Free MyCokeRewards Codes (VIII)

This is our 8th page of MyCokeRewards Coke Points giveaways. Here you’ll find a goldmine of information and free Coke codes that are donated by many generous people that visit here. If you’ve been around for awhile, welcome back! I’m sure you’ll appreciate the new page. πŸ™‚

This page is also serves as a host to discussion of the MyCokeRewards program and prizes. We share MyCokeRewards news, promo codes, sweepstakes, and prize details from the Coke Rewards program.

As a new incentive for folks that donate or provide lots of information related to MyCokeRewards, is giving away gift cards of different amounts. See the FAQ page for more information on this. Several folks have already received theirs, so if I email you personally, you’ll know why!

If you’d like to catch up, check out the the discussion on the previous My Coke Rewards pages, here they are:
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Welcome to the new page! Let the sharing begin!


  1. Just curious, those who won the $250… which symbol appeared 3X? The red circle, the Coca-Cola script, or the 3 bottles?

  2. Wow! Over 8000 posts???
    I guess i chose the right site to join haha,
    By the wayi just found another 3 point code
    Its not much,, but its all i have right now.

  3. AWESOME !!! Thanks vvhitekid2 !!!
    7 Pages over 1000 comments ea. ! Now on to Page 8 !
    Hopefully there will Be LOTS of WINNERS On this Page !
    Thanks to All who Share Codes and Helpful Info !
    Here is a cap to start ~ tafj4lwjkwp7 ~ GOD BLESS !

  4. Okay! Let’s start this page out with some donated codes.


    That should provide a little help. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Be safe and have a good week.

  5. 3 CokeCola symbols appeared. Shocked the hell out of me. I won on the 2nd free entree. cant wait to see how long it takes to get it. To bad they can’t just let you put it on the EDO card. Got a reloadable one back a few months ago.

  6. The actual symbol was Coca-Cola, in red letters in the
    classic script that the use.

  7. Lexi, I guess it is just good timing. I am persistant.
    I just keep playing all different times of the day.
    I have noticed though that the Papa Johns instant win seems to happen just after or just before the hour and half hour. There is one prize every 30 minutes. I won the Six Flag tickets just before the hour of 3pm EST.
    2:55 to be exact. Just keep trying. Use all your free entries.

  8. Here are a few codes to celebrate the new page:

    1. TJ75FBW7A7M4-3Pts
    2. PMFTPLM46546-3PtS
    3. 5X5OVAT4R7FW-3Pts
    4. B5KWBLWNFJOB-10Pts
    5. BNMJV9JLVT4W-10Pts

    Congrats to all the winners & as always thanks again to vvhitekid2!!!

  9. 30-40 and 1 of darrel’s codes RBM the first codes i redeemed from this site! thanks!

  10. I got #2-8 (I think) of Darrell’s codes. Thank you Darrell, you rock! By the way…. how do you do it!?
    I’m lucky if I find one stupid cap in a week that I didnt buy!

  11. Thank you Michael those are great tips. When you say “just before” do you mean like a few seconds or a few minutes?

  12. as i posted theses on the last comment page. i have added a song to the list of free songs from

    once again thacks vvhitekid for the dedication you put into the mateinence and upkeep of this site. i knew the 8th page had to be comin soon. well anyways. here are the free songs. i belive you can download them for free until tomorrow night. i believe they change on tuesday. correct me if i am wrong. btw. these songs are free for everyone and ARE compatible with ipod. if you have any questions. feel free to email me at

    FREE SONGS ON RHAPSODY.COM (this week only):

    *Goodbye-Kristinia DeBarge

    *Knock You Down featuring Kanye West, Ne-Yo-Keri Hilson

    *Her Diamonds-Rob Thomas

    *Waking Up In Vegas-Katy Perry

    *Best I Ever Had(Dirty)-Drake

    *Wilco (the song)- Wilco

    *American Girl-Taylor Swift

    *Whatever it is (album)-Zac Brown Band

    I post these to help people save money. purchasing all of these songs seperately would cost between 7 and 9 dollars.and i hope to be posting next weeks free songs when i find what ones they are.


  13. Congrats to all the winners! Congrats on Page VIII and many more pages to come, Vvhitekid2.

    Thanks for all the code sharing! I was able to grab #17 to #21 from Darrell’s first post on this new page.

    I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

  14. I have noticed that it is a few minutes. One time it was one minute after for the PapaJohns. Won it at like 7:31pm. Just keep trying.

  15. Thanks Vvhitekid2 for the knew page. I was expecting it because the other one reached the 900s.

  16. 1. BHRLX6KWAAJH-3Pts
    2. TTTHXNNK4HOB-3Pts
    3. FVK6BN7WVMFR-3Pts
    4. A5KTAOK6OKAR-10Pts

  17. THANKS Vvhiyekid yours didnt work the hit enter button worked thanks everyone for the help earline

  18. I don’t know if this has been addressed before, but has anyone out there tore off codes off of 12 packs just to get a “Code Already Redeemed” message? I got about 6 of them last week. The 12 packs were not tamper with…also, I had the same problem that many of the multiple winners of EDO cards had…not receiving credit on reloadable cards, receiving new cards with a zero balance. Any solutions besides wasting time trying to call EDO?

  19. the mycokerewards site is having problems again, once it said it was unavailable and when i tried to look at my point tracker it said that my session had expired, even though i had just logged in, also when i try to log in it said try to log in later, but then if i do it again it works

  20. Poorman….for your edo card issues, don’t bother calling the number that comes with your card. Go directly to calling Jamie @ 877-340-0036. She works direclty with Coke on resolving the issues. As far as I know she has been able to fix everyone’s problems…sometimes it takes a while (i.e. 6 weeks!) but it does get taken care of. If you search through Francine’s comments on Page 7 (link available at the top of this page) you can also find an e-mail address for her.

  21. does anyone know when the next double point day is???

    ive been saving up my codes and i wanted to know…

  22. lexi. the way you download rhapsody songs is:

    Create an account. they ask for name and email and a password i believe. they ask for a credit card, but you can click something like at a later time.

    Next. login and look up the songs. click the add to cart button next to them.

    Go to your cart and click checkout now.

    **NOTE** you are given the option to zip your files, but i found that the easier way to download them is to download the rhapsody download manager. its free and only takes a few minutes. and it puts it into itunes and a few other programs automatically if you like.

    hope this helped and best redards,

  23. dh – great to hear you got your card. I am sooooo frustrated because they did the same thing to me and my husband, and I have called about 6 different numbers and am getting NOWHERE. I have e-mailed ePrize several times and cannot get a response. How did you do it? Were you able to actually speak to someone at ePrize? Apparently Coke has no control over them.
    Also, someone else posted about receiving an invalid winning code, which my husband also received, and Coke has been “researching” that for about a month now.
    If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears.
    Some codes to start the day (although its afternoon on the East coast).


  24. wow i just went to redeem Karen’s codes after she posted them a few minutes ago and already rnbm! thanks for your generosity.

  25. Karen, seems like the best person to call is Jamie at 877-340-0036, option 2 then option 0 will get you directly to her.

  26. Karen…like I said to Poorman…if it has anything to do with an edo card. Deal directly with Jamie, as far as I know, she is the only one who is actually working on the issues with the Coke cards. Anyone else you talk to is either going to do nothing (if you call the “customer service” number that comes with the cards) or will forward your info to Jamie.

    Call back and check on the progress with her once in a while. I suggest being friendly but firm…asking if they know what the problem is or what they are planning to do to fix it. She can tell you if they have identified the problem yet or not even if she can’t tell you when the problem will be resolved. They have to identify what the issue is before they can fix it and it may take a while. From personal experience it took over 2 months from receipt of the zero balance card to when it was fixed. A couple of weeks was wasted by trying to deal with the “customer service” number that comes with the card. About 6 weeks from the time Jamie started on the problem to get it fixed.

  27. karen. i called the toll free number on the mycoke site. eventually i talked to a reprersentative who gave me an email address to email. after i sent my problem in the email, i got an auto response to my email saying i would have a response within 3 business days. finally, after TWO WEEKS, i got a response saying that coke was sorry for the confusion and i would receive my giftcard and to please have patience while they shipped it. it was a timely process but i eventually got the card. and for a bonus, it had money on it!! LOL. πŸ™‚ i wouldve not been a happy camper if i would have gone through all that just to recieve a plastic card with no value. haha. well anyways. the number i called was in the FAQ section on the twist text get site. hope i could help.

    ALSO, has anyone noticed how there havent been any winners on the twist text get as often? maybe its cuz there are more people playing, but i would think that with all the ppl offa this site playin, wed be bound to pick up a win EVENTUALLY. or. maybe coke is jipping us. i wouldnt be surprised though.


  28. Here are a few more…..

    1. R5H6LW4T49A7-3Pts
    2. 9F4BA6L5XBBV-3Pts
    3. TBV4VAA7JBKB-3Pts
    4. FTAHNOKBKA4V-3Pts
    5. OKR6X9T96J66-3Pts
    6. 76P6RFJR5K4L-10Pts

  29. DH, I know what you are saying. Since the first mycoke game has concluded, I have not won once. I play my 2 “free” entries every day. Before the first game ended I had won 5 edo cards and 4 mastercards. I was winning one the average of once a week. I guess with everyone now playing only the latest game that my luck has run out. Oh well, it was good well it lasted.

    Regarding edo cards with zero balance, I received one a few weeks ago and complained using the 800 number on the card. Nothing happened. Then last week I followed the advise posted earlier and send an e-mail to I listed all my winning codes and the card number that had a zero balance. Within 3 days I had a resolution and $25 on my card.

    Long story short: if you have an edo card with zero balance send an email to Jamie with as much information as you can, and I think it will be resolved quickly.

  30. YESS!!!! i just won a pizza finally! ive been entering 50 almost every day and just won one at 2:25!!!! yes!!

  31. i put in for the cell phone cover, design your own, they took the points but i can’t find my code for that, can’t they just give them back to me or figure where my cover is, i tried calling, they give you this sight which i’ve tried many times, and i keep going around in a circle, my points were, 575, i believe. thanks cheryl

  32. Wow, thanks everyone. I did email directly after trying 2 times by “replying”. No response to that, but when I sent a new e-mail to the same address, I got the auto reply. I will be patient and give them 2 weeks. It is so bizarre on my husband’s account. On the promo site it shows 2 codes available for redemption, but he’s gone thru the redemption process 3 times, gets a confirmation e-mail, and they are still sitting there to be redeemed. He also has the invalid code that Coke is “researching”. If I were researching something, I would want to see the e-mail, but Coke doesn’t.
    DH – on the plus side, he has won movie tickets 3 times, my son won movie tickets twice, plus I think 5 cards (he seems to be the luckiest), my former daughter-in-law (different son) won movie tickets and my mom won a card. But I do wonder what happens to all those disqualified wins. Do they just award fewer cards?
    If I knew for sure this was the last year for mycokerewards I would be giving out way more codes. I’m off to see my friend Larry who collects stuff for me during the week while I am banned from the recycling center. He’s always trying to top the number of caps he collected the week before. Real good guy.


  33. all codes in last post RNBM πŸ™ I thought I might get my 1st code ever! oh well!

  34. Karen, they only move the codes to the redeemed side when they ship the cards. Try . I called the regular customer service # a few months ago when I was having troble getting my card. They had no idea what I was talking about & gave me another # to call just to get rid of me.

  35. oh you need to pay for membership on rhapsody.. oh well I’ll still to itunes then

    thank you anyways!

    and congratz tacobellman!
    now im inspired to try to win one tooo!

  36. The way I do it is I have a university down the road and everyone puts all their recycling there and of course codes…..lots of em. Every week I max out and keep stocking up now- i usually get about 10 to 15 box codes and a good 30 cap codes a week during school semesters…..stockin up for a nice one this time through- I know some people go block by block and check recycling of everyones house thats set out- they usually stock up pretty nice, but not as nice as mine of course and I dont waste much time or gas doing it/

  37. WoOt, I got my Hamilton Beach Healthsmart Grill in the mail today. Took approximately a week after a redeemed the points. I still have a few thousand points left, wonder if I should get something else or just sell my account on eBay. πŸ˜‰

  38. Thanks for info Shari!!! As one of the originals here I appreciate the effort by many of you out there solving problems and sharing advice with everyone! Hopefully Coke will again extend the program so we can have another year of prizes.

  39. ScifiMike….you aren’t allowed to sell MCR accounts on eBay. I’m not sure exactly how good they are at monitoring that.

    I would suggest redeeming for a bunch of the free 20oz sparkling beverage should be able to get close to $1 each for them if you sell them in lots of 5 or 10 on eBay. I think that’s probably the way to make the most money from your acct. if that is what you are looking to do. The coupons seem to have a pretty low “cost” (24 points) compared to what you can get for them.

  40. There is a new instant win game for a $15 Best Buy gift card…you can enter a total of 5 times/day split between the new contest and the $250 gift card contest.

  41. New instant win game. $15.00 Best Buy card. BUT, you have to split your 5 entries between that and the $250.00 Visa gift card.

  42. Sweet !
    They just sent new emails With Rhapsody Codes to Replace the ones they sent Last week that didn’t have codes on them ! Music for my son’s iTouch !
    Also – I just heard of someone winning one of the $1000. Best Buy Gift cards!
    Hope to hear of lots of Winners Here Too !!!

  43. just a heads up today in your email you should have received a promo code from coke for 1 free entry for $400 worth of concerts and sporting event tickets.

  44. enter this code: 100878391976 to get 1 free sweepstakes ticket. anyone who gets the newsletter from my coke rewards should get an email with this code in it πŸ™‚ but for anyone who doesn’t, heres the code!

  45. Free entry to the $400 in concert and game tix in sweepstakes. Got the code from my email. Here


  46. I’ve got the same email and same code, Jordan, but where do you insert that code? Thanks.

  47. actually tacobellman and John, you can use the ticket on any sweepstakes/instant win, i used mine on the pizza hut instant win, you just click on one that you want to use it on and it will ask you if you want to use your 1 free entry, then you say yes.

  48. Robert – Thanks for the info. I was also told they move the codes from “eligible” to “redeemed” when they process or ship or whatever. But really – 2 months? It doesn’t show any codes as redeemed, but they sent the disqualifying e-mail within 5 days. I agree they just give you some other number to call to get rid of you. If you keep calling, eventually you will be going in a circle. My husband’s account seems to be in the Twilight Zone. I had a disqualification too, but it shows the code as redeemed, so I think their explanation is a bunch of hooey.
    Interestingly, if you read the fine print (not the rules) for the new $15 Best Buy card instant win sweeps, it says there will be 5000 randomly generated winning times, then goes on to say there will be 2500 cards awarded. They expect 50% disqualification???!!!!
    Sorry to be so long-winded; I need to do something constructive here. Hope this helps someone.


    As always, PWD (post when redeemed)

  49. Folks, just as a heads up, I have installed some new spam-fighting code to the site. If you’re having problems submitting a comment PLEASE email me at and let me know what type of browser you’re using. Much appreciated!

  50. Forgot to mention that this past Saturday about 8PM, I won one of the instant Papa John’s prizes. It was great!

  51. Second entry into the $15 Best Buy card and I hit paydirt. Too bad there is a limit of 1 prize per person but better one than none I say. I got 3 of the logos once the spinning stopped so maybe that is what you’re supposed to look for.

