Free MyCokeRewards Codes (III)

This is a place for you to share, collect, or give away your unsused MyCokeRewards points or discuss the current promotional codes.
Since the last few MyCokeRewards giveaway pages were getting long, I have created this new one.

Please continue sharing coke points, promo codes, and MyCokeRewards news. We’ve built up quite the community of generous people here!

Here are some other links to help you navigate this site:
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MyCokeRewards Post #2 (comments now closed)
Pepsi’s TransformYourSummer
Dr. Pepper’s Band in a Bubble

Also, if you must beg for codes, I ask that you do it at the mycokereward beggars page.

Check back often, I try to give away free codes on a daily basis, and a lot of people have followed in my footsteps. Isn’t nice to see something GOOD happening on the internet? πŸ™‚


  1. people, please post only for mycokerewards here, there are seperate pages for pepsi tys and dr. pepper, thanks, and btw, this site is awesome, ive gotten about 80 points from the promo codes so keep it up,

    Hooray, first comment

  2. thanks for the 3 ptr, it worked but the 10 ptr. said it was entered incorrectly, probably a typo but thanks again

  3. 3 pointer already redeemed (not by me) and the 10 pointer says the code is entered wrong.

  4. hey white kid, think your site is great, although I never make it in time to get the points myself. Where d the 10 pointers come from?

  5. yay i got a post in the first 10 haha great job on this site i got alot of promo codes from it.

  6. YAY i got a 20 pt code today when i purchased 2 12 packs from kroger!!!!

    i went through the do it yourself check out to make sure i got the coupon πŸ˜›

  7. this site is great even though I havent gotten one point from it except the promos but that is good enoygh for me.. Thanks

  8. James,

    Glad to hear it worked this time. Those Kroger “Catalina” codes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I just hope they have a sale on 12 packs before it ends. Better yet, gives us a price cut on the Powerade 8 packs…those get you 24 point codes…for one pack!


  9. will trade 6 to 1 caps for 10 point fridge pk flaps, or 12 to 1 for 20 pt codes (24 pks) Any amount welcome. I will trade for 1 code, if you want to.

  10. Store receipts with bonus codes. I spoke to the MyCoke Rewards folks today to see if any stores neat me were participating. I am in Massachusetts, south of Boston. They said Stop & Shop and Hannaford Bros, are involved, but don’t currently have any active offers. If anyone is in this area, and hears anything, please post, and I will do the same.


  11. wow no matter how many times i visit this site, i have yet been able to get a code that hasnt been used. I applaud you all for being so quick…

  12. I was looking for coke caps today and I ran into a Dr.Pepper cap I don’t really use it so i am giving it up for grabs. So here you go 3Q3XWDF1H1FG .

  13. stop posting seven messages that the free code has been redeemed.

    “DP code: 4TYL NGEF DLTQ had been used.”
    “TYS code already redeemed but not by me ;(”

    “thanks for the 3 ptr, it worked but the 10 ptr. said it was entered incorrectly, probably a typo but thanks again”

    “thanks! 10 point redeemed”

    “Already redeemed but not by me. Thanks anyways.”

    You said that one of the reasons you “filter” some posts is that they do not add to the conversation. Please tell me how seven “all ready redeemed, but not by me ” add tot the conversation. (“remember that I tried to help the “night stalker” be aware that there is a lurking law and you “censored” it because it contained a link)

    Are you really looking at the posts?

  14. Too many “all ready used this code.

    You told me that you censored post that do not add to the conversation. How does seven “code used but not by me” add to the conversation?

    My post, to warn the “lurker” of a possible arrest was censored and yet seven “all ready used but not by me” are not????! You need to come clean on what gets in and what is out!!

    I don not want to read seven messages that say that and I’m sure others feel the same!!!

    (Probably censored, again)

  15. Woop, new one! Thanks ppls for all the free codes and I look forward to a new givaway frenzy! Thanks!

  16. Don’t email insane crazy beast! I sent a bunch of cap codes to a squredude2435 with promise of 15 10 pt codes and nada! If he DOES have caps to trade, he STOLE them, some from me! DOn’t become his next victim. his email name was wajahaat khan, if you see that name it is a SCAM!

  17. CHeck it out, vvhitekid, on the Coke Rewards site II, @ 5:23 p.m “WEDGE” at squredude2435 has flaps and needs caps but next day JUN 8 3:21 p.m, “DONNY” has this to say : HEY i work at disney world and i need flaps i get like 100 caps a night minimum soo i need flaps for i will give u 5 caps for every 10 point flap or u offer plz email me at for ur offer vvhitekid post this nothing is wrong with it , THEN on this site we find

    email me at because i have TONS or caps and i need flaps email me now or instant message me on aim at squaredude2435

    “square dude2435” is ALSO insane crazy beast!, so he is DONNy and wedge?! He has caps and flaps he wants to trade for?! He needs to be blocked from this site, dontcha think?! I just wish there was a way I could get him (and/or my caps) back!

  18. hey nick, i sent a couple caps to “WedgE” to trade too, but hadnt heard anything from him. so i went ahead and redeemed the codes i sent, since he hadnt used them yet. i didnt want him to steal them.

    although i had to do it on a different account b/c i reached my daily limit

  19. thanks avi, i know there are separate ones, but i figured the chances of getting one in return would be better here, plus I wanted to “reward” users of this site who also used tys codes.

  20. paul, you seem to be confused, even if someone didnt redeem a code but posted that it had been used, it was the first posting regarding the status of a code, thus was very helpful to someone who might otherwise spend time logging on and entering, only to find out it had already been redeemed. unless i’m confused, I thought they were like the second most important post on this site, though my logic could totally be flawed.

  21. HERE’S A CAP CODE THAT HAS BEEN PARTIALLY DESTROYED- run over, missing a piece. good luck if you want to try filling in, remember you can only get 20 wrong, then youre done for the day, no more codes.

    MVYLL CURVE AT THE BOTTOM, ie not a 4 or an L, maybe a 6,5,3,C,J,U,D,G,S,9,8,O,O


    HE HE (maniacal laughter)

  22. good point , james, I can still use the caps I set aside cuz he can only enter 10 a day, just like me. I stupid. and now he’ll have to go somewhere else to run his scam, cuz were all on to it. I also sent an email to yahoo about “reporting abuse” just to see if it does any good. technically, he stole things of (small) value from me through his email.

  23. his first victim was me -.- im the one who works at disney if you check the page before this somewhere at 900 i offered to trade caps for flaps and i get 70-100 a night blah blah well he emailed me that he had flaps so like a dumb ass i sent him codes trusting my fellow coke head and gave him 30 codes so yeah beware he has like 2 accounts,, dont be a sucker like i was btw atm i have 500 caps i can trade out my email is
    32 Pack, 12 oz. cans=15 caps
    8 Pack, 20 oz. bottles=14 caps
    24 Pack, 12 oz. cans=11caps
    6 Pack, 24 oz. bottles =9 caps
    12 Pack, 12 oz. cans (Fridge Pack)=5 caps
    24 Pack, 500 ml=5 caps
    12 Pack, 500 ml=5 caps

    here are some more free freebie 3 pts

  24. EXCUSE ME i dont scam nick we did half and half u sent me a 10 point code and i gave u 3 and the deal was u send me another 10 i would give u 7 now it is not coorect that u wrote it wrong and u said i used it i replied ur email and dont lie i gave u codes u gave me a WRONG 10 point code for the second one i tried it it was not entered correclty and james i dont know u dont say u sent me anythign one 1 person sent me codes and that was for free i asked that was carlos u guyts lie a lot

  25. hey does anyone know if they are going to restock the bestbuy gift cards? or is it all done?

  26. If anyone has any promo codes please post, they are soooooo helpful because they last for a long time and multiple accounts can use them. I’ve gotten a few points off generous people on this site but i’ve gotten a lot more from promos. If anyone has some post please.

  27. dean,

    i think they’re going to restock it cause my brother got 3 of them last week and they’re giving away a lot so they are going to restock it so more people drink coke for it

  28. This is the first time I am on this site and cannot believe I have been missing out on this the whole time. I am new to collecting points and regret not getting in to this earlier. I would appreciate any help or advise anyone could give to get going. I’m trying to get the Fiesta Texas Family tickets for my two girls and I.

    Also what is that bestbuy gift card program? Are they giving them away or what? Just asking incase I am missing out on something else as well. Thanks You All. Incase anyone wants to e-mail me some codes, my e-mail is


  30. sorry, A lotta caps. I just redeemed 20 of the codes I “lost” to this guy over the last two days, I guess that’s the down side to scamming caps, he can’t use them all at once! I kept the codes, so he’s really not getting much, but I’m sure he’s filling his quota with gullible suckers like us. I wish you had flaps to trade. WEDGE/DONNY really is incoherent, isn’t he? I’ve asked whitekid why he continues to let the guy on here, in less polite language, so he wouldn’t post it.
    ANyone else been scammed by this guy? Three strikes and youre out, hopefully.

  31. Dude that quaredude almost scammed me i gave him a wrong code that was invalid and he said that it was used so he could get points and not give me anything…but i showed him….

  32. cokehead,

    I’m talking about multiple posts for the same code. The filter man seems to let too many go thru for the same code. I do not know how this is adding to the conversation as it was put. I NEVER said that the first one shouldn’t. I just don’t think everyone should have to read thru TEN!

    Paul from mn

  33. Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 13:27:34 -0700 (PDT)
    From: “James Kwee” Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    Subject: Re: caps for flaps
    To: Send an Instant Message “wajahaat khan”
    alright, heres 2 cap codes:

    i’ll send you the other two when i get a flap code :]

    wajahaat khan wrote:

    15 no offer yet ill take ur caps =]]]

    James Kwee wrote:

    hey i will trade for your flaps. how many do you have left?

    lol yeah right wedge pedge. theres a the emails right there.
    but w.e i dont care cuz i didnt lose anything since i went ahead and redeemed the codes when people started complaining lol.
    and im not here to argue or fight.

  34. on the flip side, I just had favorable trades with B-rad and a Pariba Misaqi, so two thumbs up from me if you see those folks wantin to trade. 6 to 1 offer still open; my caps , your flaps. I’ve got 180 or so caps, bought some, found some every day. any amount of flaps welcome, from 1 up to 30 obviously.

  35. To Nick, and other that have critiqued the way I run things here:

    I am not “policing” the site, as you put it. I am simply weeding out spam. I get 500 posts a day to this site, and you see how many make it. If you aren’t begging or spamming, your post will probably make it through my filter.

    If, however, you’re dumb enough to email your codes to someone that posts an email address (here’s looking at you, Nick)…. well, I’m afraid I can’t help you. Sorting through codes and IP addresses doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Why don’t we just wise up and make it easier for everyone.


  36. Look, all I’m saying is, you KNOW now that this one dude is ripping off the people who use your site. I think that warrants not letting him in through your filter anymore, at least to post requests for bogus trades. Whatever word you want to use for censoring some posts and not others, it’s like letting someone who steals from your guests over to your house, hearing them complain repeatedly and you just keep inviting him over. Sure, he doesn’t steal from YOU, but he sure makes it unpleasant for everyone else. I prefer to think of it as trust rather than stupidity, I need to trade these things to get the prize I want in time, so I have to take the good with the bad. besides most of MY codes at least he hasn’t used yet. maybe yahoo shut down his email account that’d be cool.

  37. Meh. I’m not going to shit up this post with a flame war, but think of it this way: If someone wrote in a bunch of times saying YOU, Nick, scammed someone, what should I do? Hear both sides out? Match IP addresses with posts? No thanks.

    In order to “ban” this guy, I would have to sort through thousands of posts and IPs, then log in to the server and make a code change. An easier solution to all of this would be to just use your head when dealing with people on the internet.

    Trade at your own risk. I think its dumb.
    That’s all.

  38. Wait, so ireallywatever you sent the guy an invalid code. So you were planning on lying and scamming him as well.

  39. lets just let it go nick i got at least 10 of my codes back cause he hadnt used em yet just for future note for others be careful of that guy vvhitekid2 is there a way you can post Ip addresses along with names after posts so we know if it is the same guy under a different name and email?

  40. Promo codes… if anyone has anymore please post.. i need more codes

    25 points: 100084148441474
    25 points: 100084056688357
    10 points: 100083158358966
    10 points: 100083969675326
    10 points: 100082622438433
    10 points: 100082211832616
    5 points: 100082157763657
    3 points: 100082021821624

  41. whitekid(and his site and the way he runs it) is the shit! anyone who don’t like it should maybe consider finding another one to spread their hostility and negativity to, or perhaps start your own site, since u’ve got all the answers! mad props to whitekid, and the way he runs the site, I’m not even going to complain to him about allowing most everyone, including you mister negativity, to post thier mind, or thier scams. learn your lesson, and move on ok

  42. EVERYONE listen i scammed alottlacaps but nick is a lie ok he snet me a correctr code and i gave him 3 so the deal was send me another and ill send 7 and guess wat HE SCAMMED cause it didnt work so i didnt give him 7 why hsould i donald u r right as well he did give me a wrong code so he scammed me nicjk ur a loser u think ur cool ok i scammed one person every1 else i was fair and im sorry for that cardona ok bye im still posting on this site nick so live with it u little girl o and vvhitekid thaniks for letting me on


    cokehead, I agree even a shameless suckup post like yours should be allowed on the site. πŸ™‚

  44. whats everyone to do when the coke-a-maniac runs wild on you…oh yeaah can you dig it. btw un scramble this and get 2 caps akrsto ,hint one word and nothing to do with sports

  45. All these back and for arguing is giving me headache. Aespecially with all kind of other messages in between them. Anyway we can put them in another thread and let them go at it????

  46. Grow Up kids!!!!!!! Whos scamming who what a bunch of imature babies…He should ban you all for crying so much…Frankly Im tired of weading through all of it to get important posts. If your dumb enough to fall for the scams that is your issue…I dont trade caps or flaps with someone I dont know!! Its that simple. In the long run trading caps for flaps unless on a large basis isnt going to help anyway. Why dont you just Refer a friend and get 20 points the easy way….I sign up people all the time from Church, work, other forums and so on…They love to start out with Promo codes of 100 and able to get a small prize even if they never play again….

  47. coke-a-maniac,
    3 valid possibilities
    at least that’s all in the scrabble world of words.

