Free Mountain Dew Free Ride Codes

Mountain Dew
I have some free Mountain Dew “Free Ride” codes up for grabs. I drink a lot of Dew, but don’t really need the codes, so here you go! First come first serve! Post a message if you use them please. I’ll try to update at least once a day, so check back often!

Tuesday, Feb 27: PCTT3K9A4X
Wednesday, Feb 28: SNXJOELZCT
Thursday, March 1: FTBKJCSWBH
Tuesday, March 6: M630VTEO4J
Wednesday, March 7: VFJEAEIVBO
Monday, March 12: FRONR46SN9
Wednesday, March 14: PJ6VINH9FC
Saturday, March 17: SZLM7OV7ZV
Tuesday, March 20: KHPKH9FLH9
Wednesday, March 21: FWBBF34NWE
Thursday, March 22: R4ZREYV6SC

Monday, March 26: FLHEAJOXLP
Tuesday, March 27: F4ILVM7YVE

Tuesday, April 3: WEPNZT6BTZ and RKEEISJMWE
Wednesday, April 4: EM3SFSKV9S

Monday, April 9: AAKJEZ3XSM
Tuesday, April 10: OVLL3CWFNJ
Wednesday, April 11: WB737YJZJZ
Thursday, April 12: NSZBNJ4RNN
Friday, April 13: TTTWMJZSAI
Tuesday, April 18: RI3SHH4CPK

Tuesday, April 30: AIWM3NECZM

The idea of giving away these codes instead of using them myself was inspired mostly by the raging popularity of my Free MyCokeRewards Give-away. Check it out.

Upromise Promo Codes

I have collected a few different UPromise promo codes to try when you sign up for a new UPromise account:

MILITARY30 -50 dollar bonus
Gortons5 – 5 dollar bonus. This one worked for me today.
KC3 – 6 or 8 dollar code
Chocolate3 – 3 dollars from nestle

If you have any more, post em here! Also, let me know if some of these don’t work, and I will remove them.

TurboTax Online Discount

Here are some discounts and promotional codes (promo codes) for Intuit’s TurboTax online editions.

To get 35% off your TurboTax e-file, even if you’ve already started your return, follow these steps:

  1. If you’re currently logged in to Turbotax, log out. You can pick up where you left off in a bit.
  2. Go to
    and click the TurboTax link.
  3. Towards the bottom of this page, use the link that says something like “Non-customers can get the discount too” and sign up for an account. You can use fake information here if you wish. It doesn’t matter.
  4. After you fill in the form, it forwards you to TurboTax. Click “Get Started” on one of their products, choose “I’ve used TurboTax before”, and then log back in. If you now see the Fidelity logo in the top banner, you can be assured that your discount will show up when you check out. I saved 20 dollars on mine!

Here are some other promo codes. I didn’t use these personally, but others have mentioned that they work. Try entering these when Turbtax asks for a promotional code towards the end of your filing:

DENKKWT2PU – Free credit report
DOA9432G9D – Free credit report and free credit monitoring
BUPBVC7CPD – Free Experian credit monitoring

Googlewhack and Googlewhackblatt

Bored? Let’s play Googlewhack!!

The rules are simple! Google Search for two-word combinations that come up with a single result.

Deoxyribose xenophobiac
existentialism antidisestablish
Oxalosuccinate sword
cataplexis wehrmacht
creamy smegmas

Go ahead, try it! But if you want even more of a challenge, try Googlewhackblatt where you try to find single words that appear only once in Google.