McDonald’s Monopoly 2009 – Free codes!

Free McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces for everyone! Yes, it is that time again! McDonald’s Monopoly is back and our code-sharing community is ready to go! I will be donating all of my unused McDonald’s Monopoly codes (found on the game stamps) on this page, and if this is anything like last year’s McDonald’s Monopoly page, I will be joined by plenty of other generous folks.

Feel free to discuss the McDonald’s Monopoly program, the prizes, the gameboard, or just stick around and see if you can snag some codes from the folks that like to share them!

It looks like McDonald’s is mixing it up a bit this year and they have included a daily sweepstakes in collaboration with NBC. They are going to do an on-air dice rolling every night on shows like “The Jay Leno” show or Sunday Night Football.

Some quick facts for the 2009 game:

  • Game starts October 6, and ends November 2
  • Online game ends on November 16
  • If you land on Chance, the on-air dice roll is for you! If they roll a double-6 on air, you will receive $1,000,000. All other dice combinations result in a prize of $10,000 for that player.

The rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces for 2009 are:

  • Mediterranean Avenue: $50
  • Short Line Railroad: $500
  • Vermont Avenue: $1000
  • Virginia Avenue: $2000
  • Tennessee Avenue: $5000
  • Kentucky Avenue: $10,000
  • Ventor Avenue: $25,000
  • Pennsylvania Avenue: $50,000
  • Boardwalk: $1,000,000

Good luck everyone!


  1. I Found out that McDonals Monopoly is starting on October 5th or 4th (Mon or Sun)

    -HLG Belly Hop94

  2. Thanks for the heads up DM. FYI, I had to wait for a few minutes on that page before it was “loaded” to see the actual game. I ended up rolling a 3 (Baltic ave).

  3. I also rolled a 3. It may not get you to far in the game but you are entered for a chance at a million $.

    Is everyone getting a 3?

  4. WOW! I believe everyone Is getting a three because I also rolled a three on the free code sign up screen just now….. SCAM! SCAM! (LOL)

  5. I think they changed their codes this year because i figured out that the codes are 11 digits and or letters long instead of 10. I also figured out that the letters A,F will not work in the code box. I guess the code (WIN100kADAY) is out

  6. this might be only for canadian codes:

    post if it’s Canadian or a USA code pliz 🙂

    btw their all multiuser, redeemed only once by your email/account.

  7. UONLYRICHER is for facebook yes but u sign up for facebook then after signing up 4 facebook go to and get ur free code by clicking monopoly tab then click go and the free code will be in the 11 digit code box then click let’s play and the code will be coped and pasted on the web site and enter on the web site and play.

  8. The Rare Pieces Are..

    Mediterranean Ave.- $50
    Short Line RR- $500
    Vermont Ave.- $1,000
    Virginia Ave.- $2,000<—– I already got the other 2!!
    Tennessee Ave.- $5,000
    Kentucky Ave.- $10,000
    Ventor Ave.- $25,000
    Pennsylvania Ave.- $50,000
    Boardwalk- $1,000,000

  9. a free code that i got from a bag. i created 3 different accounts and used it on all three.


  10. The facebook version is the same as the regular… You just go through facebook and click play or go… And the log in and you can use the uonlyricher code for the current game you are playing…

  11. rolled a 5 also.

    and yea that last code only works for facebook, and im too lazy to set it up

  12. well my last post was a bust, cuz i went to McD’s for lunch too and the code on the bag was the same 🙂 oops

  13. Hey whats up you guys I just got back and I got some codes. Hey if you guys win how sharing some of the winnings…just a thought.

    Well here are these for now:


  14. got like 4 pieces idk if u can use them twice but NLV5WJN8BDX 3B7185LD9MZ 1TT95T6XHV6 NLKQXKB6LZ9

  15. i love this game its pwns and owns last year i had boardwalk and didnt get the other one

  16. i have problem registering the game online, i signed up with the correct information and everything, but this error message keep showing up saying that i have an invalid postal code, anyone having the same problem?

  17. I rolled a 6 on the free code

    then went to facebook for another free code and got a 7

    Oriental Avenue and States Avenue

  18. I rolled a 9 also, but would like to know if there is anymore freebie codes out. Please post ev1 so we all can win…..tyvm

  19. hey im not sure how the jay leno dice roll works, i missed the show but i guess the only people eligble are people that landed on the chance property online??

  20. By the way, I love this free code thing going on here, cant wait for it to get as interesting as last years ;)!

  21. do you only roll the dice or do you try and collect the game pieces that get a monopoly or try and get the monopoly by landing on all those spaces? thanks

  22. I have the following game pieces:
    St James Place(2)
    Baltic Avenue
    Marvin Gardens
    Connecticut Avenue
    Park Place
    Reading Railroad
    B&Q Railroad

  23. i had 5 rolls so far today and i am now next to the go to jail box on the green side. (i bought a large frie and drink) but i only won 25 coke points so far. and i have st. james place, Atlantic ave, CT ave, and penn railroad on me. i have a question is u play online can u still collect the codes and get three and win something?

  24. From a large coffee:


    Free online codes:


    Good luck everyone!

  25. kb613l3dj22
    good luck again!!

  26. Good Luck everyone. I got the first railroad on the board. My husband got one of the light blue properties. Sorry, I rolled a few days ago and have forgotten what I rolled. By the way, did anyone win anything good on scrabble?

  27. I got Boltamore, the first railroad, connectic, and Indiana all in one try because I did a couple Double Rolls with having the same number.

  28. I just mailed away for free game peices. How long does it usually take to get them? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

  29. Has anyone got the codes that are supposed to be on Jay Leno nightly? And if so, are they only good for that night?

  30. Unique pieces:

    •Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue. 2,000 people will win $50.