  48. korats – a type of shorthaired cats
    taroks – a point-trick game with bidding
    troaks – don’t know definition, but it’s a scrabble word….
    any of these what you had in mind coke-a-matic?

  49. well nice try peoples but this aint scrabble world……another hint think video games..and if u cant get it now well 2 bad

  50. Kratos! πŸ™‚

    Now, the questions is if you’re referring to Tales of Symphonia, God of War, or something else. πŸ˜‰

  51. oops sorry typobox,linktetra had it first but i didnt notice.and of course im referring to god of war whats your email

  52. You can buy points off of ebay if anyone wants them but doesn’t want to drink tons of it πŸ™‚

  53. No i wasnt trying to scamm him…i think he was…it was actually a mistake i made with the code but i thought he was scamming me by saying the code was used… im trading with nick and I am an honest guy u can even ask him…we made a deal and its all working out…he is also an honest guy u should trade with him too…i havent ripped him off and he hasnt ripped me off…

  54. and also he said 5 caps for a flap and he only gave me 3 caps and said he would give me 7 caps when i gave him another flap but i dont want too anymore cus the deal was a flap for 5 caps but he only gave me 3 caps so i lost a point (i kno its only a point) but he still scammed me…so i didnt give him the other flap…and he was very slow to respond to the emails…

  55. If you ever go to a concert or fair, take caps because alot of people drink coke there, I get 100 points everytime.

  56. well, actually, ireallywatever, I don’t know who you are to verify that one, you’d have to put your email address in instead. Anyone else having problems logging in to Dr pepper (the actual site not asfhj’s) today? thx for acknowledging code michelle, I’m glad someone nice got it. I’d do another one, but I only found 18 caps today, not quite up to snuff. goal is 20. did get my 100 pts today tho.

  57. When I used this above code for the twenty coke I get the following message. The status for this gift doesn’t appear as offered.

  58. He means a free 20 oz. coke, not 20 my coke rewards points. Yeah, confused me at first, too.

  59. peeps, stop quarrellin’, man. this vvhitekid dude is doin’ all a solid, righteous thing. share the love, kick the hate. i got my thing, so i’m done. sharin’ a little love with some 3 pointer codes left over up for grabs…


    peace out! i’m out.

    oh yeah, nick… what about the slogan contest? any winner?

  60. all 4 codes redeemed, byt not by me. it would be wonderful if people started being nice again about posting after they redeem a code instead of everyone complaining about the scams and whatnot

  61. sorry, Nick (not me the other one πŸ™‚ that’s who I thought you were. yes I have traded well with ireallywatever. AND b-RAD and 2 0r 3 others. i think i sent the asdfhj “slogan” code to coke a maniac, mainly because he entered twice in the specified time frame (72 hrs) and someone else entered once. awarded mainly for enthusiasm rather than entry merit, in other words.


  62. FYI…

    I have come across 2 12 packs so far with 12 digit codes. A Sprite that had 3 rows of 4 digits each and a Diet Coke that had 2 rows of 6 digits each. Not sure why there is a variation on how it is printed, but just wanted to pass it along.


  63. I was so close. I swear, I try it with a Y for the first V, and then when I want to try the second V, it ran out of try for the day. You are a lucky man, Barry.

  64. OMG vvhitekid2 i would have had that code but i entered my max of 10 it is 4 29 i would have got it o well

  65. First one I have gotten since frequenting this site.

    The 5x… above was gone by someone already too.

  66. 6 L Y B 4
    V P 7 6 J
    N H B Y M- h might be an M, this line was torn in half

    still tradin’; you get my 6 cap codes, I get your 1 ten point flap code. single code trades welcome. I’ve been trading all week and I still have over 100 caps up for grabs. also 1:1 pepper:coke caps sorry about yesterday’s code, must have read it wrong. anyone trying that code with a missing piece?

  67. Thanks Nick. That is the 1st code I was actually able
    to redeem from here. Always to late. Not this time.

    Thank again.

  68. Hey Nick,

    maybe if your post about the code with missing pieces was a little clearer…

    this is what you posted:
    MVYLL CURVE AT THE BOTTOM, ie not a 4 or an L, maybe a 6,5,3,C,J,U,D,G,S,9,8,O,O

    the second line ends with ‘HAS A’ – did you leave something out?

    CURVE AT THE BOTTOM is referring to what? which characters in MVYLL are not readable?
    and the part after ‘maybe a’ shows several characters that are not valid in the MCR program (except for 0,3,5,8 when code is a promo code) – 0,3,5,8,C,D,S,U.

  69. update to valid characters:
    I just put in 4 caps that have 12 characters
    I noticed these new valid characters (and these characters are probably only going to show in 12 character codes):
    A F
    0 5 – I didn’t try inputting the ‘zero’ as the letter O – will try next time I get a code with a zero/O.

  70. Well. CokeRewards.. I’ve been entering since this thing started and missed the first laptop by 10 points :(. And i’ve been saving ever since. I got a nintendo wii with my 20,000+ points. And that was nearly 8 weeks ago. Usually they’re shipping is like next day. But I guess the wii is on SUPER backorder, so if anyone has the points, order it NOW, cause there’s no doubt they are going to be gone soon. Considering i ordered it the first day it was put on >_

  71. oh, it’s clear enough i think, if you understand what * means. the second line instructions cont to the third line, mo-ROn; HAS A / CURVE AT THE BOTTOM.
    I know what characters coke uses, I input enough daily, just having a little fun. “which characters in MVYLL are not readable?” now , how many have you put in not to know there are 5 characters per line? pretend there is a red circle around the three lines of code, if you really want those three points,. anyway, it’s not my job to walk you through it, if it’s worth it to you, you’ll figure it out

  72. I dont understand why people want to trade 5 or 6 caps for one flap? Will someone explain this to me.

  73. It’s because of the 10 codes per day limit. Someone with 400 caps sitting around would rather take a hit on the total points they could have and be able to enter everything in their lifetime. If they entered 10 caps a day, it’d be 30 points. If they trade for 10 flaps, they can enter 100 points. I assume these people have a constant supply of caps that they just can’t keep up with. Win-win situation.

  74. My guess is because they do not want to have to enter that many codes … πŸ˜‰ I really don’t know though.

  75. avi,

    You have a maximum of 10 code entries a day.
    cap = 3 points
    12 pk flaps = 10 points

    10 caps = 30 points
    1 flap + 9 caps = 37 points

    If someone has an unlimited supply of caps and can afford to trade they will raise their daily points and reach their goal faster. If they can successfully trade enough to get 10 flaps a day then they will be able to accumulate 100 points a day. It doesn’t matter as much that they are trading 15 points for 10 points. The goal is to increase your daily points.

    Hope this helps…


  76. I wouldn’t say I have an unlimited supply, lol. I don’t work for a recycling place or somewhere where I get hundreds of caps. Some people do. I just look out for them, all the time. Actually I just got 65 flaps so I’m good for a while on trades, but these guys are right about what they are saying, plus the motivation factor of getting people to bother emailing me, and not someone else. but avi, I will gladly trade 4:1 with ya, if you really insist. πŸ™‚ next week, tho.

  77. Call Coke at 1-866-776-6610

    The $500 Cruise Gift Certificate has been REMOVED!

    It was on the website for exactly 2 weeks to the day(June 1st-14th)…that’s it. The Coke representative kept saying “Per the official rules a sponsor can add or remove a prize without prior notification”…and that Coke wouldn’t have any idea why.

    I can understand the flexibility given to the sponsor, but COME ON…2 WEEKS is all your going to give us?

    I feel really bad for Renee since she didn’t jump on it right away, but who would have thought it would be pulled off so soon.

    Call and voice your concerns…let them know you feel shafted. Maybe they will actually look into why it is no longer there and stop saying “Per the official rules…”


  78. New here but have to say it’s good to get to know a local vending guy. I talked to one a few weeks ago and so far he left 7 flaps one week 5 the next and yesterday a shocking 53. Keep that in mind if you work in an office building or somewhere with vendos.

  79. Cases are coming out with 20 points on them also. Just have to watch the packaging.

  80. Does it matter at this point??? They need to have some decent prizes.///// Way back when you could get a PSP for 1500 points and now the Nintendo DS is 3200 points. Double the points I dont think sooo…Highway robbery—- : >)

  81. I can see there are more and more MCR newbies coming abroad with the famous cap flap trade question. No wonder caps and flaps are getting harder to come by lately.

  82. peedy is right; the prize choices really suck, and the point values are much higher now. Before, you could collect points to get decent prizes within a month or so, but, now there are so many prizes that nobody really wants. Then, whenever they do offer new prizes that are good, the quantities are out of stock within hours. But, i still love this thing!

  83. Hey! thanks for the 25 pointers.
    I typed in coke points and your page came up and in red I saw the codes and they worked!!
    that is so great! thanks so much!
    now I am up to 400

  84. thanks, i kind of figured it out right after I entered the post but i’ve just never thought of it since i only have 300 pts. Its crazy how people can get so many caps though, I mean i’ve thought about how many you could get if you went down to the local grocery store and taken the caps from people’s recyclables but seriously, who has time to do that, and is it really worth it?

  85. OK, we can all breathe a sigh of relief…at least Renee and I can.

    The $500 certificate for the cruise should not be gone for good. The person at Royal Caribbean said that the certificates were setup for the rest of the year. They believed that Coke was told to split the quantity for the year up for the remaining months. This means that the alotted quantity for June was likely used and we should see the $500 cruise certificate back in July. If it is not then I have been instructed to call my contact at Royal Caribbean back to let them look into it further.

    So Renee, there is a glimmer of hope with this prize again.


  86. Just more people finding this site. I have been doing this almost since it opened but didn’t realize there was a site that people would help.

    hey vvhitekid-
    Is there anyway to put the most recent comments at the top of the page?


  87. yo whitekid2 this code was already redeemed just to let you know and for otehrs so they dont waste time trying to input it.
    Im out

  88. has anyone bought a basketball from MCR if so tell me how they are. im gonna save up for the Wisconsin one

  89. Has anyone redeemed a basketball from My Coke Rewards? if so tell me how they are im saving up for one currently i have 160 points haha got to get all the way to 420 gonna take forever (“the wisconsin one”)

  90. heres an easy one for ya since i only have one cap (my source has been taken away from me ) 2 words ” ntjusi advrleern ” and only one anwser per person so think hard b4 u answer

  91. Has anyone figured out what this code was supposed to be? I tried Z in place of 2, T in place of the 1, and 6 in place of the 5, but no luck….

    hereÒ€ℒs a free 10 pointer.
    Tell me if it works.

  92. Nope … I also tried replacing B with 8 but that didn’t work either. It is a mystery!

  93. Ok I have a question … I totally answered the Justin Verlander word scramble and my comment is gone! How did that happen?

  94. Someone got the one above
    Thanks for the having a place for the promo codes in one place!

  95. Ok, this was kind of a tough decision, but no more quizzes for points. At least, not in this thread right now.

    After that last quiz was posted about the Detroit pitcher, there were about 50 responses, most of which I deleted.

    I’m thinking we should try to avoid clutter as much as possible for now, and focus on the purpose of why we are all here: to give and get free codes, especially promo codes.

    I have a few things in the works… a new format for the site that will allow for much more interaction. As always, I welcome your opinions. I do read every single comment that comes through here, even if I do not allow it to be posted.


  96. did any one get the digital binochulars and if so r they any good cause im thinking about gettin em im 46 points away

  97. I welcome your opinions. now that’s, to quote coke a maniac “a crock of shit” you welcome opinions you agree with, sure. I don’t want to give away free points, cuz half the time people take them and don’t say anything, then the next 50 people come by and try and put it in. very annoying. with a quiz, at least they earn it, and you know who they are. plus its fun, and it is about “why we’re here”, giving and getting free coke codes. so you have to wade thru a few extra posts, so what, you said you get thousands anyway. find a way to make sure when someone gets the code it shows up on the site, that would be very helpful.

  98. Someone stated there is one area for Promo codes???? Anyone have a link to that?? I saw several several posts up where someone listed these but wondering if there an area on the site to see just promo codes?? Anyone have info on this?? This site has been very helpful on finding information on MyCokeRewards and VERY VERY HELPFUL with Promo Codes! I have been on the site for approx 2mo and never snatched a code that someone randomly placed. Infact I dont try any longer, but keep an eye out for promos.

    I do think there is alot of whinning that goes on about he/she did this or Im not getting any and so on. That kind of reading gets old, but otherwise enjoying the site. Keep up the good work…

    As stated I posted the PROMOS once more but if there is a dedicated area please let me know…

    Oh yeah one last point…When I hit submit sometimes it takes a very long time for the post to actaully appear. 1/2 hour sometimes??? Not sure what is up with that.

    25 points: 100084148441474
    25 points: 100084056688357
    10 points: 100083158358966
    10 points: 100083969675326
    10 points: 100082622438433
    10 points: 100082211832616
    5 points: 100082157763657
    3 points: 100082021821624

  99. Im getting a message saying the website is underservice at the moment wondering if they are putting new prizes up….

    Also a person from Mycokerewards called today saying that the code I called about and couldnt read they would be crediting my account soon. How nice is that…10 points no less.

  100. I want to say thanks for the promo codes.
    I also have found 2 nice people from on here to trade tys codes for coke codes.

    Thanks to them for being nice.

    I did get 1 person email me asking for free codes from me. PLEASE, dont do that. I was very offended to say the least. Offering to trade is 1 thing.

    well, off to stick my nose in a good book.
    stay safe

  101. I hope you didn’t think I was whining. I was just wondering why my comment disappeared … I was pretty sure I was the first to answer the question. πŸ™‚ I love this place, everyone for the most part is very nice!

  102. thanks peedy , took the 2 25-pointers and 3 of the 4 ten-pointers cause the one it was an expired upc

  103. has anyone seen points on the dasani water. the website says it it part of the promotion but i still haven’t seen any

  104. yup, the point are on the dasani water bottles. the flavored ones, like lemon or strawberry.

  105. I got 3 of the 10 pointers too…Thats great that 2 of us got to use the same code :O)
    Thanks so much for shareing

  106. the dasani water lids have a plastic insert inside of them, and you probably have to remove that to see the code

  107. Does anyone know….I want to use my points for six flags tickets…when I redeem the points do I print the ticket immediately, or do I have to wait for them to come in the mail?

