I’ve tried. Good luck to anyone who can figure it out.
    MHE6 (this is what it looks like)

  66. This is the email i recieved back when I emailed coke asking if the WII will come back…thought I’d share

    “The Rewards catalog is constantly evolving, with new Rewards being added and
    sometimes replacing old ones. It would be difficult to speculate on the future
    availability of a reward but the website is updated daily, so check back often.
    We value your comments/feedback as we continue to look for ways to improve the
    My Coke Rewards program.”

    I redeemed your codes !!! Thank You !!!
    That was awesome after just getting home from the hospital and having my heart messed with – an Oblation.
    Holly — email me about your problem –

    And powerade codes from robert & said
    Both Already redeemed not by me

    coke code from dodger23 already redeemed -not by me

  68. This sucks. Coke took almost all my points away for some error. I tried to contact them but no response. I almost had enough for a prize i wanted, too! This sucks. Please, if you have codes, email them to me at

  69. I haven’t had any problem with point deductions or lockout, Thank God! I’ve made no referals, and am the only account from this home. I would have to belive these problems are due to these ‘features’, and Coke may track the ISP of the account holder, as mentioned in an earlier post.

    Whenever they see multiple accounts from the same ISP, like might happen in a work environment, it looks suspicious to them, and it appears thier ‘looking into it’. How many of you are actually using a work computer, and time, to track your account?

    I’d also be curious if any of you are actually navigating this site via dialup, or any older, slower computer than my 600Mhz. I’d have to doubt much success with anything less??

    Here’s looking for future ‘cool’ prizes! Peace Out …

  70. john

    IF Coke “took almost all your points away for some error ” What good would More Points Do ???

    P.S. that is what the “beggars page ” is for …

  71. hi everybody i know it late but i did it i now have 28045pt. so you know what that means, yes 28 codes for my coke people let go gj6b4zghr6mh69v….bfbfj9ojlbpo…ort4an5rk7hm….faajflh547k9……6lh9f54mrw77….7r49wj5l7nn6….9r5ro764t6wn….and in my other account i have now 3200pt. i still have not hear from coke about the nascar sweepstakes i enter in for 2000pt might be down the drain. at least i try. ok more codes 7oah7fahjxhm….ahpwnf9mnol6….4x6h5l9ob9xj….5bbh749h5hof……aavh96tlmonj….ak4jojwphlrk….7ffbfkhmjrk7…that 14 so far only 14 more. by the way i also was upset with coke for the best buy gift card that show up for 2 hours only i wanted to get $500 worth oh well may be next time. let keep it moving babn5ffa9wvl,,,6otf6brjlwwf…..remember to let us know when you use these codes. so people dont waste there time. 49w64wtt7n5w….66o6mjlmwvmo….also let me know if any error so i can give them back to you i am so tried so bear with me tomorrow i going to new hampshire to the nascar races bush race saturday and sunday the nextel cup i go twice a year to the races in new hampshire. 9ojahko6jx79….tolkkwh7jt55…..thats 20 so far only 8 more nbotjmpmaanh…nmova7t9ok7b….frfmflxv9hwx….by the way i brought some stuff from coke with some point i have the coke calulator 215pt and keychain 60pt and calander 166pt have to download picture to get that prize. and 6 flags ticket the family pack 2600pt and that it, so far. lets get this done opahvrj45tko….bvoat56aojll….t6xm57awajab….55b6lbvplxj4….only one more until i get 29000pt and here it is mj7brmyrywngwk4….peace out my coke people

  72. things are getting scarsced in mcr, there are only a couple of things left, most of the stuff left is from coca cola brand, get stuff while you can people. promo ends on december 31st or until quantities last, so HURRY UPPPPPPPPP

  73. thats not right u should have left the other 7 for some1 else thats the point of puting mor than 10 codes on at 1 time other than to get rid of them just b carful if u do hav more than 1 acount i hear about a lot of ppl with more than 1 account and get frozen i no that its for the better but u no thers all sorts of trackers on these sites to catch scammers and others b/ u could just use over 100 accounts to get those free cupons and selling them

  74. GOOD NEWS !!!
    I Just checked and they have ADDED The PINK DS LITE and BLACK/ONYX DS LITE to the Coke site – Hooray !

    More Good News –
    David Ly and I have done some talking by email – and he is going to Stop Doing what he has been doing – getting codes from people and not giving back in a trade deal – and he is also going to stop posting bad codes under multiple names. I will also post this on the trade site . PEACE NOT STRESS ! Life is too short !
    Have a coke code and a smile 😉 RJXT55FMNNJR

    So I Apologise to Him for ALL the mean things I said and posted here and will stop doing that as well.
    I am Very Sorry .
    I also am sorry to everyone about all the bickering you all had to put up with about all this .
    ESpecially Sorry to vvhitekid 2 😉
    Here is a Vault UP to Better things ! FJV4VW75MLLL

    And I am Hoping for something Really Good to show up on the Coke Site B4 Christmas ! Since they have added the 2 color DS Lites ….Maybe … Keep adding points !

  75. This is for the people who have recently had their accounts locked (holly, peyton, Paul Chittick).

    Did you enter more than 10 codes when Coke had the unlimited code entry GLITCH?

    There has been discussions that those who did may have had their accounts locked at least temporarily (the number of extra days worth of codes you entered). So if you entered an additional 200 codes then you would be locked out for 20 days.

    If you fall under this category I’d be interested to know how many extra you entered.

    If it is regard to the multiple accounts…it is one per person…not household. Coke has no right to lock your accounts as long as they are real people.

    I got mine unlocked with the whole friend referral scandal, so feel free to e-mail if you have any questions…I’d be happy to help.

  76. The PINK DS LITE is SOLD OUT Already !

    All the codes posted on the 16th have been Redeemed – Unfortunataly – Not By Me …

    Please Post when U Use them so I won’t keep using my code entry chances for nothing …Thank You .

    Holly – Try Calling 1-866-674-2653 Good Luck !

  77. That’s odd – I just checked
    they still have the Black DS Lite- I am sure not for much longer though …The Pinks are Out of Stock
    And the Best Buy cards are there – But Still Out of Stock…
    They have also added some autographed racing pit cards

  78. Does anyone know the code rules? I believe I saw it post once by someone who figured out the 20base algorithm but I lost it. I vaguely remember that there are no zeroes or D or Q.

  79. I don’t think the glitch had anything to do with locked accounts. That was coke’s fault. No way they could punish someone for their mistake. I entered an extra 2000 points that day and nothing happened to my account. It was good to see the ds back. At least there is hope that some good stuff will be added again. I am supposed to receive my canon mini-dv camera tomorrow. Just in time to record my 11 year old’s football game.

  80. Hey all! This is my first time on this site. Looks great. I love coke. I collect all things coke and drink it too. Just started the points and have under a hundred points. I really hope to get more cause I see lots of stuff that I want. Will be here often. See ya’ll later

  81. Okay the papa john award came today (see below), with the notification that the MCR program ends 12/31/07 and claiming awards ends 1/31/08. The same thing happened last year and I ended up burning my points on junk, thinking the program was over and then they extended it for another year. Now that the awards are here there is vitually nothing I want for my 600 points currently saved. Fortunately I learned from last year and redeemed 3 holiday inn points certificates which I convert to american airline mileage for future travel. The free bottles of coke and blockbuster certificates I redeemed last december were not worth the trouble and hopefully I can sell the coca cola truck on ebay as a collectible.

    Thanks to all that posted here, the phone number for bad codes helped me out at least ten times, the trades I made for pepsi & dr. pepper were all successful, no burns. The free codes last june gave me points and a free 20oz. I was never succssful in getting a free code but I tried, thanks to all who shared. To BT who won 10,000 papa john points congrats, maybe there is something worth getting.

    Now the question is, do I wait and hope they extend, or do I redeem for junk?

    Congratulations on your recent win in the Papa John’s Summer07 Promotion, administered by ePrize.

    As a thank you for your patronage of Papa John’s International, Inc, you will receive Thirty Three (33 ) My Coke Rewards points to be redeemed at My Coke Rewards is the place to get rewards just for drinking Coca-Cola products!

    Your gift code is: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Codes can be credited to your My Coke Rewards account until December 31, 2007 and points can be redeemed until January 31, 2008.

  82. I got a prize fulfillment from Papa Johns today but only got 33 points. I should have gotten 233 points that it said I won. Anyone else with this problem?

  83. Did anyone ever redeem the year of Blockbuster Rentals? DO you know if it would be possible to give this as a gift or would it be tied to my name, the name given in the coke account? thanks ia

  84. i was not locked out and i entered codes for 4 hours on glitch my 250 papa johns pointer today

  85. I think it’s OK to give the blockbuster card as a gift. But if you read the message the card will run out in June 2008 and you will not get a full year.

  86. I just talked to coke to get credit for a cap that had MCR logo but NO code (collector item ? LOL )
    And they said they like to get input from us about Continuing this Program ! So Don’t just Call & Complain — Brown Nose A Little !!! Tell them to keep it going past 12/31 !!! Tell them U Buy MORE Coke Products because of the Coke rewards program …Tell Them “I Started buying Nestea Instead of Lipton or Dasani instead of another brand or Powerade instead of Gatorade … ” Tell them you would like them to get the PS3 ! Tell them you want more Best Buy and Home Depot Gift Cards !!! Tell them to keep it going because Pepsi is doing their’s again/still …and everyone else is copying them ! Like Pepsi …!
    Tell them it is NOT FAIR for the 50 Pt. codes to be REGIONAL !!! They are Not putting them everywhere ! Only down south right now – A Regional Promotion they said to me !!! That is Not Fair to ME in New England !
    Hopefully …if enough of us tell them – they Will Listen !

  87. like o mg how do you guys win on there? i never win on papa johnns i think its like impossible for me to win , it just wont happen !!!

    so how do UUUUU GUYS DO THAT? HOW DO U guys just win on papa johns, *snaps* JUST like that!

  88. I also got a prize fulfillment from Papa Johns today (200 points). It seems like if you got multiple winners they have only sent out the first one so far. I hope this is a glitch that they resolve cause my second winner was for 10000.

  89. thanks for answering, but not the blockbuster CARD, the YEAR OF BLOCKBUSTER RENTALS, 1 per week for 52 weeks starting wheberver you activate it. anyone know if you could give this as a gift or if it is tied to the redeemer of the points?

  90. 2d winner, that is lucky, would love to have had enough for the cooler. I got 200 today from papa johns.

    Up to 5000 but nothing really i want, prizes are a bit on the poor side right now IMO

  91. If you shop at Tops Markets they have a promo. Not sure what areas of the country this is but if you buy TWO 24 packs you get a coupon for double points & if you buy FOUR 12 packs you get a coupon for triple points plus a bounce back coupon for $1.00 off future purchase of 20 ouncer.

    I got this from a rep at Coke. Just got off the phone with her.

    Now I just need to go to the store & see if it is in my area, LOL

    stay safe,

  92. Why oh Whyyyyyyyy, i was colecting points all summer long, everyday putting in codes to redeem a nintendo ds, they went out of stock and eventually taken out of the promo, so now i redeem most of my points on a Wireless Headphone only to come to this forum and learn they added but out of stock now, a black nintendo ds, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Coke gets me mad.
    I bet they will even extend the promotion AGAIN!!!.which is a great thing, but while we all think it will end. 🙁

  93. Yeah the prizes are kinda dull at the moment. I have about 300 now and I’ll probably get another 200-300 by the time the promo’s over and I don’t even like most of the high range prizes so I might just get some free 20oz coupons, magazine subscriptions, Kodak prints, and contest entries with whatever I have left before the promo’s out.

  94. This place used to be filled with awesome things to send away for. I hope they add better things to get instead of getting rid of good stuff.

  95. yeah, i thought he meant the best buy card for some reason. i was tired, forgive me. does anyone KNOW (as in redeemed yourself or by someone you know. Karen?) if the card can be gifted to someone else or is it only the person whose name is on the coke account? I’m nowhere near enough points to redeem it yet, so i’ve got plenty of time. that’s if it’s still there when i DO have enough points.

  96. Just a Heads Up !
    I just got a message from Coke saying the DS Game Wario Master of Disguise is Running Low on Inventory ! If U Want It U Better Grab It ! It will Be Gone Very Quick Now !

    What R U Talking about a grab bag ? where did U see that ? never heard of it …

  97. What is a Simon Giftaccount? They say it is a virtual credit card, but I don’t think it functions like one.

    There are $25 Simon cards available. I don’t understand how to use it. If I buy something from Amazon and it costs $27, Amazon only lets me use one credit card so I don’t think I’d be able to use a $25 Simon card.

    Where can you easily use a Simon card? I read that FAQ that was linked to the prize and it doesn’t tell me much.

  98. It’s great that people are posting codes, but I’ve been wondering… why aren’t you using them yourself? They are only good for one entry, so I’m confused. Unless you figure you have enough points and don’t need them.

  99. mandy, i did use a 25 $ simon gift card on amazon, and it worked fine. just don’t go over 25. stay under.

  100. I just redeemed for a $25 Simon gift card. Went to and bought a gift card. Shipping on the card was 1.87 so I made the card $23.13. Total $25. I can then use it at Murphy for gas. (if you shop at Walmart online I think the gift card is sent free by email so you could get the full $25)
    Anyone redeem for the Boston Acoustics radio? Spent 2794 points on that yesterday.

  101. the simon gift cards can be used at the best buy website and there is no shipping on best buy gift cards. good luck.

  102. i just redeemed a simon gift account for 25 $ (didn’t know they were back- thank s mandy) (th e one i was talking about i redeemed before was a few months ago) and it didn’t show up the account number like last time so as of now i am screwed out of 625 points with nothing to show for it- we’ll see how simon handles complaints. i’m not optimistic. other people having problems as well i gather?

  103. i am having trouble also getting on to the simon site. I just bought $400 worth of gift cards in hope to change them into Sony Style gift cards since coke doesn’t have them anymore.Sony also offers free shipping thru today. Thanks for the idea Robert i didn’t want to have to pay the service charge to change them to gift cards thru simon.

  104. Nick-
    I got the year of Blockbuster rentals card earlier this year before the “prices” went up, and activated it in mid-June. You should be able to give it to someone else, as Coke sends you the physical card. There’s nothing personal on it.
    The problem now, as I see it, is that it still says the card expires in June 2008, so that doesn’t give you a year. I keep checking to see if they’ve changed the description.
    I just have to remember to go to Blockbuster once a week.

  105. Thanks for the tips. I ordered two $25 Simon Gift Cards. The site wasn’t working last night but it seems to be working today. Instead of waiting for the elusive $50 Best Buy card to show up again, I now can get two $25 Best Buy cards using the Simon credit.

    My issue with using the Simon card on Amazon directly is that Amazon does not allow you to use two credit cards. I never buy anything from Amazon unless I spend at least $25 to get the free super saver shipping on books, toys, CDs and movies. So if I were to spend less than $25 then I’d have to pay for shipping.

    However, I found out that Amazon does not charge a fee for their e-mail gift certificates, so now this is even more versatility! Use the Simon card to buy an Amazon gift certificate. You can then use the Amazon gift certificate in combination with a credit card!

  106. Anybody has problem with simon website? I purchased a GC, went to Simon site and entered it there. After taking all details, Instead of showing me the card numbers and expiration date screen, it told me that the site is down. I see this GC under “Order History” with a conformation code, but when I try to pick it up, it tells me that the confirmation code is not valid. I do notknow what is going on, I collected those points in a long time and now this just frustrates me. I have not received any email from Simon website either.

  107. Sanie, I had to try several times to get the Simon cards activated – it wasn’t accepting the code that Coke gave me. It said something like “if you’re sure you entered the information correctly, something may be wrong with our site. Contact customer service”

    I just waited an hour and then it was fine.

    If you see the Gift account under “Order History”, underneath “send an Ecard”, do you see a little multicolored present icon and it says “Simon Giftaccount has been picked up”? If so, then it means you already picked it up. If not, then I would click on the thing that says “questions about this order, click here” and ask them. Hope this helps!

  108. Thanks Mandy.
    I got the same msg that you got about contacting them. After that, I found it in the order history. It does not have that “picked up” multicolored icon. I clicked on “Questions about this order” but it only takes me to the FAQ page. There is no contact number or anything like that. The email address I found from the first error screen (that you mentioned). My friend bought one card sometime back from MCR and hers worked fine but I am having the hardest luck here.

  109. thanks Karen. email me and i’ll give you a (3 pt) code for your help I redeemed 625 points that i was saving towards blockbuster rentals for a simon card yesterday so i’m starting over but that’s ok hopefully they’ll still be there when i get up to 2340. i got the simon card to work after a while, i had to find the account number on the site somewhere, i don’t remember where, but it was there. i usually order used stuff from amazon, so super saver shipping is not an issue, but i’m glad you solved your issue, mandy. are the simon cards gone yet? how bout wario? kind of wanted that but oh well. i don’t care what anyone says, this program is awesome.

