More Free MyCokeRewards Points

Since my last MyCokeRewards points giveaway was more popular than I ever expected, I have created this second post for further discussion of the “Red Gold”.

Feel free to continue sharing coke points, promo codes, and MyCokeRewards news.

Figured this would be a good time to do this, with the new mycokerewards site and all..

UPDATE: I’ve created a new section of this site for all you mycokereward beggars. Knock yourself out.

New 10-point promo code for May 25:
100083158358966 Worth 10 – This promo code can be entered once per day!
100084056688357 Worth 25 – Thanks Dan!
100084148441474 Worth ANOTHER 25 points! Again thanks to Dan!


  1. Yay, a nice clean board…that being said, I agree with everyone, the new site sucks. What a resource eater. You need a Quad-core chip with a 1 gig video card and 4 gigs of ram to use this site. It would be nice to be able to load this site sometime tonight to see what is on it…I’m glad I got My LCD TV last September, looks harder now..

  2. Yeah vvhitekid2 – good job 😉
    ‘Figured this would be a good time’ – I know, you were going to do it anyway even without my suggestion.

  3. So renee, did you blow a gasket? I don’t think you’re too happy right now. 🙁

    You already probably know this – the highest point prize ‘currently’ is an autographed guitar at 15000. You could get a HD DVD player for 13125 pts.
    I think over time they should add some more higher point prizes but I wonder if they will put your 26000 pt travel prizes (or something equivalent) back.

    Oh well.

  4. The new coke site blows so far! You can’t enter ANY codes at all !!! ” site is offline ” and also there is no DOUBLE POINTS DAY that is a MYTH ! Cause I haven’t seen any DOUBLE anything … well keep sending the free points and codes and someday in the near future when they fix the website maybe we can enter them LOL … Have a great day people !

  5. I think my first code entry was double yesterday, it gave me 6 points after I entered one cap code. When I tried to enter more, it just was just regular point. May be it was a glich in their system, or may be I was just confuse will all the waiting and refreshing. Anyone else has similar experience?

  6. Call Coke at 1-866-776-6610

    We need to voice our concerns to Coke about the absence of redeemable trips. Everything that is trip related is a Sweepstake. Coke supposedly runs this promotion based on feedback from us. Let’s put that to the test. Let them know that we want the trips added back as a redeemable reward.

    If you don’t care about this enough to call Coke then please do it for everyone else who’s goal was to get a trip and especially for RENEE! This will take only a few minutes of your time.

    Renee has been feeding everyone on this site an enormous amount of free points for a long time. I think we owe it to her and ourselves to make some noise about this. I like to think of this place as a Community and I have a feeling it has a large population…large enough to make someone at Coke realize the huge mistake they made.

    I have already voiced my opinion on this to Coke. Please do the same and let us know when you have.


    P.S. You may also want to mention that you frequent a blog site and nobody on their is happy about the missing trips either. This may add more urgency to fix the problem. The lady I spoke with seemed a little surprised when I told her that.

  7. I’m new here but I have slowly been getting “into” this.
    But I wanted to share some info with everyone.
    When the site was down yesterday it gave me a code for 10 “free” points (for my inconvenience, I suppose)… the code worked (I don’t know if it’ll work again but I thought I’d at least share, in case it does)…
    10008 27652 42423
    Hope this helps someone!

  8. I’m going to start using the space above to post the current promo codes. I will start posting regular codes here, in the comments, FYI.

    Here’s one to get started:


  9. >Hey vvhitekid2 are you saving up any points for yourself?

    Not really.. I plug a few into it once in a while to keep my account and points active, but its more fun to just give them away.

  10. FYI, as of 12 noon today

    (1) Only 15 digit codes are being accepted as of now
    (2) Today is not a double point day

  11. hi everybody yes i am upset i want my trip. thank you michael and ron for your concern. i still going to enter codes to see what the out come of this new phase and i am also still going to give you all point as i go along. every since poorman won his big tv back in sept.2006 i been trying to get at those trip. i will not use my codes at this time for there sweepstakes game i try that game before it cost me 150 pt and no prize and nothing to show for it. so not me. i give the point to you all first this way i know it will count. peace out

  12. Renee…I feel bad for you about the trip situation also. I was just about ready to start buying up Coke now since I finally went through the 800 12-packs I had sitting in my garage. It will be easier with the 25 point codes on the 32-packs of coke that I can get at Sams Club but it seems there will be nothing worthwhile to build up points for and I hate sweepstakes! Anyway Renee, if you need help with points later on, just give me a shout out! BTW, I also urge everyone to call Coke about the new awful website.

  13. anybody been able to get on the mcr website this evening? When I try to login, I get an unknown error.

  14. Thanks for this codes, do u have more, could you explain me, how do u get them, please?

  15. Is anyone having trouble logging in? I could log in fine with the old layout, but I haven’t been able to log in since the new layout came on. I keep getting an “Unknown error.” massage. I have tried many, many times already. I even tried resetting my password. I don’t know what’s going on.

  16. I just called Coke and expressed all of our concerns; slow, inoperable website, error messages, removal of trips from redeption, and harder searches. The rep seemed very receptive and said he has gotten other calls about the issues we’re having. Keep calling!

  17. Hey vvhitekid2,

    The code has already been redeemed, but not by me.

    I have a question for you about the RSS feed. Does that get updated the same time the site is updated or is there a lag in the RSS feed post? Just wondered because they didn’t seem to match up at the same time.

    Thanks for this site and any insight you can provide.


  18. FYI:

    If you plan on redeeming your points, you might want to wait a few days to allow them time to iron out the bugs. I redeemed points for 26000 Skmiles–they emailed me three codes that Delta wouldn’t take. They didn’t email me “digital Delta codes’ for the other 4 prizes (or 20,000 points), however. “Hank” their e-rep has been helpful in resolving these issues though.

    For all the hype, this new phase blows. You would think Coke could work our prize deals with more notable companies.

    Poorman, yes poor Renee may have to get the 15,000 point guitar. One is “autographed,” the other is “signed.” Haven’t figured out the difference?

  19. I got a text message on my cell with a code for 10 free points, but when I enter it on the website it said “code valid for program”

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  20. Amber,

    I haven’t received anything. What is the code? Does it start with 10008?


    Thanks for calling Coke too. I periodically call with the same issues and give a different zip code. Just trying to help the complaint box fill up a little faster. I am hoping they add the trips back soon for Renee’s sake…mine too, but I have a long way to go.

    Did you get a TV from Coke last year? What kind was it?


  21. The code I got via text message was:


    I just got another text message that read:

    We’ve updated our systems. If you tried to redeem your code and it failed, please try again at the new Sorry for the hassle.

    So I tried again and it worked! YEAH.

    Now if only there were any rewards I wanted that I had enough points for! And if only I could make my husband stop buying Pepsi! 🙂

  22. Hey Everyone,

    I am not sure if anybody is interested but Canada has a similar program to the MyCokeRewards in the U.S. You can visit the Canada site at and use to code C4LFB OXHR7 if you would like. However, you have to be a resident of Canada to participate. I recently went to a vacation in Canada and got 20 codes. I was wondering if anybody would like to trade some of there U.S codes for 20 codes. If you are interested you can send me a request a

    I really appreciate this site and all of the information that is shared here. I have something interesting that I have found myself. I recently got a 12 pack and there was no code inside the box. I contacted Coke and they credited my account with 10 points. Also, Vault codes have worked since the beginning of April.

    Thanks to Everyone,

  23. On the other coke page here the last 3 promotion codes dosent work but the first 2 it does.

  24. Michael,
    I managed to get 13600 points together by September last year and traded in for the 32″LCD Sony. When I went to redeem, I had the choice of 6 different TV’s. I ended up getting the 46″ LCD Rear Projection…it was the biggest TV I could get for free. I could have got a 26″LCD or 40″rear pro or paid $300 and got the 55″ Grand Wega..they are all HD and the 46″ looks great in my bedroom! I have a vending route and sell pop for a living, but I had bought over 1400 12 packs of coke and diet coke. I ended up with about 880 coke 12 packs and have finally have sold them off. Who wants that goofy guitar? You can get autographed guitars on EBay for under $100. When I called coke I also gave them this website to look at and the rep said they will look at it to see what people are saying. Anyway, peace out!!

  25. One thing I have noticed is the new coke site is more
    of an advertising venue then anything else. Hopefully
    Coke will listen and correct this super slow site.

  26. Song Downloads- I redeemed points for 2 sonyconnect downloads, upon entering the codes on the sony website I got an error message- invalid code for both– so beware if you choose to get those.

  27. hi everybody i realy have not been feeling coke rewards program at this time i have slow down from entering 100 pt a day down to just 30 to 40 pt because what the rush any way i was looking at those delta skymile. i think if i bought 100,000 mile for 20,000pt i could go any where in the world for 4 people for free but no. i want money it will be a year april 22,07 i been playing this game i want more. they owe me that. also i am very upset about the shooting at va tech school. they might had play this game to end up with nothing not even there life which hurt me so. peace out people

  28. Sony got back to me and said they want me to call them because it’s easier to troubleshoot over the phone than with e-mail. I don’t have time to be on the phone with a tech with 2 screaming kids so here are the sony codes for whoever wants to try them:


    hope they work for you. In the past they worked great and I created a nice library, so who knows. I think I’ll just play it safe and keep going non-stop for more gift certificates.

  29. The new coke site sucks. It won’t let me log in..once again. It says Error during the invocation of the business service. This sucks

  30. What is going on with the site? I have tried for three days to loin and it will not let me. This is a bunch of bull. You use the product and can’t even get into the website

  31. It is much easier to log onto the site in the morning. Haven’t had a problem the last 2 days.

  32. now if someone could please help me out that would be great

    I had over 1500+ pts but I had to sell them a few weeks ago. I thought coke was going to end on april the 16th. they would be no good after that well come to find out last week. that they where still good I wish I had saved them now so any codes would be really nice



    I just saw this site the other day cool site vvhitekid2 you did amwsome job on it

  33. David,

    Thanks for the code. I was surprised that is wasn’t redeemed this morning. Every 3 points helps…thanks again!


  34. so is anyone going to give us feed back on y we cant get the mycokerewards site to load up 4 some of us

  35. hi everybody i just got finsih contacting coke the system is so slow and all the things that i wanted that i save is gone. so i have to input them back again. i now only have 20900pt so maybe by sunday i will give you your 21 codes. but for sure by monday ok peace out.

  36. Pilar…is that a code for a certain prize or a gift certificate? cus i tried and it didnt work…thx anyways

  37. can ya tell me just how u scan get so many points(20900)i just found this site nad im a collector

  38. ireally- they are song download codes that I purchased for 33 coke points each. They didn’t work for me.

  39. 3 Pointers


  40. the last post I see is the 12 codes at 1:18am. They’re all gone and I don’t see a thank you. Unless they were posted between 1:18am and now 8:44am ET.

  41. BTW, for those who can’t get into the site and just want to put in their codes, I used the MyCokeRewards QuickCodeEntry widget mentioned in a post by Michael on the previous Free MyCokeRewards Point page ( I’ll repeat the posting here:


    Thanks for the 15 points! I was able to enter them in the new Coca Cola Widget. It let me log in through the widget even though the website still won’t let me. My points updated and the codes came up already redeemed when I tried them again.

    It pays to fiddle around with your options.

    To get the new widget just click on “Take a Tour” and click on “QuickCodeEntry Widget” to get to the download page. (If you don’t already have Yahoo’s Widget Engine you can get that at At least we can enter codes while they work on loading the website sign in piece.


    Comment by Michael (dino24t) — April 16, 2007 @ 1:41 pm


  43. Lori…how many points was the nintendo wii?
    And y would it be on for just a day i dont get it???

  44. right now the site is messed up…i signed in and entered codes it keeps saying for me to sign in to enter codes…website now sucks worst!!!everyone complain to change it back and maybe they will..

  45. How many points did they want for the Wii?

    It seems odd that they would offer Nintendo stuff when they have a partnership with Sony.

  46. Thanks Heigaard. I used the last 2 of the codes you posted late last night. Thanks for the 6 free points!

  47. I think entering codes on the new site is much easier than it was before and I haven’t had any problems signing on. They aren’t going to change it back, so people better get used to it.

  48. Evidently we have more of a life than you if you are on the computer searching for geeks- who are on the computer (at least we have a purpose)

  49. Hey All,

    The 23rd is here and the new drinks associated with the promotion should be rolling out today. Please let us know when you have seen the updated packaging. I have seen the Sprite and Sprite Zero 12pks/2 liters/20oz bottles with the “MyCokeRewards” promo on them. The rest of the participants were still the old packaging. My guess is that the others aren’t sold as much and may take a little longer to show up on your grocery store shelves.


  50. ALL,

    Not that anyone here would be stupid enough to actually give this loser their ID and PASSWORD, but just in case…DO NOT e-mail RYAN ( This is the e-mail response you’ll get:

    “hello my name is ryan . if you would like some points i have a code from a guy from my friends list on cokemaina and he helped me with it and he went in my account and typed in a code and i had 2,000 point and he gave me the code and he would not like me to tell any one so if you would like to give me your email and password to my coke rewards i will enter it and i will not do anything else. if you give me any info to it it will be safe and not passed around i just want to help people . in need of points.”

    Ryan, go find some other people to bother…

  51. Beware of Ryan, who tried to get you to give him your email address and password. Ryan, You should be shame of yourself.

  52. hehe yup I was about to post that– I responded back politely, but was very disappointed, I actually thought I would get a simple 3 points in my email. Sad. =(

  53. hi everybody it is very late. i now have 21050pt i know i am supose to give you all 21 codes today but i am sleepy. i will give some tonight but tomorrow i will give you still the 21 codes ok lets go ltxwb-tyrrm-jt9yy…..44bmx-knzxy-ytryh….gtkk6-gwph4-zx76h….mlvp6-bznjy-4nbtk…..9b4by-rknvg-ghlgm….ok i change my mind i going to give it to you all now so tomorrow i can rest. 7ylrr-7wrvz-jyk6h…..glgjp-66r7y-9bb9b….7yt4v-bz4zk-v76lv…ok must stop now to go to bed sorry i be back tomorrow i still will give you all the 21 codes still because i have i big big bag of red caps that just keep coming and coming i wish i could give you all 30 codes a night but i am alway so busy and tired so peace out my coke people. remember to let me know if there are any error with these codes so i can give them back to you ok

  54. I send Ryan an account name password. The account only had 22 points in it. Want to see what kind of guy he ready is. Will let all know what happens.

  55. I called Coke and voiced my disappointment with the current prize selection. Renee, I specifically mentioned the disappearance of trips in the upper point range. I know I worked hard to get 5000 points, and feel betrayed (for lack of a better term), by this new phase’s prize selection. If I had 20,000 such as you, I would be infuriated.

