Free Pepsi Codes – Pepsi Rock Band 2009

Pepsi Rock Band
Pepsi launched a new program today: Pepsi Rock Band. On this page, you will find useful chatter about the program, and folks sharing unused codes. If you want to see what I mean, check out the MyCokeRewards give-away page to see just how generous some people are here. I will begin giving away any codes that I come across, and hopefully a few others will follow suit. Also, if you win something from Pepsi, post it! Everyone likes hearing what other people have won!

Here is some info/FAQ about the new program:
When does the Pepsi Rock band promotion end?
The promotion starts today (June 2) and ends on July 28th.

Where do I get Pepsi codes?
The 12-character codes can be found on the underside of the caps on 20oz and 1L bottles. The caps are yellow. You can also find codes on 32oz and 44oz fountain cups. You can also check this site to see if anyone is sharing their unused codes!

What could I win?
For the instant win game, you could win a Rock Band 2 Special Edition bundle, or a downloadable track. For the weekly sweeps, there are few different prizes, including: XBox 360 console, $25 gift card, a trip to a Harrah’s casino/hotel, Rock Band Bandmate, and a MinoHD Flip Video Camcorder.

Is there another way to enter codes (an alternative entry method)?
Yes! You can text codes to PEPSI (73774)

Where can I trade codes (MyCokeRewards for Pepsi codes, etc)?
You can do that on the trading page.

What if I just want to beg for Pepsi codes?
Please don’t do it here. Instead, go to the Begging page to join your fellow beggars!


  1. luvtab, i do not live in your area but i havent seen any yellow caps on bottles… i asked a clerk when they would stock the new bottles, she said that when the next shipment comes in, idk when that will happen. just keep looking

  2. luvtab…I live kinda near you in the Buffalo area. I did see the yellow caps at a Sunoco yesterday morning but they were not in the cooler. I figure they are going to use them to stock once the older bottles are gone. I haven’t seen any in any vending machines yet. As of the weekend, they weren’t in the supermarkets/drugstores that I was in.

    Congrats Kyle!!

    Thanks vvhitekid2 for giving us a forum for all of these great contests and promos!!

  3. Wow, congrats, Kyle!

    I’m still trying to find some caps so I can redeem them on the “free song downloads” side, but can’t find them anywhere.

  4. I work at a gas station in Indiana, and all of ours have RED caps. Although, the rock band caps seem to be limited to just regular and diet pepsi, none on any of their other products, here anyway.

  5. It’s such a great thing to share some codes. I couldn’t believe what i saw at Free mycoke rewards page. People actually give them away and are happy to share. People are also grateful and inspired to give some too. Great job you guys.

  6. Thank you guys for helping me be more confident in finding codes in my area, I was just worried because we didn’t really get rid of them until February. Thank you White Kids for helping us once again. For people who did it last year you may have some messages at with a daily downloaded song of the day. I still didn’t find any codes but who knows what the weekend ends, for know we just buy what we need.

  7. luvtab….do you realize that these codes are only supposed to be on the 20 oz and 1 liter bottles? That could be one of the issues too…they aren’t on the 24 oz or the 2 liter bottles like they were last time.

  8. I just want to post some info on this …If you get the Pepsi~Xtras Newsletter – They send you ONE Code –
    That Code Can ONLY be used on the email/pepsi acct. it was sent to . No one else can use it – it will not work – comes up INVALID . ALSO too many invalid attempts WILL get you locked out like on MCR – hopefully only for 24 hours …Still waiting for them to get here to MA. GOOD LUCK ALL !!!

  9. Shari,thanks for the heads up. I did check this weekend everything in 3 stores and only tops in Geneva,ny and wise guys pizzeria only had the diet pepsi codes,so you know I guess everybodys on a diet.

  10. are the red pepsi caps the same as the yellow rockband caps, because it was saying on the bottle that 1 of 8 wins a free pepsi but that is not what i am looking for. I am looking to get free songs.

  11. No, cleadith, the red capped pepsis don’t have the correct codes for the rock band contest. Sorry. 🙂

  12. So far for me those rockband pepsi bottles are just a myth. The elusive sasquatch of the bottled drink industry. I WANT TO BELIEVE!

  13. Actually, cleadith, there are red rockband caps. The only thing is, if you get one of the 1 in 8 that wins a BOGO, you won’t have a rockband code. But if you “lose” (on a red cap that has the rockband symbols), it will work for Rock Band.

  14. but if you win with the red capped pepsi don’t you get another free one so if the new one doesn’t work it can be used as a rockband code?