  52. I just won the Papa Johns instant win game as well…too bad I can’t win the $250 Visa card today since I’m out of entries.

  53. Congrats winners. I scored Six Flag tickets on one of our accounts. Not bad — 4 out of 5 accounts so far. Maybe I’ll hit it on the last account before it’s over.

  54. i was wondering for the six flag tix what time do people normally win them? and do they give them away all day or just until they run out? thanks in advance!

  55. omg. got a big freakout. my laptop stopped working!! the keyboard went out. as well as the screen. lol. i wasnt so mad that i didnt have a computer, but that i couldnt access MCR or this site! lol. but its working now. yay. also. to lexi. you do not have to ay for the songs on rhapsody. just go to and click on register now up in the right top corner of the screen. follow the instructions. DOWNLOAD THE DOWNLOAD MANAGER. i have itunes and use rhapsody. they are compatible


  56. correction… lexi. you DO have to pay for the songs on rhapsody…unless they are the free songs of the day/week.


  57. I must be the unluckiest person on the face of the earth…I have played for a solid month at all different times. 5 minutes before the hour-on the hour and even late at night and early in the morning. I have banked my points just like everyone else and even used my own points and I still can’t win. LOL Well good going you guys I’m glad someone is winning!!!! Have a Good Day

  58. Tacobellman, this is from the rules of the Six flags, and I’ll tell you for sure, every time I won it was a different time period than the other wins:

    There will be 2,500 random, computer-generated winning times during the Promotion Period. There will be 25 random, computer-generated winning times each day during the Promotion Period. If you are the first player to play the Instant Win Game at or after one of the randomly-generated times, you will be a potential instant winner of the prize indicated.

  59. aa2007,

    I think that’s what the rules are for the $250 Visa gift card, $15 Best Buy gift card, and the 4 pack of Six Flags tickets…but you can win more than once on the Papa Johns instant win game. The limit on that instant win is 1 prize a day. I’ve won 4 times on that one so far.

  60. holy shiz Cyn…. that’s amazing!!!! you’ve won 16 tickets!!! ok now really, what’s your secret??

  61. IÒ€ℒve got the same email and same code, Jordan, but where do you insert that code? Thanks.

    Comment by Cyn Ò€” July 15, 2009 @ 6:41 pm

    sorry Cyn, didn’t see this until now, you just act like it is a regular code from a coke bottle or coke box πŸ™‚

  62. Here’s a few more….

    1. F4MHLANMWT7T-3Pts
    2. B67OHMKT9N4L-3Pts
    3. 4T6KMAW6L4KV-3Pts
    4. PFKWO5BW4LTX-3Pts
    5. PBBMW4XKN9NB-3Pts
    6. PX97X7L694HL-3Pts
    7. BMANJOT97BKA-10Pts

  63. Lexi, I have no secret. When I first joined the rewards program, I never saw a win. As time went on that changed. These are the times of day that I won the Six Flag tickets and, as you can see, I’m not a night owl:
    4:29 PM; 5:26 PM; 10:13 AM and 4:16 PM
    Just stick with it. You too, Angie. Your turn will come.

    Jordan, I think I’m having a problem inserting the free code because I have so many banked entrees.

    Have a good day all.

  64. angie, I hear you! When they said there’s another instant win game, I thought, “Great, something else to lose at!” I have yet to win any (but I have won on mycoke so I can’t complain).

    Here is the promo code they’re sending out: 100875778538
    If you’ve already used your 50 sweeps entries, it will just get banked, I think.

  65. i just won $15 for best buy at 12:08!!!! i did 2 entries for $250 then i did 2 for best buy and i won on the second try!and i also won movie passes earlier!

  66. YES! today is my lucky day i just won pizza this is my second one! i won it at 12:26

  67. YES!!!! on the same day i won six flags tix!!! i am almost begging my bro to take me to buy lottery tix lol!!!! i won them at 12:42!!! how much do they sell for on ebay???? thanks in advance!!!!

  68. tacobellman….CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    They seem to be going for a bit over $100 on eBay…that’s before eBay’s 8.75% and if you have any PayPal fees.

  69. wow tacobellman!!

    3 wins in the space of like 40 mins!

    and i thought i was lucky winning a best buy gc and pizza!

  70. since none posted i tried robert’s codes, i believe they are all RNBM i checked 7 and 4

  71. Jordan, that’s my fault. I already checked them and found out they were redeemed, but I forgot to type RNBM. I had a small emergency here, and had to run out the door. When I came back, your post was already there. I’m sorry. It’s bad enough my “lock outs” are adding up. It’s a shame yours are too.

  72. Cograts on all the Wins !!!
    What I can’t understand is HOW You can Stay LOGGED ON Long Enough to Actually enter a code and wait for the results ???? Good Luck Hope you guys keep it up !!!

  73. hi guy. i am new here, so just want to say hi to everyone
    BTW, i just won a pizza. i am new to the coke reward program, but already won on the third day i try, seem very lucky.
    so anyone who have not win, keep trying you will get your soon

  74. This is a question for DH.

    I already belong to Phapsaody. In fact I keep using my coke rewards to purchase $10 credits for rhapsody. How do I find the songs I can download for free? Do they post it somewhere on their website?

    Tip for others: I get a lot of points from High School football games.

  75. oh my god tacobellman… you win too much I’m jealous!!! =)

    i went to rhapsody to register and it told me i needed membership..

  76. Cool, my 3rd try ever at the new $15 BestBuy gift card instant win and I got one! Woohoo. Now to find the time to try and get the other instant wins…
    also, funny (to me anyway) family and I went to the movies with our free movie passes won from coke last Saturday. Got home, signed onto MyCoke and won another set of movie passes.
    Tacobellman, awesome luck you have there.

  77. lexi. if it says you need a rhapsody subscription just enter promo code RHAP30PROMO.

    go to

    click on the MP3 tab at the top of the screen below the search box

    go to the right side of the screen after it loads

    look at the list of the top ten songs and scroll down to the bottom

    click on more>

    go through the list of 100 songs and look at the price for each song

    the free songs will be in red and will read $0.00

    click the ‘add to cart’ button next to each song that is free

    keep doing this until you have all the songs of the seven free songs that you want.



    *Goodbye-Kristinia DeBarge

    *Knock You Down featuring Kanye West, Ne-Yo-Keri Hilson

    *Her Diamonds-Rob Thomas

    *Waking Up In Vegas-Katy Perry

    **NOTE** you are given the option to zip your files, but i found that the easier way to download them is to download the rhapsody download manager. its free and only takes a few minutes. and it puts it into itunes and a few other programs automatically if you like.


    *Best I Ever Had(Dirty)-Drake

    *Wilco (the song)- Wilco

    *American Girl-Taylor Swift

    *Whatever it is (album)-Zac Brown Band

  78. 1. 4V567B9LBJO6-3Pts
    2. FMX4B9P6LRXW-3Pts
    3. A7WBFLBN79PR-3Pts
    4. R7R7ATX6PLX6-3Pts
    5. T9NP4VRRMOAV-3Pts
    6. 9MPTOPBPLAOB-10Pts

    I have banked about 16500 sweeps entries. Now if I could just win something…..LOL

  79. well this is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever WON and a sweepstakes wether monthly or instant and wether I used a free instant play or a real point.

    I just WON A $15 BESTBUY GIFT CARD. The winning combination I got was 3 @15 symbols (wonder what everyone else got that one…just to see if there is a connection to see if you win or not).

    Now to try to win the $250…it only took me 3 tries to get it today. I won @ 9:07am CST.

  80. I had contacted Coke regarding my win the $250.00
    instant win game. I asked them how long it would take to get the Visa Card. Here is their replay(only took 5 days to respond)…


    Congratulations on your recent win in the My Coke Rewards Sweepstakes!
    You will receive your prize 8-10 weeks after you receive your approval
    notification. You were approved on July 11, 2009.


    My Coke Rewards Customer Service

    So much for “INSTANT WIN”……Yea, you win instantly, but then have to wait 2 months for prize. hehe..

  81. Just thought I’d let you know I love you people…I finally won 4 pk of Six Flags Tickets just when I was getting ready to quit trying. Thank you Li and Cyn and everyone who told me not to give up. BIG HUGSSSS

  82. hmmm so I won 2 edo cards about a month ago and I finally got my cards.. The balance for each waas 25 dollars. Is this correct? I thought it was suppose to be 20. Not that I’m complainin xD

  83. Up for grabs are some $1 of MP3’s from Rhapsody. Please post when redeemed so that I can erase the text message:


  84. Hello everyone. I see since my last post there are quite a few new names showing up here. I would like to extend a big welcome to all of you. It’s a great place to visit for information, codes, and a chance to be in contact with some of the nicest people anywhere.
    I usually donate a few codes on this site, and I guess I’ll do that now.


    Hopefully these will benefit someone. Robert, that is some kind of dedication to accumulate that many entries. I hope you win the sweeps you want most. And to all of you, be safe and have a fantastic weekend.

  85. I finally won a Papa John’s pizza! (7:56 PM) I was starting to think it was impossible.Ha!

    1. 75R4XLNRBP4W-3Pts
    2. OH97XVFRBBN6-10Pts
    3. P5BW6MFL4J46-20Pts

  86. twain…
    Yes the cards all come with $25. The extra $5 is for ATM fees so if you really wanted the cash you can still get $20 at an ATM…or you can just use it as a credit card and use the whole $25.

  87. Thanks for the codes Robert and Darrell…I believe that I got #30 from Darrell and 2&3 from Robert.

  88. Wow…All of Darrell and Robert’s codes already gone! I was able to use a couple from the middle of the list, thanks so much!

  89. Happy Sunday everyone. As I just now got home and checked, all the codes from Darrell, Robert an Li are RNBM, but wow! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Thanks for sharing so many Rhapsody codes, Dan.

    Congrats, Dh, Angie, Twain, Robert and all winners! Keep up the great wins all.

  90. Glorias code RNBM.

    Thanks for sharing Gloria

    People if you can copy and paste the codes to the coke site, please shout out a thank you for the poster for their time and generousity…..

  91. I wanted to say thanks for posting the promo codes for the free instant win entries. I won a Papa John’s pizza last night after playing for just about 10 minutes. YAY!

  92. A few more codes to finish out the week:

    1. T7XFNHA7JWTV-3Pts
    2. 5HFVXTF6B5BL-3Pts
    3. 7BFBJV9TKO9W-3Pts
    4. 94AMJ4JNPR4L-3Pts
    5. P6OLBPNNPBL7-3Pts
    6. F9ABB7LR6BVA-3Pts
    7. T5AMK6VF7XVV-3Pts
    8. FKTBWR0NXNKV-3Pts
    9. 4RK7F56K6RH5-3Pts
    10. F65HV06FLH5J-3Pts
    11. AO6AXHANLXHV-3Pts
    12. 74X7XV0FFX60-3Pts
    13. 79W465T00APJ-3Pts
    14. POMBBM4BNKP9-10Pts
    15. N4OTBR9MH5B9-20Pts

    Thanks Darrell, I have banked all the points I can except for the days I was getting logged off so many times.

  93. Here are some 3 pt. codes:
    1. 549PLVR5J4VN
    2. TTM75R95J6VB
    3. 4W6XMXM7NLTW
    5. 455BB7A6AH69

  94. Robert- Thanks for #12-15 RBM

    Li- Thanks for #1-5 RBM

    Thanks SOOOOO MUCH! I really appreciate your generosity!

  95. Wow! It is all about the sweeps now isn’t it? I read several post and almost all of them were in reference to some game or sweeps, not much about actual rewards. I won a $100 Sprite card once and a couple of $25 cards, but I don’t use my points for sweeps and no luck with the freebies lately. I just wish they would put up some good rewards you can redeem your points for. Congratulations to all you winners though.

  96. Thanks vvhitekid2! I got your codes 1,2, and 4. But the third one says invalid. Thanks for your generosity, though. πŸ˜‰

  97. vvhitekid2- this code is not valid -55RHT49JOM9X. Could you please check it again? Thanks! πŸ™‚
    All others RNBM

  98. Yay! I just won a $15 best buy gift card!! (This is the first thing ive ever won on MyCokeRewards) I won at 10:58, and im gonna try the $250 instant win game next but i doubt ill have any luck with that, haha. Heres a 3 pointer i just found, 4b4rpvx6t0bk, please post when used. Thanks and good luck to everyone! =]

  99. Up for grabs are some $1 of MP3Ò€ℒs from Rhapsody. Please post when redeemed so that I can erase the text message:


  100. Congrats NickK and Celena on your wins.

    Thanks for sharing Rhapsody codes Dan.

    The last two batches of codes from MrWicked are all RNBM, but thanks for sharing! Thanks go to you too Vvhitekid2, Robert, Li, and NickK.

    Have a great day everyone.

  101. 1. 6JNVKTF77BOV-3Pts
    2. PVA7F6H6V4H6-3Pts
    3. 6POVBLJR7HJ7-3Pts
    5. OBW5PMLLF79X-3Pts
    6. 5M5MJNF5TJ57-3Pts
    7. P6P4RM4H9VTT-3Pts
    8. 5H6HBWN6J4F5-3Pts
    9. T7N7X4F49HX4-10Pts

  102. looks like that Sprite promotion is back. You get a chance to win $100 instantly or $1000 in the sweepstakes when you enter a sprite code. The freebie code that can be used one per account is 100874451484. All code have been RNBM. Thanks for posting and good luck everyone.

  103. More and more people donating more and more codes. It’s awesome! And I’ve always found what goes around, comes around. Here are a few codes for your Tuesday.


    It took me four hours to enter these codes. Now I’m going to take a real nap. Have a good week.

  104. Thanks Darrell I got about 4 of the 3 point codes and 17-21 (I think) of the 10 point codes. I tried several others but didn’t want to get locked out so I can not verify if all the others have been used. I did try some random ones and they appear to be all used.

  105. I checked a few of Darrell’s codes randomly (3,16,23,& 27) and they were all RNBM. Thanks anyway Darrell.

  106. Here’s another 25 pt. code (hard to read, so I hope it’s right):

  107. Post 161 taken by someone…
    Here is a Dr. Pepper code for a 2010 Chevy Camaro. i did not want to go thru the whole thing of entering all that info, so for any one that wants it…


    Hope you win

  108. Josh, thanks for the code. Dr. Pepper takes 8-10 character codes so it didn’t work there. I tried it on the coke rewards site and it was RNBM already. Thanks for sharing anyway.

  109. I can’t believe it. I just won some pizza and Coke. 11:24 pm EDT.

    Josh, you didn’t paste the Dr. Pepper code (but pasted the code I posted earlier).

  110. Hey. fans my kid bought this 12pk so here’s a freebie. 5PAT0VFNJMPA

  111. Thanks acein, for the heads up on the Sprite promo. My son won $50 on the first try using the promo code. Not exactly sure which way to redeem. Anyone have any idea what “selected reatailers” are? I’m glad I started saving my Sprite codes, although I doubt we’ll win again.

    Anyone know if the Walgreens Photo $5 card is only good on photo services? The description is rather vague.

    If anyone is fighting a disqualification on an Edo card win, don’t give up. I finally got an e-mail AND a phone call telling me I would get the card. Now I have to work on my husband’s problem.

