Free MyCokeRewards Codes (XII)

MyCokeRewards Wow! It’s already 2012, and we’re back with another year of MyCokeRewards, and another year of sharing Coke codes with the nice little community we’ve built here!

It has been six years since we first started sharing MyCokeRewards codes, and what I find amazing is that some of the people that were doing this six years ago are still around today, still being as generous as ever.

If you’re new to this site, welcome! You will find news, information, discussion about the prizes and the MyCokeRewards program, and of course, MyCokeRewards codes – for free. No catch.  Out of the kindness of their own hearts, folks donate codes only to be consumed by strangers across the internet, with little more in return than a “thank you” – and sometimes not even that.  This site inspires me to be a better person, which is why I’ve maintained it for so long, I think.

This page is 12th in a series of pages dedicated to sharing codes.

If you’d like to trade or sell codes, please use the Code Trading Page. Or visit this page to beg for MyCokeRewards codes (or anything else for which you feel like begging).

Some quick and easy rules for participating here:

  • If you use a donated code, please leave a quick comment indicating such. A simple “Thank-you” or “RBM” (redeemed by me) goes a long way in saving everyone from trying the same codes over and over. It also encourages our generous donators to post more often!
  • Comments are held for moderation before they are posted. While we have a very friendly atmosphere here, I keep the moderation pretty strict. It boils down to this: If your comment does not contribute meaningful content to the discussion of MyCokeRewards, it isn’t going to show up. Begging or trading requests will also not show here (see above).
  • If you’re asking a question, be sure to check the MCR FAQ page to see if it has already been answered

Again, many thanks to the generous users of this site. It would be nothing without you. Now let’s have a great year in 2012!