  108. B-rad,
    That wasn’t my code, someone posted it earlier on this site, but it was wrong and I was wondering if anyone had figured it out.


  109. You go to the site and they will print there, they will have your name and a bar code…etc..

  110. hi everybody i now have again 22000pt so tomorrow i will give you all 22 codes and thanks to mike about the cruise i am still waiting for the nascar trip if not there by august i will use my point for anything and beside i have another accout which have 800pt so i quess i just wait and see. peace out.

  111. vvhitekid2: You should try to make it so that when you post a new code, someone can click on it saying that it has been redeemed. Less confusion this way.

  112. I’d suggest that when you enter a PROMO code you should say where you got it. I don’t know about you but when I see someone posting a promo code, I try it and get a “all ready been redeemed” message. For example, if I knew it was from Rolling Stone magazine, I might remember it and not enter it again.

    Just a thought,

    Paul (MN)

  113. Perhaps the poster of the message could let everyone know where the code is from (if it is a PROMO code). If someone is nice enough to post FREE cap/flap codes, the person who takes it should be nice enough to let everyone else know that it has been taken. It doesn’t take but a few seconds to type “got it” or something of that nature. πŸ™‚

  114. OK…… everyone please put out good thoughts that I sell alot of my ebay stuff this weekend.

    If I make more than $50.00 I will post some codes on here.

    Thanks all & have a good weekend.
    stay safe

  115. Does anyone know if the DS system is a DS lite or the older DS and what colors they come in

  116. I also need 10 Dr. Pepper codes. Will trade 15 coke codes for them. As for the Six Flags ticket you print them after you redeem your points.

  117. I also need 10 Dr. Pepper codes. Will trade 15 coke codes for them. As for the Six Flags ticket you print them after you redeem your points. E-mail me at if you want to trade codes.

  118. I sent that guy nascarncoke a band in a bubble code, because he wanted to trade, and he sent me nothing in return. Damn him, and all unhonest people.

  119. just go to any store that sells coke and razorblade the code of the 24 pack box. now dasani boxes have them its realy easy cause its plastic. its under the box and it says where it is and just rip off flaps 4 12 packs

  120. Here’s a mycokerewards code for free, off whichever product of theirs has a green cap:



  121. Renee: unfortunately I do not think I will be awake to get anoy of the points but thanks for everyone who gets lucky with them.

    My ebay selling is up to $15.00.

    It is 2:58am here right now so that gives it 21 more hours for me to make some money.

    If I hit $50.00 I will post Two 3 pointers.
    For every $10.00 over that I will post another 3 pointers. Going to get brave tomorrow(or today when I wake up, lol) & list some Nascar stuff.

    Keep up the good thoughts fellow cokerewards-a-holics.
    stay safe

  122. “just go to any store that sells coke and razorblade the code of the 24 pack box. now dasani boxes have them its realy easy cause its plastic. its under the box and it says where it is and just rip off flaps 4 12 packs

    Comment by Zach Ò€” June 16, 2007 @ 1:19 am”

    For real? You do know that’s stealing, right? The level some people will stoop to…

  123. Is anyone besides me having trouble entering codes? I enter the codes exactly as they read on the cap but it comes up as invalid when I enter them on the site.

  124. the 25-point promo codes dont seem to be working for me as of earlier this afternoon. anyone else? or is it just me?

  125. wupppppp thxxxxxx everyone added 73 points today new at this but u will see me every day saving to take family to blue bayou know its not a lofty goal but a day of being the best dad ever is

  126. hayden, want to trade dp band in bubble, for coke cap, got to leave your email, man. behemoth11@YAHOO.COM

    Michael- I had trouble today, entered bout 10 valid codes, siad invalid, then i tried a cap and it worked, don’t know why

  127. I had trouble entering a code too, i entered it just as it was on the cap, no discrepancies either and it said it was incorrect.

  128. On May 31st, Michael (dino24t) posted – The 32 pack codes are actually on the plastic wrapping located at the bottom of the 32 pack. If you flip it over you will see a black square on the plastic wrap that is used to conceal the code.
    I finally found an empty 32 pack on a street corner next to a garbage can. The black square doesn’t conceal the code so as much as let you know where it is. The code is printed on the other side of the plastic within the borders of the black box.

  129. I am new to this website, but I too must confess I am a coke head. LOL!

    I have inlisted 2 mini markets to save me the 12 pack cartons from coke products. 500 points a month.

    I have 3 neighbors who are heavy coke drinkers. 300 per month.

    Recycle bins. In the morning in open view. I have met alot of my neighbors, and now they are getting their friends to save them for me. 600 pts per month

    Double reward coupons from my local cashier 1000 pts this month alone.

    Co-workers in a large center 300 pts per month

    I find people are excited and love to help you out. I have really gotten to know my neighbors in this process and it is nice to know people still love to help.

    It all adds up. I guess I don’t expect to be a winner of any of cokes sweepstakes…millions of customers all over the country…I have a better chance of winning the states lottery, however I still through one entry in because you can’t win if you don’t enter.

    I guess my main goal is to be able to buy something…if still available but whatever I get is more then I had before. BTW…The blockbuster gift card should have been on the best deal area. per point = 10 cents = 30 cent per cap. Now that was a deal!

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading the posts this morning, since I am getting a error message while trying to sign in. coke business invocation error..try again!


  130. How does one contact Coke via phone. Having serious login and code issues. Email sucks.

  131. vvhitekid2:
    r u ok?

    the posts do not seem to be going through so i am hoping it is just an internet glitch.
    let me know, please

  132. wow!!! wfd you go coke head…you’ve really out together a support team for yourself. i thought i was doing ok will a friend at a small town recycling center & a chinese restaurant. my friends always forget to save for me. you must have that magic coke touch…

  133. Jen, Powerade tops are coke points, they’re for my cokerewards and are 3 points just like coke caps.

  134. Here’s the number for ya Denny. My coke rewards customer service. 1-800-438-2653 But please be aware, they are not much help at all, and can barely speak English.

  135. Ron,

    True, it is there to show you where it is, but also to keep you from being able to see the code on the other side. That is all I was trying to say. Good job coming across a 25 point freebie.


  136. Denny,

    That other number takes you through a bunch of options.

    You can call Coke directly at 1-866-776-6610. You can get to them through the other number, but this is much faster. I haven’t had any problems with them. They have been extremely helpful and speak english very well. They are located in Atlanta from my understanding. If you have any problems with one person then I suggext you not give them your info and try back in an hour or two to see if you can get someone else.


  137. I am giving back this code is worth 10 points
    yntjp k7vmx mr4yh
    Once you use this code please let everyone know so that they don’t try using it later.


  138. Nick, regarding your missing characters code:
    I know what the * stands for.
    I know there are 5 characters per line – unless it’s a 12 character code, then it’s 4 per line.

    Those things have nothing to do with my misunderstanding.

    You’re the mo-ROn for not separating the code area from the comment area with a | or a /.

    by my calculations, there are 160 combinations to figure out the correct code:
    1st * unknown = 20 possibilities
    2nd * is Z or 7 = 2 possibilities
    3rd * is possibly 6,9,G,J = 4 possibilities

    so 20 x 2 x 4 = 160
    10 incorrect guesses per MCR day – so it should only take up to 16 days to figure out your 3 pt code – no problem. πŸ˜‰

  139. Michael,
    Thx – waiting for that ever elusive double points day to use the 25er – hope there’ll be one before December.

  140. Why doesn’t coke have point codes for 24 packs? anyone know? I buy them on sale and get screwed everytime what’s the deal?

  141. hi everybody i am a day late so lets go 76hmy-hkyvp-klwj9….g9ty6-klltj-zjmmb…….bhglm-zvxvm-myxwb,,,,gmtbr-kzwgw-mykxj…..knh4v-69vkx-p4gxz….ok that 5 17 more for your total fo 22 codes i also now have 22200pt. keep it going 4nnzm-xtzw4-6xlyl…..ltpl4-vxlrm-6j9v6…..klt74-nbknv-7bbbn….jkxpv-w9vkr-mb446….l6ghk-zjljh-gnphw….i went to the beach today had a lots of fun also had a cook out nice. more codes jtlyx-4nnwj-xklm4….97gnl-z76my-nzwp4…..good only 10 more it is very late tonight. it is almost the next day, must get to bed lots of thing to do tomorrow. ghbkh-pl7mv-wmxrn….mhtpg-jgrzb-bzt4n…..7r997-jk9hm-brylh…..6jtzj-h7l6n-94tgt…..hgp9w-r767v-g94r4….remenber to let me know if an error and slso let us know if codes are use. ok 5 more only i also went to walmart and receive 5 24pt codes so that was 125pt for the day nice. let go mztx7-tnhj9-t6b6v….49trr-twkkw-lty7y….hblrz-kgrgg-x4g69…..i have so many full bags of use red caps like a million of them.ok last two so tried bn6bm-kx4xm-v6xtl…..6gzp4-kthpt-mpyby…..done peace out my coke people until next time i will give you all 23 codes when i get 23000pt be there soon with only 800pt to go.

  142. Wow, thanks a lot Renee. You probably posted it before but how are you getting so many codes?

    I need 2,033 more codes for a Wii =[

    Keep up the posts please!

  143. Well Renee……
    Good to see you posted the codes BUT again someone took them ALL & did not post that they used them.

    My ebay total is not finished. I will be on later to post codes if my sales hit $50.00

    heres hoping.
    stay safe

  144. Brian
    The 20 point code for the 24 packs is under the flap that you pull up when you open it. That would be the best way to get points quick. 10 per day=200 points.Some of the stores may still have the older ones without codes though.

  145. to those people who are usinG codes and not Mentioning later that theY are used: do Not use this site if you are going to rip off the code 4 seconds after using it Without Mentioning to the rest of us that it has Been used by you. How are you going to come on here Leeching off of others’ Kindness without showing coMmon courtesy? some of us haVe integrity and hope that those of you snatching codes would Just care enough to let us Know you’ve used it.

    try starting now. and yes i know how to capitalize.

  146. To Bryan: Yesterday I went to HEB and saw the 24 packs with mycokerewards in them. Maybe they’re just coming out with them.

  147. Renee,

    Good to hear from you again. Just thought I would let you know…the $500 Cruise Certificate showed back up this weekend. The beach sounds like fun. The closest beach to me is about 5 hours away…I hope yours was a little closer.


    Good to hear someone has been listening to some of the advice on here. Are you in GA? You referenced the Double Rewards Coupons and that is currently happening in GA. If not, please share where else they are currently running that promo so others no where to buy there Coke products.


  148. Wow! I have been working on this for a couple of months but have’nt even gotten 200 points yet! How do you guys do it? I try the codes I find on here but get nothing. Any tips for a noob?

  149. Ron, you get 20 incorrect guesses per day, 19 technically, after the 20 th incorrect you can’t enter any more incorrect, but you could enter 19 incorrect and then 10 correct, or you could enter 9 correct, 19 incorrect, then another correct.

  150. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone has redeemed for the Fiesta Texas Tickets. How soon after do you get them or can they be printed and used right away? Do they expire? For the family pack, are they all four adult tickets? I still need quite a few points and hop to get them in the next couple of weeks, atleast enough for my two kids. Wish me luck! Thanks guys


  151. I don’t think it could have worked. I tried inputing it just to see if I would get the “code has already been redeemed” message and I did NOT get that message I got “the code is invalid …”

  152. GMYN4WMBHLKMVJK redeemed by me. Thanks, dodger23. Can’t believe no one got it, seemed obvious to me… lol. First code I’ve gotten here, thanks again!

  153. Just Be a sPort and trY this trick: instead of eXiting your browser, Go open up a second browser window (and don’t hit the X at the top of the first window), go to in the second window, Verify your password, Log in and enter the code.

    now, go back to the first window, say something like “ZomG thanks foR the code” and save soMe other Visitors the hassle of entering the code and it having already been redeemed.

    good job james, even though you frustrate us with your quick wits and typing fingers.

    thanks for the space! enjoy my codes.

  154. Hi Robert,

    FVX9PGEXMX6D came up invalid if you have a moment to double check it. The other two said they were already used.


  155. OMG. I spent my points on the Barqy dog, but I got my mum into entering codes and she has like 400 points XD.. It took me like 6 months to get like 3 and she has done it for like a month. What am I doing wrong lol? I hate the new site it doesnt work on my wii internet browser anymore :(. Ugh. I need promo’s when are tehy gonna get 100 pont promos again?

  156. For all the people getting scammed while trading caps for flaps, why not just contact Coke and tell them you have caps which have already been redeemed by someone else. It would not be fair to deny you the points since you have the cap to prove it. Also, this could lead to Coke researching the accounts who have stolen codes and possibly suspend them.

  157. πŸ™

    I was at appointments & missed the codes.
    Oh well off to check my paypal account.
    stay safe

  158. hi everybody and mike yes i saw the cruise again. because the codes went so fast tomorrow i will post some more peace out my coke people

  159. If no one knows winn dixie is having a promotion of 5 cokes for 11 dollars in lakeland florida where i live and also i got 2 codes worth 20 points and I dont think anyone said it here cus i didnt read it so its there and the promotion ends tomorrow on my area idk about the area the rest of u live in soo just wanted to let u know…

  160. Robert,

    Still says that FVX9PGEXNX6D is incorrect. I tried an “H” instead of the “N”, but no luck. Sometimes V’s are Y’s or W’s…X’s can actually be K’s. The caps can be easier to read if you hold them up to a white background on your monitor. I know it is only 3 points, so it is entirely up to you if you want to bother with it again. Thanks for your efforts though.


  161. hey, has anyone here entered 100 points a day for a long time,(30 days, 60 days?) then redeemed a prize? I’m just curious whether or not Coke will flag accounts that are obviously trading, buying and selling. Nobody buys that much coke.

  162. Barq’s-

    B Y N
    G R G
    Z H 6
    4 X L
    G X 9

    please post a “taken” note

    have a good one everybody!

  163. I tried to leave this code before, but mr. moderator removed my message…
    Just Like Zookeepers Hate Kids
    Lori Hates Reading My Recipes
    Maybe Rick Kan Jump Better

  164. Um … he took the letters in the code and made a little “riddle” the code is in the first letter of each of the words in the riddle.