  112. Congrats to your son Karen and to MRWICKED on the $50 win. I was unaware that the cards had to be used at selected retailers. If anyone knows more they should post. I just figured it would be cash card that could be used anywhere that form of payment was accepted.

  113. I have some more Rhapsody $1 MP credits that someone can redeem. Please post when redeemed so that I can delete the text messages. The codes are:


  114. Congrats to all winners. Thanks to all code givers. I hope everyone is having a good day.

  115. I won the $50 virtual Visa also just after midnight!!! Much better than an edo card. I used it @ Just ordered a 49.03 Walmart gift card.(.97 for shipping). That way you don’t have to worry about going over the amount & getting the card rejected or leaving money on the card that you can’t use. I did’nt want to take a chance on the 2-$25 checks to be used @ “select retailers” + waiting for them in the mail.LOL

    Congrats to all the winners & keep trying!


  116. Just been hanging on the side. Thank you whitekid2 for doing what you do. I only wish you were in charge of the MCR site. Here’s a quick 500 pts.

    1) 96XHK0JPTWLF
    2) 6LHL44BBR7VJ
    3) 6OBL50JFKVMX
    5) TJ7MW6WJBON7
    6) A99BP6TMN9NW
    7) 4ATOJ6RWBN4K
    8) R74W5WRR4XXO
    10) OVOWBK96KWPR
    11) TBL7LF4W65L5
    14) P6LPJHFNB7LO
    15) FJLH6P7VH6K4
    16) T7THTJW9WNJA
    17) 6WPNMX7TWL7T
    18) 5JW6F9FBLVFV
    19) TTL65M7THHMT
    20) 6RV66ANH7J5X

    Enjoy! Hb Steve

  117. The invalid code from lydia’s post (579vptapyj70) Is supposed to be 579VptAptJ70. It is redeemed not by me.

  118. Is anyone doing the Sunkist game? If so, here are three codes for it.
    And these next are for MCR.


    More in the next day or two. Pretty tired just now. Hope you’re having a great week.

  119. For All those who Won on the Cash Card – But got a Bad Code when they tried to Redeem it to Claim your Cards…they said invalid …
    Try it Now ! My Friend had gotten a Code that said invalid – and we called them twice – and they Just Fixed it the other day …so she redeemed it and IT WORKED !!! Finally !!! So TRY the Code Again ! πŸ™‚

  120. 50TJ09096VLF- 10 PTS

    If it doesn’t work the first digit may be an s or a B…its hard to tell

  121. Has anyone else had problem getting free entries into the Sprite instant win? I got the free entries the first day I tried to enter and now when I go to the “click here” in the rules and enter the security code it tells me that I have have already recieved my entries for the day.

  122. Everthing posted by Robert, Steve, Darrell, Li, and Katie (posts 181 to 188) have all been RNBM. Thanks for sharing though. I’m locked out. Have a good day all.

  123. Me, too, Shari. I think it must depend upon when you enter. I got the same message yesterday afternoon, but in the evening it let me enter. This morning it wouldn’t let me enter again, so I’m assuming it will later.

  124. It appears that the Sprite game is noon to noon timing, not midnight to midnight as is the rest of MCR.

  125. Is this website updated in real time to reflect people’s comments? What are the post numbers people are referring to? There is no consecutive numbers shown on this page.

  126. How about posting more codes during the day? I work a second job, therefore miss out on the late posted codes. Thanks

  127. Wow, I’m away for one evening and boom! Hundreds of points pop up! Thanks anyway, everyone!

    And a HUGE thanks to Francine!!! I’ve been battling my invalid EDO code for months now, and I just tried it again because of your comment, and IT WORKED!!!! Thank you so much for telling me!!!

  128. rocky, it’s important to be here when the post are processed by whitekid, not when the original poster post them, hence it looks like some codes were claimed 12 hours later.

  129. Thanks Cokehead! That explains why some posts were dated last night, but I did not see them until this morning. What about the post numbers? Such as in Cyn’s post, numbers (181-188) were mentioned. This question is not even addressed in the FAQs.

  130. Well, that would have been too easy Francine. My husband’s invalid code is still invalid, darn it. But I did fire off an e-mail to the address where I got positive results with my disqualification. He’s got 3 wins and received nada. That’s worth fighting for.

    Robert – thanks for sharing on what you did with the $50 Sprite win. I’ve been waiting for some info before my son redeems his winning code, cuz (my baby) he REALLY needs new shoes!

    Some Diet Coke 3 pointers

  131. Thanks…it never occured to me that the sprite contest was noon to noon timing. I’m sure that is my issue.

  132. Hi all. Yesterday I posted 3 Sunkist codes for anyone playing that game. No one posted a note to verify the need for them, so I won’t waste my time or yours listing them. If it does happen that someone does want them, let me know. I will save them for awhile. And now, more of MCR codes.


    I think that’s going to finish me until the weekend. But that’s day after tomorrow. Have a good one.

  133. Redeemed Karen’s 3 then 1 thru 5 and I believe 20 thru 25 of Darrell’s codes. Thank you to both.

  134. Thanks so much Darrell you rock!!! I got 18, 19, and 20! I think the rest are already all gone. Thanks again!

  135. Hm. well either way, I got 3 in the middle that were 10 pts each. Thanks again, Darrell.

  136. Rocky – I never saw the numbering for the posts until I switched from IE to Firefox. If you are using IE, then that’s why. I highly recommend Firefox; it is free, and when you install, it will import all your bookmarks. My laptop was running so slow I thought I had picked up a virus, but it is racing along with Firefox. Hope that helps.
    Darrell – I tried one of your Sunkist codes, but it was already redeemed. Sorry I didn’t mention it earlier. I’m up for all the promos!!

  137. Rocky, my sister is also running IE. It only shows the last number of the posts. Like 1-0 over & over. LOL
    I also got had trouble getting my 2 free entries for the Sprite game. I had won @ a few minutes after midnight Tuesday so after midnight last night I tried again. I had to log out & back in & then it let me have the entries.
    Darrell, I also tried your Sunkist codes but they were already redeemed. Sorry I forgot to mention it.

    1. 9FA5TAWFPNML-3Pts
    2. 7LBPPWR7MKAV-3Pts
    3. 4HHFVPTBNBV6-3Pts
    4. RPKM96MXLOB9-3Pts
    5. PTFOFVFOH64R-3Pts
    6. R6R7RJFBRX4F-3Pts
    7. 66AKMPPPT9NO-10Pts

  138. Roberts codes all RNBM.
    Thanks anyway, hope there will be more and people will save a few for the rest of us.

  139. all of roberts codes rnbm

    having to go to work from 5 am – 7 pm really puts a damper on your point grabbing abilities!

  140. First 10,000 My Coke Rewards members to enter the code 100877742854 into their MCR account will get a coupon code good for 50 free 4 x 6 prints at Snapfish.

    Free prints, but you pay shipping.

  141. acein & jessica,
    I had already posted that all Roberts codes were RNBM. I was trying to save everyone the possibility of getting locked out for too many invalid entries.
    Hope that didn’t happen for you both.

  142. ThereÒ€ℒs a freebie at the site that some of you may not have heard about:

    First 10,000 My Coke Rewards members to enter the code 100877742854 into their MCR account will get a coupon code good for 50 free 4 x 6 prints at Snapfish. New and old members can use it.

    Enter the code in the very same spot you would put a cap or flap code. Make sure you follow through and redeem it. There will be orange tab that you must click on. Keep going until you get a code for Snapfish. You will get an email. The coupon doesnÒ€ℒt expire. You must pay the shipping and handling though.

  143. Is anyone else having issues with the Sprite Instant Win. I seem to be having one heck of a time getting it to allow me to submit my entry (the submit box stays grey and will not let me select it). It’s driving me CRAZY!!!

  144. Yeah! It’s been awhile, but I won another edo at 10:30 pm. That makes four that I’ve received credit for and two I was cheated out of. After several attempts to resolve it, I gave up. But when you do good things, good things happen to you and I’m quite content with the four credited to my card. Now, a few codes.


    After reading several of the recent posts, I think we might be losing sight of this sites main objective. It was never meant to be used mainly for the donation of codes, but rather a place to give and receive information about MCR, and quite often the promotions of other consumer products. Our gracious host, vvhitekid2, does an excellent job of maintaining this site for our use. That said, for the unfortunate ones not able to get any codes from this site, don’t give up, it will happen. I know I post codes here at all hours of the day and night. So good luck, and have a wonderful weekend.

  145. 1. F66FFHWRHTXM-3Pts
    2. F5XRX4TL5VAT-3Pts
    4. NWHKVAV6JHAP-3Pts
    5. 5JM74J5O4X6M-3Pts
    6. TFA4JBLWMXRH-3Pts
    7. AAMRJ5JWRAKJ-3Pts
    8. TA6TPLL7NNR9-3Pts
    9. BA65W5L4NLWV-10Pts

  146. Mikemac, that is what is happening to me. I do not know how to fix it yet. I am working on it. If you find out the reason, please tell. thank you.

  147. MikeMac…yes I am having issues with the Sprite! Sometimes it helps if I reload the page or use the back button but not always. I haven’t found a sure fire way to fix the problem but I do seem to notice that I can get my first entry to work a lot easier then my second which I usually give up on, so I’m going to try only enterring one bonus code and then signing out and trying it again. If anyone else has had issues and figured it out, PLEASE share!!!

    Checked all of Darrell’s codes and they are RNBM. Thank you for always being so generous. I know it’s frustrating with the edo card problems but I wish you would fight it. If anyone deserves those, it’s you!

  148. All Darrell’s codes are RNBM, but as always thanks so much for sharing! Robert’s codes are also gone, but thanks for sharing too!
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  149. I know I don’t get alot of the codes but I recieve an excellent amount of information so thank you all!!!

  150. MikeMac – I’m having the same problem with the sprite instant win game. It’s a real chore to get it to go through. I just keep refreshing until it lets me click submit. And it pays off, because i just won a $50 virtual card this morning!

  151. That’s pretty much what I have been doing, hitting refresh and also been trying to reselect the bonus offer.

  152. For those who are having problems with the Sprite promotion like me, try deleting your temporary internet files before entering Sprite codes. This seems to work for me, at least better than refreshing the screen or reselecting the bonus offer. Just out of curiosity, has anyone designed a can for summer for a chance at $500? Deleting the temporary internet files seems to help the submissions go thru as well.

  153. I have been coming to this site pretty regularly. I don’t have much to add since everyone else seems to be a little more versed than me on MCR. I like reading the banter. I have never been able to catch a code, though. I think when codes are posted sometimes one person will redeem all of then for themselves and not leave any for others. Just an observation.

    On to my real question. I have been a MCR member for awhile. But I don’t know what everyone means by EDO cards and banking points. I mainly go on MCR for Rhapsody credits. If it’s not to much trouble, does anyone have a laymens’s answer.


  154. Everyone thats having problems clicking on the Sprite game-try upgrading your browser or use different one. I’m using Safari & after coke changed their site I had to upgrade again & now everything works great. I can’t even sign in to MCR with my old AOL browser any more because it has not been upgraded in years. Hope this helps. My computer is 5 years old, trying to make it 1 more year.LOL

    1. PON9PVFTP4P6-3Pts
    2. 4JOR6MKBLJFW-3Pts
    3. AWNJ0FL7MJLB-3Pts
    4. 5KVLWTHMBWMP-3Pts
    5. 4F9F6B5AFWL9-3Pts

  155. can someone please tell me what RBM and RNMB are? this is my 4th time asking, with no response. πŸ™


    * I Gotta Feeling The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) Black Eyed Peas

    *LoveGame The Fame Lady Gaga

    *All Summer Long Rock N Roll Jesus Kid Rock

    * I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (Radio Edit Cold) I Know You Want Me Pitbull

    ** the way you download rhapsody songs**

    Create an account. they ask for name and email and a password i believe. they ask for a credit card, but you can click something like at a later time.

    Next. login and look up the songs. click the add to cart button next to them.

    Go to your cart and click checkout now.

    **NOTE** you are given the option to zip your files, but i found that the easier way to download them is to download the rhapsody download manager. its free and only takes a few minutes. and it puts it into itunes and a few other programs automatically if you like.

    *California Love 2Pac

  157. The way I am getting around the MCR Crappy Programming for the Sprite “Free-but exasperating Entry” yeah I guess that is the new meaning of “Alternate” LOL

    If after entering the code – the submit button stays grey – which is about 1/2 the time …I keep the other window open with the email from coke and click on the see rules – which is a link just below the code they send you …then a new window pops up for the mcr …you click the X to close the rules – this then lets you see the entry …click here to see if you are a winner …click there -then click submit …That is what I have been doing …I have lost most of my free entries because they tell me the code was used – even though it never REALLY ended up getting Submitted …
    Hope this helps —GOOD LUCK ALL !!!

  158. Yesterday I won Sprite back to school instant win game $25. I am having trouble redeeming the code from the email they sent me. I go to link they gave me where im supposed to enter code, I enter my birthday, then put the code in then clicked submit, after 5 tries, they wont let me submit because invalid entries and have to wait 24 hours to try again. Any Idea Why?


  159. Hi cokefriend, I just wanted to add to what vvhitekid2 said about the Edo card… people win these cards at (not the same as the mycokerewards site). For more info click on the “twist-text-get” menu and then select “official rules.”. It is also explained in detail on the 7th page of this blog (follow link at the top of this page: MyCokeRewards Post #7, and then look for message #654… you’ll see these numbers if you’re using mozilla).

  160. I’m late.


    That’s that. Have a great week everyone.

  161. Darn I just entered a sprite code and it was
    accoring to them over my daily limit..
    i am bummed..

  162. Seems I missed out. Gotta start visiting more often. Thanks so much for posting codes, guys. πŸ™‚

  163. Thanks so much for your hard work, Darrell. I checked all codes that no one claimed, and it seems all of your codes are RNBM.
    Have a good day all.

  164. I have some more Rhapsody $1 MP credits that someone can redeem. Please post when redeemed so that I can delete the text messages. The codes are:


  165. My luck is changing. I won another Papa John’s pizza yesterday & the $15 Best Buy card today!!!

    1. 6KTHTBLAMMX7-3Pts
    2. 6WH5TAJT46FO-3Pts
    3. RTW4WHTJOXNB-3Pts
    4. RFHXW5K574A6-10Pts

  166. A few more up for grabs!!

  167. Anyone have any suggestions for the IWG? πŸ™ I’ve been trying over and over again at the beginning and end of every half hour. Are you supposed to enter one after the other as quick as you can? Ahhhhhh I want to win that pizza soooo badly… =|

  168. Oh, and does MCR have promo codes anymore? I remember a few months ago they’d have like 100 pts worth of promo codes, and codes that would give free 20oz sodas, etc. Do they have those anymore?

  169. The twelve codes I’m about to enter are all Sprite ten pointers. WAIT! I have changed my mind. I am going to enter two of them at a time so several people who might be playing the Sprite game and for whatever reason don’t want to use the free entries will have a chance to get them. I may start doing the same with the Coke codes. That would give more people a chance to get some of them, instead of one person with several accounts getting 20 or 30 of the codes I enter.
    So here are two Sprite ten point codes.


    A couple more to be entered later. Have a great day!

  170. It’s now 8:50 am and I’m about to enter two more Sprite


    Have a good morning.

  171. Good morning everyone. Just a holler: I just won Best Buy’s $15 in the instant game. I know it’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get.

