10 Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare Online

Going somewhere? Use these 10 tips to ensure you find the cheapest flight online!


1.) Want to go somewhere warm and cheap next week? Check out Worry Free Vacations. They offer super-cheap airfare and package deals to Mexico, Bahamas, and more. Sometimes their round-trip fare is only 79 bucks!

When using the sites listed below, make sure you check them every day for at least a week or two. The fares change throughout the week, and you want to grab them when they drop! Tuesdays or Wednesdays are the best days to check.

3.) Don’t forget about other airports! Be sure to check every airport that you are willing to drive to. Last month, I drove 6 hours to an airport two states over because I saved 350 dollars on the flight. Do some cost analysis: if it is cheaper to drive + fly, especially for international flights, DO IT! Just be sure you factor in the gas prices and parking fees.

4.) This should go without saying these days, but the more flexible you are with your travel plans, the cheaper it will get. If you are going on a week trip somewhere, you might want to take 9 or 10 days off from work, just so that you have a few days to be flexible with. It is also nice to have a day or two to yourself after you get back from vacation to take care of laundry, house chores, etc.

5.) Stay over a weekend. It is always cheaper if you stay over a weekend.

6.) Collect airline rewards. Get a credit card that gives you airline miles. Airtran was doing a promotion with Wendy’s a while back. You could get a free continental US flight by collecting the stamps off of Wendy’s cups. Look for promotions like these! It doesn’t get any better than free!

7.) Going to Europe? I’d suggest flying into the cheapest city you can find, then taking a European airline to the destination city. Airfare in Europe is dirt-cheap, so if you are looking at a few hundred dollar difference between, say, London and Paris, just take the cheapest, and find a connecting flight!

8.) Be sure to check the sites listed below for bargain last-minute fares if you are looking to get away next weekend. Most sites have them, and they are pretty cheap.

9.) Want to go somewhere cheap, but not sure where? Go to Vegas. The flights are super cheap from most major US cities, and the hotel + airfare deals are usually fabulous.

10.) Take advantage of overbooking. If the flight you are on is overbooked, volunteer your seat on the plan (if you have nowhere to be that day). You will often get free flights, hotel, money for food, and even cash.

List of sites to check (check em all, but start with Travelocity first!):

Yahoo FareChase – New site that searches many airline sites. Impressive
CheapTickets – Great for international flights

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