Free Subway Scrabble Codes

Subway Scrabble
Subway has a promotional Scabble game going on, and I don’t use the points (letters) for these, so here are some free Subway Scrabble Letters for those who actually play!

The game is actually called “Fresh Buzz”, and some of the prizes include $100,000, a vacation, or American Airlines tickets for 2.

Good luck! If you don’t need the letter that you have, I encourage you to post them here, and share with others.

Here’s one to start out with:

UPDATE: Check out the Subway Scrabble 2009 page for the free codes and information about the current contest!


  1. I Dont Eat much subway so i wont be using this much.anyway if i find and/or get any i’ll post them on here.

  2. I collect subway scrabble pieces, but if you win a prize you have to actually have the game pieces to claim it.

  3. i need “o”. if any one have plz send me the code. i work in subway i have around 300 letters but no if any one need any code just mail me.

  4. Hey- if you do win a prize, you need to have the proof of the letters, so you need to send in the paper pieces. therefore, posting the codes on the internet doesnt work. you need to use an unused piece. so…could we set up like a swap? i have an unused t, two h’s , and an r, and im looking for an f, an o, a w , a u, a v , and an n. email me- thakns =]

  5. hey everyone
    I need a T. if anyone has one please let me know. I would also like any unused pieces that you may have. Just send me an e-mail if your interested.

  6. Hi, I need a “A” and have pieces unused to swap. please get intouch if you’d like to trade, thanks. (manchester)

  7. In response to Emma, so do I. I’m thinking there’s probably about 10 A’s in the whole country, everyone needs one. Damn their schemes.

  8. I have a U, B, I and N lol, just need an A or an E.
    Willing to split winnings if anyone has any information that might help 🙂

  9. I currently need, a,n,e,d,f,p,l. If anybody could inform me for any of the codes for those letters it would be very much appreciated.

  10. hey i have a code for subway scrabble i have h and o but i need a l, e, a or d, if anyone has one of them i will be willing to swap letter codes

  11. Calvin, do you work at subway? Just wondering b/c I work with a Calvin.

    The 12 digit is the new promotion. The 2008 promotion is 12 digits, this thread started back in 2007.

  12. so what are the rare letters??ne1 know?

    i have (used all of em)

    R T O I S B E

    haven’t gotten doubles of one yet xD

  13. If you dont have the gane piece to prove you had the code, you will not be able to get the prize. Look on the website, it says that in the rules. You must have the game pieces to recieve your prize.

  14. I got the WCRB-HIMJ-JCJQ already. It was in Sunday’s paper 😛 I am looking for an O and N anyone willing to trade a code for an I code?

  15. Hey this comment is in response to the person saying you need a game piece to win.
    The way I found out about subway scrabble was from They gave me the letter R and I didnt get a game piece. So how does that work if pogo giving me letter and I didnt even get one?

  16. can some use one on the internet and tell someone else the same code? and do you need to have the game pieces to claim the prize?

  17. The free “I” code actually came from mycokerewards and if you go to home page they have an add for a free “R” all you have to do is click on it then it will bring you to log into scrabble spin and then use the letter … I think they may be given different letters different days on yahoo … but I could be wrong but they have a free “R” right now!

  18. 209 million game pieces will be distributed, and of these maybe 10 will be the rare letters that are needed to complete words like HYBRID. And it will not be enough for you to finish HYBRID — you have to be the FIRST person to do it (assuming there’s only one hybrid for a prize).

    Also, when you consider that there are 26 to the 12th power combinations of codes, you have a gigantic number indeed, far in excess of 209 million. In other words, every single Subway game piece has a different code, and each Subway piece can be used only ONCE. (This is not the same as the few codes that can be used by millions by people, such as the code that went out in Sunday papers.)

    And I bet that Subway keeps track of which Subway store delivered which codes. That way, if people in Florida and Maine report wins with codes sold in Nevada, then Subway might be able to challenge the so-called winner on the fact that he or she didn’t purchase the item personally, even if the person has the physical game piece.

    In other words, this offer to swap pieces is cute and charming, but it really comes down to the rare piece. If you have the rare piece obtained locally, just go to your local Subway and buy 100 cokes or bribe the employees to give you a bunch of sandwich wrappers. Then find the common codes yourself and claim the big prize.