  172. All Darrell, Robert, and Gloria’s codes rnbm. Thanks so much for posting! They were all posted at the exact same time, so Im not sure if your plan worked too well, Darrell! Lol, they were gone pretty much instantly.

  173. Yeah sorry about the delay with the the moderation. I’ve been in and out of the doctors the last few days after getting some kind of nasty spider bite.

  174. 262, 263, 266, 267, 268, 269, and 270 donated by Robert, Gloria and Darrell respectively, have ALL been RNBM. Thanks anyway.

  175. Oh my goodness, Vvhitekid2. OUCH. I hope you’re going to be ok. I have been hearing so much about spider bites lately. Please get better soon!

    Way to go on your wins, Robert! You deserve them.

  176. All codes RNBM
    Sorry to hear about the spider bite, those can be nasty, hope yours is better soon.

  177. aw i hope it’s nothing serious..

    and i dont think i ever got around to giving you a thanks for this site and a thanks to everyone who posts codes. I’m 2 points away from getting my sister a magazine subscription that we wouldn’t have been able to get without the codes on this site. I’m so close and it’s all thanks to you guys, so THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

  178. No problem with the codes all posting at the same time vvhitekid2. You do an excellent job maintaining this site like a young, healthy intellect. I’m sure we can forgive you having a problem. And I’m sure I speak for all when I wish you a speedy recovery without any serious problems.
    Now, I’m going to end the Sprite postings with the final three ten point codes.


    Have a good night all.

  179. Let’s try something. Leave this code for lexi to put her over the top – tw0phxwlx0ah – It’s only 3 points. Don’t be greedy. Here are some for someone else.

  180. Way to go on your win also Cyn!

    vvhitekid2 I hope you recover from your spider bite quickly!

    lexi, here is a 3 pointer to finish out your points F5VJPJOR4L7J

    Here is a Sprite 10 pointer 5XF5LANO6KM9

  181. My grannie (god rest her soul) use to put chewing tobacco on hers to draw out the poison…YUK nasty but it may help. GOOD LUCK with your bite whitekid2

  182. Hi, I just redeemed my pts for Nike Gift cards. I received them in my email. The problem is that when i go to and try to input the first 16 digit of the code in the “promotional code” section it doesnt work.

    It tells me that: “Youve entered an invalid GiftCertificate/Product Voucher number and/or Promo code. Please check the numbers and be sure to separate multiple entries with the use of commas (,)”

    Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help,


  183. hey i won 4 six flags tix a while ago and i am planning on selling them. how do i go about this? like do i order them under my name or my buyers? and do i have to be a powerseller on ebay in order to sell them for a good amount of money????? thanks in advance

  184. I can’t find a way to thank you guys enough. I used you friendly neighborhood gaerbageman’s code and I had enough to get the magazine subscription!!!! Robert thank you soooooooo much anyways but I’ll leave that for someone else that needs it as i already reached my goal.

  185. Alright well, now that I got what I needed, if I ever get my hands on codes I’ll be sure to post them here.

    Just a reminder to everyone, MCR is set to expire in December and apparently codes cannot be redeemed after November. So get what you can now before the site ends πŸ™

  186. ALL codes from friendly neighborhood garbageman, Robert, and Lydia have ALL been RNBM. And, I’m so happy Lexi got enough codes for her magazine subscription.

    Thanks so much on the congrats! Come on everyone, let’s get the VISA card that ends tomorrow!

    Vvhitekid2, there is an old tradition of fels naptha (sp) soap, smashed with sugar, that will help draw out the poison too. Make a paste, apply, cover with a bandage. I certainly hope you’re feeling better!

  187. Looks like Coke finally fixed the Sprite entry issue. Seems to be working correctly now.

  188. tacobellman….the best bet is to sell the code, not the actual tickets, that way the person who wins your auction can print them out for the park they want and you won’t have any shipping charges. Just make sure that their payment clears before you send them the code (and state in your listing that the code won’t be sent until payment clears).
    As for have to be a power seller, not sure what you consider a good amt. of money to be, but I got around 100 for the tickets that I sold. That is before eBay takes their fees…and there might be a fee from PayPal as well. Also, PayPal will hold the payment to you until the buyer leaves positive feedback or for a certain length of time (I can’t remember how long).

    If you have any more questions that I might be able to help with…e-mail me

  189. holy crap, you guys left it for her. I am impressed. rhhaknbattjo rvlx5kbtvotp
    thats for being good little boys and girls. lol

  190. It’s a true joy to see that much excitement out of someone. Lexi, I can’t wait until you get enough points for something else. Here’s a few codes.

    10.AJRKW4XKOJ9B=10 Sprite

    Have a good evening.

  191. Just won $15 Bestbuy card. I am so excited. Does anyone know if there is a limit number that a person can win the same instant win game? Thanks!

  192. the 6 flags tix go for about $80, you would probably just email them the code, and let them redeem for it because they have to imput their own name and choose which park they want to go to

  193. At 12:44 AM EST, just after it turned Thursday, I was surprised with a $20 edo card win on the game, using the free entry method in the rules. A pleasant surprise! Here’s hoping all of us win!

  194. Lexi- how do you know for sure the program is set to expire? Is this absolute, or have they just not announced the extension yet, as the do every year? Thanks.

  195. Congrats Rocky and Aa2007 (and any other winners who are silent)!!

    Codes from friendly neighborhood garbageman and Darrell are ALL RNBM. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a good day everyone.

  196. Reading about the winners on those coke instant wins is really giving me hope. Haven’t won anything yet!

  197. I received my EDO card today, finally! (It was an invalid code originally). It came ONE WEEK after I was finally able to redeem it. It also happened to come a few hours before I got an email from Coke saying they had fixed the problem and to try my code again, lol! oh well, I’m just happy to have it at all!

  198. Finally got those movie passes that were no good fixed. It wasn’t that it took them forever… It was that I just never had the time. Once I sent them a message it was resolved and they sent me a new PDF with an extended date within 24 hours.

  199. sprout- no that is just what I read. they haven’t extended it yet, but they may as well do it so I’m not entirely sure.

  200. hey so yesterday i went to the movies and i went to use this pass that i one last month or the month before that or something. i used the other one awhile ago and they said this one didnt work. it expires july 31 and i was going to use it today to go see up. does anyone know if you have to use them togther or if maybe the worker was not thinking. luckily i brought one of my other tickets but my brother had to pay to see transformers. thanks in advance!!

    p.s. thanks for the advice Anonymous & h438dlk34!

  201. *DM*-
    I received a message that you had not received 2 Coca-Cola edoCards. I have made sure these cards get issued to you, and you should receive them in 7 to 10 days. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Jamie Kever

    Member Services


    Yay, those should be on their way now. πŸ™‚
    I called on 7-16 and got that message today so not too bad.

  202. YES!!! I just won a pair of movie tickets! Can anyone tell me where they are good? Thanks!

  203. Thanks for all the comments about my situation. Hopefully I won’t throw this all way off topic, but this is my soapbox, and I’m going to use it for once. The spider bite ended up being a Lyme infected TICK bite that I got in northern Michigan 2 weeks ago! If you’re in the woods, remember to check everywhere for ticks. I thought I did, but this one was on the back of my leg above my knee (where I can’t see). This week was absolute hell. Fever, chills, dizziness, shaking, forgetfulness, complete loss of energy. I am recovering because we caught it early and because my fiance is a very smart nurse. If you think you have a tick bite, get it treated.

    This code is from my fiance, who patiently nursed me back to health this week while dealing with this horrible tick bite: TOKRHM5RMM4R

  204. vvhitekid2, I’m glad to hear that they caught the fact that it was a Lyme tick bite early. I have a coworker whose wife got bit by a tick carrying Lyme years ago and it went undiagnosed for too long so the traditional methods if it’s caught early wont work for her. It’s had her hospitalized on more than one occasion.

  205. Vvhitekid2, I’m happy to know that your fiance has by your side, and thank God for her expertise. Yep, she’s a keeper! Oh, by the way, congratulations you two! When’s the big event? πŸ˜€

  206. Thanks Cyn, she sure is a keeper. The wedding is September 26th, so don’t expect any comments to be showing up that day! πŸ™‚

  207. Dang, Vvhitekids2. What do you mean “that day”? You better change that or it could be grounds for divorce!! :-j

  208. Ouch… So sorry to hear. I’m very glad you caught it early in the game. My friend got lyme disease and had to get home-schooled for two years. She’s finally returning next year. I hope everything is alright, let us know of any updates. πŸ™‚

  209. new free songs on

    *Ignorance Paramore

    *I Run To You Lady Antebellum

    *Here We Go Again Demi Lovato

  210. Wow, vvhitekid2, so glad you’re off the disabled list. Many of us would be lost without this website. I visit for the info, and I know many come for the codes. I wish we knew now if there was going to be another extension because it would certainly impact my dumpster-diving – and I could start wearing a watch again!

    I have a question for DM – what number did you call to get action on the Edo cards? Also, did you not get them due to bogus disqualification? I called 800-438-2653 again today about my husband’s 2 DQ’s and one invalid winning code. First I was referred to the Edo number, but that’s only for problems after you receive a card. Then I called back and got Ms. Nasty, who said we had to wait while they researched the problem, which has been going on for 6 weeks. Then she said (twice) my husband should not play the game until it was resolved. That’s stupid – he’s won movie tickets 4 times since. Any help from anyone is appreciated.

    For the preceding rant, some codes:


  211. Li And Karen’s codes RNBM. Thanks for sharing so early. Guess I didn’t stay up long enough to get them, heh.

  212. karen and li’s codes rnbm

    vvhitekid2, wow lymes eh? as a medical student i’d have love to be on your case!

    im glad you feel better now, get well soon1

  213. Just curious to know…Is there a way to give another member of mycokerewards your points that you have earned?

  214. Becerra, from what I know, once redeemed, the codes are forever stuck on your account. No point sharing (it is in the rules).

  215. no angie becerra, unless you give them your email and password, then they would get all the points, unless you used the points you didn’t want them to have, or you could use the points on something they want, and give that to them, but there is no way to transfer points from one account to another. sorry

  216. Karen, I just folled this post:

    34. Seems like the best person to call is Jamie at 877-340-0036, option 2 then option 0 will get you directly to her.

    Comment by MikeMac Ò€” July 14, 2009 @ 12:35 pm

    I have won 3 EDO cards but only recieved 1. I called and the gal I talked to took my name and maybe some other info including my email address. She told me to wait about a week for an email responce. The email came in under 2 weeks.

    Also no, they were not DQ’d.

    GL with it.

  217. Congrats on two things vvhitekid2. One, that the Lyme infection was caught early, two, your impending wedding. The first could have been a lifelong problem.
    The second will hopefully be a lifelong pleasure. Here are some codes.


    Have a good weekend everyone.

  218. I redeemed for the Walgreens $5 gift card on. They sent an email saying it was shipped 9 days ago. I looked under my account yesterday & it is not showing up. It does show where they took the 140 points off though. Anyone else have this happen? Most people recieve theirs within 3 days after the email.

    whitekid2 congrats on your upcoming wedding & get well soon!

    I have’nt posted codes in a while so heres a few….

    1. T9ATJMR6HOMM-3Pts
    2. 60A5WNW07KA5-3Pts
    3. NH59TBF5TTBX-3Pts
    4. B5940RPNLXL6-3Pts
    5. BTLAXNF7KNTN-3Pts
    6. 4PLAM54XNLTH-3Pts
    7. BWVPA994TAOR-3Pts
    8. 59T9LH45FVNX-3Pts
    9. T4H6RKV7A44J-3Pts
    10. 9WPHPH4X0PPM-3Pts
    11. FLXPFPJ74BFW-3Pts
    12. 6KJFT9ML555A-10Pts

  219. I had no interest in the Six Flag tickets until a friend asked me to try to get them. It only took five entries to win them. Unreal. Here’s some codes for your Sunday evening.

    06.FO4NNA75J6MM=10 SPRITE
    12.6NKM999XWMPB=10 SPRITE

    Have a great week.

  220. Congrats, Puppypower on your win.

    It’s been a pretty busy day here too. I won pizza at 3:16 followed by an edo card at 3:24. I hope everyone else is winning.

  221. I used Li’s code and Darrell’s #30 code to finish off my 120 for the week. Thank you to both.

  222. And Darrell, Congrats on your big win! That’s amazing, you won after 5 tries. I’ve been playing ever since it came out and nothing hahah. Karma =P

  223. Robert, I was able to get 7 of your 3 pt. codes (I think they were 1-7) from post 355. Thanks so much!

    Darrell, I was able to get 11 of your 10 pt. codes (I think they were 11-21) from post 358. Thanks so much!

    Those were the first codes I’ve gotten all week, and they are greatly appreciated.

  224. looks like i missed a lot of codes last night, πŸ™ well, thanks darrell and robert! i tried a few codes and they were all RNBM

  225. I tried getting codes last night but they were all taken. I appreciate the chance though. πŸ™‚

  226. 1 7RMX9OOAXH77
    3 9O956BPW4WXL
    4 7WW47JFNTTF9
    5 O76M5WBLK4BV
    6 F5BJMAXH464M
    9 9RBPPLLAJ9W4
    10 7N9VAJ7HP7NR

  227. helpful tip, when banking entries into the sweepstakes enter in letters and numbers and click the enter key fast two times, this will eliminate the process of having to click the rules tab and scrolling down the page to search for the “click here” link. this helps when banking a lot of entries. didnt know if this was already posted

  228. I just won movie tix for the 4th time. Gosh, I wish I could win edo that many times. I hope everyone is having a good day.

  229. to bank entries, you can also open up the six flags tix rules (if you’ve already won tix) and type
    into the browser, and it’ll open up the alt entry method

  230. all of MRWICKED’s codes RNBM. #8 was incorrect, but i found it out, the first F was actually a P, but it was RNBM too, darn, haha. #6 was invalid too, coulcn’t figure that one out…

  231. SWEET !
    TGIFridays $5. + $10. Cards are Back ! ONE PER ACCT.
    ALSO GET 25 BONUS Points for Signing up for the
    “Give Me More Stripes” 21 yrs. old and over only …
    you get an email with a Code for 25 points !
    Also …a Good Night …Hubby AND Son won the $15. Best Buy Gift Cards !
    WOW ! I Missed ALOT Lately !!! But I bet nobody missed my ramblings …LOL
    CONGRATULATIONS vvhitekid2 !!! WOO HOO !!! I AM SO HAPPY for you BOTH !!! I have been married 27 years …and it makes lifes challenges easier to face with someone by your side to Share it all with …the Good and not so good …
    GOD BLESS you Both !!! {{{HUG}}}
    Congrats to ALL the Lucky Winners !!! And to those of you who haven’t Won YET ,
    KEEP TRYING !!! DON’T GIVE UP ! You Will Win if You think Positively ! Be Thankful for What you Have …and you will be given more to be thankful for !
    GOD BLESS and Please Pray for Peace !

  232. Hello all. I won a $20.00 edo card on MYCOKE.COM this morning on my second entry. I said to check my email for details. I have yet to receive any emails from them. This is not my first win. Just 1st time I have not gotten the email. Anyone else have this problem?
    Is there a phone number for MyCoke.Com that anyone might have or know?

  233. Has anyone tried this?:

    Create a second MCR account and do the 25 bonus points from the TGI Fridays offer, then redeem it on a 24 oz. coke. So you get the 3 points and a free bottle of coke.