  110. Hi, I saved for 1year and 1/2 finally got the camcorder but it doesn’t work. Anyone know what to do in this case? Thanks

  111. Sorry to hear that Julie. Are there any warranty papers thta came with the cam? If emailing coke does not help, try talking to the cam company and they may solve your problem. Hope you get it working soon.

  112. julie you should call coke asap forget about emailing call em i dont have the # off hand but its in these forums a couple of times. iknow some one who got the dvd burner from coke and only received a dvd player ,he called them up ,sent it back and then they accidently shipped him 2 dvd burners.but dont tell any one

  113. What did you get? The canon zr850? I got mine last week and it works great. Did you charge the battery, insert SD card correctly, buy correct videotape, and read instructions? If so, contact Canon. It is their top of the line mini-dv camcorder.

  114. I redeemed for 2 $25.00 Simon Gift Cards. I wanted to buy the complete figurine set on The problem was that it cost $32.00 plus shipping and handling. I finally figured out that I could buy a gift certificate with one card, and then I could combine the gift certificate with my other gift card. MOst sights will probably allow this. This way you can make a purchase up to $50.00.

    Thanks to Mandy for the idea.

  115. wheww Thanks danielle for the tip i was saving for the wii but i instead cashed on on 3 $25.00 simon’s cards then bought best buy cards with mails for free so i am $75.00 closer to the wii 🙂 i’m getting it for my sons for christmas anyway maybe i can save up again to get the $100.00 simon card to add to it .. those are out of stock oh well
    thanks again danielle

  116. To Julie: sorry for the bad luck with the camcorder, but I’m sure the manufacturer will be the only person who can help you.

    Check their web site, and look for local repair facilities, or find their factory service dept. Call to get an RA (return authorization), include print of coke reward receipt. Send it back to them with all origional packaging, and you’ll likely get a brand new box full. Good Luck!

  117. Here’s an intersting question…

    If you worked for corp COKE and wanted to get a feeling for how the public was responing to this program, would you not have already found this post group!!!

    We LOVE it man! Please do continue this program, or just cancel the whole damn thing and lower your crazy price structure of over $5 / 12 pk! Make it fun, or market to the well-to-do, ’cause we often avoid the Coke products in favor of lesser priced off brands unless we find yours on sale!

    There, I’ve said my peace …

  118. SHOUT-OUT to Mandy, sanie, danielle, besseb24, Li, Nick, Rovert, and dude .. Thanks for the confidence to tryout a Simon account!

    Hello, my name’s Allen and I’m an MCR addict. Here’s my story.

    My whole origional goal was to get a JBL On-Tour portable speaker system, yet they disappeared before I could get enough points. So I collected, and waited, and watched, and read all your advice, and finally did accumulate over 2500 pts, their origional value.

    Per your advice, I found the $25 Simon cards, but neglected to notice the $100 Simon card that would have made things much easier for me! I tried to get four $25 cards, but was only allowed to redeem points for three of them before coke told me ‘this user is was unable to redeem any more of this prize’.

    I too found issues with the simon site locking out for the day, or too frequent attempt to redeem codes, yet perserverance prevailed, and I was finally able to create three Simon giftcard accounts for $25 ea. That’s right, they didn’t allow me to combine new redemptions onto a single account #. I have emailed them with this request, but have not heard back yet.

    So, then I went e-shopping and found that Best Buy no longer had the ‘Motorola’ JBL On-Tour speakers available, but I did remember seeing them at Staples!

    Both sites had them marked down to ~$80, as it turns out, at Staples they were now on sale for an additional $30 off, or $45!!!

    Knowing that online I couldn’t redeem the purchase with more than one card, I attempted making a phone purchase. Although the operator was more than willing to try, she was also unable to redeem more than one ‘payment method’.

    Not to be discouraged, I called the nearby store, and was refered to another that actually had this item in stock. I called ahead, got to the store manager, and explained my situation in detail to let him know I had no ‘physical card’, just the account info, and said I’d ask for him when I got there.

    When checking out the On-Tour, along with a set of rechargable and alkaline batteries, at the register, I asked the clerk to call over the (very cooperative, and understanding) manager. As the accounts were charged, at $25 ea, the register requested for the card to me imprinted, and the manager kindly overroad this request. All three cards issued him the confirmation number he needed, and I walked out a very happy man!

    Now what to do with the $9.85 left over????

  119. WOW.. great ideas to combine mysimon giftcards… thanks everyone. Also after searching for a while i found the simon giftcard customer service number:
    Call 1-866-885-6320 and press “0” to be transferred to a live agent.
    If you have any issues try them..they are open 24/7 i think.

  120. Dear god man, that was a lot of work. glad you eventually got what you wanted. buy some coke with the 8.95 left over, donate it to a food pantry. reward them for rewarding you.

    oh yeah thanks to danielle and mandy for making sure the simon gift cards go out of stock in a real f ing hurry 😛

  121. Hey everybody first time long time I just checked the site and the simon giftaccounts are out of stock. I knew they couldn’t last.

  122. man… i just spent to 400 points i had (not that much, i know) and now i kinda regret it… 🙁 well.. i got a t-shirt, a keychan and a little stuffed barqey (sp?) and i love getting stuff in the mail so i guess its all good. too bad about those simon giftcards.. i was saving up and then i spent it when i found out they were out of stock

  123. Thank you all for your suggestions! I am going to take the cam corder in to a cannon place tomorrow and have them check it out.
    If that doesnt work Ill get on the phone with coke. Ill let you all know..THANKS mcr addicts rock!!!!!

  124. This is my first post to this site, but I think this program rocks. I went online and found the Nintendo DS restocked. I missed the pink ones, but took an onyx one instead and then traded it for a pink one at a local store. Also Coke shipping was fantastic – 3 days. Amazing. My little girl is thrilled! So just be patient they seem to restock, but you have to be quick!!!!

  125. How do people get so many points? I can’t drink all that Coke – I can drink a 12 pack a week at most and that’s only 10 points. Picking up 130 caps at a pizza place? Is that what’s called “dumpster diving”? That’s gross. I don’t care what kind of rewards I can get, I don’t want to go sifting through trash.

  126. hi everybody i now have on one account 28500pt the other one have now only 1500pt i brought three t-shirt and 2 key chain and 1 football and coke beach towl and coke cooler on wheel for 786pt. well here are some codes until i get to 29000pt lets go r5xh5njfhoma…..f79559rhjpk4….o44j7tjarot6….79bnon6nv5of…..t7rf5apm9vkp….i have not hear from coke about the nascar sweepstakes still waiting last code ar7nm6564k9j…peace out my coke people

  127. hey everyone, the simon cards are nice if you can get them to work but be aware they can also be a pain in the butt…if you try to use on at a retailer online that doesn’t accept them, you have to wait 6 days to get the authorization fee of 1-2 dollars back on your card. the 1-800 number puts you thru to someone in india who tells you to call mcr or the merchant you tried to charge thru, also you have to wait about an hour after every attempt to get a card redeemed b/c they crash that often. I am thrilled that I was able to cash in for best buy cards, but have been trying since thursday to get them all redeemed. good luck and just keep trying:)

  128. the san siro shirt is no longer available in large.. i was so close to getting one for myself.. i got one a couple of weeks ago for my buddy the supplies a lot of caps. it is a very nice jersey

  129. Jack
    No I did not “dumpster dive” just took caps off the bottles that are picked up off the tables and put in a box to recycle at 3 pizza places . They pay , they drink , I take the cap -I get a Wii for free . Sorry if That Offends your sensibilities…But I washed my hands and the caps …
    But you can go Pay triple the price from someone on ebay if that makes you feel better …either way.
    For the caps or the Wii…your Call…

    We don’t go through Garbage – just a recycle bin .

  130. Danielle is right, it is a pain to use those simon cards. Luckily I was able to use it on best buy site but it got locked when I tried to use it on walmart site. Can people share whereelse they have succesfully used their simon card so that others can use it without getting the card locked. Thanks guys.

  131. aww MAN!! as i wrote above, when i found out the simon giift cards were gone… i spent all my points… and now they;re back .. but i dano’t have any points left… thats SO ANNOYING

  132. Can anyone please tell me if they are adding new prizes — they certainly are running out of their existing inventory… I wanted the Kitchen Aid set — now it’s gone, the tent — now it’s gone. There were others but I can only remember those two off the bat. I will be sick if I waste these stupid codes on silly things and they decide to add new items or extend the program. And who the — cares if someone dumpster dives? Get on with your boring pathetic life.. Go for it dumpster divers!! I’ll beat you up if you get in mine!

  133. Hey Nick0, the last day to enter codes is December 31st, and the last day to redeem/order prizes is January 31st.

  134. i was able to use all of the simon cards that i bought at the sony site without any issue at all. I just cashed the simon cards for sony gift cards since coke does not seem to be putting them back in stock.

  135. THE WII IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. The deadline to enter codes is supposed to be December 31, 2007, and codes must be redeemed by January 31, 2008.

    I believe the Simon cards work on Amazon. Buy a gift certificate and select the e-mail option. There should be no shipping charges.

  137. Thanks. I thought about buying Amazon GC from the simon card as well but isn’t that true that Amazon GC come with an expiration date?
    Besides Amazon, Best buy and ebay, anybody used their simon card anyplace else?Thanks.

  138. Not sure if this will help anyone, but I used my Simon Cards to pay of other things…like my TV bill, or phone bill…I can call and pay $25.00 at a time. It’s sort of like converting it to cash.

  139. What are you talking about?! The WII IS NOT BACK. I check daily to see if they have restocked the samsung mp3 player, so far no luck:-(. Does anyone want the mp3 too?

  140. Why would Six Flags tickets be “out of stock”…is this common?
    I’ve been on the program for a year now and have gotten magazine subscriptions for my classroom (I teach high school Business and Marketing). Now it’s time for me and my family to go to six flags.
    Does anyone know?
    thanks in advance for any info

  141. I just bought 3 $25 Simon giftcards. When I tried to buy another one, I got this message – ‘User cannot reserve any more of this item.’
    Oh well. I’m going to call Coke tom’w and ask them when I will be allowed to buy more. I hope they will still be there.

  142. yo ron your only allowed 3 cards per account,not sure if thats 3 for 25 dollars 3 for 100 dollars or what.ive reached my 3 25 dollar limit.

  143. well mike of the south, when i ordered the six flags tickets for my sister, i seem to remember there being a time limit to use it. They were part of their “summer” category, and even tho it was 89 degrees in upstate NY today, summer is over. definitely when october hits. anyway, things go fast on coke, you have to get it when you can and not count on anything being there for long, basically. that way you won’t get upset. be flexible, order something else and sell it on ebay to get what you want.

  144. WOW, i just received the grab bag today, and it was filled with….1200 coke points! 1000 pts after the original cost. I guess they were rewarding people who took a chance. and it was all just on one code so it only counted as one entry so i actually entered 1290 pts today! yippee!

  145. Ron
    It says right on the description –
    Limit of 3 per member . They Do That so other people can get one too. Like Me – I am thinking about it -but haven’t done it yet – I want to be able to use it without alot of hassle .
    Has anyone tried to enter it into a paypal acct yet ?
    How did you use it on ebay coke-a-maniac ? Can U use it to pay ebay seller fees ? Hmmm maybe I will – but they will probably be gone B4 I decide to go 4 it …

  146. Ron – it is clearly stated that each member can only get three. Not at a time, all together you can only get three. That would be nice, though…

  147. I just called coke about the six flags adult tickets and they told me that six flags only gives them a certian amount to use and since it is no longer on the site all they can do is put in a request from us that we want to see them back. I am also like Mike I have waited all summer saved codes and now it is time to go to fright feast and well I saved these codes for nothing. hope this helps

  148. francine ,yea you can use it to pay for whatever on eBay or paypal just click other payment options in paypal and add the simon card.ive used all three of mine on eBay

  149. I am up to 16,870 pts. Tried hard to get enough to get the coke replica cooler for 18,000 pts. Its availability ends 9-30-07. Oh well, looks like I’ll be golfing. The prize selection does leave a lot to be desired lately. Has anyone heard anything about the addition of any new high point prizes? If so, please post.

  150. Seeing as how MyCokeRewards is going to end sooner than I expected, I had to go onto Ebay and purchase some inorder to get the item that I wanted.

    540 caps for $26. Not bad I think.



    GOOD GAME -_-

  152. Does anyone know when they will restock the Samsung Mp3 Player? I need to know, I’ve been dumpster diving this whole summer and still do to get points.

  153. coke-a-maniac, Francine & dodger23,
    I didn’t see that limit of 3 – I guess I was blinded by greed. 😉 Actually, it was because I didn’t scroll down to the smaller small print.
    Hopefully, the $100 ones will come back and maybe I’ll be able to get one of those.

  154. sajj
    I am So Sorry you missed it 🙁
    I Posted on here as soon as I Saw It . But they may get it back – or the pink & Black So Keep Saving the points and Checking – and if it is in your Favorites – It Showed up again.
    If you want to send me your email address – And IF it comes back and IF I See It – I will email you .

    That Happens 😉 and yes we all hope for the $100. ones to come back AND the Home Depot Cards and the Wii and the DSs So As I said in a Previous Post …
    TELL THEM !!! Call and tell Coke what You Would Like !!
    Tell them You Love This Program ! And that You are buying More Coke Products Because Of It !
    And That You Want It To Continue !!! Tell Them !!! They Want Feedback from Us – Not Just Complaints !!!

    I Am Seeing Ads All Over the Internet for People to Sign Up for the Coke Rewards Program …
    My take on that is – why would they be advertising So Much – just to end it in a couple of months ???
    We Are ALL Hoping It Will Continue – So Tell Them !!!

    WE Have NO Way of Knowing that – But If you Want It –
    Keep Saving the Points and Checking the Site . And Call Coke and Tell Them Nicely How Much You are Enjoying this Rewards Program and That You would Really Love It IF they would put THAT Reward YOU Want Back IN Stock For You to Redeem All Your Points for.
    And Tell them That Everyone Else Like Pepsi and Stouffers etc…is Copying THEIR Awesome Program !
    And Tell Them You Want It to Keep Going Past 12/31 !!!

    So – Did I get my Point Across ? LOL
    Sorry for Repeating myself …;)

  155. Yeah, Ron, I’m holding out for those $100 ones as well. We can only hope they stay up there for longer than 6 minutes so those of us who work for a living can actually cash in!

  156. if there wasn’t a limit of 3 you can be sure as shootin they would have been gone about 2 days after they showed up, and the account closings (the deserved ones) also have preserved those and more prizes. i have seen new coke zeros and minute maid caps that are just black with no codes, but i am inclined to believe they are going to extend the program, just because i want to.

  157. There are several numbers and departments for Coke. Which number should a person call to tell them what a fine thing they’re doing? I agree we need to brag on what a good promotion this is. In reality, they have put out a lot of money with the assortment of prizes that have been listed. But I do hope they add more!

  158. As of September 30th, I have 17,190 pts. Does anyone have any idea if Coke is going to add more desirable prizes or if they plan to extend the date for adding pts to your total? Does anyone have any concrete info? I don’t know if I should redeem for something I don’t really want or take a chance and wait for awhile. If anyone has any solid information, please speak up and eliminate this tug-of-war in my head. My sincere thanks if you’re able to assist.

  159. ALERT—–The $25.00 Simon Gift Card is presently available on the fashion section of MCR.
    ALERT—–The $100.00 and $25.00 Home Depot is presently available on the Home section of MCR.
    If interested you better act quickly. Good luck.

  160. This seems like a no-brainer to me. The site says the program stops Dec 31. There is no indication that this is going to change (yet). There was no indication last year this was going to change. Therefore there is no solid information as to whether it will continue to occur.

    The codes can be redeemed up till Jan 31st; therefore, I’d say wait till Jan to see if they stop accepting new codes. If they do, then the program is indeed ended, and I’d order stuff with your points. If new codes are accepted, then keep saving up (I can’t talk… I’ve never had more than 300 points at a time, nor collected 17,190 pts EVER). I keep reading these logs, but never get to any codes before others do :

  161. Finally was able to grab something worth something…$100 Best Buy card. Thanks for the heads up, everyone!

  162. Wow, I love MCR. 😀

    I live in the dorms at college and i rummage through the recycle bins (the ones that don’t have garbage mixed in them) and I avg. about 500 pts a week.

    Its not bad.

  163. The Simon $100 card is back!!! I got two. I’m planning to convert to Best Buy gift cards for a WII. I got two $25 Simon cards previously. hopefully I can get my remaining points up a bit and get another $25 before they are gone.