    •Short Line, Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B&O Railroad. 750 people will win $500.

    •Vermont Avenue, Oriental Avenue, and Connecticut Avenue. 125 people will win $1,000.

    •Virginia Avenue, St. Charles Place, and States Avenue. 75 people will win $2,000.

    •Tennessee Avenue, St. James Place, and New York Avenue. 10 people will win $5,000.

    •Kentucky Avenue, Indiana Avenue, and Illinois Avenue. Six people will win $10,000.

    •Ventnor Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, and Marvin Gardens. Eight people will win $25,000.

    •Pennsylvania Avenue, Pacific Avenue, and North Carolina Avenue. Four people will each win $50,000.

    •Boardwalk and Park Place. One person will win $1,000,000.

  31. i already have park place, so boardwalk is rare and i have n carolina and pacific ave, so pennsylvania ave is rare too.

  32. The rare pieces are:

    Mediterranean Avenue
    Short Line Railroad
    Vermont Avenue
    Virginia Avenue
    Tennessee Avenue
    Kentucky Avenue
    Ventnor Avenue
    Pennsylvania Avenue

  33. Rare pieces that I’ve discovered so far:

    Dark Blue:



    Light Blue:


  34. Think its awesome that you all post some game pieces… Hope you all keep doing this lol Here’s a couple to get it started…. Look forward to posting many more.. Hope you do too:::


  35. I am dissapointed I got my free roll it got a 9 then went to mcdonalds the next day and got 8 codes went around the board twice and landed on all the same places. Their dice rolls are quite so random.

  36. I used the uonlyricher and got collected reading railroad and when I rolled the free 1 I got a 10 and was visiting jail well here are some free codes….


    Well enjoy everyone=)

  37. i dont understand the online site? on my game play and then my properties…
    # Code Entered
    # Started On
    # Roll
    # Landed On
    # Entry Method

    what are those actually? is what you landed on the actual game piece you have won?

  38. funny whatever code I get I always land on the property I already landed on. Popular numbers are 3,5,7 but I did roll an 11 and 9

  39. Rare pieces this year:
    Pennsylvania Ave
    Ventnor Ave
    Kentucky Ave
    Tennessee Ave
    Virginia Ave
    Vermont Ave
    Mediterranean Ave

    These are the actual pieces that you peel off products. Good luck everyone! I’m already addicted!

  40. already have all the game piece both online and off just not the real winning ones (had bunch of free food any breakfast meal, fries, mcflurry, small drink, ect..(free 25 my cokereward points) anyone get anything good yet ?

  41. This is totally weird. I went to McDs for lunch and one of my game codes is for Pacific Avenue and I put it in and they gave me St. James Place. I emailed them to find out what happened. Hopefully they fix it.

  42. 8DMG1362M45
    Heres some codes for ya.

  43. was anybody able to get any of these monopoly codes? i felt like i was here as soon as they were posted, but they all gave me errors. is it possible that they were used before the comments were approved…? j/w

  44. it’s a totally different game online now it dont matter what you got on ur ticket. technically you can collect the actually pieces and go online and win on two different properties

  45. ive won 50 mcr points off of the online ghame so far. and a small soft game from the restaurant.

  46. Did anyone answer the question: What are the codes from Jay Leno’s show this week?

    Anyone have that info??

  47. BONNIE — Please be aware that even though the physical piece you have is for Pacific Avenue, when you entered the code online it gave you ANOTHER seperate property for the online game.

  48. If you land on chance, you get the 1million dollar roll the next day on tv. If they roll 2 sixes you win a million, but anything else you still get 10 grand. It says on the site when the roll is. On Monday thru Friday its on The Jay Leno Show, I forgot what it on on sat and sun.

  49. I just thought of a great way to remember the rare pieces in this year’s game — EXCEPT for the Park/Boardwalk combo, the rare piece in each set is the last one ALPHABETICALLY !

  50. can someone please explain this to me…what it means on the website?

    * Code Entered
    * Started On
    * Roll
    * Landed On
    * Entry Method

    i know the code entered is what you have entered from the pieces you get form mcd…

    what is started on? is that a piece you can count as one of your winning pieces..

    roll….does that count as anything?

    landed on….is that a winning piece also?

    the actual pieces that you have you get at mcdonalds count with the ones you win online?

    please someone explain it to me?

  51. what is electric company? i landed on it? and community chest?

    so i got oriental avenue at mcdonalds and Connecticut avenue from online…so does that mean i just need to find vermont ave to win?

    or is that considered to separate games?

  52. meemee, i know what you mean, when i look, someones already taken the codes and then doesnt say that they used them. I get all the errors too when i try to enter them because they were used 😛
    People, please say that you used the codes after you use them so that we don’t waste our time trying them 😛

  53. I have entered around 30 codes and I keep landing on the same properties I already own!! I can tell you what I’m gonna roll before I roll it, I just count the spaces till the next property that I own!! This game is rigged, what a shame!!! Class Action Suit material, Ya think?

  54. amy, the game has to be rigged because they have to control the amount of prizes being given out. if it was just random, they would have more winners than prizes, which would result in lawsuits…

    there is only 1 physical boardwalk piece which is good for 1 million dollars

  55. Amy (Q141), if the game was rigged, millions of people wouldnt be WINNING.. My friend already won $200 online.. Also, you’re not FORCED to play online.

  56. Does anyone know if you can do either the facebook or regular on-line entry? Facebook is taking forever to load!

  57. yes, AT you can register on either. Plus, you can play on one site and the results are saved on the other meaning it doesn’t matter whether you play on facebook or, the results are saved. I played on facebook and then got on later and played on and the rolls I rolled on facebook were saved on 🙂

  58. Of course the game is rigged…… Or millions of people would be winning and McDonalds would go bankrupt. You honestly thought it was just randomized???

