Free TransformYourSummer Pepsi Codes

Transform Your Summer
Trade, collect or give away your unused TransformYourSummer codes. TransformYourSummer is Pepsi’s latest “under the cap” promotion. I will be posting free TransformYourSummer codes until the promotion ends, so check back often. You will see my posts in the comments below. Good luck!


  1. I have ten extra TYS right now, I’m kinda tired of the sweepstakes thing. make me an offer. really would like 10 pt 12 pk code but you have to show first. I’m shy, been burned. I will email the 10 codes quickly after receipt of valid code. absolutely NO coke caps, dr peppers are interesting.

  2. what prize did you select b-rad? just curious. I put 12 on game center, 3 on x box and 6 on the hoodie, cuz that means I have like a one in 3 chance of winning that one for 6/12. yippee! this site looked kinda sparse. I get at least 10 of these things a day, but i like entering them myself. once I win, i’ll stop. 🙂 one of each.

  3. i have not put entries on anything yet. waiting until i have alot and then spread ’em around.

  4. Nick, the odd is good because they reset the entries each day after 12 midnight. If you go back to check on it again, the number of entries will be a lot higher. Don’t mean to break your dream bubble. Just want you to know the truth.

  5. Dan- er, wha?

    are you saying the count for each prize gets a lot higher than they show when you enter, after the end of the day? I made all of my entries before midnight on 6/12. either way, i’m still entering 20 a day, my odds are way better than someone entering once. B-rad let me know which day and what prize hefore you enter, so I skip that’un that day! you guys know there’s a 500 per person limit right?

  6. Depend on what time zone you are on. If you check on the number of entries right before 12 midnight eastern time, you will know how many entries that have for that day. I have been checking this for the last 2 weeks. The odds seemed to be getting smaller each day mainly because of more caps are available now. Other thing to wonder is that the website posted they have awarded 610 winners as of 6/6/07. If you add up all the prizes for one day, it is over 1000. Does that mean they haven’t even giving out prizes for one day of entries???? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  7. the whole snail mail-only system of delivery is pretty odd, makes it much easier for pepsi not to have to deliver on its promises and not really be accountable. or maybe it prevents fraudulent winning claims, I don’t know. I would imagine theyre legally obligated to give out exactly what they said, and I’m sure they put the prizes aside before they even started. Pepsi probably employs hundreds of lawyers.

    I guess my odds on 6 entries of the hoodie with 300 winners and 6,100 total entries is still 1 in 1,000 per drawing, but there are 300 drawings. I have no idea how to calculate odds in this scenario. but ain’t nobody gonna breaka my stride, nobody’s gonna hold me down, oh no I’ve got to keep entering,,,

  8. does anyone know of anyone at all that has actually WON something yet, or heard of any winners at all? I’m starting to wonder.

  9. anybody want to trade mycokerewards for transform your summer codes I have some trasform your summer ones

  10. I just received a Mountain Dew mini refrigerator about 20 minutes ago! I didn’t get notified of winning or anything, a UPS guy just showed up with a huge package at my front door. Sweet!

    I can’t tell -when- it is I won… I had entered in about 9 entries total for the fridge, about 2 entries each time spread out over a good 5-6 week time frame. The last one being entered in on the 20th. Hmmmm…

  11. I will be willing to trade pepsi transform your summer caps for my coke rewards points. I will trade you 1 code for a 3 point coke code or i will trade you 4 codes for a ten point code. if you want to trade just email me at

  12. I happen to have Four TYS codes that i didnt redeem yet, i am willing to give them to any one that could try and get me some dr pepper bubble codes. Thank you !!!

  13. to “b-rad”, I have many extra my coke rewards codes i can exchange for tys codes. if you see this, contact me at , i am also sending you an email. tell me how many tys codes you can trade.

  14. I trying to enter my code from a cap off a pepsi top can you tell me how to enter my number. to see if I win something.

  15. hi, i have 4 MCR flaps and 4 caps to trade for TYS caps!! 5 for 1 on the flaps and 1 for 1 on the caps!!