  56. Someone from another coke forum claimed that there are some blue coke code that are 10 pointers.

  57. The Blue Coke Caps are from the SPRITE bottles. They were just shipped to stores yesterday. I had one blue cap from a SPRITE and entered it to see if it was worth more. Nope, still 3 points like it should be. So someone from that other site is mistaken.


  58. There are blue coke PLUS caps, but those are worth the normal 3 points and they’re the 15 digit codes although I’ve only started seeing them recently.

  59. Renee’s not getting her vacation?!! That’s it!
    Life as we know it has ended

  60. Hey, I heard that Shoprite was giving away promo codes worth 30 points!!!If I find it I’ll post it.

  61. The coupons being given out by supermarkets are worth 30 points, but can only be used once. I got mine at Pathmark.

  62. Hi All,

    I was speaking to Coke today and the representative referenced something called the Catalina Receipt. It is basically the 2nd receipt that prints with an offer, coupon, etc. at the grocery store/retailer. He said that they have these promos set up with grocery stores/retailers where if you buy certain products a Promo Code will print for you to use.

    If you call 1-866-776-6610 you can ask them if there are any in your area. For instance, Kmart and Kroger in GA are suppose to have one coming sometime soon. He said that the stores will usually have signs promoting this. He also said these codes are suppose to be uniquely generated every time…which means you can stock up your groceries and get codes to enter that shouldn’t count against your daily 10.

    They range in points depending on the promo, but he did say there was one in the Northeast (I believe) that was worth 100 points. I sure hope they do something like that in the Coke homeland.

    Let us know if you come across any of these grocery promotions and where.


  63. the coke site has got a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo DS
    The DS is 3250 pts and the Wii is 6250 pts I only have 159 pts oh well just given some info

  64. If you buy a Wii it’s a STUPID move. Just get gift cards from Blockbuster and buy the system at their video game store Gamerush. You could buy 2 Wii’s for the price of 1 if you tranlate point totals.

  65. Have anyone start using the 12 digit code yet? I have a couple of yellow cap 12 digits code doesn’t seemed to work.

  66. Dan,

    The Yellow Caps with 12 digits are probably the Lebron 23-23 promo Coke ran on the SPRITE bottles. those codes are wothless now. The new SPRITE caps are dark blue. The bottle will also have MyCokeRewards referenced across the top of the label.

    A side note: New regular Diet Coke 12 packs have $1 off instant coupons when you buy 1 regular Diet Coke 12pk and 1 Diet Coke Plus 12pk. I have also seen some of the Fanta’s and Barq’s 12pks with the new code labels. These should be seen more in about a week to clear out the old stock. Also, the 32pk codes are also suppose to be on the cardboard box under the product.


  67. Go to Gamerush’s website and make sure there is a location by you… If there is then definetly take the giftcards and spend it there. Otherwise it still adds up to a translation difference of like 400 dollars. For 6000 points you could get $600 bucks in Blockbuster money.

  68. I found some green cap from Minutes Mate, and they are 15 digits. Have anyone actually got any 12 digits code that works?

  69. hi everybody now thoses codes lj9mh-gvgty-ypypw…..99h9g-h6zyw-z4hlz…..jw4tv-nbvwl-xlmrn….6gjwp-n6hyp-jt9kt….44kky-yypxb-bjltn….ok fredgado i will get a trip out of this i have now 21200pt only 800 more to 22000 and 4000 more to get to they last top prize. k76nt-yjpnr-mmhj6……klpwr-b7gm4-7wrtm…..94hg7-ywzv6-yvlkx……7vygp-6kxvy-w47nw……mpywb-mr976-64p4j….and secret turlte you are right about the wii game system for 6000pt no way when you get 6 blockbuster card for only 600pt. you must way out those point. ok more codes 15 more a total of 25 codes for you all 74jkv-7kv7t-6vnzg…..bylnn-7zbnw-bptt9….l7rr4-xbyrb-kn99x….9kp9v-vlytm-t4gwp…..bmwt9-pmb6t-w64jg…well mother day is coming you could use some of these point to get mom’s a gift. more codes kjxp9-rp4wn-glpnl……hpnhv-4ntbw-zl96z….mwrlx-lz4yz-wgng9….9tmnb-jrbzn-m7ybt….7b644-pnblt-g7xb7…..ok i think thats 20 so only 5 more m7kk6-77kzm-wztpt…..lvph9-nh9pw-7j6k9….lbnzp-69ybx-pk7wl….remember to let me know if there are any error with the codes so i can give them back to you and let us know if you use them ok last two hzbhl-th967-j9vnk….9brpx-kkphn-pjtyj…ok that it until i have 22000pt peace out my coke people.

  70. Thanks for the info about the Wii. No Gamerush within 50 miles of me. I only have 4,700 points. Originally, I could have gotten five PS2 systems with those points (850 each). The point values needed for redemption have really gotten inflated. The $100 BB cards used to go for 800 points.

  71. on the 32 oz powerade bottle where is the code supposed to be i see some laser printed code on the front of the bottle but its only nine digits and theres nuthing on the cap?

  72. I tried some of renee codes, seemed like they are all gone. People please let others know after you used them and thanks Renee. That is the least you can do.

  73. The code for the 32oz Powerade is under the cap. The bottle should have my coke rewards logo on the label. The new bottles are out but there are still alot of the old bottles that don’t have codes. Look at the label on the bottle before you buy them.

  74. To piggyback Rosa’s comment. If you find any of the PowerADE bottles with the old promotion (something like “Get Gear”) those should also work. I entered one of those codes after they merged my PowerADE points with the MyCokeReward points…and it worked.

    Welcome back Rosa!


  75. I am not the same Rosa. That was the first comment I have posted. I read comments on the site for coke info. But thank you just the same.

  76. Just a question – who came with the “red gold” description anyway? It’s more like red “fool’s” gold! 🙁

  77. I thought I posted something on board being slow, not sure if I did post it, or I didn’t hit the submit button.

  78. I was wondering if people have a way to get notify when there is a new post. It sure seemed that way consider how quickily the codes were used.

  79. wow. this is very nice of you to be giving out free codes like that. what a great guy

  80. I was planing to get the blockbuster gift card to buy a psp but they dont sell consoles..or at least not where i live…I asked the guy if they sell it anywhere else and they said no…so that didnt work out for me…i guess ill save for sonystyle gift card..

  81. Dani:

    I perhaps initially used the term “red gold’ on this site, though the connection/analogy is pretty simple. References to “fool’s gold,” and everything else associated with this metal have already been played out. You have to come up with something better, for it to be a 14 carat comment.

  82. Chris:

    You mean Ron, not me. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t think he really expected an answer, so much as to voice some of the frustration many are feeling.

    We’re all being pwned by Coke, me included. All I wanted was 120 points for a zine subscription and already I feel like a tool. Still, just 9 more points to go. Yep….

  83. Hey all I hope to stop at blockbuster/game rush this afternoon. I’ll let you know what I find out, if my schedule permits. 7TJXVKXML9R9YTG//JMTR7YRPJXNGP64

  84. Dani:

    My apologies. Yes and to contradict myself, and use another analogy, all that glitters (or fizzes) is not gold. This new phase simply blows.

    Go to a couple of convenient stores and tell them to save the codes for you when they break a twelve pack to stock their cans in the cooler.
    They are usually more tha

  85. Dani:

    My apologies. Go to one of your nearest convenience stores and tell them to save the flaps when they break a twelve pack down to stock the cooler. Most of them, will look at you funny, but will do so–they like the attention. You can get 120 points from just one store in a week or two.


  86. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten 1. Thanx vvhitekid2 for the latest: G9LRP T4JJP PRVX9 is now USED!

  87. Chris,

    No worries, and thanks for the tip. That might save me from giving ‘bottles only’ recycle bins pensive looks of longing. hehe

  88. hi everybody i now have 21600 only 400 more pt. and you all can get 22 codes within 5 to 6 days peace out my coke people

  89. Chris & Dani,

    Yeah, I was just blowing steam. Didn’t know the fool’s gold term was played out – but I think the term fits. But maybe I’ll come across or think of a 14 or higher carat comment sometime in the future. 😉

  90. Hey Chris,

    Glad to see that I am not the only person preaching the power of the convenience store. I was afraid that my advice has been falling on deaf ears (on the first site) since no one else has said they have tried it. Don’t forget any restaurants that deliver and use can Cokes, like your chinese restaurants.

    Also, please be courteous when you run into a place that is already saving for someone…don’t try to steal those flaps from your other Coke patrons. Just remember we are all in this together…one big happy family 🙂


  91. O.K. Less face it, We are all a bunch of dumpster diving “COKE” addicts. Seriously, How many of us have seen a coke bottle in the trash, looked around then grabbed it. Homeless people are feeling sorry for me. I check this site ten times a day hoping I get to a three point code before any one else does. My neighbor is hooked on meth and he’s telling me I have a problem. Call it RED GOLD or anything else, The fact is were junkies. Junkies I say. I got pulled over by the cops the other day. I had a baggy with seventeen mcr caps in it. I hid it under the seat while he was checking my licence. Man, He could have gottten me for distribution with that much! Everyone repeat after me. “Hi I’m (your name here) and I am a coke addict. O.K., Step one out of the way only eleven to go. Wish me luck guys.

  92. LOL Richard!

    I think anyone with this page bookmarked is in serious trouble already.

  93. Richard:

    As I have said before, a lot of us need an intervention–some probably even qualify for the A&E series titled this. I went after two caps in a trash can the other day, and my cell phone dropped in. It was in a hotel parking garage. I had to take the top off, dump the contents out, sort through the refuse, and retrieve my cell phone, which had yogurt and all kinds of other juices on it, probably half bodily. This wasn’t suppose to happen to me. I had a good upbringing, I just started running with the wrong crowd and soon I was up to eight 20 ouncers a day. I have started sharing bottles with other users, so it is just a matter of time before I get Hep C. I might as well be in a movie titled “Less Than Coke Zero.” Man I just need my “fixes,” but I shouldn’t be begging people outside of C-Stores for their caps and flaps. I can’t stop “chasing the red dragon” though.

    There is a “Faces of Meth” site out there, I am going to start a “Faces of Coke”–if you have any before and after MCR participation pictures, and want to share your stories, let me know.

  94. chris and richard…i’m a trash picking fool too..i’ll be going out my apt’s trash bins and recyling bin just to get a fix….i go to baseball games and wait until the end of the game and then grab all the caps left behind by the fans….the ushers are looking at me and after a while chasing me out so they can leave…it’s bad

  95. hi my name is jayson and im a coka-cola addict,and im up to three dumsters a day…..i need help

  96. I couldn’t decipher JB’s in time. Thanks a lot JB I’ll be waist high in waste tonight.

  97. Hey All,

    Save your dignity and clothes and skip the dumpster diving and go right to the source. Hit up your convenience stores/gas stations to save the 12pk flaps when they stock their refrigerators with cans. Believe me when I say it will pay off much better and you don’t have to carry Febreeze and Stain Remover at all times.


  98. O.K. Now that I know I’m not alone, I have another confession to make. . . . . . .This is tough. . . . . . . . . My child has started with caps. I tried to talk to her. I said ” Where did you learn to do the RED?”. . . . . . . . . . She said. . . . . .Sob. . . . . . She said “I learned it from watching you Daddy.” Oh the shame.

  99. u must live in the country or somethin cause not everyone is that nice to do that for someone

  100. I never like walking in the park until I got hooked with MCR. Especially around the trash can area. So sad. I need help…..

  101. I created a recycle bin for cola bottles at the local ball park. I get about 100 caps a night. I am hooked.

  102. Richard:

    Did you find the box of Red and MCR paraphernalia up in her closet? And she tried to ignore you with her headsets on?

    Too funny!

  103. I go through trash all the time too…I got to this place with my dad every tuesday and I ask him to stay after 9:30 so just I can get the caps and I get about 20 caps every tuesday…also when I am in school…they have powerade machines there…I stay after until everyone leaves and get about 50…I dig through the trash in public and Im not ashamed of it…
    Huhahuahuauhhua its kind of fun for me…LOL

  104. Chris

    You got the headset part right, But she had the RED In a jewelry box. Right there on her dresser! Man I might have never even known if it hadn’t been for those Americn Idol cups showing up all over the house. It’s all about the clues people. Look for the signs.If your kid has no job but magazines subscriptions show up in mail, or the all the two liters in your fridge have no lids, You might need to set the little ones down and have a talk.

  105. If your buying two liters and pouring out the cokes just to get the caps…..You might be a coke head.

    If your HomePage is …..You might be a coke head.

    If your co-workers hide there bottles of coke when you walk by…..You might be a coke head.

    If you’ve rented 50 movies in the last year and haven’t paid for one….You might be a coke head.

    If you consider vvhitekid to be one of your closest friends…..You might be a coke head.

    If you own an Authetic Coca-cola Racing team car jack….You might be a coke head.

    If you neighbors call you “That guy who goes through our trash”…..You might be a coke head.

    If Wal-Mart has you on video surveilance opening fridge packs your not buying…..You might be a coke head.

    And last but not least:

    If you spend twenty minutes writing “You might be a coke head” jokes….. then you guessed it…..You might be a coke head.

  106. wait a min if you buy 2 liters of coke just to pour out shame on you there is people (like me) that will drink that

  107. hi here is a prom code 100083625554846 and 100083969675323 good luck got it off the cokereward game site. you should be able every one to use these codes 20 pts please out

  108. Richard, Michael, Chris,
    You guys are a blast! I go EVERY day to the recyling center at a local university (not saying where, but its the top scientific school out West; anyone watch Numb3rs?) I even bought one of those grabbers at the 99 cent store. Usually find a carton or 2 with code attached, and a few bottles. Best day ever: 14 neatly folded complete Coke cartons, sandwiched between Miller cartons, PLUS about 30 bottle caps. I have never actually climbed into a dumpster, but only because I’m afraid I won’t get out!

    Tip: don’t wear any jewelry, and keep your cell phone down low. Loved the description of the new liquid cell phone cover.

    And yeah, I haven’t paid for a Blockbuster rental since last summer, when I canceled my on-line account.

    Everyone needs an addiction. Ohmygod, what if its really over next January? Do we check ourselves into rehab?

  109. Hey, while you guys trade stories of dumpster diving, there’s free points to be had !!! And who here doesn’t like free points? On the main website, there’s a game for Pirates of the Caribbean where you match up pictures. I did it pretty easily and got 10 free points. The code to enter is 10008 39696 75326. I entered it for all my accounts and it worked for each one so start entering. Don’t know when it will end.

  110. Richard, Michael, Karen:

    I must further confess, I am starting to visit the wrong sites on the internet. I download pictures of huge mounds of caps, and nice flaps, off of Ebay. I have pawned just about eveything I own (besides my point balance). I get the cash, then the product, and chug and purge to get the points. Thank goodness, I have stopped mainlining corn syrup, but I am now starting to “Vault.” I really need an accountability partner.