    Do you know how many millions they would have to give out?????

    It’s perfectly legal to rig it as long as people CAN win it.

    It’s just a select few though.

    (As in a select couple thousand)

  59. I got a Mediterranean Avenue piece, which is one of the rare pieces, but it’s still only $50. Is there an easy way for me to find a Baltic Avenue piece so I don’t have to buy several meals and blow $50 to get the last piece? Thanks,

  60. Does anyone know if you can do either the facebook or regular on-line entry? Facebook is taking forever to load!

    Comment by AT — October 11, 2009 @ 3:00 pm

    Yes, if you go through the quick entry version on the mcdonalds website (Not the flash version), it works (or at least it worked for me.)

  61. Ok.. I need some help understanding this. I have entered in buttloads of codes online and the code I have will say one name but once I enter it in online it will say another? Why is that? Also how does this whole rolling the dice thing work? I am so confused. Will someone please help explain this to me?

  62. both are pretty much linked together..(facebook & the reg online entry).

    i deactivated my FB account a long time ago and reactivated for the code. once i got it it sent me to the mcdonalds site so i just deactivated again.

  63. dont go to and look for the application it take’s too much time to load….. insted google it eg.example and it will come up click on the link and it will take u to facebook McDonalds. i had the same problem

  64. Eric,
    I have a Baltic Ave. game piece from McDonald’s. Are you looking for the actual game piece or are you referring to online? If you would like I can send it to you by mail.

  65. @i got u, thanks for the advice, got my free roll. 😛 Good luck to all. I’m feeling lucky today!

  66. I dont use them… so enjoy!

    My Coke Rewards Points(r) Code: 0NAR5TKHTBHV
    My Coke Rewards Points(r) Code: 4VJXBF6PFBX9

  67. Hey I am not able to enter some codes like in code 164 I am not able to enter the letters A and F. I tried copy pasting also but dint work so only 10 digits of them are being entered instead of 11. I had this same pronblem for last year also. Any ideas why?

  68. Not me — got a med Coke just for the codes (I don’t drink sodas) and noticed when I got to work — they are handing out cups w/o the codes. Same thing happened to a co-worker at the same place this morning…grrr!

  69. There seems to be some confusion as to how to play online so pay attention here it is. The properties u get from McDs and the code on those pieces are not meant to be the same. You’re playing two seperate games. The properties are to be collected the old fashion way, the ultimate goal is to win $1M by collecting Boardwalk and Park Place. Now the codes on each piece is to play the online game, in which u will collect properties for a completley different game. The code is good for a roll of the dice. What u land on in the online game has nothing to do with the game piece in your hand. the ultimate prize in the online game is $10,000, and you get that by collecting Boardwalk and Park Place. EXCEPT, if you land on CHANCE online. If you do this you watch the Jay Leno show the NEXT day and watch the dice being rolled on the show. What ever they roll you WILL WIN $10,000 unless they roll a 12, then you WIN $1M Dollars. Any Questions????

  70. I have been entering codes like crazy and always end up on the same properties…anyone else finding this to be true? I can almost bet what I will roll before I roll it just by looking at what I already own.

  71. None of the codes that are listed here that I’ve entered work, except the free ones. They all tell me that they’ve already been entered.

    What’s the use of posting them here if they can only be used once?

    I’m confused. 🙂

  72. “What’s the use of posting them here if they can only be used once?”
    Gryphon, it is first-come, first-serve. The first folks to see the codes after they are posted gets to use them. This is why we ask for folks to acknowledge if they get any codes, so that others don’t waste their time trying them. Most people simply say “RBM” which means “redeemed by me”. Your best bet is to just refresh this page often, and be quick when you see one posted!

  73. The codes can only be used once that is why all of the ones posted state they have already been redeemed. I thought others claimed them (RBM – redeemed by me) before I could claim any of them.

    This is different than the Subway where there were 14 codes that could be used many times with different e-mail addresses.

  74. Thanks for the clarification. I’m still a little confused though.

    Since it seems that you can use any code that you get that hasn’t been redeemed to “roll the dice” on the game, why wouldn’t those who have the code just use it themselves instead of posting it?

  75. That sucks, I needed a 3 to get the “Chance” and so I used the free code, the one that people are saying gives them a 3, and I rolled a 5. This game is rigged. I personally don’t know people who have won off this game, but they are showing people who have. That would be nice to win something for a change. Just curious how many codes have you guys entered so far?

  76. Hello everyone, I have a question. I went to McDonolds today and was told they are not doing the monopoly game yet, has anyone else come across this problem? And is there any where else I might get game pieces or codes? TY for any help you can give. 🙂

  77. The early bird gets the worm. It wouldn’t make sense if the codes could be used over and over again. There’s a reason why they print different codes on the game pieces. It is very kind for others to take the time to enter the game pieces which they paid for.

  78. I was wonbdering if anyone has won anything yet? I’m hoping to get SOMETHING to help us this time around. 😉

  79. Did anyone else notice this?! I have every location /game stamp except the rare ones both Online and on my game board at home. I keep jumping over all the rare ones online. Fustrating.

  80. I have one of every property left online except the rail roads, I have two of those left. My chances of actually hitting any of the ones left are probably slim to none. Come onnnnn Boardwalk! lol

  81. What I meant to say, is that I only have one of each color left. So I’ve got two of every color except the browns, which I only have one of, ’cause there’s two. I also only have two rail roads. I’ll be happy if I finish out any of the properties. Do you guys know if you can continue playing if you win a prize?