  164. We all need to let coke know we appreciate this program. They could just as easily stop the MCR program and people would still buy cokes and get nothing in return. This promotion is a win-win situation. There should be no complaints about MCR b/c they don’t have to do it in the first place. If you can’t get enough points, or spent your points and then they put something back up, that’s your problem, not MCR. I started this deal the last weekend in May and I have gotten the Canon mini-dv camcorder, a Wii, $550.00 in simon accounts, 2 tickets to the Titans-Chargers(Vince Young and L.T.), a year of Sports Illustrated, and a teddy bear. I like this site b/c of the info you get here. I have given out a few codes here, but have never redeemed any off of this site. If you want to get codes, look for a coke man, go to ballgames, dumpster dive(carefully), etc. I get 30-90 12 pack codes everyday after the coke man fills machines at one store. If your town has one of those automatic ice machines where you pay and fill your your own cooler, that is a great place to look for codes. I only get 20 point codes and up and leave the 10 and 3 pointers for someone else. Boat ramps and recreation areas are another good place. My point is this program is great, so let them know and go find you some codes and get busy.

  165. here are some 3s


  166. Allright! I got three $100.00 Simon gift cards, three $100.00 Home Depot, and three $25.00 Home Depot. Yeah!! That’s $675.00! Thanks Coke.

  167. Cinemark has a special, purchase a large popcorn and 2 drinks, get a 25 point card!

  168. Roberts code Already Redeemed – NBM

    See it all worked out ! Way to go ! Good use of all the points you saved !

  169. 100084226454945 this is apparently a new code for a free 20oz. coke when you type in code. Found it on a website.

  170. WOW !!!!
    I Have ALREADY Gotten A Ship Notification for my
    Home Depot Gift Card via DHL !!! Fast !!!! Awesome !!!

  171. hi everybody i did it again i now have 29050pt. so lets go (line 1)p59vrf4brpvx….99pr7ohbkabt…fnmwoox6twph…f9jxh64p4bmk…paxraxpwb6lw…b6hf7h9lnlp5…..mxwvh4ht6gmg7l4…..tk79lr4a75tb….that 8 only 21 more. wow you are all eatting up those gift cards fast with in 4 hours every time. but that cool. must keep it moving (line 2)aov6m96rab66….4xvalmpb697m…4bprko5whbff….n5ron545t9m7…tpykxwrh9jwvjr4…pkbjwbxv777h….ktzk7rv464phynj…owph4mrnln5h…. and it look like i am not getting the nascar trip, so when i get 30000 i am spending all the points on any xmas stuff they have. still going (line 3)b6tvlnmbhnl7xklg…7amvvr4mbvjj….fobvva4wm47n….jltbjhjrtpzrzzt…did you all see how fast the six flags ticket go again. they just added and it was just gone. ok that 20 codes and only 9 left. remember my coke people let us know when codes are use by lines 1 thru 5 thanks so much ok (line4 ) ght9t6krvmzjypv….bbwbr94r6kvo…..6xjh9whjmvr47nx….7ax95wl64xkn……..59a9lbm9wt79….axwmtp7lntw5…..are you all ready for halloween have a safe one so we can get all coke prize or rewards last line bz9jyk44w4twnjr……rfnml755akpl….rmoh9vmw5nvw..i hope that 29 codes peace out my coke people until i get 30000 so i can start my spending.

  172. I ordered 3 of the $25 Simon gift cards and used them the same day for 3 $25 Macy’s gift cards, even exchange on their website. The Macy’s cards only took 2 days to get to me. I ordered 2 of the $25 Home Depot cards but the Coke site still has them listed as processing. How long does it take for them to ship typically? I’m using those as birthday gifts for my Dad.

  173. As of a few minutes ago, approx. 2007-10-03 19:30 CDT, the “$25 Simon GiftAccount” (SM) was “In-Stock” but the “$100 Simon GiftAccount (SM)” was still “Out-of-Stock”.
    I’m trying to hold out for a $100 and a couple of $25’s. That’s all the points that I have at the moment; Darrell’s comment a couple of days ago implies that I could go ahead and get three $25’s and still get $100 if they’re available later, but I’m going to wait a bit, watch for those “low inventory” notices.

  174. Ed:

    Category: “Fashion Beauty” …

    I just got lucky to find them by browsing thru ALL the rewards by point range, which I don’t usually do … It’s listed as the “Simon Giftaccount”, which does NOT clue you in that it’s actually a “virtual VISA” type setup, which can be theoretically used ANYwhere instead of the other “vendor-specific” gift cards.

    The first mention on these pages is … Comment #1502 on Aug 21st, on the PREVIOUS page: …

    And it appears that they ARE still in the “Fashion Beauty” category, although that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I think they need a more “General” category.

    From the comments here, it appears that the $100’s have been “Out-Of-Stock” for over a month at least, and re-appeared for only a few HOURS on Sept 1st. I may have to reconsider waiting for them, go ahead and get three $25’s and hope the $100’s will re-stock and stay until I get more points. …

    Anybody have ideas (from previous experience) about which strategy is better? Maybe I should learn from the “Best Buy Gift Cards”; only got ONE of those way back, and they seem to be gone forever.

    Darrell (comment #309) really hit the freakin’ jackpot!

    PS: Ed: Before I forget: just enter “simon” in the search box to the right of “Rewards & Contests”; enter “gift” in the box, and (at the moment) it’ll give you (I think) all of the “gift cards”.

    PPS: $100’s still “Out-Of-Stock” at 2007-10-03 23:15 CDT.

  175. just type in gift cards in the mcr search bar and press the arrow. this way you can see all the cards that are available (home depot, simon, and even best buy when they are there).

  176. Powerade code:


    Go to the top of the MCR page and type in “gift cards” and it will show all of them at one place so you don’t have to go to each category.

  177. Thanks Jenny — first two already redeemed by someone else — other one not accurate. 🙂

  178. Does anyone know how the cinema tickets work? Do you print them out or are they mailed to you?

  179. ok thank you for the replies guys, i will do the search.
    meanwhile, i just got home and there is a mcr package at the door!.. i’m like hmmm.. i didn’t redeem any points lately. so i open the bag and there is a San Siro Soccer jersey inside!!.. i was like wtf?. they double sent the order i redeemed about a month ago!.. if you look up a few posts up you can see i posted that i was bummed out since there’re no more Lg shirts left. much to my surprise i got one for myself too!.. this has been a great week. i also got an ashtray from marlboro since my Bday is next week.

  180. cinemark tickets are mailed to you, they looked like football tickets with a gold holigram on them. They took maybe a week to reach me.

  181. I redeemed for the “Date Night” and received two tickets and then a coupon for the drinks and popcorn. They were mailed to me within a week or two.

  182. Happy Birthday, Ed. Keep up the good luck! Funny thing, I ordered three $100.00 Home Depot cards and three $25.00 Home Depot cards. Coke sent the $100.00 the next day and are still processing the $25.00 three days later. Go figure.

  183. hey belle, the AMC tickets were always actual tickets that came in the mail, didn’t say a thing about coke on them anywhere. don’t know about cinemark or the other one, but i would guess they are the same.

  184. If you have a Schnucks grocery store near you, they are having a bonus checkout coupon print out at the register when you buy certain combos of Dasani, cake 24oz 6pks, etc. I got 2 cases od Dasani, and got the 2 20pts off the cases, plus a 40 pt code from the register, woo hoo!

  185. Well today was my Birthday and I got a Happy Birthday wish e-card from MCR …gee you would think they would send us a 10 pt code or something ….with the amount of coke I drink …LOL
    so I will give out a code instead !
    Happy Birthday to Me ! Have a Coke code and a Smile !
    5rfklhkwfnvp please post when used …

  186. Thanks for the replies on the cinema tickets. I almost have enough to order the family pack. I can’t wait.

  187. Happy B-Day Francine.
    Hope You Are Feeling Better
    Did anybody here know how the McDonalds Promotion Goes?
    I don’t quite understand it, but I have the game pieces.
    I recently redeemed my coke points for 3 100.00 Simon Gift Cards, 3 100.00 Best Buy Gift Cards.
    Thanks for all the people that helped me.

  188. Does anyone know or think mcr are going to have another double code day? I know they did it on nestea,powerade, & something else about 2 months ago. Have they ever done it before then & if so do they switch it out & what other brands have they done.

  189. I used to collect these rewards but, then, I realized, to get a PSP, you would have to spend over $400 in Coke and you can just go out and buy a PSP brand new for 170.
    Here’s a tenpointer.

    46a6 VVKM 5VB9 If it doesn’t work, try “U’s” instead of “V’s”. I couldn’t tell which it was.

  190. was the guy (or girl) stealing codes on the trading page, some from Francine. lots of people over there confirm the rip off. well now we know that crime pays, i guess.
    Thanks for all the people that helped me. indeed. instant karma’s gonna get you, “david”. hope you choke on your mcdonald’s.

  191. vvhitekid2
    I Know this is ALOT to Ask …but are you going to do Another Section for the McDonald’s Monopoly Game ? Or just let it go on the Trade page ?

    FYI – According to the Official Rules –
    (for all trading the gamepiece codes )
    You MUST have the ACTUAL Gamepiece for it to Be VERIFIED Before they will Give you Your Prize !
    In other Words – If you won – and DID NOT Have the ACTUAL Piece With the Code on It – They would Not Give you Your Prize ! You would Lose It !
    So IF Trading Gamepieces – They need to be Mailed to the trading partner. (Don’t Shoot the Messenger !)
    This game is Also limited to 10 codes per day .
    Good Luck All !

  192. Just noticed that the Blockbuster Single Movie Rental were out of stock today (maybe for a few days). Has anyone heard anything about them possibly coming back???

  193. where i live blockbuster doesnt accept those single movie rental anymore. maybe there were complaints

  194. Hello all,

    Earlier today I redeem a $25 Simon card, but during the sign up process and on their 3rd screen their web page came up with an error “Web site down, come back soon”. I went back to Simon and saw my code was redeemed, of course it was…by me, but didn’t see the gift card in my account. I have emailed them and phoning them was useless. This is my third Simon card, so I know what I was doing. Has anyone experienced this problem or have any other unresolved issues with the Simon people? Thanks

  195. Jamie –

    I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. I tried again the next day, and it went though just fine, plus they emailed me within 48 hours to say that it looks like I redeemed the code with no problems.

  196. that David LY guy emailed me today, don’t know what he said cuz i wasn’t stupid enough to open the email. maybe he just wants to trade (steal) . look out for him everybody, or anyting with ly in it, apparently.
    thanks Laura for backing me up.

  197. $25 Simon GiftAccount OUT OF STOCK!

    I just redeemed my 3rd one yesterday. I can’t get anymore, but I hope they come back though.

  198. Jamie, Last week I lost a Simon gift card in cyber space. It took a couple of days but I finally got through to Chris at Simon’s who took care of the problem. U can e-mail me for his #.
    Hb Steve

  199. Jamie,
    I had the same thing happen, it processed all the way to just before it gives out the card number and then the site shut down, if you call simon they will tell you to call coke and have them resend a new redemption code. I did this and it took about 2 weeks for coke to fix the problem, they sent me an email telling me it was resolved, with a link to my simon account card. hope this helps.

  200. hey anyone know what i can do cause i have a code but i entered it like a million different times and it still says incorrect!

  201. Is it just me…or does it seem like Coke is switching the majority of the “prizes” over to sweepstakes. It looks like almost everything in the higher point ranges is being phased out in favor of trying to get people to use their points for sweepstakes (at least if you check out the what’s new section of the website)
    What does everybody think? Am I just imagining this?

  202. I accidentally got 8 cinemark ticket when i thought it was 8 carmike tickets, does anyone want to make a tade?
    Or do you think they will let me ship them back and exchange them for carmike tickets? Help!!

  203. I have more codes than I need, so in the spirit of generosity, here are FIVE ten point codes. Please be considerate and say if you used them, and also try and save some for others. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m being generous, so perhaps others can do the same. Enjoy!


  204. Just FYI – There are no “U”s in the coke codes. They only use the letter “V”. Also zero’s and “O” appear to be interchangeable – the system seems to recognize both as correct There are also no “1”s, “2”,”3″s or “8”s. – for those who are having problems entering their codes.

  205. Well, I guess that answers MY earlier question: should I go for all three $25 Simon accounts, and/or wait for the $100 Simon to re-stock? … Now, the $25 Simon is “Out-Of-Stock”, as mentioned by Stephanie #368, and the $100 Simon is apparently REMOVED completely (as w/the $100 HomeDepot, per Francine #360). Bah humbug!

    I should have learned from my experience w/the BestBuy card: DON’T WAIT!

    Got ONE Simon $25 account before they went “Out-Of-Stock”, just like w/the BestBuy card.

    And, unless I’m missing it somewhere, I did NOT get a “low inventory” email about the $25 Simon accounts (DID w/the BestBuy card, just wasn’t paying attention) …

    I can’t seem get into the habit of checking every day, even tho I currently have about 80 codes (so I could enter 10/day for 8 days, equal number of 10/3pts, worth about 520pts total). …

    OTOH, I *just* noticed that MCR now has Rhapsody track/album downloads, for the same point-values as the old Sony Connect downloads (which is why I first got into MCR in the first place).

    I had so much trouble w/the required Sony “SonicStage” music player (huge DL w/dialup, several “extra” features I didn’t really need but hard to disable, etc), then the DL’s were gone from MCR, I gave up on Connect/DL’s …

    Started using Rhapsody, but ONLY for the “Free” account, so far (“Listen” to 25 plays/mo, 128Kbps). Not sure yet what the “premium” deal (per these MCR DL’s) requires in the way of downloads, or provides in the way of additional features.

    Anybody tried these Rhapsody DL’s yet? Any comments?

  206. Okay – Heads Up
    They just Put Back the Wii Games and DS Games BUT they are still showing Out Of Stock …It Looks Like they May Get them back in …So IF YOU Wanted The Wii games or DS Games Check it Out – And Keep Watch !!! Keep Saving the Points – If they are showing up – it stands to reason they will be Back In Stock Soon !!!

    And the Home Depot Cards are Both REMOVED now.

  207. Do you need to pay for ship and handling when you buy the simon visa card and have it sent?

  208. Less and less prizes are in stock, its scary- I keep telling my mom to spend her 800 some points, she doesnt listen. 🙁

  209. Clarissa, if you have a code you cannot get to work, one the bottom of the main MCR page hit “FAQ,” then in the upper right of the page that loads hit “Ask Hank.” Then on the page that comes up, type in “email” in the search box and hit enter. Then click on “contact form” and fill it out. They will email you back, normally within 2 days. They normally ask the zip code and store you bought the coke at, so they can see if the code you entered is close to the database for your area, then they will credit the points to your account.

    Take care.

  210. Nicko,

    Follow the instructions on how to contact them that I posted above and ask if you can substitute the tickets. I’ll guess they’ll say no, but it’s worth a try. You could always eBay them if needed.

  211. vvhitekid2
    Nice to hear from you ! Hope you are enjoying your new job and surroundings ! You must be! It’s Florida right?
    Thanks for the code but it says not entered correctly

    I Agree with your Mom – I held onto my points and “held out” for something better ! I kept posting saying – To Redeem – or Not to Redeem ???
    I was holding out for something Worthwhile for my
    2 yrs. worth of points savings …and I Got It !
    I Got 3 – $100. Home Depot Gift Cards ! Which I will put towards Buying Shingles for my Roof – which is falling off a little each day …
    Read my earlier post – they are getting ready to put some things BACK !
    So Keep Saving and Watching and Be Ready !

    Email me please – I want to ask you about something Hope 2 hear from U ,Thanks

  212. Powerade code:


    Don’t forget to sign up for the free large Dr Pepper from Chick-fil-A!
    (Post # 347)

  213. Okay – That is Weird …
    The Wii Games and DS Games that showed up last night are Gone again – Except for Diddy Kong Racing …
    So maybe they are preparing – but not ready yet …
    Or stock shipment was delayed ? Hmmmm….

  214. The Jensen CD/MP3 Player is now Out of Stock
    If you want it and didn’t get it B4 now – I have it listed on the Trade Page – check it out …

  215. Need help here. Hopefully someone can clarify something for me . I have some points I havent entered yet. so my question is: Are the “promo codes” only good for free point when you’re just signing up, or can you use the promo codes even after you’ve already been entering you own points.

  216. got my 3 best buy gift cards via simon, in 2 days, wow that is quick.

    What is the trade page? francine


  217. the ds appeared again after disappearing. however, there was none in stock. Can anybody verify that there were some in stock, or was it just reappearing with nothing in stock? thanks

    rxkwphr6p79m -2 liter

  218. in response to minstrelmike: I have used the rhapsody free code to redeem 2 songs, I was able to burn them to cd, and then copy them to itunes from that cd, hope this helps!

  219. YES! the music is back! There’s no point in me saving up for sokmeting big, as I know it’l never happen!Thanks COKE!!!