  165. Well … that is first one I have been able to snag from here and I have been waiting and checking this thread for a while! πŸ™‚

  166. hey Michael, letters are correct, try thinking “outside the box” a little bit. I don’t know if someone else already got it, tho, bro.

  167. Wow poopoer…you are like 3 digits too short… Please dont be an idiot and put pointless stuff up on the message board.

  168. Hey Nick, I thought “outside the boxes” in many ways, and still says entered incorrectly

  169. nick,

    was it the code from top to bottom in each collumn–if so someone else got it. I tried that –already used



    LHHB*- might be W, Y, X, K, N? not 100% on the others in this line cept for second H and B- HAVE FUN

  171. Has anyone come across any new promo codes? Here is a free 3 pointer.


  172. All the above codes are taken (none by me). I can’t figure out Nick’s … darn! πŸ™‚

  173. lcs is right, they were just in vertical columns, someone figured it out, apparently.

  174. Here’s two codes readdy for use!
    please post when they have been used!!!



  175. what what are flaps? i hear people talkin bout caps for flaps but i got no idea what ur talkin bout. help me

  176. There is a chick on here going by the name of Lacey. She ripped me off, so don’t agree to trade codes with her. Why are people so mean?

  177. First post here…have not gotten a any points, but the information is just as valuable! Thanks for taking the time to post it as well as points!

  178. thanks for promo codes.heres some 3 pointers from diet coke mtzmmrzrpx7t6nh n4myyhwkgrnblwg j6mllvtgxgtb7tw 4wl6ph79yjjwwt7 66llzjxxytxyb7v 4v49mwhrlgn7nx9 6bthgl9bgyv4mv9 m9pbll4bbwvmp46 gjtl9x4ljk7xpml hb4w4lbgympyt9l

  179. I think all of the codes have been redeemed. I tried them all. Thanks to everyone for posting so many!

  180. What is everyone aiming for as prizes here for the Coke game? I am just curious. I am collecting points aimlessly right now because I am not sure what to aim for yet. πŸ™‚

  181. 1 code wonder, Flaps are the box ends that contain the codes on cases of coke products.

  182. I am saving for Great America Tickets for my son. He was injured in an auto accident last year and has permanent brain damage. With the high cost of Medical bills I am trying to give him a little summer fun on a budget.

    I just found this site last week and hope to maybe get a code or two.

    Thanks for doing something great for people!


  183. thanks for promo codes.heres some 3 pointers from diet coke mtzmmrzrpx7t6nh n4myyhwkgrnblwg j6mllvtgxgtb7tw 4wl6ph79yjjwwt7 66llzjxxytxyb7v 4v49mwhrlgn7nx9 6bthgl9bgyv4mv9 m9pbll4bbwvmp46 hb4w4lbgympyt9l

    Comment by steve Ò€” June 19, 2007 @ 8:23 pm

    all redeemed not by me except gjtl9Γƒβ€”4ljk7xpml “the service not available at this time , please try again”

  184. I am collecting points for free tickets to Six Flags…I am a foster Mom (one right now) and we have five birth children. At this point, I have enough points for a free adult ticket and one free child’s ticket. But, since four of those “children” are going to need adult tickets, I am trying to get them anyway I can! As I see it, even those two tickets I have already earned make it worth doing the coke points!

  185. Nick, I entered 100 a day from May to September last year. I cashed in a 32″ LCD for 13600 points, back when they actually had nice prizes and trips. I have a vending route so I just bought about 1400 12 packs of coke and diet coke and just recently was able to use them all. I know a lot of people that can get hundreds of caps, but that is almost worthless to build up points quickly. Now that I can get 20 and 25 pointers, I’m building up points again but like Renee there is nothing really to trade in for. I don’t think Coke cares where the points come from, just that somebody is buying the product. I think if you have enough points and something is in your reach, get it! Coke may never restock good prizes again.

  186. I was going for the Best Buy gift cards, but they are gone. Maybe a DVD player or recorder if the cards dont return.

  187. Hey, somebody stole my name! lol (I’m not nickman344) maybe I should copyright it. thx poorman, for answering my question. I am saving for wii for me or cruise gift certificate to give as a gift, might come down to if either one is left by the time i get to it. I have close to 1400 pts as of today. yippee!

  188. Anyone know when any new promo codes are coming out? I missed out on the last big ones… πŸ™

  189. Hi all,
    Missed reading all this & missed alot of points cuz we got hit with a t-storm. Took out our power from 1:30pm til 5am.

    I was trading tys points with 2 people but since they have not been kind enough to return points to me from the last ones I sent I am going to find someone else who wants to trade.
    I have a cap sitting here for the 1st person who emails me to trade: pepsi points for coke.

    stay safe,

  190. im at 1895 points and cant make up my mind what i want.what i really want is a ps2 so hopfuly they will have them againif not ill get something to do with capming binochulars,backpack,tenet or of right now they dont have crap to get,and its gettin old real not saving this stuff to get a lousy magizine subscription or any of the many crappy things they offer

  191. 3 pts first person to email me gets the last piece of the code, that way we don’t clutter up the site, and no one steals the code and doesn’t post, and the same lurking person doesn’t get all the codes for one day (james) PLEASE put your post name in the email somewhere, so i know who you are.


  192. OK…. I did not do good on my ebay sales this weekend but just cuz I want to here is a code from Minute Maid lemonade 20oz bottle:


    PLEASE BE NICE & let us know when you use it
    stay safe

  193. I am still trading coke codes for dr pepper codes. I have completed successful trades with melhadley, djrturner, vassil, steven, mary, and ccmagic. Thanks all. Email me at if you are interested in a trade.

  194. alright, sounds like a good kid named Ryan won, I gave him an extra code cuz his email address has yankees in it, his was the very first one tho, totally fair. Jennifer, I only got 6 emails, so no worries, totally worth it. Thanx for your concern about my box, lol πŸ˜‰

  195. oh, yes, the free code is a promo, i just entered the # wrong, so everyone can get a free drink tho. thx

  196. HI does anyone know how you can speak to anyone @ mycokerewards? I applied 125 of my coke points to the priority club (500 pints) certificate and they sent me a code to use in an email. Believe it or not when I tried to apply it to my priority club account it said it had already been redeemed. So not am I out of 125 coke points plus didn’t get the credit to my PC account. I tried emailing them but its been 3 days with no response. Anyone have any advise how to handle this?


  197. Call Coke at 1-866-776-6610

    vvhitekid2…you may want to post this at the top of the page so it is in a central location for everyone to find.


  198. QUOTE”I am collecting points for free tickets to Six FlagsÒ€¦I am a foster Mom (one right now) and we have five birth children. At this point, I have enough points for a free adult ticket and one free childÒ€ℒs ticket. But, since four of those Ò€œchildrenÒ€ are going to need adult tickets, I am trying to get them anyway I can! As I see it, even those two tickets I have already earned make it worth doing the coke points!

    Comment by Constance

    Constance I have 12 points if you me

  199. lol, i keep a notepad in my folder with my username password and all codes and promos i know….=]

  200. i have 4 transform your summer codes trading for 4 mycokerewards codes, plz e-mail me for them

  201. 100084226454945 free 20oz bottle of pop
    My mom,brother,sister and I all used this code. It works unless it is now expired or you already redeamed it at another time.

  202. Thanks David!!! I was able to get the web cam , just needed 4 more points, you saved me a trip to the store.

    I will send you some Coke Codes for your help! What’s your email?

    I asked eariler if anyone wanted to trade for Coke Codes and its off the page now. What’s up with that?

  203. Why do my comments always get deleted or never show? I posted a 40 points code from Kroger earlier. Here’s the code again since it was deleted the first time:


    Please say if you used it so people don’t waste their time!

  204. Hey, anyone see these auctions on eBay about how to enter more than the 10 code per day limit? Are they a scam, or is it ligit? Anyone give it a shot and “buy” the procedure they talk about?

  205. Hey I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade.I have a connect cash code that can be redeemed for one song download at CONNECT music. I bought the code with DP points, but I couldn’t download Connect to my computer. I wanted to know if anyone has any coke codes to trade for. My email is Thanks!

  206. The only way I know that you can enter more codes than 10 is by texting in 10 codes than adding your cell phone no. to the site. Then you have to remove your phone and add it again every night to do it again.

  207. * my source got it from ebay and you can get it without paying them just one 10 point valid flap or valid code

  208. The code was from Kroger from those coupon machines at the self-checkout. It’s actually pretty cool cause that’s how I got my magazine subcription.

  209. vvhitekid2,

    Wow_Itz_Vicky may have been mistaken when she posted the code. Are you in GA Vicky? The Kroger Catalina codes in GA Krogers are referenced as “Double Points”. The code is actually worth 20 points (prints when you buy 2 12 pks), but the description reads “This code is worth 20 points. Enter Code on packages which is worth 20 points to receive 40 points”. She may have just misread it…unless she is in a different state and those Krogers have different point values.

    Andrew and Bruce,

    I have actually gone over this topic with the Coke help line. You can enter codes via text (10 a day), but you have 72 hours to add your mobile number to the account before the codes and points disappear. So, theoretically you could enter codes online for 3 days and text codes for 3 days then add your mobile number to your profile and get the 3 days of text codes added to your account. I am not certain how this would work adding and removing your phone from the account on a daily basis. I would be careful with that just in case it raises any red flags at Coke and they shut down your account. Bruce, have you tried this?


  210. Gonna start the weekend out nice for all:
    Here is a 5 pointer for Coke:


    be kind & say when you use it(that would be a miracle, lol)

    stay safe,

  211. I have a question maybe someone here could help me with. I am looking at getting the great america tickets but does anyone know if they are good at the Six Flags in Chicago IL?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  212. Free 25 points for signing up:

    100084148441474 for 25 Points
    100084056688357 for 25 Points
    100082622438433 for 10 Points
    100082211832616 for 10 Points
    100082157763657 for 5 Points
    100082021821624 for 3 Points
    100084226454945 free 20oz bottle of pop

    103 Points total. With these points you can get:

    Popcorn with a Coca Cola Purchase
    Connect! music track download
    Rent 1 movie get one free at Blockbuster
    One free movie rental at Blockbuster
    Month of Blockbuster Total Access
    1 Free 20 Oz bottle of any Coke Product
    Coke Bottle Opener
    Coke Earbuds
    Brunswick One Free Game of Bowling
    Kodak Stickers
    Kodak Mini-Photo Book
    Kodak Mouse pad
    And more.

    You can sign up for multiple accounts for more rewards.

  213. everyone’s favorite; damaged goods- good news is its a 12 character

    47BR- this line could be wrong, big crack right thru it
    B is the most doubtful

  214. hzxrvbhn7hyvrty is gone.

    kk6v99wvmlpp745, the 5 is a G, already redeemed, not by me.

    But it is a miracle, I got hhjzhx9bny7z97k. Thanks Emily.

  215. Michael (dino24t),
    I live in Texas so I guess in every state there are different terms from those Kroger coke codes. I just buy 2 12 packs and the checkout machine (at the self checkout!)prints out those 40 pointers. I’ve used them before and I did get 40 points. Since I already got what I wanted I’m putting the codes here.

  216. amrios31: i got the code was not correct….. i am sure i am not the 1st one too.

    here is a coke rewards 5 pointer: bk6vtmlyzpyhyry

    please be nice & post when you use it(as if…..)

    stay safe,

  217. I have 11 or so dr.pepper codes if anyone wants to trade for coke codes. I’m very ethical and would trade fairly. thanks.

  218. here is a coke rewards 5 pointer: bk6vtmlyzpyhyry
    this has already been redeemed, not by me. thanks anyway.
    keep posting.

  219. well to put 20 codes a day its simple. first one day skip putting codes i know but then the next day enter your ten points before 12:00 o clock pm. then after 12 say like at 4 put in 10 more points. works. then the next day just keep doing that. i say skip one day because it wont let u if it hasnt been 24 hrs something weird

  220. Is there a problem with the rewards site?
    I’ve been trying to enter codes for the past 2 days and can’t get on to the site.
    Is anyone else having problems?

  221. canday, youre not putting in 20 codes a day that way, you are putting in 10 codes in two different days, coke’s day cuts off 12 noon EST. That’s why you had to “skip a day” for it to work. If you put in 10 codes after noon one day, then try to put in 10 before noon the next day, it won’t work. sorry

  222. Anyone have any thoughts on when there may be another double points day? I wonder if they will do it for July 4th, I think they have done it on other holidays.

    Barry… 2275 of 6250…

  223. FYI:

    WHO_CARES_DUH rocks when it comes to trading codes.
    hagn all
    stay safe

  224. well works for me just put 10 codes right before 12 pm before 1 pm and then after like at 3 that same day put 10 more codes. works for me. and keep doing that u dont even have to skip a day but dont tell me off try it and see.

  225. amrios31,
    tried your gghpyaag3kwf code on drink share and win and got this message
    We are sorry, but the code that you have entered has already been activated.

    someone owes you a thank you.

  226. HELP !!!!!
    I got 1 of my rewards in the mail & I need to contact Coke about it.
    Can someone give me a # to call?
    Thanks bunches.
    stay safe,


  228. I have a TYS code for a Dr. Pepper code. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

    Please do not send your code to me unless I have written you back that you were the first one through…because I only have 1 TYS code.

    I will also trade Coke codes for Dr. Pepper codes if you’d like to write me for the details on that.

  229. is it true that if you have the CocaCola license plates numbers you get 100 points or something. please let me know i have the numbers and could get people the codes if this true and you explain.

  230. I have two 6 point dr. pepper codes if anyone wants to trade me for some coke codes!!

  231. Guys, I had over 1000 points, ordered two of the $25.00 Best Buy gift cards, checked my mail two weeks later – today – and got 1 (one) card. So I think well 50 bucks on one. I go to Best Buy and find out it’s $500.00 and I’m serious! I can’t believe it. Man they made some mistake and I’m thrilled!

  232. hi everybody i now have 22700pt so look for your codes of 23 codes i will give you all when i get 23000pt. and kenneth that was a great deal i hope you got a lots of nice stuff at best buy for 500 dollars. peace out.

