Free Dr Pepper “Every Bottle Wins” codes

Every Bottle WinsThis year, Dr Pepper has a new game on codes and cups: Every Bottle Wins – where you can redeem your codes for various items, including EA games downloadable content.  Pretty cool stuff.

I drink plenty of Dr Pepper, and don’t really have a use for the EA games stuff, so I’m going to start posting the codes under the cap here, on the comments on this page. Like the latest MyCokeRewards code sharing page, I’d expect some other generous folks to pitch in as well.  We have a great sharing community here.

A few facts about the game:

  • The game currently lasts until 12/31/11. This doesn’t mean it won’t be extended (hopefully it will be)
  • Current games you can get content for include: Sims 3, Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Fight Night Champion, Dead Space 2, Battlefield Heroes, Pogo (online games),  Dr Pepper Football, EA Sports MMA, Medal of Honor, Skate 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 2 and Spore – quite the selection

A few quick groundrules:

  • If you use a code, please leave a quick comment indicating such. A simple “Thank-you” or “RBM” (redeemed by me) goes a long way in saving everyone from trying the same codes over and over. It also encourages our generous donators to post more often!
  • Comments are held for moderation before they are posted. While we have a very friendly atmosphere here, I keep the moderation pretty strict. It boils down to this: If your comment does not contribute meaningful content to the discussion of MyCokeRewards, it isn’t going to show up. Begging or trading requests will also not show here (see above).
  • Please, no begging. I leave codes at random times in the comments below. Begging doesn’t speed anything up.