  82. Jessie thank you for the info. Didn’t know I was to be keeping all the pieces and entering them online! I threw all the peoces away after entering them. Ooop’s O’well life and learn! ty

  83. i too am not landing on what i roll. I rolled a 7 and only moved me 6 for me not to get the community chest and get a prize, they are not playing fair

  84. psmint #173-I also got a cup without codes. All you have to do to get the pieces is do one of two things (both of which I have done)-either go back to the place where you got the coke w/ the receipt and ask the place to give you a cup or something with the pieces on it OR call the mcdonald’s customer service number on your receipt and they will mail you the pieces you didn’t get. They will ask for the store number, date, and time you made your purchase, all of which are on the receipt. They won’t let you go without pieces. I am not sure if the store will give you something with pieces on it if your coke doesn’t have them, but the store I visited gave me a large soda cup with pieces since my medium soda didn’t have pieces on it. The worst they can say is no and then you can call the customer service and have pieces mailed to you. Good luck everyone!

  85. i continue to hit the same properties over and over…skipping the winners (hmmm). the only thing i’ve gotten so far is 25 MCR – whoopie! the sad thing is that i’ve been getting hash browns there each morning and i don’t even eat their food! lol

  86. Just tried getting on at, but it is either too busy or is down. Better luck to you all!

  87. I have every property except the rare one, also i won 2 my coke rewards (25 pts each) when i landed on community chest.Lets hope for the best if i can land on any rare property.

  88. The odds aren’t good on the online game just because it’s a dice roll. The way the computer seeds the codes winning spaces will only be landed on at a certain time. So yeah, everyone should expect to be skipping over those spaces that you need. Haha, it sucks, but it is a game of chance based on more than just rolling dice.

  89. Gqjj7jbdx1h

  90. gena, if you check in your account history, it will show the roll #, and what propery you started/stopped on

  91. GUYS –

    The rolls of the dice are not random – this is how these games work. Any online game such as this uses a computer to generate random times that a “prize winning” piece will be available for a roll. That’s how they have ODDS of winning a prize and how many they will give out. For instance, the computer determines that on October 20th at 3:50:02pm, the Boardwalk piece will be given. The first person who is close enough to Boardwalk to get it will roll it after that time. That’s how all of these games work – it is still luck and chance, but the rolls of the dice are predetermined based on if the computer has selected a random time the piece will be available to land on.

    Hope this helps those that seem to be frustrated that the game is “rigged” – it’s not rigged. That’s how all of these games work. It is time based by a random number generating computer.

  92. I rolled a number (I forget what it was) that would of put me on the community chest but it put me a few past it as well. I looked at the roll log or game log and it said I rolled a completely different number than what I actually did roll…. Don’t know if it’s a glitch/malfunction/rigging but now I know I’m not the only one that its happened too.

  93. omg I think I have all the orange peices. Someone threw away a cup with peices still on it and one was New York Avenue and I think I have St. James and Tennesse at home… but I dont get off til 4pm. Im not going to be able to concentrate all day..

    I’ll let yall know if I do have all the peices. How many people can win each prize?

  94. can online codes be used once or if i use them can i give you the code so you can use them too?

  95. so im up to 40 pieces and 43 codes entered…ive won 75 mycokreward points and a free breakfast extra value meal…i think this is getting old but it is still fun when it starts each year


  97. what happens if you land on “income tax” because i landed on it (well i didn’t roll but i put in some codes) and it said that i had that… what does it do?

    and if i am playin online and on the came piece, are the codes suppose to match the piece or not? mine are NOT matching

  98. OH easy way to get codes if you dont wanna pay for anything is just go to mcd’s and ask for a med water. it dont cost anything and they cannot deny you! its against code. …. i quit there 2 months ago. they cannot say no to just water!
    this is how i get codes

  99. To everyone who is buying food to get codes: I think it would be cheaper (though not as instantaneously gratifying) if you were to write away for codes, sending a SASE to them:

    B. Without Purchase. A Participant can request a Game Piece without buying a food item at a participating McDonald’s location by mailing a legibly handwritten, self-addressed, stamped envelope (“SASE”) with sufficient postage and a return address (first and last name, street address, city, state, and zip or postal code) to: 2009 MONOPOLY at McDonald’s Game Piece Request, P.O. Box 49189, Strongsville, OH 44149-0189. DO NOT SEND POTENTIAL WINNING GAME STAMPS, COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS TO THIS ADDRESS. Two (2) Game Pieces will be mailed in response to each mail-in request that complies with the requirements of these Official Rules, while supplies last. Mail-in requests, including both outer envelope and SASE, must be handwritten and must be postmarked no sooner than September 22, 2009 and must be postmarked by November 2, 2009 and received by Sponsor no later than November 6, 2009. If the In-Store Game runs long, these dates are subject to a corresponding extension. Requests from Vermont (“VT”) residents that are postmarked in VT may omit return postage. Requests from VT residents that are postmarked outside of VT and omit return postage may be required to provide proof of VT residency to Sponsor’s reasonable satisfaction before requests are fulfilled. Each request must be sent in a separate stamped outer mailing envelope with the requestor’s first and last name, street address, city, state and zip or postal code (name and address must match the return name and address on SASE) legibly handwritten in the upper left hand corner of the outer envelope. Requests that are sent in business reply envelopes, that utilize address labels or stickers, that are photocopied, hand-stamped, computer-generated or otherwise mechanically or digitally produced or reproduced, that are not mailed in separate outer stamped mailing envelopes, or that otherwise fail to comply with these Official Rules will NOT be honored, acknowledged or returned, and the persons submitting such requests will forfeit any corresponding postage and unused envelopes.