  234. Michael, try going into Then access “my account” and finally “where’s my…” from the right side of the page. See if your win in listed and “view details” on it. It should give you the website for redemption and the code needed. I hope that helps.

    Thanks for sharing, Lydia, even though your code has been RNBM.

    I hope everyone is having a good day.

  235. John, it is against the rules of my coke rewards to make 2 accounts, if they find out you made 2, they will delete both.

  236. I have been trying this code and it says there is an error in the code. I, for the life of me, can not see the error, so I’m hoping someone else can figure it out.


  237. I got my Walgreens card yesterday.
    Found a few more codes today….

    1. 6PFKX6H9FV66-3Pts
    2. 9ORNRX9WNLHH-3Pts
    3. 4AHNONAPMX9L-3Pts
    4. OTFMVA4WVK7H-3Pts
    6. 54T4JV4MWOV9-3Pts
    7. PRNB44FWXKTL-3Pts
    9. 9XT79TNKBWR4-3Pts
    11. ATK55MMFLXJP-3Pts
    12. BHKT54A9NJF6-3Pts
    13. T6NOWVB4F9PF-3Pts
    14. P4NO4FTBO7MR-3Pts
    15. FKTBLR4VTM7K-3Pts
    16. 99NHOH7955JV-3Pts
    17. 7HXPPRVV7OAW-3Pts
    19. 6J55VA6LKR7P-10Pts
    20. T999KVB6FOAH-20Pts

  238. Michael
    Check your junk mail file … Could have got caught by spam filter …I had my Sprite codes for Free I.W. get put there …Also hubby’s Win from the Best Buy went to Junk Mail Folder ! So ALWAYS CHECK THERE !
    Congrats CYN ! Keep that Excitement going and you will Keep Winning ! {{{HUG}}} And it is Contagious !

  239. Joni, that is not a code from a Coke product. To date, MCR codes do not have any “Ds” in them. Or “Ss” either. Here are a few codes.


    I hope the week is going well for everyone. And that it continues to do so.

  240. Yaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeeeeeehoeyyyyyyyyyyy I WON 100 BUX IN SPRITE CASH FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!

  241. Deb and everyone else about the TGIF promo how long does it take to hit your account, I think its cool since I like the restaurant although I dont get to go often


  243. All of Darrell’s codes in that last post are RNBM. I got locked out trying them all, letting you know so hopefully no one else will.
    Have a good one.

  244. I should have elaborated for you, MikeMac. The day begins at midnight and it ends at 11:59 PM Eastern time. 20 invalids or already redeemed codes will lock you out until the new 24 hour period begins.

  245. Cyn, thanks for the clarification on that. Normally after trying a few codes that are already used I stop trying to prevent my account from getting locked.

  246. The code I was having problems with was from DR. PEPPER. If anyone can use it go ahead….

  247. VVhitekid2, there has been no mention lately of your brush with the dreaded Lyme infection. I trust you have fully recovered, particularly since it was caught in its earliest stages.
    I’ve said before how I really enjoy giving these codes to people in need of them. But damn, I wish there was an easier way. My eyesight is fading, my joints hurt from sitting, and my dog wants my full attention. I had some reflexology done today, and I’m a born skeptic, so I think it’s just more voodoo. It was a gift. Look out acupuncture, here I come. Here are your codes.


    That’s it. All for today. Use them in good health. Have a pleasant evening.

  248. Donna, in regards to TGIF. You will receive an e-mail from TGIF. Within that email will be a code for you to enter on your My Coke Rewards. Enter the code and the 25 points are posted to your account.

  249. The TGIF Give Me More Stripes is an AWESOME program. I have been in it since it began. When you spend a $100 they e-mail you a certificate for $8.00 of free food, plus they are always sending you coupons via e-mail buy one entree get one free etc.. it is the best perk program around, plus the food is great. It is about the only place we eat because it is so cheap with all the discounts and when you have the $10 cards it is even better. My husband and I had the Jack Daniels Flat Iron steaks and two glasses of tea. The bill was orginally like $31.00, but after the buy one get one free and my last TGIF $10 card it cost me $8.00 for both of us to eat. Too bad I am already a member I can’t sign up and get the points. Also last time I got 5 cards this time there is a limit of one. I got $10 and $5.If you EVER eat at TGIF you should sign up.

  250. hey people are giving these out?? holy crap
    i won one and im excited cuz i just ordered rb 2 so i cant wait till it gets here!!!

  251. As I’m about to list these codes, I see that the ones I gave yesterday evening have not posted yet. Perhaps vvhitekid2 is practicing his honeymoon agenda. But all the same, they will post sometime.


    That’s all folks. Again. Use these well, and I will be back. Have a good one.

  252. I was able to redeem 1-5 from Darrell’s first post (#408) and 7-11 from Darrell’s second post (#413). I really appreciate the 30 points! Thanks so much, Darrell. I’m sorry that code giving is so physically demanding on you. I hope your reflexology session did help.

  253. All codes above RNBM… The codes happen to come out whenever I’m gone somewhere, but luckily I was at the stor buying more cokes =)

  254. Wow, Vvhitekid2, It pays to get up at 5 AM my time, and get on the computer by 6. Thanks so much. Your code was RBM and I hope you’re feeling a lot better!

  255. 1. 6AA64P55JJBN-3Pts
    2. OKH5OLV6FJKN-3Pts
    3. 5N76NWXLHOAT-3Pts
    4. FBLA5XRXAL65-3Pts
    5. AA67VJR7976X-3Pts
    6. 6NPLXBTM6MBT-3Pts
    7. NX6KL57RBJ7V-3Pts
    8. N9JFTP6WFM9T-10Pts-Sprite

  256. Still missed them. All codes on this site RNBM.

    I check around 5 times a day, just whenever Their posted, I’m not home for some reason. I’m bound to get at least 1.

  257. Vvhitekid2, Is there a reason why you repeatedly delete my comments? I have not been rude, but if I have unintentionally broken some rules I would sure like to know.

  258. Hi Deb. It’s nothing personal… in addition to the rules at the top (no begging, etc), I also have been deleting comments that ask questions that can be answered in the MyCokeRewards FAQ. I also only approve a few “Redeemed not by me” for each set of codes posted in order to keep the flow going. Otherwise it would look like a page of 80% RNBMs. I’m not sure if your comment fit either of those categories, but if you feel your comment was deleted unfairly, write another comment in and let me know. I read every single one.

  259. hey all thanks again for giving these codes havent gotten any yet but hey i will hopefully πŸ™‚

  260. Congrats, Robert!! Enjoy your pizza. Both of your codes (post 429) are RNBM, but I for one am always appreciative of the sharing you do! Have a super day everyone.

  261. all 10 pointers
    1. 4NLKHATM4JW9
    2. 49HB6K5F9VK7
    4. PNL5WFORP79V
    5. 549MW4JR5B4W
    6. 69OHPAPHV6JA
    7. OA4HN7MBN95H
    8. NWOXJF5X7LO4
    9. FXVA9T7A6N7W
    10. AJK5AXBPF9LR

  262. PART 2
    1. R9MKWXHBF96F
    2. Pkp59t667fo5
    3. TOKT99LT45JK
    4. TRW9K67AMWVN
    5. BJK5475TMLW6
    6. 7JMRN7AJ7MJ5
    7. 7M5VVLTX6TVW
    8. 6PX4JRTHMMX5
    9. T6N94O7N6WAJ
    10. RRXLOOB64967

  263. PART 3
    1. Fajrnwnlnr5r
    2. 9XHAB5K74P7W
    3. 9P5LPKOBTAK7
    6. 6LWTFP9W57A9
    7. RRBJ4VR5TT9A
    9. 9W9NP4T77AHO
    10. T5AAV6TW9NRX

  264. Thanks for your generous post MRWICKED. A sampling of about 10 codes had them all RNBM, and they had only been posted for 10 minutes!

  265. well since no mistakes, some 20 pointers part 4
    1. F9oh6m55pp4o
    2. 6H9WAR7X95P9
    3. 6AM64H4F6VR4
    4. TP54VTVV57N9
    8. 74AH5TAR4TO6
    10. F964XFJXXL5W

  266. Just a note on the Sprite instant win game. The rules state there is a limit of 2 wins per household for this contest.

    I figure it’s better to have a heads up than to think you’ve won and then get disqualified because others in your household have already won twice…

  267. PART 5 10 POINTERS
    1. 6pb5rbp74rl7
    2. 9jpabx4a9abr
    4. 4BTPBRVX55M6
    5. FT65T9AXAXWJ
    7. PV5TB54HL5BF
    9. FW9X94LJRXJV
    10. NO6FKBMFBK97

  268. All codes from MRWICKED (post 445) AND Josh (post 446) are RNBM. Thanks so much for sharing though. And MRWICKED, you really outdid yourself.

  269. What happened to MCR?!?! I haven’t been on the website for a while and now it looks terrible! The website used to look and work great.

  270. They just added a new Instant Win for Rhapsody codes
    1 point to play – limit 5 x day
    a winner a minute !
    Gotta go try to get some for my son and me ! πŸ™‚
    Good Luck !

  271. sorry – you also get to get the 5 Free Entries per day by alternate method …so that is good anyway …
    oh boy MORE CAPTCHA CODES …groan

  272. Sorry vvhitekid2…I am adding as I see what is happening …hopefully you can condense this to One Post πŸ˜‰
    I Just found out that it is LIMITED to 5 ENTRIES PER DAY BETWEEN the 2 Games – for the Best Buy and Rhapsody
    So If you play some or All on One – you used up your entries for the day and Can’t Enter the Other:(
    Grrrrr !

  273. “Limit: 1 prize per person.”

    Does that really mean only 1 win over the whole instant win game time?

  274. Is the Rhapsody “one win per person per day” or “per playing period” or “for the duration of the game”?
    They state “one win per person” and that’s kind of confusing to me.

  275. I believe the Rhapsody is one win for the duration of the game..
    ridiculuous for such a low value prize, but that’s the way coke seems to be going from here on in.

  276. Surely they meant 1 per person per day on the Rhapsody???I won on my 1st try!


  277. Hey guys, I won a rhapsody code that I will not be using. So stay tuned, I’ll post the code here later today. Just a heads up.

  278. Great, I’ll be checking every 15 minutes that I’m not busy. Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.

  279. FPTTHT6LA0R6 is RNBM, but thanks anyway, Vvhitekid2. I hope you’re feeling much better now!

  280. Here’s a few more….

    1. NOPWAVPLK5JW-3Pts
    2. NP7RPXNORMM6-3Pts
    3. 4V79HJXAXA9X-3Pts
    4. 9WHLOVL6695R-3Pts
    5. 6FKFJAXH7654-3Pts
    6. 66THPPN7FJMK-3Pts
    7. FJLP60NN5RJW-3Pts
    8. BVNPR69ALN99-3Pts
    9. 6FF74V66779R-3Pts
    10. 7WVAMLKPAAAO-3Pts
    11. PVTBTP5HT4JL-3Pts
    12. ANV6NFJ5VXJF-3Pts
    13. OTXRXJ5HFMKL-10Pts

  281. This is up for grabs. Here is a Rhapsody $.99 code from the instant win game. I am not going to use it.
    Hope someone else can. Enjoy..


  282. Anyone else notice that the “spin/match 3” IWGs don’t necessarily work that way? I’m sure they didn’t match up, but I got a congratulation screen (for both Best Buy and the Rhapsody download). For the Rhapsody I think I even got the “sorry” message first. Strange. (I got the confirmation e-mail for both.)

  283. This has been a lucky week for the rest of the family. Edo card for hubby, movie tix for mom, and finally, 6 Flags tix for my son. Think I’ll ask him to have someone else drive so there’s no repeat of last year’s rip-the-car-apart by the gestapo looking for non-existent drugs. Also, most importantly, my husband got an e-mail stating he would be getting the Edo cards he won months ago and was falsely DQ’ed. So it pays to be persistent, and boy, was I ever persistent! Of course it says it will take 8 to 10 weeks, but I’ve marked my calendar. Thanks to all who posted phone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact on that subject.
    Which reminds me, as I listen to the Ipod Touch, filled with music downloaded from Rhapsody, playing thru the Ihome lamp/speakers, just how much great stuff I’ve gotten from Coke over the past 3 years. Not least of which was the stack of 12-packs of the great elixir itself. I’m hoping they will put that up as a reward again, as I am down to just a dozen or so.

    As it is bright daylight, I can see the codes more easily, so help yourself:


    As always, please post when redeemed.
    Peace out.

  284. All for Karen’s codes from Post 484 have been RNBM, but thanks for sharing. I’m so glad you winning and recovering winnings. Persistence. Yep.

  285. Li, the same thing happened to me on the Rhapsody & Best Buy!

    Karen, congrats on all your family’s wins!


  286. Li, I did notice what you are referring to with the Instant Win Best Buy spin. I was so used to getting the “sorry, you didn’t win”, that when it flashed on screen I clicked off the page just as the “you won” flashed on. I did get the confirmation email and it’s listed as pending in my account on MCR so I hope there is no problem. I’m kind of burnt out so I’m not posting the usual amount of codes I normally do. But here are a few with a 3 point value.


    Okay, the next ten codes have a point value of 10 each.


    The next code is worth 15.


    The next four are worth 20 points each.


    That’s more than I meant to do, but I guess I got a second wind. VVhitekid2, as always I thank you for your efforts. Be safe everyone and I’ll see you this weekend.

  287. all of darells codes are rnbm!!
    amazing site dude
    45 codes at a time !!!wow!!! but i couldnt get any ….

  288. this is a great website! i wish that some of these codes had not been used yet.

    sadly i just used 300 points on the instant win for six flags tickets and i did not win a thing. now i only have 135 points left. this is a bummer. i was really looking forward to those tickets.

  289. mari…you can enter the instant win games without using any points at all. The detailed instructions are listed on this page (or possibly on the previous versions of it. Try page VII. But you should be able to figure it out yourself if you just click on the rules and go down to rule 5 it’s usually in section B or C.

    Thanks to everyone for posting all the codes and to vvhitekid for the place to do it.

    Congrats on your BestBuy win Francine! I’m off to try for a Sprite win…

  290. Mari, scroll back or look in Vvhitekid2’s FAQ so that you can learn how to play the instant games without using your points. You can play ALL the games for FREE.

  291. Mari, you can bank points for free entries. Just go to the instant win rules… then to alternate entry…then the click here. All you have to do is verify the code & you get a free entry…You can use them in any of the instant wins….Hope that helps

  292. thats how i got something like 117 free entries in a sweepstakes for free!!!
    but i didnt get any of the 45 codes …..hope more are posted soon!!!

  293. Congrats, MikeMac. Mine didn’t line up either on my win. I was just as shocked as others when the Congrats screen came up.

  294. MikeMac…I’ve had that happen where the symbols didn’t match for BestBuy and also for the Rhapsody game. It also must have happened to my son because he got an e-mail saying he won the BestBuy when he never got the winning message. I think he was doing like I did and once the reels didn’t match just skipped the click here to continue and went right back to play again. There are also other comments from people who won without having a match. My best guess, other than the website having a glitch is that possibly our wins came after someone did have a match and the computer dq’d them because they already won and weren’t eligible to win again.