  220. jay & ireallywhatever

    the trade page is here – to get to it –almost at the top where you see the # of comments and click that to get to the bottom here -where you are now…just above that in the center – and below the coke symbol – there is an underlined Trade Page and beggars page link .
    Click on the underlined Trade and it brings you there..

    yes the DS were back for a few hours …scroll back up the page – I commented when they were actually available – and then a few hours later when it said Out of Stock again.

    I also got that notice about the favorites – saying very few available on the DS games and Wii Games I had in my Favorites- even though it Still said out of Stock …
    They must have had a few left and offered them to people that had them in their favorites …like a reserved few leftovers maybe ? Who can figure them out

    Promo codes should be good Any Time . Enter it and see …the worst that can happen is that it will say already redeemed or expired promo . No harm done .Or you will get the points . Worth A Try !
    When in Doubt – Enter the Code – Just don’t get more than 19 incorrect or already redeemed – or on the 20th attempt you get shut down for the rest of the day – until Noon the next day …Good Luck !

  221. Here are five 3 pt codes, all from coke classic.


    You’re welcome.

    Cobraford, I have emailed you as requested. Everyone have a good day.

  222. Does anyone know how often they restock prizes? I got a simongift account on 9/23 and another on 9/29. I’ve been reading comments and apparantly between my first and last card they were out of stock but only for a few days. I now have enough points to get my 3rd one but they are out of stock again. I keep checking every hour or so as I have read that sometimes the restocked items only last a few hours. I will let you guys know if they restock them. Thanks.

  223. hey,
    are the simon visa things worth it? Is it easy to enter them, or are there alot of problems?

  224. Has anyone won anything on the Pepsi Make Your Call website? I find it very irritating. Watching the stupid Madden Footbal scenes then seeing a message that I didn’t win is a real pain in the butt.
    I didn’t like their last promotion either until the 3 $25.00 checks arrived in the mail. Maybe I’ll get a nice surprise that that with this promo as well.
    The My Coke Rewards promo is much better, but as long as I find Pepsi Caps I’ll keep playing their game also.

  225. Here are five more 3 pt codes from Coke Classic. If you are the one to use them, please let others know to save some time and trouble. If you won’t, these are the last.


    You’re welcome and good luck to everyone!

  226. Holly,

    I had some trouble with my first Simon card but only because the website was down when I tried to get my reward. I was angry of course and thought I was going to get ripped off. I tried it the next day though and I got my gift account with no problems. I then used it at to purchase a Walmart gift card. I got my Walmart card within 4 days. Be careful though because some places but a $1.00 charge on the account to see if it’s valid and don’t remove it for several days, then when they try to charge the 25.00 it won’t go through because you are over the limit. This happened when I tried to buy a Kmart giftcard online. And they don’t even bother sending you an email saying your order has been cancelled. I waited & waited and then had to contact customer service. Hope this helps.


  227. error during the invocation of the busines service.
    that’s the message i am getting at log in. will not let me log in. anybody having this problem?. 9:50 am est

  228. anybody got the kodak prizes from coke? How are they? Can you share?

    Comment by sanie — October 13, 2007

    RE: Yes, I have gotten the mousepad, you can share the code you get (one time use), but the sucky thing about kodak prizees is that you will probably have to pay 5+ dollars for shipping on the items, and you enter the code when you go to and select your item and checkout.

    Hope that helps

  229. has anyone gotten the adidas card? im about 40 points from getting one but i dont know if there are any problems with those?

  230. Here are five more 3 pt. codes. You are welcome and please let others know they have been used.


    More later.

  231. Darrell,
    They’ve all been used. Thanks for posting them at different times though so one person doesn’t steal them all.

  232. Thought I would throw out a few more 3 pointers. Once again, please acknowledge using them.


    I hope everyone is able to get what they want before it’s all over.

  233. The $25.00 Simon Giftaccount has been totally removed from the site. I guess that means its gone for good?
    I was so hoping they would restock it.

  234. Yes, I have gotten the mousepad, you can share the code you get (one time use), but the sucky thing about kodak prizees is that you will probably have to pay 5+ dollars for shipping on the items, and you enter the code when you go to and select your item and checkout.
    Hope that helps
    Comment by Jess — October 14, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

    Re: Thank you Jess for your reply. Can you please tell me if coke sends the coupon code in email or in the postal mail?
    How was the quality of the mousepad you got? Was it worth gifting to someone? Thanks again Jess.

  235. While checking the MCR site I saw that a lot of the previous items available on the electronic section were back. As fast as they are disappearing most people must already know about it. If you want something you better hurry. Here is a 10 pt code.
    Good luck.

  236. @colombiche,

    What’s wrong with them? I was saving up my points to get them but after your comment I am a little worried now.. 🙁

  237. Did they just like put a whole bunch of new things on , and are all the good ones like already sold out if so thats nuts!! Checked Last Night and nothing then checked about 12:30 P.m. today and had a bunch of new shit, got excited, then realized they all pretty much are sold out unless I want a corn dog maker.

  238. If anyone would like to trade there Call Your Play Caps for MCR caps or trade flaps for my caps. Email me at We can start small to, so if u try and rip me off you will only get a couple which isn’t shit to me cause I got Boxes of caps.

  239. Here are five more 10 point codes – got them from the girls that stock the kitchen at work.


    Please comment if you have used them. Enjoy!

  240. Thank you Jess for your reply. Can you please tell me if coke sends the coupon code in email or in the postal mail?
    How was the quality of the mousepad you got? Was it worth gifting to someone? Thanks again Jess.

    RE: You get it when you redeem the reward, and you get it by email as well. I havn’t seen the mousepad yet, I live in the dorms at college and I had it shipped to my house, but if you want, I can stop home in a few weeks.

  241. Blockbuster – Free Rentals

    If anyone cares, the free rentals were gone for a few days, they are back up now, but still out of stock…which means they might be back in stock soon.

  242. If the promotion ends on Dec 31st but you have until Jan 31st to redeem your rewards do you guys think all the good stuff will be gone? Should I keep collecting points or just cash them in now while there are a “few” decent things? My luck I will cash them in and coke will extend the program.

  243. Mandy, so far MCR has continued to add new things and have restocked quite a few of the initial items. There are 3 & 1/2 more months before the end of code redemption. In that amount of time they will surely continue to restock. BUT, they don’t want to end up with a lot of items left over so will only restock a few at a time. The alert from the wish list has never been functional so you will have to check about every two hours, if possible, to get what you want. Good luck.

  244. I must have missed the post about the promotion ending in Dec. So where can I find that information? Is it on the MCR site? I have just really got going saving them. I was hoping for the vacation to Lake Erie but then they removed that. So I was just assuming that they would put something else on that I wanted at some point. Bummer. It was a long shot anyway. But I hope they decide to extend the promotion.

  245. does anyone know why it takes like 8 hours for a comment to post? I thought this was a cool place for those of use that participate in MCR’s but i am having A LOT of trouble getting the comments? Any advice?

  246. Hey guys here are some 3 pointers. Please post if you use them. Thanks.


  247. sajj and others looking for the DS
    They are showing on the site But Out of Stock —
    Just like the Games –They Were NOT available today – You DID NOT MISS THEM – They will Hopefully Be Coming So Keep Saving And Keep Checking !

  248. It didn’t look like anyone took credit for using the codes from Mike and Jenny, but they all have been used by someone.


  249. Well the Simon card is gone now so I’m not sure what to get. They have a Coca cola chair (like a camp chair) I think I’ll just get that. You don’t have to pay shipping on your prizes do you?

  250. Anyone Honest interested in trading 2 unused McDonald’s monopoly on-line game codes for 1 Coke 3-point cap code? I have 6 Coke caps, do you have 12 pieces? Email

  251. To Judy and anyone else with questions about the commenting on this site:
    I look at every single comment before it hits the live site. Most comments never make it on to the site. I get over 200 a day, and about 180 of them are spam, people begging for points, or just posts that contribute nothing to the conversation. In order to keep this site a little easier to use, I just ask that you post something that contributes value to the conversation. I also delete questions that are asked a million times, such as “what is coke’s phone number”, or “any promo codes?”. People come here mostly to share and find free coke points, and I want to keep it easy to do that. Also, I’d like to point out that my moderation of these comments is sometimes rushed, so I might mess up a few times. If your comment doesn’t make it, please don’t take it the wrong way. I love the community that has developed here, and I mean no disrespect. Please try commenting again if your comment fits the rules.

    Additionally, I want to mention that if I see the same IP posting as different users in a short time frame, I delete all of their posts. Nothing good ever becomes of people who do this.

    I’m always tweaking the way things work around here, so don’t get discouraged. Also, you can always post some suggestions for the site if you have any. Just because the post doesn’t make the page doesn’t mean that I don’t read it. I read every post.

    vvhitekid (site owner)

  252. not entered correctly

    used not by me

    thanks for site whitekid & the explanation, now i understand time lag between submission & post

    still trying for a free code, no luck, got a trading partner for pepsi/dp tops i have & got the coke # for bad tops , papa john earned me 66 points & got free points early on from promos you posted.

    all thanks to you

    al giardello

  253. My daughter wants that 5800 dooney & bourke purse. I have the guy who fills the snack machine at my job giving me 100 10 pointers a week. It’s too many to punch in.

  254. Of those not entered correctly:
    0jkwpw9l5a9m (used nbm; 5 was an S)
    rnb6v6l99wfs (used nbm; S was an 5)

  255. Is the Papa Johns Promotion, that gives you coke points still going. If so, how do I start getting points from there?

    MCR Cap

  256. I can’t help myself, here are more 3 pt. codes. PLEASE acknowledge if you use them to save others time and trouble.


    More later.
    On other issues, I would personally like to thank vvhitekid for the use of this site. It is interesting and helpful. Next, I have noticed several people wondering if Coke is going to extend this program. My thought on this is, they have done so already. Once. I do not think Coke was quite ready for the overwhelming response to this program. It has surely cost them a lot of money. Allthough they can undoubtedly afford it, in the end they have to answer to their shareholders and weigh the pros and cons of the program. Was the expense recovered by the sale of extra Coke products. My own opinion, and it may very well be wrong, is that 12-31-07 will be the end of this particular incentive program. So, fellow MCR addicts, I think you should collect as many as possible until then, keeping in mind the fewer and fewer redemptions available.
    One last thing, to get reward pts there are several places I go to get them. In each municipality there are usually businesses, such as a tire store, or pawn shop, etc that have their own Coke machine. They stock them themselves so usually buy an abundance of Coke product to do so. I have been able to get as many as 120 twelve pack codes at a time by simply asking. I carefully remove them so the cans don’t fall out though. A razor knife is good for this. I have also picked up litter on the roadside. Save the cap and recycle the plastic, plus get some good excerise at the same time. I have been able to get 82 caps and 7 twelve pack codes in one day doing this The codes are out there if you want them. Good day to you all.

  257. excuse me please help me PLEASE recently my account has been locked like a month ago pleaes help me get it unlocked , like what do i do !!!

  258. FYI…

    The MyCokeRewards Program has been extended until January 31, 2009!!!!!!!!!

    Call 1-866-776-6610 if you want to confirm for yourself.

  259. 457, 458, 459, 460 codes all used…not by me.
    Hopefully I’ll catch a code before someone else.
    Thanks to everyone who posts.

  260. It is true. The website under Ask Hank verifies the extension of the program through 2009!! yea!!

  261. Babygirl,

    If your account has been locked, I would suggest calling Coke directly. The number is posted in the post right below yours.

    Or, click on the “FAQ” – there is a very small link to it near the bottom of the page. Search for your topic. If you don’t see it, click on “Ask Hank” and see if that is helpful.

  262. More 10 point codes from the kitchen girls:



  263. Good-Morning
    I work at a middle school & have more coke 3 pointers (most power aid) than I can enter in the next 3 or 4 mo.. I do not want to put them in the trash. I would like to give them to someone who can use them.I do not have time to sit & type all these into my pc. I would like to mail someone these points.I do not want to know where you live this is why I am asking for a p.o. box to send them to you. I will pay the postage.Please send p.o. box address to & leave address & message I would like to have the points.
    Thank You
    Oct.19,07 8:25 am

  264. Good-Morning
    I have receved 2 address to send these tops to. One person did not leave address. he will not recive any & one left st. address will not recive any.
    I will post again when I get more.

    Try going to football game if they sell coke you can get a lots of caps.

    Thank You
    Oct.19,07 11:54 am

  265. Here’s a Friday funny for you. I had marked the Simon gift card as a favorite. As we all know they ran out a week or 2 ago. Just today I got an e-mail from MCR saying that those gift cards were almost gone and I should hurry and redeem it now.

  266. Babygrl;

    The first step in getting your account locked is to contact Coke. They suggest that you do this via Hank or email. (This isn’t as easy as it seems if your account is locked…) If you Google “Coke contact email”, you can send email to Coke’s general system. Honestly, I have found that the people in their general system are much more helpful and quicker to respond than the people in the MCR area.

    The second step is to contact Coke via their 800 number which should be listed on Fridge Packs. You can google this also, or go back a few chapters in this forum. They might be able to help you. Maybe.

    I had my account locked in June. I was not one of the people who were hacking the Coke site. Despite my pleas, Coke would not unlock my account. I argued with them through September, then I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta. I did this online. Believe it or not, the BBB has a standalone section for MCR, which means I was no where near the first to complain.

    After initially rejecting my complaint, Coke FINALLY unlocked my account in October. It took three months, but I finally got it back! All I am grateful that Coke gave my account back to me and that the Atlanta BBB was so helpful!

    All that I can suggest is that you persevere. It may be a long road, but you might be able to get your account unlocked. You won’t know unless you try!


  267. After a long hiatus I have to report that 2 months ago I redeemed for a coke t-shirt and got a ladies shirt instead of a mens shirt. Then I redeemed 4500 points for the Espn Zone Bears game in Chicago. 8 weeks later I still didn’t receive prize. I emailed them and a week later they refunded my points and said the prize was backordered. All this really was was free lunch for two and recliner seats (which are available all year) to watch a Bears game. How can something that simple be backordered? Anyone else have problems with redemptions?

  268. @schimike, Well, id like to apologize, i had not given them much time to operate them, the only thing i didnt like is that you have to tune in to the sound, you have to keep tuning until you find the signal, but they are very comfortable, am happy now, they are ok. 🙂
    order them.

  269. IT IS TRUE! THE MCR PROGRAM HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR ANOTHER YEAR! To bad we can’t all get together and throw a party. Here are a few codes to celebrate.


    Again, please acknowledge using them and you have another 14 months to collect!

  270. Good-Morning
    I have chosen three people to get a box full of caps.The three people will recive an ecard.The boxs will be about 6″x6″x6″ & will be full of caps.If I get a more than I can use befor the game ends I will post again. Thanks to all that responded I wish I could sent everyone a box.

  271. I was just reading FAQ’s on the MCR site and there was a question about a “Bonus” that sometimes pops up while you are entering codes. Has this ever happened to anyone? I’ve never gotten it and I’ve been doing this for over a year. Maybe something they did in the beginning?

  272. well, i’m not going to rent a post office box just to receive coke caps, it wouldn’t be economical. i don’t already have one, many people don’t. i don’t mind you knowing where i live, i don’t understand your limitation on this, dirty foot? please reconsider.

  273. Hi! Has Coke given out any free promo codes to use lately? Does anyone have any promo codes I could try? It’s been a few months since I’ve entered one. Thanks for the help!

  274. Just entered my ONE THOUSAND th (1000) MCR code!

    I tried to “verify” this via the MCR MyAccount/PointsHistory, but there’s no easy way.

    Tried scrolling and counting 3-point codes, since most of mine were 10-points, but the scrolling on the list is just TOO slow. (maybe better on broadband?)

    Anyhow, I’ve entered 1006 “physical” codes since 8/03/06; I say “physical” codes, because I *have* entered a *few* “bonus” codes found on website(s) … Guess I should say 1000 “good/physical” codes, since I can’t remember if I counted the “illegible” ones that were also credited (sent MCR and email w/scan attached).

    AND, w/all due respect and admiration to those who get MANY codes from 3rd parties (hitch and Darrell, mostly :), the VAST majority of my codes were from products actually consumed by myself or my family! Yes, I’m a cokeaholic, but that’s got to be a respectable number!

    Of course, thanks again to whitekid for this site! (and to MCR for the program! Now that I’ve toped 4K points again, if they’d just get some rewards that I want!)

  275. FORGOT to mention an easy way to see the MCR extension notice for yourself!

    From the FAQ link at the bottom, then the “Ask Hank” link, you get to:


    When does the My Coke Rewards program end?
    My Coke Rewards has been extended through
    January 31, 2009, and your points will be good
    through this date. We will be revising our
    rules to reflect this program extension soon.