  15. Well, from what I’ve been reading here and there, winning song downloads is pretty easy. I have not seen caps in my area (Tampa), but I received an e-mail with a “bonus” atarter code from Pepsi and won a song download with it. Not a bad deal. I’m on the hunt at work for caps now, seeing if any of my coworkers bring any bottles in with the yellow caps.

  16. are you serious i cannot find any pepsi codes and i drink pepsi at least once a week. if anyone has the codes, id enter them now because no one is really playing

  17. Im beginning to hate pepsi because this thing was suppose to be big until they put it on the yahoo site. I dont know what to think.

  18. The yellow caps have been here for over a month in Pennsylvania.

    By the way, what the heck does “LUVTAB” mean?

  19. They Are FINALLY Showing up in the Northeast …Poor Planning or Smart ? The Program started 6/2 and saw the first caps on the bottles 6/25 @ Walmart in Amherst/Nashua NH …Of course I am STILL Seeing Call Your Play Caps Too .So for all the days nobody had caps with codes to play …No Winners every hour …hmmm…Thrifty or Shifty ?

  20. I just found a code in WNY, entered it and got FREE 200 nintendo points! I think every code is an instant winner (at this point), so I can’t wait to save up and get something good!

  21. hmm i got the pepsi xtras newsletter but no code, was it last week’s issue or what?

  22. Just won a Rock Band 2 Bundle for the Wii last night….said it would take 8-10 weeks to ship it out to me…..hope their a little faster on that….Also entered 5 caps this morning and was 5 for 5 on tracks…

  23. how do i download the tracks on my wii shop channel? I have the codes but i can only turn them into wii points, i want the songs…can you help?

    free download for 360: XRXK7-MJ4P2-KK2CR-YT83K-JRRRT

    please email me with advise if possible!

  24. I think at that point I had entered about 119 yellow caps. Now I am up to 150 and I have played about 10 of them on songs and won each time and the other points I have put towards the Vegas trip and Digital Camcorder. I usualy get my hands on about 20 caps a day at work so hopefully some other prizes to come…..all I can suggest is get your hands on all the points you can….don’t just play one at a time….The night I won I had played about 10 or 12 one right after another and then BOOM it said CONGRATS…..

    To collect your free song on the Wii first enter your code for 200 Wii points….then go into Rock Band and go to the shop within the game, choose your song and the wii points will be subtracted from your account……

  25. this site is easy…I’m five for five on tracks, with an extra 1000 wii points I didn’t think I’d get…

  26. How many caps did it take you to get it? I’m thinking that I could get some decent cash for a new bundle.

  27. hello all if you need this pepsi rock badge codes i DO not need it cause on there is NO club pogo on there soo i am giving it away too someone who needs it this is what i see it is T3FWL7E7LM04

  28. Thanks William, but it says that is not a valid code.
    I’m 2/2 on winning songs which is pretty sweet. But it has made me wonder:
    When you win a song pepsi emails you a 25 digit code to use. Can those codes me used by only one account? For example, I got two songs and receieved these two codes

    Are other people able to use them in their marketplace to download the songs? I hope so. Someone please let me know. If so, we can all share the wealth. Good luck all.
    ~ Mo

  29. Did anyone try to redeem my code on RB? I’m still wondering if it worked so others can get my downloads.

  30. Morgan, I tried your codes on Those have been redeemed … not by me. Thought you should get a heads up.

  31. I was sitting at work today and I am pretty sure I figured out how Pepsi is running this contest….it is an instant win contest but if you do it right everybody is a winner…..There are upto 515,000 songs awarded durring the entire promo, and a total of 2472 Rock Band Games Given away….however I have figured each cap is already linked to a prize. 515,000 caps are song winners, There are 824 winners from each system platform. I am guessing that the drawings run each Tuesday are being conducted the sameway….so that means if you are playing your codes for songs and you have a loser in the “song instant win” Your cap would have won a Rock Band 2 special edition or even possibly one of the bigger prizes….Vegas Trip, XBox, Digial Camcorder, Rock Band Gift Card, Rock Band Member

    Prizes are as follows
    Rock Band 2 Special Edition for PS3 = 824
    Rock Band 2 Special Edition for Wii = 824
    Rock Band 2 Special Edition for Xbox = 824

    Downloadable Content = 515,000

    Vegas Trips = 15
    Xbox 360 Package = 150
    Flip Video Digial Camcorder = 225
    Rock Band Member = 45
    $25 Rock Band Gift Card = 750


  32. I hate to burst your bubble Scubarick, but I am sure there is more than a million bottles linked to this promotion. What it is a computer program generates random times to hand out prizes and the person closest to the redemption time (either exactly at the time, or shortly after) receives the prize.