  295. Okay Im confused are you all playing some type of game. For instance when I want to enter an instant win I go to number 5 then type the are you all playing or doing something else to win these prizes..What are the symbols that you all are talking about.

  296. I’m assuming that the Best Buy gift card is an actual card that’s mailed since I didn’t see anything in the e-mail saying click to redeem. Am I correct in my assumption?

  297. I have had that happen to me also. Another question, there is only 1 Best buy card per account? Is that correct? Thanks in advance

  298. MikeMac… you have to go into your account section of the mycokerewards site to redeem for that card. My wife won a card a while back but it still says processing.

  299. acein, thank you for that information. I’ve confirmed my address, now just need to wait for it to leave the “processing” state.

  300. Donna, it sounds like you’re playing the same instant win games as the rest of us. The symbols are being used in the Rhapsody game (and Best Buy, but that’s over tomorrow). It looks like a slot machine, you press spin and the symbols start to turn until you press stop.

    Suzi, yes, one BB card per account.

    And Darrell, I remembered you had said something a while ago about being surprised to get an e-mail when you thought you hadn’t won (which is why I decided to post it… I knew I wasn’t crazy!. Thanks for confirming that. I guess now we’ve figured out what’s happening (and why it may be good to click on “Next” even though we may think we’ve lost).

  301. MikeMac, I won another Best Buy card yesterday. No, there is no reason to go anywhere else to activate the card. Automatically your personal information comes up because they said to check the information for delivery. I read it all to be sure only because of people questioning it on this site.

    And, yes to those who keep asking, there were 3 DIFFERENT symbols when I won the BB card.

  302. Sorry, I forgot to answer questions.
    Suzi’s question:
    only 1 Best buy card per account?

    YES, one per account.

    Donna’s question:
    are you all playing or doing something else to win these prizes..What are the symbols that you all are talking about?

    Donna, we are playing every instant game allowed. Click on “Instant Win” from the black toolbar on the stie. Right now you can play Rhapsody (1 win per account), Best Buy (1 win per account), Papa John’s Pizza (multiple wins per account) and Six Flags (1 win per account).
    The symbols come up when you “spin to win” on some of the instant win games. So, make sure you go to and play ALL of the instant games (some only allow you to win once, so once you win stop playing that game). Also, make sure you are playing the Sprite Game which can be found by clicking on “Pick Up Points” then look at the right side of the page and find:
    Get refreshed and pick up points.
    Every Sprite code gets you points and a bonus entry into the Sprite Back to School Instant Win.
    You can play that game twice per day, but you can only win once.

  303. Thanks Cyn and everyone that answered my question, I knew it had to be something I was doing wrong. I wish I could post a screen shot of my homepage because I don’t see Instant wins on the black toolbar.

    On the top of the page in the black toolbar all I see is pickup points, spend your points, get extra exclusives, My account.

    The Instant Wins I play are on the right side of the page in a grayish section it says Instant wins and I click see all, I dont see any spin wheel lol maybe they dont want me to win I just get free entry’s into the contests by entering a captcha and hitting submit

  304. Right, MrEicked. I thought that would be a “given” since all of the others explained were “1 win per account”. The funny thing about Sprite though — I’m playing it in the account that won, because I know if I lose it should go into the hopper for the $1,000 win.

  305. Donna, click on “Spend your points”. The “Instant Win” will be in the CENTER of the drop-down window, under “Six ways to spend”.

  306. Donna,
    If you click on “SPEND YOUR POINTS” you will get a drop down menu with ways to spend. Click on the 3rd one down in the middle column and that will take you to the instant win games.

  307. I hope everyone realizes that, even although you may have won on an instant win, you can still BANK your “captcha” from that game for any present and future sweepstakes that you might like to enter or instant wins that you may want to play. Donna, if you are too confused on all of this, please let me know.

  308. RNBM because I stepped away, but the last load of laundry is done, roflmao. Thanks anyway, Vvhitekid2.

  309. i want to give a suggestion…….why dont u guys post codes with dots or slashes between each 2 letters.
    eg instead of P6569TK6BJW4
    do this p.

    so it gives other people a chance and so u cant copy paste!!
    thx for listening

  310. Cyn thats how I get to the instant win games I guess I am doing it the same way as you all, the spin wheel had me confused..I got it just no luck I guess!

  311. RNB….can’t we just be happy that people are being generous enough to post codes here and share?? Do we really want to ask someone who is giving away their codes for free to add another 11 keystrokes to what they are already doing?? If you are upset that you aren’t getting any codes, you’ll just have to check more often. You’ll get them eventually. If that doesn’t work for you…go out and scavenge your own codes! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  312. RNB, I know how you feel, but I think that would make more work for the people who are already generous enough to share the codes (esp. for those who post so many) and I think there would be grumbling from the takers, too. But, since some people don’t bother to read a message and hop right to the code, I’ll do this: in the code I’ve listed below I’ve switched the order of the last 2 letters. So, whoever reads this first will get it.



  313. The codes posted from the 3 L’s are all RNBM. Thanks for sharing though.
    I too totally agree, that it is not fair for a code giver to add more work, more eye strain, and more pressure in their giving.

  314. sorry guys ….but other sites usually do that ! but they send less codes compared to this one !! πŸ™‚
    by the way all the above codes are rnbm!
    thx for sharing

  315. ty li for sending the code thats a good idea so unless u read the paragraph … u wont get the code right!! but it was rnbm

  316. Today is the last day on the Best Buy AND Pappa John’s Pizza Instant Wins. I was lucky enough to just now snag another BB Gift Card. Funny, this time all 3 symbols matched — 15 came up. Come on everyone! Get winning! Good luck!

  317. 1. 0LFAMHP5ARRP-3Pts
    2. N79N06XMV0LR-3Pts
    3. 4HJH479FRFAV-3Pts
    4. F56BJNFM4LF6-3Pts
    5. BRHTPB0WXKTL-3Pts
    6. 46V06A7K9K5H-3Pts
    7. 4TWVWHB7NTKF-3Pts
    8. 4L5NN67VMPV7-3Pts
    9. 749V6JFPRAM6-3Pts
    10. RHT7RP4TWP5K-3Pts
    11. PXKHWHNTVHW4-3Pts
    12. PWH7WTBFBWBP-3Pts
    13. 5PRN9J5XW5TP-3Pts
    14. 6BA47WMHKV0J-3Pts
    15. P4VXV4KVKTMF-10Pts

  318. whooooohoooooo!!!! this site rocks!!!!
    alll codes ( i think ) RBM!!
    thx a lot robert ……..first time from this site !!!!!
    this site rules!!!!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  319. not alll sorry !!!!! only 7 of em including 10 point !!! so i got 27 poins !!! rest all are rnbm !!!
    thx a lot guys

  320. Missed again. Robert’s codes RNBM. Thanks again for posting Robert! One of these days I’ll get some, heh.

  321. sorry ken i took 7 of them ….thats how i used to feel when i didnt get any in these week……i first assumed that the 10 pointer must have already been redeemed but then i thought lets give it a try and whooohoooo i got the 10 pointer

  322. Does anyone know if mycokerewards can read a backwards code when it’s entered into the box. I’ve noticed this because one day after I entered a code, I entered it again backwards. But then it said that it had already been redeemed. It’s either that it CAN read backwards, or for every bottle cap, there’s another code that’s the same written backwards.

  323. CJ, just tried it backwards with codes already redeemed and yeah it works…weird:?
    Wonder if it works for new codes that has not been redeemed, yet?

  324. no its no like that……codes which have been redeemed on one way cannot be redeemed the other way round again ( 70% sure )

  325. The results are: I typed it in backwards and got the usual 3 points for it, then I typed it forwards it said it had already been redeemed. Therefore it is true that your code can be read backwards, but it doesn’t make it any more special.

  326. 1. RO95X9RRHVLV-3Pts
    2. NKM6RFTMWM5W-3Pts
    3. 7ALJL4HMNWOH-3Pts
    4. AKT7R46M7OKF-3Pts
    5. R96RWXKVOPX4-3Pts
    6. PTTRKX455OJF-3Pts
    7. AO7XBTTV6NFH-3Pts
    8. 9757VMRAKWHL-3Pts
    9. 5J674HBFAJO9-3Pts
    10. 69PVNLLNH5VV-3Pts
    11. T7WK4VNNHOFM-10Pts Sprite

  327. Cool, just won $25 on the Sprite back to school IWG. BTW, for those that had questions a little while back about how many wins you can have, I copied this sentence fromt the rules. “1 Instant Win Game win per person per day and up to 2 Instant Win Game wins per household during the Promotion Period.” So, sounds like you can win twice if it is just you in the house.

  328. thanks for the code MikeMac, it’s greatly appreciated. I never would have otherwise downloaded the acoustic version of Weezer’s “No One Else” πŸ™‚

  329. I am listing some codes for those who haven’t made their “quota” for the week.


  330. all of the above codes are RNBM !
    thx for sharing anyways !
    waiting for the next lot πŸ˜‰

  331. Karen’s codes RNBM ~ Thanks for posting them

    Looks like the Subway Scrabble is up on the MCR Site AND the $5. Subway Card for 140 points AND they have a RELOAD of the $5. Subway card for 125 Points !

  332. Congratulations on your win Tacobellman. I’m so happy for you! Crista, don’t you dare give up hope — sending you winning vibes — grab ’em and hold ’em til they work for you! Keep it up all! Let’s make Coke share their wealth.
    Karen, thanks so much for sharing. All your codes have been RNBM.

  333. The first codes posted have a point value of 3 each.


    The next five are worth ten each, and are Sprite codes.


    The next fifteen codes have a point value of ten each.


    Codes 49 through 57 are Dasani codes and are the hardest to read I’ve ever come across. There may be an error in several of them. If so, I apologize in advance, but I can’t correct it. As it turned out, the last two codes are also Sprite. Have a good week everyone, and be safe out there.

  334. Hi, can someone please guide me to the mcr 800 number. I have some codes with the last 2 or 3 letters / numbers missing. Thanks in advance.

  335. Here is something odd. Was doing my entries on mycoke and it came up with someone elses name and address. I hit the back button and it was correct the second time. Anyone else ever see this?

  336. Darrell, I started from #40 of your post and worked my way up. I know I got 48 points worth from looking at my account, but I have no idea which codes. A lot in a row came up “already redeemed” and then all of a sudden I got another good code, so I just kept going up. So, I got 16 3-pt codes by the time I got done, and I’m very grateful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  337. Robert’s codes are RNBM, but as always, thanks for sharing with us.

    Pete, by using the help section of this is what I found out. It leads to:
    Topics & Questions
    Talk to Us
    How Can I Contact You?
    This all leads to an instant email.


    You can also call us toll free, between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM ET, Monday Through Friday, at 866-674-2653.

  338. Bummer, looks like I missed tons of codes!!! All Darrell and Robert’s codes RNBM. I haven’t had any luck here in like a month! Oh well, I appreciate it anyways guys.
    Which ones (if any) are invalid? Maybe I can crack a couple of those, lol!

  339. MikeMac – same thing happened to me a while back. I mentioned it to the rep when I was trying to get my Edo card disqualification reversed. Don’t think they made note of it. So now I look carefully before I hit enter.
    Numbers for Coke probably in the FAQs, but I always use 866-776-6610 for unreadable codes.

    Interestingly, my husband, mother, and I had Edo card wins early in the month, and they were fulfilled within a week. I think all the hassle was with the first program, not the one going on now.

    Anyone going to Burning Man? (If you don’t know what it is, google it). I had to give up my Sunday afternoon dumpster diving to sew velcro onto triangles of denim to cover a dome for my son. He’s not big on tents.

    Few codes:


  340. Karen’s 3 codes are RNBM, but thanks for sharing.

    MikeMac, the very same thing happened to me last month. Now I always look before I enter anything.

  341. Darrell’s #55 AB4RLHFHWKML is invalid. If somebody can crack it, let us know. Thanks for sharing! I was able to get 36 points between Darrell and Robert’s code.

  342. MikeMac… Yeah that has happened to me a couple times that I have noticed. I wonder if that is the reason for some of the disqualifications. Who knows how many times people click through that window expecting it to just have all their info in there already.

  343. Good job, Rocky! I had gotten locked out of two accounts doing what you did. I didn’t want to risk another lock-out.

  344. Update! I received a disqualified email back in early July with the program. I never followed through with anyone about getting my status reinstated. I have been playing it every day I can since then and have never one. I was just thinking I better go ahead and do that later in the day when I have a chance and next thing I know on my second entry I won a $20 card. I have a reloadable card so the funds are already showing up on my card. I am not sure if those emails are sometimes sent out in error or what, but it did not prevent me from getting a winning code and redeeming it for the cash on my card. Just in case anyone else is in my position and has been too lazy to really contact anyone to clear it all up… you can probably just proceed as is.

  345. Anyone know how long it takes to get the Subway card in the mail…I went on ahead and got the card and figured WHY NOT go ahead and redeeem the extra $5 for 125 points while I’m at it, not realizing I had to have the card in hand before I did this. Talk about having a brain fart DUH

  346. No worries, Angie. My understanding, from what I’ve read, is that you have until 12/15/09 to apply the $5 reload to an existing card. So, once you have the card, load it from the extra $5 you purchased.

  347. i just won the 1$ rhapsody all it said was You Won!
    *subject to verdification

    what would you like to do next?

    what HAPPENED!!! gosh.

  348. and i would like to celebrate my 500 points πŸ˜€


    i know everyone else has alot lol but yayyy!

  349. Ok thanks for the info…wasn’t sure how that actually worked and I figured I’d just lose it

  350. angie, the order for Subway cards says 5-8 business days so it should be next Thursday before they start arriving.

    1. 4HMMVP69TXOV-3Pts
    2. 4B75W46VJ9N6-3Pts
    3. FM6O5NVHHKH9-3Pts
    4. 675MNONMP775-3Pts
    5. N4XNVF4K4MJ9-3Pts
    6. B4RN9TAKNBNV-3Pts
    7. 5O5VTLFXM7O7-3Pts
    8. 5O6KOB9MR46R-3Pts
    9. F96ARF9L4AHW-3Pts
    10. OA6LVT5TVW4T-3Pts
    11. NFNWWJVO5FRT-3Pts
    12. TVFLTOMHT7PK-3Pts
    13. FFXT6H5V4NHV-3Pts
    14. BVHJVM5AO4XL-3Pts
    15. AV4N6LJNK6LB-3Pts
    16. PTAKTKB6BKRL-10Pts
    17. XWW9BAPHATLO-15Pts

  351. kar, you should get an e-mail with a code that you can enter on the rhapsody site for your 99 cent credit.

  352. Oh yeah…in my hurry to let everyone know what I got, I forgot to say thank you very much!!!!

  353. to anyone who is aroundÒ€¦.. do u actually win when u collect the letters for something or is it just a entry in a sweepstakesÒ€¦Ò€¦eg:- if i collect the letters Ò€œl t Ò€œand Ò€œrÒ€ do i actually get a scrabble board game ?
    thx for letting me know !

  354. RNB, think about it. If you won and had the actual pieces for the Ò€œrare codesÒ€, why wouldnÒ€ℒt you get your prize. That would be fraud if they wouldnÒ€ℒt give the prize to you. Now, from what I read in the rules, some prizes are won by spinning the wheel of the game, others are won by placement of letters on the Scrabble board, and if I am not mistaken some are Ò€œinstantÒ€ wins from the piece attached to cups and such. DonÒ€ℒt quote me on the last part of that last sentence though. Anyway, this is more information than you already had, lol.