  233. Hello coke fans ,I have a lot of coke points to give away (around 200) or more,the thing is that I don`t like to type too much so e-mail me for some pics of
    points ,they are from powerade 20oz bottles but they are good for my coke rewards…

  234. I’m really mad because I was gonn buy the Paris T-Shirt for Men’s and they took it off!!!!

  235. conrick…would love to take advantage of your codes, but you say to email you without leaving an email address…help!!

  236. i have 2 transform your summer codes
    lookin too trade for coke rewards points


  237. bhgg64kmYgrxgj4 redeemed by me! The v in the code was supposed to be a y. Easy mistake to make! Thanks Terry!

  238. I tried to post this earlier. Terry I got the code:
    bhgg64kmvgrxgj4 – the V was a Y. Thank you much!

  239. Is this even a MY COKE REWARDS page anymore? Because it seems all the codes are TYS codes. This is frustrating, there is a page just for TYS codes.

  240. Hey if anyone knows if there are new universal codes out could you please email me at I’ve been looking for caps everywhere! Here are some codes to help my fellow cokeheads out:
    TVA0 AVB9 H4W5
    Thank you, Karla


  242. I could not get the first and third codes to work or to say they were redeemed by anyone Karla, any advice? The other two codes were taken (not by me.)

  243. finally im back on track in just three trips to my local super k-mart ive got over a thousand points in caps,couple more trips and im on my way to gettin the digital camera

  244. 100084148441474 for 25 Points
    100084056688357 for 25 Points
    100082622438433 for 10 Points
    100082211832616 for 10 Points
    100082157763657 for 5 Points
    100082021821624 for 3 Points
    100084226454945 free 20oz bottle of pop

  245. You can get 4 drinks and 4 points to spare

    (make multiple accounts and load up on drinks!)

  246. TVA0 AVB9 H4W5

    are already taken. well cept the ones that were not entered correctly

  247. You can’t cheat the system like that by creating multiple accounts that go to the same mailing address can you? I would think they would catch that … (wondering if what Brendan says actually works …)

  248. I would be most happy to send a SASE for any of the codes that you ae giving away Conrick.In a day of “gimmie gimmie”.it is so nice to see someone who is as generous as you are. You would get a gold star on one of my groups RAK (random acts of Kindness) thanks in advance for any codes..if they are all gone..still appreciate you offer. Barbara

  249. Hey There! Does anyone know of any new promo codes? I’m saving for a Nintendo DS for my son and well I’m not even close yet and the promo codes helped out alot. I want promo codes!! I love this site!


  251. I saved up and got a Wii.It took two weeks and 2 days COKE REWARDS is the best thing ever, next to a Wii. Also thank you to all those that recycle.

  252. yeah, cokeman, all you need is 1687 caps for the digital camera, entered 30 pts at a time. that’s about 168 days from now. oh wait… there aren’t 168 days left. and yes Jennifer if you have too many multiple accounts, like more than five at the most, I would say, youre gonna get caught eventually, and they will shut ALL of you down. you can only get like 3 sodas with the free point codes anyway. 9 points ain’t worth it to me.

  253. G’morning everyone,
    Nothing important.
    Just 4:47am here & cant sleep.
    Hope everyone has a nice day
    stay safe,

  254. What does anyone enter TYS codes for anyway? A chance to win this or that or are there any real things you can get?

  255. When is MCR supposed to end? I don’t have too many points (less than 500) but want to redeem them before it ends.

  256. im at 2100 points now there for i need roughly 4 months and plus whatever flaps i get =3 1/2 months so when i get the camera ill take a pic of my ass so all of u can kiss it…….just joking

  257. Yeah I wouldn’t really want to cheat the system … I don’t think it is nice, and it jeopardizes the whole “my coke rewards” system. If too many people cheat that way, they might choose not to do a rewards system like that again. That would be sad!

  258. Well shoot, I can’t get the code to work vvhitekid2. I have tried changing some of the letters that often get mixed up but no such luck … πŸ™

  259. “You canÒ€ℒt cheat the system like that by creating multiple accounts that go to the same mailing address can you? I would think they would catch that Ò€¦ (wondering if what Brendan says actually works Ò€¦”

    Comment by Jennifer Ò€” June 26, 2007 @ 6:58 pm

    works for me i have a lot of free coke, powerade , minute maid, nestea and water. me and my bro did it

  260. I don’t know if there is a code on the 6 – 24oz packs of coke. I do know that if it doesn’t say “My Coke Rewards” on the bottles that they don’t have the codes, and the caps should be red on regular Coke if they have codes. This much might be obvious. πŸ˜‰

  261. I am still trading my coke caps for your dr pepper cap or flaps. Just have a couple more successful trade with Bob and Tempero8. Email me if you have dr pepper codes to trade.

  262. I saved up and got a Wii.It took two weeks and 2 days

    bull. 16 days gets you maybe 160 pts, if youre a normal human, even if you got 600 friends 50 points each, that’s still not enough to get it now.

  263. thanks for all the codes, and i would like to ask what do you do with all your caps and flaps i know you are suppost to sdave them but for how long?

  264. idk who brought it up earlier but cheating the system does work u just make the multiple acounts and use the promo codes but if you dont want to take a chance just use your neighbors address instead of yours i have like 6 free 20oz bottles coming

  265. A WII, for me, soon it will be, oh glee!! 47 points to go! If I get another 10 pointer it will be today, if not 12 noon Friday

  266. Hi Conrick,
    I was able to enter a few of them. It was in the wee hours so my eyes werent that good, lol.
    I will try the rest later.
    Thank you TONS for the codes.
    stay safe,

  267. Code NBTBN497ZNP9LKZ has been used by me. Thanks so much, it is my first code off the board!

  268. Nick-

    I interpreted it to mean it took him 2 weeks and 2 days to receive the Wii in the mail.

  269. God people are so fast. Someone must have a program that notifies them instantly.

  270. I know! Someone is super fast … or there are people sniping the codes on here and not telling anyone they are taking them.

  271. Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I am looking to trade coke codes for Dr. Pepper codes. I need about Dr. Pepper codes to get a prize for my granddaughter. I have plenty of Coke codes and need about 30 Dr. Pepper points … any help? My email is … thank you ahead of time!

  272. Here’s some new unused codes for you all. I already got enough stuff, but still drink coke so…here you go. There’s 3 pointers, and 10 pointers! & Please write when redeemed:

    1.) 10-pointer 96w4bm49wjylzlm
    2.) 10-pointer kgb4n6nz9k9nrwz
    3.) 10-pointer jzky4rrt9kjyt4l
    4.) 10-pointer kk9vrgltpnwp6z4
    5.) 10-pointer jjlgwnxpynjzp7x
    6.) 3-pointer rjltlmv7fkhv
    7.) 3-pointer bxlbvmgxnl9nxmk
    8.) 3-pointer gxm4tlrbmg7764p

    Please write when redeemed. More coming soon!

  273. Conrick,
    I just noticed that my post from yesterday is gone regarding the points you are giving away. If you still have any left I would love even one. Thanks

  274. I have a large amount of 10 point codes, and I will trade them for 6 caps each, or you can make an offer. Contact me my email at or royall64 on AIM, or PM me.

  275. got 1300 points right now, thinking of getting the $50.00 adidas bonus any thoughts?.. i already got the adidas $100 bonus b4, got the Gq mag subscription, got the orange vigo shorts that are not good at all, just ordered the blue dazzle shorts.. these i have to split with 2 guys that help me collect the caps at the restaurant.
    with the cnote for adidas i got the Cbillups, for an even 100. everyone loves them.

  276. i have been getting at least 10 caps a day everyday for the past 6 months. now with the warm weather i am doing about 18 caps a day. i have 2 accounts and i don’t plan on openning anymore… btw i have to go enter some codes.. cool forum. if i come a-x some freebies i will post.

  277. Ok here is a promo code for a free blockbuster rental (I feel like I am finally contributing!)




  279. just tried the papa john’s thing, and they do send you 10 points to your email address.

  280. thanks jimmy for the free blockbuster rental code! it works. says it will be delivered via email w in 3 business days. 0 points. 100084616172235

  281. My post have been removed. What did I do to anyone except, I was going to give some points away?

  282. Jana wrote ‘I saved up and got a Wii.It took two weeks and 2 days’ – You can’t tell if she saved up for 2 weeks & 2 days or she received it in 2 weeks & 2 days.
    As for Nick’s math – I think you meant 1600 points, not 160 points, in 16 days because if you put in 10 flap codes (100 pts) for 16 days, that’s 1600 points.
    And you wouldn’t need 600 friends with 50 pts – that’s 30,000 pts – you would only need 60 friends – but anyway, that wouldn’t work because those 3000+ pts wouldn’t be in the same account – duh!

  283. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for the 100084616172235 code.

    Got this from MCR:
    You will receive your free Movie Rental at Blockbuster by email within 3 business days.

  284. What do you do if you cant read the numbers from the 12-pack? This is the second pack I’ve had recently that I couldnt read!

  285. To everybody who posts the promo codes: Thank you. It seems like every time I come up with one, someone else has already posted it (and a few more).

  286. Summer

    Thanks for posting the Papa Johns promotion. How long does it take for them to email the 10 MCR points? (I entered this morning @ 9:00)

  287. hi if u like blockbuster here is a promotion code for a free movie from blockbuster enjoy it : 10008-46161-72235

  288. For those having code reading difficulties, Michael’s post below worked very well for me. I got my 10 points from a bad flap in an hour.

    You can call Coke directly at 1-866-776-6610. You can get to them through the other number, but this is much faster. I havenÒ€ℒt had any problems with them. They have been extremely helpful and speak english very well. They are located in Atlanta from my understanding. If you have any problems with one person then I suggext you not give them your info and try back in an hour or two to see if you can get someone else.


    Comment by Michael (dino24t) Ò€” June 17, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

  289. hey ron, yes i meant 1600, i sent in the corrected one right after but somebody censored it. and giving 600 friends 50 points (at least) each (from promo codes) is the only way you get 10 pts from each referral. so it’s only 6,000 pts. don’t duh me, dummy.

  290. bob, it is not a promo code. i tried yours and it said “already redeemed”. i entered papa johns and it gave me 0LL… something. they give individual codes.

  291. Thanks for the info , the Papa Johns code came within 45 min. to an hr. by email, you just have to keep checking your inbox…and it appears each one is different as mine was from the one from Bob, and can only be redeemed once , bummer. Also got the free BB movie , if I can find a partic. store… I goofed when I did the promo for the free 20 oz. coke . my daughter distracted me . just appreciate all the info I got here . I have a new Wii with receipt , if ya know anyone who wants to buy it
    Thanks ! Keep Postin! Kmart has 5 – 12 paks for $10. and Shaws buy 4 get 1 free – same thing …

  292. The Papa Johns promo is great!!!!! I had a bunch of friends sign up and got over 100 points out of the deal…


  293. As far as the papa john’s promo code for 10 points go…
    I believe it’s different for everybody. OR IS IT?!?!?!

    I’ve already used mine, but give 0MTKP7RPRMMJ a try!

  294. My account is locked! Has anyone had this happen to them? I have not tried to cheat the system so I am confused as to why this happened.

  295. Miss when you get it right away, but it seems to work only with HOTMAIL accounts because AOL N YAHOO never get an email. dunno why

  296. I just recieved an email from mycokerewards titled:
    Your June Account Statement
    your balance as of 6/27/2007 is: 23 points

    I have 547 points and have spent about 900 so far.
    Anyone else get a weird email like this?

  297. Warning!!!!!!
    Someone reports that coke might lock your account if you use multiple Papajohn code in one account. Please don’t try to use more than one. Otherwise, you might be at risk.

  298. Papa John’s thing worked for my yahoo account. Of course I just had to get a bunch more email accounts to get tons of codes. Woohoo!

  299. I wonder if Papa John’s code counts toward your ten codes a day? Will have to check it out. If someone else know please fill us in. Good night CokeHeads!

  300. Hey Robert….Got the same email with the same amount of cokerewards points, although I have much more then 23, lol.

  301. Jennifer my account was locked to, i just sent an email to the customer support. Hopefuly i can get an answer there

  302. Jennifer, did you enter more than 1 Papa John code. Please let us know, I have 4 that I haven’t entered and have asked several others to sign up in order to collect more. But it’s not worth it to have your account locked for an indefinite period of time. Thanks

  303. i’m sorry, kelly, you don’t know what you’re talking about. they might have to enter ONE valid code outside of promotional codes to activate referral, but i don’t think that’s actually true. i’ve gotten ten points from people who have only entered promo codes.

  304. My account is locked too.
    Can someone please tell me who to contact about this?
    stay safe

  305. i used two of the papa johns codes and got that email sayin i only had 23 points. i am still able to input codes and have not had any issue. It appears that email is spam and trying to get login information for your coke account.

  306. I called Coke & they are looking into it.
    That sucks cuz it could take 7 to 10 business days.

    I told them we do have multiple accounts at my houme because we have 3 people living here & we all have our own account. I told them if they have a problem with it that I dont think it is fair because there are 3 of us(3 accounts),

    I will keep all of you updated on this.

    stay safe

  307. I have used 10 Papa Johns codes already, and have at least 4 more. My account seems to be fine this morning.


  308. I actually just added 9 more Papa John codes to my account, and signed up for a few more codes from some other email accounts.

    I can’t imagine why MCR would care about us using more than one code, and if they did, they should stop their system from accepting them. The PJ site says 1 entry per person, but even with the same name address and birthday, they have not rejected any of my entries.


  309. Mine is LOCKED too. I registered for the Papa John’s sweepstakes, but I haven’t entered the code. I think we need to take a headcount of all who are locked. I am hopeful that it is just a screw up and not a disqualification thing.

    The only thing that I could think of is that for people entering 10 codes daily maybe they think we are buying them…but most of us are busting ass finding these codes. Face it, the program is not setup for people to get the good prizes if we are made to have to purchase the Coke products only.

    1,200 12pks = 12,000pts
    4,000 caps = 12,000pts

    Who the hell buys that many 12pks or bottles in a year…or even 2 years.

    If this is the case then we really need to make a stink about it.

  310. Heyy! If you redeemed a free coke, how long did it take for you to get it? On the same day, I used my points to get these shorts and then got a couple of drinks with the left over points. I’ve already gotten my shorts but I am still waiting on the drinks! How long did it take you? Do they send you a coupon in the mail?

