Da Vinci Quest on Google – Day 24 – LEAKED QUESTIONS

There are rumors going around that someone decompiled the Flash animation for the puzzles, and these are the leaked questions and answers to the 24th and final Da Vinci Quest on Google. The video that will most likely be used today is the “Meet Sophia” video.

We have used all the other videos except this one.

EDIT: These turned out to be total bullshit.

Level 4
a) Cryptography is all about noticing numbers and patterns. Here’s a simple one to start with: how many glass panes are visible on each of the doors to Sir Teabing’s mansion?

b) Although it refers to words not spoken, we hear it spoken three times. What is that word?

c) This final question will really test your powers of observation. What is the name of the character shown holding a votive candle holder?

a) 9 or nine
b) secret or secrets
c) silas

Shrug. We’ll know in about an hour!

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