    EndQuote …

    My surprise was that the MCR Flash site gets OFF-site, apparently to the main Coca-Cola site for this (and other?) questions. So, you can browse it with OUT going through the Flash crap.

    Good for people like me, who only have dialup.

  276. Here’s a fix for the MCR addicts.


    Once again, please let others know if you’ve used these and there will be more later. Have a good one.

  277. Coke locked my account for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My account is locked because of my clever cousin. He created 20 accounts under my name without having consent from me!!!!! I contacted them 2 months ago. Today they send me an email saying that my account is locked forever(I think). It wasn’t even my fault!!!!!!! Here’s the e-mail they sent me.

    Thank you for contacting My Coke We appreciate you taking
    the time to contact us regarding this issue.

    We have found multiple accounts under your name and address. Per the
    official rules for this promotion, there is a limit of one account per
    person. The rules also state, “The Coca-Cola Company reserves the right
    to discontinue the participation privileges of any Enrollee who engages
    in any fraudulent activity or uses the Program in a manner inconsistent
    with these Terms and Conditions or any federal, state or local, laws,
    statutes or ordinances. Discontinued participation privileges may
    result in the loss of all accumulated points.” Please be assured that we do
    appreciate your loyalty to our products and that we are sorry for any
    frustration that our rules may cause. We have shared your messages with
    the appropriate management. However, your accounts will remain locked.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again.



    P.S. Please retain your Thread ID number in the subject line. This will
    help us locate your information should you need us again.

  278. Remember, Coke has the right to shorten MCR anytime they want so keep buggin’ em 😀 (or…thanking them) for having such a lovely program 😀


  279. i just got my adidas gift card rewards in!.. 2 soccer climalite shirts and a pair of adidas shelltoes!

    thats not including the other 6 pair of shorts i’ve gotten already, the cbillups hightops, pair of sandals, plus 3 san siro jerseys. 2 magazine subscriptions. i can’t remember what else.
    that’s a total of (2) 100 dollar cards and (2) 50 dollar cards. woohoo!
    i’m back into plugging in points i dont know if i’ll be able to get another 100 dollars card.

    is it a fact that the program was extended ’till the end of january or is it still over at the end of december?

  280. There are still a lot of people leaving a comment asking about Coke extending the MCR program.
    Now here are a few codes.


    Please let others know you have used them.

  281. Well, thanks to James for letting us know that he used some of Darrell’s generousity!

    As of 15:28 2007-10-23 Tue CDT, ALL of the codes from Darrell’s last TWO comments (#487: October 21, 2007 @ 7:41 pm – 10 codes, and #493: October 23, 2007 @ 2:33 pm – 5 codes) have been REDEEMED, not by me, of course, I would have SAID SO!

    You’d think that if folk(s) were going to use someone’s free codes, they’d at least respect the wishes of the source. [Darrell: “Please let others know you have used them.”] …

    Sorry, just annoyed that I can’t seem to snag any of the freebies! Not begging, just annoyed …

    Oh, and once again! See my earlier comment (#486) for the DIRECT LINK to the MCR EXTENSION notice! You don’t have to make any inconvenient phone calls, it’s right on the (Non-Flash!) website!

    Wish you could link directly to a specific comment on this page (whitekid? Never tried WordPress myself)

  282. I have called Coke several times to verify the MCR extension. Each time I think of another question, I call again. Here is the scoop as told me by Coke Reps.
    The MCR program has been extended until 12-31-09. Not January 31 of 09 but for OVER TWO MORE YEARS! And I did check, the points you have now will carry over automatically. I have cashed in over 20,000 pts and just started 9 months ago. I am going to strive for 50,000 this time before I spend. Once again, if you would like to check for yourself, or have a question you want answered, call toll free, 1-866-776-6610.
    Have a few more codes.

    O.K. there is still a lot of usage of donated codes that some do not want to acknowledge using. I am just trying to help as much as I can. But, if you are just going to get the codes, use them, and cause others to go through the hassle and time entering codes already redeemed because you won’t take the time to let others know, I promise you I am going to stop giving. That would be a shame, for I do enjoy sharing. All of you who are kind enough to submit a quick line, Thanks and have a good one.

  283. happy about the extension like everyone else – more time for there to possibly be another double day – hope I catch it so I can put in my 20 25ers that i’ve been saving for the occasion – will put in 10 from 12am-12pm and 10 from 12p-12a.

  284. Thanks Darrell for the codes

    I redeemed the following


  285. for anyone bitching about people not posting codes as used, could it perhaps be that the posts are not updated in real time.

  286. I buggered some poor college student that was selling grilled items, chips and soda for his coke points

    I snuck away with 75!

    God Bless people selling massive amounts of coke 😀

  287. I agree with cokehead. He wrote his comment at 10:15am and it just hit the board a few minutes ago. It is 4:20pm. People are probably posting but it takes awhile to read it.

  288. This is a reply to cokehead. It never was and is not now an issue about when the posts are updated. vvhitekid does his best on that. At issue is response that the codes have been used. Furthermore, it was not, is not, and never will be “bitching”. It was and is a simple request to let others know codes have been used. If a code is used, and a comment is left, it will appear before a comment that they have been used by someone else. Think about it.

  289. Since I’m one of only TWO folks who’ve “bitched” lately, I’m going to respond.

    >503. for anyone bitching about people not posting
    >codes as used, could it perhaps be that the posts
    >are not updated in real time.
    >Comment by cokehead — October 24, 2007 @ 10:15 am

    Well, cokehead, we KNOW they’re not (usually) updated real-time, according to a comment by the site owner (#446).

    But personally, I’d assume that “approved” comments are posted in the order submitted? In other words, you wouldn’t expect to see comments leapfrog one another, with a a) listing of free codes, b) “bitching” about “RNBM”, and THEN c) oh yeah, I redeemed them. That last person didn’t bother to notify until someone “bitched” …

    I suppose it could be a WordPress glitch or moderator fatigue for vvhitekid (take a nap, drink a Vault) 🙂
    I’ve noticed a few of my own comments seemed to be posted almost immediately …

    It does appears that my “bitching” comment leapfrogged posts by Stephanie & Skylar (494 & 495), but I still don’t think that donated codes are anywhere nearly accounted for, even much later, allowing for latency.

    Also, I personally, vow to never “bitch” again unless vvhitekid makes a contrary “moderator policy” announcement … I kind of figured that the first person to leave a “codes already redeemed” comment for codes not otherwise acknowledged, is doing a service to everyone else reading later!

    Shouldn’t make more work for him, though; natural response, as Darrell commented, is that folks giving away free codes will do so less if they don’t see enough corresponding acknowledgement …

    OK, I guess that’s enough “bitching” from me for at least a week! 🙂 Thanks again to vvhitekid for the site! And of course, Coca-Cola for MCR!

  290. I just want to say, you guys rock for taking the time to write these down and hand them out to us poor (some diabetic like myself haha) moochers! We’d (meaning us and Coca-Cola) would be lost without you!

    Thanks again! Here’s to hoping these help someone out!

  291. I should have left these earlier, excuse me, but someone’s interpretation of a simple request as bitching had me rather irate. Enjoy. First, 3 pt.


    It won’t happen often, but here are some 10 pt.


    Good luck to everyone.

  292. Is anyone else having problems accessing the MCR website? I haven’t been able to even get the website for the last 2 days.

  293. Dirty foot, Thank you! I received my box. Your awesome man, if you ever need a favor let me know and I’ll do my best.

  294. new here, but it seems to be a great site. been reading the back post and boy some of ya have been racking up on points and goodies. I’m just getting back into coke codes, got mad for a while…dial up and the coke site just don’t go together. My daughter brought me 64 flaps and 30 caps home from work yesterday. so ya know what I’ll be doing the next couple of weeks. I’m also waiting on the new gifts to be put up.

  295. There is a promotion going on now. If you text “treat” to 2653 and enter codes via text meassage on or before the 28th, you get 10 points on the 31.

  296. Darrell’s codes redeemed – not by me .
    But Thanks for leaving them !

    Welcome annette ! Lucky you !

  297. I see that posts 512 & 513 are separated by almost 22 hours (since i can’t see the first 2 digits of the post # i went back to the 446 msg from vvhitekid that was mentioned by MinstrelMike and scrolled down and counted). I see that the 512 post is actually comment 86886 and 513 is 87230. That means there were 344 spam msgs in a row in less than 22 hours, that were eliminated. That’s amazing.

  298. Here are some 3 pt. codes for your enjoyment.


    Once again, as I do every time, all I ask is that you post a comment that you have used these codes.
    MinstrelMike, your comment was very well worded, my thanks to you. vvhitekik, you’re a blessing to a lot of MCR addicts, again, my thanks to you. To everyone else, let me know you have used the codes and they will keep appearing. May you get the reward you want!

  299. Darrell,
    Thank you so much for the codes. Some used by me, rest by my college son. I appreciate it!

  300. A few more codes. Please post if you use them. Thank you Claire for posting.


  301. Has anyone else had problems with the free rental at blockbuster? I actually used MCR for the free rentals. I’m a single mom who doesn’t make much so I would use these coupons to rent movies for my kids. it worked just fine for months then on Sept. 29th I redeemed a coupon and took it to my local blockbuster on Sept 30th and they told me it had been used the day before (I hadn’t even been in the store that day). Anyway, I didn’t get the movie and started saving my points for something bigger. Well today I decided to try again as stated in MCR FAQ’s concerning blockbuster rentals. Again I was told it had already been used. IT HASN’T !!! Anyway I emailed them asking for a refund of my 45 points. Will i ever get them??? Just wondering. That is really the only problem I have had with the program. This site has been a BIG help. Shoot I didn’t even know there were promotional codes until about a month ago. Of course once I find out about them there are no more. I average less then 100 pts a week so I’m glad they have extended the program.
    Thank you vvhitekid2 for the site. It is very helpful.

  302. hi guys! I am finding my self with sssssssoooooooooo many 3-pt codes. I was wondering if any1 wanted to buy any. I will accept payments via Egold (acct # 4851465) at 1 cent per cap. Also, a free one:
    ajwk 4bvj rtj6
    email me for a purchase

  303. Thank you Michael for posting the use of the codes I left. Here are some more for the first lucky person.


    As usual please post if used. Thank you and you’re welcome. Have a good day.

  304. here’s a couple of caps
    let me know if they’re not right, I’m kinda blind and will have to wait till a child comes in to re-read em.

  305. Just a quick verification. i went to the faq’s and “Asked Hank”. When does the My Coke Rewards program end? Answer: My Coke Rewards has been extended through January 31, 2009, and your points will be good through this date. We will be revising our rules to reflect this program extension soon.

  306. Judy –

    I had a similar problem with Blockbuster codes at approximately the same time, and it could have been a problem with Adobe Acrabate Reader…because we had a similar problem at work. I don’t know if you’ll ever get your points back, but I’ve printed off several blockbuster coupons in the past two weeks, and all have worked fine for me. Maybe that’s why they took the coupons off the Coke Website, because there was a problem with them.

  307. Francine and Claire, plus anyone else who gets to them first, here are some more codes for you.


    Please post their use. Also fellow MCR addicts, all the codes I’ve been posting for use were initally donated by me. But now I have to give thanks to dirty-foot for he sent me a box full that I am sharing with you. Have a good one.

  308. has anyone got the coca-cola sling back pack for 365 points? my daughter just broke the zipper on her book bag for school and i was wondering how big this is and if it would be a suitable replacement. any comments?

  309. DarkLurkr…Yes I have gotten several of the Coca-Cola sling back packs (4 red & 2 black), I like the old style red ones better than the new black ones that are available now. My son does use his black one as a back pack for school, however, they will not hold many books, and the zipper pulls on the black bags are a plastic coke bottle, they break very easily. Here’s a 3-pt. code, good luck…. ft7nfahrpbkx

  310. DarkLurkr- It’s not very big, I have my ice skates in them thats about all that can fit, unless your daughter is little, its not that big.

  311. Has anyone gotten the Diet Coke director’s chair? I really want that and I noticed that it is back. Any info on it?

  312. Jennifer, there are lots of people that come here looking for points. Your best bet would to be to set this page as your homepage or just keep checking back multiple times a day.

    In fact, hopefully you’re still here, because here’s a 50 pointer: AL7XTM4MT5B9

    Good luck-

  313. WOW !!!
    It was 5:52 and that code was already redeemed – unfortunately not by me …
    I have been trying to get a 50 pt code since they came out …Still haven’t gotten one yet . I don’t live in the “promotional area”
    Awesome vvhitekid2 ! Hope somebody whoever redeemed it – steps up and says Thanks!
    Darrell – thanks to you also – but I missed yours too .
    Thanks Anyway !

  314. Sorry you missed them Francine. Jennifer, as vvhite2 said, keep checking. I usually donate 10 codes a day at different times to give as many chances as possible. Here’s today’s.


    Since MCR hasn’t given a double point day in a while I will double my donation. Please remember to post their use.

  315. How do you find out what area’s offer the 50pt code. I live in WV and doubt it will ever be offered here. We seem to be last in everything. lol

  316. I go through my neighbors garbage ( not literaly i just look) and if theres a code then i take it so far iv gotten about 10 50 point code from just 1 house…a suggestion is just go by garbages and skim to see if you see any codes its a very good way to get codes…

  317. I posted a while back about some ways to get codes. Here is a prime example. Tomorrow I am going to one of the local tire companies. They own their coke machine and buy about 100 12 pks of coke, sprite, mr.pibb, diet coke, etc. I actually help look for sales of coke products, go to the store, pick them up with their money, bring them back and am allowed to carefully cut out the codes. That’s a 1000 pts a whack. I also go to several convenience stores and stock coke products for the codes. Also look at the top of the trash cans next to the door and gas pumps and you can find a lot. Since I started doing these things I’ve been able to add at least 100 pts a day to my MCR account. If you want them they are there. One other place. You would be amazed at how many are thrown by the roadside. You can pick them up, get the points, recycle the plastic, clean the highways, and get some good exercise. Try it.

  318. Darrell,
    Thank you for being so generous! Unfortunately, I was watching the news after work and fell asleep, missing the codes. 🙁 Oh well…..maybe tomorrow.

  319. Thanx for the reply’s on the back pack. My daughter is 13 and I think is gonna be to small so I’m gonna hold onto those points. But I thank you for taking the time.

  320. These are a few extra points I have thanks to dirty-foot who sent me a box also

  321. Thanks Stephanie, I was able to use the first one. Getting an error on the second one and someone beat me to the last 3.

  322. I was able to get the 3rd code only. The error message on the second one says that this code cannot be redeemed on mycokerewards at this time. I’ve seen this before with older Powerade codes.

  323. I think I will post early today.


    Once again, please post their use. Thanks.

  324. The following codes redeemed by me: 6LWWW9M7TFLR R7TLPNX5JA77 OFRXWH9FT7FR 6NAPRKW4FOPW

  325. Darrell, you ROCK! I just need to be quicker on the draw, these things go by super fast! Wowzers! [No wonder people ask for them to be e-mailed…]

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  326. Igot a e-mail from mcr today it said get your treat at mcr i clicked the link and got the mcr web site but no treat must have been a trick any one know anythig about this?

  327. Just verified that I received my 10 point bonus for adding a cell phone to my MCR account. Also, they were down for maintenance and when they came back up, I noticed reduced points needed on the 3 Adidas shirts. Maybe lowered some others, that’s all I noticed. Andrew

  328. Has anyone given any thoutht to the ways I had suggested to gather MCR codes? I went today, and this is the God’s honest truth, to a local tire service center. They have their own coke machine and buy 12 pks. to stock it. I buy my tires there, talk with them often, and was able to get 111 (that’s one hundred and eleven) 10 pt codes in one day. The clerks at several convenience stores save them for me. I got 36 10 pt codes at one store the other day. You can get a lot more than what I post here. I seldom enter a 3 pt code for myself. Try it and you will be amazed at how many people will give you. I’m going to double two days in a row. Enjoy.


    Please post their use. Thanks

  329. They did give away 10 points today if you signed up for entering your codes via your mobile phone.

  330. You can usually pick up codes at your local recycling center. Look in the cardboard & mixed paper bins, there are usually some in both. I’ve also had success asking friends to save them for me. Thanks!

  331. The $100. Simon cards are Out of Stock – No surprise there !
    Also there are some Pirates of the Caribbean Games for the Wii and DS and PC under Entertainment and DVDs of the movies…
    BUT the Games ARE NOT In the GAMES Category …

  332. The $100.00 simon cards went fast today. I noticed them at 9:00 this morning and by 11:00 they were gone. Three of us at work were able to get 1 each and I could have gotten another after 11:00 but they were gone too fast. Now I am waiting on a Wii and Ds to re-appear. Bestbuy cards would be nice also.

