MyCokeRewards limits code entries even further

Much to the dismay of many MyCokeRewards point collectors, Coke has now implemented a new limit on point entries per week, thinly veiled as an “improvement”. Before this change, collectors of the Coke codes were able to enter up to 10 codes a day. This means that 700 points per week could have been entered.

Not any more. With these changes in the program, only 120 points per week are accepted. My heart goes out to those folks that have been stock piling 10-point codes. Here is a copy of the email I just received from Coke:

No more Daily Code Limits!

Starting on February 16th, there’s something refreshingly new at My Coke Rewards. The 10 code entries-per-day limit is gone. Now you can enter your codes when you want — up to 120 points per week.*

And with the new Weekly Points Tracking Tool it’s easy to see how many points you’ve already entered and how many more points you can still earn for the week.
*Bonus Point offers are not included in the 120 point weekly limit.

If you are one of the unlucky ones with more points than you can now possibly ever enter, consider sharing them on the current MyCokeRewards Giveaway Page. We have a great community of folks that love sharing, collecting and trading Coke codes.