Can’t connect to Google on T-Mobile

I love my T-Mobile MDA Cell phone, but one thing I don’t love is the network’s inability to connect to ANY of Google’s networks.

The first site I tried when I turned on my T-Mobile data plan was Time out.

I tried about 10 times over the next few days and then finally called support, just thinking that my data service wasn’t activated yet.
Well, the Tmobile tech asked me to go to, which I did, and it worked fine. I tried Google again, and when it timed out, the tech on the phone said that “connecting to Google over our network has been a known issue”.

Great. So, no google search, no Gmail, no google Maps.. nothing. Iwas hoping this issue would have resolved itself by now, but it hasn’t. Nearly 2 months later and I am still unable to connect to google.

I can’t connect to google even when I tether. It still just times out. The only way I’m able to access google is when the wi-fi is in use.

Please fix your problems, T-Mobile.

Rollin with Saget

The Jaime Kenedy music video for Rollin’ with Saget featuring the “Full House” dad, Bob Saget. The lyrics are below the video.

Rollin’ with Saget Lyrics:

You are now about to wittnes the strenghth of Bob Saget

Have you ever had one of those nights that started off so damn good? No fights, no fuss…
It’s understood that when you go bar, man we aint leavin till those girls in the car

Well this night started off just like that except Jamie’s in the driver seat, Sagets in the back.
We rollin on twenties to the club pull up front Sagets in the back seat rollin a blunt

Valet opens up the door to park the car the bouncer at the front don’t wanna let us in the bar
Bob says “Here let me show him some affection”, then he walked up wound up cold clocked decked him
Started screamin for that bitch to respect him next thing ya know were in the VIP section when a crew like this run deep you wanna brag who you rollin with man, I’m rollin wit Saget

Who you rollin with ba brcr a brca brca Bob Saget …. boxin…a numero uno nobody does it better … be boxin … who you rollin with .. Boxin the illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater …

Down on nights simmer everybody’s gettin tipsy Bob’s in a booth with a chick from Pachitski he’s ordering a Dom Perignon just drinkin it from the bottle makin plans to leave the club with three models.

That’s when DMX and 50 Cent walked in (nuh uh) Bob stood up and said “Who are you again?” At first all they did was sit around and stare till X pushed Bob (OW) and 50 hit him with a chair he’s in a cardigan, khakis, shoes and no socks yo want a hard core mother fucker pulled out a glock I got a cock as big as a donkey hard as a rock and trigger finger itcher of the chicken pox

Everybody threw there hands in the air
Bob’s drunk wit a gun and he just don’t care
We on the floor he on the table now fireing shots
Paris Hilton’s on the cell phone calling the cops
He blew the smoke off the tip of his gun Bob Saget, bitch, you betta ask someone

Who you rollin with ba brcr a brca brca Bob Saget …. boxin…a numero uno nobody does it better … be boxin … who you rollin with .. Boxin the illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater …

Bob grabbed us and sluts and ran out the back door
says he’s still feelin funny and he’s hungry for more
He’s in the back seat gettin busy again
askin the girls if there lesbians (Are you?)
The girls start kissin now my dicks gettin hard.
Let’s go to by place the hot tub’s in the back yard
I got beer head maybe and an ounce of kush.
Yo J pull over I gotta pee in a bush.

When you rollin wit saget there’s no time for rest.
This motherfucker’s flippin bottle caps off of a chest singin
you this is Bob Saget this is what I do
my house my car this is my crew ahhhh
I love to hang with you Kennedy and Stu and chill the main streets of Malibu Good night boys
tomorrow night we gonna do it again


Who you rollin with ba brcr a brca brca Bob Saget …. boxin…a numero uno nobody does it better … be boxin … who you rollin with .. Boxin the illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater …

who you rollin with ba brcr a brca brca Bob Saget …. boxin…a numero uno nobody does it better … be boxin … who you rollin with .. Boxin the illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater …

Ba ba ba ba bob ba ba ba Bob Saget ba ba ba Bob Saget sa sa sa Saget…

Big dealers.. Bd.. Ba brca bob .. Big dealers.. Big dealers….big big big big dealers… Mother fucker in a cardigan sweater..