  333. Darn it. I was at work when the Darrell’s codes from last night posted this morning. Wish they had posted last night. Thanks, Darrell. You are SO generous!! 🙁

  334. Fellow MCR addicts, I regret it but these will be the last codes for awhile. I have started donating to the toys for tots program and unfortunately cannot donate to both on a regular basis. I will still post some occassionally. Here are the last for awhile, and mixed in ar 7 10 pt codes. Good luck, see ya later.


    :Please post their use, Thanks.

  335. man i have rotton luck i always get here when the good stuff is gone oh well i’ve been trying for a while im bound to get luky

  336. Well, I just donated 120 pts to Toys for Tots. A worthy charity for sure. I said earlier I could not donate to both, but I don’t want all of you fellow MCR addicts to go through sudden withdrawal pains so here are some to reduce the agony.

    AA56LXJXTLPM If this is wrong, try F for P.

    Please, please post their use. That can save so much time and trouble. Thanks.

  337. BJP66VVPP4PN, AA56LXJXTLPM, and 7APPWJXKF9OR (Darrell’s Last 3) were redeemed by me. Thanks.

  338. I would like to say thank you i redeemed the first four codes i must say i was amazed but i got here 4:57 so i would say how grateful i am thank you so much..

  339. i wanted to get the kodak mouse pad for my friend which is 83 points. i didnt read the description and when i tried to redeem the prize it asked for a shipping charge. my parents wouldnt let me use theyr credit cards to get the prize so now im 83 points short and i got nothing for it! ARGH!!! im so mad at myself!!!!!

    oh and sorry if i wasted your time 🙂

  340. Viv & Claire,

    Don’t feel alone. I sit here sometimes for hours at a time (yep, I have no life) anyway I never seem to get to the codes. But the moment I give up and get offline, “voila” the codes post. lol Oh well maybe one of these days. : )

  341. Wow, 120 whole points, Darrell? I donated 81 so far and I didn’t get any free boxes of caps in the mail or 111 flaps at the tire store. and I plan on doing 25 everyday I have them until Dec 25th. surely you and all of us can afford to give a little more, they are free points after all. think about the kid who’s not going to get much of anything at all, what if that was your kid, or yourself when you were younger. one thing is for sure, you wouldn’t have to beg those kids to be grateful for your points like you do on this site.

  342. I do know that because of MyCokeRewards, I spend an unhealthy amount of time in my schools dorms garbage rooms. The closest coke machines are in bad areas of town- so it’s not easy for everybody to just waltz and grab points.


  343. Wow, 81 pts. Nick, You do not have the first idea how many I plan on donating so consider that before you run your mouth. I am sick to death of giving on this site and having some of you whine all the time or look for some little something to try to belittle people. After what I’ve given here I still can’t get but a couple of people to post their use to save others a lot of trouble. Those of you who have, thank you, those of you who use but are too lazy to post, to hell with you. You Nick, know nothing about what I give or to what organization, and not knowing what might post or not, can’t begin to tell you what kind of dork you are. But I’m sure you probably know.

  344. Another couple things to the rude ass who seems to think someone is begging for recognition for donating pts. In your stupidity you can’t see that if people do not post using them, others will try to redeem them over and over. You speak of your charity but I’ve scrolled back up and cannot see where you have ever given anything to anyone. Yes, I received a box of caps and have posted half of them so far. As I mentioned before, they came from dirtyfoot so the gift is from him. Your claim of giving 25 pts a day is just so many words for you sure haven’t given anything to anyone on this site. You Nick, are a spoiled little mama’s boy which is obvious by your speaking of what you do not know. Good talking to you.

  345. ~How many points are all of you coke people up to now?
    ~Did anybody receive a coke grab bag and what is inside?
    ~Do the Simon gift cards work well?
    ~When will the DS come back in stock?
    ~I am now up to 2315 coke points.
    ~Did anybody win a sweepstakes?

  346. Shouldn’t let the rambling’s of one or two spoil it for everyone.


    Thanks are not necessary, just please post their use so others don’t enter them again and again. Thanks.

  347. Thank you for posting the codes Darrell. When I entered them, they were already redeemed. We need more generous people in the world like you. Nick is a jackass so don’t listen to him. He is a mean and selfish bastard who only posts what isn’t true. You are extremely generous.

  348. thanks darrell i used codes 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12. codes 2 and 12 already used not by me. finally got lucky and snagged me some codes been checking for over 6 months. thanks for posting evryone and long live mcr. wish the wii comes back especially the best buy cards. was hoping guitar hero 3 would have shown up keepin fingers crossed.

  349. …no good deed goes unpunished. Geez.

    You know, my timing has never been good enough to get any of Darrell’s codes, but I think it is super cool that he posts them as give-aways on this site. Many people have benefited and it doesn’t hurt anyone. It takes Darrell time and effort to read sometimes illegible codes and then post thousands of them. He doesn’t have to give-away any codes at all.

    Nick, I don’t know what the issue is, but there is no reason to lash out at someone whom was just trying to do some small nice thing in this world.


  350. Thank you, DarkLurkr, for the code! I appreciate it. I agree with Therese. Darrell is taking the time to find the codes, read the codes, AND share them with everyone. He deserves a definite pat on the back!

  351. Good morning. Breakfast is served.


    Have a good day.

  352. Thank you Darell for the codes but they came up already redeemed. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

  353. The first 4 codes were used by me. Finally. First time i’ve been fast enough.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

    Darrell’s the GREATEST !

  354. Good-Morning
    Darrell looks like you cooked eggs,sausage & toast! I will ad pancakes,100% mayple syrup,large milk & a cup of cowboy coffee!

    ohr6rwn4w5p9 looks like a 9

    Darrell don’t belittle yourself by responding to the ones that complane. You know what is right & your heart is good. You will recive your rewards for being who you are. It was great to have breakfast with you. Have an exalted day!!



    Okay – Everybody Got it out of their system ? Let’s Not Fight About the Generosity thing anymore …PEACE TO ALL Who Are Generous to Whatever Degree for Whatever Reason LMAO 😉
    Here is a Green cap insignificant I know but 3 pts free

    I Called coke to make a Request – A Suggestion -and I Hope – If It makes Sense to any of you – You will Call or email them and Add your voice to mine – And Hopefully – they will Listen and Change This…
    Please Hear me out B4 you take this the wrong way !
    Giving up the Points in your Acct. Will Be Hard for Alot of People – Because It Takes Forever to Earn them @ only 10 codes per day – if you don’t Get the Bigger Pts. to enter . Most people will want to keep their Points in their Accounts – so they will be Ready to Redeem them for one of the Really Great Rewards Like the DS or the Wii or the Gift Cards …Because IF you Don’t Already Have the Points – You Miss Out Because they Are Gone SO Fast !!!
    So Hear me out – I asked coke to let us donate codes – Aside from our Acct. Points …
    I Told them I Thought People Would Give Points ALOT More Easily IF they weren’t Deducted From Points that it Took Forever to Accumulate .
    So I Hope If you Agree – you will Call or Email them – and Ask them to Set It up on an Account that we can Enter Codes to Donate to the Toys For Tots ! Thanks !

  356. hi everybody it been two months since a last gave out code. but every day i read from this site dont matter what. as you know i haved 29000 pt but i bought three hundred dollars worth of visa cards which cost me 7500pt, plus brought 3 $25 visa card whic also cost me 1827pt so i spent like 9000pt so now i only have 21190pt so here is some codes prmwoow467vp….ramovv4f5toa…..ppfmtmxjxlm4….o44ko4n46wah….ojpjprwrfvl4…..i use the visa to pay my cable bill and my phone bill and bought some stuff at the coca-cola store. i still have 135.00 left to spend for xmas shopping i hope you all enjoy the codes peace out my coke people

  357. Someone must have this site as their homepage and it must sound an alert when pts are posted. I am not that computer literate but I guess that’s possible. It seems that the codes posted are redeemed immediately. If that is the case, I congratulate this person on their ingenuity. It’s all about the ways you can get the pts no matter if they are used for, Toys for Tots, to post here, or personal use. See ya later.


    Good luck to all of you. By the way, there are 4 10 pt codes mixed in.

  358. Darn It ! The Simon $25.00 card is out of stock again. I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. I figured it would be gone the first day.

  359. Here is a bonus code for a Golden Compass download. Got it off the Cup from Cinemark Theaters. 100085373954381 can only be used once per account.

  360. Darrell, Dirtyfoot, Francine, Whitekid and anyone else that has donated points
    Thanks again for all the points that you have been posting. It’s great to see how big hearted most people are. Forget the simpletons on this site. They are not worth our time.

  361. Today must have been my lucky day. I got to enter 19 codes today. Has anyone else been able to enter more than the 10 allowed???

  362. Here’s a few.


    Use one or all, just please let others know. Thanks.

  363. Hello again to the “Free MyCokeReward (IV)” comments site community!

    I just realized that I haven’t been MCR-watching for the past couple of weeks; just entered my first MCR codes in almost two weeks (gasp!), and read these comments in the same time-frame … Decided that it’s time for me to comment on a few things, so bear with me a bit ?

    Actually, I just don’t get as motivated to enter codes if I don’t have any 10-point ones, or only a handfull of 3-pointers.

    Recently got a few days worth of fridge-pack codes from a relative. And I’ve been playing with JavaScript the past week or so (if anyone’s interested, you can find some of that by clicking on my ID on the “comment by” line, I think).

    And I have to admit that my motive in the MCR program is mostly selfish: I want some of those gift cards to use in upgrading my PC! Since the Best Buy Gift Cards disappeared, I thought the Simon’s looked good, but I’ve yet to catch more than a single $25 … From recent posts here, looks like the first of the month is a good time! My own fault for not paying attention! In any case, I *do* use the points to get stuff for the same relatives who give me their codes: so far, got magazine subscriptions for several (but less than half have actually started delivery after months; the Hearst group seems really bad about getting delivery started, just because they’re “free” or is that typical?) …

    I wanted to thank VVhitekid2 again for a this site! The handfull of other similar sites that I’ve noticed don’t seem nearly as active (and are mostly just beggers’ posts)! I’m guessing that’s due to folks like Darrell, who consistently donate codes!

    Speaking of Darrell (are your ears burning?) … Lots of folks have also thanked him for sharing so many codes, and admired his ingenuity for getting so many in the first place!

    I just realized that he’s even more generous than he lets on … (Please, Darrell, correct me if I’m wrong) Darrell often donates 3-pt codes since he gets enough 10+ pointers for his own 10 per day use. I personally have found that the bottle-caps to be MUCH more difficult to read than the fridge-pack codes! So, Darrell is going beyond just donating what he doesn’t need, spending MORE effort typing in the difficult ones just to give away! Now, that’s TRUE generosity! Not to mention Toys4Tots program as well (BTW: Excellent suggestion Francine! #601) …

    CokeHead: I did get one of the Rhapsody track downloads for 33pts, and did finally download the REQUIRED 18MB RhapsodyRead.exe setup file, then of course, now having problems getting THAT to work … Another question on that subject: when I entered the provided code from MCR, now my Rhapsody account shows a credit of $.99, as expected. Since the “album” DL’s are 225pts, I’m wondering if they’d give you say $9.99 Rhapsody credit (for a whole album), which you could then use for single $.99 tracks ? That would be a better “deal”; I recall that the Sony/Connect system had some way of disallowing that.

    Ron: Good observation (slapping self in forehead); You just answered another question that I’d asked previously in comment #496. Didn’t look closely enough at the page source: those sequential numbers for comments are just generated by “Ordered-List” HTML tag (ol); the “id” (unique/not necessarily sequential number, I assume generated by WordPress?) for each comment/list-item is also used to generate a “link” on the “time-stamp” !

    And in part to apologize to VVhitekid2 for using his site more as a “forum” than a venue for donating/receiving free MCR codes (I’ve managed neither so far), and also to laud Darrell’s efforts, here’s a batch of bottle-cap 3-pointers:

    0. blak 66aj h47w
    1. br76 wt6k 9pto
    2. oklb 5fpm 94nb
    3. 949t 6v9o rjh9
    4. aanj 6rjj mn5n
    5. 9hhv rbvk axnb
    5. tpnv 67wj r7wj
    6. o9jr jp5k mljj
    7. 5jmv mka5 p6j9
    8. b948 vnm9 k9h7
    9. fk4k 6k64 mnrv

    PLEASE as always, post a reply/comment and let us know if you’ve used ’em!

    Those last 5 are blue; can’t recall which have blue caps (Sprite vs. Coke?) but they seem harder to read to me … The others are red, from Diet Coke most likely.

    Those are also to thank anyone who read all the way through this humongus comment (and finds that easier than just scrolling down) 🙂

    Thanks, y’all!


    PS: Darrell mentioned that someone must have a way to be alerted when new codes are posted here; I’d like to know how to DO that!

    PPS: I tried to embed a few links to other comments inSIDE the above comment, no way to tell if it worked until submitted! If not, probably looks funky!

  364. Ha! Almost worked! Just mistyped the code in the link to Ron’s earlier post 517

    So, if you wanted to post a link to another comment, just: add an HTML anchor tag with the “real” comment number at the end … Get that number by resting your mouse cursor on the time-stamp/link at the end of the message, and get the number by looking in your browser’s status-bar at the bottom where it “previews” the link you’re sitting on.

    The following would get you back to my previous long comment: <a href=”#comment-92949>#607</a>

  365. Sorry Folks but somebody seems to have stolen my caps from my garage. Please check back within the next few days as I will post some new codes.

    P.S. all of the previous codes given away have been redeemed. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  366. I do not know the how or the why, but this Darrell did not post the comment about my caps being stolen from my garage. I am very confused by this. I don’t know if there is another Darrell but if so the e-mail address has to be different. That being said, I would think someone is trying to stop others from entering the codes I’ve posted by making them think they have been used. Since only 10 codes can be posted a day, they must be trying to keep others from using them until this “other” Darrell can redeem them. With the amount of comments vvhitekid2 has to read in his attempt to keep this site from being trashed up, I would think he must have noticed just the name and not the e-mail address. This presents another problem. A person trys to share their good fortune by posting codes, now someone lists them as used when they may not actually be used. That keeps others from trying and, in effect, has the codes for use on following days for themselves. I had said earlier that I laud the ingenuity of how some codes are attained but I detest that someone would post a false comment to keep the codes I post from being used by everyone. I do not know how to prevent this from happening, and all I can suggest is that you try entering the codes even if someone posts that they have already been redeemed. My apoligies to you for any wasted effort this may cause and I wish all of you the best. I will keep entering as long a I can but I do not want all the codes going to just one person. If someone gets to what I post first and uses them all, that’s fine, I just don’t want them to get them all through deception. Here are a few for any night owls out there. Oops, in thinking about it, vvhitekid2 must need to rest sometime so I don’t know when these will post. Have a great one.

    1) 4OLBMF76XW9N
    2) 75LWBBB79M4W
    5) 7YNYZ6PRKP7VLL9
    6) 6GVKZZ64WPTTM9R

    A note to vvhitekid2, assuming you do read all comments before posting them, if someone has or uses the same name as mine, please double check the e-mail address, which I hope accompanies each comment. Thanks

  367. I was just reading the comment posted by this “other” Darrell again. I guess you can’t call it stealing because the codes are being given away. I am still amazed that someone would come up with the idea I mentioned earlier and then have the nerve to make a comment claiming his caps had been stolen. Also, I meant to thank MinstrelMike for the several kind remarks made. Later.

  368. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone knows how offten they put the Nintendo DS up for a prize? I am trying to save for one for my son. His dad promised him one this summer when he was with him and didn’t get it. I’m at 1800 and have everyone in my family saving points for me. When I started saving a few months back I was shooting for it to be for Christmas but luck is not on my side this time.

  369. Kristina, I’m in the same situation trying to get one for my daughter by Christmas. I have 2914 points right now but it’s looking doubtful that I’ll have enough in time AND they will come back into the store. If they don’t you and I may have to buy Best Buy gift cards or Simon gift cards and try to get the DS’s that way.

  370. Here are a few more codes my friends. Remember, someone is using my name to make people think codes have been redeemed when they have not been. Someone claiming to be me said their codes were stolen from their garage and that all posted codes had been used. A blatant lie but unfortunately will cause you to have to enter codes yourselves to see if they are used or not. A shame, but the world is full of thieves.

    2) 755O9MAJFLOL
    4) P7KVB44HBTLV
    5) 4T5FW96N44VF
    6) RKNF9F94K9OF
    7) 6T7VTW6BJJ4NZZM
    8) L7LN4J7B4Y6XTBH

    On second thought, I’m going to take some time off from posting. I hope you continue to collect and things go your way. I’ll be back sometime.

