Graydon’s Crossing, Grand Rapids, MI Review

I have visited Graydon’s Crossing in Grand Rapids, MI twice now, but I will never be back.

A short backstory: I moved to Grand Rapids this last week, and I now live within a mile of Plainfield Ave. Tonight, my roommate and I were looking to spend some money (payday!), drink some liquor, and watch the Tiger’s game. Well, that did NOT happen at Graydon’s Crossing tonight.

Since it was a PERFECT night out, we were looking for somewhere to sit outside to have a few drinks before moving inside for the game. We walked in to Graydons, and the sign said “Please wait to be seated”. I waited for about 20 seconds for someone to show up at their post, but nobody did, so I went looking for a seat myself.

Graydons has two levels. The first level on the outside was already full, so we doubled back and went by the hostess station again. No hostess there yet, so we took a gander upstairs. Plenty of room! We started moving towards a two-person table out on the deck but were intercepted by a young woman.

her: “Are you guys meeting anyone up here?”
us: “no… just here to drink”
her: “well, are you going to eat an entree?”
us: “umm….. what?”
her: “well, you have to order an entree to sit outside up here”

Now… there are some things you, the reader, should understand about this situation:

1. We were sober, and well-dressed.
2. There were PLENTY of open tables upstairs.
3. It was almost 9pm. I don’t think too many people are coming for dinner at Graydon’s Crossing after 9.

Needless to say we both walked back down the stairs and left the establishment, never to be back again.

Overall, I’m glad this happened, because I found an AWESOME bar just down the road. We walked about a block north and found Sazerac’s. Great food, a wide selection of beer, and an awesome bartender/owner. We watched our game there and had a great time. So take my advice: skip the English Pub and head over to the cozy pub with a New Orleans-style flair.

Summary: BOOOOOoooooo! Graydon’s Crossing turned away probably 100 dollars of business tongiht. The place has potential if they would stop turning away customers.


  1. You are a dumba**! learn some etiquitte! 20 seconds is nothing. we don’t want stupid *hits like you in anyways who will tips $1 on $10 tab. In fact, no one who serves booze ever wants you to go to there establishment, unless its Vinny’s. you have no class something ‘kid’.( the name fits, “kid”)

  2. This was the response I expected. The attitude of this bartender seems to reflect the attitude of all Graydon’s employees.

    “20 seconds is nothing”
    As I mentioned in the article, we initially waited for 20 seconds, then wandered a bit. Upon returning to the hostess station, probably a minute and a half later, there was still no hostess in sight.

    “we don’t want stupid shits like you in anyways who will tips $1 on $10 tab”
    Having been a server and a bartender myself, I can say that I never tip 10% unless the service was horrible. So, if you’re getting 10% tips, you probably aren’t a very good bartender.

    You have a cool bar. I like the menu and the beer selection. Too bad the employees have awful attitudes like this.

  3. We visited Graydon’s on St Patrick’s Day. Had a wonderful meal, great beer and fantastic service. Our waiter was humorous and fun, Irish to boot! We loved it. (and him)
    If you have had a negative experience, I think you should try again. Gr restaraunts are mostly BORING chain businesses!!! Give this one a chance or try some positive feedback. We need more interesting places like this one! Sue

  4. I visited this place today for the first time and loved it. I have toured the countryside in UK and this place reminded of many a pubs that I came across there. I am not a big beer drinker but I loved the Indian fusion food.I am an Indian and choice of Indian food in GR is pathetic.I loved what we ordered, Bombay Gyro, Plantain fritters, South Indian shrimp tacos.In fact if you want flavorsome Indian food, skip Bombay cuisine and head to this place.

  5. The orginal post here illustrates how entitled and arrogant so many people are. This is one of my favorite restaurants and friends of ours actually go there at least once a month. We have consistently had excellent food and service, and have enjoyed the unique ambiance.
    To write such a negative post based on the fact that you didn’t get to do things your way with no wait is foolish. Exercise some common courtesy next time. Or better yet, go to Burger King.

  6. While the ambiance is unique and the food can be quite good, the service is often hit or miss. I do not disagree with the original post.

  7. So the bartender got carried away, cant say I don’t feel the same as he does. 20 seconds isn’t much and maybe inquiring instead of helping yourself would have eliminated any such events as you had. Either way, the downstairs deck is lovely and you can sit and enjoy all the drafts and lovely atmosphere from there. But I promise I don’t welcome you; drink you redbull and vodka elsewhere.

  8. I come home to GR every year and was geeked to find Graydon’s Crossing this summer. The deck is great the ambiance all around is amazing. I went several times with different groups of friends and every time but one our service was great. Had I not returned after that one experience, I would not have had the great times I had over this past summer. They have this beer and food pairing night once a month that is amazing! My husband makes his own beer and he flew into GR on our anniversary night and I surprised him with this. He loved it. I, too, have worked the restaurant business in the past and the person “whitekid” dealt with may have been new and “just following rules” not having a sure foothold on “how things work”. “Whitekid” — you’re missing out if you don’t give it another try. At least one. The food is amazing, the beer selection is outstanding and, with a majority of my experiences, the staff is helpful, full of knowledge about the food and drink menu and generally good folk!

  9. Wow. Twenty seconds? Do you know how labor in a restaurant works? They don’t have a host on at night, ninety percent of restaurants cut their greeters when business dies down. So bartenders and servers have to leave their tables and tasks to greet you. Even in a corporate setting it is normal for a guest to wait at the door for two minutes. Even at ihop.
    You are the arrogant pos that sends back food…you don’t go to meijer, say “I’m gonna try this new salsa tho I’ve never had it” and then return it cuz you didn’t like it. I hate people who feel so entitled. Get effed

  10. Ya, gettin all pisses off cuz he had 2 wait 20 seconds…where did this doof move from, halpytown? Obviously not any sort of an urban setting…anyway, the wife and I are proud to refer friends and family to grsydon’s. Cozy, intimate, good pub food and one of the best beer menus in town. Personal favorites are the shephard’s pie and one of their ale samplers…yum. also, the service has. Always been just fine. Friendly and attentive.

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