    We can probably figure out now which are the four or five rare letters right now.

  19. Hmm.. from the rules:

    5.c. Collect & Win Game Prizes: All potential winners of the Grand, First, Second, Third, and Eighth Collect & Win Game Prizes will be required to mail in (registered mail recommended for top four prizes) the Collect & Win Game Pieces that spell the Winning Word for the prize they are claiming no later than October 31, 2008. Potential winners of a Collect & Win Game Prize will be contacted via mail, email, or phone with instructions on how to claim a prize.

  20. So, I believe that certain letters you can “give away” (like the ‘M’ in the newspaper), but other letters (like the ‘O’ that L.S. gave us above) do not work — If I enter that code, I get an error messages stating that the code was already used.

    The given away codes would only be for the smaller prizes, which you DO NOT have to prove you have the physical game pieces for. Bigger prizes you DO have to prove.

    What Dana said applies too.

  21. Without purchase: For a free Official Game Piece, while supplies last, send name, address, city, state, zip code and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: “SUBWAY® SCRABBLE Free Official Game Piece Request”, P.O. Box 7354, Kensington, CT 06037-7354. Requests must be postmarked by 9/29/08 and received by 10/03/08.”

    H- kghtrchnvqjb
    I- zzlkkcdgvgtq
    I- wjfrwlrdsmln
    M- qskwsgncvqdz

    If ANYONE has an F, L, or an A please let me know =]

  23. So what if you were to go on vacation and pick one of these up?

    I’m thinking that the hard to find codes are going to be printed on something. Not just a code that floats around the internet.

  24. Looks to me like A, F, G, L, N, P, V and Y are the rare ones for sure.

    I do not know yet which of U and W are rare. Maybe both, but probably one one.

    Any evidence to the contrary?

  25. Yeah, most of the codes are one time use only, which is why you have to watch out on here. Once it is released, it is often used within 3 minutes.

  26. Here’s the eBay auction number for the W: 130246475018.

    The seller’s eBay handle is otisfranklin. Zero feedbacks. Greenwood, Nebraska.

    He is also selling other letters.

  27. Will the game board ever be changed? I’m just wondering because I’m afraid to play a piece and then they change the board on me. Any thoughts from the readers?

  28. The codes are not tracked for Burger King promotions, may be able to tell a region but not down to the stores. For instance we sell to 4 states and we can also transfer product between centers therefore spreading it out over double that amount. Case numbers are not logged in by delivery.

  29. I have a W but I already used it…I am one away from 100,000 dollars! All I need is a U!!! Man!! I am also one away from a Hybrid. I just need an Y. GAAAH! But I guess I just have to eat a lottt of subway. haha. 🙂

  30. sebastian, do you still have the w- is it unused I will buy it for $2 if you can mail it unused.

  31. U must be the rare one then, not W. I just got a B, it took awhile suprisingly, you’d think it’d be more common. Same goes for R, there are three on the board but I’ve still yet to get even one.

  32. I just got back from subway and i got 4 codes 2 T’s,1 M,and 1 H And 1 of the T’s was an instant winner

  33. You get a free R for signing up for the Subway Scrabble game.

    Here is the multi-use code for M: WCRB-HIMJ-JCJQ

    Here is the multi-use code for I: NDMG-GFGN-ZSJK

  34. H: HVDKZ-MWNQF missing a letter and the one that is from e-bay and only numbers wont even type in.


  35. Hey Sarah S. I tried to put in your code for the “W” but its telling me its the wrong code. Can you please verify if that is the correct letters please. Thank you.

  36. I could have used that P.

    Multi-use codes do not exist for N and Y, they are two of the rarest letters.

    Thanks to everyone else who has shared the codes, hopefully I can get one of them next time.

  37. Multi-use codes






    Let me know if there’s more!

  38. I had a game piece that was softer and peeled off leaving the face and the letters off, couldn’t salvage it. Could it have been a rarer piece?

  39. Hi I need the letter P,L, or N. Here are two unused letter I do not need.




  40. Hey. Our family just had lunch with some friends of ours today. Fast food makes one of the other family’s members sick, so we let every individual choose Burger King or Subway and met in the park. One promotion (MyCokeRewards) is plenty for me. So here are some letters. The first 2 are T’s (1 point each), the 2 after those are B’s (3 points each), and the last one is an M (also 3 points).