    11) O6FW4TLBN6WM
    12) 5OLXMA59B5VM
    13) 7HBBLL4P4PFV
    15) NRPBNRA4OVX7
    16) 9VM9PW6P6TMK
    17) 576RJVV6OWF5
    18) RFWM59XJJ5N5
    19) PTPWT7RL5HBK
    20) 9TNAVRRFL97V
    21) AL6B4KB9X5HP
    22) 7FLX5RBA6OTN
    23) 4FLKV6RRHVP9
    24) N7OMTNNWJ9PM
    25) 7RN7459KTXHM
    27) B6TKOW7HO5KA
    28) 666N6XKHNHMB
    30) 5NAXFJBJP7LR
    31) ANXFV69WBRTP
    32) RMXPX9PFKP4O
    33) NH5WFJRB4V5M
    34) 9JLXTT55BV9K
    36) OTOVO749X9AL
    37) 5BKH96H6WRP5
    38) 9APLJWOB55XO
    39) TB7A7XXNFFTA
    40) BXRLFVJX7M4V
    41) 5B5AM55J4N96
    42) AXXR4M69V4FX
    43) NKLXB5NXV547
    44) 6F79RPVRRFAB
    45) POR456AR6PXL
    46) 5KMFKLO4XMNR

    There ya go. I’ve included 10 or 15 10 pt codes. I used to ask that you post their use, now just because it’s posted as used, it may not be. Later, the real Darrell.

  371. We are all in the posting mood here so here are some 3 pointers.

    1. f5lbj6bkxa57
    2. ahtfkjm5frwv
    3. axw45v5rrn00

    Please post when used as usual.

  372. For anyone who had problems with the free Blockbuster rentals a month or so ago. I sent them an email a couple weeks ago asking for a refund of my 45 points and I actually got them back today. Yeah COKE !!

  373. it’s been really annoying how slow the mcr websight has been the past month or 2. i mean it logs off by itself, it takes forever to enter codes or get your account info.. even logging on it takes a long time.
    it even happens at wee hours of the morning 2, 3, 4 am, when i figure not too many people are online.
    i dunno, it was so much faster b4 they upgraded to the flash websight.

  374. This is a code to get free video, music , or wallpaper from The Golden Compass.


  375. Has anyone heard anything that is going on with the prizez. I have been waiting for a Wii to come back out and I am up to 7200 points now with nothing good really to get. Any ideas.

  376. The Samsung 19″ tv is back in stock!
    After a year and a half of saving, finally
    something worth getting.

  377. Thank you again vvhitekid2 for your time and effort toward this awesome forum. It is much more than just sharing, scoring, and scouring points; it is the conversation and comradary that keep it vibrant. Like a Coke support group!?!?

    Re: ‘Someone must have this site as their homepage and it must sound an alert when pts are posted. I am not that computer literate but I guess that’s possible.’, omment by Darrell — November 4, 2007 @ 6:19 pm
    ‘PS: Darrell mentioned that someone must have a way to be alerted when new codes are posted here; I’d like to know how to DO that!’, Comment by MinstrelMike — November 5, 2007 @ 9:13 pm

    It’s time to ‘let the cat out of the bag’, and unlock the secret to swift updates of this site. The geeks are well aware of it, but those who are still getting up to speed with technology … Scroll down to the bottom of this page and notice, just above the area to ‘Leave a comment’ is a link that is the ‘RSS link for comments on this post’.

    You have to choose/download/install a piece of software (many available, your choice) that is your RSS viewer, and set it up with this and/or many other web/news/info/pod/ect timely updated information. You choose which services, and how frequently you check for updates. Designed for broadband, but can work over 56K when configured a little slower. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself, but haven’t gotten a round to-it yet. Hopefully this will help ‘even the field’.

    BTW – I setup an old 486, that I control via VNC over network, to read my 20Gb music database from my home network database, to play out to my (coke provided) Sennheiser 900Mhz wireless headphones, that I modified by adding a line out jack (interrupting the headphone drivers), that I cable over to my (coke provided) JBL OnTour portable speakers, powered by the (coke provided) rechargeable batteries, that sounds AWESOME, and I can carry them anywhere! YEA! We also have 2500 pts ready to jump on the next $100 Simon card we see.

    I have never used a code from this site, yet still find it delicious to read!

  378. has anyone noticed the new caps that have a plastic film over the codes that makes it really hard to read?.. i have to use a big pen to pry the plastic off in order to read the code clearly.

  379. Hey all, I believe that they stopped putting limits on the amount of a certain product you can get.

  380. DarkLurkr’s used NBM.

    There must be more going on than the RSS though, as I’ve been using that, and feeding it to my pager, so I get it even away from the site, so I got paged that Darklurkr’s was there, and I still missed it.

  381. Vinny,
    I dont know if the Wii is ever coming back, its been gone for a while. Watch out for the Best Buy and Simon Gift Cards (which also go quickly but tend to keep coming back). For 7200 you can get $300 worth and use it to buy a Wii.

  382. Good-Morning
    I had this thing runing around my head.If coke is so big with NASCAR why are they not offering more stuf from NASCAR? When I went to the 500 I got a drivers jacket & it is really nice cost about $120. If I knew where to send an email to I would send a request asking if they would put more NASCAR GEAR up for grabs, such as the drivers jackets.So I ask if some one out there knows how to do this would you do it please? If you have the email address to coke please post it so I can.

    3 Pts Codes
    1) 7f6vxn6wmn9w
    2) op7bpavopwmt
    3) 4hpkln56bvxh
    4) 7mx7k4o7b6bj
    5) 77944rpw4nrt
    6) twj4h4h4htmk
    7) nmvw94ta65xk
    8) pl56m97wmtlp
    9) fwjk6576rl5f
    10) 67ophm9ojnw7
    11) nbj4tmjwhjp4
    12) 6h47xh56wpf5
    13) ojrmb5wjxofm
    14) rmhjlorfpjrn or m
    15) 7rpmkfhkj9nj
    16) pxrr99th5pva
    17) 6v5ll6xnjwrv
    18) 5aoh9n9oxowr
    19) row9xjohxlov
    20) n5xp4nnavlnb
    21) 4w7ml9ma9p4o
    22) obh774xt9tb6
    23) ftw9mhm9nraj
    24) 6pjtkra5knr4
    25) 7mp5a6tf54kr
    26) 9phwhhvr5xb9
    27) paf6hw74jmpt
    28) rpf57afxm94w
    29) bwnkfbr7a6j6
    30) bjwoj9jpmk6x
    31) 9p5hparr4a4r
    32) 59lnpwoa5n59
    33) pva64xn74fkl
    34) 7xvx9kp6rnhr
    35) na74lxhh7wpp last two letters could be ff
    36) 4k5vhh55rxlk
    37) or74knbw9nnl
    38) r6xk9potbvkb
    39) bbl9ov4brtr7
    40) fpo59944tpb6 or could be 66
    41) 95n6696v559f
    42) 5pnkmfhvt76v the 6 is a don’t know
    43) ojfm4xwaprkj
    44) 6xl5mtjmn69x
    45) tt567x6vaxf9
    46) 5fv9ron5hw56
    47) ntfxl9jphlhj the n could be h,m the p could be an a,k,h,f,?
    48) fmfxbaf7l7fv
    49) 57jrfp94o9rt
    50) 9hv5f9l7w9ah


  383. Why do people spend the time to giveaway coke rewards. Why don’t you reap the rewards yourself??

  384. matt
    1) It feels good to do something nice and make someone happy
    2)you are helping others (see 1)
    3) you have more codes than you can use – limited to 10 codes per day – so it is good to share (see 1 + 2)

    a) give and it shall be given back to you
    b)do unto others as you would have them do unto you
    c)what goes around comes around

    why be greedy and hog them if you have more than you can use ?
    Try it -you may like it ! Do something nice – share – volunteer – give something to charity – to a shelter – to the homeless – to someone you know needs help – like a poor family who is struggling – do it and don’t tell anyone – see how long you can keep from smiling – see how long you can go without telling anyone …
    random acts of kindness are fun ! Especially when done in secret !!!

    Anyone have anything else to add ???


  385. It’s called caring and sharing. Quite often a simple act of kindness can cause both the giver and the receiver a wonderful feeling that is worth a lot more than a few codes. But if you give, exercise caution, as it will actually cause jealousy in some people. I was donating frequently and was twice accused of begging for recognition and once even had someone impersonate me in an attempt to keep all the codes I had donated to themselves. So, if you give, or if you receive, take it for what it is and enjoy it.

  386. I received this email on 11/2/07. Its regarding a prize I ordered. This is the first time I have gotten something that wasn’t a “digital reward” so I’m curious to know how long it takes. Here is my email:

    This notification is confirmation that your Coca-Cola 4″ Plush Bear has been shipped via USPS by our distribution center to the following address:

    The estimated delivery date for your order is: 15 – 20 working days.

    If something has been “shipped” I would assume it has left the bldg. So why does it take 15-20 days to get it. Do they use Pony Express or what? Does it normal take a long time to get?


  387. I was looking at the Coca-Cola Holiday 1/43 scale truck with lights for a christmas present for both my 3 & 6 year old nephews who love toys cars.

    I wrote coke, but have gotten no response yet to this question:

    Anyone know what the dimensions of the truck is, if the back cargo door opens up, and if it opens up..does regular size matchbox cars will fit in it?

    Also need to know what type of batteries are needed (that aren’t included) to get the light to work

  388. This is to Judy- I got an email like that, that said 15-20 days. I’m at college and got it shipped home, and my mom called me about 4 days later and said it had arrived. It very quick after the email.

  389. Judy, i have gotten a ton of stuff from the sporting good rewards and they all take about 7 days to get here.

  390. Judy- LOL probably. Well, since Coke doesn’t charge for shipping they must use their Amish resources or something to get prizes to people.

  391. Doug, it wasn’t an ulimited code. It was a bug at My Coke Rewards site that would let you enter more that 10 codes per day.

  392. TIM, in reference to the 1/43 scale Holiday Coke Truck. I ordered one on Nov. 4, it arrived at my house by DHL this past Monday, Nov. 12. The over-all length of the truck is about 15″ (including the cab), the width is about 2-1/4″. The doors on the trailer and the cab DO NOT open. The trailer requires 2 “C” size batteries to light up the lights all around the trailer (sides, front, back). Very nice collectable, not sure how it would stand up to a 3 & 6 yr. old. Use this 3pt. code to help get yourself one. NAP7 XJAH 9446 I was thinking of ordering another one just to have and not open.

  393. Doug
    It is not an “Unlimited Code” LOL
    It means that you can redeem 100 pts as many times as you want to get a coupon for a 12 pack of coke …
    They were “limiting” the # of times you could redeem your points for an item – Like you were only Allowed to Redeem 24 pts to get a coupon for a ONE Free Powerade or Nestea etc.
    But if you figure it out – if you get the coke on sale like 2.50 a 12 pk. it is cheaper to buy it –
    because then for 100 pts – @ .04 cents a point it is $4. and takes a long time to save 100 points !
    I did it once and wished I had kept the 100 pts for something else ! Live + Learn the MCR way …LOL
    Have a coke code and a Smile ! BT0RJXL6L9K9

  394. I have the $1.00 coupon in my favorites. It’s only 15 points, and you get a 10 point code on the flap, so it’s like it’s only 5 points. That makes the coupon worth like $.20 per point; a far better deal than the free 12 pack code does; approx $.04.

  395. Thanks for all the responses to my shipping question. I still haven’t received it so I’m starting to worry. I’m paranoid about my mail. My box is right beside a very busy road with 4 other boxes on the same platform. It would be easy for someone walking by to just snag a package that is outside your box.

  396. WildBill,
    Thanks for the info on it. I know what you mean about not standing up…but it’s not for collectable standards, it’s just for another vehicle in their toy car collections to play with. Think it would be good for that.

    Also, is the truck die cast metal or is it plastic? (the truck itself, not the light on the truck)

  397. I redeemed 11,250 of my points for the 19″ tv. It said you get an email about tracking info. Has anyone ever received an email when they ordered the tv? Also, on “my alerts” it says that the tv has shipped. Does this mean that I will get it soon? How long does it take to get the tv?

  398. I have been saving up for the $25 adidas giftcards, and now that I have enough points to actually get a shoe with a couple of them they are out of stock. If they come back in stock or if any of you have one you would trade for points could you let me know? Thanks!

  399. TIM,
    As I said before, yes it is a very nice truck, and just to play with, it would be ok for a couple of young boys, the cab of the truck is die cast metal, has small plastic mirrors mounted on the sides, these will get broken very easily, the trailer on the truck is all plastic, totally enclosed, the light is inside the trailer, has small plastic clear area that is suppose to represent each light around the trailer, these dont actually “light up” just the light from inside shines through these. I hope this info helps you decide on the truck, however, don’t wait too long, they might be gone soon, because I am going to order another one.

  400. Doug, I redeemed for a Sony 46″ HDTV last year and in that case I got an E-code that I could use on the Sony website. They did send me a tracking number after the order was shipped. It only took about a week to get my TV, although the trucking company made a mistake with delivery and I had to go pick it up. It will be coming soon! Congrats!

  401. i have a code that i could totally be using but im bored so i thought id give it to ya! ima make you work for it a little though 🙂 [pee-em-bee-are-ef-aye-ef-nine-are-kay-four-ef]


  402. I have a question-

    Does anybody remember what the Nintendo DS was points-wise last time it was up?


  403. This is the 3rd day with no posting. vvhitekid2, are you okay? Surely response to this site is not dying. In the past several postings have asked how to get in touch with MCR about a problem. To send a message that will get a response, click on faqs at the bottom of your MCR page. Then click on ask Hank, then click on MCR technical, then click on how do I report a problem with, then click on contact form. Then type your message and submit it. You will always receive a response from MCR. Now, a few codes to see how quickly they’re gobbled up.

    1) 5WLKP7AF5TAM
    2) 64BWMTM7KBBR
    5) NVW6RLT67FOJ
    6) RX67J5FJVHWH
    7) FPFMLM65N7K5

    Have a good day.

  404. I have the $1.00 coupon in my favorites. It’s only 15 points, and you get a 10 point code on the flap, so it’s like it’s only 5 points. That makes the coupon worth like $.20 per point; a far better deal than the free 12 pack code does; approx $.04.

    Doc, unless you’re getting the 12 pack FOR a dollar, you can’t just disregard the cash you pay for the coke in your calculations. Say you bought your 12 pk normally for 3$, now it’s 2$ with coupon, that 10 pt code still cost you 2$ + 5 points, approximately $.20,
    so 2.20 in cash money equivalent, but if youre getting your coke points for free like most of us are, then the 100 pt free 12 pk would be a much better deal, b/c no actual expenditure of cash is involved.

  405. Did anyone else notice that the Coke program was down today? You couldn’t enter any codes. I called them and they said that the entire system was down. Is is up and working now!

  406. Good point Nick. I, unfortunately, have to count the cash equivalent since I’ve only ever managed to get about 6 points from this site. I keep trying, but no matter what method I use, I always seem to get here after points are redeemed. Oh well, I keep trying, and maybe one day I’ll get a cool reward like many of the ones I hear about here.

  407. This is for the posted who calls themself “me”

    The DS was 3250 point wise when was available.

    I’m watiting for the Wii (6250 is what it was…I have 6700 saved up). Anything over 6700 is going toward the Holiday Nintendo DS/Wii Sweepstakes.

    Any one else trying for that sweeps? Or, does anyone think is not work trying for?

  408. Ok, thanks! I will have to start scurrying a little more then, i am up to 2800 with many caps-but entering those would take forever.

  409. Just think Me, if you enter the max in caps only, that’s 3 x 10 = 30 pts a day x 30 days = 900 pts a month x 12 = 10,800 pts a year x 2 years = 21,600 pts before the program ends! That’s a bunch anyone would like to have.




    Especially to you vvhitekid2 for All the Time and work you put into this Site for us to Enjoy ! God Bless !

  412. Happy Thanksgiving!

    The other night they did updates. I am hopeful that they wold put new prizes on, but alas I don’t see anything new. Kind of disappointing with selection. However, I did talk with a rep and they did say it was extended into 2009.

  413. Hello and Happy Holidays,

    I was wondering if anybody had heard anything about any new promotional codes that may be out there. I heard that there might be some for the holidays but have not been able to confirm this.


  414. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1) AJ7M9N9JA6N7
    7) FXHK45N77V9W
    8) 5M7AN5FFRLV5

    Have a good day.

  415. kevin;

    it’s usually 24 hours, and word is that the day on coke MCR server runs from 12 noon to 12 noon. my experience is that this is true.

    Dr. P codes {3 pt}:


    gooble, gobble.


  416. kevin
    Coke resets their clock @ 12 Noon Eastern time – That is when You will be able to enter codes again . Try to keep track – you are only allowed 19 incorrect or already redeemed attempts a day – when you hit 20 – then you are done for that day. Until the start of the next day – 12 Noon eastern time.

    All the codes from 22nd and 23rd until now – already redeemed – not by me.
    Please Post when Used – so we don’t try codes that are used and get locked for the day – If you use them – please just take a moment to say so – Thanks !