  100. Well I didnt have the Tennessee peice. I was so excited…but only need 1 railroad, one orange and one yellow

  101. Free McDonald’s Monopoly Codes:

    * I6L6V4N4T09 (From Rules)
    * UONLYRICHER (From Facebook)

    Rare Online Collect and Win Properties:

    * Short Line
    * Pennsylvania Ave
    * Mediterranean Ave
    * Mediterranean (#101) for $50
    * Vermont (#104) for $1,000
    * Tennessee (#110) for $5,000
    * Boardwalk (#122) for $1,000,000

  102. hey, so advice for everyone thinking that they WON!!!!!!well let me tell you somethimg, if you get any of the peices that are considered “rare”, they have a phone number on them and you call it and claim your prize 🙂

  103. Codes can only be used one time. Each sack, Angus burger, LARGE DRINKS only have codes. The online game is seperate from the board game. You have three free codes that work online. They are posted above but keep in mind that one is a FACEBOOK code and cannot be used on the

    Hope this helps!

  104. Want an easy way to remember the rare pieces? Other than Boardwalk, all of the rare pieces are alphabetically the last in their set.

    ******Looking for free pieces?******************** Send a hand-printed, self-addressed stamped envelope to 2009 MONOPOLY at McDonald’s Game Piece Request, P.O. Box 49189, Strongsville, OH 44149-0189.

  105. To those who don’t know, there are codes on the game pieces that you win food off of. So before you use it to get your free food, enter it online.

  106. do the game pieces work with the online peices…like for instance say i have boarwalk from online and i have parkplace from the stamp does that count as a winning or are these two separate game all together?

  107. if you just click the button quick it seems to always roll a three. I just did two, and I clicked and held the “roll dice” button for 3 or 4 seconds before releasing and I got a 6 and a 7. maybe thats the trick?

  108. I got screwed. I was on Conn. Ave rolled an 11 and didnt land on the free parking???? It put me on the space before the free parking ..has it done this to anyone else???

  109. Thanks for posting the codes — they were either RNBM or had already been entered online before posting them. The Monopoly codes can only be used once and then they become invalid for subsequent use.

  110. I have only seen one code on the sack and it’s the same code everytime…have I been overlooking others?

  111. I was in the McDonald’s parking lot and found 2 free small soft drinks pieces with codes on the ground. I’m so lucky. (I already used the codes, so please don’t ask for them!)

  112. In my area, there are only codes on the large drinks, large fries, and the hash browns. Not on coffee, sacks, chicken nuggets, or other things that might have been mentioned.

  113. Wow you expect codes to be popping up every minute… Here are some:

  114. Some people are trying to sell some monopoly secrets on ebay-what do you think they are???

  115. matt, i’ve heard of complaints where the dice didn’t acutally take you to the right place, must be one of the glitches

  116. I don’t know exactly which spaces don’t count when you roll – but there ARE Certain ones that it has Always “skipped” like income tax or luxury tax or in jail spaces maybe ? possibly water works or electric co. ? I have only gotten ONE 25 pt MCR win so far …
    but will keep trying …Anything is better than nothing …Hope to hear of some WINNERS here Soon !
    GOOD LUCK !!!

  117. can you still use the pieces for the collect and win after you submit them on the online play?

  118. Only one code is on the sack. It is one of the free codes entered above.

    I just entered two more codes online, tried a morning time since I generaly enter at night. I hit community chest and won 25 coke rewards.

  119. reply to Matt; That happened to me too, except it skipped past FREE PARKING and put me on the space after it!

  120. great page to all who dont know all free codes work on the McDonald site i just entered all 3 without signing up on face book

  121. I landed on community chest twice yesterday and got a total of 50 my coke reward points. However, I noticed on a couple of rolls that what the dice said and the number of spaces I actually was moved were NOT the same!

  122. I landed on Community Chest and got 25 My Coke Rewards Points. I have no use for them. First person to take the code gets the points. This code is NOT reusable. Once somebody takes it, nobody else can use it. Here’s the code. Good luck. 9BPV4XTXJWN4…I am hoping this code is not linked directly to my account somehow and therefore I can only use it. If so its kind of a waste cuz I’m not going to use it.

  123. If you work at Mcdonalds you can’t win. They won’t let you. You can’t even win if you are related to somebody that works at mcdonalds cuz they might give you free codes.

  124. here is my reading railroad code 552B6NZRX98, i also have have the following if you want them. 2 B&O Railroad, 1 Pennsylvania Railroad, 2 Reading Railroad, 2 Atlantic Ave, 2 Marvin Gardens, 3 Illinois Ave, 1 North Carolina Ave, 1 Connecticut, and 1 Oriental Ave. Good Luck!!

  125. I won 2,000 dollars today 😀

    Here are the rest of my codes… I’m done (Only took about 70 stamps)

    😀 😀 😀 😀


    ^Good Luck to whoever claims those

    d-___-b I’m done for the year

  126. Well, I just landed on Luxury Tax and it seems to be one of the spots that does absolutely nothing for you but waste a code. Ah well.

  127. Last year I entered about 500 codes; I won a $19.99 online game of some sort I didn’t redeem and a 99 cent ringtone or some shit. I hope they don’t claim the dice roll is random because it is not. They need to go back to the free food on 1 in every 4 tickets. This 25 mycoke points is shit. Subway scrabble is worse. My g/f works at subway and they had 1000’s of cups left when the scrabble game ended and they pulled them, they got 2 or 3 free 6 inch subs. About 70 free iced teas and about 20 cookies. Bogus games.