  355. RNB…vvhitekid has another page that is devoted to the Subway Scrabble game. You can find the link at the top of this page. But since I’m already answering you here…I’ll finish…When you enter the codes for the letters there is a scrabble board available online so you can win bigger prizes by collecting the letters. Also, whenever you enter a code for a letter you get a spin on a prize wheel where you can win various prizes, one of which is 500 MCR points.

  356. RNB, after you’ve placed those letters on the board to complete the word, you have to submit it for verification. Yes, you win the board game.

  357. FYI, still haven’t gotten my $250.00 gift card from the instant win game. Won it back on 7/11/09. They said
    8-10 weeks. Guess on this one they really mean it.

  358. Good morning. You gotta love all the info flying back and forth on here. So much help, I’ve never seen a question asked that wasn’t answered. Especially by Cyn, a veritable encyclopedia of MCR knowledge. Here are a few codes.

    19.AVPPPVRKTALF=10 No numbers in this code, rare.

    Have a great day everyone.

  359. Good question cokefriend, I just used it yesterday and that promotion just started. I think it will return I would say there was a problem and they are fixing it.

  360. They must have given away all of the prizes for the rhapsody instant win, because it wasn’t supposed to end for a while

  361. Up for grabs are some $1 of MP3Ò€ℒs from Rhapsody. Please post when redeemed so that I can erase the text message:


    I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with the Sprite program. When I get a text message in regards to a ringtone I’m not able to download it.

  362. Darrell: “So much help, IÒ€ℒve never seen a question asked that wasnÒ€ℒt answered. Especially by Cyn, a veritable encyclopedia of MCR knowledge.”

    I’m still grinning. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. It’s a good thing I don’t wear hats. With this swelled head, they’d never fit!

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  363. Thanks to Cyn and Karen for their help with the 800 number. I spoke to an MCR rep and he credited my points and he told me Coke will be making the decision whether to extend the promotion another year or not within the next two weeks.

  364. Does anyone know if they are going to have any football tickets like they did last year? I am hoping so, we got to go to a game last year with our points and they were only 2000 points. I’ve been away from the site for awhile because we just haven’t found anything worth spending time looking for points lately

  365. Reesey, from everything I have been reading, Coke likes to do repeats. They have done numerous things that were done last year and the year before. My guess is that the odds are in your favor. Time will tell.

  366. Holy crap I just won 50 bucks in the sprite game! Yay! I hoped entering it over and over would pay off, and it finally did! I’m so excited! Does anybody know if you can REALLY only buy school supplies with it like it says? Will the cashier be like no, you can’t buy that?

    Keep trying everyone! I never expected it. It can happen to you too!

  367. I recieved my $5 Subway card yesterday. Fast shipping!

    1. 6BTNKX7HOART-3Pts
    2. NBMT6P6VMKBK-3Pts
    3. 7XVKPPTVXXVP-3Pts
    4. T5B97WOH5JJ5-3Pts
    5. 56HBTPWJT6AJ-10Pts

    sprout, if you redeem for the virtual Visa you can use it online anywhere that takes debit cards. I used mine to order a Walmart gift card. Just be sure the amount does not go over $50 or they will reject it. Walmart charges 97 cents shipping on gift cards so I ordered mine in the amount of $49.03.

  368. Congrats Sprout on your Sprite Back to School win. No, you will not be restricted in WHAT you purchase (purchace anything), but WHERE you purchase (only at participating e-tailers). Then, you have 2 ways to use your $50:
    1) awarded as winner’s choice of either a virtual pre-loaded debit card that may be used to purchase Back To School items ONLINE at e-tailers that accept virtual pre-loaded debit cards; or
    2) as a physical checks in $25.00 increments that may be redeemed IN PERSON, IN STORE, at participating retailers.

  369. Sprout…when my Mom won, at the suggestion of someone else on this site, she just used the code at to order a gift card (minus the 97 cents s&H) and now she can use the money toward anything at Walmart. She did that instead of getting the check just in case they would have an issue with the check that they sent from the contest. Also…who knows how long it would take to get the check in the mail…the gift card came within a week.

    Supposedly you can use the check toward any school supplies, but I guess some people’s definition of what school supplies are could be different. Def. less hassle with the gift card.

  370. the first code of lisa’s comment #639 has an error but the actual code is T4LW6HPWPWuX …..the V is a U ….but the code is already rnbm!!!!
    thx anyways πŸ™‚

  371. ALL of Robert’s codes in post 642 are RNBM, but thanks for sharing!

    Yes, Lisa, you can play the Sprite game only 2 times per day Good luck.

    Have a super weekend all.

  372. Thanks, everyone! Now I wish I had selected ONLINE code instead of waiting for the mailed checks… Oh well, I didn’t know! I guess we’ll see how it goes and I’ll report back. Thanks again for all the great info!

  373. 1. 6NABNPNBMF99-3Pts
    2. 7MFH5XBWV9FV-3Pts
    3. 0W7VFL7FLVTN-3Pts
    4. 9X6KR9BL7V47-3Pts
    5. AA6TJ9HNJPMW-3Pts
    6. 5XOHXRWJBKF9-3Pts
    7. 9RWFMTP54XL5-3Pts
    8. 9M5VKR9PW970-3Pts
    9. RB455JR5L95V-3Pts
    10. 6RLT905BPJL4-3Pts
    11. NTMH7KVVP6X7-3Pts
    12. 0W5ANFFR0BRL-3Pts
    13. FB6NPNK454W6-3Pts
    14. 4LMRRFHXP4RM-3Pts
    15. 7NMXB9A95BOT-3Pts
    16. 40FBM5MRBWBJ-3Pts
    17. 6KBJLL9OA4R9-3Pts
    18. 4HJN04LKK6PX-3Pts
    19. 4J4FT0LAWV04-3Pts
    20. RMARMXN95H9F-10Pts

  374. Thanks Robert got at least one of your codes, and I hope the same person didnt get all of them lol..

  375. Wrong time to be locked out πŸ™

    ***Robert, when do you usually post codes? Any specific days? I’ve been trying to catch you but always too late or this happens.

  376. yes they are all gone Im surprised I didnt get locked out, i checked all of them maybe I missed 3 of them assuming they were gone but Im sure they are.

  377. hi guys, can you tell me how to redeem my award? I won a Rhapsody music something and have a code but i dont know where to redeem it. Thanks for your help.

  378. Lisa, I just post when I have extra codes & time to enter them. Keep trying you will be here @ the right time sooner or later.
    angel, you have to go to Rhapsody’s website, create an acct. & redeem it there.


  379. Robert–thanks for responding πŸ™‚
    I missed it again. Have no choice but TRY AND TRY AGAIN πŸ˜€

  380. Robert, thanks for your sharing last night and early this morning.

    Angel, follow the instructions in the email of your winning rhapsody code. It should lead you to the proper website.

    Vvhitekid2, I received such a wonderful gift from you in the mail. I will think of you when I use it! I am most grateful, and I am happy to be a part of this family!

  381. I’ve been fortunate enough to win three of the $20 MC edo cards from, all on the same account. The first two have arrived exactly one week after the win. Hope the third keeps that same record going! Oh, they also seem to put $25 on it, not $20.

  382. aa2007, they give you an extra $5.00 to cover ATM fees if you choose to get cash out from an ATM machine.


    Hope the ol’ eyeballs were focused. Please post when redeemed.

    12-packs are back at 240 points, but I think the 20 ounce bottles are a better value.

  384. aa2007, that is correct. The edo cards are worth $25 each. They added the extra $5 for charges: i.e. cash advance… The way I look at it, you won a total of $75. Congrats!

    I don’t know if Christian’s points are still available, probably not, but thanks for sharing, Christian!

  385. what are edo cards and how do u get em …..btw how do i get gift cards from this site ….. how many codes do i need to post for that ??
    thx πŸ˜€

  386. RNB, you can find the info you want by scrolling this page and by clicking on MCR FAQ at the top of this page. Here are a few codes to help soften the blow of a Monday morning.

    45.OMJ5VMK9RV69=10 SPTITE
    46.PRRHTX6K4X55=10 SPRITE
    50.90MHKVJ4M4VO=20 DASANI

    I may visit later in the week, but that’s it for now. Have a safe week.

  387. RNB, answers to your ?s can be found on the FAQ page. The edo card can be won at (not mycokerewards).

  388. Way to go Packerfan09. I stopped at Subway for a lite lemonade on my way to my teacher meeting. I got two letters and no food peelies.

  389. 1. 6WTRHPL6J64T-3Pts
    2. RLKHJ66A4OAT-3Pts
    3. 9XAWFKHHMLBA-3Pts
    4. 7F4RLXVOW97F-3Pts
    5. 6NAMX6JKT9L6-3Pts
    6. 54596L5AAA7L-3Pts
    7. 66VRHMTWAWRL-3Pts
    8. 9WWTT5W7RAHW-3Pts
    9. 66OF9RN6MAPX-3Pts
    10. 7VJNWF9P7P76-3Pts
    11. FRHNPR777NAM-10Pts

  390. thx robert i got 2 of them ….. πŸ˜€
    atleast i got something from this site πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  391. Question for anyone who has redeemed for the certificates:

    Are the certificates good for the amount ($50) toward the restaurant you choose or are the certificates good for that amount to spend on to get certificates to restaurants (ex: $100 Gift card for $40)???

    If anyone knows please let me know. I tried to search back through previous posts but have had no luck find this information so far. I would guess that it would only that amount toward a restaurant you select… otherwise it would probably be a lot more points.

  392. Another question (sorry):

    With the gift certificates… If I redeem for one, do they send me a code immediately to use on the site or do I have to wait for a gift card to come in the mail? Also when redeeming it on the website will I be able to just print out the certificate or do I have wait for that to be mailed out?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I want to start using some of these points I have been accumulating and I feel like instant gratification right now. Thanks in advance for all the help I know I will get. I just love this site.

  393. acein, it is usually a digital code that they email you

    (i’m not sure though, it should say in the fine print; and i dont feel like reading that πŸ™‚ )

  394. Out of 50 codes donated, one person had the decency to post using 5 of them. I wonder how many lockouts were caused due to lack of caring by the majority of code grabbers here? How about just posting your MCR information and we will enter them into your account for you. That way you won’t have to lift a finger at all. Amazing.

  395. acein…I got the certificates a while back. They e-mail you a code to use on the website and you can print out your certificate which is good for one year (assuming it’s still the same). You will get a $25 certificate, not $25 to spend on certificates. Different restaurants have different rules and you should check out the one you are interested on the site before buying. If I remember right, I used mine for 2-$10 certificates (and lost the extra $5 because I didn’t see how you could combine the credit left over from the codes. And one was $10 off of a $20 purchase and the other place was $10 off of $15. The certificate amount has to be used all at once and usually does not include alcohol. The certificates also state that you can only use one per month, but I doubt the places actually track that unless you were planning on going in everyday with one.

    Hope that helps, if there is anything else you want to know, I’ll try to answer.

  396. acein – check the restaurants in your area that participate in the program. Check the requirements – like how much is the minimum purchase for each certificate level. Example $25 off $35.
    I would guess you get a code to use immediately on the site, and once you redeem, you print the certificate yourself.
    Honestly, though, there’s a sale on now on the site for 80% off, so a $25 certificate is $2 or $3, and $50 certificate is $4. Promo code is TASTE. I know you want to use your points, but I think there are better values. I have a folder of certificates we use in Las Vegas, because we go once a month, and we really save a lot (plus it keeps us away from the buffets!).

    Sooooo happy to have that Ipod Touch with me on jury duty today. They should rename it death-by-boredom. Bless you Cokerewards!!


    Hope that helps.

  397. Darrell…so sorry you (and many others, I’m sure) are getting frustrated from people using codes and not posting.

    I just want to let you know how much you and the others on this site that contribute so often are appreciated. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any codes, but I just got a couple of Karen’s….but even when I don’t get the codes, I always appreciate seeing them posted and am thankful for the generosity of those that post.

    Oh yeah…and you shouldn’t have made that remark about giving the MCR info…I’m sure that there are some who would give that and expect you to do it! πŸ˜‰

  398. Darryl I understand your frustration Ive gotten locked out so many times going through these codes I try 2 or 3 and stop unless I dont mind getting locked out for the day lol but it makes you not want to post codes when people are that ungrateful they get what they want and leave smh

  399. Karen, i have never been able to use a code like this and use the %off codes they have. They wont combine.

  400. I’m sorry, but THIS NEEDS REPEATING, in regards to a generous code post (#672) by Darrell:

    “Out of 50 codes donated, one person had the decency to post using 5 of them. I wonder how many lockouts were caused due to lack of caring by the majority of code grabbers here? How about just posting your MCR information and we will enter them into your account for you. That way you wonÒ€ℒt have to lift a finger at all. Amazing.”
    ~Comment by Darrell

    From Robert’s last generous code post (#680) two codes were posted as used. What about the other nine?

    From Karen’s last post (#689), so far only two codes have been claimed as RBM. My hope is that others come forward and let us know what was claimed.

    Come on people, these are GIFTS! They aren’t necessities! Whether you are part of this family OR just someone snatching and running, the end result will be the same. How we treat our benefactors will determine their continuing to share and give. Why not acknowledge that you benefited from the generous and giving spirit of others? It’s not that hard to type thanks or RBM.

  401. Thanks for all your help. I probably won’t get it since I can get a $50 certificate for $4. That would be a waste of points. I guess I will just hold out for now and see if anything good comes up. I wish they would bring back the cash cards for points.

  402. First you go to mycoke. com and you register.
    Then you will be able to login and play twice daily.

    In the lower right hand corner you will see “twist txt get” with a ribbon that says “you could win.” Click on that.

    Then click above the official rules and a “Click here” shows up (which you will see if you hover between the bottle cap and the white Coke bottle at the lower right). After you “Click here” a little window pops up with all of the rules. Scroll down to rule 5 a ii
    Click right on the words “click here”. Put in the captcha code and enter it. Click submit.

    If you win you will see a “Congratulations” and if y9ou lose you will see a “Sorry”. Do the prvious paragraph a 2nd time for your 2nd try.

    Good luck.

  403. I just won 2 free movie tickets. It has been a little while since I have won those. The last 3 wins between me and my wife have been the cash cards.

