Free McDonald’s Monopoly codes

I eat more McDonald’s than I probably should, but I don’t use these Monopoly codes. I plan on posting the codes here as I get them. I foresee this also turning into a discussion about the contest, the prizes, the odds of winning, and other methods of collecting the Monopoly codes.

And if this turns out anything like previous posts of similar nature, there will be plenty of generous folks to help in the sharing in no time! Off to Mickey D’s to get my first round of Monopoly codes! The game ends on 11/17/08, so you better get going too!

Since this question is asked so many times, I thought I’d put the answer right up top here:

The rare McDonald’s Monopoly 2008 pieces are as follows:

  1. Golden Avenue (#271)
  2. Water Works (#279)
  3. Mediterranean Avenue (#251)
  4. Vermont Avenue (#254)
  5. Virginia Avenue (#258)
  6. Tennessee Avenue (#260)
  7. Kentucky Avenue (#262)
  8. Ventor Avenue (#266)
  9. Pennsylvania Avenue (#270)
  10. Boardwalk (#274)
  11. Short Line (#278)

UPDATE: This is the page for last year’s game. If you’d like to get codes for or discuss this year’s game, see the 2009 McDonald’s Monopoly page. Thanks!

Free MyCokeRewards Codes (VI)

Welcome back to the MyCokeRewards Give-away page. This is a place for us to share, collect, or give away your MyCokeRewards points, or to talk about the MyCokeRewards promo codes or prizes. I try to post as many as I can for free, but as always, there are other generous people on this site that outshine me in sharing the “Red Gold”. Big thanks to all the generous contributors!

Due to the high volume of comments, this is the sixth page in the series. If you’d like to see the older MyCokeRewards pages, here they are:

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If you’d like to trade or sell codes, (Pepsi Stuff codes for Coke codes, for example), please use the code trading post. Or visit this page to beg for coke codes. To keep this page clean, I delete comments on this page that are about trading, selling or begging.

Some rules:
If you comment provides no value to the discussion of MyCokeRewards points, promotions, or prizes, it will be deleted.
Please reply if you use a code so that everyone else doesn’t try it.

Now lets get sharing! And here’s to hoping the program is extended beyond 2008!