T-Mobile MDA Cell Phone – Free After Rebate

I’ve been waiting for about a month for another deal on the T-Mobile MDA phone, and this is the best deal I’ve ever seen on it: Free After Rebate! The 1 year contract requirement (instead of the regular 2 years) makes this deal even sweeter. Details below the pic:

T-Mobile MDA

T-Mobile MDA from letstalk.com

I have read some great reviews of this phone/pda thing.

The phone can easily be unlocked with instructions found here.

When checking out, you can choose either the one or two year contract. Both should work with the rebates.

5 thoughts on “T-Mobile MDA Cell Phone – Free After Rebate”

  1. how much would the phone be by itself? cuz i already have a phone an just need a upgrade. an can it be sent by mail?

  2. I would like to know how to set my t mobile mda phone’s language from dutch to English.thank you.

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