    Good luck!

  41. Does anyone play the codes online and spin the wheel?? Has anyone won yet— cause i’ve played about 100 times and havent won a thing yet!

  42. Hey all…
    Dont we have to actually send in those little stubbs to get the prize??? with the codes??..


  43. It depends.. sometimes you don’t have to, like for the little prizes, but for the big ones, like the car and the money, you might have to send them it.. So keep them all just in case!

  44. When you enter the codes for letter that you already have duplicates for what happens to the spare on you tray that you can’t use on the board?

  45. I won a $100 dollars gift card to Subway on that wheel.
    And I won a total of 375 MCR points on that wheel. Is it me or am I lucky. Good luck to everyone.

  46. I spun the wheel about 50 times and won squat. RAWR!!!! Yes and those rare letter suck. I keep getting the same ones over and over again here in VA.

  47. I tried all the multi use codes given above and only S, I, and H worked for me. and if anyones got a P, or U lemme know it!



    M- WCRB-HIMJ-JCJQ dont work

    O- BBJR-LDXN-KXQV dont work

    R- CTLJ-JVFM-CMRM dont work


  48. I have played the wheel 91 times and I still have a lot more spins to go, yet I have not won. I have so many duplicates, but I don’t have any of the so=called rare ones yet. =(

  49. i have O,I,E,R,and M

  50. I went to the subway down the road from me and got a sandwich and a drink. I rip the game pieces off and I got an L and a S. Then I went again like two days later and I got a sandwich and drink again and I got the letters M and I. So I won the guitar and the scrabble board game. And now I just went again and I got another M and i got an I and a R. So if you need an unused M,I, or R code, tell me.

  51. ha ha I just realized I threw away a Y letter a few days ago as I don’t play these things. Oh well…

  52. Does anyone know if the 3 month pogo memberships are stackable? I won one and I’m looking for another but i didn’t know if there was a limit on it.

  53. Some people do win the instant win. Acorrding to the rules, this is how you win.
    The odds of winning an Online Instant Win prize depend on the total number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period and the time they are entered during the Online Game Period. Potential winning game plays are randomly time selected (at intervals of approximately one (1) second) throughout the Online Game Period. Online Instant Win prizes are awarded to the first entrant who enters his/her Unique Game Code on or after the time the Online Instant Win prize is randomly selected as recorded by the Promotion Website technology. At the outset of the Promotion the Online Instant Win prizes available to be won are:

    4.b.i. $100,000 CASH (1): One (1) Online Instant Win Game Prize will each be available and offers winner $100,000.00 to be awarded in the form of a check made payable to the winner or his/her parent or legal guardian if winner is an eligible participant but a minor in his/her state of residence. (ARV: $100,000.00 each).

    4.b.ii. SCRABBLE BRAND CLASSIC BOARD GAME (3,500): Three thousand five hundred (3,500) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner one (1) SCRABBLE brand classic board game. (ARV: $12.99 each).

    4.b.iii. UPWORDS BRAND BOARD GAME (1,000): One thousand (1,000) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner one (1) Upwords brand board game. (ARV: $14.99 each).

    4.b.iv. HASBROTOYSHOP.COM GIFT CERTIFICATE (250): Two hundred and fifty (250) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner one (1) $20 gift certificate. If any winner is an eligible participant but a minor in his/her state of residence, they will require their parent or legal guardian’s assistance to claim their prize (ARV: $20.00 each).

    4.b.v. 1-YEAR CLUB POGO MEMBERSHIP (1,000): One thousand (1,000) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner one (1) 1-Year Club Pogo Membership. (ARV: $39.99 each). $25 SUBWAY® CARD (300): Three hundred (300) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner one (1) $25 SUBWAY® Card. (ARV: $25.00 each).

    4.b.vii. $100 SUBWAY® CARD (30): Thirty (30) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner a $100 SUBWAY® Card. (ARV: $100.00 each).

    4.b.viii. MY COKE REWARDS POINTS (16,000): Sixteen thousand (16,000) Online Instant Win Game Prizes will each be available and offers winner 125 My Coke Rewards Points. (ARV: $5.00 each).

