Subway Scrabble 2009 – Free codes!

Subway Scrabble is back, and so are the free codes from! Starting today, I will begin giving away unused game pieces for Subway Scrabble. I’m also sure the other generous folks involved with our sharing community will also join in.

We ask that if you take a code, please write a quick comment acknowledging that you took it.

The prizes this year include $100,000 cash, a Prius Hybrid, a resort vacation, gift cards, and more!
Don’t forget, the game ends October 4th, so start making Subway your lunch spot!

Here are some free codes to get you started:

JNSH-QFXR-KGCW – Another multi-use code (daily)

And just some questions that keep popping up here:

Q: What are the rare letters for Subway Scrabble 2009?
A: They appear to be:
B – for the Prius
C – for the $5 Subway Gift Card
K – for the Bodybugg System
P – for the Champs $500 Gift Card
S – for the family vacation
T – for the Scrabble board game
V – for the Live Nation VIP Concert Experience

Q: Don’t I need to have the physical piece if I win a big prize? That’s what the rules state!
A: Yes, the rules state that. Historically, though this is not the case. We’ve had a few big winners from this site across a few similar games, and nobody has been disqualified for lack of a physical game piece.

Free Subway Scrabble Codes

Subway Scrabble
Subway has a promotional Scabble game going on, and I don’t use the points (letters) for these, so here are some free Subway Scrabble Letters for those who actually play!

The game is actually called “Fresh Buzz”, and some of the prizes include $100,000, a vacation, or American Airlines tickets for 2.

Good luck! If you don’t need the letter that you have, I encourage you to post them here, and share with others.

Here’s one to start out with:

UPDATE: Check out the Subway Scrabble 2009 page for the free codes and information about the current contest!