MyCokeRewards FAQ

What is MyCokeRewards (or MCR)?
MyCokeRewards is a customer loyalty program that Coke has had running for almost 5 years now. You find codes on the caps of their products, or on the inside of the cases of products. Using that code, you can earn points on the MyCokRewards website and spend the points on prizes or sweepstakes.

I hate the MyCokeRewards website. Is there another way to enter codes?
Yes. You can text the code to COKE (2653). Some folks call this the “Alternate entry method.”

When does MyCokeRewards end?
MCR is currently scheduled to end on Dec 31, 2009. There is plenty of speculation that will, however, extend it once again for another year.

What are double points days? When is the next double points day? MCR has, in the past, had days where some or all codes entered count for double their point value! There hasn’t been one for a while, but just watch this site, and if there is one coming, you’ll see it here.

What does “banking codes” mean?
On MCR, you can bank your points away for sweepstakes so that you can just log in and play them without having to enter them all in on the spot.

How do I bank codes on MyCokeRewards sweepstakes?
Once logged in to MyCokeRewards, click on “instant win” and you will see both games. Each one has its own set of rules, so click on “see instant rules for details” which is right under the red font. Then, scroll down to 5b and use the “alternate method of entry”. Click on the words “click here” from the 3rd line of info. Do the “security key” (aka captcha). Now, to bank choose “no thanks, not now”. (thanks, Cyn!)

What’s an EDO card?
An EDO card is a reloadable pre-paid credit card that can be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted. It is also one of the prizes you can get from MyCokeRewards

Why is it that every time I try a code on from, it says it has already been used?
Because somebody already used it. The codes are 1 time only, so the only way to use the codes is to check often and be the first to see it and use it!

What does RBM mean? What does RNBM mean?
“Redeemed by me” and “Redeemed not by me”

Why don’t my comments show up on this site?
Comments are moderated by me before they show up on the site. This is to keep the thousands of people begging for codes or spamming from cluttering up the discussions. If your comments don’t ever show up, it is probably because your comment didn’t add anything to the conversation of MyCokeRewards. This is a very relaxed forum, but please don’t beg for codes (unless you’re on the beggars page). Once in a while, a comment gets stuck in my spam filter. If you feel this was the case, just send in another comment and I will check it out.

How do I get the gift cards from
Either provide lots of helpful answers to folks on this site, or be a generous donor of codes. We send out gift cards of varying amounts to folks that really contribute to If you want a guaranteed win from your MyCokeRewards codes, this is the only way!

How do people get so many codes?
A few different ways:

  • Look for them at recycling centers or the recycling area at a supermarket
  • Look for them at sports events (in the trash)
  • Make sure your entire family knows you collect them and have them email the codes to you
  • Get to know the vending machine guy at your workplace. They usually have access to lots of flaps.
  • Set as your homepage. Watch it regularly!

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Free Pepsi Codes – Pepsi Rock Band 2009

Pepsi Rock Band
Pepsi launched a new program today: Pepsi Rock Band. On this page, you will find useful chatter about the program, and folks sharing unused codes. If you want to see what I mean, check out the MyCokeRewards give-away page to see just how generous some people are here. I will begin giving away any codes that I come across, and hopefully a few others will follow suit. Also, if you win something from Pepsi, post it! Everyone likes hearing what other people have won!

Here is some info/FAQ about the new program:
When does the Pepsi Rock band promotion end?
The promotion starts today (June 2) and ends on July 28th.

Where do I get Pepsi codes?
The 12-character codes can be found on the underside of the caps on 20oz and 1L bottles. The caps are yellow. You can also find codes on 32oz and 44oz fountain cups. You can also check this site to see if anyone is sharing their unused codes!

What could I win?
For the instant win game, you could win a Rock Band 2 Special Edition bundle, or a downloadable track. For the weekly sweeps, there are few different prizes, including: XBox 360 console, $25 gift card, a trip to a Harrah’s casino/hotel, Rock Band Bandmate, and a MinoHD Flip Video Camcorder.

Is there another way to enter codes (an alternative entry method)?
Yes! You can text codes to PEPSI (73774)

Where can I trade codes (MyCokeRewards for Pepsi codes, etc)?
You can do that on the trading page.

What if I just want to beg for Pepsi codes?
Please don’t do it here. Instead, go to the Begging page to join your fellow beggars!