So long, Lean Cuisine!

The End of Lean Cuisine Delicious RewardsWell, December 31st 2014 will mark the end of at least one loyalty program.  Lean Cuisine sent out this very direct email a few days ago:

Dear Valued Member,

We wanted to let you know that the LEAN CUISINE Delicious Rewards program will be ending December 31, 2014. But until then, you may continue to earn points on eligible LEAN CUISINE meals and redeem your points for fabulous rewards in our catalog. For more information, please read our FAQs.

Your participation is truly appreciated, and we thank you for being a loyal LEAN CUISINE customer

— The LEAN CUISINE Delicious Rewards Team

So much for this one! Could we see the end of other programs in 2014? Perhaps MyCokeRewards? Only time will tell.

Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards – Free codes!

Lean Cuisine seems to have joined the trend of code-based customer loyalty programs with their “Delicious Rewards” program! Lucky for us – now we can get healthier while we earn and share codes.

In an effort to reduce how much take-out I order here in Seattle, I’ll be buying quite a few of these – and like MyCokeRewards, Pepsi codes, and Dr. Pepper, I will be sharing my codes on this page.  Yep – free codes. No catch. And I’m hoping there are others out there that may join me in the sharing.

First, some information about the program:

  • Code can be found on the inside of the frozen dinner box. Each code is worth 20 points.
  • You can enter the codes at
  • You can earn some extra points by taking surveys and polls on the site.
  • This program is interesting because its one of the first I’ve seen where you earn “Badges” as you go. Badges can be earned in many ways… adding items to your wishlist, referring friends, or simply just trying out new frozen dinners (and entering the code). Fun!
  • The program is scheduled to end at the end of the year, 12/31/2011, but will likely be extended.

And finally, some quick rules for participating:

  • If you use a code, please leave a quick comment indicating such. A simple “Thank-you” or “RBM” (redeemed by me) goes a long way in saving everyone from trying the same codes over and over. It also encourages our generous donators to post more often!
  • Comments are held for moderation before they are posted. While we have a very friendly atmosphere here, I keep the moderation pretty strict. It boils down to this: If your comment does not contribute meaningful content to the discussion of this program, it isn’t going to show up. Begging or trading requests will also not show here.