Da Vinci Quest on Google – Day 23

I am stuck on Day 23 of the Da Vinci Quest on Google. After completing the puzzle, you are asked what city you are looking at. This one is easy: Paris!

Now you need to find 9 symbols on the map.

The symbols together outline a chalice, and the clue is this:

You have found all nine Cinquefoil icons! The icons reveal a hidden Chalice, centering on La Pyramide Inversee. But from above, it looks like something completely different; something related to the number of icons you have discovered on each Geography Challenge: 0, 1, 4, 9, … what is this classical squence?

Now, I’ve tried all the obvious answers:
Sequence of sqaures
Sequence of perfect squares
Palindromic perfect squares
Smarandache sequence
None of these work!

Anyone have ideas?

The answer was simply “square“. Go figure.


  1. This is the first question I didn’t solve on my own 🙁
    Come on 0,1,4,9 – calling that a classic sequence is really boring.
    what is this classical squence? – square
    that’s not even an answer to that question.
    Sorry for my rambling 😉

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