  128. Wow — that’s pretty good. I’ve only managed to get 50 points with 60 entries. I keep landing on the same properties. Yes, I’ve noticed that the dice don’t always match the piece move too…..especially when it comes to Community Chest, Chance or a property for a monopoly.

  129. once again i have 25 MCR points up for grabs. First to take em gets em. code is AB0XNTLW59RM. Not sure if its a zero or an O after the B. I think its a zero. good luck

  130. Re: instant wins, I’ve gotten a free med. fries and a breakfast sandwich out of 10 game pieces (5 doubles). And 1 mcr 25 pointer on the online game. Maybe I should quite while I’m ahead.

  131. I think i ate too much Mcdonald, gain 5 lbs already, lolz, still 75 My coke rewards after 49 entries!

  132. Has anyone won an X-box yet….They have 3,000 instant winning stamps, but I not hear anyone say they won one.

  133. ive gotten 50 my coke rewards with only 24 entries.. mine also keeps on landing on the same properties..

  134. I got 100 my coke rewards points after entering only about 20 codes, as well as a few instant win medium fries. With how low the odds actually are in this game, I’d say that’s not bad.

  135. At 37 tries. Won only 25 MCR right now. Just ended up with a glitch roll. I was on ST. James place, (I land on it every round, go figure), rolled a 10, and landed on B%O. Isn’t that suppose to be the hard to get railroad?

  136. I keep getting shorted on pieces! I went to one McDonald’s and ordered a medium coke (pieces come on medium and large drinks) and after I left I realized there were no game pieces on it; just a plain cup!

    Today I went to the Mcdonald’s near my apartment; which has usually been awesome about giving packaging with pieces. Today I ordered the Large Angus Deluxe meal; the burger box had no game pieces; was just the standard container!

    I know they run out sometimes; but I think the issue is workers just pulling cases of packaging from the backroom when they need more and they pull out older packaging.

    Knowing people tend to go to McDonald’s more during the annual Monopoly game they should instruct employees to only use the Monopoly branded packaging during the time period unless they have run out. I feel kinda ripped off when I purposely buy a large number 12 expecting 6 game pieces and only get 4.

  137. nikk, I believe its just LRG fries, Hash Browns, medium and large fountain drinks, angus burgers, chicken mcnuggets 10pc and 20pc and LRG hot mccafe drinks

  138. ya a couple weeks ago i got 2 lagre combos at the drive thru one of the fries was a regular cup and the other one had the pieces riped off of it already too bad i didnt realize it till i got home

  139. JM: Legally they MUST give you a game piece. You can go to McDonalds and just ask them for a game piece and they MUST give you one. It SAYS no purchase necessary. If people refuse to give you one, you can get a nice lawsuit!

  140. i got 75 coke reward points with 8 codes, all i land on is community chests, it’s annoying. are there any free codes online?

  141. 307&308 I have that same problem. I live in a town of about 1,000 people, and the only McDonalds ran out of pieces on the large drinks, large and medium fries, and I wouldn’t be suprised if they stop having them on the hash browns in the next couple of days.

  142. 88 entries, 150 coke points. The last 20 entires I have only landed on properties I already have…how sad this game is. Oh, the ebay secrets are not secrets. They just tell you how to get free pieces instead of buying the food. You’re board will tell you the same thing.

  143. 🙁 with 50 entries, all i got was 50 mcr points 🙁 Every time I go around the board, I always land on luxury tax >_>

    I live in Vermont, and I have found that people get ripped off when they get food from McDonalds. My friend got a cup with the pieces already ripped off it, but didnt notice till she got home because when they handed her the cup, they wrapped a napkin around it >_>

    McDonalds = hackzor 🙁

  144. Wow that was so not cool. I just put in a code from a game piece, and was 11 moves away from a Chance, was stupidly hoping for an 11. Rolled the dice, got 1,1, and moved 2 places and was like well darn. Then on the exact same code I got another roll, am I supposed to get another roll after rolling snakeeyes? Well that 2nd roll I got an 11. Go figure. >_> That auto-10k is teasing me.

  145. I have won 200 MCR points so far. and i only have one of each property left to go. im hoping to land on chance because is is guarunteed $10,000 for sure. $50 gas wont hurt either

  146. The “Hard to get” properties are the same in the online game as they are in the physical game, so no–Short Line is the money railroad.

  147. heyy everyone i started playing the monopoly thingy and i have a code that i dont need it is

  148. I just purchased my dinner and received no “CODE”.

    What’s up with that?

    I checked the wrapper as well as the bag?

  149. Has anyone sent the SASE to get free codes? How long does it take to receive them? I sent out several of them. one of which was sent on the first day of the game. I havent gotten anything back yet.

  150. For ME31 #327, I sent out to SASE and it took less than a week. Make sure you mailed a return envelope with your address with a stamp on it or they won’t return anything.

  151. 325 & 328 RNBM

    Remember the only things that have codes are large drink, medium drink, large fry, angus burgers and I think big mac and some chicken stuff.

    lol that wasn’t a very good list.

  152. Codes are on: medium drink, large drink, large fries, angus burger, 10 & 20 piece chicken nuggets.
    for breakfast: hash browns & large hot McCafe drinks

  153. @ Paul, you can find the list on the monopoly game website.
    Complete list:
    * Medium or Large Coffee Cups (2 tickets)
    * Medium or Large Cold Drink Cups (2 tickets)
    * Large Fries (2 tickets)
    * Big Mac® Sandwiches (2 tickets)
    * ±Angus Burger bacon and cheddar or ±Angus Burger (2 tickets)
    * Egg McMuffin® Breakfast Sandwiches^ (2 tickets)
    * 10 & 20 Piece McNuggets (2 for 10, 4 for 20)
    * ±Classic Chicken or ±Southwest Chicken Sandwiches
    (Crispy or Grilled) (2 tickets)

    If you’re looking for good value i recommend buying a whole bunch of drinks or fries for you and your friends to munch on lol 😀
    good luck to ya all, although i think i won’t do this again next year now that i see the real odds 😉 (aka i’ve redeemed 60+ codes and gotten nothing)
    See ya later

  154. I’ve redeemed 89 codes and all that I’ve won is 50 coke rewards points. It’s very frustrating, I’d like to at least get more coke rewards so I can get stuff from Coke, it’s a waste of time to play online!!