  111. These promo codes say they arent entered correctly

    hi here is a prom code 100083625554846 and 100083969675323 good luck got it off the cokereward game site. you should be able every one to use these codes 20 pts please out

  112. Thanks Renee,

    Quick update on the Promo Codes:

    100083625554846 – It’s not good for 10 points, but a bonus Pirates of the Caribbean treasure. Like Mobile Rewards, PDF Download or Music Download.

    100083969675323 – Has a typo, it is really 100083969675326…no worries Renee, we appreciate all that you do here…you are allowed a typo or two 🙂

    VVHITEKID2…you may want to update your post at the top of the page with the corrected 2nd code…thanks again for this site.


  113. 100083625554846 looks like it is just Mobile Rewards that you can choose from. Not sure what the site meant by PDF and Music in the description given on the site when it revealed the code.


  114. Thanks to Andrew for that code! I didn’t have any luck with Renee’s codes. Anyone else have luck?

  115. Renees first code worked for me, only 3 points though then took me to the Pirates of the Carribean where i could get a book or ringtones for free. The second one didnt work.

  116. I CAN NOT get on to my coke reward. I have been trying for 4-5 weeks. I finally got onto you websit at work. This does not help me at home and work frowns on us using the internet for personal bussiness. Is there a trick to getting on at home or am I screwed. I love your coke products and my house is decked out w/coca-cola products. I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter.

    Thank You

  117. try deleting your cookies ,browser history,defragment and run your spyware thats about all i know

  118. Does anyone know how to play the Pirates of The Carribean Game?! PLease telll me! thank you!

  119. Dude, It’s the Match game. Turn over two at a time till you find a match. Then do it again untill they are all gone. Or save yourself the time and just enter this code. It’s what you get at the end of the game.


  120. Nannette, try flushing your dns. Click the start menu, click “Run”, type “cmd”, this will open the command prompt in a black window. now make sure that you type the following exactly (without the quotes): “ipconfig /flushdns” …….. then try going to the my coke rewards site. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser.

  121. Everyday when My son and I are driving home from school We see a empty 2 liter of Coke on the side of the road and I pull over and he jumps out of the car and gets the cap off for me haha

  122. Melissa

    That’s a sweet story. Not only do you get the points but your helping clean up your area. 😉


  123. Brandi,
    Melissa is not helping in cleaning the area. His/Her son just removes the cap from the road and not the bottle :). So the 2 liter bottle remains there without its head :(. Jus Kidding. Thanks to all you guys for being so generous in providing the codes.

  124. I had a pretty good idea they were redeemed, but just tried Coke-son’s 3 codes and they were. Just thought I’d let you know since the person who redeemed them didn’t.
    BTW, I just reached the 1000 point mark before trying those 3 codes. I entered the code on the site instead of using the widget to see if they anything cool happens. The only thing that happened was when the counter was spinning the digits to show 1000 the 2nd character kept flipping so I was seeing 1000,1100,1200,1300,1400,1500,1600,1700,1800,1900 and back to 1000 and so on – and it didn’t stop until I clicked ‘Done’ – so that was a little strange – minor bug/glitch.

  125. hi everybody i now have 21903pt so be on the look out for your 21 to 25 codes real soon like tomorrow peace out.

  126. hey thanks for the codes, i just made an account today and from the codes off here and a few caps i had i now have 65 points!

  127. Call Coke at 1-866-776-6610

    Hey all, just thought I would pass along a couple suggestions we need to tell Coke about.

    1. Online Code Entry: Have the cursor set focus back to the code entry text field after you have submitted your code and your points have been updated (like the widget). I enter codes online from time to time when the widget has problems connecting. It is annoying when you start plugging a code in and look up to see a blank text field (when you forgot to click on the field again).

    2. Out of Stock items: I don’t know if you have seen a few items that are “Out of Stock”, but there are a few. The lady I spoke with said those items will potentially be re-stocked later. I say that if they give us the option to see “Out of Stock” items they should allow us to add them to our “Favorites” and we should receive an “In Stock Notification” e-mail when they have been re-stocked. There are no links in the item details to add these to your favorites.


  128. i just entered the 1st code from this forum, and i got 10 points, im entering the rest and it said this code has already been used, or ure entering it wrong, so i dunno wht 2 do.

  129. Has anyone gotten the $75 Blockbuster gift card? Do you know what they mean by $75 gift card will be in increments of $15. Does that mean you can use only up to $15 per purchase?

    I was planning to get 3 or 4 $100 Blockbuster gift cards for 1000 points each. It looks like they are out of those but the $75 is still there. I was planning to use them to get a game system at GameRush

    I got the $100 card back when it was 800 points. It was one card for a full $100.

  130. Mike
    I think they don’t have a $75 card so they give you Five $15 cards. I’m pretty sure you can put them together and use them on purchases of any amount.

  131. if i already entered my caps could other people use hem still or is it only once?? im new at this

  132. OMG the site is being so lame 15mins and it still hasnt logged me in 🙁

  133. Nikki

    After you enter a code, It can’t be used again. Unless it is a bonus code(starts with 10008 and is all #s).

  134. i just scored a couple ziplock baggies full at my local kroger hooray for me

  135. all caps i just go to the grocery stores every other day or so and you know how after the bottles go thru the return they keep em in these bins so i ask if i can go thru them and get the caps.and if i see someone with a bunch of coke ill offer to do there bottles for the caps/flaps

  136. and i really dont see someone saving them for you unless you know someone that works at a grocery store or somethig

  137. hmm, i wouldn’t be wasting my gas to go to the store just to look for a few caps. and for that person who stops on the side of the road, you probably use up more money on gas sitting there to pick up 3 pts than the 3 pts are worth in whatever prize. and damn i don’t know if people just sit on this site and hit refresh until someone posts a code or what.

  138. well zavh my friend gas is not an issue for me i drive a 4 cylinder car there for 25 bucks a weak in gas aint that much to me

  139. After almost a month and the Coke website is as slow as ever…one could cook a turkey and still not be able to load up the site!!!! Let’s keep calling Coke and complain about the “flashy” site,


    15 POINTS

  141. This message is a little long, but it holds a secret at the end, wink wink. hey all, I’ve been collecting for a few months now, points wise, i’m just about at 700 so far. I have hounded friends and relatives, scoured the blogoshpere for promo codes, I almost religously drink two 20 ounces a day, and on one shameful day, even found myself peering into a dark and dingy recycle bin trying to get my fix, !!!!!!!! just three more points man!!!!!!!! that’s when I really had to step back and re-evaluate my methods, I considered the whole “go to your local convenience store and ask if they’ll save points for you” if not for the fact that if they know theyre valuable they’d already be saving them, or if they found out they were, they’d save’em for themselves. I pondered then dismissed the whole idea of making my rounds at local grocery stores armed with a hoodie and a razorblade, the risk of slashing open a can and the attention it (and the slowly walking up and down the soda isle stopping to touch each 12 pack) just seemed too much. I even thought hard of diligently checking “free point” sites trying to be the quickest at the draw, but ended up erupting into a gut laugh. Then it hit me! there could be a large resource of codes as close as the alley behind my house (and others) in a south minneapolis neighborhood. I have been recycling for years, and know that I and other more responsible stewards of the earth, recycle cardboard packaging, including twelve pack boxes. Now i’m a night owl and I enjoy walking/going out for a smoke, so I waited for recycle night, when everyone puts thier items out to be picked up the next morn. I set out armed with my mini-mag light to aid in detection, and high hopes for what I might find. I did have to do a little tip-toeing and quick-walking, but after just two and a half blocks I had gathered 50 pts from twelve packs. after deciding that 3:30 A.M. wasnt to late to check out more blocks of alleyways I ended up taking home 130 pts during maybe 1 hour of total walk time! Aside from the ninja-action and the dramatic nervously slowed down time it took to remove the boxes and rip the points off, it was a peaceful and fun adventure. No encounters with crazy neighbors, rabid dogs, coons or such. but thats all part of the risk I guess. another benefit is you get to learn a little about some of your neighbors, …………and thier alchohol addictions…wow!!! next recycling day, I plan to go out about midnight on rollerblades armed with the trusty mini-mag, and scissors. I figure I’ll be able to cover three times as much ground, and remove points with no sweat. I offer this collecting idea with one territorial request, !!!!PLEASE STAY OUT OF SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS, PARTICULARLY THE NEIGHBORHOODS NEAR MINNEHAHA FALLS PARK!!!!!!! THANKS…….good luck! Peace all, hoard on!!

  142. Thanks cokehead, now I just need to think of a good reason to go walking in the neighborhood at 3am in the morning.


  144. DavidLoren,

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to post your codes for us. I didn’t get to use your codes earlier, but it is appreciated. Welcome to the site.


  145. Thanks Secret Turtle! Dan, I’ll assume that by that you mean “what’s a good excuse in case I get caught?” Well Dan assuming your over 18 there are no laws prohibiting someone from taking a walk through public property at any time, unless it is marked so, such as a park. I personally will be on my rollerblades, just participating in my “nightly work-out”. I guess there might be some tresspassing issues when I touch thier boxes or step onto a driveway, I might even have to ditch the scissors, but I’ll take my chances, I do not forsee any jail time in my future. For anyone who’s interested, I’ll update upon return of my next quest.

  146. That would be funny a cop pulls up you cutting up a box they shine the light on you “What are you doing there” you drop the sissors and you bag of box tops as they spill all over the payvment you exclaim “I’m hording MYCOKE Rewards points sir” I can imagine a good laugh had by all.

  147. There is a local law! I posted a link earlier, I saw it on the web site for a while, but…

    I didn’t want him to get arrested. It makes reference to lurking. Police can and have arrested people for lurking

    …The Minneapolis ordinance, first put on the books in 1877 to deal with stowaways on railroad cars, states: “No person, in any public or private place, shall lurk, lie in wait or be concealed with intent to commit any crime or unlawful act.”…

    Notice the PRIVATE part. If you want to read the article, go to and search for lurking!

    Hope that helps.

  148. Hey Cokehead,

    I really hope you are joking. Getting 130 points from 1 hour of work at 3AM is bit much…but KUDOS to you for trying.

    Trust me when I say that you will get more points using the convenience store method for a lot less time involved in collecting the points. You had said that the store clerks would save them for themselves if they knew how valuable they are. There is a good chance they won’t and if they do it doesn’t really matter because you weren’t getting them from them to begin with. They usually ask you what it is for. When you tell them they will ask, “What you can get and how many points do you need?” I usually respond with a few examples and that anything decent is in the 1,000+ points (which I think is true). That is usually as far as it goes and then they say they will help you. You may get some folks that don’t want to at first because they don’t want to take the time to help, but if you try a different person during a different shift you may succeed. Show up a couple of times a week to start which helps them to not forget you and then go by weekly. You could get 6-14 flaps a week from a convenience store (especially with all of the new participating Coke products). You spend a couple of minutes to go in the store to pick up your flaps about once a week. The more stores you recruit the more points you get. I’d hit up the stores near your home or work or in route between the two. Give it a try, I think you’d be surprised at your results.

    Also, anyone else using this template…please be considerate of others if a store tells you they are saving for someone else already. There are plenty of stores to go around.


  149. im pissed at coke for only 10 codes a day. come on, i find dozens of caps at recycling centers every night, and i would be 50k if i could put them in at will

  150. You can either share with us, or trade your caps for flaps, so you can get more points each day.

  151. I got 70 points in 2 minutes today at the Stop N Shop bottle room … I get 100’s a points per week from there for just 2 minutes per day. Never got 1 code on here though, I thought of posting some, but since I never get any why would I want to post them ? SEE YA !!!

  152. maybe someone can help me out here , i try to download the code entry widget then active x comes in i download click save and it just saves in a folder and nothin else what should i do


  154. 10008 22118 32616

    thats a 10 point one that can be used by anyone. You prolly have it but im just making sure! =D

  155. Billy is there a web address for the Stop N Shop Bottle room. I have done a search and unable to find it. If anyone have a clue about what Billy is talking about please point me in the right direction.

  156. I think the Stop N Shop is an actual physical store and the bottle room is an actual physical room – what Billy is saying is what has been said here numerous times – he went out in the REAL world and got points – he doesn’t wait for people to post them in the VIRTUAL world.

  157. i think we should all e-mail and call coke to raise the number of code entries per day, or to even have a 1 day deal for unlimited code entries..just a thought

  158. hi everybody sorry iam two dats late with your codes i am goig to give you all 26 codes now but before i start i must comments on cokehead remarks i been laughing for 1 hour and cokehead i must tell you i also hit stop-n-shop every day it down the street less than a mile actualy it three of them within a two mile ratio and i sometime have fights with the person in the bottle room about going into the bends to get codes because they said it store policy that you might get hurt on some glass. do they think i care i am taking the codes dont matter what also there are cvs, walmart,big y,shawns all in the same area so i do do my rounds. ok lets get started with these codes mwkng-zmbjh-hwx7l….kxywp-p7vb9-9lkvr…..gxj7n-4xw6n-vkxyw…77gt7-49bmb-9tv6j….mt7tk-w9lv6-9yzjl….jt44p-r6w6z-lgmvg….yes gina i know exactly what billy is talking about. and billy keep up the good work. i now have 22207pts. i have not bought nothing from the reward game since i start and i wont until they put something i want like a trip to anywhere it time now. been playing this game for 13 months. ok more codes jrh74-tgxrx-7kw7k…..mnhlr-9gmyz-gnmvz…..l9gn9-pbnjr-7klxy…..hy79r-mzkzk-kwmjv…..hnzp9-gvr6p-xrjym…..hngml-r6ztp-6xvyb….ok that 12 so far only 14 more and what up to poorman and mike and realiy strike how are you all. well are you all ready for the next hot hoilday with going to the beaches and having cooks out. you might you get some of those 6 flags ticket for a fun time. i getting ready to set up another account so i can get some thing because i am not using my point no time soon. ok more codes llrzw-kpmvk-xym9p……kxjjm-4bb7w-9k4vz….l469h-9rkgw-9mn4r……n4nn6-vbp99-brmpk…..j947x-kxxtl-kngpl…..ok that 17 and dont forget to let us know if codes has been use and if they dont work so i can give them back to you plus maybe more ok sill going ml4ly-rmw9v-yj79j….7x64w-4xjjl-rmwwn…..g4lgv-jjbrl-6pybk….only 6 more and they are 9wyv6-kphbw-47lwv….j767w-xzy49-yz7mp…..well my people when i get 23000 you all will get more point and my updates. i think that coke should fix there site so so so slow when you go to my account and review your point history so so so slow like 10 min shame of them they should have the best system ever. i have call,email them told me that they will have the promblem fix within two week it now 5 week . well last codes 4 i think 6xwtb-l94n7-wp9tt….jmlnl-4g9zy-vjpkk….kll9z-w7zpm-glwkl ok last one 6ghkx-rnmm7-ymxtb…yes i got them out to you. peace out my coke people



  160. GTPZJVPZ4UJN9HP – 10 Points (The U might be a V)
    KKZVWZMKZBZWNJK – 3 Points – Diet coke
    7YRKLTPPX7GRYNG – 3 Points – (That N might be an H)

  161. Stop N Shop is a freaken store, and there’s a room where you deposit your empty bottles and get 5 cents for each! Who ever doesn’t or didn’t know that please don’t embaress yourself by asking what it is!

