McDonald’s Monopoly 2011 – Free Codes!

McDonald's MonopolyMcDonald’s Monopoly is back for 2011, and you know what that means around here… more free codes for everyone!

I will be donating any and all unused Monopoly codes here on this page.  And as we’ve seen in the past, quite a few other folks usually join in the fun along with me.  So check this page a few times a day to see if you can score some points, or feel free to add to the discussion of the McDonalds Monopoly game and prizes.

Update (9/20): The pre-promotion started today (9/20), where if you go to, you can get a jump start on getting registered and entering a code for a chance at $10,000. This code that can be found on the McD’s bags – or I can just tell it to you: “MCDFORREAL” – Go enter it now!

Update (9/24): Some folks are getting codes early! I checked my local McD’s and did not find them to be using any of the Monopoly stuff yet, but you might want to check yours!

Update (9/27): The games have begun! (But the McDonald’s website can’t seem to handle the load!). There are three codes that everyone can use to get started: MCDFORREALFREECODEMCR and MCDMONOPOLY

Some more info about the game: 

  • This pre-promo thing goes from 9/20 to 9/26.  You can start entering real codes on Tuesday, Sept 27.
  • The codes will be on food items until 10/24/2011 (or until supplies last), but you have until 11/5 to enter the codes online.
  • Codes can be found on:  Big Mac (2 peels), Nuggets (4 peels on 20 piece, 2 on the 10 piece), Large Fries (4 peels), medium drinks (2 peels), McCafe drinks (2 peels), my favorite: Filet-o-Fish (2 peels). And for breakfast: hash browns, Egg McMuffin, and Oatmeal all have them (2 peels each).
  • Some good prizes this year including MyCokeRewards Codes, a bunch of EA games prizes (video games), Kinect for Xbox 360, gift cards, a trip to London, the Caribbean, or Chicago, a Nissan Z Coupe, and a Nissan Leaf. Very cool!
McDonald’s Monopoly 2011 Rare Pieces (and prizes): 
  • Mediterranean Ave – $50 – 10,000 prizes
  • Vermont Ave – $100 – 3000 prizes
  • Virginia Ave – $200 SpaWish Gift Certificate – 250 prizes
  • Tennessee Ave – Beaches Resort Vacation – 300 prizes
  • Kentucky Ave – $50,000 – 8 prizes
  • Shortline Railroad – EA Sports Fan Trip – 8 prizes
  • Ventor Ave – $100,000 – 6 prizes
  • Pennsylvania Ave – SL MY 12 Nissan Leaf (electric car)- 2 prizes
  • Boardwalk – $1,000,000 – 1 prize


And just a few quick rules for particpiating on 

  • If you use a code, please let others know! You can even post anonymously if you feel the need! It saves us all time, and it makes our code donors feel good. RBM stands for “redeemed by me” and RNBM means that you tried the code, but it was “Redeemed, Not By me”
  • Comments are held for moderation, which means you see them only after I approve. This helps cut back on the spam.  And while we have a very friendly environment here, I usually don’t allow begging, complaining, or anything that doesn’t relate in someway to McDonald’s Monopoly to appear here.
And finally, if you WIN something, POST IT! Everyone loves hearing about the big wins!



McDonald’s Monopoly 2009 – Free codes!

Free McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces for everyone! Yes, it is that time again! McDonald’s Monopoly is back and our code-sharing community is ready to go! I will be donating all of my unused McDonald’s Monopoly codes (found on the game stamps) on this page, and if this is anything like last year’s McDonald’s Monopoly page, I will be joined by plenty of other generous folks.

Feel free to discuss the McDonald’s Monopoly program, the prizes, the gameboard, or just stick around and see if you can snag some codes from the folks that like to share them!

It looks like McDonald’s is mixing it up a bit this year and they have included a daily sweepstakes in collaboration with NBC. They are going to do an on-air dice rolling every night on shows like “The Jay Leno” show or Sunday Night Football.

Some quick facts for the 2009 game:

  • Game starts October 6, and ends November 2
  • Online game ends on November 16
  • If you land on Chance, the on-air dice roll is for you! If they roll a double-6 on air, you will receive $1,000,000. All other dice combinations result in a prize of $10,000 for that player.

The rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces for 2009 are:

  • Mediterranean Avenue: $50
  • Short Line Railroad: $500
  • Vermont Avenue: $1000
  • Virginia Avenue: $2000
  • Tennessee Avenue: $5000
  • Kentucky Avenue: $10,000
  • Ventor Avenue: $25,000
  • Pennsylvania Avenue: $50,000
  • Boardwalk: $1,000,000

Good luck everyone!