SSH from a Motorola Q

I wanted the ability to log in to my remote servers via SSH on my Motorola Q. I couldn’t get zaTelnet working on my Motorola Q, so I installed the IMB JVM on my Q, and then tried MidPSSH.

Make sure you download the version for Windows Mobile 5 from

or you can point your Q’s browser to and get it right from your phone!

Get the FULL MIDP 2.0 version. You’ll have to adjust the display settings a bit (its kind of small on the Q), but it works great for me.

Java on a Motorola Q

Want to start downloading those cool Java games you see all over the internet and use them on your Motorola Q? Follow these steps:

IBM’s JVM for the SmartPhone is still in “evaluation” but it seems very stable.

If you don’t feel like digging through IBM’s site, you can get them from here, packaged as cabs:

install.pdf – from IBM – how to install (not needed), how to use.

J9_full – full installation packed as CAB – Java Virtual Machine, Midlet manager, Midlet runner, libraries. Size after install – 3.4Mb

J9_tiny – simplified installation. Without Java Virtual Machine (probably you don’t need), without debugging support, without eastern languages support. Only Midlet manager, Midlet runner, libraries. Installs automatically into main storage. Size after install – 2.3Mb

Just point your browser to these packages, or download and copy the cabs onto your Q.
Browse to it using your file Manager if you copied it manually. Run it.

All set! The midlet manager will show up as “J9” in your programs folder.