McDonald’s Monopoly 2009 – Free codes!

Free McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces for everyone! Yes, it is that time again! McDonald’s Monopoly is back and our code-sharing community is ready to go! I will be donating all of my unused McDonald’s Monopoly codes (found on the game stamps) on this page, and if this is anything like last year’s McDonald’s Monopoly page, I will be joined by plenty of other generous folks.

Feel free to discuss the McDonald’s Monopoly program, the prizes, the gameboard, or just stick around and see if you can snag some codes from the folks that like to share them!

It looks like McDonald’s is mixing it up a bit this year and they have included a daily sweepstakes in collaboration with NBC. They are going to do an on-air dice rolling every night on shows like “The Jay Leno” show or Sunday Night Football.

Some quick facts for the 2009 game:

  • Game starts October 6, and ends November 2
  • Online game ends on November 16
  • If you land on Chance, the on-air dice roll is for you! If they roll a double-6 on air, you will receive $1,000,000. All other dice combinations result in a prize of $10,000 for that player.

The rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces for 2009 are:

  • Mediterranean Avenue: $50
  • Short Line Railroad: $500
  • Vermont Avenue: $1000
  • Virginia Avenue: $2000
  • Tennessee Avenue: $5000
  • Kentucky Avenue: $10,000
  • Ventor Avenue: $25,000
  • Pennsylvania Avenue: $50,000
  • Boardwalk: $1,000,000

Good luck everyone!