  33. Ok….won mine on the 8th of July….they said 8-10 weeks….It arrived via UPS this afternoon…..2 weeks not a bad wait….

  34. Vvhitekid’s code redeemed by me. Thank you so much this is the first time that I got a code from this site! I have been on this site for over a year. I am so excited. I won 200 nintendo wii points with your code!

  35. I am sure many of you get the emails from Pepsi where you click “Enter Now” to enter a sweepstakes. It will let you sit there and do it over and over and over. Do you think it actually enters your name again each time you do that? I want a camcorder! Thanks in advance for your opinions!


  36. uughh, my RB foot pedal just broke. Do you guys think that if I miraculously rack up, like, 10 or so codes, that I might have a shot at winning the RB2 bundle? I could use the upgrade from my RB1 instruments, too.

  37. Dear vvhitekid2,
    I am so excited that you love my name! You made my day! Thanks! Have a good one!

  38. Anyone notice how tracks have really started to fail now? I always used to win tracks YOU WON! over and over. A few days ago all I do is fail now. What gives?

  39. I was trying to get some songs for the wii but they are out of wii codes, I was wondering how long do they take to come back onto the site?

  40. It dosent matter if the song didnt come out for wii yet. All the caps do is give you 200 wii points once you pick a song, so it dosent really matter what song you picked or if it never came out. It just gives you a code to enter in the wii shop channel.

  41. Yup, I just saw that. Redeemed my only code win to make sure I get something before they run out again.

  42. I have played this stupid game from Pepsi, 136 times, for the game system and NO WIN!!! Ugh!!!!!!

  43. Ya, don’t do them all in a row. I’ve won 8 out of 10, but all through different days. Except one day, I entered three codes towards the track in a row,and only won two.

  44. Not to sound rude to jeremy, but he isn’t right. It doesn’t matter when you enter or how many you enter per day. In fact, if anything, that advice is actually counter-productive:
    One theory on how the random computer selection works (note, there IS no such thing as a computer capable of random selection. Ask anyone who knows slot machine technicals.) is that your chance of winning is based on the number of prizes left. To give an example…
    Winning a song is not a simple coin flip, your odds are NOT 50%, either win or don’t win. Think of it like this:
    Ever see that game at the fair where you win prizes by throwing darts at a wall and popping balloons? If the wall is COVERED in balloons it’s a lot easier to win, but the longer the game goes, the less balloons there are and the greater chance you won’t win.
    Same theory here. In the first weeks, EVERYONE was winning, nearly every time they entered a code. I won on my first 14 tries. However now, since so many prizes have been claimed, the winning has greatly dropped off. Now I win about 50% of the time. In the coming weeks, I think you’ll see the average drop to about 25%.

    In other words, my only advice is enter codes as soon as you get a chance. After that, it’s all up to chance. Good luck.

  45. Morgan…I think the simple answer is that these Pepsi caps are more readily available and there are more people playing this promo than when this program first launched.

    More caps being entered means your chances of winning anything are a lot less IMO.

  46. Just won my 2nd Rock Band bundle, 1 Wii and 1 Xbox. Trying for the last PS3 until the end of the promo. Yankee Stadium (and I think all MLB stadiums) now have Pepsi instead of Coke, so caps are plentiful. You just have to get the nerve to scoop them up when others throw them away. Waiting until the game is over is an easy pickup, probable can get about 40 before they kick you out. Scanning the cup holders is a good move too. The easiest way to get the free RB DLC, wait until the end of the day, around 10 or 11 o’clock. Since they give away 5000/day, if you do it in the morning, there’s no rush for them to give you a win. If you wait till the end of the night, most likely they will have plenty left over in the day to give away, so your chances are better. They would need to clear out all 5000 before midnight, so your chances are better. Not every one will win, but better odds than the morning. Good luck all !!! Andrew

  47. I’ve tried 40 times for the ps3 bundle because my drums and guitar are broken. At my job pepsi is less than coke so I send the codes in from my phone from people drinking a soda. They don’t seem to mind too much. I’ve been really struggling to pay off my student loans and rent because they cut my hours from 50 to 40 (that overtime really helped). I don’t know why I’m typing this, just bummed I guess.

  48. I just won PS3 Rock Band Bundle on about my 40th try. I have been asking local grocery stores and gas stations to save the bottle caps for me, and it got me a bundle. I also have racked up 175 songs for Rockband. I guess now, I just go for more DLC.

  49. Dang, looks like they are out of Wii codes again. Lost another song try, tried to redeem a winner I had last week, and got the “We are in the process of getting more Wii tokens. Please check back later this week to get your token for this song.” message.

