Free Subway Codes – Land of the Lost

Subway Land of the Lost
Subway Fresh Buzz is at it again with their new promotional Scabble game going on. I have quite a few extra codes around, and I’m not playing this year, so here are some free Subway Scrabble Letters for those who actually play Freshbuzz Land of the Lost!

This year, some prizes include cash, Southwest airline tickets, gift cards, and movie tickets. The promo ends on 7/5/2009, so get to it!

Good luck! If you don’t need the letter that you have, I encourage you to post them here, and share with others. If you used a code that was posted, please be kind enough to say thank you, so that many people aren’t trying the same code over and over.

Here’s one to start out with, more to come:

UPDATE: Check out the Subway Scrabble 2009 page for the free codes and information about the current contest!


  1. Mysterycave

  2. well today i was playing and i matched up the t-rexes and i did not win anything why is that?

  3. I believe you have to match a side, a beverage and a sandwich to win. but I’m not positive. Add Marshall24

  4. tacobellman, you have to match a sandwich, side and drink to win. I’ve played since it started and won a $5 GC for subway (haven’t received it yet).

  5. Thanks, Howard, I used your code posted June 13. And thanks MYBBDG for the free ones.

  6. first, i won 2 movie tickets. then 4 days later, i won a gift card. also in the last 3 point play subway sweeps, i won a $5 gift card!! if u play it everyday, most likely youll win. I LOVE SUBWAY SWEEPS!

  7. I play everyday and I haven’t won anything. In the scrabble game i won about 3 or 4 $5 cards. If you go to the rules and scan them subway has 15 codes listed. Ones missed here are crystal, flashfill,

  8. I am having a hard time with this game piece RXZB-XVCB-GGHJ.

    Please help, Thank You.
    Paul V. Milliken

  9. Paul, I’m not sure what your trouble is with the game piece. After you’ve logged in at scrabble at subway, you simply enter the code in the 3 boxes at the bottom left of the page (without the dashes).

  10. Paul…I had that code as well, from a promotion in Entertainment magazine so I guess it’s a multiple use code. But anyway, I just enterred it and used it with no problem. It’s good for an I tile. I also won a free 3 month POGO membership from the prize wheel with it. I’ve never used POGO before, so I don’t know if that is worth anything or not.

  11. please post more codes! And, a little hint to everyone out there trying to play subway scrabble 09, you can enter the mystery code every day for another letter

  12. On some of the codes How exactly do you enter them. There are 3 boxes…each can hold 4 numbers/letters.

    I have tried 2-3-4 per box with some of the cods above and couldn’t get any to work. except the “I” that was posted with dashes posted 3 above my post haha

  13. Here are some codes you could use more than once.Enjoy

    CGJH-WFMC-XLBF – Letter “H”
    RXZB-XVCB-GGHJ – Letter “I”
    PFLD-WMXK-CMVZ – Letter “O”
    FQDT-PMWZ-SBLJ – Letter “L”
    KXZT-GVLH-XVSB – Letter “O”

    And this one can be used once a day


  14. Thanks for posting the multiple use codes anonymous. I had already used some, but some of them were new to me so I got a few more letters and a few more spins.

  15. subway codes i have:


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