  404. Don’t have the time right now to read to see if these are able to be double dipped but here was my Fridays promo code for 25 pts if someone wants to try 960076K6575W



  406. #698 and #703 rbm. thanks Li and Gloria.
    I tried #702 but all rnbm. thanks everyone for sharing

  407. 1. nrltxfmltt77
    2. o9owvlalbl47
    3. b7tp6j44b4xt
    4. afw9a9amxvbr
    5. onlvhltr6kop
    6. rrbj7boxwtl5
    7. 74vavlnktwnt
    8. arhb6vfamxn5
    9. 6vr5tabptb6n
    10. rmaxw5ppnlkj

  408. 3 POINTERS
    1. 56LMFR5WWJJN
    2. PNNLAB999OJR
    4. ABLW5M79WH7R
    5. 6K4FO5LAKOH9
    7. TPTJ97PBWWF6
    9. 497RTLHX7457

  409. 3 POINTERS
    1. 75TNBFFVX4J9
    2. THM7NJKPN59N
    4. 5XFF97445NAM
    6. 76ROABKAFO6N
    7. 69V54JWAR5TH
    8. 9VMBT5959PAH
    9. BP9TVT69K9XV
    10. RJVMVHBJV79L

  410. I got 5 of Mr wicked’s in post 707 and three in post 708. That’s it for the week. Thanks.

  411. all codes in #707 and #708 are rnbm ….. πŸ™ …hope u have lot more coming up soon πŸ˜€ ….. i’ll be waiting …. thx for sharing though

  412. I got a few of Mr. Wicked’s 709 post. The rest are RNBM. I like your name though… πŸ˜‰

  413. 1. TOJ4K4O7M49T-3Pts
    2. ONOHVJVP4JKM-3Pts
    3. RHLB47ROO9HB-3Pts
    4. 657HO99XJAM7-3Pts
    5. 9RN67T6KJXK5-3Pts
    6. PKM7MON7AJ5W-3Pts
    7. BNRWJ9A5NHJT-3Pts
    8. 9M6NWRPOWNR9-3Pts
    9. NAK9APWJ5BLK-3Pts
    10. RNPNH7MLH6X5-3Pts
    11. 5PWTJR6RJ74X-10Pts

  414. both of the above codes are invalid, the first is only 11 digits long and the other one doesn’t work on either mycokerewards or pepsirockband or subwayscrabble, please specify what your codes are for, and do not post random numbers and letters that are not codes please, this makes people get locked out for a day, and is very mean, also, these are not coke codes, so don’t post them here.

  415. #721 and 722 were RNBM

    also, if anyones not signed up for the TGI fridays bonus points you should do it! free 25 pts!!

  416. I just hit for another $50 Sprite Back to School win on one of our accounts. We only have until the 31st to win big there.

  417. I have a question. I’ven ever found a dasani water cap with a code under it, what kind of dasani bottles have the code under the cap, if there is none, where would I find a code fo dasani, if any.

  418. According to their website, plain Dasani Water is as follows:

    12 / 12 FP = 10 pts.
    24 pk / .5 L Shrink = 20 points

    Flavored water is as follows:

    Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry and Grape 20 oz. = 3 pts.

    Lemon, Strawberry, and Raspberry 1 L = 3 pts.

  419. CJ–dasani caps dont have codes on them, when you buy/find a dasani water package the code is on the plastic shrink-wrap like stuff, printed on it, they are worth 20 points! πŸ™‚

  420. CJ, you will find Dasani codes on the caps of the flavored water. Also on 12 packs, the same as other coke products. On the 24 packs it is on the bottom of the case, printed on the plastic.

  421. 1. 74OKJPRMFJ4W-3Pts
    2. RNWA9KM545MF-3Pts
    3. 4TTJNJBFRAHK-3Pts
    4. 5TBX44AJWWV6-3Pts
    5. FAMNKVP4AOB9-3Pts
    6. NNWMRH5A7H69-3Pts
    7. O6TTKR6J9AB5-3Pts
    8. 4NJBJXFTVVLL-3Pts
    9. PXNJBPWOK6LM-3Pts
    10. TAXV0WLX4TT6-3Pts
    11. 4LRHOLJVNF77-3Pts
    12. 6NVRHAHXXMVJ-3Pts
    13. THRN7TX9BKHA-3Pts
    14. B4L66RX4BMW0-3Pts
    15. B0057FBKX5HF-3Pts
    16. RRATV5LR9NXB-3Pts
    17. FBN9HBW64R7L-3Pts
    18. PLP6WPNV44P6-3Pts
    19. A7MN49JPHTVF-3Pts
    20. 40XVX54FNFWJ-3Pts
    21. 4FF5BJ0WPRAM-3Pts
    22. 6BFHRRPVWRVX-3Pts
    23. 7RVRXXFMVF05-3Pts
    24. AKJVB4ARHHLL-3Pts
    25. 7L67J590MWBL-3Pts
    26. 6BM0W67K6BPJ-3Pts
    27. FBP70LRLRWRR-3Pts
    28. 94OOFHKNPMX4-10Pts

    CJ, The Dasani codes are on the bottom of the 24 packs. The flavored Dasani used to have a code under the cap but I don’t know if they still do or not.

  422. Jordan and CJ, the 20 oz. and 1 liter Dasani FLAVORED waters DO HAVE A CODE UNDER THE CAP.

    LG, all of your codes are RNBM, but thanks for sharing.

  423. Robert, thanks for all your hard work and for sharing. ALL of your codes are RNBM. I can’t seem to catch a break this week.

  424. thanks robert …. i got ur codes from #6 to #28 πŸ˜€ .

    i was pretty sure that i would also get the first 5 but i got maxed out this week πŸ˜€ anyways in that case the others got a chance for the first five …. πŸ˜€
    thx a lot robert …. these are the highest no. of codes i have got from this site πŸ˜€ ….once again THIS SITE ROCKS :d

  425. but sadly out of the 7 sprite codes i got …. only 2 codes gave me entries for that instant win πŸ™ …. the rest 5 are wasted !!! anyways once again πŸ˜€ thx robert πŸ˜€
    so far …. i only have got codes from u in this site πŸ˜€ ( except one vvhitekids 10 pointer πŸ˜€ and 1 mrwicked’s 3 pointer πŸ˜€ )and want to tell this to vvhitekid that robert has given me approx.35+ codes so far …. including 2 ten pointers …. he really deserves one of ur gift cards as the others do . πŸ˜€ thx

  426. I got locked out of my account because all Robert’s other code were used. That’s sad. Be back tomorrow.

  427. This is in regards to RNB’s post, #740:
    coke ocde
    Comment by RNB Ò€” August 30, 2009 @ 11:57 am”

    RNB, why are you posting codes on this site, after you know they were already claimed on another site? And, how do I know — I WAS THE ONE WHO CLAIMED THIS CODE.

  428. I guess I’ll throw a few in the mix.


    That should do it. Have a great week everyone.

  429. 7FFV7NL5MT06
    5W6WF6J49RAT 10pt
    597N4XXHMK4J 25pt

  430. Darryl I got number 9 the rest Im sure is RNBM I tried most but dont want to get locked out

  431. Darrell, I was able to snag a lot of your codes. I got #36 through #40 and #17 through #20. Thanks SO MUCH!

    Dumpster Dan, all of your codes are RNBM.

    Thank you both for sharing!

  432. Two questions. 1. Has anyone else had a rash of new codes that are coming up invalid? And 2. What exactly do I do about it? I was just tossing them, but its been a lot lately, and it’s not right.

  433. your friendly neighborhood garbage man, call up MCR or email them, and theyll add the pts to your acct

  434. your friendly neighborhood garbage man, If you get an invalid code, then just email coke about the problem. The will credit everything to your account. I have had this problem and coke was very nice about it.

  435. friendly neighborhood garbage man …
    Are they Powerade caps ? And are they 15 digit codes ?
    Awhile back …coke decided to make ALL 15 Digit codes obsolete /invalid …most were powerade some were flaps …I actually recently got a 12 pk coke fridge pack that had a 15 digit code …yup …invalid .
    So they are saying they are on older packaging …But Still putting them out there …Typical …lol
    you can try calling them . Unless you got your “redeemed” stash mixed up with your waiting to be redeemed ones ??? Good luck !
    Yahoo ! I Finally won a $20. mycoke cash card yesterday ! It has been a LONG TIME ! Then hubby won 2 movie tix 5 minutes later ! Well Sprite IW is ending tomorrow …I haven’t won on that even once yet …
    Crossing fingers ! Here goes ! Good Luck ALL !{{{HUG}}}

  436. no francine they are all 12 digits, all flaps. thanks john. btw i just won 6 flags tickets.

  437. Ok…was wondering if anyone else is having a problem like i am. I have two accounts, and tonight I entered my points for the week. The 24 packs that are 20 points, well 8 out of 10 of them came up as 10 points not 20, and one of them came up 18 points not 20, so basically I got cheated out of 82 points, and this happened on BOTH accounts! I emailed coke and asked them what the deal was and for them to credit my account, I am just amazed, this is the 2nd week in a row this has happend. Have they changed something i am not aware of??

    Also I signed up for the tgi fridayu thing and I never recieved my 25 points for coke rewards. I got the fridays card, the free appetizer, but that is it. Anyone know what i can do about that? Thanks

  438. After reading francine’s post, I was wondering if my mom and dad can play if I play it. I don’t want to get my winnings Disqualified. Just wondering if its okay to do that or what are the restrictions. Thanks!

  439. Paula, as far as TGIF is concerned, only one account per household was credited for me. So, I emailed Coke about the other accounts yesterday. I’m waiting for their reply.

    SuperCokeMan, there can be 5 (five) accounts PER HOUSEHOLD. If it’s a multiplex residence (condo, apartment building, etc.), then it’s 5 accounts per building. Go figure on the multiplex residence.

  440. SuperCokeMan – I play for my mom. She lives close by so has a different address/phone number. I don’t think Coke tracks your IP address, so go for it. I also mentioned to my former daughter-in-law that she should play, but I guess my explanation was too complex. She gave me her info and told me to play for her. So far she’s won movie tickets twice.
    So your mom and dad would have to have their own e-mail addresses. Good luck.

  441. Paula, I would be careful emailing coke about your 2 accounts. your only suppose to have 1 account per person. If both accounts are in your name you may end up getting the accounts locked.

  442. Funny, when I was younger I could find all kinds of things to do at 3:00 in the morning. Of course most of them were either immoral or illegal. Or both.


    It’s about time to make the coffee. Please exercise caution while having a great week.

  443. Anyone else having trouble with the 2 new instant win games? I just get a message that says “sorry, email already exists for this member” (or something to that effect). It didn’t deduct from my banked entries, but now it says I’ve used up my 5 entries for the day.
    According to the rules, I think its supposed to be one of those spin and win games, like the Best Buy cards were. Very annoying.
    As far as the TGIF thing goes, you have to have a unique phone number for TGIF account. Unfortunately I already had an account, and you don’t get any points on it for paying with the gift cards from Coke. Guess you can’t double-dip.

  444. Karen, I’m getting the same message. I read on other boards that people have won already, so I’m thinking it’s a temporary problem and not that the game isn’t ready yet.

  445. Yep, having the same problem. I even tried my wifes account and get the same message. Guess the programmers messed a line of code up… Hope they fix it soon.

  446. Karen, I’m getting the same message. Maybe they will have it fixed soon.

    1. 6LP4FJ7RXMT9-3Pts
    2. A7N9PWLRVKTM-3Pts
    3. 57466NHHK5OO-3Pts
    4. NWM6WTR7X5MF-3Pts
    5. TA7TAPPX9M5W-3Pts
    6. 9ARW5VKFNPTV-3Pts
    7. RP4V74L006J4-3Pts
    8. P6FXT9LPNBBH-3Pts
    9. RNRRH97BJ0LP-3Pts
    10. TTWFNX5HJNTB-3Pts
    11. 9RKMXKRXAWAR-10Pts

  447. just won a 5 dollar subway card also 2 for 2 this is my first time doing this both on my no purchase necessary instant wins

  448. Robert,

    Thank you for the points, dear. I got the bottom four codes. Someone got the rest before I could type them in. Thats ok ’cause I never got any point before. I’d hug you if I could πŸ˜‰


  449. I don’t know if they fixed something, but I called Coke and was told to clear cookies. I couldn’t do it right away, but once I did, it works fine. Didn’t win, but its working. There are also $10 Chili’s cards for 280 points, one per account.

  450. Roberts codes RNBM – Thanks Anyway {{{HUG}}}
    Also there is a $10 Chili’s card for 280 pts. I just ordered mine ! Wow …I am running out of Points !
    I am actually USING More than I entered for a Change …Way to Go Coke ! Finally some GOOD Rewards to Redeem For ! I have heard rumours of Double points day on 9/22 for Powerade …Anyone get an email ? MCR Bill had mentioned a Double points for Powerade in September on the MCR Community site , wonder if anyone else heard anything yet …Congrats Winners !!!

  451. Hey Cyn, I only applied for one of the TGIF cards, I got the card and coupon but no code for the coke points. Does it come in form of an email? Judy…I dont technically have two accounts, I have one and my mom has one, she rarely uses hers so I enter codes for her sometimes on her account. So it realy isnt my two accounts, if I have extra codes I just give them to her. But the giving me only 10 points instead of 20 or 18 instead of 20 has been happening for two weeks now. I just wondered if anyone else had that probnlem of them only crediting half the points.

  452. Paula, go to and scroll down to the bottom “help”. Click and look for the link to contact Coke. Let them know that you haven’t received your 25 points from joining TGIF. I’m still waiting to hear from them. Good luck.

  453. For those they haven’t received their TGIF points I contacted coke and TGIF lol it took 3 weeks to finally get my points. Let it be known that you haven’t received them you’ll get it

  454. Just won a $25 Chili’s gift card!!! Here are a few codes to celebrate:

    1. RTPMT5AA5AKT-3Pts
    2. 5VHWF6V5A75A-3Pts
    3. 4L5NN7FPL9HN-3Pts
    4. N7K7RNJH6MNH-3Pts
    5. A904VFXXLJB9-3Pts
    6. 596W9V9R69NT-3Pts
    7. ABBBTKXMKT7M-3Pts
    8. RMA57JFW9H9V-3Pts
    9. 0W9PHTJW97TH-3Pts
    10. 9TMLW7B9XLWN-10Pts

  455. thx robert…. i got the 10 pointer and the first 4 or 5 codes … thx a lot … and congrats on the instant win !!! πŸ˜€

  456. I am the Anonymous that won the $25.00 Chili’s card.
    Just wanted to update that … All of Roberts RNBM..
    Thanks for sharing Robert. Congrats to all on the Chili’s win…

  457. Wow, alot of $25 Chili’s card winners!! Me too, last night. First time I won an instant win game on MCR.


  458. Paula,
    I had it give 17 points for a 24 pack a couple of times. Once I called and they credited me my points and the other time I just let it go. I have more points than I can enter anyway. Idd think it was very odd though 17 points. The rep said it should only do that if that is all you have left to reach your max # of points for the week. That was not the case, it was only the second code on a brand new week. A glitch I suppose. I would call them for sure.

  459. For all those waiting on TGIF 25 points, I got mine rather instantly. Just to be sure you know, you will receive an email with a code that you will need to enter like you would a regular code. Mine was all numbers but it gave me 25 points.

  460. Hey guys I just found this website and saw details about mcr and subway scrabble. Thanks for all the help.

  461. TO DEE- Chilli’s is a restaurant . u can win those gifcards for using them in chilli’s . like there is a 25$ card for instant win … suppose u win that, so u can spend 25$ in chilli’s restaurant …. chill out with chilli’s !! lol πŸ˜€

  462. Dee, Chili is part of the Instant Win games, along with Subway, Rhapsody and Six Flags. You will find it under “Spend Your Points”, “Instant Win” on the main page:

  463. Hello everyone. You have got to love MCR. In recent months I’ve had seven edo wins, two movie ticket wins, two pizza wins, and Six Flag’s tickets. And in the past two weeks while managing my son’s account, I’ve been able to get movie tickets and Six Flag’s tickets for him. So now I will help others all I can.


    As usual, there will be more this weekend. Speaking of weekends, may you all have a great one. Be safe.