    *The number of prizes available to be won decreases as prizes are played for and/or claimed throughout the Online Game Period

  54. Holy

    “ha ha I just realized I threw away a Y letter a few days ago as I don’t play these things. Oh well…”

    That would have been a HIGHLANDER HYBRID!!!! (rarest piece in game)

  55. FYI:I sent in about 5 envelops to Subway, and the letters they send me aren’t the RARE ones.
    I eat in Chicago and its always the SAME letters, over and over..and no luck on the wheel yet!

  56. i have extra letters- probably one time use.
    E- cmxn-tcbx-ttqv
    e -wdlk-jpph-zqxr

  57. Tess,

    When you sent in for the free pieces, how many did they send you back? And were the in-store instant winners, actually winners?

  58. the last few times I have been to subway (4 different locations over the last 3 weeks) they have been out of the cups and/or wrappers that have the Scrabble pieces on them. I know this might happen from time to time but 4 different locations?? C’mon, I am trying to play the game here! Has this happened to anyone else?

  59. Patrick,

    In each envolope you get 2 letters-the instant wins i wont a cookie and a drink 😉 lol. the letters though are always the same old I, R, T

    And Brandon, yes they r running out everywhere..its not just u!

  60. Thanks Tess,

    I’ll enjoy my cookie and beverage. As for the letters, I think I have a better chance on that silly wheel than collecting the letters anyway. I sent for my pieces today.

  61. Hey you guys, thanks for posting all the codes. Do you know if there is any way that I can REMOVE some of those letters? I’ve used 5 of my 6 slots, and have some duplicates in there that I don’t need. Anyone?

  62. Just a heads up… sometime between now and Monday I will be posting a TON of extra letters I have. I’ve been stockpiling them for a while now..

    I will try to spread them out a bit, but I want to have them all posted by Monday. Check back this weekend for a chance at a bunch of letters. I don’t play this game at all, so I haven’t used a single one.

  63. So far from playing I have every letter but the rare ones. I have won a cookie and a pop on two instant winners, but that’s about it. I also noticed that cups have now ran out at my university one.

    I have a bunch of codes, so I’ll be seeing what I can do with them. I know about all of them are not going to be an instant winner, so meh I guess.

  64. I got an M today FROM THE ACTUAL STORE..infront of me..and wheni tried to enter it…it said it was already used!! cant i call someone about that???

  65. I agree being able to meet some public place to trade un used game pieces is a good idea. But with price of gas I’m not driving across the U.S.. Any one have trades who live in Connecticut or Rhode Island????

  66. I got an M today FROM THE ACTUAL STORE..infront of me..and wheni tried to enter it…it said it was already used!! cant i call someone about that???

    M is not rare….the G and N are though.

  67. For those of you watching the this site today, you’re in luck. I’m going to be handing out ALL of my extra codes. Lets start with just my R’s:


    And these are just the R’s. Keep checking back today for the other letters, and PLEASE POST IF YOU USE ONE.

  68. I used the LVJZZHTTRFRK -R code. Thanks vvhitekid2. Your website rocks. This is my first time that I got to redeem something from this website or the free MCR website. Thanks.

  69. Some more letters… enjoy!


  70. Are these letters for Canada (non-Quebec)? Also, I’m pretty sure that you need to have the actual hard copy of the letter in order to win. I think the rarest letters are the ‘S’ and the ‘W.’ If anyone has looked at the odds of winning they are near to impossible. Odds of winning: 1:5,470,776,824.Tell me that is possible to do? You have a better chance at the 649

  71. Odds of winning one in 42 BILLION??? LOL

    So.. technically.. its possible that if the contest went on to infinity, no one on earth would win until like the year 2250. NICE.

  72. Not to ruin anyones hope of winning but the subway scrabble is a scam. Trust me because i used to work there and i would peel the stickers off the cups. I peeled about 30 cups and only had the same few letters.

  73. i have alot of letter’s here to trade for a g so if u can plz contact me i could do a trade these are some of the letter’s i aven’t used yet


    and more

  74. Thats really bad. Maybe its not true. Thats not fun.If it work:


    And please, if it work, i need a ”y” and a ”b”.
    Thank you so much! Have a good day!:)
    (p,s) write if you used one of these.