  155. Just rolled 6 times. And landed on CC back to back. This makes my MCR total from 25 to 75 with 60+ entries.

  156. Hey JM,I had the same thing happen to me 2X also and I’m down in combat this,I ask the cashier”which meals come with game pieces on the box?”this lets everybody in earshot know I’ll be expecting a game piece on my sandwich or nugget box if I’m ordering them..has worked thus far

  157. This year really sucks. My boyfriend used to get tons of food when sending in for stamps. This year, I’ve already peeled 75 stamps, and only won a coffee and a medium fry. Entered all of them online and won a total of 175 coke points. Anyone else upset with this year’s game?

  158. Actually, you don’t get codes on medium coffee cups anymore. That was the only way I got game pieces last year. This year, they’re only offering game pieces on the large coffees.

  159. picked up 4 stamps for which i can’t use (i’m in canada, i play at the .ca site) so here you go…good luck.


  160. I wanted to claim the codes from 342 & 343 but the monopoly website appears to be down. It has been down for over 2 hours. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can I still claim those codes? Thanks!

  161. Is the site down??? because I haven’t been able to play and now I just logged on and put a code in and nothing happens

  162. Is it true that if I land on the chance spot on the online game, that it is 10,000 garanteed? and maybe 1,000,000 if they roll double 6 on tv?

  163. is anyone having trouble getting on the online game site. everytime i try to get on I get a screen that says: “GAME OVER There was a problem processing your info. Please refresh your browser and try again.” Then when I refresh it takes me to another screen that says:”WHICH OF THESE DOESN’T BELONG?
    None do, because they aren’t the MONOPOLY® Online Game.

    We’re sorry about that; a momentary surge in site traffic landed you here. To be redirected
    immediately, just click the refresh button on your browser’s toolbar. And while you’re at it,
    start imagining that daily $1 MILLION dice roll* belonging to you!”

    any help would be great. thanks

  164. I have a question.

    if you get matching sets property tickets but not online do you still win or do you have to get them online?

  165. Because McDonald’s is franchised — the prices vary with each location. I have been to 3 different ones in my area and ordered 2 hash browns — the prices vary from $1.06 to $2.10! Each owner gets to set their own prices on many of the items, especially the ones with McDonald’s codes. I buy the hash browns and “donate” them to co-workers who actually eat the stuff!!!

  166. i have always played this game for as long as its been out and in my neighborhood all i seem to get are free food and drinks well thank you for that.knx1gtlhxwm just thought i would slip that one little code in there. thank you

  167. Dan, I’m pretty sure you’ve won if you’ve collected the set. (There are 2 ways to win, with the actual stubs and online.)

  168. I am also not happy with this years game. Where ddid all the free value meals go. I totally dont like the coke points, i want my freee food back!

  169. I believe thats good. That means you have a ”chance” to be selected to win the 10,000 or 1 million. you should be notified by email.

    Baileys codes RNBM…. but i wish they were.

    My friend gave me a stack of codes she saved up, almost 20 codes and I didnt get crud on them. landed on all the same properties missed chance by one space over and over…. ugh hate this game. but I cant stop playing.

  170. Ugh. It’s the same as last year I’m missing 1 from each online and with the actual stamps. Out of 74 codes I’ve only won 200 coke points, a medium fries, and a yogert parfet.

  171. I don’t think any more free game pieces are being mailed. I received pieces from requests that were sent Oct. 13. They took less than a week to arrive. I have not received game pieces for envelopes that were sent after Oct. 14. Maybe they’ve run out. It is good to send requests early. You can actually do it before the game officially begins. I’m not buying any more food for game pieces. Not cost effective, given the odds of winning anything significant.

  172. hi i keep on seeing that the codes are RNBM.. what does that stand for.. this is the first year I play..

  173. eyad, landing on chance means that you have a chance at $1 million, but everyone so far has won $10,000

  174. you roll doubles and get to roll again. if you happened to have landed on chance and get double 6 then you win 1M

  175. If you use a code posted here, someone should claim it so others aren’t spending all day trying all these codes. You can only use a given code once, in case any of you weren’t aware. Thanks to all those who are posting unused codes.

  176. ONLYPLYRSWN Free code works!! Got lots of reward points through this game but no complete properties. Once this game is over no more nuggets till next year.

  177. I’m just getting annoyed that no matter how many times I go around the board, I keep landing on the same things! I have entered 85 codes and I haven’t won anything! =( I remember a few years ago they had all sorts of prizes. I won 50 free photo prints from Snapfish then.

  178. Out of 161 codes entered, I have hit 12 25 point codes thus far. I’m in the same boat with most of you in just needing 1 property on the online and physical game pieces but haven’t spent over $20 at McDonald’s to get all the pieces. Luckily for me, people throw their Mcdonald’s trash away without peeling off the pieces which benefits me greatly. I have managed to find 6 small drinks, 2 medium fries, 3 mcflurrys, and 2 large beef sandwiches (excluding Angus). Good luck to you all.

  179. I’ve entered 86 times and I haven’t won anything online. I did, however, win 2 breakfast sandwiches, 3 small drinks and 3 mcflurries. But that has all been within the last week and before that I had entered about 70 codes without getting any free food. I haven’t even won any my coke rewards!

