Scam Alert – TST Solutions,

I have domain,, listed for sale on godaddy auctions. After some communication, it turns out that he just wants me to try his domain selling service or something. I told him to fuck off. Here is the email I got this morning:


I’m interested in your domain name listed for sale.

Can you drop me your desired price?

If I can afford it I’ll reply.

By the way, did you receive offers from other buyers?

I run a software development company. Selling & buying names is not my main business. Just another way to invest money and make additional income.

Please keep our correspondence confidential.

Best regards,

Robin K. Henson

Ph. D. President

TST Solutions

NOTICE – This communication may contain confidential and privileged
information that is for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any
viewing, copying or distribution of, or reliance on this message by
unintended recipients is strictly prohibited. If you have received this
message in error, please notify us immediately by replying to the message
and deleting it from your computer.


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