Can’t connect to Google on T-Mobile

I love my T-Mobile MDA Cell phone, but one thing I don’t love is the network’s inability to connect to ANY of Google’s networks.

The first site I tried when I turned on my T-Mobile data plan was Time out.

I tried about 10 times over the next few days and then finally called support, just thinking that my data service wasn’t activated yet.
Well, the Tmobile tech asked me to go to, which I did, and it worked fine. I tried Google again, and when it timed out, the tech on the phone said that “connecting to Google over our network has been a known issue”.

Great. So, no google search, no Gmail, no google Maps.. nothing. Iwas hoping this issue would have resolved itself by now, but it hasn’t. Nearly 2 months later and I am still unable to connect to google.

I can’t connect to google even when I tether. It still just times out. The only way I’m able to access google is when the wi-fi is in use.

Please fix your problems, T-Mobile.

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