  162. Sorry about the delay in the site’s comments. I moderate each comment posted here due to all of the spam that gets posted alongside of the real posts.

    Usually I get to these almost instantly, but I was on vacation in northern Michigan all weekend with no internet.

    Things should be back to normal now.
    vvhitekid2 – site owner

  163. Thanks for the codes Renee. I redeemed some. Looks like others redeemed some if not all.

    I found two bad codes:


    Already Used

    10008 21577 63657

    not valid as of 05/14 9:47 AM CST

    Thanks anyways people 😉

  165. hi everybody and thank you mike for the error here are the right codes 7x64w-4xjjl-rmwwn this one was right already and the second one is j947x-kxxtl-xngpl and here are some new ones g9tj4-rz6lh-pywgw….j9zxp-m6xwj-vb6mm……i now have22570pt. only 430 needed to give you codes last one. kv6zj-tkmlg-rn44m peace out my coke people.

  166. hey i have a code and somebody should gave me one back if I leave it, so here it is.








    They are all 3 pointers.. good luck

  167. Attention Mycokewhores!




  168. Hi renee,

    7×64w4xjjlrmwwn gets ‘sorry, invalid code’ so ‘this one was right already’ is not correct.
    something doesn’t add up. 🙁

  169. here’s some promo codes that work repeatedly
    100082211832616 – 10 pts
    100082622438433 – 10 pts
    100083969675326 – 10 pts
    100082157763657 – 5 pts
    100082021821624 – 3 pts

  170. All of the above codes will work ONE TIME PER USER. Yes they are old, but they still work. If one works, that means you have not used it. It doesn’t hurt to try them and make sure you’ve used them.

  171. someone tell me: is coke going to ever release 100, 50, and 25 point promo codes like they did back in ’06 again? and post em if you can find em

  172. some of those codes will not work if they have been overused….thats most likely why they wont work…Stop and shop is a store that your able to find plastic bottles at…Better off going to a recycling center..

  173. ok, not to beat a dead horse but I think I figured out the invalid code / redeemed code of renee
    when i paste this 7x64w4xjjlrmwwn into the enter code field it shows up as 7x64w4xjjlrmwwn and says it’s redeemed
    when i paste this 7×64w4xjjlrmwwn into the enter code field it shows up as 764w4xjjlrmwwn and comes back with invalid code

    actually now i can see that the second ‘x’ looks different

    7×64w-4xjjl-rmwwn – this is the code that renee posted the first time (I just copied it and pasted it here) – I don’t know where she got that ‘x’.

    Anyway, mystery solved.

  174. just to clarify and further beat the dead horse – when i say second ‘x’, i mean the first ‘x’ in the second code. You can actually see the difference between
    the first ×
    and the second x
    in the second code
    ok, i’ll shut up now. 😉

  175. go to wal mart when it isnt so busy and slice open the 12 pack boxes. they dont have cameras in the back. only in the front where the register is. i got 500 points in one night there, but it is mainly a one-time thing. if they see repeated openings, they will set up cameras

  176. I’ve been getting an “error, undefined” everytime I open up

  177. Ugh. I never can keep my points off those little cheap things keep getting to me!!! Haha Ima try the open the 12 pack thing 😛 and my walmart is gay and has the cokes where the clothes area is and in the sewwing supplies area. lol. Ugh where do you get the promo codes from tho? And the page for is working again it seems 😀 I got a pile of about 70 coke lids infront of me too. Damn ten codes per day limit…

  178. Thanks for this website…I really appreciate all the advice and tips. I have a question and i don’t know if its just me or my computer but i have been trying to enter codes for the past week and nothing will go through. I know that some of the codes have already been redemed but I keep getting error and I don’t copy and paste it and they are from not just this website but from coke bottles? Any suggestions…I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  179. I had both the $100 and $75 Blockbuster gift cards as my favorites, but I never received any e-mails about low stock. Did anyone else have these in your favorites and did you get an e-mail about low stock on either?


  180. I keep putting things in my favorites and when I go to check on them they are all cleared out. This has happened twice. Although it seems to happen when they add products. So there have been a couple of times when something went low, but I never found out about it.

  181. I think it was never shown low in stock, they just run out. May be it happened so fast that they don’t even have a chance to tell you there are low in stock.

  182. Hey Napkinn & JB – are you still getting the “ERROR undefined” message because I’m having the same problem? Is anyone else getting this and does anyone know why? I’ve tried reinstalling my browser & Flash Player but nothing helps. The problem arose within the last couple of days.

  183. Just wanted to let the group know that Best Buy cards are now listed as a reward. The bad news: $25 GC = 625 points, $100 GC = 2500 points

  184. i found some by riding my bike down the street on recycling day and looking in the recylcle bins – by the way, i’m an md that makes 400K/year and i still do this craziness

  185. I have a question, Is 50 points really worth going to jail over? that is theft, and wal-mart will soon catch on, when you get a big fine or jail time over stealing coke codes off of boxes then maybe you will see that Its not worth It. I hope you dont get caught, but you will one day!! That Is just sad.

  186. Rincy, do you want my password too? If you crack the code, then share with others.

  187. Todd:

    I nominate you as the first “Real American Red Gold Hero.” Here’s to you, you master of the slash and dash. You pilferer of points; robber of Sam’s joints.

    Mr. Coke Rewards flap taker and hider, pulling off point heists better than Wynonna Rider.

    Oh those ten point codes are a plenty, enough to make you face doing ten to twenty. But like grapes off a vine, you rip and stuff codes up your behind.

    “Need to fit five more; gotta get that Kyle Petty Coke Door.”

    So here’s to you and your caper of codes, that you retrieve with toilet paper on commodes. No one does it better than you, no one does it other than you.

  188. what the heck do you mean you’ve cracked the code
    please share or explain what you mean.

  189. I had the $100 and $75 Blockbuster gift cards in my favorites and never got low stock warning emails. I had planned to get these but kept putting it off since there appeared to be plenty.

  190. Haha w00t im VP of the SLASH AND DASH club (ima make that on myspace lmao). i started getting coke lids at school from friends cant wait till football season starts. me and my dad used to walk up and down the bleachers and id ask people for their lids. Got about 140 lids a night. every friday night for about 3 months. Do the math? lol

  191. Michael you’re great…Thanks for the website!! Renee you rock – you’re in a league of your own…altough I’ve never added any of your points to my account. Todd, I don’t know what to think about you other than…BAD BOY!!

    However,let me share how I get mycokerewardspoints…I check out the construction sites in my area. You’d be surprised but an average walk nets me about 100+ points. Plus I get decorating tips walking through the houses. Now, I’m in San Antonio Texas where real estate is HOT –= it’s about 11% higher than the national average. So if you’re in the North/Northwest area that’s where I get my exercise – if you know what I mean (HINT, HINT.) But, I’ll share a code with yawl…GXRGHPVKKVN96BY

    Greetings From Texas

  192. Hello classiccoke Im in texas also in the dallas/fort worth area…That is a good way to get caps…I have found that working in a Hospital setting has left me with easly putting in codes daily…Im in a position that Im able to meet up with dietary who stocks the drinks daily…They have alot of the 12 pack codes and I get over 200 points from them every couple of days…Red cap tops are overflowing…I had one lady bring me over 450 caps that her department collected and several people bring me 10-20 top codes a day…I know one other area that Im keeping a secret around town that will produce about 300 caps with each visit easly…But who needs that many caps—- not enough days to put them all in with the limit cap

  193. what is with this new site i can not even see the entire screen, it may just be me but it is so slow it is unreal. give me my old site back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Free codes: 100083158358966 – 10 pts

    100082211832616 – 10 pts

    100082622438433 – 10 pts

    100083969675326 – 10 pts

    100083625554846 – 10 pts

    100082157763657 – 5 pts

    100082021821624 – 3 pts


  195. More codes: BYT6PWPVYGWK49P – 3 pts

    7NHRK7HTVJT9MJL – 3 pts

    7GKHXTVGTGW4GBH – 3 pts

    HKGWSL6HT9VWB4H – 3 pts

    JWX4NRSM4GNJMKX – 3 pts


  196. HKGWSL6HT9VWB4H – 3 pts

    JWX4NRSM4GNJMKX – 3 pts

    Says these were not entered in correctly

  197. Morons,

    For the 3,000th time – 100083625554846 (Pirates game code) does not give you any points. Ever. Never has. You got points from it? Well, you’re lying.

  198. HKGWSL6HT9VWB4H – 3 pts

    JWX4NRSM4GNJMKX – 3 pts


  199. HKGWSL6HT9VWB4H is invalid because of the S.
    It should be HKGW6L6HT9VWB4H which is of course used. Same with JWX4NRSM4GNJMKX – it should be JWX4NR7M4GNJMKX. Only a prick would post stuff like that.

  200. More codes:

    100 points – 100082538844274

    50 points – 100082431877291

    25 points – 100082313989671

    10 points – 100082211832616

    5 points – 100082157763657

    3 points – 100082021821624


  201. Hagan,

    Quit Posting CRAP! Are you really that dumb? The first three don’t work and the next three have been posted many many times – most recently by YOU! What an idiot.

  202. The new promo code 100083158358966, looks like it can be used every 24hrs.This is reusable 10 pt code, and it has worked for me even today.

  203. I believe the reason that you don’t receive any warning of limited supplies from coke is because you have to change the communication peferences in your account to allow e-mail notifications. Before, I allowed e-mail in the old site but after the new site you have to click that you want to enroll in e-mail notifications again.

  204. I was up at work today and a fellow employee brings in a target plastic bag full of caps and also 10 box tops…I havent had a chance to count but should be about 400 caps there…Gotta love that…

    here is a 3 pointer for yall


  205. I haven’t been able to log into the coke site for days now. Just tried and stil getting the same message error undefined. Anyone else having this problem??

  206. the new promo code (100083158358966) can be used more than once a day. i used it yesterday and it work again today.

  207. Sam,

    I have spoken with Coke’s technical support and they confirmed that I am setup to receive e-mail notifications. Another person I spoke with at Coke said that if they remove the item before it is out of stock then you would not receive an e-mail. I have requested that they look into why the Blockbuster cards are gone to see if it was out of stock or just removed. I will let you all know if I hear anything.


    Thanks for the heads up about the promo code…it worked for me too. Let’s hope they don’t catch it.


  208. I just found this site. It looks really cool. Lots of nice people.

    I am having trouble getting on to the mycokerewards website. I keep getting ERROR… undifined message.

    Can anyone clue me in to what is wrong?
    stay safe,
    Emily aka Heart

  209. I just called mycokerewards about the ERROR message & was told:
    go to tools, internet options, browsing history, delete, delete cookies, delete temp files. Close everything out. Re-open how you get to mycokerewards & you are set to go.

    stay safe,
    Emily aka Heart

  210. I called a phone number for mycokerewards about the ERROR message & was told to make sure all cookies are cleared & to clean out the temporary files.
    It worked for me.
    Good Luck
    stay safe,
    Emily aka Heart

  211. cokeaholic, thanks for the heads up. I used (100083158358966) today and it worked. Although I can’t remember if I used it yesterday as well or not.

  212. I’m sorry I take that back I did use it yesterday because vvhitekid2 posted it on top. So this use it more than once is confirmed! YAY!!! Hopefully it’ll last till Monday since I won’t be able to get back online till then.

  213. Thanks Cokeaholic!!! Just tried to enter the code again & it worked!! Free 10 points yesterday & another free 10 points today. The gift that keeps on giving.

  214. IS the site down….I can’t get it to work…thank you to everyone for the extra codes.

  215. If u have trouble w/the site…. clear out your cookies & your temp files. I called the cokerewards # & that is what they had me do.

    It works.

    Thanks for the promo code too.
    stay safe,
    emily aka heart

  216. Thanks for some of the codes they worked Some didn’t. I wish I could get some more codes.

  217. I redeemed the code TWICE today(100083158358966)Once at about 9:00 this morning and about 9:00 tonight! Under “my account” it is saying the second time was on 5-20-07(tomorrow!) Don’t know whats going on but I will take the extra points!

  218. Dang gary u were right i just now put it on again and it worked…alright,..

  219. Omg i entered 10 codes yesterday at 5 and now it says iv reached my maximum limit for the day…wats up with that?

  220. I entered it twice before I couldn’t enter in the code any more… I guess they caught it. =(

  221. Man, you guys are retards! You told me you can enter the promo code as much as you want, I had 1,285 points, then this is my 3rd day to enter the promo code and now THEY CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU GUYS ARE RETARDS, I HOPE THIS HAPPENS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Well Some Kid I think you might have to call them…Infact I have read all the rules and regs and it says no where that you cant enter a promo code more than once and if so they will cancel your account…They might can pull those points but not cancel…One time they made a mistake on my account and they credited me 1500 points since my prize was late….I would demand to speak with someone higher up if you dont get anywhere if this is really true…..Several people have entered it more than once and I know someone who has done 5 times now…Sooooo you might have a fight here on your hands….

  223. O sh** r u serious? cus iv entered it 2 times and mines not banned …im not enetering it anymroe thanks…

  224. this came directly from there site
    Validated codes that are subsequently determined to be invalid for any reason are subject to disqualification and the corresponding points will be removed from the Enrollee’s Account to which the invalid Validated points were credited.

    I would think canceling the account would be a little harsh….Its not like your trying to crack a code or something….just because your able to enter it twice is not fraud…If that were the case everyone using promo codes should be canceled because there not getting the codes themselves thus using someone elses…I would make a plea to have the points reinstated and remove the promo code that was used…

  225. This is also stated

    2. The Coca-Cola Company reserves the right to discontinue the participation privileges of any Enrollee who engages in any fraudulent activity or uses the Program in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions or any federal, state or local, laws, statutes or ordinances. Discontinued participation privileges may result in the loss of all accumulated points. In addition to discontinuance of participation privileges, The Coca-Cola Company shall have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including criminal prosecution, as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.