  180. I have entered in more that 80 codes and only have 100 coke points (which will get me several free 20 oz. ers but not much else) and some free food.

    The BEST way to win, in theory, is to only enter one code at a time and start a new account each time.

    Since 7 is the most common roll on 2d6 (or two standard dice, for you normies). This SHOULD in theory get you 10,000 quicker.

    Unless, this is a game of chance, and they pre-select the dice rolls for everyone online. In which case, you have NO chance of winning in CA.

  181. 100 codes! THat is over 50 dollars. Even if I did win something, it would be the Baltic and Mediteranean peices. THat would mean that I would only get 50 dollars. I wouldn’t even break even, so I stopped. I have every piece but the rare ones, both online and the actual pieces. I wish I could win at least one thing.

    By the way, I have gotten 5 of the free food pieces.

  182. The odds for the online game for any major collect-and-win prizes (properties) are extrememly poor. For all but one of the low-level, mid-level, and high-level prizes, exactly 1 prize total will be given out in the U.S. The only exception is Mediterranean and Baltic, where 441 $50 prizes will be awarded. Similarly, only one $100,000 online jackpot sweepstakes prize is available. This is from the official rules under ONLINE GAME PRIZES / ODDS / DETAILS.

  183. With all the sales McD gets from this, why not pay off more online? If you check out how many prizes are actually available, you’d be better off buying a lotto ticket.

  184. Okay, the dice rolls on the online Monopoly game are not true dice rolls. The game will rig the dice so I will never land on Ventor Avenue, Short Line Railroad, Pennsylvania Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Boardwalk, Mediterranian Avenue, Tennesse Avenue, Virginia Avenue, or Connecticut Avenue (Which are the rare game properties). I also magically skip the Chance spot. Only one person per day will land on that spot. The utility companies are not played (You land on them, nothing happens). Now I HAVE got the community chest quite a few times and I’ve raked in quite a lot of coke reward points, which I think will be the experience for 99.99% of everyone who plays. So with that said, Good luck!

  185. 39 codes and the only thing i have won was a small fries and a small root beer from the OFFline game. FML

  186. They change the number of characters in their codes every year so that no one can use old codes.

  187. I entered 94 codes. I have been missing one property for every group since my 65th code was entered. The properties I need are the exact same properties I need in the stamp collection. McDonald’s is controlling the online and stamp game by making key peices rarely available. The question would be is McDonald’s making these rarely available peices available randomly. There was fraud in this game back in 2001. I would hate to think they are controlling where or to whom these peices are given. I do not know anyone that has won.

  188. i got some mcd codes for all of u park place 6ddxlthdmb8 ST.JAMES PLACE H1LZ59BZHMQ PENNSYLVANIA RAIL ROAD V4B91BTJK7H

  189. @391

    Haha, duh there’s a REALLY slim chance of winning :p

    It’s not like the chances are the same as rolling an actual 6 sided die and moving around the board.

  190. To put things in perspective, you are more likely to hit the Powerball(1 in 195 mil.) or Mega Millions jackpot with a $1 ticket than you are to get the Boardwalk piece when peeling off one pair of stamps. The odds of winning, say $1,000 or more are ridiculously low too. I play the game because it’s fun to play, but I pretty much dismiss the thought of winning anything significant.

  191. i only am doing it for the coke rewards points if i land on community chest so if u email me the coke rewards i will email you my mcd’s codes. here are two for the taking. 2tvw15tk53d 345h553v8bh

  192. I’m having the same issue, started playing late this year and don’t know until after I’ve ordered the meal that they’re out of pieces. No offense, but I’m not a big McDonald’s eater so it’s frustrating to order, pay, and then get, if I’m lucky, 2 pieces when really all I’m going for are in face the pieces. Some have been nice to hand me a couple of hashbrown wrappers when I’ve asked but most say they are out…just really frustrating….Everything goes until the 16th right? Why doesn’t McD’s make sure that all stores have what they need?

  193. in store game ends November 2nd or while supplies lasts. online game goes until November 16..see game rules

  194. I can see it right now. Scanning the entire thread, and by approximation of United States wide purchases, chance was only landed on once, about 25,000 MCR points handed out, maybe one or two $50 rewards. The morale of this post?
    McDonalds: “Serves them right. Poor people don’t deserve to be rich.”
    us: “Darn that McDonalds for scamming us. Not only did we get fat, but they took our money.”
    me: “Should have thought of this since I don’t think anyone has ever won $1,000,000 in the francise history of McDonalds.”
    One other thing to note. (Unoffical) shows up below the 2009 winners. Coincidence?

  195. This game is rigged and bull crap got coke rewards but that’s it think it’s another fraud year like 2001

  196. I love the bitterness XD

    What did you guys think that buying a bunch of McDonald’s food was really gonna be your ticket to a life of luxury? :p

    It’s just a fun game, chillax~

  197. The correct code was actually 1ghl12tnd6v (I kept changing it until it took it) but when I finally guessed the right code it said it was already used… I hope ppl keep posting codes because it’s getting harder to find stores that still have codes left

  198. Here’s some Coke codes for donnela.

    by the way, DON’T erase this comment!

  199. 412- No, it’s the old ‘many will enter, few will win’ clause.

    You’re definitely not guaranteed to win anything and McDonald’s says the odds are low with that statement. No advertising (at all) said you were apt to win some sort of extraordinary prize.

  200. Where can I find the winner of the online 100,000 “second chance” drawing? A winner was to be picked “on or about” the 17th. I know it’s still early, but will I have to write away to find out? Are there any sites around that link to these things? thanx!

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