McDonald’s Monopoly 2012 – Free Codes!

McDonald’s Monopoly season is upon us once again! And like we’ve done in many years past, we are giving away free McDonald’s Monopoly codes for 2012! Join us in the comments below as we share codes, discuss prizes, strategies, and other Monopoly news!

I will be donating every piece on this page on a first-come, first-serve basis. And just like last year, I’m hoping to trigger a spark of generosity, and have some other generous folks to follow suit!

Some details about the 2012 McDonald’s Monopoly Game: 

  • Dates this year are: 9/25/2012 to 10/22/12 (or until supplies run out)
  • Codes can be found on: Medium fountain drinks, medium and large McCafe Iced and blended drinks, medium OJs, hash browns, Big Macs, 10-piece nuggets, Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin, Oatmeal, Fish sandwich. You get two pieces if you buy: 20-piece nugget, large fries.
  • Prizes in 2012 include some good ones: US Soccer Family Trips, Beaches Resort Trips, Cash prizes, a FIAT 500, NHL prizes, lots of RedBox DVD rentals, and of course, lots of MyCokeRewards point bundles.

Rare pieces for McDonalds Monopoly 2012: 

  • Mediterranean Ave (code #925) – $50 (8500 prizes)
  • Vermont Ave (code #928) – $5000 (20 prizes)
  • Virginia Ave (code #932) – Beaches Resort Vacation (250 prizes)
  • Tennessee Ave (code #934) – $10,000 (20 prizes)
  • Kentucky Ave (code #936) – Delta Vacations Trip (20 prizes)
  • Shortline Railroad (code #950) – EA Sports Fan Trip (20 prizes)
  • Ventor Ave (code #940) – $20,000 (20 prizes)
  • Pennsylvania Ave (code #944) – 2013 Fiat 500 (20 prizes)
  • Boardwalk (code #946) – $1,000,000 (2 prizes)

Now let’s get down to business: the codes!

  • My initial donation of free codes: BJJXMDTND1B, 1RW7W7Q4W9G, TNVTZV1K6K6


And just a few quick rules for particpiating on 

  • If you use a code, let others know! You can even post anonymously! It saves everyone time, and it makes our code donors feel good. RBM stands for “redeemed by me” and RNBM means that you tried the code, but it was “Redeemed, Not By me”
  • Comments are held for moderation, which means you see them only after they get approved. This helps cut back on the spam.  And while we have a very friendly environment here, I usually don’t allow begging, complaining, or anything that doesn’t relate in someway to McDonald’s Monopoly to appear here.