    Also they state you have to keep proof of your codes for 90 days…So how are others going to prove where they got there promo codes from…All they can say is I found a website that listed a bunch of promo codes and just got lucky I guess…Well they could consider that a fraudulent way of obtaining points and cancel if they wanted..
    They can do anything they want in the long run but worth the fight

  226. I Googled the promo code(100083158358966)and it seems the code came from a Winn Dixie promotion good through June 12. If you enter it on a “coke day” (8:00PM through 7:59PM the next day) it can be used once per day.I entered it today at 8:30 and it says 5-21 for the date. So I will enter it again at the same time tomorrow.Worked 4 times for me so far.

  227. Some Kid you can not enter the code as much as you want but once a day. Maybe you should contact Coke and make a request to get your account reinstated.

  228. Robert, thanks for the info about the Winn Dixie promotion. This is good news for those of us that have used the code multiple times.That’s a lot of points up for grabs if this stays good through June 12.

  229. When someone has more information as to if we can or cannot use that promo code more than once without getting our account canceled, please let us know.

  230. I have 13 codes and I thought maybe I should try and sell them, but figured it’d be a waste of time. seems like this game is a crock anyways. not sure if it’s u’s or v’s? hope someone can use em.

    gbjz4 zwxr7 kgjyp
    4m7bz 9pmbn kyn4b
    hrjm9 mvl9m w4vhn
    krnkl z9wjn 7rhlz
    gmpxk b9m96 bzluj
    mb6zy mmy6m 969ry
    4zmbr 9wurk lzu44
    7bylw np7iw knp7z
    gwx6r l7zt9 9llzv
    l6wl6 krwyw l6rhr
    k9vg9 ykgwn gmmy9
    bwhjm n4byp ymbvl
    jrtp6 pppb4 kp7vg
    lpgyy j9nhx px477

  231. well.. WOW…. marc, someone already redeemed them.

    i sure would paypal someone a few bucks for a bunch of codes

  232. I just used this code 7 time and it worked in a row 10 points B7YXGTVXGRGPZYT

  233. Tisha – Amazing! I used that code 7 time too! But it gave me 28 points a time!

  234. I tried the promo code today and hasnt worked so far…I have used it 4-5 times now and last time was last night so will have to see later tonight if still working.

  235. Hey guys, I just used the 100083158358966 and it was my, I believe third time…today, when I try to login the following messege pops up:

    You’re account has been deleted for violationg mycokerewards policies. Code Error: Section 5, DD1

    I know my account has been deleted cause of it, and I noticed it happened to some other people. I had over 1000 points, and now they’re all gone. So just letting you guys now about this, that promo might be a set up or something.

  236. I’m not Timothy that wrote earlier, so I’m not answering the question of “ireallywatever”, but this thing is going out of control – I just heard my friends account got deleted as well.

  237. The NEW Promo Code worked for me again tonight. Give it another try.


  238. So will our accounts really be cancelled if we continue to use the promo code 100083158358966. What if all these people are trying to scare us just so we do not use the promo code? Don’t Know what to do.


  240. Code already been used. The promo code does work every day, but you have to wait atleast 24 hours from the last time you entered it.

  241. those guys that are talking about having there account deleted are full of bunk…I called my coke rewards today and they siad that the code valid and your able to use it until june as stated by earlier poster….If you account got deleted it must be for another fraudulant reason

  242. Promo code worked for me tonight once more without a problem and still up and going that is approx 5-6 times now

  243. Just entered the promo code again for the 4th time.
    Still have an active account. Don’t know why some users
    accounts have been deleted. Guess I will find out soon if they delete my account.

  244. ok i think people are just saying that thier accounts are being closed to be funny…..

  245. promo code has worked for me for 4 days in a row now.
    It says to use 1 time a day…. in other words 1 time in a 24 hours time frame.
    If you try to use it more often it can be considered a violation & you can lose your account.

  246. Coke has been really good with support through email. I had three different issues with my account. One was that I never received the 4 inch polar bear I ordered in December. Their records showed it shipped and received. They credited my account with the 71 points and an additional 10 points for customer care. For another problem with something I did receive, they credited me with 100 customer care points. They rewards may not be as good now, but Coke’s customer care ROCKS!!!

  247. The promo code worked just fine for me. Maybe if the accounts were deleted it was because you were doing something else wrong.

  248. The 100083158358966 code workded for me as well just now adding 10 points.

  249. I was in Eckerds yesterday and they had a sign on the coke cooler. It said “enter 8 cap codes and get a 20 oz. Coke free”

  250. I don’t think they are trying to be funny.
    Comment by James above says he had 4 accounts.
    This is a violation of the rules. Thus, they deleted his accounts…. Section D Rule 2.

    probably not the only one have this happen.

  251. 100084857976387 comes up in valid program, not the one I posted earlier. Sorry. By the way I’ve used that code(100083158358966) 3 times now and my account is still active.

  252. if your not aloud to enter more then once then they wouldn’t let you so im going to keep entering it in

  253. Hey some kids thought your account was cancelled and that promo code does not work saying program invalid

  254. I just tried to enter 100084857976387 the new Promo Code that “SOME KIDS” entered and it said
    What’s this????

  255. I just tried to enter the new promo code and it said

    100084857976387 that was the code that I entered

  256. 100084857976387 – Program Invalid

    I used 100083158358966 for the 4th time today with no problems.

  257. ROBERT on May 20 said he googled 100083158358966 and found out it’s a winn dixie promo in which you can enter it –ONCE– in a “COKE DAY”(which is from 8:00 p.m. one day to 7:59 p.m. the next). THE GUY WHO HAD ACCOUNTS CANCELLED HAD 4, WHICH WAS AGAINST THE RULES, AND DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOUR ACCOUNT’S CANCELLED IF YOU ENTER 4x A DAY.

    Remember, not once a DAY, twice a day, but once a “COKE DAY”.

    (no one would read at the top) PLEASE POST THIS VVHITE KID



    (It would be great if they were reusable like
    10008 3158358966)

  259. here is a three pointer for one lucky person. 4996ypt7zp4gkjn

  260. *****sigh***** I just cant seem to get here in time to get the points. no matter how many times I refresh

  261. I’ve used 100083158358966 the past 3-4 days but it seems to not be working anymore.

  262. Arrrgghhh I wish they would put something on the rewards worth getting….I remember the ole days when the PSP went for 1500 points (I actually got one then) and the Sony playstation was 800 or so. Now its almost a joke with Best Buy cards being 2500 for $100 bucks. Who would do that unless you have like 20000000 points. Im a gadget guy but nothing really good in the electronics or gaming. I was excited to see something for the Ipod but who wants to use their points for a bunch of cords…Why not put an Ipod on there…Even a shuffle would be worth it!!

    Also I remember when sony cash cards were 80 points for 10 bucks and not the 650 for 25 bucks at Best Buy.

    Lastly it would be nice to have a day where you could enter as many codes as possible. (Like that is going to happen, but wishful thinking). 10 codes a day just takes forever.

    Just thought I would rant

  263. I found out why Coke deleted the Blockbuster cards. A girl from Coke was doing a promo at the local Jewel and she informed me that Blockbuster stop giving Coke the discount that they normally get for purchasing the gift cards in bulks. Coke and Blockbuster is in negotiation to try to renew the contract to receive the discount again. As soon as it is resolved than the gift cards would appear again on Coke Reward website. Just keep your eye out in the near future for the gift cards.

  264. Thanks Peedy for notifying coke about the reusable code, so we can now all stop using it. URGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. hi everybody tomorrow is the day i have now 22992pt so be on the look out for your 23 codes peace out

  266. i figured since i use codes off of here i should give one, even though for some odd reason these promo codes work for everyone but me lol oh well


  267. Looks like 5 times is it for the promo code. I entered it for the 6th time tonight and it did’nt work. I will try again tomorrow. If you buy 6-.5 liter 6 packs at BI-LO the coupon printer will print a 50 point promo code. If anyone gets one of those, use it and then post it here. It may work more than one time!

  268. I got the best buy gift cards because I have noticed that everything will be increasing in points for lower things….and also I think they increased the points is because of more brands is more way to get points…

  269. Promo codes I found today!
    1.) 100083969675326
    2.) 100082622438433
    3.) 100083158358966

  270. Tried to enter promo code for the 6th time. No good.
    Guess it will allow only 5 redemptions per account.
    It was a good 50 points any how.

  271. I’ve only entered the promo code 3 times. And now today I can’t. Maybe it was a glitch? Not sure. Fun while it lasted. I will still try again later today.

  272. thos 3 codes have already been posted here…and the promo that could be entered once a day is gone…

  273. michael its not just 5 tiems…i tried it for the 4th time and it didnt work i guess coke closed the promotion.

  274. Dan, remember how PROMO CODES have maximum redemption limits? well, if all mycokerewards users were able to enter the reusabe code every day, do the math, and the limits would be reached extremely quickly.


  275. I was just kidding about Peedy. I am sure there are others that called too. May be this is just what Coke want to do, they help you build up a good starting points so you can keep going.

  276. All,

    Has anyone bought a regular Dasani 12oz. 12pk yet with the codes on it? They are out there now. The MyCokeRewards website has those listed as 24 points and the 24pk 16.4oz. as 10 points. Not sure how that could be and the Coke folks didn’t have the point value info on the regular Dasani 12pks. So, just wondered if anyone has entered any of those codes so we know for sure.


  277. hi everybody yes i did it i now have 23073pt. hello poorman how are you well to answer your question i am saving the points in the hope that after the sweepstakes game is over that they will put them back up for points. most of the trips that were there are now in the sweepstakes including the nascar trip that was 19000 7 months ago. ok let do codes hj4xg-6h7hp-mrvwx….gtj9l-nphlj-444y4…..jrkyn-jvtmj-jtvrj….jrjjrlzwrw7tgjz…..mbmyg-by6z9-76xr7….ok thats 5 18 more anyway the way coke point system is for every 100pt is worth $5.00. so as for me i would say i have 1,300 worth of money with them but i want a nice trip soon. let kept it moving m4pwh-7wrhp-brlyj….mxtnx-tmykr-4g446…….jmxzw-x64bw-vttrr…..4rxm4-gk7rg-g6bzv….gt6p6-ntlxw-wxvyr….ok thats 10 only 13 to go but i open another account with that one i have only 300pt because i only enter 10 caps a day time 30 day will be 900pt i buy something with account so i can get something for now. ok lets go lrvvz-4n7ph-nlbxt…….hbhgg-9nb6y-z7bzk……hb7yz-9tbj7-pxjwx…..hkyln-pl4tj-xbxkw…..and are you all ready for Memorial Day have a good time and be safe ok more codes only 9 more 6hp6n-khj6k-jywhx…..lkhvr-brtnh-lmwnj…….jbkj7-mkjlh-xtbyl……jmm76-zn9yl-vr69p…..htvvv-gy4nj-hj4lv…..remember to let me know which of these codes come up as error so i can give them back to you plus more. and also let us know when use up. next time when i have 24000pt i will number the line the codes are on . ok let go 7tjvx-kg7kt-jtxl9…..knm6b-4j9mm-jyxb7……b9t4g-pn7wm-9lj6h…..ok last one yes kmy9g-rpkzj-4jnzx….peace out my coke people

  278. Renee, i appreciate all you do on here. I din’t use any of them, but they are all gone. Good luck with any trip you may get.

  279. I recently started collecting my coke reward points…I am hooked. Is there an easier way to boost your points fast? I try to use the codes from this page but they go to fast…I need 3300 points-it seems imposible. If anyone can give me some pointers I would be very greatful.

    Have a Blessed Day—and Thank you.

  280. geez, all these codes were used..not by me. just say thanks people! thanks anways renee and kent.

  281. Hey Renee,

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the trips too. Be careful with your multiple accounts. Sounds like some folks have had all of their accounts deleted recently because it’s a violation. Just make sure there is no link between the two. You can have multiple accounts with the same address, as long as it is a different person (i.e. spouse, roommate, etc.).

    Take Care,

  282. Hey treeofknowledge why does someone have to be an idiot for a wrong code. You do realize that some codes are hard to read right? GROW UP!! Don’t post if your going to be rude, it just takes up space….

  283. Courtney,

    I have said it before, but I haven’t heard anyone say they have done it on here. Go to your local convenience store/gas station. they stock their can cokes in the fridge with the 12pks they have for sale. Ask the person if they would save them for you when they stock the fridge. Get a few stores to do this and you should be able to get to your goal a lot sooner.

    Good Luck,

  284. I went to a neighborhood gas station and was able to get 58 12-pack flaps…SCORE!!!! Thanks for the tip Michael!

  285. Here is a 3 point code if anyone wants it : > )

    Someone today gave me 10 fridge pack codes and a full target plastic bag full of red tops with more to come she said


  286. Gary,

    I tried that code, but there’s an “application error” message. I’m new to My Coke Rewards, but from the comments I’ve been reading, I guess this isn’t a rare occurrence.

    Thanks for sharing anyway 😉

  287. I rcv’d 40 free pts from Winn-Dixie today. They’re having a sale right now. Buy 4 12pks for $11 get 1 12 pk free. When I received my receipt, I also received 2 coupon print outs worth 20 pts. each.

  288. Hi, today i entered my diet coke codes and when i scrolled over diet pepsis with lime it showed a picture of a bottle cap and i said “VNWXMHG5Y6BT”
    So I entered it, but it said it was incorrect. What was that?

  289. KENT,

    WYTCBLF8HZWTNYL is invalid because C, F and 8 are not valid in mycokerewards (except when 8 is in a promo code). If you still have the flap, can you please repost?


  290. Kim P.,

    What state is the Winn-Dixie that you bought from? Those codes that print are area specific.


  291. Kim P
    Will you post the 2 20 point codes after you use them? They may work for the rest of us. All of our Winn Dixie stores closed about 2 years ago. Thanks

  292. I doubt they’ll work, but I guess it’s worth a shot.
    Let me know if it works for you.

  293. THANKS DAN! That worked just fine for me. Where did this code come from?


  294. Thanks so much for the points Dan! First time ever, I actually got some points from this site. Whohoo!

  295. Kim:

    No luck, but I am in DC, codes may work for Florida folks, or areas with Win Dixie’s. Thanks for posting them for the group though.


  296. 100084056688357

    Both are multi use 25pt codes and worked for me.

  297. I wish they had something good on the site to get!!!! IM wondering now if the Dewalt Drill might be worth it??

  298. Hi,

    Where are you guys getting the promotion codes?

    And, also, when I enter two promotion codes, it gives me the points but then entering a third one does not give me the points. WHY????

  299. Thanks to everyone. I really need to do that trick of going to stores for caps and flaps.

    Hmm 122.. I really want that wii. Anyone with thousands upon thousands of points want to donate?


  300. The last 2 didnt work…inko their the same but the code didnt work…thx for the other 25 points…

  301. Both 25 Point Promo codes worked for me. Where did they come from? Thanks Dan….

  302. hi everybody and thank you very much dan for the prom codes that was 50pt on both account i now have 23334pt i am going to use 1400pt for the 4 trip to six flags. and that after i first enter my 100pt tomorrow so i will be down to only 22000 again oh well just keep going and thanks again dan.