  75. I tried Jess’ U code and it was telling me that this code is not avaliable in my province (ON)
    and there is no W needed in ON’s scrabble words…

  76. We had subway at our school and we combinde the words and we won ten grand by spelling monkey

  77. When you spell a word….do they enter you in a draw or do they give you the money right away?

  78. If anyone please has an “m” a “y” or a “v” i will trade them either an “o” a “d” a “u” or an “n”

  79. all i need is an “f” but i have an extra “o” for anyone that can switch for an “f”

  80. veronica, O is one of the easiest letters to get, i have a pile of them sitting in front of me right now…

    N,U,D,O,R,A are Common

    Y and L are Rare

    S,M,F,V,K,G are VERY Rare

    I have a bunch of the common ones, 2 Y’s and an L

    the ONLY ones i need are the rare ones (S,M,F,V,K,G)

    for that reason, i am trading full sets (one of each letter that i have) for one of the letters i do not have…

    if you have and extra one and want to trade it for a full set, then e-mail me at

    I am also Selling them.

    Keep in mind that you must actually have IN YOUR POSSESSION all pieces that won you the prize.

    To keep a massive flood of e-mails asking questions(should people do this) about how to trade and not be ripped off:

    When trading with me, the codes for the game pieces will be sent through e-mail to each respective party. once the code is locked into My own game board, you will then ship that piece to me. The same applies for the pieces that I would be sending you

  81. I don’t get it.. What are these letters suppose to spell anyway? I went to a subway yesterday and got these two letters ‘U’ and ‘A’ I can’t spell anything with those and don’t think I will be going back to get a sub again as the food was so-so.. I would prefer either you win a free drink or it says try again. These game things are only for people that go allot.

  82. Hey guys, I thought I would try to start you off with some free subway scrabble codes.
    Subway Scrabble Free Pieces:
    Once per account:
    CGJH-WFMC-XLBF – Letter “H”
    RXZB-XVCB-GGHJ – Letter “I”
    PFLD-WMXK-CMVZ – Letter “O”
    FQDT-PMWZ-SBLJ – Letter “L”
    KXZT-GVLH-XVSB – Letter “O”
    Enter this once per day:
    Not sure how long this one goes for:
    QLHK-JGQJ-GMHC – Letter D

    Also click Tell a friend and send at least one invite to a friend to get the letter “L”

  83. Hey Justin thanks for the codes. Your “L” worked for me. Any way I can contact you directly?

  84. No, you don’t need the actual pieces. These are freebies. And loni, you can email me at and it will forward to my real email address. I just don’t want people seeing an email address and then trying to get spam sent to it.

  85. Wait, so if you get a few codes of here and end up winning, will you win even though you don’t have the actual game piece?

  86. Wait, if you get a few codes of the internet and you win, since you don’t have the actual game pieces do you actually win?

  87. SRTR-KVRW-ZWWG is another multi-use code for letter R
    Here are a couple more multi-uses:

    Just as an FYI, here are the Rare Pieces for this promotion:
    B – for Toyota Prius
    C – for $5 Subway Card
    K – for Bodybugg System
    P – for Champs Sports $500 Gift Card
    S – for Beaches Resorts Family Vacation
    T – for Scrabble Board Game
    V – for Live Nation VIP Concert Experience

  88. You do need the actual game piece in order to claim your prize dont you? and does anyone have the answer for Henry(8/19/09 @ 9:11 a.m.) i am wondering the same thing.

  89. Thank You Everybody for your codes. As i get some i will put the on here i have 3




  90. does ANYONE have thr rare letters??

    B – for Toyota Prius
    C – for $5 Subway Card
    K – for Bodybugg System
    P – for Champs Sports $500 Gift Card
    S – for Beaches Resorts Family Vacation
    T – for Scrabble Board Game
    V – for Live Nation VIP Concert Experience

    PLEASE post them!!

    I need a V!!!!

  91. As for Henry’s question, I’m sure they have a way of recognizing those codes that you won from their site. I haven’t found anything to confirm it, but since they don’t give you a code at the time I don’t know why they would say no.

