Lyrics: Ben Folds – Jesusland

Ben Folds Lyrics: Jesusland

Take a walk
Out the gate you go and never stop
Past dollar stores and wig shops
A quarter in a cup for every block
And watch the buildings grow
Smaller as you go

Down the tracks
Beautiful McMansions on a hill
That overlook a highway
With riverboat casinos and you still
Have yet to see a soul

Town to town
Broadcast to each house
They drop your name
But no one knows your face
Billboards quoting things you’d never say
You hang your head and pray
For Jesusland

Miles and miles
and the sun’s going down
Pulses glow from their homes
You’re not alone
Lights come on
As you lay your weary head
On their lawn

Parking lots
Cracked and growing grass
You see it all
From offices to farms
Crosses flying high above the malls
Along the walk
Through Jesusland

Over the Hedge Online Game Answers

I’ve been playing the online game for the upcoming movie “Over the Hedge” over at Hedge Games. Although this looks like a kids movie, the game is pretty tricky.

I will post the answers here, as I complete them. Hope this helps someone win a laptop!

006 – Difficulty: Medium
RJ’s Advanced Code

Can you crack RJ’s secret code and figure out the message?

Nghx ng bv ujh iggkj

Answer: No, I can’t

027 – Difficulty: Medium
Location, Location – Outwit the Trap #3

must get this control box fixed – the numbers keep showing up in the wrong positions! Plus, it always allows four tries instead of just one!

Obviously, we just need to reposition the numbers. The numbers I had were: 6362. Assuming none of the numbers can be in their old positions, I am going to try 3626 and 2636. Well, neither worked.
Answer: none yet

040 – Difficulty: Easy
Porcupine Trivia #1

Lou and Penny are usually referred to as porcupines. Did you know that porcupines are sometimes known by another name, one that points out their main feature? What is it?

Answer: quill pig

053 – Difficulty: Easy
Skunk Trivia #2: Which U.S. city or town has a name derived from a Native American phrase that means “place of the skunk”?
Answer: Chicago

058 – Difficulty: Easy

Let’s figure out just how bear-aware you really are. Big bad Vincent the Bear is all man. Do you know what male bears are commonly called (not that we’re saying Vincent is common). Is it:
* a stallion
* a ram
* a bull
* a boar

Answer: boar

078 – Difficulty hard / very hard
Letter Jumble – Outwit the Trap #10
We are given the letters: DEEFFINORRSST and the following lines:
– a series of wins while racing _ _ _ _ _ _
– and not either (follows neither) _ _ _
_ _ _ _
Answer: none yet

093 – Difficulty: Easy
Rules and Regulations – Over the Hedge Trivia #3

Gladys and the Homeowner’s Association of El Rancho Camelot Estates have established strict rules for the homeowners living there.
Do you know how high the grass in the lawns is allowed to be?

Answer: 2 inches

095 – Difficulty hard / very hard
Misteakes Add Up
“Too many typos. Your mistakes all add up.”
We are shown this note:

Glapys, who is clcarly upset cy thehe jevdlopmhnts, says ghat cf sofetaing is not jone iimediatelb, it aould medn tve end of huburbbn peale anb trenqjilitf ano our bcautilul way af life.

Answer: none yet. The letters that should replace the mistakes are: pecsdeetimhdmywahsacdaufdefo

099 – difficulty: hard
Zeros and Ones – Outwit the Trap #12
The following binary code is displayed:


Answer: not sure yet. It looks like binary (base 2).

Free MyCokeRewards Points

Here are some MyCokeRewards points up for grabs!

I drink a lot of Coke, but don’t use the mycokerewards points, so I am going to start posting them here!

I’ll start off with three:


Please post a comment if you use them. First come first serve. I will be updating this page (probably daily) with new codes, so keep checking back if you want more of these!

Also, I set up a new post to give away Mountain Dew “Free Ride” codes, and another for the Dr Pepper “Hunt for More” contest codes. Enjoy!

Good luck!

Thursday, May 11: 4TBW6 BP446 79H6W
Sunday, May 21: 7LGNH GYW4N T769H
Monday, May 22: 6NYJR V49NP XMH4L and 4VWKM J6RMT NPX7G

Tuesday, May 23: GZM46 4BXTH 76NL7
Wednesday, May 24: 9LPWT 7TNK4 KY6RJ

Monday, June 12: MWVXM M4WKJ NPGTK
Friday, June 16: 6B9Z6 XGYVP HYZN6
Monday, June 19: GGTX4 NJ7K6 6BWGH
Tuesday, June 20: JBHBB G4GL6 B4N9N
Thursday, June 22: JYGRR N6W6T 6RWJN
Sunday, June 25: BRYP4 VH9MZ YMNRT
Tuesday, June 27: JHGBG KKV44 NJNGB
Thursday, June 29: LYTGL JRPRM 9XNY4 and KZNXB VLPVK VWHW7
Friday, June 30: A 10 point code! KYHPW N4MV4 RNWGT

Back from vacation… here you go:
Thursday, July 6th: MN4WB NJKWR VVGT6
Friday, July 7th: KLRVX GTLLP MBXR6
Saturday, July 8th: 10 point code! 4GN4Y 6XVHL YLXR6
Wednesday, July 12th: 10 point code! 6VGNP X7X4Y HHJVL

