Free Mountain Dew Codes (Old school New School)

Free Old School New School codes! Come and get em!

There is a new Mountain Dew promotion underway, and this is a page for me (and others) to share or give away unused cap codes. We have already developed a great community of generous folks that give away MyCokeRewards Codes and Pepsi Stuff Codes, and I’m sure we’ll see a good turnout here as well.

The prize list looks impressive. X-BOX 360, HDTVs, a sweet looking Classic Arcade machine, and a few other good ones.

According to the rules, however, you only have until 8/11/08 to enter codes, so you better get started!

Here is the breakdown on what the codes are worth:

20oz – 1 play
1 Liter – 1 play
32oz Fountain cup – 1 play
44oz Fountain cup – 1 play
16oz Can – 2 plays
12 Pack – 2 plays
24 Pack – 3 plays

Some other interesting limits:

  • Max of 3 codes from 16oz cans can be entered each day.
  • Max of 500 Code entries per person or name/address/household throughout the life of the Promo, through the site and SMS texting combined.

And here is a freebie to get you started:
MR636 C74LP

Check back often! Many more freebies to come!