  303. As expected, both of Kim P.’s Winn-Dixie 20 pt codes say they were redeemed.
    Both of Dan’s 25 pt promo codes worked. Thanks Dan! Can you state what the promos were about? Maybe I’ll just Google the codes …


  304. 100082021821624 – 3 points
    100082157763657 – 5 points
    100082211832616 – 10 points
    100082622438433 – 10 points
    100083969675326 – 10 points
    100084056688357 – 25 points
    100084148441474 – 25 points
    100083158358966 – 10 points (still works if using it the first time)

    I’m sure these codes have already been posted but since the site is so helpful I thought I’d post all the codes I’ve found from different sites and hopefully there is a new code in there for you all.

  305. I would say NOT to use 100083158358966 anymore at this point, even though it was originally supposed to be good through June. By the way, you all know that they probably have people who look for pages like this online, right? hehe So don’t think that what we post here is secret. They know what we’re up to! It’s not really a big threat to the program, I’m guessing – since most of us still have our accounts. As long as we follow the rules…

  306. C.C., They wouldnt kno wat accs to ban unless u use ur name ur using on coke here otherwise they wont kno who it is…like me this isnt my acc for mcr…

  307. Hi everyone !

    Dose any one no coke cola rewards phone number is ?
    Please email me.
    Thankyou Desheray
    Happy Momorial day!!

  308. me and my friend went bike riding and raked up about 15 or 16 bottle caps. i even made him get a diet coke cap from a bottle that someone had peed in, lol, thank god he was there to do it…I really didn’t want to touch it.

    I also got two transformer cap codes if anybody wants to trade them for coke codes. I don’t know what they go for, but if any one is interested then just email me,

    p.s. i love love love those 25 pt codes!!

  309. I just got back from win dixie and if u buy the coke promotion they do give u 2 20 point codes…and also heres a suggestion…when i go and i see a coke box open…i go and take a picture of the code…iv done it 4 times and 2 times today…

  310. thanks dan 4 the 25 promo points both above work but not the 10 points a day don’t.

  311. here are 10, 12 Pack Codes total 10 Points each worth 100 Points I work for Cocacola so I have access to tons of codes this are the first 10 codes of many enjoy.


  312. how do you get the all number codes cause i need more points cause i never have time to enter all the codes

  313. thank you everyone who puts codes up even tho i never get any other then the promo codes!!!! peace out

  314. To Desheray:
    Look on the 12 pack cartons for phone numbers.
    good luck
    Emily aka Heart

  315. I have been getting “ERROR. We cannot process your request right now” when I try to log in to for the past few hours today. Is anyone else receiving that error message?

  316. my codes do work! but If you use them please let everyone know that they have been redeemed.
    100 points in codes worth 10 points each.


  317. Somebody must have already redeemed all of them because that was the message I got for all of them.

  318. I don’t think I’ve seen this posted yet (if so, sorry!)
    Free 20 oz Coke product coupon by mail use code:

  319. From your cell phone text 2653 with the word zero and you will receive a promotion code that is good for one use. I received a free coke but a friend of mine received a different code worth 10 points. We both tried to used each other promotional code but it state it was already used. The prizes varies so please let me know what you guys get when you use your code.

  320. Actually, I believe you receive a coupon for a coke by mail. Anyways, thanks for the code!

  321. THIS WEBSITE IS FLIPPIN’ AWESOME, i got 118 points in one night from this site!!!

  322. Just found this site…and its great. Im saving up for six flags tix! hope to get a code from here soon. all the promos i’v already found from other sites. but ill let u guys know if i find new ones. see ya

  323. iI tried the promotion text and it said i won a free 20oz Coke. The code was 100084377678573

  324. thanks bryan for the free 20 ounce code, thats very nice of you to pass it along.

  325. Wedge, your code says it was not typed in correctly. Take another look and repost if you get a chance

  326. hi if u guys want a free 20oz. coke pop here is a bonus code for it enjoy,


    it takes 2-4 weeks to mail the coupon to u. :>D

  327. I referred a friend on mycokerewards. He reached 98 points. But I didn’t get 10 points for referring him since he got more than 50. Can somebody tell me why I’m not getting my ten points?

  328. dude i put the code 100084377678573 and it said i added 0 points on my account and i got a bonus offer

  329. Someone answer the question a lot of us have:
    Where do you get promo codes from?

    Also I like hte Winn Dixie thing, its nice free 40 points. 😀 Also i love the promo codes. That repeat one I only used once. Also a couple of Promo codes that yall are saying thanks and worked say ‘UPC invaild’ or ‘UPC Denied’ its weird. Im going to my gas station to ask for codes. I hope they are nice. Well I gotta go I need points! I have 304 points. Saving up for a DS if they are still there. . . lol itll be a long long time before I ever see it.

  330. Koustuv,

    Same thing happened to me. I believe that promo codes do not count towards the 50 points and your friend needs to get 50 points from cap and flap codes.

  331. When i entered one of the codes that i found here for a free 20 oz. o=coke i got it and then it told me to exchange my 99 points for the coke if i didn’t i would lose the coke so i declined the offer, thats a rip off!

  332. When do promo codes come out and how do you hear about them? I’ve been on mcr for quite a while now and I never hear anything. If someone can give me a helpful tip, I’d appreciate it.

  333. look on ebay, somesone selling 9000 mycokereward points in the form of 3000 20oz bottle caps has the bid up to $102.50

  334. Thanks for this site, I’m new to the program (173 points right now), hey everyone got to start at the bottom! I found an extra 70 points here today plus I got the free coke. Thanks again!

  335. Koustuv and Sam,

    I have made accounts and used the promo codes to get 98 pts as well, and YES, promo codes count. Your 10 pts is not awarded right away, it usually takes a few days, maybe a week, so just keep referring/making accounts and within a week or so you will notice sometimes you are 10 more pts ahead.

    You can also look on your account and see where it says “Friend referral 10+ pts”.

    Just be patient and you will eventually get the pts from the referrals. They take a while to credit them to your account.

    Hope this helps..

  336. Anyone know when the MyCokeRewards contest ends? I’d check the site but my internet is really slow right now, too slow to open the page properly.

  337. 100084377678573 20oz. COKE

    There is no inventory for this Item.

    Translation = A Waste Of time They ran Out of Coke!!!

  338. do those sweepstakes things really work on coke rewards? is it worth usin my points for it?

  339. From what I understand promo codes are found for example on the pirates of the carrebean game…Coke Rewards gives the 10008 code to you but others have the same chance to use that code if they played the game…Since the person gives it out here well you dont have to play the game….

    Other promo codes occur when you go to your local kroger or winn dixxie and buy coke products and on the back of the reciet you might get a promo code..That is might doesnt happen all the time…For some reason these promo codes work more than once though so others can use them when the post them here..

    Other types occur in Magazine adds but are just random…

    One person early posted a free 20oz promo code…I used it and worked out fine.

    Random codes and people find them at such stores

  340. B-rad i wrote it right, i think you might have messed up or dan might have taken it idk

  341. The current phase of the promotion began on April 16, 2007. Codes may be entered until December 31, 2007; and prizes may be claimed until January 31, 2008.

  342. Try these promotional codes:


  343. WTF are you’ll talking bout this dumb winn-dixie crap and free promo codes from there. and how bout Krogers!!!??? i go there all the time and don’t see no promo codes on the reciepts there!!

  344. Bobby,

    I believe the Coke people refer to the store promotions as Catalina codes. These are codes that are generated on your store receipt when you buy certain products that are part of the promo between Coke and the store. These promos are run at different times with different stores. You will likely see an advertisement at the store about the promo when they actually have one. I haven’t seen one here in GA yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. Chances are that Kroger in GA will have a similar promotion at some point in the year…just like Winn-Dixie in FL currently has. I hope this helps some.


  345. Glad everone enjoyed the free code but did anyone get 10 points when they text from their cell phone. Yesterday if anyone text the word zero to 2653 from their cell phone than each person could get a different promo code. The one that was used here for for the free coke only. I let you guys know what the next code will be next Sunday. Every Sunday the cellular connection will provide a text code and word for coke promo codes if a person sign up for a new cell phone. I just caught a person come out the store and ask him and he gave me the code. Will do the same next Sunday and post it.

  346. Another free coke code – 100084226454945 – from USA Today. It is a coupon mailed to you.

  347. Can anyone tell me what to do at kroger and gas stations to get free points????Also what do u have to buy to get a code on ur receipt… i got 4 12 packs and didn’t get a code

  348. COKEMAN,

    your suppose to get it from winn-dixie and i think you have to buy 3 12packs and theyll give u 2 free 10point codes

  349. @Paul (Post#601):
    When I enter any one of those codes, the points don’t go in and I get a blank red box that comes up.

  350. Hay, I tried to use the promo code it said I got a bonus offer. But when I wanted to redeem it Coke said ‘The status for this gift doesn’t appear to be offered’. Can anyone help with my problem?

  351. James,

    The code works but it says, “We’re sorry – The status for gift doesn’t appear as Offered.” Thanks anyway.

  352. it says that the second time you use it. The first time will work the second time wont. I know this because I reddemmed it and it worked so i tried it again and it said We’re sorry – The status for gift doesn’t appear as Offered.”

    Just to throw out a 10 point code…
    this code does work so if you use it please tell us all. THanks

  353. does anyone know if they are going to add more sony gift cards to the rewards?

  354. man i got 98 points and that is it from this promotional codes please please please if there are any more promotional codes other than the ones listed below that still work TELL ME ill appreciate it alot 😀
    25 point code – 100084148441474
    25 point code – 100084056688357
    10 point code – 100083158358966
    10 point code – 100083969675326
    10 point code – 100082622438433
    10 point code – 100082211832616
    5 point code – 100082157763657
    3 point code – 100082021821624
    Free 20 oz. Coke code – 100084377678573
    Free “Pirates” ringtone – 100083625554846

  355. VIGIKNOT,

    If you work for Coke can you please let us know why the Blockbuster Gift Cards went away without any notice?


  356. Idk y the second coke code didnt work for u guys but i got both of them…thx

  357. I recieved an email the other day from my coke rewards that gave me a buy one get one free coupon on Coke Lite anyone elese recieve that??

  358. Wow! You guys are flippin great! I found this site and another one because I had trouble getting in the MCr website and one lady said to delete your cookies and delete your temporary internet files so I did and now I have no trouble getting in! Thanks to everyone for all the free codes. Keep em’ coming!

  359. G9T9PRPVZWN9P4Y redeemed, but not my me. Thanks for the freebies, y’all!

  360. hey does anyone know if i refere myself and type in the promo codes( at least 50 points) into each account will they cancel my original account.I already did this to 20 accounts and they sent me 200 point calling it “refered a friend-200 points”
    does anyone know if they will cancle my account for doing this?

  361. kiki,

    You have violated many sections of the users agreement. Since they can tie the accounts together, it’s not a question of if, but when will they cancel those accounts. You really showed your brains by posting about it on here.

  362. 10 point codes


  363. Do you guys think I can save up enough points for a snowboard? My friend does own a junkyard and has a ton of boxes just sitting there…

  364. okay does anybody else HATE the fact that you can only enter 10 codes a day? especially when you have about 60 caps that need to be entered…grr it takes forever and thats only 30 pts a day if you only have caps..not flaps

  365. Thanks, David! I got HMZZN7BM7TV9GYM (first one) and KPTNRZTNTZWX6LM (second to last). All the other ones were already taken. Weird codes to leave untouched.. :p

  366. Ok, either people sit on this website all day hitting the refresh button to see if anyone just gave away codes, or people submit their already used codes to look helpful. All those 10pt codes above are already used, I’m only 45 minutes or so behind, but man! However, I do appreciate everyone who participates. I’ve probably grabbed about 75 points of this website, but the promo codes… ohh baby! Thanks to those who find these codes! Peece Owt!

  367. James, offer to trade 4-3pt. for 1-10pt code. Then you would be able to enter more points per day. You would have to trust people are giving you valid codes, that is the only downside and you are losing 2 pts for every 10.

  368. Alright… So I raided some recycle bins today… Seems to me that everyone in Washington is either a drunkard ( beer bottles) or drinks pepsi ( inset sad face here) Anyone have any ideas where and how I can pick up some caps and flaps??

  369. hey liz, go look in the junkyards, they’e good places to find codes. 🙂
    i have an offer to anyone. ill trade 1 flap for 4 or 5 caps (u choose).

  370. yeah it bothers u can only put 10codes whats the point of that it should be 20 so u can put in more.. and i put a code in 2minutes after it was posted and it was redeemed i wonder if they hit refresh every 10seconds or they put it there to fool people into putting it in and waste their time…

  371. Hey vvhitekid2,

    Why are all my posts taken off? I don’t leave many and the ones I do, I think, are important (lurking in south MPLS, used codes 45 minutes after you post them, TODAY)
    But for some reason you don’t take off the oldest ones here and the other web site, does anyone need to see the april ones again, and again and agian every time they log-on? (I must be missing something why you can eliminate some posts but not others)

    Just wondering,

    Paul (Paul, I guess we should distinguish each other, to the recent paul that has been posting.)

  372. Paul: First of all, thanks for your effort in participating on

    If you aren’t seeing your posts show up, you’re probably either

    1) begging for points where you shouldn’t be (not allowed)
    2) Submitting posts that do not provide value to the discussion
    3) Linking (Spamming) a website for no reason.
    4) Submitting fake codes or old promo codes

    I receive about 500 posts a day to this site and only about 50 seem to make it on, so some good posts might slip through the cracks. For that I apologize.

    Hope this helps!
    vvhitekid -site owner

  373. Hey, Liz.

    If you live in a state where bottles and cans are recyclable and pride’s not an issue, carry a (non see-through, large) bag with you when you search for caps and collect all brands (even beer! for you alcoholic staters like Washington apparently) , turn them in for cash anb buy the caps on ebay. they are 3$ for 20 if you’re careful, or you can buy the flaps. Not economical if the money weren’t coming from something you were doing anyway. i.e. you’d be paying for your rewards almost one to one. I’m surprised Coke hasn’t shut that down yet.

  374. Thats a pretty good idea Vinny. Thanks for the idea.
    Right now i have about 120 caps..
    i dont know if i will trade or not, since i dont have like a thousand caps or something…but if i start to get a LOT on a regular bases i might try that idea. its good to keep in mind

  375. I would like to thank you for this website. While I have not had any luck snatching up any of the real codes. I have made use of the promo codes. I am sure this is time consuming.


  376. Kiki why dont you just have your friends sign up and give them the promom codes here to enter. Dont make dummy account linked to your name..Tell them they can get prizes by doing this since they will get 100 points just for signing with you. That is not against the rules…I had about 20 people do that alone tongiht and were happy to do so

  377. As stated all your friends emails will be legit and shouldnt have to worry then…

  378. Ok here is some suggestions on getting codes..

    Many people suggest and does work going to your local gas station and asking if they will save thier box tops when stocking cokes.