Back again!
Saturday, July 22nd: 10 point code! 9LKHN NKJZR HTB9G
Friday, July 28th: H9KTM R6PR9 KNLBP
Saturday, July 29th: 10 point code! LNXL6 H9PTV PWHNZ
Tuesday, August 1st: KRH7X JLL4T 9NHJJ

Monday, August 7th: 7BXHX HGBMB 9YHYG

Sunday, August 20th: 66LMJ KLLR6 WTNVM

Sunday, Sept 3rd: GVBRN 47G47 GZWIB
Monday, Sept 4th: 10 point code! 6MT97 WM6X4 ZVNK9

Friday, Sept 15th: You guys are crazy. Here’s a 10 point code! 7J49J N4YPX Z4MJ6
Thursday, Sept 21th: kyxlp wxxrh 66wzr

Saturday, Sept 30th: Three for the weekend:

Wednesday, Oct 4th: 9GXJY MPTX9 YTKVN
Thursday, Oct 5th: Two for tonight: GNBY9 LXHJW H9P4M and J9JWV GG7LM HRGHJ
Tuesday, Oct 17th: 6VPT4 Y4YXB MYJPJ

Thursday, Nov 2: KKV96 4ZVBY 7ZJ9G
Tuesday, Nov 14: 77MNW JRGWX JMHZ6 and JT7ZP 9479N MM7R7

Sunday, Nov 19: G4X7W GNWJZ W9R4R

Friday, Dec 1: LZNKJ 9YPT9 XHMNJ – Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!

Wednesday, Dec 13: 7TMMT XTBH9 VLKJJ

Sunday, Jan 14: 10 pointer! Happy New Year! 9HX9P Z94LP B9H4B

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Thursday, Jan 25: I’ve hidden two 3-point codes and one 10-point code somewhere on this website. Click around to find them!

Monday, Feb 26: All of the hidden codes were found. Here’s another that I don’t feel like hiding: 496PP RBLW4 PTTWB
Tuesday, Feb 27: JMZYN ZGTZP 9HWPW

Tuesday, Mar 6: HN6ZX XT7JJ RJWTB
Wednesday, Mar 7: 6J44L RM7RW T7T9L and HZ7MJ VBVJY 6HRBZ AND finally, a 10 pointer! L6LPY BMW4B KKP1R
Tuesday, Mar 13: 44GR5 HYJZM JYRRX another 10 pointer!
Wednesday, Mar 14: 9P7BY 4GNTH KLZR4, 74YBN RW6VL LVXHL, H7PP9 6T4ZT XPGHR
Saturday, Mar 17: HX4TV ZG9JY GKYHZ and 6YBVB 94GRM PYGMW
Saturday, Mar 17 (another one):6MTRL Y76WY 9VBXV
Thursday, Mar 22: 7WHWH K4BYX YTJWW
Friday, Mar 23: 6GP6M ZGY9V RYB7P
Wednesday, Mar 28: KR7Z4 NJZXH 79MLW
Thursday, Mar 29: 4X7LG XRNXR WJKJZ

Tuesday, April 3: HKTXT TRK6H K7MM7
Wednesday, April 4: MK7LH LJTKT 49MJ7
Monday, April 9: KXWPV JXT9M XTVPR and 7W6BY W76TL BR7XN
Tuesday, April 10: L4KJV NHWLL KPTZG

UPDATE: For more discussion and more free points, please start using the new MyCokeRewards giveaway page. Think of it as part 2 of the 2 page series. Comments on this page are now closed.

Da Vinci Quest on Google – Day 24 – LEAKED QUESTIONS

There are rumors going around that someone decompiled the Flash animation for the puzzles, and these are the leaked questions and answers to the 24th and final Da Vinci Quest on Google. The video that will most likely be used today is the “Meet Sophia” video.

We have used all the other videos except this one.

EDIT: These turned out to be total bullshit.

Level 4
a) Cryptography is all about noticing numbers and patterns. Here’s a simple one to start with: how many glass panes are visible on each of the doors to Sir Teabing’s mansion?

b) Although it refers to words not spoken, we hear it spoken three times. What is that word?

c) This final question will really test your powers of observation. What is the name of the character shown holding a votive candle holder?

a) 9 or nine
b) secret or secrets
c) silas

Shrug. We’ll know in about an hour!

Da Vinci Quest on Google – Day 23

I am stuck on Day 23 of the Da Vinci Quest on Google. After completing the puzzle, you are asked what city you are looking at. This one is easy: Paris!

Now you need to find 9 symbols on the map.

The symbols together outline a chalice, and the clue is this:

You have found all nine Cinquefoil icons! The icons reveal a hidden Chalice, centering on La Pyramide Inversee. But from above, it looks like something completely different; something related to the number of icons you have discovered on each Geography Challenge: 0, 1, 4, 9, … what is this classical squence?

Now, I’ve tried all the obvious answers:
Sequence of sqaures
Sequence of perfect squares
Palindromic perfect squares
Smarandache sequence
None of these work!

Anyone have ideas?

The answer was simply “square“. Go figure.

Da Vinci Quest – Puzzle 14 – Transalte from Atbash

“Translate pvbhglmv from Atbash” is displayed after puzzle 14 on Google’s Da Vinci Quest.

Atbash is simpe. Just write the alphabet out, then write it out a line below in reverse.

Get it?

In my case, the answer to this puzzle is “keystone”!

If you don’t feel like doing this, just use this link.