Papa Johns Summer07 MyCokeRewards Promotion

It looks like MyCokeRewards and Papa John’s have teamed up to give away free mycokerewards points.

Simply enter their promotion here:

After entering, you may win a prize, including tons of mycokerewards points, but even if you don’t win, you will still receive a 10 point code in your email.

To play by mobile phone, text SUMMER07 to shortcode 4PAPA (47272). You can play once per day. Enjoy!


  1. Thats really cool. Can you win points everytime you enter if you just get lucky, or can you only win once? I’m going away for the summer so I won’t be able to enter everyday. :(, FIRST COMMENTER!!! 🙂

  2. it does give you ten points! but do they give you 10 points every time you enter? because that would be cool.

    where do people find out about the promotion codes? do they change every month or something?since i dont see them on the website and they are not emailed to me by mcr. i find out by here.

    if the promotion codes do change for every month or something, could someone please keep me updated with all the new codes at

    what about the double codes i read that were available last year? do they still occur?

  3. In reply to Christoff…check your spam folder…these mails have a nasty habit of finding their way there…

  4. I used to do that 10x every day to get 100 points oper day. Starting today they stopped giving 10 points in each email… I’ve only got about 2000 and had no extras saved, FUCK.

  5. Thats funny, I just did it and got the email but theres not coke points? Did they change this promotion, can someone try and confirm. And send over some codes please :)…..Thanks

  6. Carol – I just did it again under my other email account and no mention of coke points…strange?…maybe they know its me from my IP address. Someone who hasn’t done it yet try to get the points. Maybe this blog should be updated as dead program.

  7. hmm i get a code invalid for program error when trying to type in the code supply from the email.

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