  311. Barry, I suggest you try to cash out your points ASAP. Don’t complain if your account got lock. You took advantage of the system, just be ready to face the consequences.

  312. Hey everyone I did NOT use multiple Papa Johns codes, but clearly we are all having a similar issue. I did NOT have this issue until I used the darn Papa Johns promotion. They better not disqualify me. I could be turned off of Coke forever. πŸ˜›

  313. Does anyone think they would lock our accounts because of this site? I find it odd that all of a sudden all of our accounts are locked. If it is because of Papa Johns I will be pretty peeved! I was so sad to see my account locked last night! I have been much more honest than a lot of people about collecting points (you know the people who refer people who don’t even exist and are just phantom email addresses).

    Emily – I got the 7 – 10 business days run around too. How sad for all of us with locked accounts. πŸ™

    Oh there is another Jennifer posting on here now, so I will go by Jenn Jenn from now on. πŸ™‚

  314. Here is something interesting. My account was locked and I didn’t get the “June Statement” e-mail. My wife’s account and friend’s account that are not locked and both got the “June Statement” e-mail. The links in the e-mail aren’t even directed to the Coke site. Did someone hack into Coke’s site? My friend’s “June Statement” e-mail has his e-mail address and name (how it is listed with Coke’s site) in the “TO” section of the e-mail. My friend signed up at Coke with his junk mail e-mail account which doesn’t have his name which means whoever got his name got it from Coke’s website. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Has anyone else not received the “June Statement” e-mail on a locked account? Is there anyone who’s account wasn’t locked who didn’t receive the “June Statement” e-mail? I’d be curious to see if there was a pattern.

  315. I was also locked out. When they gave out the free 20 oz. coke code they checked to see how many went to the same address. That way they knew how many e-mail address came from the same household. And if you had more than 2 e-mail accounts a household they locked all of the accounts. I have 1 account and my 3 kids all have a account and they locked all of them.

  316. I feel very lucky. I only had about 140 points in there and most were from referrals. I can get some people together in my office and gain that back … but for some people who had a whole bunch of points … I feel sorry for you! πŸ™ FYI there are others having the same problem … here at this forum:

    I am also happy because I am holding on to about 250 points I have been waiting to enter … I will just collect some more … they won’t hold me down! Grrr.

  317. I have not had a problem with my account and I use multiple codes from papa johns. I don’t know what is going on.

  318. Dan,
    If they are really locking down accounts because of the use of multiple Papa John’s codes, they are just asking for a lot of unhappy participants. Before I used a second code that I acquired for myself, I was given codes by several co-workers who don’t participate in the MCR, but know that I do.

    I see nothing wrong at all with that, any more than my friends giving me caps and “box tops” for the program.


  319. i used the papa johns codes till i got the points i needed. that was at least 15. nothing happened

  320. When I entered the Blockbuster promo code it said “Thanks for signing up”. Don’t know if that had anything to do with the June statement email we got or not. I just clicked the link in the email and it goes to what appears to be the legit cokerewards website but I did’nt log in from there.
    Also I entered both of the Papa Johns codes that were posted here and they said they had already been redeemed. They did’nt email me a code when I signed up for the promotion.
    So far my acct is fine.

  321. Coke-a-maniac who is your comment directed to? So far most people who have their accounts locked on here are not greedy from what I can see. I certainly have not cheated the system.

  322. I found one. I was looking through the recycle bin and found it.


  323. Hi, I got the June account statement saying 23 points also ,and so did a bunch of other people on other sites ! DON’T CLICK the LINK ! I know ebay scammers send spoof emails with links like this , that look legit , to get you to log in on a false website to get your passwords ! That could be why people are getting locked out . I have never gotten an email from my coke rewards with a monthly account have any of you ? Now everyone who is locked out , DID you click the link on that June account email ?

  324. No, I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for the e-mail and click the link…I still got locked out. My thoughts are that someone hacked Coke’s site and locked accounts and got the names and e-mail addresses to send the “June Statement” e-mails out.

  325. I got one of those e-mails. No, don’t click the button, it is someone trying to steal accounts.
    Does anyone have the new upc codes that are out?Thanks

  326. Hi all,
    It seems alot of us that use this site are being locked out from coke.
    Plus, I knwos oemone who just tried their account(it is2:26am here eastern time) & got a message saying: error during the invocation of the business service.
    In other words: coke is having issues with their site.

    Hope this helps.
    stay safe,

  327. Oh yeah….. I did NOT use the Papa Johns code.
    So it has to be a glitch.

  328. hank,hey all the codes worked! I am very greatful and so is my SO…Thanks for taking the time to help….YOU ROCK….take care…

  329. VVHITEKID2,

    There is some obscure rule about not being able to combine codes obtained by others into a single account (that is not really what is happening here anyway). If that is the case no one is allowed to get codes from anyone but themselves. Did anyone who had there accounts locked post their e-mails (that they registered at Coke with)on here at some point and at some other time post a thank you for using a code with the same refernce name on their post? If that is the case that is pretty sad that Coke would shut people down for using a couple of codes.


  330. I got the e-mail for TWO of my accounts stating how many points I have (I thought that Coke closed my second account, but apparently it is still valid!); Not only did I click on the link from their e-mail, it was also very correct in telling me how many points I have with the MCR website.

    Regardless, if there are spammers trying to phish for codes, then just be wary, lol.

  331. Whitekid.. you just cracked me the hell up.
    thanks. πŸ™‚

    ps~I got the 23 points email too. But my account is open. I couldn’t get the papa john’s code to work for me & I have less than 300 points. :\

  332. Brizzle – I think I need to take a chill pill. πŸ˜‰
    Nick – my bad – obviously I didn’t figure out you were actually talking about referral points. I need things spelled out – yes, I am a dummy. πŸ˜‰

  333. I used a Papa Murphy code, and I also received that June account email thing, but I just deleted it. I can log in fine and enter points to my account. I have two emails, so I don’t think my accounts will be locked.

  334. I have THREE TYS CAPS. I am willing to trade all THREE for just ONE MCR cap. SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY PLEASE!

  335. I just was in the cokerewards website entering my coke points. I received a short 3 question survey asking my favorite drink, #of kids under 18, and #of people who have access to the my cokerewards account. I wonder if this is related to all the locked accounts I’ve been hearing about?

  336. I didn’t use the Papa John codes or the June Statement and I was locked out. I called coke and they told me it was because I had too many account for my household. I had 1 and my 3 kids each had 1 and we all got locked out.

  337. I received my Wii in 2 weeks and 2 days it took 4 months of saving to get it.The way I got my Wii was by going to the recycle center on my way home from work almost everyday.I also found out that my town does not have a recycle service and talked to the guy who does pick up for people (330 customers at $12.00 a month).He said he didn’t collect them and he would save them for me.

  338. I have 3 TYS CAPS. I am willing to trade all 3 for just 1 MCR cap. SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY PLEASE!

  339. hi everybody i now have 23303pt and thunder my account is ok and trish i aslo got the 3 question survey this morning. i will be giving out your 23 codes today i will be home later. i have been in cape cod last weekend and this weekend was at nascar race in new hampshire i live in connecticut on the east coast. peace out my coke people until today.

  340. Bruce,
    Did they re-establish your accounts for you or was it a total loss for you and your kids?

  341. anyone know whats up on double points day ?i remember at the begining of this phase coke sayin be on the look out for more double days but ive yet to see one,whats up with theses chincy most of there rewards suck

  342. Bruce, is coke going to do anything for you, or are you just SOL? Its too bad that this happened to your family.

  343. i have 38 of the 20 point bonuses from kroger when i enter them they say sorry you cant redeem that on mycokerewards at this time when i called they saidthey expired yesterday that is over 700 points i cant get does anyone know about them expiring? there is not a date on them what a let down

  344. This is so cool! I just was looking around for people talking about all this, and my mom called me, she works at a gas station a coke rep threw away 60 expired bottles of COKE today! 60 CAPS!! This is in addition to the 30something last week. Not to mention all the 12 & 24 pack we drink! I’m excited, maybe I’ll go look in the recycling bin here too!!

  345. got the june 23 points email didn’t click on the link. entered one papa johns code. account still open.

    anybody want a free 48 hour live xbox trial? its from twister. i don’t know where you enter it, but i don’t have an xbox (yet πŸ™‚ )

  346. I see coke resent those emails for your point total today…I got one a few hours ago with the correction.

  347. Did anyone get an email from MCR with your actual account balance? Is this really from MCR? It says it is, and it also says the other email had an incorrect balance.

  348. the june statement email was not spam. i just received another one that says Hi Kelly,

    Our apologies. In an effort to keep you up-to-date with your account balance, we sent you an account summary last week. The message you received incorrectly stated your My Coke RewardsΓ’β€žΒ’ balance.

    Your correct account balance as of 7/2/2007 is: 978 points.

  349. i just won 33 pts from papa johns. says i’ll get them 8-10 weeks after promo ends, aug 26. should have my wii by then by a margin of about 8-10 weeks. πŸ˜› i think SoME of their prizes suck, but there are hidden gems. you see the replica hot dog cart with bun warmer? by winter i might like some warm buns. hopefully some people want the prizes we think suck, and use their points on that stuff insted of the cool stuff. jennifer, were you the cartel fan i started on coke in the first place? your account still closed? bummer. email me.

  350. Yeah, I got the corrected email too . I guess all us MCR people have been an overload on their system , and they can’t handle all the codes you are all entering ! I also got Another survey – 6 questions this time, more about brands we use for tea , coffee , bottled water… I guess they don’t get it …
    I AM A COKE-AHOLIC πŸ™‚ When is the next meeting – oh nevermind , I am already here …

  351. MCR emailed me the coupon link for the free Blockbuster movie rental yesterday. They went through and they allow you 2 prints. Also after you download the print manager you can print coupons from,, & have grocery coupons and etc. I have been using these coupon sites for a while & when used at a store that doubles they can add up pretty fast.

  352. Nick – yep that is me (I am going by Jenn Jenn now since there is another Jennifer on here.) It is a bummer, but like I said, I didn’t get as screwed as other people did. I am waiting to find out what happens with my account and I am saving up all of the pity points I am getting from friends, family, neighbors, coworkers etc. Everyone here has been so great and so sweet!

    Hey everyone who has their account locked … please keep us updated on what happened. I am a few days behind on the cache I think, but I have a feeling they aren’t going to tell me a thing. I guess we will see.

  353. Well, talked to Coke Tech Support. There was obviously a major crackdown on multiple accounts related to the same I.P. Addresses. Illegal and legal accounts were affected. It seems that the first account that was created is the one that was affected. So, if you have more that one person in your household that has an account and if you helped a friend setup an account on your PC or they enter the codes on your PC you have been screwed by the “powers that be” at Coke.

    I was given some hope that the account could be unlocked once the research department looked into. The rep said that the research folks would get in contact with me to let me know what they found and what needed to be done to unlock the account.

    So, let’s give a BIG shout-out to all the people who thought it would be a good idea to screw the system and in turn screw us…THANKS, YOU GREEDY BASTARDS!

  354. thats what everyone whos accounts r locked gets. greed gets u notta…6pb64v6a???? tune in later to get the last digits

  355. I have not have had any trouble with the papa johns thing, but that could be because i don’t use 15 different email addresses!

  356. Isn’t that how it is though … a handful of people ruin it for the rest of us … If you look at ANYTHING going on in any part of your life that is just how it is. I have come to realize, and accept the fact that Coke will NOT be reopening my account and I won’t be getting my points back. If the opposite happens I will be shocked.

  357. Can anyone tell me when this MCR program is going to end. How much longer do we have to collect? Also, I have some DR Pepper codes if any one wants to trade for MCR’s

  358. i know its been answered, but i want to hear from more and hopefully reliable people, who have entered multiple 10 pt papa johns codes in one account and have not been shut down. i’m attempting a trade but i think the codes are pj’s and i don’t want to screw myself. thx

  359. Um…. Who_Cares:
    I am not a greedy bastard but I do have multiple accounts.
    Because 3 of us live in the same house & each of us are intitled to have an account.
    I also enter codes for other people & help them out when they can get on thier comps. Not only on Coke but on game sites as well.
    So Coke needs to be a bit more understanding.
    I am locked out & I currently have over 200 points on my Coke account.
    When I talked to them I let them know that I lived with my daughters & they both have accounts.

    Is it fair for us to be penalized for that? I for 1 do not think so.
    Anyone else agree?
    stay safe,

    PS: Yeah I have no life except for online….. boring me

  360. AND….. now the Cokerewards site is ‘down for maintenance’….


  361. I just check back in at the Papa John’s contest site, and it told me I won 250 MCR points. That’s great, but it didn’t say anything about how I would get them into my MCR account. It was not on the same email address I have registered at MCR.

    Where did get the info about when you would be getting the points you won?


  362. One problem with the theory that they are linking accounts by IP addresses. Many (if not most) large companies have their own proxy servers for internet traffic. All traffic through these servers will appear to originate from the same IP address. I find it hard to believe that they would block all accounts from a company because of one bad apple.

    My theory is if you got a certain amount of “Tell A Friend points” (say 60-70), your account got locked. I would be interested if anyone has seen other results.

  363. omg wat are you talking about i have 50 acounts hahahha and i have been getting lots of shipments during this week with cokes and shirts megaplex tickets and more i have like 70 blockbuster games and like 100 blockbuster movies lol

  364. there are a few new things on the site, mostly junk but delta sky miles are back in 8,000 3,000 and 850 increments. a few nascar items, hairspray stuff (the movie) thought someone might like to know

  365. hi everybody sorry late with codes. because of lack of time i can only right now give you only 11 and later the other 12 let go 7nz7k-rmlkn-rnrrk….7vv5-6pkt-var4……4jb9m-9mh6w-r7rxb….7jfj-xwln-4kh5……6mpt-op7m-tn7t….m7ymh-wrllh-vvnvb……ok thats half and also everyone have a safe 4 of july. b6jt-pt65-v7xn…..7m6b-jp99-bthb…rk4w-96kr-fnow….pjwl-xw6p-6m4f…..last one for now must start my cook out for 23 people. 5hna-wwr9-f9vf….peace out jut a reminder let us know if codes are use or if they dont work.