  417. Kevin. You are shut out only for the rest of the day which is defined as 12PM ET through 11:59AM ET.

  418. when the simon cards are in stock…which i know is not very often…where are they located and how much to they cost

  419. It is a Promo Code and works even when you have entered your 10 code daily limit !!!
    ONCE PER ACCT ! shows as 20 Pt Dasani …but under acct shows as Promo Code !!! Finally ! A Promo Code !
    Let Us Give Thanks !!!


  420. i was figuring how many total caps i have entered and i came up with a total of 11518 points so far equalling 3840 caps! holy macarel!! my wife says, “you what that meaNs right?” and i say “what?” then she says ” YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!” lmao.

  421. Promo code BRAHHK5NFJBW will only work when entered on the coke site – It doesn’t seem to work if you are trying to enter it by the Widget …

  422. Thanks so much for the promo code! Its been awhile since I’ve gotten one of these. Happy Holidays everyone!

  423. DarkLurkr, The promo codes can be used once by everyone, so if it showed up as USED, when you tried it, it means that you had used it.

    Francine, Thanks for the promo.

  424. The Dasani code didn’t work for me any ideas anyone?

    I tried it 3 times…when do they lock your account after putting wrong codes in?

    Any help is appreciated…

  425. Steady
    As I am not sure what message you got – I will try …
    I mentioned that it Has to be entered on the Coke Site directly …I have been told it won’t work IF you enter it by the quick code entry Widget OR by texting it …
    also if you had entered it previously possibly ? this code is Showing up on all the Coke Sites . Check under your account then look under Points History …scroll back – it started showing up on sites as early as the 13th …When you enter it — it shows up as a 20 Pt Dasani Code . It only shows up as a Promo code in the Points History . Hope this Helps .

  426. Steady, if you copied and pasted the code, an extra space is inserted and you need to delete the space in order for it to work….also mycokerewards shuts u down after 20 invalid codes until 11:59AM EST.

  427. Regarding the Dasani code… I had problems entering it because I was copying and pasting. When I typed it in directly, it went right away. Thank you for the code!

  428. Francine!

    Thanks for the promo code! First code I’ve gotten from this site at ALL! Just because it’s reusable!
    And also got my own 10 entered for the day.

    Oh, anyone who has trouble with it? I blew it on my first try because I had accidentally gotten a space at the end when I copy/pasted it!

    You wouldn’t think that would be an issue, leading/trailing spaces, but it worked the second time, after I explicitly deleted the trailing space ?!
    The codes are also case-INsensitive (upper/lower-case,
    doesn’t matter).

    Anyone else notice that when you click into the
    “Enter a Code” text entry box, your cursor goes to
    the far left, regardless of WHERE you click it?

    PS: Just added a new blog at:
    When I figure out how to do it, I’ll put a link to this blog! Thanks, vvhitekid! but I didn’t pick WordPress to start with (trying Serendipity); maybe later …

    Here’s a few threebies for whoever gets them first,
    just to say thanks for reading 🙂 !

    1) kj66 4kay tx33
    2) fovb 4fmx 9jv4
    3) 7ftx 76jw jln6

    I think they’re probably all Diet Coke caps,
    but who keeps track? I wonder why you have to
    select the “product” for the caps, and not for
    the flaps? (if they can code it into the flap
    codes, why not the caps?) …

    PPS: Has anyone successfully used the “Contact Us” form off the MCR site lately? I just tried (was going to suggest that they add a “countdown to the daily cutoff time”), and got a very generic error: “unable to send Contact Us” …

  429. Francine, Thank you. I tried it again and it worked. maybe is said I typed it wrong last night ( I actually didn’t even read the message. I just assumed) anyway thanx a ton. also does anyone know when they will be adding more, new, better, ANYTHING to the rewards? I havn’t seen anything new in a few weeks. Golden compass was the last I’ve seen. Thanx again everyone

  430. Thanks for the BRAHHK5NFJBW promo code, Francine! that was awesome! MinstrelMike, i used 2 of ur codes #s 2 and 3. #1 wouldn’t work, tried it several times. so excited now! thanks guys!

  431. Francine, it finally worked. I think the space was the issue since I just cut and pasted code. But when it worked I entered it in manually.

    Thanks Again…

  432. MinstrelMike
    Thanks for putting the codes up to share .
    the 1st said not entered correctly -there are no 3s LOL
    and the other 2 were redeemed – not by me
    Bummer too – cuz I’m outta codes …
    also just a tip – leave out the spaces – makes it easier to copy and paste the codes …
    a split second makes the difference …they are snapped up so Fast ! 🙂
    The far left cursor thing IS a Royal Pain in the …
    it seems to have come with the Flash 9 upgrade 🙁
    I also keep having problems with it Logging me Off !!!
    Even when I just Signed In :{ Frustrating !
    It uses a huge amount of video memory to run 🙁
    Slows everything Way Down …Oh Well
    I am Psyched that they have Extended to 2009 !!! Make Sure you All Tell Coke How Happy You Are !
    And Thank Them ! Good Feedback Goes A Long Way ! You Don’t want them to change their mind …
    Have A Great Day Everyone !

  433. Here’s some more codes:

    Have a great day!

  434. THANK YOU Bonbon !!!!!
    I used the first 8 codes !!!! 10 Ptrs !!!
    You Are Awesome !!!! Thank You !!!

  435. Thabks for the promotion code! It worked on the first try! First promo code to ever work for me. Thanks.

  436. All of Bonbon’s codes are Redeemed –
    the first 8 by me –
    and the rest also redeemed – but not by me …
    Thanks Again Bonbon ! You are So Generous !
    I only had 3 caps left ! You Saved the day !!! THANKS !

    Hope everyone is using the promo code for 20 pts !BRAHHK5NFJBW

    Just make sure you enter it directly on the coke site – not by widget or texting ! Once per Acct !

  437. Sorry, this page (but NOT the whole site?) appeared to
    be down for a while Tuesday night 8/27, took me a while to get around to getting back on …

    If you read the whole comment 🙂 there’s a few codes
    at the end!

    >723 = Comment by dumb_blondchick – November 27, 2007 @ 6:39 am
    >MinstrelMike, i used 2 of ur codes #s 2 and 3.
    >#1 wouldn’t work, tried it several times

    Well, sorry about that. The code was absolutely correct …

    But it was a Dr. Pepper cap! Got to pay more attention to the GREEN ones! Same code format too!

    Again, if anyone can use it, #1 in my previous comment #721, is a DR. PEPPER code. It was an accident. Really!

    >725 = Comment by Francine — November 27, 2007 @ 2:19 pm

    >also just a tip – leave out the spaces – makes it
    >easier to copy

    Who said I should make it EASIER ?! 🙂

    >and paste the codes … a split second makes the
    >difference …

    Honestly, I never thought of that! I was just entering
    w/ the same spacing as on the caps, just to make it
    easier for ME to proofread, since I can’t verify on MCR
    before posting 🙂

    I suppose someone needs to automate the whole process:
    use a desktop RSS reader, parse out the new codes, feed
    directly back into the MCR’s “Code Entry” Yahoo!Widget
    on the desktop …

    I’ll get back to you on that … yeah, right 🙂

    >The far left cursor thing IS a Royal Pain in the …
    >it seems to have come with the Flash 9 upgrade 🙁

    Don’t recall, seems like I never noticed it on the
    initial Flash site, until just recently … Maybe I
    just didn’t make as many typos to correct! 🙂 Must be
    getting old …

    If you want to see more detailed analyzed gripes about
    the “new” MCR site …

    BUI (Bad User Interface) Gallery

    Most of these were posted soon after the initial launch
    of the “new improved w/Flash” MCR site; I haven’t gone
    through to try to see if they’ve fixed any of them, but
    somehow … I doubt it!

    >I also keep having problems with it Logging me Off !!!

    Never had that one. Never actually logs me off, just
    times out in the “background” (w/no message), then
    makes me log back in NEXT time I try to do anything!

    >It uses a huge amount of video memory to run 🙁

    Tell me about it! I think “browsers” are just like

    I haven’t done any checking to compare my Firefox 2
    with IE 6 … Both of them use more memory than ANY
    thing else on my PC …
    (few years old Sempron, only 512MB RAM) …

    I normally run Fx w/Flash disabled, and then
    run IE only when I need Flash and/or a second set of
    simultaneous logins/cookies somewhere.

    So, here’s a few more “apologetic” 3-pointers …
    Sorry for the Dr. Pepper cap, and the long post! 🙂

    1) jnwkp vym7p zwzht
    2) l9jwp ggprl r6l94
    6) n6pwr nt6vr lmpj7

    (Verified as well as I can: re-read backwards)

    Thanks to vvhitekid as always for the site, and to Coke
    for MCR (just wish they’d get some rewards that I


    But Make sure you Leave a Couple for Me 😉

  440. can anyone tell me how the simon gift cards work? can you order other gift cards and how do you do it?

  441. Here are some more codes, all 3-points I think:






  442. Well – the First of the month is here and they restocked the Rewards Site ! They Got the $100. and $25. Home Depot and Simon Cards ! And a new $75. Blockbuster Gift Card . The Best Buy $50. showed up But I can tell you it Showed as Out of Stock from the beginning . I would like to know IF Anyone Actually Got One ??? LMK because I was on the Site when all the Rewards were added and it was already out of Stock…
    So I hope Everyone Stockpiled their Points for this and Redeemed for Some Good Things !
    And Now I hope Everyone has noticed the Pattern …
    At the End of the Month – you start having Problems on the Coke Site …It Slows Down – or You Can’t Get On ..
    Or It Logs you Off after you Just Logged On !!!
    The Site goes down alot because they are Preparing for the 1st of the Month ! They have to Do Site Maintenence in preparation ! They are changing – Removing and Adding Rewards for the First of the Month!
    Hope You All Did Well ! I got a few Goodies !

  443. Promo codes layout

    Rolling Stone Magazine
    November 30, 2006
    December 14, 2006
    December 28, 2006

    People Magazine
    December 11, 2006
    December 14, 2006 – 10008 00814 05592
    December 18, 2006

    ESPN Magazine
    November 14, 2006

    Internet banner ads code 10008 03925 14475
    November 19, 2006

    holiday email campaign (1st mailing)
    December 8, 2006

    holiday email campaign (2nd mailing)
    December 8, 2006

  444. Thanks, MinstrelMike for the codes posted on 11/29. It pays to stay up waaaaayyyyy past your bedtime. Just curious, why numbered 1), 2), and 6)? Makes me think there’s something hidden in your message? 🙂

    Also thanks for the Dr. Pepper code too. Wasn’t a winner though. I got a few wallpapers and ringtones that I don’t ever use or want. The Coke and Pepsi promos are way better.

    Thanks again.

  445. I’m pretty sure the 100 simon cards were also out of stock from the beginning, , was saving up for 2500 for 1 100 simon, but i got 175$ worth of stuff for 2200 instead. good deal. yes we all noticed the first of the month they restock. as those car commercials say, duh. wonder what they’ll do for the first of the year? i started doing this to get a wii, still haven’t managed to pull that one off, but that’s my goal for next year. they’ll probably come back, but be 7,250 pts now, watch. 25$ SIMON CARDS AND 75$ BLOCKBUSTER CARDS ARE NOW OUT OF STOCK TOO

  446. Be, I thought there was a limit of 3 on the $25 Simon cards? I got 3 of them previously but will have to see if I can get more when they come back out again.

  447. ELLEN
    The $25. Simon card and the $75. Blockbuster Card are Still IN STOCK – as of 5:55 PM Eastern Time – I just Checked …Probably not much longer though…
    Why are you saying they aren’t ??? Hmmm
    And the $100. Simon cards WERE In Stock For awhile in the beginning – I know – Because I Got one !
    And Thanks for the “DUH” Comment …People are Constantly Asking WHEN Coke Will Get New Rewards on the Site – So FYI —that is to help the newbies …

    Minstrel Mike
    Honey – If you could automate the system like that –
    YOU could BUY the Coke Company !!! LMAO

    Read the Past Posts -Start near the top – about mid Sept. there are Alot of posts about the Simon Gift card accts. I know there is a $1. Acct Verification Hold Fee that You Have to Watch out For !
    It messes you up – So ASK whoever you are trying to use it with IF they do that FIRST !
    If you Do get stuck by that – It gets put Back after 6 Bus. Days …And the Simon Tel. # is there .Good Luck !

    Minstrel Mike’s and Shendars Codes Are Redeemed –
    Not By Me though …and I coulda used them too I am Codeless …LOL
    Thanks For Posting them ! ChiefWooHoo used Minstrel Mike’s and Said Thanks for those + the Dr.Pepper one !
    No Code Posted here Will Ever Go to Waste !

    Thank YOU for that Info !!!
    I always Wondered Where People Got Those Promo Codes !!
    Now – If anyone has Access to the places Daniel listed – Please LOOK to See if there Are Any NEW Promo Codes Out there And PLEASE POST THEM HERE to Share them With Everyone Here ! Could be on a Product Ad ?
    We Would ALL Appreciate It VERY MUCH !!! Especially Since Alot of Us Just Redeemed Most of Our Points ! We need to Build up our accounts Again … THANK YOU !!!

    Thank You Again vvhitekid2 !!!

  448. Actually ELLEN, the $100 Simon cards went on the site a little after midnight on December the 1st. I snagged 2 of them and 2 of the $75 Blockbuster cards which are the best deal in my opinion for 750 points…if they work as they’re supposed to.

  449. Hey guys how does that Blockbuster card work? It states that it comes in increments of $15.00 but its called a “card” not cards. Doesn’t really matter since its gone now but I might like to get one if they come back. Let me know if any of you get it.


  450. I think the way the Blockbuster card works (at least this is what I’m assuming) is that if you buy something, it takes $15 off the card. So, regardless, if you buy something for $13 or for $10 it will take $15 off. I would also assume that it takes off $30 for, say, a $25 purchase.

    Of course, if you buy something $75 or over you don’t have to worry about that…

  451. Judy –

    I picked up a few of the blockbuster cards this time – I will leave a message as soon as I figure out what the “$15.00” at a time feature works.


  452. MikeMac
    There is a limit of 3 per ACCT. meaning – if Be got 4 – it must have been on more then one Acct.
    No It Does NOT Allow more than 3 per Acct. – I Tried 😉
    What I am Wondering is …Does it Reset after the First of the Year ??? So can you get 3 more Next Year ?

  453. heres 1 dont no if itll work more then the one time got it from albertson for buying 2 liter cokes worth 30 points 5XXJRB9HTA70

  454. Thanks for the info about the simon card. I waited too long Didnt get one. I had just enough points too! oh well I really wanted best buy so maybe I’ll get lucky if they restock. The promo code thing still confuses me. I went through people page by page and saw nothing. can you tell us where in thoes magazines they are? thanks. As far as leaving out the spaces when people donate points, please dont. some of us are not computer savy and we have to write down the numbers and go to the coke site and punch them in. maybe thats why Ive never gotten a code ;-]. A bit outdated and slow but hey its all good fun right?? The excitment the anticipation, the thrill of the hunt…… Have a great day gang, Julie

  455. Just wanted to let everyone know that the $25 simon gift card can be used at You can get a $25 gift card with the $25 Simon gift. There is no tax or shipping charges.

  456. They have Processed and Shipped my $100. Home Depot Card By DHL !!! Says Expected delivery date 12/10 !!!

  457. Well,by accident,I found this nice give away place,and I want to share one of my many point I collecting everywhere,try to make friend with you local nearest neighbor store,and they will collect those for you,go to flea markets and check the trash can etc.

  458. So is the MyCokeRewards promotion ending this December 31st? I just got started a little while back, and have a little over 700 points – don’t want to miss my chance to cash in…thanks.

  459. My coke rewards program has been extended. Point collection for MCR has been coninued through Dec 2008 and points can be redemmed through Jan 2009.

  460. Julie
    To get code faster – copy/paste …
    right click on the code – it gives a little box – click on the copy – then have a second window open with the enter codes part on MCR tap and right click again – click on paste – it should insert the code – BUT be careful – it sometimes leaves a space at the end – then you backspace it will get rid of the space. then hit submit, BUT Practice it First B4 Entering codes on the Coke Site !!! You don’t want to make mistakes as you only have 19 mistakes per day B4 you get locked off entering until 12 noon of the next day !

    It was Extended till Jan 2009 !!! Keep Saving and Be patient they will Restock – Keep Checking
    Use Points Wisely – Good Luck !

    Also – Anyone getting the $100. Home Depot cards by DSL
    You have to Sign for them ,
    I also just got notice they have sent my $25. Home Depot card by USPS Mail ! That comes in a Regular Envelope from Coke in the Mailbox .
    Guess they Are Trying to Get them out to us B4 Christmas !
    Thank You Coke !!!