Free Call Your Play Codes (Pepsi)

Pepsi Call Your Play
Pepsi has a new promotion coming out on September 1st entitled “Call Your Play“. I drink quite a bit of Pepsi, but don’t use the codes, so I will begin posting them here when the promotion starts.

I encourage anyone who doesn’t use the codes to post them here for other people to use. We’ve had great success doing this with MyCokeRewards codes in the past.

Please post if you use a code. Good luck!

Free Subway Scrabble Codes

Subway Scrabble
Subway has a promotional Scabble game going on, and I don’t use the points (letters) for these, so here are some free Subway Scrabble Letters for those who actually play!

The game is actually called “Fresh Buzz”, and some of the prizes include $100,000, a vacation, or American Airlines tickets for 2.

Good luck! If you don’t need the letter that you have, I encourage you to post them here, and share with others.

Here’s one to start out with:

UPDATE: Check out the Subway Scrabble 2009 page for the free codes and information about the current contest!