  366. Renee…thank you…the first two codes worked! The remaining ones however, had already been redeemed. Your courtesy is greatly appreciated. Thx again…..

  367. Nick – I think it would be wise NOT to use multiple Papa Johns codes just in case. Although it doesn’t SAY ANYTHING in either of their rules about multiple codes from PJ, I would make sure you don’t do ANYTHING wrong so they don’t have ANY reason to close your account … of course I did that and it didn’t work for me …

    Sounds like that Greg dude is cheating the system big time and getting away with it. What goes around comes around in life though … people that cheat this system do not win in the long run.

  368. I got the one for coke-a-maniac too. Thanks. A little surprise. It was out for a while, I didn’t expect it is still available.

  369. Little more information about the blockbuster promotion the coupon will expire 8/13/07 and in 3 business days the coupon is mailed to your email address.

    Once again enjoy and I am so sorry to hear about all the people who got lock out.

  370. I’ve never posted on here but I check up on it often and I’ve never been lucky enough to catch one of the codes.
    Just posting to let people know I’m here lol

  371. HereÒ€ℒs some new unused codes for you all. I already got enough stuff, but still drink coke soÒ€¦here you go. ThereÒ€ℒs 3 pointers, and 10 pointers! & Please write when redeemed:

    1.) 10-pointer 96w4bm49wjylzlm
    2.) 10-pointer kgb4n6nz9k9nrwz
    3.) 10-pointer jzky4rrt9kjyt4l
    4.) 10-pointer kk9vrgltpnwp6z4
    5.) 10-pointer jjlgwnxpynjzp7x
    6.) 3-pointer rjltlmv7fkhv
    7.) 3-pointer bxlbvmgxnl9nxmk
    8.) 3-pointer gxm4tlrbmg7764p

    Please write when redeemed. More coming soon!

  372. emily

    somewhere in one of the mycoke rules it does say that their is only aloud one account per person over the age of 13 so if your daughters r over 13 then your account sould not have be locked and you should not b peniled

  373. bummer, someone must’ve taken the rest because they were all used. thanks though πŸ™

  374. could someone please explain to me how kroger and coke rewards work together. my mother in law asked me about kroger and i have no idea what to tell her. thanks

  375. Emily,

    You know I am not referring to you. I am referring to the people who intentionally create tons of accounts for referral points and multiple promo code redemptions. These are the folks who are creating bogus e-mails and fake people…not the legitimate accounts created for people with more than one person in the household.

    And I think the IP Address might be correct. I had a friends account that I setup on my PC for him and he has a totally different address and they said his account was linked to mine…even though I never referred him.

  376. I had a few people from work I referred and Coke didn’t say they were linked to my account (just spouse and friend I setup).

    Also, Coke should have put some better criteria for their lockdown…like people with more than 6 accounts linked to their IP address and/or home address get an automatic lockout and review the rest manually.

    They really owe the legit accounts locked out some CUSTOMER CARE POINTS for messing us up for so many days once this is straightened out.

  377. yeah, seriously dan leave some for the rest of us. it’s called restraint.

    jen, i haven’t used the pj code i have, tho i’m tempted. and just because someone says something on here doesn’t mean it’s for real, like i could say i have 30 accounts, and no one can check it out. i don’t understand the woman who has 27000 pts like twice a month, or why she insists on putting all her codes on at once, for one greedy scavenger to benefit from. i say spread it around so many greedy scavengers get a little love. good thing there’s a 10 code limit a day, there would be no prizes left tomorrow.

    i got a coke cap with XBOX in the code, took it as a sign, ive had KKK and BWLNG, anyone else get some interesting letter combos?

  378. Regarding Kroger and MyCokeRewards, I tried to add my coupon code for double points last night and it didn’t work. So, I tried to text it using my phone, and it came back saying “expired.” That’s not cool, because I just got the code Saturday and there’s no expiration date listed on it. So I called Coke today about it, and after 29 minutes on the phone (about 24 of that being hold time followed by 5 minutes of giving all my contact information to them for some reason, along with the address of the Kroger!), they gave me the 20 points. πŸ™‚ Yay.

  379. Hank,

    Same thing happened to me with Barbara. I e-mailed her 2 Dr.Pepper Codes and nothing back. Not even a thank you. I think I am going to go put a Post on that site about it.

  380. Hank, I traded with Barb and didn’t have a problem … it just took her a while to get it to me.

  381. Could somebody be so kind to explain to me about the Papa Johns Code. I didnt receive anything?

  382. Hey if anybody has some Transform Your Summer codes, i’ll be willing to trade My Coke Rewards for Transform Your Summer codes. I’ll trade cap for cap or one flap for 3 caps. My e-mail is THANKS

  383. I was at Shaw’s yesterday getting my 5 12 paks for $10. and the guy asked me if I was the one who ripped off 40 Flaps for points !!! I am 44 – not 14 !!!
    He was angry because now the store can’t sell them . I had never been in the store B4 and was only just in the front entrance at the display … just because I said I was going home and enter the points … That is REALLY Rotten when people do that ! I know I read a post once about someone saying that’s how they got their points ! News Flash !!! They have you on store surveillance !!! Video Taped doing it !

  384. I am pleased to see there is a website like this! I thought i was the only one going crazy putting signs up in my office area for everyone to “donate” their coke caps to me! I don’t drink coke, But it has been worth collecting caps just to get my free six flags tickets!

  385. I also found out that it is Not Just Incorrect Codes but Already Redeemed Codes that count toward the 20 that blocks you from entering ANY more codes – Even Valid Codes . I complained to them and told them that was lousy Considering how easy it is to enter wrong codes because most of them are SO Hard to Read !!! And if we happen to pick up a few caps or flaps around and enter it Just In Case it is UnRedeemed !!! Especially since we are Limited to Only 10 Codes Per Day !!! I Hope everyone else reading this will call with the same Complaint ! Maybe if Enough of Us email or Call them and complain , they may change that rule ! I only got to enter 3 codes yesterday because of that .

  386. got this off a 20 oz. Diet Coke bottlecap, but can’t get it to enter. anyone willing to figure it out can have the points.

  387. Okay to all of you, I went to the movies last night and on the way out on the cups was a sticker for 10 point5s!! wow ten right so we told them we droped our phone and ran back in we took the codes off of all the cups that were left! movie and lots of points each cup had 10 points that was a great 4th of July!! good luck to you all go catch a movie!!

  388. do you know if you get back in or are you always locked out? i only have one account and my husband has one, we really dont get that many points and we really only use one account? we dont cheat we trying to save for the roomba i got the pots and pans with my points from last year, we’ll my husband gave them to me for mothers day lol

  389. I am hearing rumours that u only get 365 days to collect ur points is this true?

  390. I am not sure what is going on with Coke … they still haven’t gotten back to me about my account … I am getting impatient. How disappointing! I am still collecting though in hopes I can either revive my account, start a new one, or give them out if the first two things don’t happen. Have a good one!

  391. I just sent a code to Becca and sent one to Hank earlier. I feel very bad and I am very sorry I was so slow in returning the favor. I am done trading … it was too hard to keep up on. I am very sorry again.

  392. hey miss, was that an AMC theatre or a Regal or what? just curious. thx

    and jeff new orleans no you don’t get 365 days as of now you got something like 160-170 maybe. sorry man, maybe they’ll extend it into next year. i just noticed the cruise certifs are on the site but they say sold out. when did that happen?

    my latest ebay auction of 30 tys (just email no shipping cost) is now up to 8.73, crazy. must be because it’s ending soon(ish).

  393. Hank,

    I did get an e-mail from Barb last night or this morning. She said that she thought she had sent me a reply and was very apologetic. If you haven’t heard back just shoot another e-mail.

  394. Hi Everyone, I do “Not” need anymore Dr Pepper codes, Contest is over in 9 days. Most of the good prizes are gone.
    Thanks to everyone that traded right.

  395. I am still locked out.

    Both of my daughters are over 13 & their accounts are fine.

    When I talked to customer service at Coke last week they told me 7 to 10 business days so if I dont hear anything by next Tuesday I am calling them again.

    Still waiting to hear about the cut t-shirt they sent me too.

    Who_Cares: glad to hear you didnt think that of me…. πŸ™‚

    Have a good weekend all.
    stay safe,

  396. I don’t think it is fair if coke is cracking down on accounts with the same I.P. Addresses. A friend of mine does not have a computer so he uses the one at our local Library and sometimes my house. What if that is the only access to the net you have. Has anyone found out any more about this? I know I am going to call them on this issue.

    Also to all of you that have dozens upon dozens upon dozens of accounts, Sham on you! I can’t believe you brag about it! As You Sow, So You Reap.

  397. Hello all just to let you know…I have been coming to this site for awhile under a different log in name…I would share it with you but with everyone getting cancelled not going to take that chance….

    Im not taking the chance because my account was cancelled recently as well. However I called and complained! Not just to the person initailly taking the call but to the supervisor as well. They stated my account was cancelled due to multiple emails accounts from the same address…It had nothing to do with multiple IP addresses. I have had several people sign up at my place of employment and we all use the same computer. Anyways, I ask to speak with someone from corprate and the supervisor stated it would take 7-10 days to have an answer. This occured very recently so I called them everday for 2-3 days inquiring about the answer being very persistant with my questions.

    As of today my account has been UNLOCKED

    Just thought I would share

  398. Ok, I was just reading up the message board…Dont wait to have Coke call you…Call them back and be persistant and ask for the supervisor…My account was unlocked in less than 4 days…

  399. If you use the codes, please tell us, so the rest of us don’t try used ones. Thanks!

  400. hey guys…
    for some reason sometimes when i enter a code it says “application error. please try again” or something like that. anyone else getting this?

  401. oh and btw both of those two codes there were used before i got to them jtlyk. but thanks anyway vvhitekid.

  402. i went to carmikes but iam sure more then that has them i think it was on the bis drinks it said something about hairspray, its a really good deal, 10 points per cup most people buy the big one too!

  403. HI! To whoever posted about the 10 point codes from the large drinks at the movies THANK YOU! I found tons of them when I went to see Transformers tonight! Although they do say that the points must be redeemed by January 31 , 2008. Im going to the movies again SOOOON!

  404. Yes Becca, I finally received an Apology from Barb. I haven’t had any trouble with anyone else, as far as trading goes.

  405. i was able to use 10 of the 20 point codes from kroger last night hopefully they will work for a few more days because i have 67 of them yes lots of points

  406. I had multiple accounts and had them all locked. Yes I broke the rules and paid the price, but heres what sucks. I opend a new one. JUST ONE. I got it up to 200 something points and then they locked it. When I called Coke they told me in a nutshell, If you ever have your account locked you are BANNED FOR LIFE. Oh well. It is what it is.

  407. hey everyone im new to this whole mycokerewards thing but from what ive seen so far this site is awesome! just want to say thanks for the promo offers…i havent been lucky enough to snag any of the other codes but i’ll keep trying!

  408. is it really true that you can get 200 points from the license plate of a coca cola truck

  409. ok i am confused
    noodle you said that you got a ton of codes from the movie theatre yesterday
    and i went to see transformers yesterday night and i looked but they didnt have any codes on the drinks

  410. wow if you can get 200 points off of the license plate of a coke truck i could get the thing i want because almost everyday i see one!

  411. Brandon,

    I saw the movie at a REGAL CINEMA. I dont know if other cinemas are running the promo but I know that this one is. The cups are either a large (maybe medium size) paper cup. The sticker is round and pink and says ” Get HAIRSPRAY Rewards “

  412. well i went to amc and they didnt have it on there but i remember they used to have them

  413. yeah, the theater by brandon and me had them a few months ago. but yesterday we went and looked couldn’t find any. maybe try a different theater next week. we went to an AMC theater before, and their cups are sponsored by coke, so I don’t get why the codes wouldn’t be there.

  414. i got my account locked with 2444 points on it.

    i had multiple accounts yes. all with different names and emails. most were relatives, with REAL addresses.

    the thing is, on my main account, the address was different (real, but not my main), and the name and email and all that was different. they locked it, but yet NONE of my other accounts were locked?????!!

    i even had two accounts with the same name and address i’ve had for forever (i forgot my password once so i made a new one) and those are still up and running.

    ugh..i have about 800 points of un-entered codes..i might just ebay too scared to start another account unless i can get my main one unlocked. i still need to call them

  415. oh i know what you can do james ………… post them on here so everyone can use them………but thats up to you

  416. James
    B4 U ebay the 800 points email me I might be interested if it was a good deal …it would save U the listing and final value fees , if the price was right …LMK Please

  417. Hey white kid hello from Newaygo. Hey everyone have not thrown out some points in ahwile so here you go 4k9xbjbjwgjtkzm

    …Sorry eveyone who is having problems with their accounts I wish you good luck retrieving your points. I hope some of you can get some of your points back with these codes I think there are about 150 there are a couple of ten pointers in there happy entering. For all searching try going to a nascar race you can load up after the race.

  418. Can someone please do me a favor and tell me if it’s really true that you can 10-point codes at the movies.if so what theatre company is it,AMC,karasotes….I highly doubt they are on the back of liscense plates.

  419. 6wlg4



    Add this to the list….We had a big party and a handfull of these 10pointers. I’ll post some more by 10pm guys.

  420. 97vpbjmhbxtpxzz

    pbxppowl9lfa *Can’t tell if that is a o(Oh) or 0(zero).

    My mom threw the other ones out. Sorry guys πŸ™

  421. 100084616172235…..this one is good for a Blockbuster movie rental…I got it from another site….but it just worked for me. I am due to receive my Blockbuster Movie Rental coupon via email within 3 days. Per the stated info at the cokerewards site the movie rental coupon expires by Aug 13 2007. (Maybe it was Aug31…it’s been a long day….I don’t quite remember, lol.) Anyways–Hope it works for some of you folks as well……

  422. Hey, the 200 point coke rig promo is a complete fabrication, I posted a question about it on yahoo answers, and that is what I was told. Bummer

  423. James:
    I have bought them from people on ebay (& off)before & am willing to again(if you have any left).
    Email me & we can discuss prices?