  50. Hey does anyone know how long pepsi freezes your account if you try to enter too many invalid codes? Someone sent me a list of codes online but they were all invalid and now when I try to enter a code it says “Your account is frozen?” Any help would be great. Thanks

  51. 1st time I won the Wii was about 20x (at 2 AM). 2nd win for Xbox was about 10x (at 3 AM). Have about 110 codes waiting for the next time I’m up at some early time. If not, I’ll just go for the sweeps. Andrew

  52. Congrats on the wins, Andrew. Nice work early in the morn. I’d do the same if I had that many codes to try.

  53. I’m 3 for 3 on RB Songs, but every time I try to redeem for a Wii song, it says “We are still waiting for more tokens for Wii songs, please try again later this week.”

    I’ve tried daily for 4 days, same message every time. Almost no one around here drinks pepsi so I’m low on codes 🙁

  54. Dang it! Got up very early this morning to try and win some song downloads. Lost three tries in a row (with a good 30 mins between tries). It is getting harder to win. I’m total 4 for 9 tries with this program! Considering there are supposed to be 5000 song win oportunities per day, that equates to about 1 win per 17 seconds! They must group them together in shorter blocks to make room for longer pauses. I can see 5 second win blocks to make room for minutes long pauses between win opportunites. Any opinions?

  55. o.O cant wait for the beatles rockband!
    about to go to theme park and ask for peoples caps haha

  56. I so have the worst luck with this. I’m now 4 for 10 in trying for song downloads. Argh! You’d think at 4:35 in the morning you’d have a decent chance. Oh, and seems Wii song tokens are out again. Freaking again!

  57. I think this is a rock band code not quite sure since I don’t drink pepsi but its a red cap with what looks like part of a guitar on it


  58. I also have been having really really bad luck with winning songs lately… before they updated the list (and made the odds to win harder i think) I was 28/30… now I’m 33/45. It’s getting to the point where winning 50% of the time is becoming unlikely 🙁

  59. Thanks for the advice, but to clarify my comment, I only submit 1 chance on any given day. My total overall score is 4 wins in 10 total tries since the game began.

  60. Heh, finally got a chance to check old e-mails (box was full) and found on the 17th I won the Virtual MTV Pepsi Rockband contest and won 3 codes to enter. Hmm, I wonder if it is worth trying to a Rockband 2 bundle with them.

  61. Okay, cool, couldn’t redeem for a Wii code, but tried for another download code and one. That brings my total standing to 5/11. Back to approaching 50%. How’s everyone else doing? Anyone abot to get Wii codes lately?

  62. hmmmm entered 523 codes so far…..probably won 25 or so song downloads, 1 Rockband for the Wii…..the last 158 I have entered in the Beatles Rockband contest…..probably will end up entering another 50 or so before this leg of the contest is over….

  63. Good grief that is a lot of codes! I’ve only had 11, plus 2 more on bottles I have in the fridge. Good luck.

  64. 0/10 for a free rock band 2 🙁
    12/30 on song downloads… entered 25 at one time a few days ago, a little after midnight, and only won 8.

  65. I won a Rock Band 2 bundle a while back using a free code that Pepsi sent me so guys keep on trying. You never know!

    As far as the free song tracks, I’ve won only 4 out of like 20 so I have no luck on that. I’m concentrating on the Beatles Rock Band Sweeps now.

  66. One more thing…

    If you’re a college student, go around campus and collect those caps. I’ve been doing that since school started and been collecting 50 average a day. Last week I collected 250 caps total so that’s a way to boost your chance of winning.

  67. first time playing this promo. 2 for 3 on downloads. 0 for 2 on bundle. won the downloads within 2 mins of each other.

  68. Now that the program is over, I ended up winning 2 Rock Band kits out of about 400 codes entered. I won a Wii which I’m using and an Xbox 360 which I am not. Is there anyone out there interested in the Xbox 360 kit? Of course, unopened still in the shipping box from Pepsi. Taking offers. Live in NY area so that would be easier to pick up. Also would trade even up for a Wii or PS3 Rock Band 2 kit. LMK, Andrew

  69. Well, I guess that is that. Until the next Pepsi promo game. Overall I was 13/24 on song downloads and 0/1 for the Wii Rockband kit. I was only able to get 20 codes from bottles, 1 from e-mail, 1 from a forum and 3 from the MTV contest for 25 total codes to try. They were hard to find where I’m at. How’d everyone else do? I know there were some big winners out there.

  70. I cleaned up! I added 35 free songs to my rock band library. I started running out of songs that I wanted and started playing for the kit and didn’t win.

    The vending machine at work (which is stocked at least once a week) still dispenses Pepsi products with the rock band cap… wtf? It’s the first week of november and I’m sitting on a dozen codes that I can’t enter =(

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