    Everyone knows to hit their friends up also

    Some people say recycling areas but I have not found many like that in my area atleast..

    Box tops are harder to get!

    3 point caps..

    Try going to your local hospital/Police/Fire dept and asking them if you can place a plastic container so people can place their tops in.

    I work in a Hospital and can get over 20-50 caps a day just by having nurses and doctors saving them. I have one nurse that drink atleast 5 bottles a night. My boss drinks 4 bottles each day. Infact as stated in ealier email this week another department brought me atleast 350-450 caps they have saved.

    One more way

    I was at an event at my local collisium (It was a car show). The only soft drink products sold were 20 oz coke products at vending machines and over the counter…I would check out the trash cans and almost every trash can had 10-20 bottles.

  379. actually vvwhitekid2 100083158358966 cant be used once a day anymore they fixed it and it says its been redeemed if u already used it once

  380. OK, I’m not the Paul that had all his post deleted. I previously put up a list of promo codes that someone generously posted on ebay for free. His listing has since disappeared and other seem to be now selling those same promo codes on ebay.

    Is anyone else amazed at the dollars people are spending on buying these codes on ebay? Each point seems to be worth 3 to 4 cents. For instance, a $25 Best Buy card will cost you 660 points. That works out to less than 3.8 cents per point.

    Is there anything wrong with finding caps or box flaps in neighbor’s recycling bins? I have found some on my morning walks, but I think garbage is protected due to identity theft. Not that a bottle top will give anyone any identity information, but it’s a blanket law if it exists. Just curious.

    Paul in WI (signing differently)

  381. vvhitekid,

    Question. What timezone are you in? Just wondering so I can tell how long the codes have been on.

  382. just curious, does anyone know when the official coke cutoff time for each day is? I know by the 10 point-a-day code it was 8pm. What about now, when does the official coke day start?

  383. vvhitekid,
    Even though Laura already said it, I just wanted to thank you for spending all the time you do on this site. I never get any of the codes besides the promos but I think it is really sweet of you to manage this site.

  384. Thanks for the suggestions everyone… So I called the recycling place here and we are too poor to recycle the caps.. so basically all the caps are in the garbage which is usually in the depths of black trash bags in the trash cans…. i found one cap today in the midst of gross disgusting pizza trash at the park… thats about as lucky as i’ve gotten. but I do realize that the whole point is to be rewarded for what your doing as well. i usually drink pepsi but now i drink coke…

    do you guys know what this site is and what it does?? I downloaded but i’m not exactly sure how it works… it has something to do with coke rewards though.. supposed to help the redemption process. well maybe someone can enlighten me.. oh and people posted an error comes up. thats because you need firefox and that greasemonkey thing downloaded ( its free also)… anyone know exactly what this does and how it can help the coke redemption process?

  385. I recommend going to the carnivals and fairs in your area. A lot of caps can be found there. Also if you ask someone who works there they may need helping taking it back down and you could get paid while you collect tons of caps. If you don’t feel like working… ask a few people who work there to collect them and tell them you will pay them like ten cents per cap. You will be amazed of how many you will collect!

  386. as Paul in WI pointed out, the caps are not worth it unless you can get them for free. Do the math on any reward you want, if you pay 10 cents per cap for any significant number, you are simply buying your prize and overpaying to boot. Great idea if you do get them for free, tho 🙂 BTW, is anyone collecting Transform your Summer caps, too? I pick them up while I’m collecting coke, and their system is different but interesting, raffle style instead of accumulation of points.

  387. Has anyone compiled a list of all the free codes out there? How many are there? I keep coming accross the same ones, a master list of freebie codes would be sweetness. I feel like I may be missing some. Does anyone know of any free points greater than 25? Thanks for any help on this one…

  388. Nick, I collect the Transform your Summer caps too. I’m not really a fan of the whole raffle style, but if I win something, then that’s fine by me.

  389. these are the current free codes
    10 points: 100083969675326
    10 points: 100082622438433
    10 points: 100082211832616
    5 points: 100082157763657
    3 points: 100082021821624
    25 points: 100084148441474
    10 points: 100083158358966 (might not work)
    25 points: 100084056688357

  390. i think there are codes on the sides od pirates cups @ AMC theaders. i know the one my friend got was only a 3 pointer though.

  391. are there code on 32 packs of coke? because my aau team is haveing a tourney and i can get about 10 of them, so i was wondering where to check for codes.

  392. 32 pk code is worth 25 points. 12 pk code is on inside of part you remove to open, so code is probably similarly placed on a 32 pk.

  393. Angela,

    The 32 pack codes are actually on the plastic wrapping located at the bottom of the 32 pack. If you flip it over you will see a black square on the plastic wrap that is used to conceal the code. Unfortunately it can also be easily removed if someone wanted to without actually comprimising the packaging. So be sure to check it before you buy it. The code location instructions are on the packaging too. I have only seen it on the Diet Cokes so far…just like I have only seen the Coca Cola Classic 24 packs with codes. I am sure the rest will come along soon. Hope this helps.


  394. How do I get a free “Transform Your Summer” Code without purchase?
    To receive one free Code without purchase send a self-addressed stamped envelope postmarked on or before 7/14/07 to:

    “Transform Your Summer” Request
    P.O. Box 3652
    Young America, MN 55558-3652

  395. lol every time someone rites redeemed thanks, jb always writes that he did it after like 3 days idk y but that sparked my attention

  396. hey people 🙂
    I’m a bit new in all this so please answer me this question.
    When I enter some of the promotional codes it says “UPC not active”. Please tell me what is this UPC and How to activete it?

  397. LMAO Wedge i noticed that too as soon as u said that hahahah vvhitekid2 u mite wanna check that out i dont know what for but…yea haha man i so bored ive been here forevr and still no points but its ok thanks every1 so far even tho i didnt get any points off this site so far…ok ill stop typing hhahaha

  398. I just had a 1002 point account LOCKED! Thats it Im officially DONE. My own fault though, multiple accounts. BE WARNED! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  399. Hey Renee,

    Have you seen the $500 Cruise Gift Certificate Coke added to the prizes (for 7143 points)? That is the closest thing they have to a vacation you can purchase. You can use it toward the purchase of a cruise package and left over money is used for onboard credit…just like spending cash. With the points you have you’d be able to take a 4 night cruise and have $500 spending cash. Just thought I’d let you know, in case you haven’t checked the prizes lately.

    I called the Cruise redemption number listed on the prize and you should be able to use multiple cift certificates, but you might also want to call Coke at 1-866-776-6610 to verify. I tried but they aren’t open until 9am eastern.


  400. If your dumb enough to put your name on multiple accounts then that is your fault to have it cancelled..There is no way if you use your friends to sing up that your account would be cancelled. Tell them you will give them 100 promo codes free

  401. Hey Richard,

    Were they all under your name? Did you use family members names?

    Let us know.


  402. Err where are my new promo’s? lol grrrrr i need to do the gas station thing. And I couldnt find and 32pk with a code at my local stores. I was very sad. BUT! That winn Dixie thing got me twenty something packs of coke w00t 😀

    (they list “Atlanta” Kroger, but I am hoping that is just a generic reference and that all GA Krogers are participating)

    Kroger is going to have Catalina Codes that will print on your receipt when you buy certain products starting on June 3rd. They believe it should run until June 30th, but the Coke representative wasn’t sure. Here is the list of products and the corresponding point values:

    2 12pks = 20 point code
    2 32oz. Powerade = 6 point code
    1 8pk 20oz. Powerade = 24 point code
    1 12pk Dasani 1/2 liter (flavored) = 10 point code

    These are one time use codes and count toward your daily entry limit. This is a good way for you to store up on free higher point codes for Double Points Days. These codes can be saved and entered before the promotion ends…per the Coke representative.

    Feel free to call Coke at 1-866-776-6610 to see if there are any stores participating soon in your area.



  405. I’ll give away a code (3 pt cap) but you have to earn it. Come up with what asdfhj stands for. Funniest and most relevant entry wins. very subjective, I know, but it’s my code. Multiple entries allowed. I’m curious what it actually stands for, but this will not win the prize. I’d suggest keeping it clean if vvhitekid wants it that way, but personally I don’t care. also helpful would be a way to get the code to the winner without someone else stealing it or posting any emails publicly. 72 hrs time limit from time stamp of orig posting.

  406. Joe,

    mycokerewards already knows about this site they dont really care and your not aloud to make more than 1 account its not this site’s fault its yours and why would you want to make another account if you have 23,000 points god your stupid

  407. Joe, nobody said to create different accounts in YOUR name. What someone mentioned was to create different accounts in your families names, but I still don’t understand why someone would do that. To me it would take twice as long because the prizes cost a LOT of points. You misunderstood and that is very unfortunate. I feel for you.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with eople giving away their unused Coke reward points (which can only be redeemed once) or mentioning the bonus reward points (which are few and far between). It is the same as if someone found Coke rewards in the trash or if someone bought you a Coke which happened to have a reward code on it. People are just being kind-hearted which is a pleasure to see to be honest with you. 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to give my two cents. Take care and have a great weekend. Angel

  408. Joe your a jerk. You only think about yourself. Thats why your wife cheated on you and your sons a bent hand.

    Go fly a freakin kite, Will u?

  409. riiight. if you really had 23,000 points why would you waste your time creating new accounts for 10 points each? its not like you really need that extra 100 points.

  410. Since we made you lose( not loose like your wife) your account how about you listen to us again and drive into a wall.

  411. Wow….that’s about all I can say…Coke should never just take away accounts without even a warning. Wow…..just……wow

  412. Hey Joe

    I lost my account to, but I aint crying. I knew what I was doing.
    What I’m wondering is: If you have all those STRAIGHT CONNECTIONS why the h*ll didn’t you ask them before you did it.
    Oh wait. Let me guess. VVhitekid went to your house, slapped you around and MADE you set up those other accounts.
    Your the jerk.

    Peace Out coke people

  413. CokeHead

    Yea all in my name. Just changed the email. I’m an idiot I know but when those those 190 points came out awhile back I got a little greedy. Used em to get movies for my kids. Anyway like I said It was my own fault. Not gonna pull a Joe and blame my cokies for for it. Just have to start over.

  414. I have 2 extra codes they are L7XJ6RYWNYLB4HL & 7XJVKG4TN9KKBBR Enjoy. I’ll try and get some more codes.

  415. Why are we the jerks? You are the one who made multiple accounts, doesn’t matter if someone told you to do it or not….you knew it was wrong!

  416. Well Joe that is your problem and not ours. If your dumb enough to sign up for multiple accounts and put your name on them for them to trace back then your the jerk. Coke already knows about this site if you dont read this forum already. Only really one way to get 23,000 points hmmmmm lets see…Only so many time you can enter codes a day hmmmmm game only going for so long—-you do the math….Must have been doing something slightly off

  417. Joe you are an idiot.

    First of all, there’s no way in hell that you have 23,000 points (Renee is the only one I would believe had this) and second, you don’t have straight connections to Coke. Go get a life you moron.

  418. Joe ur pretty funny hahaha they said you can do that but at the end of the comment, it said to be caution about it so haha ur fault man but dam i would be mad only because how many points i had 23,000??????????? dammmmmm thats alot but oh well still ur fault

  419. Guys even if its your family members and they have an email address and of age they can play. How would they know if you open up a yahoo account with ltets say Micheal Jordan with some rendom address on it. This in no ways ties it to you…Are you sure when you put in the promo codes this counts for 50 points or do they have to be off of caps…A buddy of mine had entered a friend and gave him promo codes from this site that got him up to 70 points….He then entered a 3 point cap and its then that my coke rewards put a banner up saying thanks for entering your first code…They gave him a 20 oz coke but only when the 3 point cap was entered.

  420. Schmoe hahahhahahahahahah thats true and really really hilarious lol

  421. is ther any way to create multiple accounts and not get cought. like change name zip adress email and the whole shabang?anyone have any experince with this matter?

  422. GJNPMGMX4Z6K97G has been redeemed already there is no freaking way someone got it before me 🙁 hahaha o well thanks n e away vvhitekid2 keep it up

  423. u guys know if you go to like a picnic or something with family and they bring coke cans, take the box and rip the code i did it today when we had our class picnic i got 50 points lol try it



  425. Its not really a matter of creating a dummy account but seeing if the promo codes count towards 50 points and then givng you ten. If Coke doesnt recognize the promo codes to count towards someone 50 first points its pointless! As stated my buddy tried this and hasnt recieved his codes yet. So IM not sure if that scam will work.

  426. Kivi, my friend tried this the other day and his account was frozen. He had around 1500 points and wanted to get the wii. He made 100 accounts referred to himself, with completely random adresses and emails. A few days later he tried to log on to coke and it said your account has been frozen.

  427. kivi, the site tracks your IP address, more than likely. The only way to have more than one account would be to only log into the other account only at a friend’s house, the library, etc. However, if you do it at a public location such as the library, you run the risk of someone else having an account there, too. I don’t know their exact policies with multiple accounts per household, but all in all, I’d say it’s easier just to be legit. :p

  428. Ballplayer,

    I’m the one who got KGM6NG9P7Z7JH6M and GJNPMGMX4Z6K97G. Just so you know.

  429. I was just wondering, what does it mean to have upc invalid, and is there any way to fix this?

  430. jb im not saying that you shouldn’t say thanks when you redeem the code lol im saying that its strange that after people say not valid you say thanks man i used all of them
    like the 18 10 point codes i doubt u got all of those lol im just saying

  431. Wedge – got all of them but 2. Sometimes my “thanks” postings don’t appear on the site until way after I post them.

  432. having seen some discussion B4 about ez-er ways 2 see & read the codes nside the caps, peeling the plastic liner out & such,… lead me 2 hold 1 up 2 my pc monitor screen. the light shining thru the back of the cap works great! makes codes vry ez 2 read, reducing those pesky “code was not entered correctly” messages. just a li’l fyi 4 ya :))

  433. I dont agree with the assumption that using one computer would have that effect…The other day at work several I told several of my friends I could get them 100 points if they would sign up. When you go to my coke rewards to refer a friend there is several places to enter alot of friends. I entered about 15 people that I know with the same computer and all with legit emails. I think most people who got accounts frozen were dumb enough to put their own name mutliple times or something…There is no way they can cancel if your friends use your computer to sign up on…That is just rediculas.

  434. Cokeman, yours is the only entry I see so far, correct me if I’m wrong. Good work, you definitely have the lead 🙂 remember I said funny AND relevant, i.e. to cap collecting or coke or the current coversation on this site, no matter how dumb it might be, whatever.

    I’ll reissue the challenge since it’s getting buried;
    Come up with what asdfhj stands for. Funniest and most relevant entry wins. 1 3 pt cap code to the whiner, i mean winner.