  92. I won a three month membership to club pogo. I will see if I can chip in some codes to you guys, also just a tip try going to different subways instead of just one. Don’t have to take my word for it but that seems like a good battle plan.

  93. I’m not using these, so anyone can use the codes, but they are a one time use, so first come, first serve.

    ZCPT-NWFH-SMRZ to get “R”
    VDDL-BSGH-ZKSR to get another “R”
    DZCJ-XNCS-HSTG to get “U”

    Hope someone can use these.

  94. here is a good tip, go for the medium drinks and the bag of sun chips for a better chance to get different codes not the subs. The subs are the free codes don’t bother with the footlongs. Just the drinks and the chips.

  95. More codes that are a one time use, but I don’t need them, so here they are:

    SBHC-NZFZ-VMFT to get “I”
    BKKT-RXQP-BWJV to get “R”

    A lot of R’s…. 🙁

  96. You only have to send in proof of game pieces if you win the FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD PLACE PRIZE. I read the Official Rules just now.

  97. this is the free code you get from subway’s footlong. you can enter it once a day.


  98. Ha! I won an membership to club pogo twice in one day, and I won it in total 3 times. stupid I don’t play games like that so I will give you both numbers. So as long who ever has this site running doesn’t delete my comment like last time. So here is the numbers. 34239-1251491024-2679519 and 34239-1251490458-2677476. If you don’t get this then I will keep on posting it on till you do. So let me know when you got it OK people?

  99. One more thing. Go for the large sodas to get double the coupons. I won two instant win on it and got a new letter that I used D,. That is funny, I won the instant win four times in one day, plus one last week, which is five. Mostly club pogo, that stupid ass game.

  100. i have a free membership for club pogo for 3 months– i dont want it and i won it on the spin wheel

    it is:


    have fun!!!

  101. The daily code doesn’t work after a while … apparently, you can only use it four times for for different letters … so after you use it too many times, it becomes a roll of the dice to see if you are getting a new letter that day.

    That sucks.

    I just won the Pogo Membership thingie.
    I dont want it.
    You guys can have it! 🙂

  103. I have 2 R’s People! your welcome to them
    codes have not been use yet. I don’t need them
    But I do need An S


  104. Thanks Janiene. You left a leeter out in the second code, but I figured out that it was a “K”. I also won a 3 month Pogo on the spin!!!

    Thanks a bunch!!

  105. when your tray is filled with letters there are arrows and you can scroll across and see all your letters. no big deal! always room for more.

  106. Here are some free pogo codes that I will not be using if anyone wants them have fun but please share dont be greedy….


  107. I used SRTR-KVRW-ZWWG (R)

  108. here is another pogo code…

    Prize code: 75RR-AKLT-CQ8U-MX6H-BMTV

    conf code: 34239-1252255075-4797514

  109. Unused D & R!! Please be courteous & don’t use it if you don’t need these letters.


  110. Heres some codes I haven’t used:
    ghlf-dbpw-lkwv : U
    gzfm-cdzf-vgnt : H
    rshx-jczq-gcsg : L

    I need S!!!!!!!

  111. for the ones that do not have all the free codes, here they are, these are the ones that i know about, 14 total in all

  112. Thanks Murl, used them, shared with my GF. No win though…

    Thanks Mike for the update of the free ones.

    Sammy the e is the rare one, if you have it, congrats you just won $100,000! Feel free to share with me! 🙂

  113. 34239-1252116377-4525766
    pogo code for anyone who’d like it

    forgot to mention I tried to add a photo but if anyone is interested in seeing a photo of my scar its pretty sick

  114. Here is another Pogo membership code for anyone who would like it:

    Your Prize Code is: 9FGG-H5F3-VFDR-QYLQ-PZ4C
    Your Confirmation Number is: 34239-1250660450-363061

  115. 3.2 Tell a friend: You may also earn an additional letter by referring up to four (4) friends to the site. To tell your friends about the Promotion, click on “Get a free letter” from the promotion home page. After submitting up to four email addresses, you will receive one (1) additional letter (the letter “L”). Maximum of one (1) additional letter obtained through this method allowed throughout the Promotion Period.