  16. My mom just gave me 3 tys caps from her work. i obviously dont need them, but i cant promise you if they work or not. i will be willing to exchange them if you have mcr codes. but the only way its going to work is if you give me a code, then ill give you a code, because i dont trust people much. and if the code i give you doesnt work, then ill give you another one without you giving me an mcr code
    email me at

  17. Hey if anybody has some Transform Your Summer codes, i’ll be willing to trade My Coke Rewards for Transform Your Summer codes. I’ll trade cap for cap or one flap for 3 caps. My e-mail is THANKS

  18. Hello there,

    I have one TYS cap code to trade for an MCR code. Please let me know if you are interested. It is from a Sierra Mist. Thanks

  19. I happen to have an abundance of TYS codes, that i wont be using. I would like some dr pepper codes if you have some, Please email me at for questions or to trade, Thanx

  20. Do they really just send you a prize no e-mail, phone call or anything cause it sayz that unless you win one of the big ones you will recieve your prize by mail? I put in about 20 to 30 codes daily but I live in oregon so I have less chance of winning east coast guys are making a killing as of right now

  21. I’m having trouble with the transformers contest, Ican enter my caps, but no matterwhat Ican’t enter the contests. Is there a trick to it? I get to enter Sweepstakes, put my number of entries in, but my account nevergoesdown, so I’m notgetting anywhere. Is ther a customer service number?

  22. If anybody has won a prize, how did they notify you that you won? Did they e-mail you, or did they just send the prize in the mail?

  23. My buddy just won the $100 cash prize a couple days ago. They sent him a $100 check in the mail!

  24. I have been the greatful reciepiant of my coke reward points on the other web site, so wanted to return the favor with some TYS points that I am not saving.

    Good Luck!
    MN43Y RI4R0
    EF67C PBXP4

  25. YEAH, i finally got a code from here!!!! THANKS linda lerda for the code F7JNXOVJXY THANKS

  26. i have 20 tys caps or so, will trade for mcr flaps only (ten pt 12 pk codes, no papa johns or movie cup codes please, no cap codes)

    3 tys caps to 1 10 pt flap

    i will not email any codes until i have received a valid code from you first, sorry, ive been rippoed off too many times. don’t email me if you are not ok with this. i will get back to you within 24 hrs

  27. 1. fk67t

    2. j9ivi

    3. e4ta9

    email at if you want to know the last letters for each code. but you must send a flap for each code first. sorry but im desperate for codes here. if you are too then it shouldnt be that big a deal.

  28. I have 40 TYS caps looking to trade for Coke MyCokeReward points. I will trade caps 1 for 1 and 5 TYS caps for 1 MCR 10 point 12 pack flaps. Email me at if interested.
    Thank you,

  29. I have won something off of Thanks to them I can go to the Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phonix and get the last book to the Harry Potter series


    As of RIGHT NOW Melanie Koch AKA

    Has told me she will trade 5 mcr caps for tys caps. I sent her her 5 caps, and the codes I sent her have all been used with no response from her.

    DO NOT TRADE WITH HER!!! She does NOT hold up to her end of the deal.

    (If she ever sends me my codes, I will update this situation).

  31. I have also had trouble with Melanie Koch AKA
    She tried to trade me promo codes for caps. I have already used all the promo codes that I know of. I told her to send me a real code from a cap or flap, but I haven’t received any contact since then

  32. ^^ That code doesn’t work!^^
    IT says’ “This is not a valid Transform You’re summer Code”

  33. Hey everyone,
    I usually get a bunch of TYS codes every Monday-Friday. I’d say on average 3-5. So if you have any MCR codes you wanna trade for them, let me know. my email is kevhouse0308(at) and i also have Dr Pepper codes if anyone’s interested in that.

  34. Here is a mountain dew code. I do not have a yahoo address and do not want to set up an account just for this promotion. N97YR RMCVN

  35. Just tried to post this but it didn’t show up. Sorry if this is a duplicate or triplicate.

    Here is a code for Diet Mt Dew that I won’t use as I am not setting up an e-mail account just for this.


  36. Trading My Coke Rewards codes for Transform Your Summer Codes.
    Have a bunch of unused 10 point MCR codes. 10 MCR points for every 3 TYS codes.

    It is negotiable.


  37. I am usually haunting the cokerewards page from time to time….but when I found this I decided to toss it onto this page, rather than into the garbage…….

  38. Just an FYI, a friend won the Mt Dew mini frig. He wasn’t even notified, it just showed up on his doorstep. That’s the only reason I started entering.

  39. Hey,I was playing Dr.Pepper, but they ran out of prizes right at the end.
    Mycokerewards is fun and I won $100 from Pepsi! Don’t give up!
    I have plenty of coke caps if anyone has pepsi caps to trade.


  41. You have 32,000 caps? That doesn’t sound possible since the caps were only being sold as individual units. Anyone responding should use caution. It’s also worth noting each individual person has a limit of 500 cap codes that can be entered and multiple accounts aren’t allowed.