  435. If you are multiple accounts to get points, don’t overdue by making 100 or something. My friend has made 15-20 of these as of now and they all seem to work. Also, son’t be sloppy and just put in random information into the accounts. Be precise so you can make like that someone is actually using those accounts.

  436. Yo thanks for the promo codes they helped the 10 point one however didnt work

  437. Joe if you had connection you wouldn’t have lost your account. You also wouldn’t have to come to this site for points. Jerk

  438. whitekid how do u get all of these codes??? do u lik buy 5 12 packs a day or what?????well i also thank u for all that u do on this site…it’s awesome!

  439. I just received a free ipod nano (black wiht 8gigs) and a coupon for a free 12 pack of Vault. Receiving the free ipod was a shock but what really suprise me was the coupon for the Vault. I added 10 points to mycoke account. The way it work like many of you may alreadt know is that you must sign up for an offer I suggest and it took two days to verify I signed up with them. Then I canceled the account. Your credit card will be billed one dollar but you get $5.00 in free postage to pay your bills (lol). It took a long time to get the ipod but it finally arrived 7 weeks later after my last referral. You can only have one account one ipod per address but after you receive the ipod you can resign up for another account and request the $225 cash to your paypal account. You can do this twice an then you can’t anymore with your home address. If anyone is interested please email me at and I will send you the free referral link.

  440. Super Fresh (a 24-hour supermarket chain in PA and possibly other areas) is having a promotion. They have 4/$11 on 12-packs and mention a chance to win free groceries but there isn’t a display anywhere (I was at the Haverford location). However, for every 4 12-packs you buy you get a coupon printed out during checkout with the details.

    It says:

    “Go to
    Enter code below
    This code is worth 3 points and a chance to win 52 weeks of free groceries at A&P, WALBAUMS or SUPERFRESH”.

  441. OMG!!!! WOOO!!!! Free offer for 20 oz bottle of any coke product! GET IT NOW!


    It will be gone very quickly. Worked for me at 11:15 Central American Time. June 1st!

  442. Wow.. So I really need to find a new way to collect caps… no gas stations actually sell the cans from coke… only pepsi ( grr) so they won’t have the flaps… and uhh. about trying to pick some up on garbage day.. here is a short little anecdote for your enjoyment…

    I got my friend to get into collecting points with me… so we decided to raid some trash cans on trash day.. we purchased gloves at th dollar store ( 1oo pack of plastic crappy ones) and I drove to each garbage and my friend would get out and dig through recycling bins and trash cans. Afer sifting through bags of dog shit ( literally) and used diapers… We got this great idea… I first started collecting caps when I purchased a diet coke at subway because they sell the bottles and I read about it when Iwas bored… So.. at like 11 pm .. we went to Subway’s dumpster.. This giant rusting metal of beauty as sitting behind one of thos crazy closed cages…. we went in and propped open the lid with a crate they had laying around because it weighed literally.. more than me ( we both had to open it… it was so heavy) well I was sifting through a bag when a horrid smell was released from the dumpster… I started gagging and thought I was going to puke from the smell so I ran to the other side of the dumpster.. When I was leaning over in pain I muttered” Oh my god!” as I saw lights pull up to the garbage. cage area… My friend assumed I found caps behind the garbage and went to check on me.. when a man walked in the gate and took the crate that propped open the trash out.. and then said ..” HEllo!?” he was coming behind the dumpster… and my friend and I were quiet and freaked out… all we wanted were coke caps!!! so as he moved toward us we moved away and ran out of the gate and to the car and sped off…. capless….. Then we went to perkins… and when the lady asked what I wanted to drink I asked ” CAn I have a diet pepsi?” and she said ” is diet coke alright?” and I said I would just have water…..

    anyone else have any ideas??? I don’t drink enough coke alone to make the prizes worth it, but I must admit it is kinda a cool thing to collect.. how can I collect more caps in my community…??? without getting in trouble or disturbing the peace?

  443. hey guyz i actually do use some of these caps but only 10 and 25 pointers so here is a 3 pointer:

  444. Liz,

    Where do you live that no gas stations sell can Cokes? I can’t believe that every gas station near your house or work don’t sell Coke cans individually. How many have you checked with?

    If this is the case I feel for you because it is the easiest way for you to get points. Well, it isn’t the only easiest way. Do you have any Chinese delivery places near your house or work? If you do…then call them up and ask if they sell can Coke with their deliverys. If they do then there is a very good chance they buy 12, 24 or 32 pks as their supply. Go to the places that sell the can Cokes and ask them to help by saving them for you (NOTE: don’t ask over the phone…it works better in person). One of the places I have uses 24 and 32 pks, and another is usually good for 10-14 12pk flaps a week. You can check with other delivery places too…pizza places generally use bottles, but you can check with them too. Hope this helps to keep you out of trouble with the LAW. 🙂

    Good Luck!


  445. ill say it again the best place to get caps ie your local kroger or officialy sitting on a stock pile of caps.i go every day sometimes twice a day.

  446. 100084226454945

    Didn’t work for me say:

    Already been redeemed on my coke rewards.

  447. has anyone ever seen 32 packs in walmart, i went last night they had only 12 packs

  448. Hi all, I haven’t been around much since cashing in for the 32″ LCD back in September, but I’ve built up some points again and tried to redeem for gift cards and most of them are out of stock but the pictures don’t tell you that until you click on long has this been going on?

  449. I’ve been on vacation for a week, and can’t wait to get home tomorrow and go dumpster-diving. I actually DREAMED about it last night. Only found a few caps and 2 empty 12-packs during the week. Took caps and flaps and laptop along so I could enter codes every day. Thanks for the 25 point promo codes and free coke promo code.
    Thought I would save up 10000 points for the “movies for a year” reward, but we went to a matinee of Shrek in Lake Havasu, and some kid kicked the back of my seat for the entire movie. Re-thinking this idea.

    Got to Las Vegas and found someone had broken into our vacation home here. Drank 2 cans of juice (passed on the diet Coke) and stole a cheap DVD player. Its a nasty feeling to know someone has gone though your things. Probably kids, since they didn’t touch the booze. At least they didn’t take my lava lamp!

    Thanks to everyone who posts, I’ve enjoyed it all.
    Peace out ):

  450. Oh man, I’m scared after reading what you guys said about multiple accounts… I made 5 different accounts on the same computer. I hope they don’t freeze my original account! I’m up to 216 points =/

  451. Hahahahhaahahhaahaha “Liz,” that is the BEST. STORY. EVER. Seriously… that’s waaaaaay too much trouble just for coke caps, you’d be better off working for minimum wake (6.75 an hour) and BUYING points off eBay (~$7 for 100 points).. 100 points an hour is like finding 33 caps… and no garbage.
    Personally, I have a lot of friends who simply don’t use their points, and I go to college, so I can just take their caps and bottles and they don’t care… Also, I see red caps on the ground and just take them home.
    All in all, I’d say your best bet is to find friends who DO drink a lot of coke (i.e. they have parties and buy the 12-packs, or they have a large family) and to nonchalantly ask them for the gold that is their points. Seriously… great story.

  452. The free 20 oz’er code just now worked 4 me. w00t!

    …and nick, here’s one –
    All day we scrounge for points….

    a nd s ome d ude f inally h its (the) j ackpot (?)

    hey, gimme 3 pts credit for at least tryin’.

  453. Screw my coke rewards; they make us do so many stupid things…….
    u guys know u will never get up to 1000plust pts unless u drink or pick up garbabg everyday…

  454. does anyone know how long it takes for the mycokerewards system to update and give you 10 points for eferring a friend cause one time it took 4 dayds and the next time it took over night.

  455. does anyone know how long it takes the mycokerewards system to update and give you 10 points for reffering a friend? 1 time it took 4 days while a differnt time it took over it a certain day?

  456. i have a 10 point flap to give to the first person that tells me who “the grind line” consisted of……

  457. my friend just got me a ton of caps on his vacation – unfortunately they were for the canadian version of the game!

  458. hey, just used the free 20 oz bottle code, worked for me so keep trying it, its still valid, 100084226454945

  459. Here’s one for Liz;

    a sticky dumpster…forever hair juicy

    excellent work, Topcop. c’mon, people, you don’t even have to bend over to pick up these points. just exercise your brain.

    and for the record, since someone asked I have 270 points, but I only started last thursday, so I’m pretty happy with that. yesterday I raided a little league baseball park (about 15 full garbage cans) after it had rained, but apparently they only sell Pepsi. I got 16 transform your summers, and 1 coke cap and collected enough bottles to pay for 2/3 of a trip to ebay for more coke caps. I am either collecting for the Wii, or the $500 cruise gift certificate. I rarely have to worry about the 10 code a day limit. Thanks for all the free codes!

  460. Well I had some friends sign up on Wed and they gave me the credits today and yesterday if that gives you any idea…I keep telling many of you…If you have know anyone that works in a Hosp setting ask them to collec the caps for you…I collect atleast 100 or more a week this way…Also many people give me the boxes…To date I started 1 year ago and I have over 6600 points now but my max is over 10000. I have claimed the PSP and other prizes long ago…Still w8ing for another PSP to surface but that hasnt been since last Oct. I watch the site daily sooo will see. The points have gone up sooo much almost feel somewhat robed spending my points for example on a Wii or even a drill that takes almost 6000 points…Back in the old days : >) PSP was only 1500 points…I bet today that would be over 3000

  461. i went to kroger today in dalton georgia and bought two twelve packs to see if they would be doing that promotion thing…didnt get anything on my receipt so i guess its just atlanta krogers?

    the promotion is supposed to start the third right?

  462. Actually Jack I have 1217 My Coke Reward Points and I am in Middle School. My school does not sell Cokes and I don’t even drink Coke at all. I just pick up bottles when ever I see them anywhere (Trash Cans, Football Games, Airports, or Marathons). Nobody saves any codes for me. I do all of the work on my own and the program is very fun for me. Thanks so much for this site it is really cool.


  463. Hey u say that everyone call coke and complain about how many codes a day you can enter, you should say that we need to enter unlimited, because thats the only reason no one is getting alot of prizes. Time is winding down so if we didn’t have a limit on codes, i guarantee everyone would be able to order a wii in about 3 sec lol i mean thats what i think what do you think????

  464. Hello, I just recently started collecting coke points. I have 2 questions if anyone can help?

    1) What is a coke day?

    2) Are these points expiring sometime soon? Am I collecting for nothing?

    Thanks for the help! Happy collecting!!

  465. hi everybody just got back from vaction at six flags in new jersey it was very excitied i went on all the rollercoaster i also got back some of my point i now have only 21100pt i sent 3000pt for 8 ticket to six flags we have so much fun went down there with three car and hello michael dino24t yes i saw the cruise and i did add it to my wish list but still waiting on the nascar trip if it dont show up i take the cruise i should be able by then to get $2000 in credit for that cruise. so i will be giving out 22 codes when i get 22000 again, peace out

  466. I am also in middle school and my average of points so far is 10 points a day and my total points for the whole program…begining october 2006 is like 5000 points and I get about 120 points a week. I go through garbage and I really dont care….this is what i do…its like ur saving for something and theres a garbage can right in front of u saying..(this is the prize u want.) and its like digging to the bottom to get wat u want but along the way u get points and thats how u dig deeper in the can…anyway i really dont care if people see me its sooooooooo worth it wat im doing… im in 8th grade.

  467. hey everyone, the last couple times ive gone to the store all the diet coke 2-liters dont have code caps,
    Whats up with that?

    Code count: 53

  468. coke-a-maniac – Kris Draper, Joe Kocur, and Kirk Maltby were the original Grind Line for the Detroit Redwings in the late 1990s.

  469. nice job there b-rad i sent u the code,next time i need to find a harder ? that one was a lil easy

  470. Here’s a code for the “Transform your summer” if anyone is interested.

    rvelf pttpc

  471. Cub Foods in the Twin Cities (pardon if this is already posted)I bought 2 24-packs of Dasani water. They each had ten-point codes and with the purchase of 2 24-packs came a printout coupon for twenty more points. However when I tried to enter the code it would not accept it. It is a 12 alpha/numeric code instead of the normal 15. Has anyone here got a 12 code to work for them?

  472. i just entered a 12# red cap yesterday and it worked,there using new letters and numbers on them

  473. James,

    I bought my 12pks at a Canton, GA Kroger and got the Catalina Codes. It isn’t actually on your receipt. It is printed from those little coupon machines owned by “Catalina” marketing. Those are the machines that will print off various coupons when you buy certain products. The Catalina Coke Code printed instantly for me when I scanned the 2 12pks. You may want to try it again and if it doesn’t print for you then tell the cashier to remove the 12pks from your order.

    Hope this helps some…


  474. No, you can’t use points a second time. The transform your summer code has been used by 11:00, (not by me) and FYI, there is a 500 per person entry limit for the entire promo for TYS. i.e. you can only enter 500 times thru 8/5 when it ends. just something to think about for the traders out there

  475. Man This is the way the whole world should treat eachother, What would it hurt to give someone else something that you dont use? If it was this way, we wouldn’t be stuck using that government printed paper that everyone tries to hoard! TY man I’m glad to see someone so nice!

  476. Micheal,
    yeah the cashier lady didnt bother handing me the coupon things that printed off from that little machine. next time i should probably go to the self check outs :[[.


    code redeemed by me.thank you
    And this is the first code redeemed by me from this site.

  478. how come people take points but dont post nothing come on people cooperate haha but congrats to whoever got them

  479. score! I just found 46 coke caps, 2 tys and a dr pepper at my local botle return. They were all neatly separated in to a bag (you’re supposed to remove the caps before inserting into machines) I was there to return a few of my own in order to buy more caps on ebay. But in the spirit of giving back (please no one who has already claimed one today claim this one, let’s spread the love, and for pete’s sake post when you’ve used it!) ;


  480. Thank you for the 20 oz coke code. It worked for me today! I’m probably the only grandmother on here, but I am having fun reading your postings and collecting points.

  481. great i missed this one again urghhhh who took this one??? Pete?? o and sorry i didnt see ur comment their before mine

  482. this person graced the cover of the det. newspaper in front of a burning car in 1984 after the tigers won the world series….who am i? first post with correct answer gets 2 caps.

  483. coke-a-maniac its Bubba Helms just posting this again just in case the others didnt go through

  484. It was a teenager “The iconic image of the day was an Associated Press photo of a beer-bellied teenager from the suburbs holding up a Tigers pennant in front of a burning police car.” So were they even allowed to disclose the name?

  485. though the wings lost seeing them make it to the playoffs for more then half my life,im never dissapointed GO WINGS

  486. apparently you people can’t respect simple requests… no more free codes from me, congrats to whomever took the code and didn’t post, you got 3 pts, but lost any future pts from me for everyone.