    -quoting the game rules
    tldr; if you want a free letter “L” instantly, just refer 4 people’s emails and it will give you an “L”

  116. HaHa…I forgot – there’s no way to PM on this site…nvm

    well, here they are:


  117. Here is a letter O if anyone wants it.

    Here is a letter D: HQXB LRFV JNQP


  118. •DFMF – BBPB – QZMF (new letter random letter, can only be used 2 to 4 times total)
    •QLHK – JGQJ – GMHC (Letter D)
    •CGJH – WFMC – XLBF (Letter H)
    •QCDM – QLDK – TRNG (Letter H)
    •RXZB – XVCB – GGHJ (Letter I)
    •XLSS – NGJC – JRDJ (Letter I)
    •FQDT – PMWZ – SBLJ (Letter L)
    •KXZT – GVLH – XVSB (Letter O)
    •PFLD – WMXK – CMVZ (Letter O)
    •DFMF – BBPB – QZMF (Letter O)
    •NSMR – SLDZ – SVKX (Letter O)
    •SRTR – KVRW – ZWWG (Letter R)
    •HJGG – VGPM – FPPG (Letter U)

    Does anyone have…”S”, “K”, “T”, “P”, “W” “N”, “E” ,”C” or “V” ?

  119. has anyone won any coke rewards yet on this subway scrabble game, thats what im trying for but still nothing.





  121. p.s if you didnt know. they have codes on the wrappers of the sandwiches, the chips and the apples.

  122. i think the online instant win wheel is just a fake loop, because i entered 29 letters pieces plus all of the free codes consecutively and all of them “not a winner”. You would think atleast one of them would have landed on a crap prize.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this claim?

  123. i just wont two 3 month pogomemberships i entered three I won then i didnt win, and then i won again so its deff. possible.

  124. I have 2 20% off at Champs. Hope someone can use them.


    I have won 3- 3month pogo memberships from the wheel. But I also entered about 60 letters.

    Good Luck!!

  125. 45959 – You win nothing
    34526 – You win Beaches Vacation
    34233 – You win Champs $50 card
    34234 – You win Champs $25 card
    34236 – You win Live Nation $100 Concert Cash
    34237 – You win 24 Hour Fitness 90 day membership
    34238 – You win Pogo 1 Year membership
    34239 – You win Pogo 3 month membership
    34241 – You win Apple Scrabble Game
    34242 – You win Scrabble Slam card game
    34244 – You win $25 Subway card
    34245 – You win 125 MCR
    34246 – You win 500 MCR

  126. Here are some codes I have more if you let me know..
    R=XDVS-WTCZ-SGPT.. I have like this letters 6-O,6R, 1D, 1L,

  127. CGJH-WFMC-XLBF My Coke Rewards
    QLHK-JGQJ-GMHC Redplum Insert
    RXZB-XVCB-GGHJ Entertainment Weekly/ESPN
    NSMR-SLDZ-SVKX (new 8/24)
    JNSH-QFXR-KGCW (new 9/2)
    ZXMQ-QBNF-PCZV (new 9/4)

  128. I used two codes I got from a drink and about 15 free codes and I got 6 free 3 month club pogo memberships and 1 125 coke reward points. If I would have known about these free codes last year I probably would have won even more.

  129. Here is a hint when getting codes online.

    If they say the code is invalid that means you entered it wrong. If it was used then it would mention that.

  130. seriously…is Y the rarest game piece (comment 123)? How do I verify that for myself? I got a Y at my Subway last week.

  131. UGH!! If I get one more “L” I’m going to scream!! I bet some guy that would never play this game has throw away at least 2 rare letters.

  132. CHAMPS 20% OFF CODES:










  133. Are the multi-use codes regional? I’m in FL and every subway I go to has the DFMF-BBPB—- code. If they are regional, I’d like to use ones that have a proximity to myself— in case I win and can’t explain how I legitimately got a code for the Southwest!

  134. I need a fe letters – C, S, B, V and W, N, E.
    I have a few to give:

  135. i’m in orange county and the subway paper that they wrap around your sammy starts with DFMF-BBPB-… also. so florida and cali don’t have much a regional difference there. btw, i’m gunna win…

  136. brother works at subway and got all the cups because his boss said they cant sell them any more but there is still 6 days to play online…haha again.

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