“Goodnight Michelle”

Review: Sea Turtle Inn, Jacksonville, FL

Last week for the 4th of July we stayed at the legendary Sea Turtle Inn on Atlantic Beach, in Jacksonville, Florida. The price was average for the area: about 160 a night, and the hotel was recommended by many friends, so we gave it a shot.
Sea Turtle Inn
The rooms
Our room was a beach-view double-bed. All of the direct ocean view rooms were closed due to renovations, which I’ll touch on in a moment. I was very impressed with the view though. I think I would have rather had a beach-view than the ocean view. With our southern view, we could see down Jacksonville beach for quite a ways, along with a lot of ocean. We could also see the city and the nightlife.

The room smelled like it may have been a smoking room at some point, but it wasn’t noticeable after a few minutes. The room contained everything you’d expect, an iron, ironing board, a refrigerator, TV, and an air conditioner that we had on the max setting all week.

The bathroom was nice, but the toilet didn’t have a very strong flush. When I’m on vacation I usually want to eat at the buffet with the confidence that comes with knowing that the toilet back at the room can handle the holy hell I put into it. This wasn’t the case with this toilet. It took several flushes for some of the larger loads last week.

As advertised, the hotel provided free wireless internet. The network wasn’t secure at all.. just a LinkSys router with no WEP, but it was easy to connect to, and I had a good signal the whole time.

There are two elevators, and that seemed to not be enough for the eight floors. There were always more people waiting for the elevators than could actually fit in them.

The Staff
The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. This was probably the highlight of the experience. The hotel manager was seen all over the place, and was very outgoing and friendly. The bartenders at the outside bars were perfect bartenders. They knew how to make just about anything, and would always recognize you the next day.

The Outside
The hotel is the ONLY hotel on the beach in the area. To find other hotels on the beach, you’ll need to head south several miles to Jacksonville Beach. The outside of the Sea Turtle Inn looked kind of crappy right now ONLY because they were renovating the ocean-front side. There was scaffolding against the building, which didn’t look all that great while sitting by the pool. The outside bar was a bit tiny, but it was never full. We could always find a place to sit, and get a drink while in view of the ocean.

The Restaurant: Plantains
We visited Plantains only once, to look at the menu. It looked delicious, and had ocean-front outdoor seats, but the prices were a little too high for me. The dinners were all between 20 and 30 dollars. Typical upscale dining prices, I suppose, but we vacationing on the cheap.

The Nightlife
There is PLENTY to do within walking distance of the Sea Turtle Inn. There were many bars within a half mile. The best probably being the Ragtime Tavern. The prices were a little high, but everything was great. The bartenders were very attentive, and the food was delicious. Our group of four racked up a $300 tab in no time!

If you’re not finding anything that fits your taste in Atlantic Beach, just head south a few miles (30 minute walk, or a 5 dollar taxi ride) to Jacksonville Beach. There are several EXCELLENT Irish pubs there that serve my all-time favorite cider: Magners. This is the first time I’ve seen this cider outside of Ireland (where it is called Bulmers). Worth the trip! We also visited a huge sports bar called Sneakers that was pretty cool. Many beers on tap, and the biggest projection screen I’ve ever seen.

All in all, the Sea Turtle was a great place to stay. If you are looking for something with a bit more history and class than the “Quality Inn”, try the Sea Turtle.

UPDATE (July 13, 2006):
I got my bank statement a few days ago and noticed that the Sea Turtle charged my check card. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but upon checking out, my roommate presented his card to pay with, so I’m a little confused.

Additionally, they overcharged by about 400 dollars! We made contact with the Sea Turtle on July 11 and nothing has been resolved yet (I haven’t seen a refund). I will update again with what happens. Hopefully I won’t have to dispute the entire charge.
This really puts a black eye on the otherwise enjoyable vacation.

UPDATE 2 (a few days later)
All the billing issues were resvolved a few days later, thanks to the helpful manager.