    Hope you all had a fun weekend.
    stay safe

  424. the easist way to get lots of points is go to a store and just rip of the code from the 12 packs someone told me it didn’t work because u had to buy the 12 pack to activate the code but its bull i tried it and now have 5000 points

  425. hey lok that is stealing you loser its people like you that ruin it for everyone else and by the way im tracking your ip address and sending it to coke have a nice day

  426. lok………………….thats STEALING……and not fair to the actual people that buy it ……………. i think that you should BUY the 12 packs and THEN use the codes

  427. just started so heres 2 free 10 previous post was removed where i compiled the working promo codes so ill make that seperate i guess.

    707JK64VXHV4 papajohns code
    6XVWP06KTAJL papajohns code

    plz post when u use them

  428. I wonder if they will make you buy all the flapless coke at regular price if you got caught?

  429. i tried that at the store but got caught,because i ripped off 6 of many did you get lok?

  430. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for the 100084616172235 code.

    I used it this morning and received notice of my free movie rental!

  431. “LOCKED OUT” update:

    This is what Coke is basing the mass lock out on…

    “For each referred person who enrolls in the Program within 14 days of the referral and collects 50 Points (exclusive of any Points which are collected through the use of free or viral codes), the referring Enrollee will receive 10 Points which will be deposited in his/her Account.”

    Anybody who referred a friend and passed along the promo codes and got 10 points for the referral. I can understand the people who created tons of fake accounts to get the referral points getting locked. I think we had the debate on here before as to whether promo codes count for the referral. They did apparently work, even though the rules say otherwise. This is actually Coke’s Fault…not ours. The point of the viral codes is to get people interested and the point of the referral is word of mouth promoting. So, the fact that we tried to get friends interested in the promo by referring them we have been punished. The bottom line is that Coke’s system should not have given referral points for the promo codes if it wasn’t suppose to count them toward the 50 points!

    For all of you who have been locked out…is this what happened to you? Did you refer some friends (real people) and passed along the promo codes? Did you get referral points for them when they signed up and used the codes? If this is the case then I urge you to call Coke and ask to speak to a supervisor about your account. Please post if this is what happened to you too. They shouldn’t punish people for a system glitch on their end!

  432. lok:
    and i am sure that the store security caught you on camera & will nail you the next time you come in.

    Hope this is not a sign of how things are startign this week off.
    stay safe,

  433. try these

    going to a store and taking the codes off 12 packs is stealing just go to wal mart and steal a wii if you are going to do that

  434. yup i did get points for using promo codes on friend refferals. and i passed along the codes to friends.

    i need to call coke. but ive been procrastinating.

    and as for the people talking about ebaying..right now i dont know what i will i’m just going to wait a little bit..but thanks for the interest and stuff.

  435. shoot i am like 2 hours late i could have got those codes!!

  436. All codes have been used.
    AGAIN…. thank you to whoever used them & did NOT post.

    Thanks for passing codes on to us.

    Yes, I also got the referral points for people using the promo codes.
    I WILL be calling coke tomorrow & talking to a supervisor about it.

    When I told people about it that asked me to give them the promo points & they would sign up. Not my fault the computer system ‘hiccuped’, LOL.

    James: anytime you want I will be more than glad to paypal you some money for points.
    everyone else: try to stay cool…. its a scorcher today
    stay safe

  437. do you still get the codes if you dont know which coke you got them from?

  438. vvhitekid:
    first code already redeemed but not by me.
    2nd code says incorrect

    thanks anyways

  439. I have been on this site almost everyday for the past six months and I just got my third and fourth code from this site. I got 2 codes about 3 months ago and I just got 2 more thanks to vvhitekid2!!! You have to be quick!!! The second code came up as invalid so I replaced the 11th digit from a V to a Y and it worked!! Thanks so much and keep up with the news and all of the trade offers!!!

  440. Does anyone know how long it takes for an account to be reset when it says: “too many invalid redemption attempts”?

  441. The BBWRNBYPJ4JGPG6 code didn’t work so I changed a few letters and figured out it was BBWRHBYPJ4JGPG6 instead–redeemed by me. TY vvhitekid!

  442. for the people that told me a steal the codes from the store u dumbases are stealing from here to u didn’t actualy bought the codes and i don’t think the peple from coke would be so hapy if they found out about witck they already did don;t worry tough i dont get my codes from the stores no more

  443. one other think nope i never got caught i just got bored of doing it and now i doit fair and square

  444. lok,

    We are sharing the codes that we bought with other people. We actually had to buy the Coke to get the codes, we didn’t just go to the store and steal them.

  445. another way to get points easily is if u got like three or more emails like me i have 5 emails just go to the papajohn’s summer promo and enter the contest with all ur emails even tough u don’t win u still get 10 points for trying

  446. I just want to say THANK YOU to vvhitekid2 for making all this possible.

    Also, a BIG thanks to those who share their codes on here as well as those who have traded tys codes for coke with me.

    I am a single mom on disability & do what I can to get stuff for my daughters. My youngest will be graduating from high school in January.

    Between here, what I purchase on ebay & what I purchased in the stores I have gotten free soda, free t-shirts for my girls & the diet coke duffel bag for myself.

    I will be glad when Coke unlocks my account so I can get more stuff to put away for Christmas gifts.

    Just in one of my moods & wanted to let the good people on here know they are appreciated.

    When Coke unlocks my account i will post a 3 pointer to celebrate.

    sweet dreams everyone….. time to go finish my book.

    stay safe,

    PS: lok….. you need to start selling waders cuz your crap is getting deep….. LOL

  447. lok, please don’t cry when you account got lock for using multiple Papajohn codes. I know I will be clapping.

  448. well, lok i’m glad you don’t take the codes off the boxes anymore. i don’t really mind your “stealing” the codes, more power to you. but the stores can’t sell the coke after you rip off the flap, so you are stealing from them. you are definitely risking shoplifting or vandalism arrest if you do it (especially b/c they have cameras). and the email thing you are risking account shutdown. coke has to be aware of this site, it’s not hard to find. i thnk so far it hasn’t been worth it for them to bother doing anything about it. let’s try and keep it that way.

  449. Heres one for all the beggers, moaners, Riff-Raff
    (Just joking) No Stealing vvhitekid2, let everyone have a chance.


    Hurry! Good Luck

  450. i think ive been lucky for the stealing codes in stores that don’t have cameras there security is does mirrors in the corners and never got caught and the papa johns crap ive been doing it since it came out and haven’t got my accont locked but don’t woorry i stoped doing does things

  451. lok:
    In case you didn’t notice, just about every store in the US has security cameras nowadays. You’d be an idiot to run a store and not have at least one. Believe it or not, there are also HIDDEN cameras that you can’t see easily. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you πŸ˜‰

  452. Anyone order the Nascar tickets?
    I used some points last week on them and just received them this morning. The tickets are $75 apiece in the north vista row W between turns 3 and 4.
    I called the speedway last week after I ordered them and a women there who knew about the mycoke tickets told me where the seats would be before they were even shipped. Mycoke site says the seats a general admission but that is not true. They have no general admission seats. The seats coke bought are in rows U through Z. In the North Vista very nice seats. Higher the better

  453. Your Welcome. Keep watching, I have about 500 caps. Never know when I’ll throw one out there.

  454. I just found your site and wanted to let you in on a code for a free blockbuster movie. 100084616172235 – enjoy!

  455. Ramona & everyone else:

    I do not use the TYS cops. I trade them to people for Coke points.

    I will gladly pass you email info on to the people I trade with if you want.
    email me & let me know.
    stay safe

  456. I just found this website a few days ago, I have never been able to get any codes from here other than the PROMO codes, that I had found on another site before. I find 5-6 bottle cap codes each day, and sometimes a box codes or 2 per day. I have more caps than I can use right now, so I thought I’d share a few codes with others. 74XXVMVYR49JYMK – Red Coke Cap … let me know who uses this and I’ll send others.

  457. for some reason everytime i try to enter codes now it says too many invalid redemption attempts
    so how can i call them
    what is there number

  458. code#3-a promotion code for Free Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks with purchase of a large specialty pizza at regular menu price

  459. OMG……. :::::doing a happy dance:::::

    I GOT ONE.
    ty ty ty ty ty

  460. Brandon,
    If you attempt any combination of 20 Incorrect OR Already Redeemed Codes …That is IT for U 4 the Day ! No more codes , Even Valid , can B entered. Their day runs from 12 Noon to 11:59 AM the next day . I make sure I don’t attempt more than 12 codes I am Not Sure of …to leave myself Mistake room for entering the Good Codes B4 Going to Bed . I ASK People to Call Coke and register a Complaint Because the Codes R SO Hard 2 Read ! And You Ofter Attempt ones U already entered ! (I try to keep mine in a Seperate Bag)ESPECIALLY Since U R Only Allowed 10 Codes Per Day ! And U Have 2 Keep them For 90 DAYS PAST REDEMPTION DATE > as per their email 2 me . Just in Case they want to Verify – B4 THEY give Up a Wii,or Game Etc…Especially Since they are Cracking Down and Locking Out Accounts ! You wouldn’t want to save & Enter points for 2 Yrs. and not get your Award because of a few missing codes !

  461. james and emily… too quick for me… i still haven’t gotten one. Good job.

    Francine… hint for ya… hold the cap up to a light. It is much easier to read when you do that.

  462. Hey Francine,

    You mean that we have to save ALL of the codes that we enter (as in, all the bottle caps and 10 pack cardboards)? When you redeem points, we have to submit all of the bottle tops in order to get the prize?

  463. Mr.E’s 10 point riddle(all numbers are given)(first letter of awnser is the code)

    vison superman has
    Jerseys b-ball team
    after 9
    animal showcase place
    colour of grass
    smaller cousin of the cello
    below the head
    ben franklin flew one
    adult rating
    before zee

  464. I had 3 12 pks I couldn’t read. I called coke and she gave me credit to my account with no problems. Brandon if you cannnot read the code. Call coke at 1-866-776-6610. They will help you.

  465. hey everyone, i was reading some comments from before about coke locked accounts for having multiple ones on the same ip, well, last time I logged on, coke prompted me with a survey and one of the questions asked how many people used my account, so at least they’re looking into the matter and doing some research.

  466. ok…let’s see if this one goes faster than the one from yesterday. MVWXXPLG96BLNBY – Powerade cap

  467. hey, just tell coke you can’t read any of a code, get free pts. and then enter the thing later, if possible. you gave me a great idea hank. in fact, tell coke it is a 25 pt. code or something. it probably wouldn’t work, but oh well.

  468. everyone scamming and cheating needs to stop your gonna ruin for the rest of us honest collectors i mean seriously if ya cant collect without cheating then piss off .this is why i aint sharing any codes any more.if you needs caps go to your local walmart or whatever and get to the botle returns thats how i get all my caps and flaps

  469. There’s no problem with sharing codes… only one person can use a code, so coke doesn’t care about that. I agree, no reason to scam and cheat however. Just find caps and enter them. With regard to holding onto the caps, I quit doing that and have redeemed for some smaller prizes with no questions asked. Maybe they want them if you go for a huge prize or something? Well, that won’t be me so I’m not keeping the caps. Who has room for all that clutter?

  470. Everybody keeps talking about going to bottle returns or recycle centers. How are you getting caps and flaps there? The local grocery store has a bottle return but there is never any flaps there and the bottles are returned through a machine where they get ground up.

  471. You can enter 20 codes a day by registering a cell phone with the program and then entering 10 from the phone and 10 from your PC.

    I don’t have text messaging on my phone, so I don’t know how it deals with mistyped codes though…


  472. I have redeemed over 14,000 pts. for various prizes from a Sony Portable DVD Player (4,000 pts), a PSP (1,450 pts), the Diet Coke Directors Chair (1,243 pts) and various other caps, t-shirts, and basketballs, even got the Air Hockey table from way back when. Coke has never asked me to submit the caps or flaps that were used to get all these points, wouldn’t do me any good cause they kave all been trashed. Sitting on almost 5,000 pts now in my account, gonna see what good might be offered. Here’s another 3-pt code – JJTLXVHRGXMM6T9 Good Luck to whoever gets it. And good luck collecting your points.

  473. trying to break the riddle on the 10 pt code from Mr.E, any suggestions on the “animal showcase place”?

  474. got the riddle…code was redeemed…but not by me.
    4XNTZG76VNKXX47 Was the answer to the riddle…thanks anyway mr.E

  475. i have over a thousand points in caps from my local super k-mart ,you have to go in the back of the bottle return ,once the bottles go thru the return the kepp in the back til it gets full thats how to get the caps i usualy wear a red shirt just to throw off workers cause if they see you from a distance they’ll think your just another worker,then just scavange thru the garbage hoppers for flaps simple as that,i now have almost 2800 points and a little can full of caps…im shooting for the digital camera

  476. oh yea and its best to either go early in the morning or at the end of the night so no one really will be back in the bottle area and sometimes they dont even care

  477. wildbill how u get so MANY POINTS? I THINK ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO REACH 14,O00 POINTS! unless i get a whole lot of 25 pointers and 20 pointers and i dont get even enough 10 pointers! so how u do it? and also how can i get more points !! quickly and in a KOOL WAY?

  478. I check the bottle recycle bins at work after hours and can usually find enough caps to get my 10 codes in for a day. Only ends up being about 30 points a day but I get them legit.

  479. i just went around my neighboor hood well actually just my street and i came back with 3 flaps so thats 30 points and 7 caps member just my street. so i got 51 points


    Free at last! Coke has UNLOCKED my account. They did have a major lockdown because of the glitch that allowed you to get referral credit for your referrals entering promo codes. A lot of people figured out the glitch and started abusing it by referring fake people. Unfortunately, the legit people got caught in the crossfire. Not only did they UNLOCK my account, but I asked for the points that I would have been able to enter had I not been locked out and they gave me those too (based on my average daily points entered). I am at peace with Coke again. They handled it fairly and for that I appreciate them.

    Keep calling and be sure to escalate it to a supervisor if you haven’t already done so. There is hope for the legit people after all.

  481. not that it matters but animal showcase place would be a zoo, z and wildbill has clearly been doing this since the beginning, unlike us latecomers. prizes used to be cheaper and also hes had more time to collect points. not that i’m going around signing people up myself, but i wish someone had mentioned it to me in feb. regal cinema’s advertising mcr now. coke knows if you sign up now you really can’t get anything good, so why not?