  42. hey who_cares how about no.i already gave it to a buddy of mine , maybe next time ok

  43. I have 40 TYS codes that I would like to trade for 6 MCR flaps if someone is interested e-mail me ( )

  44. I have 5 TYS caps up for trade for MCR caps or some PayPal money. I’m not asking for a lot of money, so please don’t flame me here…but I’m kind of tired of getting all these caps and I’m trying to get rid of them. e-mail me at if you’re interested.

  45. Yep!! i only entered 4 codes for the fridge for the TYS and i got the mini dew fridge in the mail. i was not notified by email or by phone, but was very happy that i won. i live in Pennsylvania.

  46. my coke reward

    can you give me the same amout of tys codes.please and thank u god bless hwo ever replies back and if u dont your life will be filled with sins and hatred

  47. I have 50 tys codes that I would like to trade for 8 mcr flaps if anyone is interested e-mail me (

  48. i have 68 (srry about no even #) cokerewards and am willing to trade 2 for every transformyoursummer code, if i run out then i will probly leave comment, but chances are i wont end up trading all the codes by the end of the sweepstakes. email your codes(tys) to Once i find that the codes you send me are legit, and have not been used you will recieve your coke rewards, and if i had run out an email will be sent notifying you. Gl with rewards!

  49. If you still have the 50 tys codes I have MCR 10-pt codes. Please e-mail me (

  50. Hi,

    I am now trading my MCR code for your Pepsi/Mtn Dew TYS code. 1 to 1. TYS promotion will end this weekend. So if you are not using them. It will be useless after sunday. Email me if interested. I have had many successful trades with people in this forum before. So you can trade without fear. Thanks.


  51. I have a few tys codes – hope someone can use them. I may have a few more over the next day or 2. If anyone has MCR points they’d like to send, my email address is Thanks!


  52. Thank You to Isaac Chavarria and Anne for the codes. They were greatly appreciated!!!

  53. i went to trade tys codes for mcr with 3 for 1 flap. sounded good so they sent me one flap and i sent 9 codes got 2 more flaps so i sent 30 codes and man i didnt get anything back.
    opps thats not nice. my little girl asked me why they did that.

  54. Mike
    I have traded with him B4 a bunch of times and it was fine – no problems . I am just Wondering if you told him Ahead that you were sending That many All At Once ? And did he respond and say go ahead B4 You sent them ? Or did you just send them without telling him First ? I Always Tell People I Trade with to Wait to Send Any codes until I tell them I am Ready For them . I am usually trading with like 5 people at once – and it is Important to Get the details agreed on B4 sending each time . Also Contact him – Maybe he will send them to you as soon as he gets them …Maybe he just got behind …

  55. I have 2 TYS codes still, the promotion is ending soon, isn’t it? One of them is also from one of those huge mountain dews….im not really sure if it makes a difference. Anywho if you’re willing to trade MCR for em, send me an email at

  56. maybe he’s out and i sent to many at one time. its not that big of a deal to me. my friends at work gave them to me because they know i use the mcr caps. hope they help him out because i don’t use them and someone should.

  57. maybe he’s out and i sent to many at one time. it’s not that big of a deal my fiends at work give them to me because they know that i use the mcr cap. i hope they help him out

  58. last chance for any one to trade me mrc codes for tys codes still have 8 left so email me asap

  59. my account is screwed up. whenever i enter a code it says contact customer care. i already contacted them. what should i do now?

  60. hey i currently have ( as of august 4th, 2:06pm Michigan Time) 25 big 2 liter coke reward tops, i believe that is about 10 pts, which i am rounding to a little bit bigger than a tys cap. Email me at I will basically email you back 10pts for coke rewards for every transformyoursummer code(thats still valid) that you send to me. Email me at! HURRY, ONLY ONE DAY LEFT! I really want some of the transormers stuff so im giving a great deal, 10 mcr pts for a tys cap, hurry, one day left!

  61. Sorry if you emailed me yesterday for a TYS cap. I received another one today, so you can email me for it now. email is in the above post.

  62. ugh…. it’s over… it’s all over… hopefully i won something with about 350 codes entered

  63. i just recieved a 25 dollar check from tys…hooray for me.that makes 2 music downloads,1 mt dew mini fridge and 25 bucks.with 493 caps inlaw of mine won 3 fridges and 2 dvd packs.anybody else win anything?

  64. my daughter won the Xbox,$25 dollar check and today a Camcorder came in!

    Me- nothing.


  65. Hey vvhitekid2, you should start a new page for the new pepsi promotion coming out on Sept. 1st called “Call Your Play”

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